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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  November 30, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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breaking news out of prince george's county, a man found dead in hyattsville. and this confirm a prince george's county councilmember has been arrested and charged with a dui. and we are watching for more rain headed our way as we head into the afternoon, coming up. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist.
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morning commute but more rain is on the way as lauryn ricketts will have more on that in a moment. >> first, what the same storm system did to our south. it produced storms in alabama leaving three people dead. there was damage at the alabama and tennessee border. >> reporter: a flash flood warning is still in effect in several counties in tennessee. a tornado ripped t right now we're in a community that is at a standstill. power is out everywhere in benton, tennessee, where this store got hit hard. power lines were dripped down, debris blocking several roads and shutting down some major highways. we spoke with the benton police and he said most of the damage
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a shelter is opened for those displaced from the tornado at the local high school. the national weather service says they expect it to last until early afternoon. back to you. >> we are definitely seeing rain out there right now. we are in a weather alert mode, mainly for this afternoon. i don't think we're going to see much right now. b rain is headed our way. that's the stuff coming up from alabama. you can see all of this rain and this is all ahead of that frontal system. we had a first little wave that went by earlier today. that brought us a few showers which we're seeing out there right now. this rain will eventually move into our area. most likely after about 3:00 p.m. we still have a few showers left over from what we saw earlier today. again, you can see most of that moving to the north and east. we're starting to see a little
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into the north. but our second round is coming and we're going to have rain into the late evening. we'll be talking about that, timing it all out and talking about the warm temperatures coming up. >> thank you, lauryn. we're following two breaking news stories out of prince george's county right now. first, maryland state police say that a councilmember was charged with a dui after a crash. tracee wilkins learned that the crash tracee is gathering information. follow her on twitter for an update. in hyattsville, a man was found dead and police are calling this a homicide. erica -- erika gonzalez is live there. >> reporter: there is a fire truck down there at five or six
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this happened just before 7:00 this morning. police tell us that they got a call from a concerned neighbor that a man was lying in the middle of the roadway. by the time investigators got here, they were calling this a homicide investigation. the little information that we can tell you that we have from police is that this is concerning and there is trauma to his upper body. a motive for this, a suspect in upon. let me show you the intersection of where we are at right now. back here live on the scene, edmondston street, there is a small clip of a video of a small blue sports car being pulled from the scene. a neighbor i spoke with a few moments ago lives five or six
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4:00 this morning. at that time, there was nothing in the roadway, nothing that he could see they got the call at 6:45 this morning. they are ruling it as a homicide investigation and more details coming to light this afternoon. we'll be keeping a close eye on this story. live in gonzalez, back to you. we're also finding out if this man will be charged with murder of a teen. saeve evans was named as a person of interest in the killing of a girl. he was firing a gun at the same time that she was killed. demanding answers after a
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you a picture of the boy. his parents say that their son has mouth and facial injuries that will need surgery. they say the city springs elementary student was against a wall as the assistant teacher was escorting him to the office for disciplinary reasons. the school system is cooperating with the police investigation. and an autopsy is said to get under way for the man shot and killed outside a manassas grocery store. the victim was found outside the food line around 7:30 last night. he was rushed to the hospital and later died. police released his identity or will release his identity after talking to family, they say. investigators have not given any suspect description. we are waiting to get the results of a major vote for house democrats. at this point, they are voting right now for several leadership positions, including democratic
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against tim ryan. pelosi is expected to retain her position, though. john crowley will be caucus chairman. in a series of tweets before 7:00 a.m., donald trump says documents are being crafted to take him completely out of the business operations to fully focus on the country. this is after been elected as labor secretary. >> reporter: president-elect trump will hold a business conference on december 15th. the presidency is a far more important task, he tweeted this morning. >> the american people are seeing the leadership and the
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been offered cabinet positions. >> can you, gentlemen, confirm that this has happened? >> we can indeed. >> reporter: goldman sachs alum and campaign finance chair steve mnuchin as treasurer secretary and wilbur ross as commerce secretary. >> i didn't think i'd ever have a boss again. >> reporter: still up in the air, secretary of state. >> my sense is he's narrowed it dow a people. >> reporter: including mitt romney. he had dinner with trump last night. >> the people he selected as members of his cabinet are solid, effective people. >> reporter: candidates anded a virss are swarming trump tower. >> we talked about secretary of labor and something to be considered. >> reporter: vice president-elect pence says they
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trumped cabinet. he's hitting to ohio to kick off his thank you tour tomorrow. tracie potts, news4. organizers of the women's march on washington say more than 120,000 people plan to march from the lincoln memorial to the white house, that the group is being forced to change plans because the national parks service says they applied too late for or put in a request for a permit for lincoln memorial prior to us. we knew that going in. >> now she says a new plan has been worked out but the details are not yet being released. right now in colombia, investigators have the black boxes. what investigators are now saying about bad weather and a possible electrical problem.
