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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  November 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:59pm EST

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warehouse say an employee was upset, fired at the store this morning. tracee wilkins is there tonight. >> what are people telling you about this? >> reporter: the employees talked to me off camera about what happened. they say that they want the shooter in custody. many at this shoppers food warehouse unfolded here just hours ago. >> i'm shocked. >> reporter: police say just after 5:00 this morning, someone decided to shoot up the outside of the grocery store. employees inside the store tell me it was their co-worker who had had an argument with another employee and decided to settle it by shooting in to the store. >> i've lived here over 30 some years and i've been at shoppers quite a bit and never. >> reporter: there is video of
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not released a suspect description. >> this is a very active investigation. >> reporter: no one was injured in that shooting. there were no shoppers inside at the time. just employees. the store opened on time for business, but cardboard covering up the blown out window. and there is now increased police presence at the store. >> i saw the policeman when i first came up, but it's happening everywheno so what can you say. >> reporter: again a suspect is not in custody, but they say they don't need to put out a picture, they believe that they are close it making an arrest. tracee wilkins, reporting live. >> and we continue to follow the developments out of ohio where a community is on edge after that attack on the campus of ohio
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sorry. so, yeah, it's scary. really scary. >> police say this began when a man plowed his car into a group of peds peds and then got out and began stabbing people with a butcher knife. chris lawrence has more information. >> yeah, the suspect is abdul razak ali artan and he was a student at ohio e this whole or deal lasted less than two minutes, and while there is still no motive, investigators say campus security cameras show artan was alone during these attacks. they also stress that this is it still an ongoing investigation and they are working to see if there may have been anyone else involved. we know artan was born in somalia, but he was a permanent resident of the united states and at a news conference, the school president and police chief broke down the time line
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>> the original victims were struck by the car at approximately 9:52. the officer encountered the individual by 9:53 and the subject was neutralized by 9:5 about 3. >> it all happened so quickly, the campus alert went out minutes after the attack had ended. the nine people who were hurt in the stabbing are all expected to recover. we'll have a lot more on this story as it unfolds 4. i'm chris lawrence. and take a look at what we have out there today as far as the rain is concerned. the rain is moving in and it will be here by early tomorrow morning. so it may affect the early morning rush. it won't affect you tonight. take a look at the radar. nothing as far as the radar as far as rain. you can start to see back to the west a little bit back towards west virginia. not hitting the ground yet, but
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come. we've seen the clouds just about all day. here is the rain down to the south and west and these are strong storms. even some tornado warnings and watchings in the southeast. they will get a ton of rain the next couple of days and that rain is moving our way. but we may not get nearly as much. we'll talk about the rain plus a brand new advisory that was just issued this about ten minutes. a busy week for donald trump's transition team. the president-elect and vice president elect spent trump tower in new york meeting with potential cabinet and staff picks. >> a busy week. buckle up. >> and among the many meetings today, trump sat down with david petraeus. he will meet with mitt romney and senator bob corker tomorrow. the three men are all contenders to become the president-elect's nominee for secretary of state. milwaukee county sheriff deputy david clark also met with mr.
