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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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plus, surprising new twist in the campus attack at ohio state university. turns out the attacker was just here in d.c. and what he bought while here. we begin with the rain today. most of us got a break from it much of the day, but it is moving in and moving back in fast. >> the sound of rain drops may not be all that we hear tonight. let's get right to our storm team, doug and amelia standing by in the storm center. so what's next, guys in. >> we got the rain move ingh three yarters of an inch. now we got round two. >> heavy rain we're tracking on storm team 4 radar. the evening commute unfortunately think is going to be a nightmare tonight. >> going to be a nightmare like this morning's commute was very tough. one thing you notice right off the bat, not much going on around d.c., but back to the west we got the yellows, the oranges, even the reds. that is the heavier rain tries to make its way in.
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northern fauquier county, 66 toward the front royal area, la ray seeing thunderstorm activity. let's zoom on into this area. what you see there is that rain, heavy rain moving toward leeburg. loudoun county, frederick county, you're going to be zealing with the rain. the wider view talking about the line of storms making its way in toward the southeast. all with a frontal boundary that's coming in. this is the same storm system that the southeast and is now bringing severe weather toward parts of georgia and parts of south carolina. nothing severe for us, but we could see some lightning and a little bit of thunder out of this, not to mention that heavy rain. much more on this. amelia draper a and i in all afternoon. remember, download the nbc washington app now, if you're ever away from your phone or television, great way to take a look at the latest forecast and the radar. >> all right. thank you, doug.
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community and continue to cause a big threat. today, we learned one more person has died raising the death toll there to four. about four dozen people were injured in the fires. hundreds of homes have been destroyed, thousands were forced to evacuate. today, some neighbors were able to return home to see the damage left behind. this couple was devastated yet grateful. >> my mom and grandmother's wedding dress, and our pictures.
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>> yes, we lost everything. we're devastated, but our family's safe. we're all together. i have a 9-year-old girl and my dad lives with us and we all got out safe. >> in the end, that's all that matters. the wildfires began monday and spread quickly from strong winds. while overnight, rain brought some relief, firefighters say they're bracing for another round of lightning and high winds later tonight. there are four finalists now for secretary of state. president-elect donald trump former general david petraeus and senator bob corker are all being considered. however, trump is not expected to make a decision any time soon. meanwhile, his pick for treasury secretary says the nation's infrastructure is a big priority. steve mnuchin says the administration will work with congress to figure out how to pay for the effort. trump's team is working on a plan to roll back pieces of the
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industry. many experts say it stopped banks from lending to small businesses. the president-elect plans to explain how he will step aside from his businesses at a news conference next month. early today, donald trump tweeted that legal documents were being crafted to take him completely out of business operations. many say he would expose himself to serious conflicts of interest if he kept a role in the company. some say handing over his business to his children doesn't go far enough. new details about a charged with drunk driving. maryland state police tell us mel franklin crashed a county-owned vehicle into another car last week sending two people to the hospital. news 4's tracee wilkins got her hands on the police report today. she's live in upper marlboro with a look at what it reveals about the crash and what franklin did next. tracee? >> reporter: well, we tried talking with the council member. he did not return my phone
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documents that we've been able to collect. first of all, let me explain to you that mel franklin is the district 9 council member and has been since 2010. he was elected chair in 2013, served in that position of chair of the council for two years and is an attorney. but according to maryland state police documents, on november 21st on pennsylvania avenue at dower house road around mid-night, he slams into the back of a vehicle and then for some reason we're still not clear about ran into sometime later. now, they gave him a breathalyzer and he tested positive for having alcohol in his system. testing at a .10 level. now, his attorney released a statement saying "on november 21st, 2016 my client mel franklin was involved in a motor vehicle accident. as you are aware, this is a legal matter and these issues will be addressed in court." now we have reached out to all parties involved who we can
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also the spokeperson for the county council, a number council members as well. no one is speaking on the record at this point. we don't have statements on the council from exactly what's going to happen here, what, if anything, could happen to his seat as he deals with these charges. he was taken into custody. reporting live in upper marlboro, tracee wilkins. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, this is not the first time the council member has crashed a county vehicle. >> tracee wilkins, thank you, this just into news 4, the man accused in the attack at ohio state university was in d.c. last week. law enforcement officials say abdul razak ali artan bought a knife at a home depot store on rhode island avenue northeast late last week. he also bought a knife at a walmart in columbus monday morning. investigators aren't sure which knife was used during the attack at the university. they say they are not sure why he was here in washington. today the fbi said artan appears
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al awlaki and by isis. right now, the death of a man in prince george's county is being investigated as a homicide. the victim was found around 7:00 this morning here in hyattsville. police arrived and discovered the victim lying in the street. they're working to find a suspect and a motive in this murder. a small blue sports car was towed away from the block. well, coming up, h last-minute details are coming together for the lighting of the white house christmas tree. who's going to be there and why this could cause headaches even if you're not going. for many people, they are a common cure. this time of year. but they may not do you as much
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and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> the latest check of storm team 4 radar, rain moving back into the front and tracking pockets of heavy rain. we're not picking up lightning but can't rule out a few rumbles of thunder this evening. the bright colors on storm team 4 radar moving toward the front royal area and eventually continuing to move up toward marshall as well. tracking heavy rain around middleburg moving toward leesburg. right now i'm going to put the timing on and track this out for you. this is what we can expect for steady rain moving into your area. fairfax, 5:00.