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who had a gut feeling something was wrong. turns out, she had stage 3 breast cancer. why doctors say tests did
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?? ?? fidel castro is now on a long trip to his final resting
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47 years is in a coffin traveling across the country leaving havana today and the four-day trip ends in santiago on sunday. david culver is following all of the events there. you can follow me on twitter or watch for his live reports right here on news4. few day in colombia, investigators hope to learn new information from the black boxes found at the site of a deadly plane crash. monday night, t brazilian soccer team crashed in the mountains. 71 people died. 6 survived. the team was headed to a championship playoff game. yesterday, soccer teams from around the world held moments of silence before the games. soccer great pele said brazilian soccer is in mourning. >> translator: everybody has placed their confidence in god
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chapecoense will have to go on. >> a surviving flight attendant told investigators that the plane ran out of fuel. those who were attacked on ohio campus are hospital and recovering. abdul razak was killed at the scene. on monday, a federal judge will sentence the ohio man who plooted an attack on the u.s. capitol in 2015. christopher lee cornell's attorneys are asking for a lighter sentence.
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22-year-old can be saved. into today, wsse is keeping a close eye on water samples. the epa is taking over the investigation into a slick of something. specifically, the agency is trying to find out where it is coming from. investigators don't know if that substance is actually oil or what caused it quite yet. a self-driving truck is hitting the road in central ohio to. travel a 35-mile stretch of u.s. route 33 but a driver will be in the car just in case. technologies can be safely tested in real-time traffic. next year, a fiber optic cable network and sensors will be installed along that road. in news4 your health, detecting breast cancer may be harder than one thought. one in six breast cancer
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lumps. kristen dahlgren has the sim poms you should be looking out for. >> reporter: is it a miracle that you are here? >> i would just describe it as a thickening and that's what caught my attention initially. >> reporter: so she had a routine screening mammogram. >> it was negative. >> reporter: couldn't ignore the changes to the shape of her breast so she got another opinion from dr. deborah rhodes as the mayo clinic. >> this corresponds to the area of her tumor. >> reporter: more imaging showed stage 3 breast cancer beneath
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one in six patients have symptoms other than a lump. >> it is profoundly to be aware of your breasts. >> reporter: in other words, know your own body. remember the word n.a.p.s., which stands for changes to the nipple, armpit, any pain or changes to the skin. >> it's going to be more subtle to someone who doesn't know you as well as you know years cancer-free, loving every second with her granddaughter and all of those milestones she might have missed if she had missed the subtle signs of her breast cancer. kristen dahlgren, rochester, minnesota. this is choose women wednesday. the idea is to support women in business when you use to buy something, a portion of
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entrepreneurs around the world. more than 70 companies are now taking part. pretty cool. >> great idea. >> yeah. what's next for first lady michelle obama? the new interview with president obama that gives us a little bit of insight. and a fire in annapolis that killed an entire family and
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she lost her brother, his wife and four young grandchildren in a devastating fire. the mansion in annapolis was leveled. the christmas tree fueled those flames. the homeowner's sister is urging people to protect themselves during the holidays. >> i'll always remember that phone call. my brother's house is on fire. at first i thought they had escaped. it didn't occur to me. they wouav grandchildren lives. >> she's working with common voices to encourage people to get sprinklers and discuss several tips for a christmas tree, including watering your tree every day, unplug lights and other items at night and get rid of your tree as soon as the holiday is over. right now, wildfires are burning in tennessee and they are coming dangerously close to
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these new photos show the fire right near a theme park. it didn't burn but the resort town of gatlinburg could be gone. three people died in the fires. >> people have been inquiring about the amount of damage done there. the fire chief said that their focus is to get the flames out. they will figure out the dollars and cents part of the damage later. >> sure. absoly. there. looking outside here right now, it's looking better. the morning commute was nastier because of all of the rain and fog. >> it looks like we're dealing with quite a bit of cloud cover as we expected to be the case as we were hearing from our team of meteorologists going into this day and obviously now you can see that at least in this picture, here in d.c., it looks as though the rain has stopped or paused might be a more accurate way to describe it.
