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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  November 28, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EST

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banker on marking a milestone. they are celebrating their 110th anniversary. that's 110 years of helping people find the homes of their dreams or successfully selling their homes. over the past five years, "open house" and coldwell banker have traveled the world to bring you some of the hottest listings on the market and the latest trends in real estate. but the best is yet to come, so keep watching.
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welcome back. now we're heading to a modern masterpiece. this one of a kind of west michigan home was designed with nature in mind. the house is made up of separate structures, all connected by decks and walkways that allow you to take in the tranquil environment.
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hi, i'm andrea crossman of coldwell banker. and welcome to west michigan. we are at a spectacular beach house with over 8,000 square feet set high on top of a dune. you have unparalleled views with unparalleled comfort. come on, i can't wait to show you. the quarter mile stainless steel driveway that winds through the dunes. this home is beyond private. as you catch your first view of the house with its one of a kind exterior, it's not hard to imagine this property being designed for an international person of mystery. clad in copper and exotic woods including douglas fir
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with an outdoor full kitchen, a resistance pool, multiple seating areas, and a meandering staircase to the beach, this house takes full advantage of its amazing location, lake michigan's clean water, pristine white sand beaches, and beautiful sunsets. perfect for the comfort of owner and guest. each pod has its own kitchen, fireplace, multiple bedrooms, and decking. it's hard to get tired of the views here, that's why every room in the house takes advantage of it
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ly drawn in by the floor to ceiling windows and the generous proportions of the main living area. you can take in the gorgeous views from inside, but if it gets too warm you have fully automated blinds. and at night time you can curl up in front of this grand fireplace made out of wisconsin limestone or gaze up at the 50 million year old fossil mural. friends, or the head of your favorite spy agency. the main house has four floors, including a basement with a 750 bottle wine grotto, a full spa, and a tunnel that
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and a beautiful stainless steel and black walnut floating staircase leads up stairs to the living areas. a master bedroom and master bath with rooftop deck that encompasses 360 degree views. and take a moment to appreciate the quiet. no flight paths, new busy roads, just the lapping of the waves, the sound of the birds in the trees. and this is truly not only one of the most spectacular houses in michigan, but in the world. thank you for coming on this tour today.
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have a lot of clients who are now lifelong friends. you know, i'm working for them, but we're working together. being in real estate is absolutely one of the most rewarding jobs you can have. real estate is not just finding a client a house, it's finding my friend a home. so i give them all the information they need to know and we have fun with it. i consider myself lucky to do something i love while making other people happy. i think i'm just trying to have a positive attitude, bring my work ethic, and just continue to get better each and every day. cation of the next five, i'll be building a team so our business can grow. thank you so much for this opportunity. thank you from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity. i'm proud to represent coldwell banker, and i'm proud to represent traverse city. congrats to all the 30 under 30 entrepreneurs. you can learn more about the candidates and see all the homes featured on today's show by visiting that's all for now. we hope you've been inspired by the amazing homes we featured today.
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gram, and facebook at openhousetv. thanks for watching, and we'll see you next time. in the white house. i imagine they're aware this is something they will have to confront. as i said, the elections have
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they're working through a process. there's nothing wrong with expecting them to show that. i expect they will. >> let me ask you this. you issued statements praising donald trump's choice of pompeii he would, you praised him for picking nikki haley for ambassador to the u.n. we noticed you didn't have any statements for mike flynn as national security advice or jeff sessions as attorney general. should we read anything into that? >> no. mike flynn doesn't come from senate confirmation. that's why we didn't comment. i'm not on the committee which jeff sessions will have to go through. the three you mentioned, nikki haley will go through the foreign relations committee which i sit on. pompeo will go through the intelligence committee which i sit on. i know them well and personally. i know jeff sessions. we have a good working relationship. i respect the process we have which means he will have to go through the process. at that point, i will have something to say.
