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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 24, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> and good morning to you. >> i'm adam, in for aaron gilchrist. hope you're having a good one so far. >> so much to be grateful for, right? >> we have a lot of touch football games going on, maybe tackle football in the backyard. >> right, depends what's being discussed during the family time. >> we need to know how to dress today for this. >> be warmly dressed here early this morning. temperatures in the 30s and 40s now so certainly a bit of a thanksgiving start. chance for showers primarily before noontime today. tomorrow more of the same. a big chance for a cloud cover tomorrow. not a lot of rain expected. we will start to dry out by the weekend. here's storm team radar. sprinkles moving across saint mary's county. little rain from frederick to leesburg, front royal, winchester, wet roads this morning. temperatures are cold. we're in the 30s and 40s now.
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50s at times. best chance for rain is about 8:00 and 10:00 this morning. we'll talk about tomorrow's best chances in a few minutes. >> thanks, chuck. whether you are up early to cook dinner or just to say happy thanksgiving to everybody, we want to extend our happy thanksgiving greeting to you. >> that's right. and because it's thanksgiving day, it's the best time to travel. a look at the roads now, see, not a lot of traffic. it look like it is up anything. everybody will take that. >> especially compared to what we saw yesterday, which was the busy est travel day of the year so far. take a look at this footage from chopper 4 over the beltway in montgomery county last night. you see those brake lights, headlights? according to aaa, more than 48 million americans were expected to travel 50 miles or more for the holiday. >> and from the roads to the air, the lines just kemt ongoing.
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if you are one of them this morning, we just checked. there is one delay at reagan national. that's a jet blue flight departing for san juan puerto rico. but hey you're going to be in puerto rico. >> no complaints. >> get ready for the travel rumble all over sunday. that's when most people will be trying to get back home. experts say this year travel has cheaper air fares and second lowest gas prices in the decade. >> a maryland man will spend timhi 32 year old arpan shah allegedly told passengers had he planned to blow up the plane. southwest airlines flight was suppose toed to fly from oakland, california to baltimore tuesday afternoon. the pilot returned to the gate and called police. his father said this is a misunderstanding. >> no, no, it's not like that. a half hour delay. so, that's why he went to the
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monday. an explosive detection team had to sweep the southwest plane. it was allowed to take off and landed safely in baltimore. >> well, if you're taking metro to your thanksgiving feast today, reminder buses and trains are on a holiday schedule. rail system will open at 7:00 and close at midnight. off peak fares and parking free at metro facilities. metro will not be conducting safe tracks this weekend. >> right now hundreds of volunteers areki with life-threatening illnesses. news 4's megan mcgrath is at food and friends with more on this wonderful thanksgiving tradition. they do such good work at food and friends, megan. >> they really do. they do great work all year round, but thanksgiving is very, very special. if you look behind me here, you can see the assembly line and all the volunteers who have gathered this morning. this is where it all happens. in the next hour or so, they're
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fantastic thanksgiving feefts together. more than 3,000 meals, and they'll all be delivered today to make a very happy thanksgiving for people who are battling life-threatening illnesses. i'm joined by craig snyder is with me, rather. can't spit it out. it's early, craig. talk a little bit about this effort. you have hundreds of volunteers and we're talking a lot of turkey here. >> it's a lot of turkey and it's a lot of volunteers. during the course of the year we have this week alone, thanksgiving week, we have about 850, and about 450 will be here today to either do the final packaging of the food or the delivery. most important is the delivery. so, we'll have children and families and seniors, volunteering here because food and friends is for everybody and we're just very glad to have everyone here. and i wish everyone a happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: and that's really a wonderful part of all of this.
