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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:59pm EST

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this is a picture right now from the scene. shomari stone is there trying to learn more. we'll get an update from him as soon as something develops. but now to the weather. more rain on the radar. it is coming at the worst possible time. impacting travel on the roads and travel in the air. some flights arriving at reagan national are delayed by almost 30 minutes because of these conditions. >> doug has been tracking it all. let us know when the rain moves out and what's coming in next. doug? >> yeah, and right now, have very heavy rain across portions of the area. it's mostly from i-95 to the west. if you're along the beltway, off to the east, you haven't seen that much rain this afternoon. take a look at the radar. i'll show you what i'm talking about. storm team 4 radar tracking the rain in through montgomery county, in through fairfax county. then right now back down to the south as well. but you notice the yellows here, the oranges, really heavy rain in through parts of montgomery county. see it streaming on through. over the last few hours it's all remained just to the west of
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as we are getting a little bit more of an easterly movement here. heaviest rain, let's zoom in, in through montgomery county. now right over great falls, moving up toward gaithersburg. rockville, heads-up there. in toward bethesda. will move across the american legion bridge already having a tough time as normal traffic is concerned. the wider picture showing the rain will come to an end tonight. in behind it, we get much cooler if not colder. i'll have that complete forecast inclung minutes. >> thanks, doug. a council member in prince george's county has crashed his county-issued vehicle for a second time. but this time police say mel franklin was drunk. he's accused of crashing his suv into a car at a red light last week. our bureau chief, tracee wilkins, is in upper marlboro with more on this. >> reporter: this is what was left of prince george's council member's mel franklin's county-issued suv after a crash
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vehicle he struck looked like. a couple was inside of the car. >> their car was totaled. they both are going to be suffering for a while from the injuries that they have. >> reporter: it happened november 21st around midnight on pennsylvania avenue and dowerhouse road. according to police reports, frankly struck the vehicle from the back at a stoplight. multiple sources say the council member fled the scene of the accident and was found minutes later in the woods by state troopers. he was given a breathalyzer, wh h he was taken into custody and charged with dui, reckless drives and other charges related to the accident. >> we're going to make sure we get justice for the collins family in a civil sense. we're going to wait until they finish their medicare treatment and our case against at that point. >> reporter: through a request, news 4's prince george's county bureau uncovered in october of 2012, franklin was involved in an accident in another
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that vehicle was damaged. but in december of 2012, franklin was involved in a major accident and the vehicle seen here was ruled a total loss. according to the police reports associated with that accident, franklin momentarily looked down and lost control of his vehicle striking another car. the council member also received numerous speeding violations throughout 2011 and 2012. we could not reach him for comment, but his attorney released his statement "on november 21st 2016 my client, mel frankly, was involved in a motor vehicle accident. as you are aware, this is legal mart and these issues will be addressed in court." prince george's county council's chair released the statement saying "council member franklin has relinquished the use of his county vehicle and to longer has use or access to any county of issued vehicle."
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get back together again. we are hoping to hear from the council member before then. but we're not able to hear from him today. reporting live from upper marlboro, tracee wilkins, wendy, back to you in the studio. now to donald trump's presidential transition. the president-elect taking a victory lap of sorts tomorrow. in part to celebrate a job's promise he made on the campaign trail. he revealed that news and a lot more on twitter today. brian mooar joins us with the latest. y president has notably side stepped the media in recent months but says he will be holding a news conference on december 15th to answer some important questions. in his latest twitter blast president-elect trump announced he'll hold a news conference with his family in two weeks. he'll outline plans to get out of his business and focus on running the country. the question, will he divest from a global empire synonymous with his name? >> number one, can he actually do it?