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the district, 5:30. in less than ten minutes doug is going to track your day tomorrow. what you can expect hour by hour. it's all about cooling temperatures, guys. >> all right. thanks, amelia. new developments on a deadly charter plane crash in colombia. investigators say flight recordings suggest the plane ran ut of fuel. it crashed near the city of medellin yesterday. 70 people died including several players on a local soccer team. investigators suspected a fuel evidence of fire at a crash site. three players, two crew members and one journalist managed to survive. 24 hours from now, the white house will be surrounded by scenes of holiday cheer. >> oh, boy. the time has arrived. the 94th annual national christmas tree lighting ceremony. you're looking at the white house. it's the final time the obamas will light the tree as first family and it's a star-studded lineup.
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anthony, garth brooks and trisha yearwood will also be there, too. so will olympic gold medalist simone manuel. it all begins at 5:00. we'll be there live for all of the festivities. and here's what you need to know about street closures and will impact the evening rush even if you don't plan to go to the ceremonies. streets will start to close at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon. constitution aavenue, part will by 7:00. she's a popular first lady, but does michelle obama also have a future in politics? what the president says about the first lady's prospects after the white house. plus our david culver in cuba as millions pay their respects to fidel castro but not everyone is mourning castro's death, of course. first at 4, we'
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stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. stronger is less pain, new hope,
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r, and everything in ours. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. and with your support, they will.
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right now in cuba of fidel castro across the island to a mausoleum. >> david culver is live in havana this afternoon with the latest. a big gathering there last night. how are things looking today? >> reporter: jim, a massive gathering was held right here in revolution square. as you can see behind me, they got it all cleaned up. you had tens of thousands of
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for a final tribute in havana. there's a caravan carrying the remains of fidel castro cross country over the course of three days. a procession of military vehicles escorting the cremated remains of fidel castro. cubans lining the street to catch a glimpse. "it was a solemn act" this woman telling me "and very difficult for all cubans. if brought me a lot of sadness to see the remains. we really weren't prepared for go to work late but then on state transportation. the procession will continue cross country, a three-day journey. a reversal of the path that fidel took back in 1959. but at first glance, you might see the crowds and think of an adoring public. but those living in havana opposed to the castro regime say many had no choice. president of the ladies in white says they face repercussions if
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happens to those who choose not to show up for the tributes. you're going to hear what she has to say ahead on news 4 at 5:00. we'll bring that for you live from havana. back to you. >> we'll look forward to it then. great reporting down there, david culver. thanks so much, david. new at 4:00, d.c. mayor muri lerks el bowser is headed to mexico this week. one of several big city mayors to attend the summit and be one of the she plans to explain the challenges that local government leaders face here and around the world when it comes to solutions for climate change. how different the challenge may be for d.c. leaders when president-elect trump takes office. we'll hear from the mayor and her director of the environment, tommy wells, coming up in our next two hours. well, our climate today warm and wet and the rain is not done with us yet by any means, huh? >> no, that's right, guys.