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can invite family, friends over? >> absolutely. if any one person ate this much food, they would really need our service. people depend upon this food, not just for themselves on thanksgiving, but for all of their friends and family. very important that people who are typically not able to be the host can sit at the head of the table. >> reporter: all right. well, thanks for joining us. we'll let you get back to work and there is a lot of work to be do going to be going out to those in need. we'll be here all morning long. back to you guys. >> all right, megan mcgrath. megan, thanks so much. >> president-elect donald trump has a thanksgiving message for the nation. we'll tell you what he said and how he hopes to turn the page after a hard-fought campaign. that's coming up at 5:30 this morning. >> one man is giving thanks this morning for surviving a terrible crash. look at this video here. quin borrows says his wednesday morning started out as any other
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just before 8:00 when suddenly a tractor-trailer fell over and landed right on top of his car. >> family here, my parents are coming down and it's going to be a good holiday. >> he's so lucky to be alive. look at that. police say the driver of the truck was traveling along the outer loop of the beltway when traffic came to a quick stop due to another accident. the driver couldn't stop and overturned. it landed on top o one of them was quin burrows. he walked away without a scratch. he credits his guardian angels. two other people in the vehicle suffering non-life-threatening injuries. when you see that car smashed under the truck, it's amazing that he walked out of there alive. >> incredible. my goodness. >> lots to be thankful for. thanksgiving is here and we are counting down to the macy's thanksgiving day parade. there's the clock. we check in live from new york along the parade route. >> plus looking for ways to keep
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days? who isn't. we have a few easy and free ideas you may not have thought of. you, too. >> me, too. chuck is here now working on your holiday forecast. let you know before you head
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>> good morning. welcome back at 5:09. this morning we are joining you in the kitchen. if you're up getting ready for your big thanksgiving meal, and we're even sharing some recipes of our own. >> did you know aaron cooks? >> he doesn't really.
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here. here's how aaron makes his favorite macaroni and cheese recipe. ?
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? >> looks great. >> i'll give him credit. >> he took the recipe from his how about the intermission? >> that was my favorite part. >> mr. gilchrist, you see that? >> working hard in the kitchen. >> going to start a little early with a glass of wine that big. >> wait a second, did either of you try to mac and cheese he? i want to know how he did it. >> do you who brought in his dish to share? >> 6:15 i'll show i make the banana nut bread with nutella.
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aware, food in the newsroom. >> like locusts. right. >> it was a big herd for five seconds. >> you said nutella. >> outside we have a lot of clouds to deal with. if you do any traveling, this is the best day to do t. flights are cheaper on thanksgiving day. you mave leg room for a switch as well. if you're doing flying, northeast side, and the pacific northwest. here the airports are most likely to have delays. new york city, boston, portland, west coast problem. east coast, issues. saturday san francisco, seattle and boston. most flights back, still a west coast issue. san francisco, salt lake city, denver and las vegas. look at our five day forecast and that includes a peek at the
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minutes. >> we know chat community is hurting. we know that there is pain. >> dozens of people gathered in a church at tennessee last night to remember the victims in that deadly school bus crash. police say now that a sixth child has died. officials are adding another vehicular homicide charge to the bus driver, 24 year old john walker. meanwhile investigator are trying to figure out why walker left his normal route. we're told walker did not have drugs or alcohol in his when the crash happened. >> time right now is 5:13. a big step towards construction of a national memorial for men and women who fought in operation desert storm. u.s. interior department has formally approved locating at $25 million memorial on or very near the national mall. the senator who sponsored the bill to build the memorial says lawmakers could give final approval to the site in december before the new congress takes over. now, what will it look like? some drawings show a massive
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limestone. it alludes to the sand in the kuwaiti desert from operation desert storm. i think that's pretty cool idea. two years after his death, a tombstone is finally unveiled honoring d.c.'s mayor for life. marion barry died at 78. it honored his public life and service was welcomed by friends and family. his widow told the crowd she was thinking long-term when it came to how her husband would be remember that will give people the essence of marion long after everyone standing here is gone. i wasn't thinking about today. i was thinking about 100 years from today. >> cemetery officials say many people come by the nonprofit cemetery. they expect more now that the memorial headstone is in place. very cool. if you are looking to burn some energy before dinner, yes? >> yes. always. >> you can head to a museum.
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because it probably is not crowded. you can stop by the smithsonian, one of the museums open today. did you know there are millions of artifacts at the smithsonian, most of them that are not on display. angie went to the storage facility and she had a chance to see them l things up close and personal at national treasures hidden away, "star wars" star to race cars. look, there you go. where is r 2? effort underway to make the scores of rarely seen artifacts available to the public and they're being photographed and added to the museum's digital library. >> the effort was getting these collections digitized which means they're getting out to the public, they're getting out to researchers all over the world. that's an undertaking. >> it is. it's a really big undertaking and we keep chipping away at it. what we're engaged in now is a preservation effort.