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him to do it? i mean, this is the guy who's tweeting at 3:00 a.m. >> reporter: he hasn't held a news conference since late july. his all-important cabinet announcements have been revealed online. among the latest, former goldman sachs executive steven mnuchin as treasury secretary. he says tax reform is priority number one. >> making sure we repatriate trillions of dollars back to the united states and the personal income taxes. where we're going to have the most significant middle income tax cuts since reagan. trump, billionaire investor wilbur ross as commerce secretary. there's also news sarah palin is angling for secretary of veterans affairs. >> this bureaucracy is killing our vets. >> reporter: trump tweeted plans for an indiana trip tomorrow to announce that carrier air-conditioning, a frequent target in this campaign speeches, won't be moving a thousand jobs to mexico as it had planned. also tomorrow, a rally in cincinnati. the first stop on a thank-you tour of the battleground states
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white house. wendy? and nancy pelosi fought off an attempted coup and won re-election today as house minority leader. ohio congressman tim ryan challenged pelosi for the leadership arguing that change was needed after the democrats lost the white house and failed to pick up significant seats in the house and senate in the recent election. pelosi supporters praised her tactical skills. the secret ballot, stony hoyer re-elected as minority whip. d.c. police are close to closing a murder case. a 16-year-old girl was shot and killed last week in southeast d.c. last night, a person of interest turned himself in. pat collins has the developments today from the courtroom. pat? >> reporter: jim, he has a criminal past and police are using it to try and solve a case
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according to court documents, in 2005, he used a stolen car to try and run down some cops. he was behind the wheel and they say he cut the wheel so the vehicle would travel toward the officers. that assault led to a felony conviction for evans. and because he was a convicted felon, it meant he could never possess a firearm. fast forward now to friday, gardens complex in southeast. 16-year-old brianna mcmillan shot and killed by a stray bullet near her home there. police say they have security camera video showing evans with a gun and firing that gun in that complex at about the time brianna was killed. evans has been called a person of interest in the murder, and after police circulated this flier yesterday, evans turned
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charge him with illegal possession of a handgun, but they're hoping he'll help them solve this case of murder. >> we believe that he does have information that's going to help us bring closure to that case. a tragic case. you know, we talked about this yesterday. you have a family that's been devastated by this. you got an entire community that's heartbroken. >> reporter: are at this point, only with illegal possession of a handgun. he's being held without bond pending further court action. jim, back to you. >> pat collins. thanks, pat. the death of a black man named keith scott set off days of protests in charlotte, north carolina, back in september. scott was shot and killed by a black police officer. that shooting captured on video but observers say that video did
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today, the district attorney there announced that criminal charges will not be filed against the officer. the d.a. said he asked current and former prosecutors to review the evidence before he decided not to prosecute. >> their recommendation was unanimous. that bears repeating. 15 career prosecutors and their recommendation was unanimous. >> police say keith scott was holding a gun when they chamber. the safety was off. his family says there may have been a gun on the scene, but they don't know if it was in scott's hand. and they questioned whether that shooting was justified. mayors from around the world are gathering in mexico to fight climate change. while the trump administration won't be at the summit, washington, d.c., will be represented. news 4's mark segraves sat down with mayor muriel bowser to talk
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>> but it's also important that our city is represented on the world stage. we are the nation's capital. >> reporter: the d.c. delegation will be led by mayor muriel bowser and tommy wells, the director of the district's department of energy and environment. they say it's more important than ever to have this conversation on a global level with the president-elect who has questioned the science of climate change calling it a hoax. >> a real message and i'll be among a group of american course. we're going forward. we're not fighting science. we're embracing it. >> reporter: the c40 mayors summit in mexico city brings together big city leaders from around the world to share best practices and to work on plans reduce carbon emissions. this is the second summit wells has attended. >> the different cities, we're having to learn from each other as fast as possible are. >> reporter: one of the thing bowser says mayors in the united states will have to learn is how to work with the trump
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policies are, they don't have -- they haven't been well advanced. and so we don't know exactly what a trump administration will bring. >> reporter: bowser and wells say they'll show off the district's growing investment in solar and wind energy which they say is one reason d.c. has reduced its greenhouse gases by 23%. >> it's not just the responsible thing to do and it's not just a way to preserve and great place to live. >> reporter: wells and bowser point with pride to the resurgence of the bald eagle population in d.c. as one sign the district's efforts are paying off. in the district, mark segraves, news 4. and coming up, we'll report on the d.c. connection to the attack at ohio state university yesterday. as investigators map out the suspect's moves in the days and hours before that shooting rampage. the death toll climbs as
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see the destruction left and why crews say the threat is not over. as the remains of fidel castro make their way across the island nation tonight, we speak to a group from northern virginia who just happened to be here in cuba as history broke.