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this morning, that combined with the fog made for one messy, messy rush hour. it was brutal out there. i think this evening's rush could be as bad because we have rain moving in in the worst possible time. right now, no rain currently in the d.c. metro area. there's shower activity but the heavy rain off to the west. current temperature, mild, 66 degrees. we are going to see the rain move in around 7:00, 8:00 in the district and stick around through 10:00, 69 lorton. 71 fredericksburg. 54 in winchester. the reason, that's where we have the rain. again, we have cooler air with the rain moving in. some of the rain has been heavy at times. this has been over the last three, four hours. notice the line here, most of this west of i-95 and it will stay here for the next hour or two. so if you're back toward areas of leesburg, frederick, back towards winchester, la ray, you'll see rounds of rain after rounds of rain. let's zoom into this area back
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front royal. very heavy rain right there making its way up toward northern fauquier and loudoun. around the leesburg area, zoom into this area, see that around leesburg, 15 here between leesburg and poolesville moving across the river in toward upper montgomery county. going to be a very wet night for you folks as well. wider view, the whole storm system. it's one big line with severe weather down to the south. we continue so see severe weather down there toward atlaa, florida area. one round, destine, a little bit earlier today. that whole system moves through overnight tonight. let's take you through it on future weather. 7:00, notice i-95 westward is the best chance for rain. here comes the rain around 9:00 coming into montgomery county, fairfax, in through the district, moving out after a few more showers around midnight. . after midnight, notice how the clouds get out of here and we have the cooler air that's going to settle on in.
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today. 51 by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. 54 by noon. dropping as we move on through the rest of the day. rather breezy tomorrow, too. it's going to be a chilly thursday out there for sure. next couple of days we stay on the cool side. only in the 40s for the weekend. saturday, 49 degrees. 47 degrees on sunday. maybe an isolated shower chance way late in the day. most of sunday remains dry. if you're getting out this weekend for any of the activities this weekend, 5k on sunday looking pretty good downtown. then on saturday, ma problem. just dress warm. the next best chance for rain coming up, 46 degrees on tuesday. and remember, we've got amelia draper now working on the forecast. she's going to have the latest for you. she's tracking that timing. she'll show you what it means through the rest of the night tonight and that morning commute. she's back up in about 15 minutes. >> all right. thanks, doug. sneezes, sniffles and trips to the doctor. yep, it's that time of year. a common remedy may not be what you need. the holidays can be a fun
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they can also be stressful. what you can do about domestic
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it's the season of coughs and sniffles. the time of year when a lot of teem want antibiotics. but beware of those. in news 4 your health, how to tell when you need and don't
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asthma care in gaithersburg, is here to help us out. unfortunately, many of us will soon be getting sick and too many will either take or want antibiotics. what do we need to know about the problem of resistance? >> so that it exists. half of all antibiotics are completely unnecessary and what happens is we end up getting resistant bugs. that means the drugs don't work and it makes it harder to treat the infection. >> okay. so we know about resistance. let's talk about when we really do need these drugs and one of them the other sinus infections then ear infections. let's talk about the respiratory problems. >> right. respiratory, when you get the flu and cold-like symptoms and most of those, again, are viral. don't be using antibiotics. here's when you need the antibiotics. if the cough doesn't get better in 14 days or if you have a diagnosed strep throat. then be sure to get the antibiotics. not every sore throat needs an antibiotic. >> i know a lot of people mistake head colds for sinus
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antibiotics for that? >> again, this is mostly viral and will go away on their own, these symptoms. . it's more severe than a cold. even if you get a circus nus infection which is a stuffed up nose, pain in the face, that's going to go away on its own. here's where you need the antibiotics. if you've had it ten days or have a high fever with lots of thick mucus for at least days. >> how about the ears? >> most of those go away on their own and 6 months of age or kids over 2 that have really severe and significant pain. >> what do you say to patients who think they can take just about any antibiotic, even someone else's? i know antibiotics have side effects, don't they? >> that's right. let's not when sharing our antibiotics. you're going to once again increase the resistance. i don't know why you're taking the antibiotic. maybe it's viral.
4:26 pm
rip your tendons or could be allergic. we don't want you to have that problem. >> we recently learned 50 million of us think we're allergic to penicillin but we're not. >> yes, this is the big news is less than 10% of people who think that they're allergic actually are. and the problem with this and resistance is they end up going to get an antibiotic, they need to get a stronger antibiotic than they would have otherwise because we're not able to use these penicillin, amoxicillin kind of medications. so here's the simple thing to go get tested. it's a very easy two-step process. we do it in the office. we're able to confirm with you right then and there that you are part of a the 9 o% that don't have it or grew out of it. we give you actually some penicillin in the office to make sure that everything is fine. and then the next time when you really do need antibiotics, you'll be able to get the appropriate antibiotic, not use the big guns, not end up with resistance. i advise people to really go get this testing done now.
