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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  December 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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mexico. now in exchange for the tax breaks, carrier is investing $16 million in its u.s. plant. trump started tweeting about negotiations with carriers this week. our transportation reporter adam tuss and the i-team have learned what metro general manager is expected to say at a house oversight hearing today. the purpose of the hearing is to find out if metro state tracks program is really working. paul lawmakers repairs are on budget and metro continues to work closely with the fta about safety standards that starts later this morning in the rayburn house office building. new information on a metro derailment that happened this summer. federal investigators believe metro knew about track defects years before that incident. this is a look at that train when it went off the tracks outside the east station in july. 63 people were on board.
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though. now the ntsb says the spacing between the rails is too wide because of deteriorated wooden cross ties. the agency released a report yesterday and blamed metro's ineffective inspection and maintenance practices. a proposal to cut metro hours remains unresolved issue despite a committee vote yesterday. the committee voted to slash service hours for two full years to allow more time for safety repairs. the proposed cuts would end 1:00 a.m. on fridays and saturdays. and then 11:00 p.m. on sundays and that would start next summer. metro board chairman jack evans who represents d.c. says the district has compromised enough and would only sign off on the changeses for one year. a full board votes in two weeks. 4:31 our time. want to learn four things to know about the forecast. question mark. chuck bell. do you? >> i do.
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have ready for you. four things to know about the weather for today, chilly breezes continues, the northwest wind that set up shop will be with us today and tomorrow as well. northwest wind 15 to 25 miles per hour. keeping things a little stirred up and chilly. good news it will be dry today and through the weekend. set up a few sprinkles on monday but our next chance for needed rainfall on tuesday of next week and by late next week, next friday, that gets here for the first time this season. parts of alaska, 47 below zero yesterday. coldest they've been in two years. >> that makes my bones hurt. i can't begin to imagine that. 66 here at the beltway eastbound and westbound looking good. this is the only piece of construction we have hanging around westbound 7 diverted at lexington drive because of roadwork at ashburn village boulevard. get back on to 7.
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the beltway all of these routes rolling nicely. see you back here with a look at 270 coming up. >> thank you. it's 4:33 right now. fairfax police are putting a new emphasis on keeping impaired drivers off the roads. they just launched a new unit dedicated entirely to enforcing dwi laws. the unit works year round, not just around the holidays. police captain blakely says drunk drivers aren't their only problem. they've seen an uptick in drug drivers. c squads trained to identify the effects of drugs. >> drug recognition expert can often tell you similar to field sobriety test, through that evaluation can determine what type of drug they're on, often times how much they've used a timeline. >> officials say this is the first kind of its units in our area. it's being funded by the virginia department of motor vehicles. prosecutors in prince george's county say a police officer used excessive force
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police cruiser. a grand jury indicted juan hernandez on assault and misconduct in office. the suspect was running from officer through a field when hernandez ran into him. prosecutors believe it was intentional and unwarranted. he's been suspended since the incident. families are waiting in fear to see the impact of those deadly wildfires in tennessee. we know 11 people died in those fires. the hardest hit area, sev of gatlinburg shut down and won't reopen for days. the people who live and work there will get to see how bad the damage is today. an investigators say hundreds of homes and businesses were destroyed or damaged in the fires. police say the man found dead at an alexandria park had just escaped from a california halfway house. 41-year-old colby mcclel nonwas found wednesday night. he was murdered behind the townhouse where he used to live
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the halfway house in san diego last month and police don't believe his murder was random but that's not stopping residents from worrying. >> because, you know, you never know, you know, it could be you, you know. somebody can just come up to you. >> this is the seventh homicide in alexandria this year and the third in this section of the city north of old town since june. the safeway in adams morgan is back open after it was shut down for health violations. the d.c.e wednesday. they say among the findings were improper food storage, a leaky refrigerator and mouse droppings. all in the delhi section. safeway says a follow-up inspection was successful and store clensiness is of the utmost importance. >> the holiday season is officially arrived in the nation's capital with the lighting of the national christmas tree. >> this year's lighting was
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>> three, two, one. >> the 94th annual national christmas tree lighting took place on the ellipse near the white house. that ceremony filled with performances that included kelly clarkson, yolanda adams and after the tree was lit president obama delivered his final christmas message. >> and i just want to express what an incredible honor [ applause ] >> it is a tree of generosity and how our family has been aweed by america's goodness. >> now i don't know if you noticed by the national christmas tree is a colorado blue spruce and it's the same one every year. planted on the ellipse in the fall of 2012 and it's been used ever since then. >> never think about that.