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a symbolic tribute for fidel castro. the procession carrying his ashes travels from havana to santiago de cuba, traces in reverse the victory tour castro and his rebels took after they overthrew the government in 1959. thousands of cubans line the streets as that procession passes. some say they are not there by choice. others are there by chance. news 4's david culver live in havana with the david? >> reporter: hi there, wendy. midway through the nine days of official mourning as declared by the state government here, these cubans in havana that we noticed are getting back to their normal routine. comes after you mentioned thousands of cubans gathering today to bid a final farewell to fidel castro. dozens of state-run buses headed to various provinces and towns. cubans going back to their usual
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the streets, waiting for the cremated remains of fidel castro to be carried past. "it was a solemn act, very difficult for all cubans," she tells me. the military procession witnessed not only by cubans but also americans. he is in town from northern virginia. >> the reason we're really here, which are the kids and the tennis players of cuba. >> reporter: his company mid-atlantic tennis courts down here with a non-profit cle another also participating, navigating new diplomatic relations by helping re-surface tennis courts. >> you talk about building bridges of communication through sport which is the essence of this and for junior tennis. >> reporter: it just so happens they're also here witnesses history. immediately following castro's death, they noticed a strange reaction from cubans they are working with. >> they don't want to go out and say it, no one wants to go on record. i'm pretty sure you've experienced that in cuba.
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white regularly protest government oppression tells me so many gathered to pay their respects because they had no other choice. she says "the alternative is face backlash like having your travel out of the country restricted." but those gathered insisted on camera they wanted to be here. she telling me castro was her guiding force for all these years. another two days before castro's remains make their way to the santiago de cuba. we're going to start that journey ourselves, starting the 12-hour drive early thunderstorm tomorrow morning. our goal is to bring you live coverage beginning friday at 4:00. that's the latest from cuba, back to you. >> thanks, david. nbc news learned the student who carried out the attack at ohio state university was in washington, d.c., last week. law enforcement sources say abdul razak ali artan bought a
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district, also bought a knife at a walmart in columbus, ohio. it's not clear if either knife was the up us one used in the attack. officials aren't sure why artan was in d.c. the fbi believes he may have been inspired by isis and nwar al awlaki. 11 people were injured at osu on monday before campus police officer shot and killed artan. i'm shomari stone in upper marlboro, maryland, where prince george's county police have a crime scene that they are now investigating. you look right here, you can see police have blocked off this intersection. they are not allowing people to go through. right now, they believe that there was a man who was barricaded in a home who is now somewhere in this neighborhood. there is a helicopter above that has the light shining down on the ground. searching for this suspect.
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started around 2:40. there was a call for a breaking and entering 911 call. that's when police showed up here. and they are urging people to stay inside. come back out here live, there are folks who are actually waiting on the side of the street waiting to try and get home. you're now going to hear from a woman who lives in this neighborhood. let's hear what she has to say. >> i'm alarmed and i'm kind of frustrated at the same time.
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at nbc washington. live here in upper marlboro, shomari stone, news 4. >> thank you. and developing now in our southeast, at least five people dead after a tornado outbreak overnight that destroyed so many homes. three people died in alabama when the tornado hit their mobile home and a husband and wife were killed in tennessee. also in tennessee, the aftermath of the wildfires that forced thousands of people to evacuate. the flames also leveling of two popular resort towns. nbc's sarah rosario has more on the damage. >> reporter: in the gateway to the smoky mountains, home to popular tourist destinations, a historic wildfire reducing homes and buildings to rubble is finally letting up. >> i mean, it was literally like driving through hell. >> reporter: the largest fire for the volunteer state in more than 100 years. >> watch as we drive past. you're going to see a huge flame right here.
