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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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ra right now at 6:00 you are looking live at havana cuba -- or miami, rather. the havana harbor and cuban at half mass after the death of fidel castro. and in miami, florida, as we just mentioned it is a much different mood there. people in the cuban exile community are flooding the streets in celebration. overwhelmed at the death of the man they feel destroyed lives and families for more than half a century. news4 has team coverage. that david culver had been to cuba no less than five times in
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island, and derrick ward has local reaction. i'm erica fitzgerald. reaction is pouring in from all around the country. citizens and politicians are saying they have been waiting all their lives for this moment. we begin our team coverage. >> reporter: thousands poured into the streets of miami's little havana. it is a day many cuban have anticipated for years. >> i'm 34 years old and i've been waiting my life for this moment. >> reporter: castro's rise to power in 1959 tour families apart. millions fled the island as the dictator seized property, silenced the prez and more. >> he has caused pain an all generations of the cuba. >> leaders in congress agree. >> the truth is he was a
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he should not be revered. he should be reviled. >> all at his cost. his sadness, his tragedy, his death is terrorism and narco trafficking. that is the legacy of the fidel castro. >> president obama was more measured saying history will judge the enormous impact of this as they celebrate cuban americans feared little will change in soon. castro's brother raul remains president but he's 85 and has said he'll retire in 2018 so now this is hope for the future. news4's david culver has made several trips to the island since president obama
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journey as he returned with his mother and grandmother, visiting their homeland for the first time in 54 years. lucky to have david culver joique us this evening. thank you for being here. so moving forward, now all eyes are going on the on cuba as we look at the burial of fidel castro. so we're going to be seeing a lot of significant locations. can you tell -- >> very significant. we can a walk you through some of those and wear learning the next nine days of the mourning are going to play out. the first major gathering is going to be in havana, cuba's capital. tuesday night at 7:00 cubans are going to gather here in the revolutionary square. they will pay tribute. this is a public square. you will notice on some of the buildings are revolutionary figures.
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of fidel will be taken cross country. over three days is how long it is going to take to get from havana in the west to santiago decuba in the east. this weekend another public gathering for the people in the eastern portion. they will be able to attend that gathering. here is a look at the cemetery where he's going to be the same cemetery where jose martin is also buried. >> you have been in communication of course with a lot of people on the island. what is the sentiment there? do they feel more hopeful that fidel castro has died? that changes will come a little more rapidly than we've seen? >> that is the word we hear a lot. change. and we can say under raul reef
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include allowing cubans to use cell phones. and this is video from a recent trip we took down there. they started opening up a public wifi spot. they are jam packed because this is really the only place ghekt that wifi. they will tell you, the internet is slow. many sites restricts and it is expensive to use. there is also a surge in entrepreneurship. cubans on average make 25, 50 bucks a month. that is it is interesting pause the catholic church. you recall the vatican was huge and reestablishing diplomatic relations, they are helping teach new cuban business owners how to start their own companies. you see some change, what cubans hope to be progress. but they worry at times it is not enough. nor is it moving quickly enough. and they hope that the changes are lasting. but i can tell you for the typical cuban t reality of a dramatic change in access or freedoms after fidel castro's
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and we'll see what happens with president elect donald trump and what he chooses to do with president obama's executive orders. >> we'll follow it closely. and stay tuned for new score for continuing coverage of fidel castro's death. later derek ward gets reaction from local cuban-americans and you can open our nbc washington app and search "castro" for a gallery lester holt is coming in. he'll anger nbc's weekly nightly news immediately after us and have he'll are more reaction to the death of fidel castro. two separate hunting trips ended today in accidents. one deadly. a young man with with his uncle hunting for the first time when he slipped and accidentally shot and killed himself. investigators say they were near camp david in frederick county.
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wards hill road in cecil county. two brothers were hunting when one of them accidentally shot himself in the knee. a state police helicopter came in and flew him to shock trauma. president elect donald trump surprisingly won three rust belt states by the thinnest of marges. reaction to the recount.
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a woman from maryland died after an accident on thanksgiving day. crash vigters say the driver of the car she was in didn't stop while making a left and sherry bunnal died the next day. two others also rushed to the hospital. the other driver was streeted at the scene. -- treated at the scene. and wisconsin is moving ahead with the first presidential election recount in its history. and president elect donald trump not so happy about it. green party candidate jill stein is spear heading the campaign in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. those are all of the states where trump had a narrow lead.
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she is formally joining the effort. president elect donald trump said it is all a scam. he sent out a statement today saying the people have spoken and it is time to accept the results. the wisconsin recount will start next week after stein's camp comes up with the money to cover the costs. and we're tracking much-needed rain right now. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia draper is standing by with the latest, timing and
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some breaking news here in about a shooting that happened just an hour ago in northeast washington. police say a man shot someone else on carl place just off division avenue. officers tell us they do have someone in custody. we again want to show you live pictures from miami florida. cuban americans have been celebrating for 24 hours now after getting the news that
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derrick ward has the reaction. >> my grandfather soul rest in peace was assassinated by them. >> reporter: she feels he was still pulling the strings in cuba. this woman a lawyer left in the nineties. >> final had to leave because they will force her t s signatures to put other people at risk and that she didn't even know these people. >> for others the sent sophomore a little more complicated than pure relation. >> everything came back. everything came back the day i left. >> reporter: that day she was just nine years old. parents took her and her sister to miami on a plane. this doll and her visa waiver are about all she had. she still has them.