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effort. >> you can see everything that's already been added to the digital gallery. go to nbc washington on our app and just search history during the commercial break. >> really cool things to check out. >> she saw evil kn evil's bike. >> people want to see that. >> the 90th macy's day getting started in nyc. >> nbc's jay gray is along the route. a lot of people will be there. security is going to be tight. good morning to you and happy thanksgiving, jay. >> happy thanksgiving. you're right, a lot of people 3.5 million will line the parade route. more than 50 people will watch on tv around the world. you talk about the security effort here. a multi layered efforts.
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federal agents, members of the joint terrorism task force. they feel very confident in the plan they have in place. they say there is no credible threat to anything happening here, but again, they want to be on the ground to make sure everyone feels safe as they watch this incredible holiday tradition unfold. take a look behind me. you can see the balloons already. 16 of these giant balloons will be at the center of this parade. there are a lot of people who want to be here to see this thing go. there are a lot of people that show up every year. fa already been camping out in some of the spots here just to make sure they have a great view of what's going to happen. we're going to have more than a couple dozen floats involved here, marching bands from around the country, and, of course, more than a thousand pounds will be a part of this. i don't even think they're counting me in that number. should be a lot of fun as we get thanksgiving started a bit later this morning. that's the latest live from the
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again, happy thanksgiving. great to talk. >> happy thanksgiving. don't let any balloons get away. hold on tightly to the rope, nice and secure. >> always a good show. thank you, jay. and after the parade, keep it right here on nbc 4 for the 16th annual national dog show. this is actually quite sweet if you ever check this out. 2000 dogs, more than 170 breeds. will take the stage at the kennel club of philadelphia. each of them will be competing for the topit only one poochy pooch gets this title. the host of the show will be actor broadway star, that voice, john o'hurly. >> does she like to watch the show? >> she totally knows when there are animals on tv. there's isabella right there. we were watching the oklahoma game a couple weeks ago. notice me unshaven? we both have the white chin.
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there. she totally knows if you put animal planet on, any of those natural animal sounds, you know, if it sounds like something burrowing -- >> they're smart. >> ears up and she is on it, no doubt. she's a hound in case you were wondering. that's what she is for a living. crazy sight hound, crazy sight hound. you have no idea. there's a squirrel, dad. 100 miles an hour in every outside cloudy skies. pockets of light rain. mainly north and south of us right now. i think most of it is going to be a miss as opposed to a hit. however, there will be at least some rain to contend with. a little light rain moving into montgomery county now. fred rick santelli berg, leesburg, showers there. move out to stras berg. wet roads in shan endough a. high resolution forecast model. our best chance for light rain
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coming up about between 7:00 and 10:00 this morning. by the time we get to noon, light rain in southern maryland. here's where you have a little bit of faith. the computer is trying to hint that there may be a little break or two of sunshine here, around 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon before more cloud come back later in the day. we'll see if we can actually get any sunshine. i'm a little suspect of that. i wouldn't mind a break of sun this afternoon. we're in the low you'll need your coat this morning. next five days, 60% chance of light rain today. sprinkles possible again, midday tomorrow. as we get into saturday, cool northwesterly winds. the weekend is looking just fine. little on the chiely side for sunday. clouds back monday. when i show you the ten-day forecast i'll let you know when significant rain comes along, 5:51. >> thank you, chuck. once thanksgiving rolls around, holiday shopping season officially begins and you can
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doors open for you and for you to shop, that's still ahead. >> but first there is a winning est football team in dc. now they need your help getting to the championship.
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>> well, no matter the obstacle, they've always come out on top on and off the now a local peewee power house is headed to the national championship. >> mark reports the coaches are asking for more support from the community, specifically from the redskins. >> what do we do? >> hit. >> the marshal heights haven't lost a game in three years. they're headed to florida next month to defend their national title. today they got a special send off from the interim chief of police. >> good luck in florida, guys. thanks for coming down.