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it's kind of covered by your insurance. go figure this out so you can do your part not to add to the increased resistance. >> all right. dr. jackie. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> jim? >> thank you, both. the government says it doesn't want you to hold back anymore. why they're making it easier to complain about your car. it's busy afternoon for storm team 4. another round of rain rolling back in. and folks, it could also bring some rumbles of thunder. more team coverage
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were amelia and had a couple of balmy days. >> we were at 70 days. tracking big changes in the weather department. one of the reasons you're here with me, pat, some showers out there right now. we're going to tumble overnight tonight. see showers in parts of faulker, loudoun, frederick counties, moving into montgomery county. i'm tracking pockets of very heavy rain along with doug this afternoon around front royal,
4:31 pm
leesburg, heavy rain, as well as barnsville. moving toward clarksburg and gaithersburg. this is going to wreak havoc on the evening commute tonight. it is going it be bad. the good news, as we look to tomorrow and friday, road conditions will be okay. we're looking at mainly dry weather. now, coming up at 4:40, doug's going to take another look at storm team 4 radar. really taking you down to street level, what you can expect in your neighborhood. >> thanks, amelia. there's no word on whether mitt romney will be the next secretary of state. donald trump's transition is making news in other ways today. he's planning to take a victory lap of sorts tomorrow in indiana. he revealed that on twitter today. a lot more. brian mooar is life now with details about it. hey, brian. >> reporter: yeah, pat, the president-elect notably snubbed the media in recent months but says he will be holding a news conference on december 15th to
4:32 pm
in his latest twitter blast, president-elect trump announced he'll hold a news conference with his family in two weeks, outline plans to get out of his business and focus on running the country. the question, will he divest from a global empire synonymous with his name? >> number one, can he actually do it? number two, does he have it in him to do it? i mean, this is the guy who's tweeting at 3:00 a.m. >> reporter: he hasn't held a news conference since late july, his amp announcements have been revealed online. among the latest, former goldman sachs executive mnuchin is treasury secretary. he says tax reform is priority number one. >> making sure we repatriate trillions of dollars back to the united states and the personal income taxes. we're going to have the most significant middle income tax cuts since reagan. >> reporter: also joining team trump, billionaire investor wilbur ross as commerce secretary. there's also news that sarah palin is angling for secretary
4:33 pm
our vets. >> reporter: trump also tweeted plans for an indiana trip tomorrow to announce a carrier air-conditioning, a frequent target in his campaign speeches, won't be moving a thousand jobs to mexico as it had planned. that trip tomorrow also includes a rally in cincinnati. the first stop in a thank you tour of the battleground states that put donald trump in the white house. jim? >> thank you, brian. news 4's safe at home
4:34 pm
it's a challenge for their children as well. so there are people in harm's way. remember the beginning of this year in our new year's holiday -- >> right. >> -- we had eight victims of domestic violence in prince george's county. eight people killed in domestic violence situations. and here we are at the end of the year and people that are dealing with the issue are thinking about homelessness, they're thinking about feeding their families and stuff like that but they really are overlooking the underlying issue that's the domestic violence problems at home. so there are a lot of issues that victims are worried about, but then we as well, if we're wanting to help out people, we should keep them in mind as well. >> troy, you talked to a woman who has a unique perspective on all of this. she's a victim of domestic violence. >> i did, jim. queen afi is a victim of domestic violence. she also tells me that she abused as well. but now even while dealing with a devastating loss that i'll
4:35 pm
energy by speaking out to help others and she says this time of year can be treacherous for victims and if you're trying to help someone out of a domestic violence situation, she says you should exercise extreme caution. >> one of the things that, of course, i would like victims, not only victims but friends and family members around to understand that it's very dangerous to tell victims to leave. an this the time where america open their doors, you know, and a lot of people seem more friendlier. there's a lot of different things that's going on during the holiday in the communities and so as an abuser, i'm watching my victim. so if we're going to help victims during the holidays and at any time, we want to talk to them in secret. >> jim, she said shed no tears about that.