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>> same tree. >> we are off to a cool start as you might expect and the kids need a jacket at the bus stop. chuck is tracking what they can expect for their school day. >> the new support for changing the military selective service rules and why the decade's long
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just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make holiday magic. chex party mix. it's what the holidays are made of. sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside,
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let this be a warning to you
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>> it would have been nice. >> yesterday i came into work, no coat, chuck. today, needed the coat. >> absolutely. >> i've hardly worn my parka for the season so far. don't worry, people like me that like a little cold in their lives there's good news at the end of the forecast. today chilly outside, in the 30s, need to layer up early on for a little windchill out there as well. on the whole, though, i think you will like the work and school day. what to wear, you're and scarf weather, i think the industrial strength winter coats can be left at home for another week or so. on the whole, though, the daily grade, a subjective opinion on how much i think you will like today, a-plus weather for today. somebody, though, is off to a bad start on a friday morning. s where's the trouble. >> inner loop at 95, police response here, fire response coming on to the inner loop of the beltway. not seeing the actual crash. hearing the crash is blocking
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95. so just a warning there. we will keep an eye on that for you. right now the beltway overall does not look bad at all. we're seeing a little slow down inner loop after 359 down in virginia. don't have anything reported in that area. 270 from frederick 27 minutes as it should. when i'm back in ten we will take another look at this problem top of the beltway. aaron? >> thank you. he made history on the moon, now he's in the hospital. why buzz aldrin had to be rushed out of antarctica spreading cheer. where it's needed most. how a local group is making the
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gonzalez. you're watching "news 4 today." >> we do have differences. we're a very divided nation but we're not going to be divided for long. president-elect donald trump thank you tour stopping in cincinnati last night. >> trump said he's nominating retired marine corps general james mattis to head up the defense department. news 4's tracie pottss live on capitol hill for us with details on a hurdle that mattis may have to clear first, though, tracie. >> right. because he's only been retired for three years. congress requires sev position as a civilian leader of the military. so he'll need a special waiver. that special waiver requires a two-thirds vote. 60 votes, not the simple majority for all the other confirmations. he'll need to get 60 votes which will mean republicans will need to pick up eight democrats to support pes thp at least one has said yes, one has said no because of the waiver. >> tracie, let me ask you about something else, though.
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considering anybody else for secretary of state outside the frontrunners we've heard the names, rudy giuliani, mitt romney, anybody else? >> and a couple others who have been up to trump tower, but now it looks like he's expanded that search a bit. the ceo of exxonmobil and a former ceo of exxonmobil now on that list as well. according to sources telling msnbc's joe scarborough they are now expanding the search for secretary of state. now we've heard from the transition that there may be more for his cabinet next week. whether or not this is one of them, we still don't know. >> tracie potts on the hill for us, thank you. the obama administration says it supports requiring women to register for the military draft. a white house spokesman says it's logical now that previous barriers for women in military service are being removed. the administration says it remains committed to the current and all volunteer military. it would take an act of congress
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service. 15 before the hour now. new images of hateful vandalism in montgomery county. some may be disturbing. montgomery police are looking for the person who spray painted a swastika and the words trump and racist on a family's car in burtonsville. the family believes they were targeted because they support president-elect donald trump. someone drew a swastika on a tile at prince orchard high school. jewish leaders say the symbol is always a cause for concern. school or again to represent a condemnation of a person of one political view or another it's equally upsetting and should be rejected by everybody. >> officials say there's been an increase in hate inspired crimes since the election. the group progressive maryland is calling for prince george's county member mel franklin to resign. that's according to our news partners at wtop. franklin was arrested on dui
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issued vehicle. according to the police report he blew a.10 alcohol level after being involved in a crash that sent two to the hospital. franklin also wrecked a county vehicle in 2012. he was apparently trying to change the radio station. he is no longer allowed to drive county vehicles. one year ago today, 14 people died while attending a work holiday party in san bernardino, california. say yesterday farouq and his wife tashfeen killed 14 and inspired by isis to carry out the terror attacks and later killed in a shoot-out with police. there will be several events today to remember the victims and employees will hold a moment of silence at the time of the attack and police will hold a 14 mile memorial bike ride that will end near the site of the shooting. no one was hurt but about a dozen people had a very scary story to tell. they were all held hostage at a bank in florida. the man tried to rob the bank.