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every nomination for the most part under president obama and now under president-elect trump. >> you are not ready to say if you will support the confirmation of jeff sessions as attorney general? >> i never do until that person works their way through the process. in the case of pompeo and nikki haley, they will come through the committee. they will have to go through the same process as anybody else. if something emerges from that, which i don't expect, then we will comment on it. >> speaking of your committee, you were -- you said for instance you would not talk about wikileaks at allri was involved and you thought it was inappropriate. you knew that, okay, this was hurting the democrats today. tomorrow it could be your party. you are chair of a subcommittee on western hemisphere transnational crime, human rights and global women's issues. you could call your own hearing investigating, because this could be a crime that was committed by the russian government into when it came to
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does it? >> well, first of all, in order for us to investigate that in my subcommittee, we would neat the permission of the full committee. i imagine that senator corker may have an opinion on that. he may want do that. you will have to ask him. i'm open to that. here is the bottom line. if a foreign government has been involved in injecting chaos into our democratic process, the american people deserve to know that. i have made my feelings known in the midst of the campaign. i will continue to focus on that. i will say to you that i think something that we should not allow to stand without informing the american people of that reality. let me say this. i have never said it to the russian government, although i believe it was the work of a foreign government. i will say this, if you look at what happened during our election and the sort of things that were interjected into the election process, they are very similar to the sort of active measures that you have seen the russians use in the past in places like eastern europe to interfere with the elections of other countries. what we mean by interfere is
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credibility of the election, they try to undermine individual leaders and create chaos in the political discourse. the fundamental argument is they want people to -- they want to delegitimize the process. >> is it worthy of congress at scrutiny? >> absolutely. >> donald trump is going to rescind a lot of executive orders that president obama made. let me ask you one specifically, it's called daca for dreamers. granting essentially -- we can shorthand it here. so they're not -- they're protected and not deported. what is your recommendation to donald trump on that specific executive order? >> my recommendation would be that there are people that have already availed themselves of that. there's a period of time for that. i would not retroactively remove their status. i would say that from some point forward, people will not be allowed to apply for renewal for that status. that will give us a defined period of time to work through this, beginning with border
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>> don't rescind it immediately? >> well, people already have it. someone has that permit. it's not indefinite. it expires. what i would say is if you have it, you will have it for that period of time. but you will not be able to renew it. it's not a long period of time. but it does give us the time to do border security, modernization and then move to something very reasonable for people like those who came here as children or those who have been here for a long time who are not criminals to allow them >> more of my interview with senator rubio and his thoughts about the death of fidel castro and where the relationship goes from here later in the broadcast. first, clinton campaign joins the effort to recount the votes in three states. you heard what kellyanne had to say about that. is there any chance the results is there any chance the results could be welcome to the world 2116,
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welcome back. panelists here, matt bai, helene cooper, danielle pletka and mark murray. welcome all. let me start with this recount, only because i heard kellyanne conway's reaction to it, matt. it was pretty harsh on the
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bring it up. >> she did. i didn't bring it up. donald trump has tweeted about it this morning. there's enjoying poking them, calling them sore losers. >> she brought it up. it's clear that they don't want this -- they don't want this to become a distraction. they were sensitive about it. i'm trying to think the right analogy of this is with jill stein and the clinton campaign. it's like your neighbor goes in your house and brings your belongings out to the curb and when somebody talks them cal theft. i don't know what it is. for jill stein to want -- i was trying -- i don't know if that's the right one. >> we have to cut him off now or he will keep going. >> i won't -- >> this is -- you are like me. you don't get it, do you? >> i don't understand. i don't think there's any percentage in it for anybody. i don't understand the political play. i don't understand why jill stein is doing it. i don't understand why the clinton campaign is doing it. if i were the trump folks, i
