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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  December 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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will cut eight hours of service per week. they will vote on closing the system. trains will stop running at 1:00 a.m. and not open until 8:00 a.m. on sunday. all this as they consider paul wiedefeld's budget plan that includes raising fares. the transit system is launching a new campaign called "back to good." >> we're going to put a much greater emphasis on customer experience particularly with to track issues, delays due to car issues, and then we're going to improve their environment particularly in the stations. >> tomorrow paul wiedefeld will testify on u.s. capitol hill before the oversight committee. donald trump will go on the road today. he and mike pence will make trips in ohio. trump reached a deal with a company to keep nearly 1,000
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outsource the jobs to mexico. his event kicks off a thank-you tour. it will be the last time as the obamas light the tree as the first family. you can start arriving at 3:00. you have talent like before you head out, be sure to leave a few items at home. >> if you're coming from home, leave it all at home. leave your bags, your umbrellas at home. none of that will be allowed on site. >> now, drivers, this will impact the evening rush in the district. take a look at the closures that will take effect starting at 2:30 in the afternoon. most closures should be lifted by about 7:00 p.m.
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we've posted the list of other tree lightings on the nbc washington's facebook page. >> breaking new this morning in "first4 traffic" and a major problem. we have a fatal crash investigation under way here. clara bar torch rton parkway will be shut. now, inbound traffic being stopped, the turnaround traffic diverted onto outbound claim bridge. you're going to have to head inner loop and outer loop, you don't have any problems, no roadwork there. prince george's county looking okay and 66 and 95, no worries. we'll keep you updated again on clara barton highway. chuck bell, not as much rain. >> no. no rain at all today. just a lot of wet and slippery leaves on the ground and sidewalks. so use caution this morning. i'll tell you, those things are
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forecast. everything is wet. lots of puddles around this morning. be careful for that. we'll get everything blown dry. it will be chilly by tree lighting time. temperatures will be back down in the 40s and then a colder pattern is starting to move in for the weekend. does that mean any increased chance for -- does he dare say it -- snow? i'll get the whole ten-day forecast coming up at 4:51. i'm erika gonzalez at the in the line of duty. a community in mourning. this all started to unravel yesterday afternoon with police responding to shots fired in the neighborhood. a call of domestic violence. we understand one officer entered a home in question and was shot multiple times. people and other officers lining the hospital and waiting for good news for a sigh of relief, but that did not come. meanwhile that neighborhood
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reports of a suspect in custody, definitely a situation we'll be monitoring throughout the morning. at the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. it's 4:34. the death tolls are rising with the burning in tennessee. seven people have died in the fires. hundreds of buildings are damaged or dawn. it's shutting down the areas of they're praying for the families of the victims. tornados uprooted trees and knocked down power lines. more tornados killed five people in alabama and in tennessee. several people were hurt and dozens were reported in florida and mississippi over the last day and a half. it is 4:34. developing in prince george's
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situation. when they tried to get home, they couldn't. police had to shut down west failure road and darcy and met a peek drive in response to a break-in. they kept it blocked off for six hours as they searched on the ground and in the air. pleesz say they located man they took in for questioning. a traffic stop ended officers received a call about a man firing off a gun in capitol heights, maryland. when they appeared, he took off. it ended on southern avenue and h street in the southeast. that is where the suspect reversed his vehicle into the police cruiser. they say as the suspect was being arrested an officer's gun was discharged. no one was injured. today fairfax county officials will celebrate the
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station. it now gives customers more options for parking. it ins 150 parking spaces,ing in place and food. we reached out to health inspectors for more details and we're still waiting onnen a response. for their part safeway sent a statement saying in part we are department of health to resolve the issue. we hope to reopen the store as soon as possible. no server, no problem. a d.c. restaurant is ditching waiter service and taking on machines. we'll show you how it works and the healthy food it's serving up. and the rain is over, but the roads are still wet. your "storm team 4" updates and breaking news all morning. >> coming up, an instructor arrested.