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i'll take that any day. that's good lighting for the pictures. >> yeah. a little bit of fog is lifting up. once the rain moved in, the fog lifted out. a gloomy day out there. our second round of rain after about 3:00, that will continue into the late evening. so let's go ahead and talk about what is going on right now. more rain is moving in after about 3:00 or 4:00 afternoon. overnight, rain will be ending. not too late this evening but the beginning of the overnight and then by thursday, it's going to be breezy. so we've got sunshine back in the forecast. one gloomy day. current forecast, leesburg, 55. gaithersburg, 61. we're taking the temperatures to right around 70 degrees today. we had that rain roll through
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i'm sure melissa can tell you. if you're out on the roadways, you don't need anybody to tell you because we have the fog out there. now we're starting to see the fog lift out of here. that was the piece of energy that floated through. the rain is going to be confined north of winchester and then north of maryland. for the midday, i'm thinking it's going to stay along this line right here and north of that area. everybody else starts to dry out but not for too long because weather that we saw in the deep south. it's going to continue to move to the east and bring another bout of rain to our area. it will arrive just in time for the afternoon. again, just after about 3:00 or 4:00. we're making it into the upper 60s. definitely foggy and cloudy. can't rule out an isolated thunderstorm. we'll time it out. here we go. rain is moving in after about 3:00 and then we'll continue to see it through the evening
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after midnight or a little bit before. by thursday, we're breezy but get some of that sunshine back. tomorrow's forecast, temperatures are in the 50s. so quite cooler and we'll have a little bit of a windchill tomorrow. now, national tree lighting ceremony is tomorrow. we'll have that forecast. it's going to be brisk. our own cameras are headed out there. what to expect with that as well. >> thank you, lauryn. tonight, new york city is getting a bright christmas light. several stars and thous people will be there to see the christmas tree lighting at rockefeller center. neil diamond and tricia yearwood is performing there. tony bennett is performing there, too. you can catch that party live right here on nbc 4 which airs at 8:00 tonight. >> do you think we can make it there and back? >> probably not. >> i thought it might be a possibility, but maybe not.
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of charlotte, north carolina. an officer will not face charges for killing keith scott two months ago. scott was a threat and had a gun, says the police chief. this original shooting sparked days of protests. with today's ruling, that could be the case yet again. the prosecutor says that the officer acted lawfully. there's new technology out aimed at protecting you and keeping away attackers. >> what apps and devices you could get to help save your life. >> reporter: you're walking alone. no one else around. and that's when an attacker could strike. >> you hear about it all the time and i always wonder, could that be me? there's a lot of times where i could be defenseless. >> reporter: missa baker is a waitress who leaves work late at night, today, trying out new
11:30 am
there is a panic button at your fingertips. >> how does it work? >> it's wearable. it clips to my keys. if i feel in trouble, i hit the button and audio records and backtracks 60 seconds. >> it's recording audio in realtime? >> exactly. and it sends that to my friends with my exact gps location to let them know i'm in trouble or need help. >> reporter: that's pretty cool. we'll try it out. >> i'll give a description. i'm being followed by in denim and then hit the button. >> and that's it? >> and that's it. >> reporter: across town, her precise location pops up on the screen and the audio file, too. >> i'm being followed by a tall man in a dark jacket with denim. >> reporter: this goes even further, an app called be safe, recording video as soon as you trigger an alert.