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department of homeland security. clark who runs as a democrat was a high proceed file surrogate for trump during the campaign. tonight the head of virginia's election commission is reacting to donald trump's voter fraud accusations. president-elect tweeted that serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california. so why isn't the media reporting on this? serious bias, big problem. end quote. trump's transition te offered any proof of those claims. today the virginia commissioner of elections released a statement saying in part virginia's election was well administered by our 133 professional local registrars with help from hundreds of election officials and volunteers who worked deliver a good experience. the election was fair and all votes cast by eligible voters were accurately counted. a time table has been set
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pft recount will begin thursday once payment is received tomorrow. it must be complete by december 13th. the election commission rejected a request by jill stein to count the votes by hand. >> i fully expect given the history of how elections are conducted in wisconsin and their accuracy and my trust in my votes that the outcome will not be different. >> each of wisconsin's 72 counties will be able to decide whether to count the votes by hand or machine. metro says it needs more time to fix the system even after the safetrack repair project ends. it's put together a proposal to cut eight hours of operating time each week in an effort to get more maintenance done. under this latest plan, metro's
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friday and saturday nights and 11:00 p.m. on sundays. our transportation reporter adam tuss broke the story on twitter and is tracking the response tonight at the west falls church station. >> reporter: as you can imagine, a lot of metro riders not happy with this proposal, especially those riders who only have metro as their way to get around. metro however says the cuts are necessary. slashing hours off the schedule. >> we should have better system. >> reporter: it has rider worried about how they will get around. >> i have to work until midnight, so i'll have to find a different way to get home at night. >> reporter: again, take a look at the reduction of hours that metro wants to make here. monday through thursday closing at 11:30 at night, friday and saturday nights, closing at 1:00 a.m. and sunday, opening at 8:00 a.m. and closing at 11:00 p.m. this is all being proposed as a way to give maintenance teams
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social media buzzing with talk of this plan. t.j.'s tweeting go live in a major metropolitan city, correct? you wouldn't know it, but ferguson saying this is reasonable. but for lied hers like julia who work late at night and only has metro, these cuts could change her lifestyle. >> i'm thinking about getting a car, so has to make a way. >> reporter: paul wiedefeld say a lot of riders agree with his plan to make the system whole again. >> they understand these are the type of things that needed to be done for years and we're paying the price right now, but i think they still believe it. >> reporter: we should say metro is putting together a supplemental bus plan that would help with some of the rail service cuts. and ahead next hour at 6:00,
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the mayor, she is not happy one bit. back to you. >> bet she's not. thank you. new details tonight were released about the grand opening of the mgm national harbor. the new casino and resort will open december 8 at 11:00 p.m. mgm says the parking garage will open at 10:30 that night. if you're thinking about going, you're being asked to use public transportation or ride sharing services. big celebration is planned for i restore and preserve the first mile of the c&o canal. when the work is done, the national park service hopes to bring back the be testimony loved mule-pulled boat rights. lock three will be rebuilt, lock four repaired during this phase. it dozens of families have been given six months to move because of sewage problems at their mobile home park. we first brought you that story
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those neighbors. >> reporter: police need your help with this one. recognize this shirt? or these pair of shoes? it could be linked to a case of murder. the story coming up. an unexpected encounter for a p man on his way to his girlfriend's house.
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cubans are paying their respects to fairfax county today. tens of thousands lined up in the plaza of the revolution. so they could walk through a monument featuring posters of castro surrounded by flowers. andrea mitchell reports from havana. >> reporter: preparations for ceremonies today where fidel his remains are carried through the provinces, more than 500 miles to their final resting place sunday in a mausoleum built for this day. at the university of havana, students held their own memorial. >> he was a good man. he always fought for rights of cuban people. >> reporter: across the city a dramatically different point of view. human rights protesters known as the ladies in white saying state
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so will things change under raul now that fidel has gone? or is everything the same? >> she says nothing will change. the dictator raul castro will continue his war. fidel castro's passing was noted in different ways. but by president obama and president-elect trump. obama praising history will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular figure on the people and world around him. trump blasting castro as a brutal dictator with a legacy of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights. for decades congress has refused to lift the trade embargo against cuba, so president
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president-elect trump can reverse all of that once he takes office. he is sending mixed signals to his aides as to how much he wants on roll back. back to you. >> david culver is on his way cuba right now. and will be\on roll back. back to you. >> david culver is on his way cuba right now. and will beon roll back. back to you. >> david culver is on his way cuba right now. and will be reporting arrive in the coming days. details on a new proposal that would provide up to 11 weeks of paid leave to d.c. workers. d.c. council chairman phil mendelson is behind it. the new plan would provide up to 11 weeks off for new parents, workers who need time to care for family member could get up to eight week off. and mendelson says his fellow council members already have the highlights that he planned to tell muriel bowser about this afternoon. bowser and mendelson have argued publicly about the proposal in the past.
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benefits kick in. back to you. two weeks ago a group of hikers made a startling discovery, a body found in a remote area of gaithersburg. today police announced they're investigating this as a murder. pat collins live tonight in gaithersburg where investigators hope two pieces of clothing will bring some answers. pat. >> reporter: the challenge for the cops, identify the mystery man and then figure out how he this long sleeve red dress shirt and this pair of black sneakers, so far the only real clues in this mysterious death in montgomery county. we'll get back to them in a moment. such an idyllic place for such a startling discovery. great seneca park off game
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of a young man in a shallow grave here. it appears that the body may is been here weeks, perhaps months. police suspect foul play. they're investigating this as a case of murder. but they have little to go on. no name, no address, just two pieces of clothing. >> released to the media and public. as well as shoes he was wearing. he was wearing size 8. the victim is described as a hispanic male in his late teens to early 20s and approximately 5'6". coming up, we'll talk to two sisters and we'll talk about how they stay safe. see you at 6:00.