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>> how old are you? >> really? 48. >> this is somebody who like me and like you lived through florida in 2000. once you have gone through that and you have seen just how hard a recount in one state is, the idea of taking it on in pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan -- i don't get what jill stein is -- i don't understand this at all. >> somebody talked jill stein into this it smells like. >> was it you? >> the margin of victory in michigan and in wisconsin would be made up if all stein vote her voted clinton. >> yeah. >> whatever. but why are they doing this? >> i ended up reaching out to people at the clinton campaign to say, did you have anything to do with it? are you happy jill stein is flooring this? we had nothing to do with this. this is jill stein on her own. they decided to join it because they feel like it's important to
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fired up to say, this is already happening. we're going to go out and piggyback on this. jill stein ended up getting 50,000 votes in the state of michigan. the margin is 10,000. you end up looking at wisconsin, the margin there was -- is about 20,000. jill stein got more than 30,000 votes. pennsylvania wasn't going to make a big difference. having jill stein lead this -- >> do you have an >> we don't those votes would have gone to hillary clinton. >> or not voted. >> they might not have voted. the bottom line is, i don't understand why anybody is so excited about this. the constitution allows for this. state constitution allows for this. jill stein is using it as a way to raise money. i don't like that it's fuelling the fire of this not my president. don't vote for donald trump,
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of interest issue. >> i don't think donald trump is a big worrier. that's obviously served him well. he is getting good advice. he got wise counsel from peggy noonan and the wall street journal. he needs to detangle himself. he needs to be -- purer than whose wife? >> it's usually -- >>yo he does. otherwise, this will distract from every single thing he does. >> every story. you name -- especially -- you name the international story. right? >> so it's going to be a huge distraction. it will dominate political coverage for him for a year if not longer. remember on the hypocrisy angle, one of the closing arguments was about the clinton foundation and the conflicts of interest there. you end up having hillary clinton having at least a plan
3:25 am
we still really haven't gotten a rudimentary answer from kellyanne conway about how that will play out with donald trump. >> i don't think that this i -- at the end of the day he made a decision he wanted to run for president of the united states. i'm sorry. at this point, you look at the -- the times had this great story that started with -- it's philippines, greece, argentina -- >> it is a who is who and continue. >> he has a point that we have not seen this before. there are going to be entanglements that we haven't seen because he is a businessman with all these interests. what worries people is that donald trump has shown very clearly through the course of this campaign that he doesn't care about conventions, rules. he considers politics a lesser almost silly arena than business. he has found himself in it. he is going to do what he is going to until it costs him
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rules of conflict of interest. >> congress, congressional republicans could put some handcuffs on him. do you think they will do that when it comes to the business stuff? they could pass bills that creates a forcible mechanism here. >> that's not been the habit of the united states congress. they didn't do it to hillary clinton. they didn't do it to bill clinton. they haven't done it to previous leaders. what you want to do is see him owning this. i get it. it's complicated. there's no precedent. but in fact, he this. in fact, that is ultimately what will protect his children. otherwise, when he is out of office, if he continues to have this interest, they will destroy him. imagine going to a trump hotel but then nobody goes to the trump hotel. ivanka has seen this with her brand. >> peggy noonan, that was a powerful column. when be come back, meet the man who says it's time for nancy pelosi to go because it's time for democrats to start winning
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the democratic party's loss of white middle class voters in 2016 and the white house this time, congressman tim ryan of ohio says it's time for a change in the party's leadership. including the house. he launched a bid to replace nancy pelosi as the democratic leader in the house. tim ryan joins me now. welcome to "meet the press." >> great to be with you. >> why do you think it's taken this long for someone like you or democrats to say, you know what, it's been a decade since democrats won control the house. why has there been so much comfort with her leadership until today? >> i think you think the next election is going to be different. the next elections haven't been different. my level of frustration came from the idea that we're going to have for two more years the same conversation as we have been having since 2010. i think the level of frustration in our caucus is as great as i have seen it. it's time to do something about
3:31 am
party. we're a coastal party. we have to move forward. if we're not going to get voters in ohio, michigan, someone in minnesota, we have to go back there and campaign and get those vo folks in the fold. >> bernie sanders said the following -- do you think he is alluding to identity politics? >> i think in part, we try to slice the electorate up. you are black, you are brown, you are gray, you are straight, you are a woman, you are a man. the reality is, there's no juice in that kind of campaign. there's no energy in that because it's divided. the key to and the magic of good campaigns is when you pull people together. you unite them around a common theme.