4:36 pm
they don't want to arouse suspicion. >> right. >> by the abuser. because that could create a deadly situation. and as i mentioned, there was some sad news. this holiday season, she's spending helping other people, a year ago she lost her own daughter to domestic violence situation. >> so sad. so, troy, what should people do in those situations? >> well, there are a lot of resources that folks can do. first of all, you should tell the abuser if you're having conversation with them to, again, keep things in secret. worry about a plan, put a plan together and do that quietly when the abuser doesn't have a clue of what's going on. as i mentioned, queen talks to a lot of women and families that are going through these issues. you can find out more information about her group and her efforts, she's got a group called domestic violence wears many tags, dwmt on facebook. another good resource, national coalition against domestic violence. there are resources on that
4:37 pm
somebody out and get some help for people that are really going to be in need especially around the holidays. >> critically important conversation, troy, thanks so much for coming in. we appreciate it. you can find washington-area resources on domestic violence in our nbc washington app. just search "safe at home." pat? >> all right. thank you, jim. her time as first lady is about to come to an end, but does michelle obama have her own future in politics? the president weighs in on that. lu parton as she unveils more of her emotional story in primetime.
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take a look at storm team 4 radar right now. the rain continues to come down in parts of our area. it's heavy. i-95 including the beltway dry currently. back toward the west, we're looking at heavier rain. see the yellows, oranges, reds take a look at northern montgomery county. heavy rain along 270, the clarksburg area, back down toward poolsdale. let's zoom in a little bit more. right here just to the south of damascus. seeing very heavy rain there. actually right around damascus right now. over toward clarksburg as well. so it's going to be a rather bumpy night tonight for the next couple of hours. we'll continue to keep you posted. amelia draper back in five minutes with the timing on tomorrow. >> all right. thanks, doug. those hoping for michelle obama to run for president someday apparently won't get
4:41 pm
>> president obama confirmed this week what the first lady has been saying all along. that she will, quote, never run for office. the #michelle2020 began trending on social media after the election, but the president told "rolling stone" this week his wife is, "too sensible to get into politics." he did say that the couple will continue to be very active in public service once they leave the white house. are you a dream? >> some women s >> you're real? >> am i real? well, let me hold that hand and you pinch me and see for yourself. >> dolly parton will be all over nbc in primetime tonight. first at 7:00, she performs at the christmas tree lighting at rockefeller center. then the sequel to last year's christmas movie about her childhood airs. it's called "christmas of many colors circle of love" and picks
4:42 pm
uplifts christ, what the story is really all about. so we have a lot of fun christmas music in it and a lot of just little stories and emotional fun moments. you'll cry and you'll laugh and you'll be moved. >> the tree lighting as we mentioned starts at 7:00. don't miss "christmas of many colors: circle of love" at 9:00 on nbc. after black friday, small business saturday and cyber were through with the many shopping holidays. . well, turns out there's another and it's going on right now. how it's empowering women across the country. thousands of lives changed forever. homes destroyed by wildfires and there's still so much at stake.
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. you're watching news 4 at 4:00. are still a threat in eastern tennessee. thousands have been forced out of their homes and many are going back to find their properties and their personal belongings gone. >> but their prayers for rain were finally answered today. nbc's sarah rosario joins us live from pigeon ford, tennessee, one of the hardest hit areas. sarah? >> reporter: yeah, jim and pat, rain moving through this area earlier today has helped some, but it does nothing for the buildings and homes like this
4:46 pm
all you can see are the charred remains from the wildfire. just tearing through this area. people we spoke to today tell us they literally were forced to run for their lives. now in shelters, they wonder when they'll be able to go home or if they even have one. in the gateway to the smoky mountains, home to popular tourist destinations, a historic wildfire reducing homes and buildings to rubble is finally letting up. >> i mean, it was literally, >> reporter: the largest fire for the volunteer state in more than 100 years. leaving four dead and several missing. >> watch as we drive past, you're going to see a huge flame right here. >> reporter: tammy lang and her husband are among more than 14,000 forced to leave. rushing to get to safety through ash and smoke. >> and all you could think is, we got out, but we're going to die. >> reporter: now safe in a shelter, they're anxious to know the status of their home. sadly, jerry and jeff morgan already learned theirs.