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are victims tonight in a deadly accident in prince william county. police tell us daniel valesco slammed in to the back of a delivery truck stopped at lee highway at heath coat boulevard. his 2-year-old son was in the back son. the driver of the truck was not injured. traffic fatalities have more than doubled in prince william county this year over last. new today, two people are behind bars in two separate murders police found a plan and woman suffering from gunshot wounds, the man died. police arrested a suspect in that case today. yesterday police responded to a shooting on howard road in southeast. found a man unconscious and unresponsive. the suspect also arrested today. >> we know divorce can be hard on children. now experts say you should
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according to the american academy of pediatrics, divorce is not an event, it's a process for children. so a child's response will advance in stages according to their developmental stage. they say help the children maintain positive neutral relationships with both parents. time it running out if you're still trying to get those big cyber >> susan hogan has some favorite apps to help save you money. >> and after three weeks and 4,000 miles, the u.s. capitol
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another sign the holidays are here. check it out, the capitol christmas tree arrived after a spruce from idaho. it was lifted off the flat bed truck and put in place on the west lawn. over the next few days, they will decorate it with thousands of lights and ornaments made by children in idaho. the lighting ceremony is tuesday december 6. and all our trees from here are
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doug. >> it's cool out there right now, but around where they should be. average high, 53. but the rain is coming and we need it. no rain tonight as far as that is concerned, if you're heading out this evening, 50 degrees currently. temperatures dropping a little bit. maybe down to 48, 47. and then right back up by early tomorrow morning. and that's when the rain begins overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. 43 right now in c front royal, 46 manassas. so again, it's cool, but where it should be right around this time of year. something that is not where it should be, the rainfall. we're well below average. 6.2 inches below average since september 1. you can see moderate draft in the tan areas, that includes d.c. to fredericksburg and up towards hagerstown. so we really need rain as we are in the moderate drought conditions. nothing right now around our region, but take a look at the
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storm. and right now you have snow toward the dakotas, you have tornado warnings in iowa and down toward louisiana. tremendous amounts of rain down toward the south. and this area really needs it. but notice how far away the area of low pressure is from the main area of rain. it will move in and move away from that system and that means that we have less rain now in the forecast than we did just a couple days ago takes d showers from this. now take a rook, 7:00 a.m., here are the showers around the area. make sure you give yourself extra time. could be some wet roadways. by 1:00, still some showers, heaviest rain up to the north and west. winchester, frederick, around the martinsburg area, still seeing some rain around 6:00, but it's over for most of us. you will need the umbrella at times and then again on wednesday. here we are 7:00 wednesday morning, it looks like everybody will get some, but by noon, it
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and behind the warm front, that's when temperatures start to really go up and even though we have cloud cover, i'm still expecting temperatures near 70 on wednesday. how much rainfall? well, not a lot in the d.c. metro area. anywhere here in the green that is under half an inch of rain, but to the north, martinsburg, frederick, over 2 inches. very beneficial rainfall. but to the south around the i-95 corridor, a quarter to possibly a half an inch at most. so that and a new advisory just issued, this is a wind advisory until 1:00 for areas back toward the west especially above 2,000 feet in the mountains. that's when we could see winds upwards of 55 miles per hour and even around our region, it will be a rather windy day. temperatures tomorrow around 65. periods of rain and wind. 70 on wednesday. a high temperature of 70 wednesday, but only 56 on thursday. and right now, thursday, friday, saturday looking pretty good. much cooler as we head toward
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rain at 45? that is a chilly rain for sure. much more on that coming up. redskins long weekend is back over. and coming up why the team is treating this like a playoff week. >> reporter: and i'm in southeast washington. a man fell down this steep embankment, ended up here in the water. coming up, meet the young man who helped save his life. >> and i'm julie carey in manassas where residents of this trail are park who face eviction at the end of february are now fighting back organizing, getting community support.