5:25 am
who played youth football when they were kids. like d.c. police officer greg who points out these kids aren't just good athletes. >> most of our kid are hahn ore role kids. >> coach grew up in d.c. and played college ball in syracuse. >> never give up. last year we were down 18 nothing and now it's a championship game. these guys came back and won. >> 11 year old isaiah jeffrey said he learns more than just football from his coaches. >> he teaches us respect ande makes us happy and he's fun. >> the team needs to raise the money to travel to florida for the playoffs and they hope another championship. >> try to reach out to different organizations, try to get funding for the kid. but i mean it's a real struggle. >> we need more of this in the community. not just from the chief, from the businesses all around, the redskins. i would be happy to see the redskins come out here and speak to one of these kids. i played against vernon davis and i know i played against a
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come back to these young men. it starts with the youth. it starts right here at the bottom. without football, there's no high school, no college and no nfl. it starts here. >> the team has set up a go fund me page to raise the money they need to get to floor. if you want to help, check out the link on the nbc washington app search youth football. in the district, mark sea graves, news 4. >> i really want to see them make it to florida and go all the way, win that championship. >> yes, good luck to them. we did reach ou >> we have not heard a response yet but we'll keep you posted. we're keeping you company. he'll cook you turkey, some of those side. what will it be like as you head outside the rest of your day? >> chuck is back with the fourth
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?? ??
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>> right now news 4 today, happy thanksgiving to you. we are up early to help you make your turkey and head out for the holiday. >> who is helping make the turkey? i'm not helping. >> in solidarity with you, we're up early. >> i will eat your turkey. plus a holiday message from donald trump, what he wants for the country. >> and it is game day for the redskins. already drama for one family.
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oh, man. that's tough. >> announcer: news for today starts now. >> i'm upset by this whole thing. his mom should be rooting for the redskins today. >> it's not be, she is rooting against him. >> i feel like she's rooting for him, though. it's her son. >> you see what you did, cowboys fans? >> i'mal up in arms. >> we have chuck bell here on the weather desk as well. >> >> tough love to root against your own son? >> that's what tough love is, thoos' why it's tough. >> okay. >> things you need to know about the weather for today. cloudy skies out there right now. we have many, many, many clouds to deal with, but not much in the way of rain. there will be a few drops here and there. primarily in the first half of the day today, and much the same coming our way for tomorrow. dryer weather does roll in just in time for the actual weekend itself. it will be milder next week but
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of the city in northern montgomery county, pan handle of west virginia. few sprinkles in southern maryland. cloudy with the best chance of rain tomorrow. black friday, temperatures early, chance for drizzle about a 30% of light rain or drizzle noon and 5:00 tomorrow. ten-day forecast coming up at 5:51. we'll see you in a few. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our as one country, strengthened by shared purpose and very, very common resolve. >> that was president-elect donald trump's thanksgiving message to the nation. his transition team released the video late wednesday. in the video trump acknowledged the hard fought campaign and said in order to spur change, "we must enlist the effort of our entire nation." even though he's spending time
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yesterday. south carolina governor nikki haley has been chosen for u.n. ambassador. she is a child of indian immigrants. betsy de v os has been nominated for the education secretary. she heads the advocacy group known as the american federation for children. she's also known for supporting charter schools and vouchers. >> green party presidential nominee jill stein appears to have reached her ini this comes after a group of political experts urged the clinton campaign to request a recount after finding what they call persuasive evidence that results in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania may have been hacked. according to the cup political report, clinton's lead over trump in the popular vote has exceeded 2 million. >> meanwhile many are filling up on turkey and stuffing, others will be filling their shopping baskets despite a growing boycott.
5:33 am
thanksgiving. wal-mart and target kickoff their in-store black friday sales at 6:00 p.m. best buy started sales at 5:00 this morning -- sorry, evening. >> no, no, no. >> macy's is also opening today. most stores will remain open until 2:00 a.m. before reopening four hours later for black friday. news 4 green is heading open for another store open for business. we'll check in with her for business. >> it's become a thanksgiving virginia, from now till new year's day, v-dot retiming traffic signals around tyson's virginia gateway fair oak mall and others. this should help drivers get in and out faster. they collected traffic during last year's holiday signal to do timing. they will use sensors to monitor the conditions and monitor necessary adjustments in real
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wednesday, serving thanksgiving din tore veteran. they visited the armed forces retirement home in d.c. last night. president obama greeted each former service member and served them turkey and gravy. the first lady and sasha obama also served food. the dc armed forces retirement home serves more than 400 service members. before serving those dinners to the veterans last night, president obama served up his share of dad jokes at his final turkey pardon. we love m ali a and sasha not so much. mr. obama said they couldn't take his corny cope i can't of dad jokes any longer. he may be getting last laugh after he leaves office. >> m ali a and sasha, by the way, are thankful this is my final presidential turkey pardon. what i haven't toemd them is we are going to do this every year from now on. no cameras, just us every year.