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we have breaking news. clara barton parkway shut down. inbound traffic stopped at the turnaround, outbound will be
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this afternoon. steady temperatures courtesy of a gusty north westerly breeze. 15 to 25 miles an hour. mid, upper 50s for a brief time this afternoon. you can leave the umbrella home. windbreaker and maybe a little scarf as well. back to the sunshine.
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so on the whole, the daily grade gets a b-plus today. anything in the forecast the next few days? i'll let you know coming right up. >> we're getting a look at the first automated fast food restaurant in d.c. it's called eatsa on k street. it takes out the long lines and delivers personalized meeting through a mysterious they will not let you blind the wall. do you trust it? it's a proprietary secret. it's 100% digital. >> it's a little bit "star trekkish." on "star trek" you know what it is.
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little healthy with vegetables. there's a popeyes opens up in my neighborhood. >> you use a kiosk. no cash there. you order $7 vegetarian bowls and they should magically appear. >> we should try it. it should be fun. we'll try it and tell you how we like it. you join us, melissa and chuck. a store break-in getting a lot of fury animal. we'll tell you about the fury encounter straight ahead.
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right now at 4:45, a murder under investigation. his identity has not been released. >> today metro's board is voting on a proposal to cut more service hours. the plan would mean eight fewer time for crews to make extra repairs. >> and today is the national christmas tree lighting on national mall. the ceremony will begin at 5:00 and cause a lot of road closures in the area. today president-elect donald trump will elect to indiana. >> a company had planned to outsource positions to mexico. tracie potts is live on capitol hill now. tracie, good morning.
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there were reports that there were millions of dollars of state incentive given to carrier to keep the jobs in indiana. keep in mind the governor of indiana is still mike pence, the vice president-elect mike pence. clearly they're tag teaming. they're talking about jobs that carrier said were previously going to mexico. the employees are very excited they're keeping their jobs. the union is wondering what may be asked of them or to keep these jobs in indiana, for example, a salary concession. >> tracie, i want to turn to a question. sarah palin might be interested in a role in the trump administration. what do we know about that? >> it turns out she's contacted or had contact with the trump transition team. sounds like she may be interesting in secretary of veterans affairs.
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her son-in-law posted a video on facebook posting her talents and interests in support of veterans, but she has made it clear publicly that she's interested in serving with the trump administration. we just don't know to what degree they're considering her and for what office. >> tracie potts on the hill. thank you. police are investigating what they're calling a possible bias-based va yesterday morning. homeowners found swastika, racist, and other racist words on all three of their vehicles. if you have any information, you're asked to call police. this morning fairfax county police are working to learn whether a former martial arts instructor used multiple students. after an gugs police have
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miller. he's accused of inappropriately touched a 13-year-old girl during a camp this past summer. he kept texting the girl after the camp. her parents called police and told detectives what happened. he has been fired from the studio. today maks the second day a motorcade will transport fidel castro's ashes. >> "news4's" david culver is in cuba as the nation prepares for the final havana, cuba. right now the remains of fidel castro have left this part of the island. they're currently making their way to the other end of the island. it's a three-day journey in all. they'll arrive tomorrow. it's there ultimately they'll be placed in a mausoleum. as the trek has been made, thousands of cubans have been lining the streets. many tell us they're there out of respect, but some insist they have no other choice.
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face backlash like having your travel out of the country rescinded. some wanted to be there. this woman tells me castro was her guiding force for all of these years. we plan to bring you live reports. we're headed on our own journey making the journey 12 hours. those reports start right here tomorrow. hope you join us. that's the l i'm david culver, "news4." it is now 4:49. thousands of soccer fans are paying tribute to the players who died in a plane crash. the crash killed nearly the entire team. fans in colombia and brazil held ceremonies to honor the players and all the victim. they lit flares and laid
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chanted all the players' names. there was a decision not to charge a police officer who killed a man. officers say brently vinson acted lawfully. it led to days of protests and new ones started overnight. police arrested three people during these protests and officers say they went through the dash cam video and a lot of testimony including false information they had to disprove. plan to sue in this case. the case of a former white police officer in the murder of an unarmed motorist is now facing a jury. slager was caught on camera shooting scott in the back. the jury which is made up of 11 white people and one black man could consider a lesser charge of manslaughter which means prosecutors would have to prove
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mell franklin was charged with dui after he crashed into the back of a car in upper marlboro. two others in the other car were taken to the hospital. franklin had accidents in two other county cars. the county has now taken away his access to county vehicles. franklin represents district 9 on the county council. we're learning of an unusual ll were called to. they got a call of property damage of dollar store. they easily found the suspect inside that store. here you go. he was rummaging through -- >> the bottom left there. >> right there down in the corner. >> is he for real? >> animal control had to come in. they were able to apprehend this beaver.