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neighbors in manassas who face evictions in three months. we told you the plight of those living in the east end mobile home park. they have been forced to leave because of sewage problems, bad ones. the owner can't afford to repair. now church and community leaders have joined their side to push for more time. julie kerry is live at city hall where tonight's meeting will take place. >> reporter: the east end trailer park only about a mile
5:30 pm
ticking for residents who are stunned in august to learn they would have to be out by february. now, the city of manassas is buying the property and that is why those residents are coming here tonight to push for more time. residents trying to celebrate in spite of the grim situation they face. this was the scene in late august, it is belief and tears as melissa watson and others by february 28th. the city is buying the park after years of wrangling with the property owner over a damaged private sewer system that feeds in to the city sewer. now though residents are fighting back forming the save our homes alliance. they will be wearing these t-shirts to tonight's council meeting. >> we've always been a community, but now we're a tight knit community of friends and we come together. >> reporter: residents also getting help from long time
5:31 pm
and several local priests. their immediate goal, to change the eviction date from february to august. >> that is in the dead of winter that they would put these 50 plus families out on the streets. and so we're asking them to to a six month extension to allow the community to try to find alternative buyers. >> reporter: watson plans to underscore that demand, reminding counsel that uprooting children in the middle of the school year is unwise.
5:32 pm
property yet, that eviction date is not their call. when i join you at 6:00, you'll meet a woman who is spending a lot of time at the trailer park even though she doesn't live there. a young man from d.c. credited with saving another man's life who had tumbled down an imbankment near a bridge at south capitol street and southern avenue. the man who came to his rescue just happened to be walking >> reporter: a man somehow fell down this steep embankment and ended up in the water. a young man who happened to be walking by took action to save his life. >> got right here. >> reporter: malcolm hicks shows us how he climbed down and found the victim in the trash filled creek. >> first thing, i got to help this man. >> reporter: hicks and another person laid on the concrete and
5:33 pm
pull hill up. he was heavy. he was heavy. >> reporter: and then they performed cpr just like he had seen in the movies. he says the victim spit out water and opened his eyes. >> i was like he's alive! >> reporter: his girlfriend heard much of the rescue, she was listening on the other end of the phone. >> i think he's a hero. he's a here should get props for stuff like that. >> reporter: fire representative spoke to hicks about joining the fire department. the man is being treated for his injuries and hypothermia. >> certainly anybody who comes to assistance of a fellow citizen, we do appreciate that. my only word of caution is dom put yourself in danger. >> that's just the type of of person that i am. if i see somebody that needs
5:34 pm
what he would hope anyone would to in a similar situation. he says that the man was able to thank him before he was taken away in the ambulance. in southeast, darcy spencer, news 4. maryland's medical marijuana commission is hiring a diversity consultant. the move is after a complaint of minority owned businesses. the consultant will look at the feasibility practices. a total of 109 dispensaries will be allowed to open in the state. final licenses are expected to be awarded next summer. well, after that long weekend to think about the disappointment down in dallas, redskins are getting back to work about that. >> carol maloney telling us why they're more motivated than ever. >> reporter: hey, yeah, i'm not saying you have them, but it's time to get rid of those mid season blahs. the redskins with a bonus monday
5:35 pm
the cardinals, forget what the calendar says, it is january football out here already. redskins in playoff mode. jordan reed on the practice field today, although he did not participate. he is listed as day to day. he says his shoulder is only at 30% strength and mobility after the shoulder separation. he caught two touchdown passes after the injury. says it's just a matter of playing through the pain. nobody sugarcoating what is at stake this week and beyond. it's now must win, five must win games remaining. >> you have to. got to get it done. i'm not going to down play like one game at a time. no, win out and you get in, period. lose one, you might be put in the position that you can't make it in the playoffs.
5:36 pm
division title, but the next goal is get in the playoffs. so these next five weeks by all means it's must win. >> offense is getting a lot better. looking ahead, we're 2-1 in this third quarter and one week at a time and we know we will get arizona's best, but we're pretty much in playoff mode right now. >> reporter: so the five games remaining, three on the road including this weekend in arizona. cooley on why the kirk cousins contract talk has to end. carol maloney, back to you. dirt bike riders made a scene at a press conference by the d.c. mayor. >> a lot of noise. and now there are more calls for a crackdown. still ahead, the steps one council member is taking to get these riders off our streets. >> reporter: a student here at howard university has been named a road scholar.