4:47 pm
stone wall. >> reporter: recently remodeling their pigeon forge house, parts are now burned beyond recognition. >> my mom and grandmother's wedding dress and our pictures. my mom's hope chest. >> reporter: with the prospect of starting over now top of mind, others are still in harm's way. more than 200 firefighters are taking the brunt of the blaze, but with eight new fires overnight, and storms toppling trees and power lines, their jobs are becoming increasingly difficult. small mudslides and rockslides. >> reporter: meantime, the community is coming together. preparing for another night of uncertainty hoping to go home soon. and pat, this wildfire also has a huge impact on the local economy which is primarily driven by tourism. more than 11 million people visit this region each and every year. meantime, local officials are still working to find out how
4:48 pm
so far, they're not ruling out arson. reporting live from pigeon forge, sarah rosario, pat, back to you. >> all right. thank you, sarah. some wild weather this afternoon in georgia. this is the scene in atlanta where debris, you could see, was swirling through a neighborhood there. throughout the southeast, five people have died and several others are injured from severe weather in that region. power crews are working on downed lines and road crews are clearing highways in tennessee, alabama and mi spell in atlanta today. >> and so this is all part of the same system that's bringing us rain right now. thankfully, no severe weather to our area. the rain that we're getting is rain that we need. we haven't had a lot of rain since the beginning of september. so far today, we've seen anywhere from about a quarter to three quarters of an inch of rain and we're going to pick up some more tonight and some heavy rain right now on storm team 4 radar. take a look. notice where the bright colors are. that's very, very heavy rainfall
4:49 pm
then even in parts of northern montgomery county. traveling home tonight, leaving the district traveling north or up toward baltimore, going to be a slow go out there. as this rain continues to fill in over the next few hours. as we zoom in here around the barnsville area, notice 270, the oranges and the reds there, that is blinding rain. reducing visibilities. wet roads out there tonight and it's balmy as well. 66 degrees. and it's actually going t mild night. even at 11:00, only around 62 degrees. we'll still be tracking areas of rain on into the overnight hours, drying out very late tonight but it will be dry tomorrow morning. to areas of rain tonight. this is your first weather headline. dry through most of the weekend. and then on the ten day, keep an eye out for potential highs only in the low 40s. tomorrow the weather having for the most part a low impact on your day. outdoor exercise, kind of chilly. temperatures in the 50s throughout the day.
4:50 pm
make sure they have the warm jacket. the commute, we go back to worrying about sun glare versus wet roads and rain. if you're heading to the tree lighting at the white house, doug will be down there. it's going to be a great night for that. even if you're getting the family christmas tree, dry conditions tomorrow evening. here you can see your hourly planner. 7:00 a.m., noon, 3:00 p.m. we're all in the low to mid 50s. near steady temperatures. and breezy tomorrow. that's going to add that additional chill. it will feel very much like the first day of december. the candy cane dash saturday morning, baker park in frederick. looking good for that. make sure you have layers. we'll be in the 30s. holiday parties getting under way. dry weather. so good news as you're driving or ubering to them. yard work this weekend is looking okay but kind of chilly both days. take a look. friday, we close out the week around 50 degrees. mid to upper 40s over the weekend. maybe some rain around sunday evening and another check of storm team 4 radar, again,
4:51 pm
and loudoun counties, up in montgomery county as well. coming up in the 5:00 hour right at 5:00, doug's looking at the latest radar trends. he's going to be updating you with what you can expect throughout the evening hours, guys. >> thanks, amelia. crime is down on metro, but one particular crime is bucking that trend. our news partners at wtop got an advanced copy of a new metro security report. it found that pickpocketing surged more than 30% in as well as on trains and buses. the hottest items were smartphones. metro has also seen a surge in thefts in parking garages. well, help is on the way for you to find more parking in herndon. ground was broken this afternoon on a new parking garage a the herndon reston park and ride here. it will add more than 2,000 spaces and will replace an existing surface parking lot. a pedestrian bridge will connect
4:52 pm
line station. in the meantime, you can park there to use ride sharing and public transit. the garage should be finished in spring of 2017. does something about your car seem off? well, have you ever thought, i really need to call somebody about this? the u.s. government wants to make that easier for you to complain. national traffic safety administration wants to require automakers to place labels on sun visors with all the labels would also inform drivers and passengers that complaints could spur an investigation or a possible recall. so we've had black friday, small business saturday, cyber monday, giving tuesday. today is choose women wednesday. a worldwide effort to support women in business. and you don't even have to get out of your seat to get involved. on the nbc washington app, we have a link to the 70 retailers