3:32 am
job. we focus too much on the minimum wage and we should talk about living wages and middle class wages and pensions and benefits and the things in the industrial midwest talk about. >> was this a mistake of message? is this hillary clinton? is this everybody just not talking about economic issues and the way that you want them talked about? >> mostly message. if you look at the policies, i believe the democratic party still has the policies to help move us forward, the blend infrastructure, investment in education and research. those are things we stand for and believe in and will continue to fight for. the reality of it is, our message has been wrong. we can't keep saying, we got the message wrong. so please forgive us. we have been getting the message wrong since 2010. we have to get the message right. we have to have the right messenger. we have to have someone who with not just go on msnbc but on fox
3:33 am
and churches all over the country and start a brush fire about what a new democratic party looks like. >> there's also a debate inside the democratic party about how to -- how or whether to work with trump. schumer and sanders and warren have indicated on some things they would work with trump. but there are others that argue, hey, republicans in congress chose not to work with president obama and it was good for the republican party. is it good for the democratic party to work with donald trump? >> i think it respect the voter who put trump in. we may not like it and we may have fought -- i traveled country for a year and a half helping hillary clinton to try to become president. we have to respect what the american people have done. but this is a unique president in a unique situation with a divided republican party. that is going to reveal itself as we get into the legislative proposals. now it's just rhetoric, it's positioning, it's tweets. proposals have to land at the house of representatives.
3:34 am
there may be an opportunity to work with trump and other issues we may have to fight him. >> what is nancy pelosi's fireable offense? >> we're not winning. >> that's what -- for get legislating? judged on that? forget fund-rafund-raising? >> yes. if money was the answer, hillary clinton would be president and we would be in charge of the house of representatives right now. money is not the answer. it's message, messenger and it's about winning. winners win. we can't have a standard in the democratic party that we're going to seats. 33 governorships, 31 secretaries of state, 69 of 99 state legislators, chuck. we're losing all over the board. we have to start something new and start fresh. >> what is -- what do you make of the recount decision by the clinton campaign to cooperate with jill stein's call? do you think that's healthy for the country? >> it's their decision. they ran a tough race. >> are you supportive in. >> i'm moving on. >> would you counsel against it?
3:35 am
we're moving into the next congress. we have a leadership race. we have to fill the dnc position. we have to move forward. that's the best thing for us to do. >> if you don't succeed as party leader, are you going to stay in congress? >> i'm focused until wednesday. we're going to win. we're going to surprise a lot of people. there's discord in our conference right now. people want to move forward. they want to change. they have been home. i've been calling people over the holidays, which wasn't on my agenda. it was supposed to be footbal people are saying, their families are telling them it's time for change. >> thanks to ohio state, you are probably in a good mood. >> excellent. >> tim ryan, democrat from ohio, thanks for coming in. there's one man whom we have followed from the time when americans watched the news on black and white televisionsera
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welcome back. there was something supremely ironic in the death of fidel castro friday. this was a moment the u.s. government and some american citizens have dreamed about,
3:39 am
the people of the united states? i don't hate anybody. including my enemies. >> castro quickly became an enemy of the united states cracking down at home and punishing u.s. companies in cuba. in 1961, president kennedy ordered 1,350 cia trained fighters to invade cuba at the bay of pigs. the attempted invasion was a disaster. two generations of
3:40 am
became a problem for carter when it turned out that some of the 15,000 cubans castro allowed to emigrate to the united states had been released from cuban jails and mental health facilities. >> castro has taken hardened criminals out of prison. >> a governor in arkansas tried to be helpful to his colleague in the white house. bill clinton agreed to house some at a military installation while privately fuming, how
3:41 am
you are going to get me beat. >> the only way that we can really adequately secure the area is to have more troops inside. >> in june, a riot broke out. clinton had to call in the national guard. clinton did lose that re-elect bid. as president, he would get another hard lesson in cuba politics 20 years later. in 1999, a custody battle broke out over 6-year-old elian gonzalez. after a five month standoff, federal agents forcibly removed him from his extended family in miami to return him to his father in cuba. cuban-american voters a few months later punished al gore. potentially costing him florida and the election. when we come back, the reaction to castro's death, including to castro's death, including more of my c oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream to castro's death, including more of my c
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welcome back. continuing nit florida. i spoke with him this morning about the death of fidel castro. i asked him if the impact seems more anti climactic now than it would have had this happened 20 years ago. >> the bottom line is that as far as the practical day to day affairs, that happened a day ago. it's a historical milestone and psychological for a lot of people. from a practical standpoint, cuba today is governed the same way as it was 48 hours ago.