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5:40 pm
and antacids through sweet potatoes. zookeepers are holding off on reintroducing bamboo to the cub. and in prince george's county, years of waiting have finally paid off. the new laurel library opened today after three years of planning and construction. the state-of-the-art building is on 7th street. amy cho was there for the grand opening. >> reporter: a long time coming, that's how laurel library describe the grand opening. but they also agreed the wait was worth it. >> it's amazing. we've been watching the construction for months and months and looking at the plans online and that sort of thing. so to see it finally open is just wonderful. >> reporter: the new library is over 30,000 square feet of books, technology and even toy dinosaur bones. >> oh, my goodness.
5:41 pm
it's so beautiful. >> reporter: a big part of the library, catering to kids. >> we wanted to make a destination, so it's full of books because studies still show that children need to learn with physical books before they learn to read. >> i'm excited because they have reading program for little kids. so that i can come here and read to her and there is a whole program involved with that. >> reporter: visitors today wasted no time chec building and the books inside it. >> i get five books at a time when i go to the library. >> reporter: the new library has over 50,000 items, enough for you to choose a different book, dvd or magazine every day for the next 100 years and still have more to choose from. a local author came to see one book in particular, his own. >> to come here and shelf book like i used to, but this is reshelving my book for a change.
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wait is finally over. amy cho, news 4. it's cyber monday and it's not too late to get a big deal. >> susan hogan will have some of the best apps and websites to help you save. and renewed talk of cracking
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here's what you've missed. >> reporter: police are still looking for the gunman who shot up the shoppers food warehouse. this window was blown out when
5:45 pm
happened after two employees got into a fight. and they say that one of them came out here and shot up this store. the good news is no one was injured. police are still looking for the gunman. push back to a proposal by metro. it calls for slashing hours to fix the system even after the safetrack repairs end. and we heard from a man in southeast d.c. who rushed to action to save another man from drowning. >> just the type of person i a help, i'll help them out if i can. >> reporter: and david culver coming to from you miami international airport. we are backed and ready to head out on the flight tomorrow morning to havana, cuba. we're learning for the death of fd castro. we plan to be there as soon as
5:46 pm
be gathering for some of the tributes to fidel castro. we anticipate also protests. we will bring you that coverage. everything with cuba can be unpredictable. we've learned that in our past travels. our plan as of now to bring you live reports starting tomorrow night right here on news 4. they interrupted the mayor during a news conference. now there is more talk of atvs in the district. some leaders are backing tougher penalties for those drivers. tom sherwood is live in southwest with a look at the bill and why some call the bikes dangerous. >> reporter: mayor bowser was holding a serious news conference right here last night at a police station. the dirt bikes and loud atvs
5:47 pm
noisy and illegal, atvs and dirt bikes a real nuance on suburban streets and racing through neighborhoods. sunday night the atvs even interrupted mayor muriel bowser. she held a news conference in southwest about recent murders and shootings. >>'s of about 75 making their way around the city. ap-i think probably lousy timing for the press conference. >> reporter: ward 6 council member, one of several elected leaders backing tougher penalties for any drivers of the illegal machines. >> these are dangerous vehicles and they're being used dangerously. >> reporter: as we talked, interim police chief peter newsome returned news 4's call saying enforcement has stepped up. >> since january, we've
5:48 pm
we've made 36 arrests. >> reporter: city leaders mostly agree with police policy not chase the vehicles. >> now imagine 75 high speed chases through neighborhoods. that is dangerous. so we don't do that because we would put more people at risk if he we do it that way. >> reporter: now, the police say they may not chase these back to you. cyber monday is still under way and susan hogan is here with the best ways to get the most savings. >> i'm all about saving money and i'm also about finding every promotional code and coupon out there. here are four great sites i
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see on social media. just go directly to the sites if you can. >> ssusan, thank you. d.c. is known for its restaurant and toond some of the best of the best will get together for a cocktail party. they're being honored at winners of the eater d.c. awards. this year there was a reader's choice and editor's choice. whaley's won reader's choice for restaurant of the rear. editors choice went to see the top pick for chef, bar of the year and more, go to nbc washington's app and search eater awards. big night for them. lauryn joining us for you. will people need umbrellas tonight. >> not tonight, but definitely want to have that handy for tomorrow because we will get much needed rain. finally going to see some rain. and the thing is, maybe a light rain jacket because temperatures will warm up quite a bit. in fact temperatures will be right around 70 degrees by wednesday. so big warm-up and then a big