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heads. negotiators convinced him to let two people go and two others made a daring escape. a s.w.a.t. team surrounded the man and he surrendered. tomorrow fidel castro will arrive in cuba. the end of a nine day period of mourning his death. new video to show you from the central town of camaguey. others waving cuban flags. castro's death and the world response. following the procession east and he will have more live reports today on news 4 and follow him on twitter @david underscore cull ver. >> when i saw the story yesterday, i was like why is he there. this morning former nasa astronaut buzz aldrin appears to be much better and much better condition, recovering after a medical emergency in an arty ka. >> don't you go there on vacation? >> apparently some do.
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buzz aldrin had to be flown off the continent to new zealand where he's in the hospital right now. he had fluid in his lungs apparently, but his manager says he is stable. he also was kept overnight for observation. aldrin was the second man to walk on the moon, of course. he's 86 years old. leads to a whole explanation of why fluid built up and the altitude, we'll talk about that later. >> thanks, aaron. a gainesville, vira, walked out of the center's front doors and wandered away. nayoung park is charged with child neglect and police say in november the 3-year-old walked out of the kiddie academy after dark and wandered at least 200 feet to a nearby papa john's where the employees called police. child protective services are investigating this case. coming up on ten minutes before the top of the hour now, the holidays can be tough for
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especially children who have lost a parent. >> last night the group's yellow ribbons united treated more than 100 kids to holiday cheer and transformed the ritz-carlton in arlington to a winter wonderland. families treated to a dinner and kids received gifts provided by toys for tots. special night for christopher and his mom. lieutenant demetrius in afghanistan in 2011. >> while we're here for a sad reason, we're also here because people want to makes us feel good and feel loved and not forgotten and let us know and remind us that our heroes are not forgotten. >> and for his gift, christopher picked out a star wars lego set. good choice there. >> always a winner there, right. yeah. we appreciate these families sacrifice, they go in making the sacrifice and then it's nice
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wrap these families after they've had as loss. >> absolutely. all right. 4:51 now. a check of your weather. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell joining us today. so coats, jackets, hat. >> it is december after all. >> yeah. >> typically chilly outside this morning. not cold by any stretch of the imagination. 30s, you know, you will need to layer and a bit of a breeze out there. 30s. yeah. exactly. that's how i feel about it as well. not cold enough to be frigid and not mild enough to you're kind of stuck in the middle there. welcome to december temperatures around here. we will be in the 30s for much of the morning. but boy, we just finished up yet another really mild season around here. fall september, october, november, as the three-month combination season, just ended at 63.9 degrees for an average temperature. that's the warmest autumn on record by a mile. the old record was 63.3 set in 2007.