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husband are among more than 14,000 forced to leave. rushing to get to safety through ash and smoke. >> all you can think is we got out but we're going to die. >> reporter: now safe in a shelter, they're anxious to know the status of their home. sadly jerri and jeff morgan already learned theirs. >> that was our big beautiful stone wall. >> reporter: recently remodeling share pigeon forge house, parts are now burned beyond recognition. >> my mom and grandmother's wedding dress. pictures. my mom's of starting over now top of mind, others are still in harm's way. more than 200 firefighters are taking the brunt of the blaze. but with eight new fires overnight and storms toppling trees and power lines, their jobs are becoming increasingly difficult. >> spent a lot of our time today clearing roadways, as i discussed this morning, clearing mudslides, getting power lines and trees and other debris moved out of the way to get us into
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community is coming together. preparing for another night of uncertainty. hoping to go home soon. sarah rosario, nbc news. coming up tonight, new questions from investigators after a martial arts instructor was arrested and accused of sexually assaulting a girl at summer camp. will your ride on metro get better? will the transit agency find a
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storm team 4 right now tracking the rain across our region. some areas seeing heavy rain. others haven't seen any rain at all this afternoon. we all got in on the rain early this morning, though, and that allowed for some nice warm temperates the warm front moved through. temperatures sitting at 65 right now. they're not going to drop that much until we start getting in on the rain here in about the next hour to two hours and will see temperatures drop. temperature wise, see where the difference is. very warm out ahead of this system. 67 clinton. 68 fredericksburg. 52 winchester and martinmartins areas that have already seen the
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fairfax county. take a look what's happening in and around the beltway. heavy traffic both directions. i'll zoom on in closer. we'll take you street level in toward northwest d.c. here's nebraska avenue. here's our station right here. yeah, it's raining pretty hard right outside. hope everybody here has the umbrella. as far as the rain is concerned, take a look back to the west, still seeing this line making its way in. if you're west, or rather east that will be changing. the wider view showing what's coming in next. look down to the south. notice this area of rain. right around roanoke, heavy rain, even thunderstorm activity. all of this is moving in toward d.c., in toward fredericksburg and portions of southern maryland. you folks will get it, too. then the whole line moves on through tonight. so the rain will be over by around midnight. let's track it for you and show you 7:00, notice, again, d.c. to the west, and then we see the
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9:00, 10:00, midnight. more rain. a couple rumbles of thunder. behind that, we clear out. early tomorrow we're seeing sunshine, rather breezy conditions and much cooler conditions as temperatures will be falling. here's your thursday planner. 51 degrees at 7:00 a.m. dry, sunshine tomorrow. cool and breezy. highs tomorrow, about 15 degrees cooler than today. 54 at noon. but dropping during the afternoon. and by 7:00, we're down to 48 degrees. so it's going to be fairly chilly out there on your thursday. high temperature on friday, 51 degrees. 49 on only 47 degrees on sunday. sunday rather chilly. chance of rain, that would be late sunday night. most of sunday during the day will remain dry. notice we stay in the 40s. most of the next ten days. we've got some really cold air moving in next weekend. we got a long way to get there. i'll se you back here at 6:45 with the latest on where this rain is moving next. >> looking forward to it, thanks, doug. big changes coming up for
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his first year on the job and reveals what he hopes to accomplish next. is this the future of fast food? it's a look inside a new d.c. restaurant. it haso interaction with it ns ?? ?? ??
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now at 6:30, a local martial arts instructor accused of sexually assaulting a
6:31 pm
i'll tell you why investigators think there may be more victims. make metro good again. the head of the trance transit agency reveals a new campaign today. how it will work and the possibility of new funding for metro next year. a montgomery county police officer hanging up his badge. after making history in maryland. >> most of them come and gone since i've been here. plus, fast food of the future is here. >> it was amazing. it was very new age. very different from anything else that i've experienced. >> we'll take you inside the new d.c. restaurant. right now, a former martial arts instructor at a popular fairfax county studio is in jail charged with sexually assaulting a student. >> police say that randon miller inappropriately touched a 13-year-old girl during summer camp. and after months of investigation, he was arrested this week. >> chris gordon, he has the story now from falls church. >> reporter: a former instructor here at ums after school tae
6:32 pm
assaulting a 13-year-old student. miller is being held in the fairfax county adult attention center with no bond. >> detectives are concerned that just based on the opportunity, there may be other victims. >> reporter: the assault allegedly took place during a summer camp here at the school. the 13-year-old student told her parents she was touched inappropriately by mr. miller and that he continued texting her. he was fired by the owner of the school who tells me he is speaking with any other children have complaints. >> i am going to ask them, and if i find it, of course, i'm going to give it to the police. >> reporter: some of the people we spoke with who come to this fall churches shopping center say they had no idea that anything was amiss here at the school. >> i think it's important for the owners of the business and for parents to be vigilant about this sort of thing.