5:35 am
cold turkey. ah. >> come on. >> see, this is why they skipped out on the ceremony. the pardoned turkeys, tater and tot will now reside at their new home at virginia tech. >> good for them. >> they'll have a nice long life of leisure at virginia tech. good luck. >> better than the alternative. >> there you go. >> family tensions hit the football field today. redskins linebacker might not be getting his mom's pumpkin pie today because he's playing the >> apparently she's a big fan and he is serious about not speaking to her. you probably heard by now the linebacker's mother huge cowboys fan. i don't get this. take a look. this is him getting and declining a face time request from his mom this week. he did not talk to her in week two and he is vowing the same for the second go around. i want to see if they actually makeup after the game. parentsly he really is serious. >> no, no, no, we asked him the questions.
5:36 am
questions. you're not going to talk to your mom? next question. >> the biggest rivalry of the year kicks off at 4:25 this afternoon. go skins. no question who i'm rooting for. >> hopefully you're stuffed and ready to watch the game. >> there you go. right now we are counting doi down for the macy's day parade which begins in a few hours. >> we've been bringing you our favorite recipes all morning. melissa lee requires a stir in the bathroom. in a bathroom? >> hilarious.
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>> welcome back at 5:39. in case you're not hungry, we've been showing you some of our favorite recipes from the news 4 team this morning. melissa is not here with us today, but she's gone over her holiday tradition to share with us. >> i don't understand this. there is a strange step here. it requires to do some food mixing in the bathroom. melissa tells you why. >> hello and welcome to my kitchen. we are going to make toilet taters for you this thanksgiving. i'm going to save them till the very end the explanation of the
5:40 am
? ? >> and now the bathroom. you're wondering why are they called toilet taters because you do the final little stir there in the bathroom. this is all borne out of something about 20 years ago, we were at a family friend's house and all the teenage girls were in charge of potatoes. well, we went to make the potatoes and there were no outlets anywhere. somebody said, there's one in the bathroom, go there.
5:41 am
stir. hence toilet taters. ? ? >> you get it now? it doesn't make it taste any different. it's that's what she's done so she continues the tradition, carries it on. >> i'd be fine if you told me you stirred them in the bathroom, but didn't really stir he them in the bathroom. skip the step. >> holiday traditions are important to be you run out of outlets. there is so much going on. >> okay, not in my kitchen. this is' only two plugs, but only one cook. so, as a result it really doesn't matter. that is me. my next life i'm coming back as my other half. >> there you go. >> would love to have somebody do all the cooking for me. now, what time is it? oh, no, it's not noon yet. >> you are going to be in so much trouble. >> no, i know he's asleep.
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when i left. him and the dog all curled up on the bed and there i am drinking coffee at 1:45 in the morning a. outside cloudy skies. parts of northern million maryland. that will make travel a little bit easier. down at national airport there. a lot of folks starting to get ready umbrella and really such little amount of rain today. if you had a nice wide brim hat you might be able to get away without the umbrella. on the hole your thanksgiving day daily grade below average. temperatures today mid to low 50s. might see a little glimmer or two of sunshine today. next best chance for sunshine, forecast coming up in ten minutes. >> how about you burn some turkey day calories early this morning?
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>> right now on news 4 today, happy thanksgiving to you. the holiday is here now and we are here for you as you start your holiday. >> and good morning, everybody. it's going to be a cloudy day today. make it a little bit of sunshine later. i'll let you know what the likelihood of that is coming up. today. if you're doing turkey day trachling, new york city, boston, or northwest seattle and portland, all those places are likely to have some potential slow downs due to rain drops. we'll talk about that coming up. >> are you heading out to do shopping this evening for the preblack friday sales? can we get enough shopping in >> does that mean we're going to start shopping on monday. live for us this morning at
5:47 am
look at that. >> ma lett e is there. >> pickup a set for me. >> i know. just send me your list, e-mail me right after this. the store workers have been busy. we've seen them in the store prepping, getting things ready. you know, like this is on sale only ten bucks, that's a hot tie. my photographer irene wants that one. i don't know what the price is, but this store will be letting eo these door buster deals. and also, when you buy some of the more expensive toys -- and there are some pricey ones in here -- you get free leahy away. that's one of the deals that you get when you are a reward shopper. i don't know, people just have made thanksgiving day shopping a part of eating, their holiday meal and watching football. it all goes hand in hand these days. i don't know. i'm going to take advantage.