11:31 am
two, one, and it starts recording you. >> reporter: if i were a real attacker, you'd follow me with the camera and this actually gets texted to her friend and actually calls one of your friends as well to let them know what is going on. this app has gps forwardness, too. but app three, maybe the most advanced, lifeline response, calls the police instantly. screen. if your thumb comes off, it sounds the alarm. we're going to test this in realtime. missa and i are standing at a parking lot. we should mention, the local police have no clue where we are right now and we're going to try this out. your thumb is on the button. take your thumb off the button and it counts you down. you have 18 seconds to type in your personal p.i.n. number that no one else knows.
11:32 am
>> this is lifeline response. we have received your emergency distress alert. i have notified the local police of the situation and transmitted your gps coordinates. >> reporter: wow. >> the police are currently on route to your location. >> reporter: within moments, lifeline response tracks her location and calls the cops and now we hear the sirens. they are com >> reporter: this is crazy. that took less than a minute. >> that was so fast. that's crazy. >> reporter: you guys knew exactly where to come? >> i love the app. 911 doesn't give you this. it gives you a radius. >> reporter: what do you make of this? >> if i was really in an emergency situation, this really could have saved my life. >> that was jeff rossen reporting. these devices and apps can run
11:33 am
month. before i get choked up, let me officially kick off our final white house holiday season. >> sounded like the first lady was sad that she was leaving the white house. many are speculating her future. her husband is telling the world what she will not be doing in an interview with "rolling stone," president obama said, quote, michelle will never run for office. the women of washington life of an nfl player, a football camp for women this weekend. the first female coach in the nfl will be a special guest at the camp and she's joining me with more on this camp and your career, which has been really interesting. this is a really cool thing. explain this camp this weekend. >> first of all, i want to thank the washington redskins, women of washington. they have been fantastic. this is an idea i came up with
11:34 am
felt like outsiders. what we're going to do is bring them to the inside. they are going to come in, get a playbook like any player would on a day, get an install. you would get a mini offense and a taste of the defense. we'll go through it, give you the lay of the land, take you out to the field, give you a dynamic warmup and they go through 11 stations and you'll get a chance to be the quarterback you always wanted to be but this time you're actual actually throwing the ball. explain why you picked here because this is interesting. you just told me women of washington has a huge, huge number of members. >> it is actually the biggest in the nfl. 124,000 strong. so you ladies love your football and it seems like the perfect market to kick this off in. >> that's good. we love our redskins, too. you spent the 2017 season with the arizona cardinals. how do the players relate to you and what was that like for you? >> yeah.
11:35 am
fantastic. we still have a great relationship to this day. we talk and text all the time, keep in contact. a lot of that goes to -- you know this. the head coach sets the tone and bruce arians is a leader in football and anyone around him knows when he's doing something, it means something. so we just had a lot of respect and the guys were great. they welcomed me in and they were very aware that it was history and they were excited to be a part of it. >> do you think you >> i think maybe how i approach some of the intern personal communications would be different. maybe not the job itself because the job is coaching football but how you relate to football players could be slightly different. my focus was interpersonal. it was very one on one.
11:36 am
coach jen never yells. i wouldn't. if there was a lot of yelling, maybe i could get more attention and say, next time, try this, see how it works. let's come back and do it again. >> that sounds good. i'm sure you're hoping to see a lot of other women in the nfl in this position you're in. >> absolutely. i think what most people don't realize is how many women are really great in the game of football. you know, i played in women league for 15 years and a lot of and love the game of football and with the right training could absolutely step up and hopefully i'll see them on the nfl sidelines and the goal is it create as new normal where it's no longer history to see any minority, whether it's a woman or anything that you're not used to seeing, where it is a new normal. sarah thomas, one of my friends
11:37 am
and they develop a pipeline for more women. >> quickly, do you think the redskins have a chance? they play their old team. >> i think they have a shot at the playoffs. i don't think they will take down the cardinals. they just revamped their old lines and their defenses, their outside linebackers, marcus golden and bringing it really hard off the edge, two leading sack leaders. >> i'm keeping my fingers cros thank you, jen welter. aaron some. >> we can keep our fingers crossed. thanks, ladies. up next, when the rain returns. lauryn is back with how much
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the winning ticket of powerball is worth $420.9 million and employees at north american stamping group have been participating in their office lottery pool for eight years. >> the third ticket there it was and i just started screaming. but i had to look again because i thought i'm in a dream. my husband had to look. i lke to start calling people. they wouldn't answer their phone. i'm like, get up, you know. >> after taxes, they are each going to get a little less than $13 million. >> i have the chills. >> and they all say that they plan to keep working. >> uh-huh. >> like for today. >> let me tell you what, i will send you a little check.