6:33 pm
has had great success here. >> he felt safe. his mother felt safe. i felt safe. and i think it's a great place. >> reporter: after one of the classes let out this evening, i spoke to some parents. they tell me that master um did inform them of the incident that happened here, but they say they feel confident bringing their children back for tae kwon do. in falls church, chris gordon, news 4. christopher lee cornell will be sentenced on monday. se president obama's state of the union address in 2015. he was arrested after he bought two m-15 style rifles at a gun shop in ohio. cornell pled guilty to three charges. prosecutors are asking for 30 years in prison. cornell's defense team asking for 10 to 20. they call their client in their words a troubled young man who lost his way through reading
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plans for a new taller fence surrounding the white house. the national capitol planning commission has to approve any changes before that fence can be adjusted. secret service and the national park service plan to raise the fence to about 11 feet and to add a stone base. there will also be spikes at the top to deter fence climbers. metro is promising to get, in their words, b that's a new initiative the transit agency rolled out today, but finding the money to make the system run smoothly could be a challenge. transportation reporter adam tuss has been tracking this story all day and is at the metro center with more. adam? >> reporter: jim, this is a plan that was rolled out by the general manager and quite simply it focuses on making the ride better for the customer. the rider here on metro. but riders hope that it's not
6:35 pm
upset with metro. >> been late, like not making it. they need to get it together. it's been a mess. >> reporter: with so much maintenance and inconvenience, it's become hard for people to plan. >> i don't really think it's going to be possible for me to get from point "a" to point "b" on time. >> reporter: now metro's leader says that stops, that riders will start to notice a difference, an improvement. he's rolling out a new plan he calls back to good. >> we're going tout greater emphasis on customer experience, particularly with regards to reducing the number of delays due to track issues. the delays due to car issues. and then we're going to improve their environment particularly in the stations. >> reporter: the gm says there will now be an intense focus on the rail cars, themselves, making sure they're running smoothly and metro will get rid of the oldest and least reliable cars in the metro fleet. however, there are still finances to worry about and metro's board chair jack evans a little less optimistic today about identifying a new
6:36 pm
come to an agreement. >> we are really in a situation of not being able to find the money that is needed for the repairs that paul's talking about. >> reporter: so for now the region waits to see if metro can improve. now metro has another huge vote coming up tomorrow morning when they talk about reducing operating hours. jim, we'll be following all that for you as well. >> david culver, thanks, david. we're following breaking news in the district. wisconsin avenue after a car fire. that's a picture of it there. an engine problem caused that fire, we're told. this is near whole foods down in glover park. nobody injured. wisconsin avenue was shut down for some time, but things are now open again. the first lady's future, up next, why the president says his wife will never run for office. and paying the price for not
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we'll tell you about the penalty one county is considering for businesses that break the rules. but here's doug who's not talking about snow right now. >> not at all, tonight we're talking about the rain. the rain making its way through. very heavy rain in through parts of the district right now. more heavy rain to come. i got your latest forecast.
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. president obama t lady michelle obama may one day run for office. the #michelle2020 started trending on social media just after the election. but the president is telling "rolling stone" this week is wife is, quote, too sensible to get into politics. he did say, however, the couple will continue to be active in public service once they leave the white house. the man is a legend in the montgomery county police department. indeed, how could he not be?
6:40 pm
he was sworn in back in 1955. >> wow. >> ike was still in office. now the lieutenant is finally retiring. he's 84 years old now. the department threw him a party today at headquarters. the lieutenant says there's a schism reason to explain why he's done it all these years. >> well, i like the job. good job. and didn't feel like going out and doing something else. so here >> lieutenant jay cox is said to be a man of few words. he will still be around, though. he plans to volunteer with the department. >> aww. businesses in montgomery county, heads up, you could face a hefty fine if you don't clear the sidewalks when it snows. the county council is weighing a bill that would raise that current fine of 50 bucks up to $500. residents and businesses have 24 hours to clear the walkways after the snow stops falling.
6:41 pm
commercial properties which includes apartments, condos with four or more units. the bill still needs full council approval. coming up tonight, first family preparing for one of their favorite holiday traditions for the last time. and service with a twist.