3:47 am
off on making changes while fidel was alive? >> no. fidel -- raul is 85. i hear people say the younger castro. he is 85 years old. he has been involved in the government since day one. he has been governing for the last ten years. the thing people don't understand is he is not a reformer thinking for the best interests of cuba. his number one interest is to make permanent the system of government. because they have an extended the system of government for their livelihood. they want this system of government to become a permanent and accepted way to govern an island nation. that's the number one interest is. >> you put out a statement a couple weeks ago saying this, rolling back president obama's one-sided concessions to the castro regime, a key campaign promise shared with president-elect trump will be a top priority for me next year. >> absolutely. >> are you convinced it's a top
3:48 am
>> i am. >> you are going to fight to lift, to put back in the travel sanctions on commercial and private travel? are you going to put cuba back on the state sponsor of terrorism list? are you going to close the embassy? >> first of all, we want to look at all the changes made. let's take a step back. everything should be guided by our goal. our goal is not to punish. our goal is to figure out what can we do through u.s. policy to number one look out for the national interests of the united states and number create an environment where we are creating the potential for a transition to democratic order in cuba at some point in the near future. we would examine every policy to see whether or not that policy helps us down the line. i would add to that that i do think many of the things whether it's increase remittance, increase travel but some of the banking regulations, which i believe are illegal to begin with, that some of the banking changes that have been made, they should be conditioned upon specific changes on the part of the cuban government.
3:49 am
american justice, that should be tied to something we're doing over here. not to mention freedom of the press. freedom of expression. freedom of organization. on the other hand, i have never said i'm against all changes to cuba policy. i'm just against unilateral changes from which we get nothing in return for our country or freedom or liberty of the cuban look at burma or myanmar of how you can condition openings in exchange for democratic changes on the part of the other government. that did not happen here. we will examine the entire thing and make suggestions to the trump administration. >> let me bring in the panel. danielle let me start with you. you are a foreign policy -- it's in your wheelhouse. this doesn't have the same feel that i think we all thought it
3:50 am
could something change? >> i don't think anything is going to change. as marco rubio said rightly, fidel hasn't been in charge. raul is in charge. the transfer happened a decade ago. the problem is not -- was not fidel. it was the system that he put in place all these decades ago. that's with a we need to focus on. we need to focus not on an end to the castros, not the name, but to the system which lives off the back of the cuban people, threatens us and interferes in the region. >> the question is has done gets left in by donald trump. before we go way from president obama, his statement yesterday got a lot of people upset because of what it didn't say. let me put it up.
3:51 am
positive statement i have heard a president of the united states put out on fidel castro. >> i disagree -- you present a very -- mario rubio did that, a very -- castro as the satanic demon that the united states has -- in many ways he has been. but i think what president obama statement reflects is that nobody in the rest of the world sort of agrees with you. the castro that i grew up knowing as a child growing up in liberia was a castro who fought the south african apartheid regime that the united states was propping up. it was a castro that sent soldiers in and helped to bring down apartheid south africa. there's a lot of ambivalence when you look at fidel castro.