5:48 am
show you what i'm buying. but don't tell my kids. back to you guys. we're at the hyattsville k-mart opening at 6:00 a.m. everybody is in here, store workers are prepping. it's really fun. >> all right. >> i'll give you that list. >> they let her in 12 minutes early. she's good to go. >> she has her gifts in hand. thanks. we'll see you soon. before all that black friday shopping, many people will be rushing to the store today to pickom store items. we talked to some last-minute shoppers at the safe way in bethesda. some were just getting around to get turkeys. they had turkeys left? >> why did you wait till the last minute? >> i just made some decisions about what to cook. >> recently? >> yeah, like tonight. >> yeah, you know? >> i understand. there you go. >> inspiration strikes. >> good news, stores will be open today for limited hours.
5:49 am
send robert for more vanilla ice cream. >> i would be calling and saying, is my order ready yet? i'm picking it up. live look out on the roads, looking pretty good out there right now. if you're out to get last minute grocery items, catch a plane, should be in for smooth sailing. there is one delay now at reagan national, jet blue flight departing san juan puerto rico. we don't feel so bad. yesterday painted a very different picture for travelers. it sure did. if you' might ask one of those red caps to help you with your bags. this guy right here, andre taylor has been with amtrak for over three decades. and while you're eating thanksgiving dinner, he's usually keeping passengers moving. andre says he loves working this time of year because it never gets boring. >> i had a passenger come off the train with a piano. a piano, you know, like one of those baby worlitzers.
5:50 am
you have. nice guy. red caps can run from 5:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night. they have very busy days. a lot of people don't know that it's free. just ask them. >> fantastic. i'm sure he has a lot of stories to tell. >> he does. >> nbc 4 is thankful for everyone who donated to the salvation army's annual share the warmth coat drive. 1,000 coats will be keeping people warm on this thanksgiving day. >> the coats were distributed during an event at the washington convention center yesterday. everyone who went to that event also left with like a sweater, or a pair of gloves. there is still time to give meanwhile. there will be another coat distribution next wednesday in alexandria. >> donate before then. go to nbc washington website where we have a complete list of donations. such a big help this time of year and the weather is getting colder. now is the time. >> actually, though, this upcoming stretch does not look that bad. >> not bad at all, by a late
5:51 am
than average. our friends and neighbors in the midwest that have the number one warm est december really from chicago all the way back into the air mountain west. really mild out there. i've got friends in iowa. they haven't had much snow in iowa yet. it's getting a little late for them. that can only last so long. >> no kidding. we know it can't last out there. >> for us no real super cold in sight other than the chill early this morning. your thanksgiving forecast then, a lot of clouds around then. temperatures upper 30 this afternoon. it's all cloud cover in washington. light breezes. you won't be fighting the wind. 40 in national airport. a little light snow along the new york, pennsylvania border. that is headed to upstate new york and new england. a little chance of rain to the south. if you're driving southbound to raleigh or charlotte you'll have rain drops.