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autumns have all happened in just the last ten years. so certainly a milder weather around here over the last couple years. and no real sign of any prolonged period of cold coming our way. that being said we have a chilly weekend coming with temperatures near average around 45 to 50 degrees during the afternoon. typically cold during the overnight hours. but at least it will be dry. future weather carries nothing but sunshine through here today. traveling westbound into the mountains you could run into a few snow flurries on side there. our good weather i think continues all the way through the weekend for all of your outdoor plans. current temperatures, we're in the low to mid 40s now but the northwest wind has the windchills back down in the 30s this morning. it will be a nice day today, plenty of sunshine. that northwesterly wind will be with us all day. by tomorrow morning back down not 30s once again and as we get into the weekend, tomorrow looks like a pretty nice day to be outside. highs tomorrow generally into the upper 40s to around 50
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through the weekend. clouds come back on sunday. could have a sprinkle early monday morning but dry weather. our next good chances for rain tuesday and thursday of next week. ahead of a big time cool down. afternoon highs only in the 30s to near 40 with a lot of wind around here. that's next friday. a whole week to get ready for our first shot of legitimately cold air coming our way. melissa mollet how is traffic on a friday morning? >> right now, just have a couple little things happening. and if this will load for you, there you go, taking a look at the beltway, have that problem there still top of the beltway but sounds like it went off to the shoulder. so again, this is the inner loop at 95 and the camera is pointed the wrong way. seeing a lot of response here which is why i was showing you this earlier. other cameras in the area not working right now. inner loop on 95 is on the shoulder. top of the beltway looking fine not impacted at all. northbound branch avenue the ramp to thep inner loop two-car crash and response on the scene. that has been moved to the
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still have this roadwork westbound 7 pushed on to lexington drive because of road work at ashburn village boulevard. live look at 95 coming up. >> thank you. a major make-over for the oldest structure on the national mall. the challenging repair and the unique way history is moving forward. you may think you know the answer, but shoppers disagree. we reveal who is in charge of
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice.
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more tornadoes sweeping across the south. this is new video into our newsroom this morning of a tornado going through atlanta. this is from inside a school where other videos, though, show a tree crashing to the ground. it looks like nobody was hurt in these storms in georgia, but five people were killed by tornadoes this week. crews are now working to make some changes for the oldest structure on the national mall. the lock keeper's house was built in the 1830s. yesterdayre groundbreaking to restore the home's original stone and build a new brick chimney to match. the house will also be moved back from the street. you can see the lock keeper's house at the corner of constitution avenue and 17th street northwest. when it's done the house will have exhibits inside about the history and future of the mall. thousands of baby seats and chairs recalled because of a drowning hazard. the lexy book baby bath seats
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the seat can tip over while the baby in it. sold on-line on amazon, unbeatable, wayfair and young from 2013 to last august. if you have one of these stop using it and contact the retailer and you will get a full refund for it. after a lot of virtual reality buzz, what some thought would be the hottest items for the holiday season are falling flat. >> 3d tech has spread from theaters to theme parks t flying off store shelves. the playstation vr is currently the only virtual reality offering that's part of a gaming console. the price is about $500. other headsets like the samsung gear vr and google daydream view require specialized phones. >> a lot of companies are working on standalone vr headsetses. this is right now the first time we're seeing consumer devices. >> who knows maybe next thanksgiving we'll all be
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>> or not. it may take a while for virtual reality to take its place in the physical world, but hopefully when it does it will look cooler than these guys here. >> i don't remember -- i didn't ask for any of that stuff. you know. i got like cd -- >> different times. >> cds in my stocking, chap stick, big tube of licorice. >> really? >> anyway, moving on. >> there's a new study as controversial question. >> who's in charge of all that holiday shopping. him or her. well that study done by credit and found 68% of women say they or another female is primarily responsible for their household holiday shopping. however just 30% of men said that a woman is in charge. imagine that. the study found the trend plays out similarly when shopping for things like groceries or
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that are the guys whose wives let them think they're in charge. come on. we know the reality. stay with us, everybody. "news 4 today" starts right now. at 5:00 a.m. >> "news 4 today" starts now. and now at 5:00 a.m., a new kind of patrols to keep you safe. the new way one local police force is trying to make a difference. it is 5:00 a.m. right now. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm erika gonzalez. grab the coats this morning. big difference from yesterday. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell with our weather headlines on this friday. >> good morning, aaron and eric ka. a chilly start this morning. not cold by december standards but the skies are clear. pure sunshine for today. that is awesome news for your outdoor plans. your weather headlines feeling a little more december out there. breezy and cool outside today. it will stay breezy and on the chilly side through the


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