3:52 am
>> no. she brings up a good point. she brings up a good point in that -- castro's reputation around the world is different than in the united states. >> that ignores the fact -- you may like what castro did in south africa. i don't. you can't forget that he did this all on the backs of the cuban people. this was an absolute dictatorship that crushed this island beneath their jack booted heel. shot people for disagreeing with the castros, for 50 have been -- they murdered their political opponents and supported groups like hezbollah, iran and chavez. let's not forget who he is. >> this is a very american view of -- >> i can't tell where danielle is on cuba. she might be vacationing there. i disagree a little with held
3:53 am
there is an american view of this. i will say there was something poignant about castro's death. because as i -- it's not everybody's view. when he was elected in 2008, part of the promise, part of what people felt was the sense of turning a new generation turning the page on all the history, history just wouldn't quite get out of his way on his timetable. here it is the very closing act of his presidency and finally he gets castro out of his way too late. >> you did a little reporting on this as to why house stay so -- >> this argument we're having here, the white house decided, we don't want to perpetuate the past. we want to go forward. the more you talk about fidel castro and his record, according to their logic was you end up fighting old fights that have been going on for 50 or 60 years. they wanted to turn the page. to me the biggest question will be, will we talk about fidel castro and cuba come tuesday, wednesday? outside of florida, republican politics. if not, probably the white house's objective on moving on
3:54 am
we'll be back in 45 seconds. end game segment and the uneasy relationship that is developing between the trump administration between the trump administration and old media, - it only takes one genius to change a light bulb--you! led bulbs use 85% less energy and last a long time, saving you up to $100 over each bulb's lifetime.
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3:56 am
back now with end game. perhaps the biggest story of the week in the transition were these awkward meetings. i was at one. i'm abiding by the the agreement. it was off the record with president-elect trump. have i done off the records with president obama and president bush. that's what we did. had a semi-off the record with the "new york times." you weren't in the meetings. you get to speak freely on this.
3:57 am
>> i do think the first where you were going to have a detente. donald trump has a complicated relationship with the media. he loves the media. he loves "the new york times." he loves watching cable tv news. he loved doing the interview ez he did. you were a former white house correspondent. helene, you as well. being a white house institution. it's a different job than being a congressional reporter. it's different than being a political reporter. when you get in the oval office, you are at the podium, it's a different ball game. and a tougher game. >> do you feel like you can share? >> the meeting at the times was definitely a different donald trump than you have seen if you just looked at his twitter feed talking about the "new york times."
3:58 am
times" was a jewel, a great institution, this is the guy who that morning tweeted about the failing "new york times" and had misrepresented why he canceled the meeting to begin with. there is a dr. jekyll and mr. hyde quality to president-elect trump. i worry that somebody who is as thin skinned as he is, who is as quick to react to any kind of criticism -- he is going to get a ton of it wh that's the entire reason the fourth estate exists. >> danielle, you are an outsider as far as observing this. you care about the substance of an administration. the rules of engagement between an administration and the press matters, too. how do you view this? >> as the only non-reporter at the table, although i used to be one many years ago, the thing
3:59 am
you all, you have become conscious about your reporting. you think about yourselves. you think about your institution. you are not reporting. the view that the public has is that "the new york times" isn't objective, that nbc isn't objective, the twitter feed, chuck is this, this and this. this is the problem. we're doubling down. you have a president who many people believe was made by the likes of cnn. he got more air time than anybody else. how do you square this and go back to the proper relationship? i don't know the answer to read. >> anyway, we're not going to solve it here. you were a terrific panel. thank you very much. that's all we have for today. we hope you continue to enjoy -- i think today should be turkey chili day. it's time for the chili. we will be back next week because it's if sunday, it's
4:00 am
? donald trump begins a week with a twitter storm of comments over three state recounts and claims that millions voted illegally but no evidence. the death of fidel castro sets in. what's next for the regular flights to havana today. police search for two shooters. >> this is the act of brazen cowards who took these actions into their hands and these are their choices and we have to make the choice to hold them accountable. today is cyber monday but deep discounts have already led to black friday receipts.


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