5:52 am
enough for road spray. be careful this morning. temperatures will stay in the 40s mostly this morning. here's our future forecast. pocket of rain coming through the d.c. metro between about 7:00 and 10:00 this morning. now the model is very optimistic that by lunchtime that first area of light rain will be gone and the model is indicating some peaks of sunshine between about noon or 1:00 up to about two or three. maybe sunshine before the clouds thick enand chance of rain tomorrow. 36 now in front royal. 31 leez berg, 36 in frederick maryland. planning now today, temperatures 30s and 40s this morning. cloudy till 11:00. maybe a little sunshine. if we're going to see sunshine, the most likely time is 2:00 this afternoon. i'll be tweeting out updates on the forecast and all sorts of other fun turkey day facts on social media twitter, look up
5:53 am
ready to go. temperatures in the 50s all the way into the weekend and early next week. and we also have fun thing to do for tomorrow. and we will be co-mcing the holiday parade reston town center. parade kicks off at 11:00 tomorrow. macy's parade-style balloons are always a big hit. kids will be able to get pictures taken with santa and mrs. claus. be sure to join angie and i 6:00 p.m. fountain square for the magic tree line. she's going to be doing that. she gets to flip the switch this year. >> after you're done doing that on saturday, you get to come to city center. because i'm flipping the switch for the holiday tree in city center in d.c. >> we are everywhere. >> a busy crew. >> we are out there. tree lighting ceremony >> two different nights. >> i want to see a competition, which one is better, is angie's
5:54 am
police are going above and beyond this thanksgiving. >> by delivering full thanksgiving dinners to families with whom they have a special connection. this is across the district and as news 4 jackie ben son shows us these officers really love the families that they're providing food for on this holiday and every day after that. >> reporter: a lexus expected a knock at the door of her southwest d.c. home to be samuel gains, the d.c. police officer from youth and family services mentoring he >> also thomas does this every year. >> reporter: the hard working mother of four little ones was not expecting a full thanksgiving dinner. and enough extras to keep the refrigerator full through the weekend. officer gains and officers james thomas and leshaun phillips spent the evening delivering thanksgiving deliciousness to families in all four quadrants of the city.
5:55 am
>> we send an e-mail to all our coworkers this season. can you bring nonpersonal items or things in? and everybody went shopping. >> reporter: at a home in northwest officers anticipate congratulating a young woman who got a full-time job. she's not home but her grandfather who had dental surgery nods in delight and thanks. last year they were able to raise enough food to fill the refrigerators of few family. this year they have enough for six. in swe news 4. >> and this is video you may be talking about today at the dinner table. look at this. an e-cigarette exploded in a man's pants while he was at work in new york yesterday. it looks like fire works are going off. it happened at central cellars in the grand central terminal. surveillance video shows what looks like fire works after the e-cigarette exploded. the man is in stable condition at a hospital where he is being treated for burns.
5:56 am
yikes. >> that was interesting. >> yeah. >> wow. >> could be a big problem. all right. you have thanksgiving, that means football. it means food. heartburn? >> maybe. >> maybe. this can be a thing especially when you're eating a lot more than usual and who isn't at thanksgiving. >> fear not. we spoke to a doctor who offered some tips before you dive into the big meal. >> up to 40 million people suffer from heartburn every year. and thanksgiving is prime time for it. with all th heartburn and we spoke with dr. allen bloser, a gastroenterologist who works with the enova group in fairfax. >> one, limit alcohol consumption. two, pace yourself. eat small frequent portions of the meal rather than one gigantic one at a time. don't lay down immediately after having consumed the meal. and give yourself at least a four-hour opportunity between the time you end your meal and
5:57 am
bed. >> reporter: so, whatever you do watch the football game sitting up and dr. bloser also recommends eating a handful of nuts before the big meal. maybe pecans or almonds. that shouldn't be hard to do. he says that can aid in digestion and keep you from eating quite so much. >> nothing can keep me from eating too much food at thanksgiving. >> eat a bunch of nuts, is that what he said? >> it helps you digest your food and fills you up a little bit so maybe you'll eat less. >> ok me. i'll just eat more. >> whatever worked in the past, that's what you want to do this year. you are not the only one out getting thanksgiving dinner ready. >> take i look live at northeast washington to make holiday special for others. who they're cooking for and why coming up in a live report. >> if you need something to make? don't worry we have you covered. storm meteorologist chuck bell continues our recipe sharing
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> now on news 4 today, giving thanks. cooking a thanksgiving feast can be a lot of work, but imagine cooking more than 3,000 holiday meals. that's what's happening at food and friends.
6:00 am
friends people are looking forward to. >> how about you burn some turkey day calories early this morning? by getting a jump start on your holiday shopping. where the door buster deals are at this early hour. that's coming up. >> and don't worry if you still need a side dish. the news 4 today team shares some last-minute recipes. that is, if travel troubles don't keep you from getg >> announcer: news for today starts now. >> from the skyways to the highways, take a live look right now at reagan national airport as well as the area roadways because some people still have to travel to their thanksgiving destinations today. >> i'm one of them. >> yes. are you jumping on the plane next? >> reagan looked kind of busy this morning. >> good morning. >> happy thanksgiving,


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