5:51 pm
but tonight, we're dry. overnight is when the rain moves in to our region and then we'll see widely scattered showers on tuesday. as i said, we're warm with some of the rain on wednesday. and then we start to dry out as we get towards the end of this workweek. temperatures right now 50, right around the 50 degree mark. we have pretty much been there throughout the afternoon. might stay right around this temperature as we continue into the overnight. i don't think we will drop too much further. mostly overnight lows will be in we'll have the clouds move in and we'll have the rain move in. now, nothing on the radar right now. this in the central shenandoah valley, not even hitting the ground. but look at this, we have gotten a lot of rain coming through the mid western parts of the united states. and this is just slowly moving to the east. as i said, we'll start to see this rain moving in here after midnight, but it's really going to break up by the time we get
5:52 pm
need the light rain jacket. definitely an umbrella, but leave the gloves and hat at home. temperatures tomorrow mid-60s despite the rain and cloud cover. once the rain tapers off to more widely scattered showers in the afternoon, i do believe always fog will settle in, so you make rour way home from work, there could be some dense fog spots out there. so 4:00 a.m., we're seeing a few light showers out there. if you're an early riser, you will see a few light showers. and then we get to tuesday morning, againu showers here and there. the heaviest rain and the moths rain i think we will see will be north and west of town pretty much from winchester up to mason dixon line. those areas could see a little over an inch for the next few days, but i think we will be under an inch. we will get a little break on tuesday. so one coming tonight through tomorrow and then we'll get a break tuesday night into wednesday morning and then another round of rain coming wednesday morning through about
5:53 pm
evening. outdoor planner tonight, no worries because showers tomorrow morning, fog tomorrow night. and then by wednesday morning, rain will be on the way. not nly do we have rain, we have breezy conditions. pretty windy by tuesday and we stay windy wednesday but with the southerly wind, that means the temperatures will go up. so if you're planning for this workweek, deck races, wait until the end of the week. tree shopping on saturday chbd you may have to delay some of the tree lighting ceremonies until thursday or friday. but saturday looking good. of course a little cooler. then by sunday, we have the rain moving back into the area. but thursday and friday, not bad. saturday not bad, temperatures around 50. and then rain possibly a lot of it, keep our fingers crossed, sunday into monday, also on tuesday. and of course doug will really go over your commute time for tomorrow because this rain is a little tricky. and just a little bit of rain can mess up the commute. so he will talk about the
5:54 pm
wednesday coming up at 6:00. a life changing opportunity for a howard university student. he's now a rhodes scholar. and we'll meet the young man. and all new, students are struggling to pay tuition, but the iteam uncovered a local college president shing in on
5:55 pm
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a student at howard university was just named a rhodes scholar. kristin wright talked to cameron clark about his big plans for the future. >> reporter: there is big news on the campus of howard university. >> it's great to be around like to besurrounded by people who have such great goals. >> reporter: senior cameron
5:58 pm
students are excellent. >> reporter: cameron's family in richmond is proud. his dad found out his son is a rhodes scholar on his birthday. a gift that will keep on giving. >> changes a lot of my plans for the future. definitely. >> reporter: a future shining even brighter. at howard university, kristin wright, news 4. >> a total of seven students in
5:59 pm
for 2017. now at 6:00, exactly why at the do it? a student plowed a car into a crowd at ohio state university and then got out and started stabbing people with a butcher knife. >> it was really scary. we barricaded ourselves in our room like we were taught. turned off our lights. >> reporter: tonight a closer look at the suspect's past. >> this was done on purpose. to go pedestrians, that was on purpose. >> reporter: his cryptic post on facebook. and the dramatic takedown by a campus police officer. investigators are trying to figure out whether the attack was act of terrorism. >> the suspect was an 18-year-old so he mali refugee. he studied at ohio state.
6:00 pm
rant on social media before the attack and police say it may have been planned in advance. nine people are injured, one critically. the attacker, killed by police. chris pollone has the latest. >> reporter: mid-morning calm into chaos at one of the nation's largest college campuses, ohio state university. >> i was going class and people were running and was nervous. >> reporter: it was originally but a fire alarm caused a crowd to gather outside and that's when the man plowed into them. police say the man got out of the carry r car and attacked bystanders with a butcher knife. >> we heard the chaos, shots, scream, shots. >> reporter: an officer shot and killed him. >> he engaged the suspect and he eliminated the threat. >> reporter: law enforcement sources tell nbc news that the tacker was an 18-year-old somali


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