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movement. just search "women wednesday." when you make a purchase through the site, a percentage of the sale will fund loans that help impoverished women around the world start their own businesses. nbc 4 is working 4 you in the community. the next nbc 4 all state community shred takes place this coming weekend. it's scheduled for saturday from 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. at rfk stadium in parking lot 8. now, your car has to be in line by 10:45 in order to shredding is the easeiest way to prevent identity theft. bring along your old bank statements and other private documents. there's a four-box maximum per car. more information about this is on the nbc washington app. search "shred it." the police confrontation that ignited anger and protest. now a controversial decision about what should happen to the police officer who fired that fatal shot. and the strong reaction from the family of the man who didn't
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
there could be tension on the streets of charlotte, north carolina, tonight. prosecutors have decided not to charge a police officer involved in a high-profile deadly shooting. nbc's chris clackum explains the decision. >> reporter: charlotte police are braced for, but don't expect protests to be as violent as they war in september after the
4:57 pm
charlotte police officer. announced wednesday the officer will not be charged. >> given the totality of the circumstances and credible evidence in this case, it is my opinion that officer vinson acted lawfully when he shot mr. scott. >> reporter: lawfully, d.a. andrew murray says because police body cam videos show scott exiting his suv surrounded by officers who had moments before observed him rolling a joint armed with a handgun. that was later >> it had one round in the came chamber, the safety was off. >> reporter: also because even on the video his wife recorded, scott refused police orders. >> officers can be heard at least ten times commanding mr. scott to drop the gun. >> reporter: also weighing heavy in the d.a.'s decision are a number of alleged eyewitnesss like some of scott's family. >> he didn't have no gun. he wasn't messing with nobody. >> reporter: who later recanted when interviewed by investigators.
4:58 pm
shooting. >> reporter: it was those disputed claims that led some protesters to violence back in september, but through family attorney, scott's widow called for calm in light of the d.a.'s decision. >> now wants to conduct what we would call a thorough investigation behind the investigation. >> reporter: family attorneys say there still may be civil lawsuits against charlotte police for scott's death. chris clackum, right now at 5:00, a prince george's county councilman charged with dui after an accident which sent two people to the hospital, but the story doesn't end there. what the councilman is accused of doing, next. metro unveiling a new ambitious plan. how it plans to get you back on the rails and trusting the system again. and tragedy involving the 3-year-old daughter of a former nfl player. and now he's using this as an important safety message. our susan hogan has the story
4:59 pm
news 4 at 5:00 starts now. first up at 5:00 tonight, expect to see more rain rolling through our region within the hour. hello, everybody, i'm jim handly. >> i'm wendy rieger. it could get heavy and last well into the night. let's head straight to the storm center, doug and amelia keeping an eye on what's coming our way. >> some locations picking up 3 quarters an inch of rain and round two moving. >> if unfortunately the timing not great with the evening commute. >> 270 looking bad, i-66 looking bad. it's all to the west. storm team 4 radar showing where we're seeing the heaviest rain. you notice everything is west of i-the 95, west of the beltway. we had a couple showers in and around the beltway last hour, but now it's all back to the west. you can see very heavy rain around mt. aire, damascus area. if you're in loudoun county, you're about to get some of that very heavy rain.
5:00 pm
of lightning and thunder there. notice this line that has developed. this will all be pushing off toward the east. i want to zoom in here and show you this area along 66. along route 50. if you're driving through middleburg and down toward the marshall area, that's where the heaviest rain is once again moving right toward leesburg and over toward ashburn, what you'll continue to see. the rain not done with us. we're going to see it continuing right on through the evening. we have more rain back to the west. this will all move through overnight tonight. by tomorrow, we're talking about a much different air mass. expect next. i'll see you back here in about 20 minutes. >> thank you, doug. a prince george's county vehicle totaled. the man behind the wheel, mel franklin, county council member. state police say he was driving drunk and left the scene of the crash. bureau chief tracee wilkins has the latest from upper marlboro. >> reporter: this is what was left of prince george's council member's mel franklin's county-issued suv after a crash that landed him with a dui


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