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rehabilitator. listen, you have to get the right decorations. >> my tree is looking a little shabby. >> the picture there, he was standing next to the little artificial trees. wait till he takes a bite out of that. >> he's not going be a happy camper or beaver. >> if that were my store, i would be running that beavers >> still. >> she'll buy that about pandas but not beavers. >> pandas eat bamboo. >> i'll take my chances with a beaver over a bear, any bear. here's a look at the national cathedral and the national mall. our fine monument standing tall. a blustery day after a very
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of the area. at reagan national after all is said and done, not even a half an inch of rain. b-w marshall, annive. that was a daily rain fall record. it depend where you live. most of the area had about an inch of rain. south and east a little bit less. all of that is coming to a rapid end. we still need the rain, but after yesterday, we need a couple of and get traffic back to normal around here. future weather carries the last of the rain drops early this morning. by 10:30, 11:00 this morning we'll have a mix of clouds and sunshine but any chances for rain stay way back west of the mountains. temperature-wise not going to change much. we're at 56 now downtown. 55 in lorton, 55 in warrenton. afternoon temperatures, upper
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town. not a big change today but it will turn very chilly by early this evening if you're going to a tree lighting. i'll have the specific forecast coming up at the top of the hour. tomorrow starting out in the 30s and highs tomorrow in the upper 40s and low 50s. here's your whole ten-day forecast. breezy today and tomorrow as well with highs in the 50s and lows in the 30s. still a small chance for a shower late sunday and sunday ig daywide rainfall come up on tuesday and thursday of next week. i'll be back to detail hour by hour. for now it looks like there will be be hours and hours of waiting. let's go to melissa to find out where. >> it is going to be like this for much of the morning commute. clara barton parkway, a major out for so many people shut down. if you're coming inbound, traffic stopped at the
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your ultimate there, best thing to do. it's going to get quite busy too. beltway looking fine this morning. flying on 56 to the parkway. you're on time. it's going to take you nine minutes. we'll take a look at some metro situation coming up in just a few. all right, melissa. thank you. it has provided mortgages for years, but now fannie mae's headquarters could become your new home. plus, costly christmas. how much money will it take to
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welcome back. one day you could live here. it's been the home of fannie mae since that building has been sold for $89 million to a japanese home building company partnering with dc-based roadside development. they plan to preserve the architecture in colonial williamsburg, virginia. >> it reminds me of everything that's beautiful about america and we need to embrace what's beautiful about america right now. >> fannie mae is moving downtown to 15th street.
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new this morning we're getting a look at how the economy is impacting the price of christmas gifts. >> they're showing how much the the list in the song would incluchltd two turtledoves, $375. that doesn't include the bird feed. nine others stayed the same price or became the overall cost is $34,300. bird hatcheries, of course, and two philadelphia dance groups, you know, the dancing ladies. >> right, right. >> the lords a leaping, right? >> okay. >> you don't know the song? >> i do.
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right now on "news4 today," major route shut down after a deadly crash. also a murder investigation in alexandria. new details just in after police found a man's body in the street. and the national christmas tree lighting hours away. what you need to know about the 94th celebration and the traffic trouble it will cause for tonight's commute. good morning, it's 5:00 a.m. and i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and chuck bell will have weather and melissa mollet will have traffic news. justin finch has more. justin? >> reporter: we're parallel at macarthur boulevard which will see a lot of traffic. u.s. park police continue their investigation. we do have a bird's-eye view of that crash this morning. take a look at that there. police tell us they responded to


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