11:41 am
with this one. we do need the rain. >> there is a win. >> and we will get some sunshine tomorrow and into the weekend. there is a special christmas tree lighting. doug kammerer is headed out there. hopefully the fog will clean so you can see the christmas tree. the fogs region. visibilities are low in some spots. you can see it's streaming up from the south. here's this rain right here. and now most of this rain is going to stay through winchester and north of 70. as we head through midday, it's going to fill back in for everybody after 3:00. this is the rain we're looking at, north of baltimore, if you're around winchester, up through hagerstown, that's where
11:42 am
midday. it takes its way through the area and continuing through the late evening, temperatures 50s and 60s. visibility is rather low. you can see loudoun county, i showed you those pictures out of reston. visibility down to a mile and a half. boy, that fog has been thick across the region. 69 is where we top out. plenty of clouds around and a bit of a breeze as well. rain that moves in after 3:00. heavy rain and thunderstorms. east of i-95, everything will be out of here by midnight and we get clearing as we continue in through your thursday but not talking about much rain. maybe we pick up another quarter inch. the rain is heavier in winchester and to the north of baltimore. that's where you get more rain. christmas tree lighting forecast, temperatures in the 40s.
11:43 am
the forecast has changed for the weekend from last night. i'll have that in about ten minutes. whether it's the pressures of holiday shopping or the thought of spending time with your family, a psychiatrist
11:44 am
11:45 am
well, the holiday season has arrived which means spending time with family sounds enjoyable but it's not the case for everybody.
11:46 am
anxiety. dr. joshua weiner is here to discuss what people have to deal with this time of year and a lot of things can contribute to this kind of stress. are there any top items that you see? >> the one i hear most frequently in my practice is spending time with family. it's unfortunate, right? for a lot of people, being around family is a high-stress situation, particularly if relationship that they have, maybe somebody they try to avoid the rest of the year but -- and then it's somebody they have to be with over the christmas holiday. >> are there some people more prone to sort of deal with or not be able to deal with the holiday stress very well? >> a couple of people i think have a particularly tough time. there are those people who have social anxiety disorders. these are people who get really, really nervous in any type of
11:47 am
well, the holiday season is going to be tough for them because you're more spoegs in general during this time of year. those people tend to struggle. the other people are people who have lost a loved one in recent times. if it's any time where somebody has lost somebody in the last year and this is the first time going through christmas or new year's without the loved ones, those people will have a difficult time as well. >> i know you have some ideas, tips from people who have to deal with holiday stress, about how they can do that. f invite a friend to your family gathering. >> right. >> here's the reason. everybody tends to be on their best behavior when they are around people that they are not as comfortable with. right? so if you're around the family and everybody is comfortable, people are going to be more likely to act like jerks. if you invite that friend over and they can spend some time, maybe that person who would otherwise say something kind of rude is going to, you know, bite their tongue a little bit because they want to make sure
11:48 am
front of the person they don't know that well. and it's just a buffer. it's something new to introduce. >> you don't just show up with somebody. that adds to -- >> yes, always better to say, hey, i've got this buddy, this friend. look, friends have family, too. maybe you can invite them over or their families over for dessert or after dinner drinks or something like that. you're little bit with your family. >> the next tip you say is be willing to break with tradition. >> right. and this is simple. just because something has been done a certain way over the years, if it causes stress and anxiety, preparing this big meal for a lot of people, it doesn't mean that you have to do it the same way. go out to dinner, buy preprepared meals, have a potluck. there are ways to decrease your stress. >> i think that there are people
11:49 am
want dinner to be this way and cooked this well. don't allow yourself to fall into that trap. >> if you can. you can't help everybody. some people are going to be the way they are going to be. if somebody is willing to try to do something differently, this might be a way to decrease their stress. >> and one of the hardest things for a lot of people to do is to just say no? >> just say no. lots of people want different things from you. it's always good to be able to i can. if you really have a hard time saying no at the moment, say, let me think about it. the answer is going to be no but i'll let you know for sure. >> and then say no. >> at least that way a person has had time to think about it and not as hard for them. >> good advice. dr. weiner, thank you. >> my pleasure. the mgm national harbor finally opens.