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6:43 pm
you hear it all the time, who has time anymore? everything is such a rush. now the old automat restaurant is making a comeback in downtown
6:44 pm
high-tech twist. tom sherwood has our report. >> reporter: the old automat, put the money in, get the prepared food out. popular decades ago, gone since the 1960s. welcome back. everything old is new again in downtown d.c. on k street where everyone is in a hurry. a new vegetarian automat, 100% digital, food delivered through >> wow. >> reporter: no long lines or human interaction with servers needed. >> it was amazing. it was very new age. very different from anything else that i've experienced. >> the process is weird, though. i'm so used to interact with people. it's kind of strange to have it appear but it's cool. it's interesting. >> awesome. >> reporter: and of course, today, everyone must take cell photos. >> that is brilliant. almost seems like a japanese or european concept. >> reporter: customers use an
6:45 pm
bowls that appear within minutes. but is it good? most said yes. >> it's pretty good. think you need a lot of -- to add a lot of sauce to it. >> reporter: as busy as it was out here, the company won't let the media behind the wall to see the food prep or delivery. saying it is a proprietary secret. but people in a rush at lunch weren't asking about that. tom sherwood, news 4. a got paid, was to go down on chester street in philadelphia to get food out of those little -- >> the automat. >> it was such a treat. >> i liked it, vegetarian, more vegetables these days. yeah. very cool. hey, the first family will be lighting the national christmas tree for the last time tomorrow night. the ceremony starts at 5:00. star-studded lineup. kelly clarkson, yolanda adams,
6:46 pm
house going to be closed starting at 2:30 tomorrow. that includes 17th street, 15th and constitution. pennsylvania avenue closed from 14th to 15th starting at 4:30. most closures should be lifted by 7:00. emphasis on the word, should. we posted analyst of other local tree listings, displays on our facebook survey question. we wanted to know when you start playing christmas music. well, most say the day after thanksgiving. others do it in early december. about 15% say they don't listen to christmas music at all. so there you go. today marks the end of the 2016 hurricane season. there it goes. if you watched our storm team 4 summer weather special, a little
6:47 pm
nail that hurricane forecast. there were 15 named stores this year. seven hurricanes, three major hurricanes. you remember hurricane hermin came close to our region in late august/early september. now see if any of that sounds familiar. >> i'm predicting 14 named storms this year with 8 hurricanes and 3 major hurricanes in the atlantic and gulf basins. watch out for late august. each of the years i looked at aw our coastline. >> well -- >> who the man up in here? >> got to call you dr. kammerer. >> now can we get this winter? last winter, we got this summer, now got to get this -- >> in other words, what are you going to do for me? >> you're only as good as your last forecast. right now we continue to watch the rain making its way in. that rain will be moving out by around midnight. some are going to get heavy
6:48 pm
the reds into northern prince george's county, anne arundel county, through downtown seeing one line of heavy rain. another line back from baltimore in through portions of montgomery county here, right on through loudoun county, northern fauquier county. this area here, show you where some of the heaviest rain is. first off 270 has been a mess all evening. it's been raining around the gaithersburg area, germantown for the last few hours. and now we're looking at this area. right along i-95. yeah, you think i-95 is a downtown. we'll zoom in on the college park area. parts of northeast, cheverly starting to see rain along route 50. that heavier rain up around the berwyn area and riverdale. heads up in these areas. this will move through and see more back to the west. follow this line and follow it down toward southern virginia and look what's going on here. we got more heavy rain all of this moving toward places like fredericksburg, the northern neck and southern maryland. places that have not seen any rain since earlier this morning. this whole system shows that
6:49 pm
southeast. many tornadoes. we saw more tornadoes today. actually tornado warnings in toward parts of south carolina and north carolina right now. that system moves through and behind it we see rather cool conditions. you can kind of tell, very warm out ahead of this. 65 mt. vernon. 57 where we've seen the rain back toward lees burg. this is on our weather underground network. twinbrook coming in at 60. tomorrow, you'll needs the jackets. haven't needed the jackets recently. a degrees at 7:00 a.m. 54 at noon. 52 by 4:00. a cool day. not a bad day. a little on the breezy side. not bad at all. you mentioned the christmas tree lighting. i'll be down there tomorrow for the christmas tree lighting. tune in for that. hold on one second. you know why? no, that's the wrong seven-day forecast. >> oh, it is? >> this happens from time to time. you know, when it happens, i always blame somebody else. that was amelia. she was -- >> of course, it was. >> that was amelia. i can't blame it on her. definitely my fault. here it is.