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airport. saying leave. get out. i had no clue what was going on. >> her father a university professor was not allowed to leave then. she does recall mow the castro years were. >> when fidel came in and he said i'm going to do this and make life fair for everyone. everybody wants to hear those. >> is his of better days for the caribbean island nation now run by raul castro? >> i'm hoping it is going to get better. >> reporter: derek ward, news4. >> and glour storm team 4 forecast. today was chilly but dry. plenty of clouds. tomorrow, sunny, cool and travel weather and looking good. if you are here visiting i hope
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much-needed rain in the forecast tuesday through thursday and next weekend it is going to be dry right now as all of the holiday parties start to get under way. currently temperatures in the 40s. 47 in the district. 43 in gaithersburg. winds died down overnight tonight and with clear sky asks dry air in place it is going to be a chilly start for your sunday morning. temperatures in the 0s. 38 in washington. the suburbs for the m p 7:00 a.m. you will want the jacket but the sunglasses as well. by lunch we're in the low fifties and we keep plenty of sunshine around for the afternoon hours. a high tomorrow of 53. so just a touch warmer than it was today. and tomorrow evening looking good. looking dry. temperatures in the mid 40s. tonight, tomorrow night, two great nights to maybe have a fire. all in all the weather having a pretty low impact on your sunday.
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today. heading out hunting you will want the layers. and saw a couple r couple of people today already getting the christmas tree. and travel looking good not just in the immediate area but up and down the east coast. future weather here. notice the time stamp. sunday. tomorrow right around lunch. virtually dry into the mid west. evening hours, some showers in illinois, iowa and up into minnesota but for the mo everybody. as we think about work and school monday, probably don't want do that right now, but at least the weather cooperating. at the bus stop the kids want the warm jacket. recess definitely going to be outdoors on monday. low 50s and pick up still dry at that point, mid 50s heading into the last week in november. i can't believe it. and then here is that much-needed rain i was talk about. tuesday, wednesday and thursday. good chance that we're dealing
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high of 63 so we also start to warm up. the best chance of rain is around midday, afternoon and evening hours. wednesday more showers at times and look at the high temperature. near 70 degrees on wednesday. so when it is not raining it will feel kind of comfortable outside. and then we begin december on thursday. looking like showers around in the morning hours and then some clearing as we head on into the afternoon hours. high on thursday side but keeping it dry right now with highs around 50. >> amelia, thank you. >> ellicott city shops say they are back for good. just four months ago when main street flooded, killing two people and sweeping away cars. the water damaged nearly 90 businesses. most of them were back open today hoping for a luol of the customers on this small business saturday.
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shopping local is a way to put money directly back into the community. live in bethesda, darcy has more. >> shoppers are encouraged to open their wallets and go to the so called mom and pop shops. and we start our story tonight with a shop that specializes in vinegar secolori sells vinegar, oils and other specialty products in bethesda. it is just one of the many shops being celebrated on small business saturday. shoppers are encouraged to buy from these smaller stores. many owned and operated locally. >> i feel like they choose a
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we find a small business that has a lot of the stuff that we love already. we can run in, run out. and also obviously we love supporting businesses where we grew up. >> and isn't it a a great small business saturday in washington d.c. >> mayor bowser kicked off saturday's celebration. >> spending dollars locally has an immediatnd on the local economy. >> reporter: so i guess a lot of us tomorrow will take a little bit of a break, rest up, gear up, get ready for cyber monday. megan back to you. and coming up the maryland terrapins have been sitting on
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as for the terps, they need edwin against rutgers this afternoon to become bowl eligible. terps have been outscored 149-13 over their last three games. they put more points on the scoreboard in the first 10:00 today than they had all of
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to pay dirt. maryland up 14 after one. second quarter, the true freshman, get used to the name. terrell pigram. terps up 21-7 at the half. second half. one of maryland's 22 seniors wants to extend the season. and this will get the job done.
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seeing the happiness to know their careers just got extended. they get a post season ball game and we get more time together is great. >> senior day in blacksburg, vigilant hosting virginia. and sam rodgers also proposed to his girlfriend after the game. his final game, fullback, most rushing yards of his career, 105 and two touchdowns. from here records were girardi evans broke the single season passing record and touchdown record. and yet it was beaver ball that once again stole the show. andrew mutukoaaka with the scoop and score. they face clemens next saturday in the acc championship game. navy/smu. will werth. waited his time for the opportunity. making the most of it.
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second quarter, into the end zone. mid shepmen are up 21-10. werth, back at it again. using his arm this time. tillman hauls it in. navy takes a 28-24 lead at halftime but crushed in the second half. five touchdowns. they are ahead 62-24 currently
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you up to speed with everything. >> sounds good. i'm still a little hurt michigan loss. oh well. can't win everything. >> what a great game. i wanted ohio state to win because we have penn state going there and we need penn state to win. and looks like that is going to happen too. so i'm a happy camper. >> there we go. the last look at the weather. >> sunshine tomorrow, pret chilly. norm for this time of
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on this saturday night. death of fidel castro. the passing of a dictator whose half century rule over cuba brought the world to the brink of nuclear war and forced generations of cubans to flee to america's joy by cuban-americans and thetarkly different reaction to the president and the president-elect. severe weather could mean a treacherous trip for those heading home after the long holiday weekend. and the digital front line. how google joined the fight against isis using their latest technology as a weapon. "nightly news" begins right now.


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