11:50 am
shopping, the shoe collection and dress line up for sale, if that isn't enough to draw crowds, some of the big-name acts, well, they might. the casino has already booked stars like bruno mars and cher and will mean millions of dollars in extra revenue. head to the nbc washington app and search mgm national harbor. well, we are hearing directly from dolly her charity efforts here in washington. >> her imaginary library provides free books for those under 5. parton says this is a personal cause. >> when you are in a position to help, you should. you should choose a charity near and dear to your heart. my dad couldn't read and write but smart, smart man.
11:51 am
movie, "christmas is many colors" it tonight at 9:00 and if you want to find out the books from birth program, search dolly parton. it's no secret, a relationship between a child and a pet can often be special. but after the break, we'll show you how a foster child and his dog's relationship are
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we are just learning the results of democrats in the house of representatives. the current leader nancy pelosi fended off ohio congressman tim ryan with a vote of 134-63. ryan ran saying that the party needed a new voice in congress. new york congressman joe crowley has already been nancy pelosi maintaining that house democratic leadership position. well, two best friends are taking social media by a storm with their adorable pictures. >> they are turning that popularity into a good cause. harry smith explains their new mission to help kids who need a place to call home. >> reporter: as dogs go, reagan is a true ham.
11:55 am
>> reporter: always camera-ready. but he really shines when he's with his bestie, 3-year-old buddy. buddy, not his real name, is a foster child living in oregon. >> i started calling him reagan's little buddy because that's who he was. >> reporter: the dog belongs to the foster's grandparents. the boy and the dog are nothing but short of adorable. >> there was an instant bond. they just loved each other from day one. >> reporter: the face for his protection. yet the two have more than 100,000 instagram followers. and because of that, foster grandma, sandy, had an idea, a book. >> i felt like it's a story that needs to be told in addition to cute pictures. the good that they've been able to do for each other and for foster kids everywhere. >> reporter: the proceeds go to
11:56 am
caregivers like carly lewis. >> foster care has been one of the hardest but absolute best things that we have ever done. >> reporter: there are more than 400,000 foster children in the united states. with more than 100,000 awaiting placement. the pictures tell you a lot about love and joy and sharing. >> it's such a powerful connection. >> reporter: who knows, maybe you know a dog who needs harry smith, nbc news. >> okay. i love that dog. >> and the little boy. oh, my shall go. and the striped sweaters together. >> the dog didn't seem to mind it. >> no. let's get one last look at the forecast with lauryn ricketts. >> i want to go back to that story. oh, my goodness. it's a tear jerker right there. so adorable. you will continue to see the rain move through the area. we have the first round today or
11:57 am
yes, there's the rain right now. and you know, it's really going to stay north through the midday while everybody else clears out. steady rain continues to fall through the northern shenandoah valley and north of 70 up through the mason-dixon line. a frontal system will bring rain to much needed portions of eastern tennessee. we're talking about where those wildfires are in gatlinburg. this is going to move and we're n here. a few rumbles of thunder. if we see a thunderstorm, we could have gusty winds. for the evening commute, we have more rain overnight where we are clearing and drying and then by thursday and friday, plenty of sunshine. you have rain sunday night into monday but we cool down after today. >> all right. thank you, lauryn. that's it for "news4 midday." thank you for joining us. back on the air first at 4:00 this afternoon at 4:00. >> at 4:00, yes.
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stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> [ inaudible ]. >> look at katy perry right there. natalie, looking like a beautiful snowflake. >> she does look like a snowflake? >> in her sheer white gown at the snowflake ball in new york city. now there's which i think they're rumors, she and orlando bloom are engaged. >> she was spotted earlier this week wearing a certain ring on a certain finger which usually implies there are rumors she's engaged. no ring, though, last night but her boyfriend, orlando bloom, was there, he is always a supporter and always there. honored by hillary clinton at the event for unicef. look at orlando.


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