6:50 pm
51 on friday. and notice the weekend. only in the mid to upper 40s for most of you. no chance of rain i think sunday afternoon, sunday evening and late overnight, we could see rain there. we're staying kind of chilly right on into early next week. >> call him ace camera, we appreciate it, ace. coming up in sports, some progress out at the park for one member of the burgundy and gold. another one talking show tunes. stay tuned. but first here's lester hol the recording that captures the harrowing moments on a plane carrying a brazilian soccer team. donald trump's plans to save jobs, about to head to mexico, what was the tradeoff? a visit to a workplace where
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this is the xfinity sts talking about a pretty decent football team we got. no matter the record -- they're better than their record i think. >> the redskins are better than their record? >> i think so. >> i think they're about -- there's a lot of teams right now in the nfc that are playoff caliber teams. we'll see how this shakes out for the red dins. their offense have been one of the most efficient. the redskins' red zone struggles have been in place all season long scoring touchdowns. when it comes to moving the ball up and down the field, they're
6:54 pm
to do with that success. the status for this weekend, still uncertain. more on that from redskins park, here's carol maloney. >> reporter: a long list of injured players out or limited for the redskins. most concerning, though, is the status of their tight end, jordan reed. the good news, reed could lift his arm to put on his jersey today. this past monday, he couldn't even do that. reed is feeling a lot of pain, recovering from a severe separated arizona. meantime, kirk cousins knows this is a time of year you have to be able to bring it on and off the field. >> you know, we always talk about whether it's a lift or a practice or a game or a season, start fast and finish strong and now we have an opportunity with five games to go to finish strong. >> reporter: whether the stage is big or small, teammates tell us cousins is always ready to
6:55 pm
the -- there's this big play in new york called the "hamilton." i was walking with him, dude, you know that song? i was at that play this weekend. >> i don't know all the words. i'm a big broadway fan and love musical theater. my mom kind of raised me on that. ? pretty woman walking down the street ? >> you know, i know in our culture they say singing and dancing may not be most masculine thing to do but for whatever reason when i was growing up, my mom and raised me to be secure in yourself and appreciate it and so i have a huge appreciation for singing and dancing. >> reporter: like that song in "hamilton," cousins not throwing away my shot. hoping to sing and dance his way to the bank. at redskins park, carol maloney, news 4 sports. >> all right. thanks so much, carol. singing and dancing, very -- >> can i say, gene kelly? how about gene kelly? he was pretty masculine. he was an athlete. got to be athletic to sing and dance at the same time. >> you do.
6:56 pm
though. >> not at all. >> it is mine. >> and mine. >> we throw out the term, must-win game a lot in sports. >> we hear that a lot. >> here's the thing. if the skins right now, they have a 62% chance of making the playoffs with a 6 -4-1 record. if they lose this sunday to arizona that drops to 34%. >> okay. >> yeah. moving on to basketball, much like the entire nba the wizards have a 0% chance of stopping russell westbrook tonight. he is averaging a triple-double this season. we'll the answer against his old team. before he was drawing up plays for the wizards, brooks helped develop stars like kevin durant, russell westbrook and james harden. all three will be considered for mvp this season. tonight is the first time brooks will coach against his former team since he was fired last year back in april. he spent seven seasons from tl with the thunder. he said this is, quote, a little ambitious to expect an ovation tonight but he's very much
6:57 pm
talk? >> real. >> hey, just one of 82 games. i'm actually looking forward to it. when you get fired, i was in california so i didn't get a chance to see the people that meant so much to me and, you knows, even like the ushers, to see betty, dean, coats, anna, those are the people that behind the scenes that make organization work. moving on to hockey now. the capitals back to work today. so was defenseman matt niskonin. should be good to go against the islanders tomorrow. same cannot be said about t.j. oshie, not expected to play this week. he's missed the last four games with a shoulder injury. i spoke to oshie last night, he told me he is feeling better every single day.
6:58 pm
>> great. >> you can sing and dance, right? a little bit. >> not dance, but sing. >> no moves? >> you don't want to see it. thanks for joining us. >> i do now. >> "nightly news" coming up next. >> doug?
6:59 pm
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