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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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that are the guys whose wives let them think they're in charge. come on. we know the reality. stay with us, everybody. "news 4 today" starts right now. at 5:00 a.m. >> "news 4 today" starts now. and now at 5:00 a.m., a new kind of patrols to keep you safe. the new way one local police force is trying to make a difference. it is 5:00 a.m. right now. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm erika gonzalez. grab the coats this morning. big difference from yesterday. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell with our weather headlines on this friday. >> good morning, aaron and eric ka. a chilly start this morning. not cold by december standards but the skies are clear. pure sunshine for today. that is awesome news for your outdoor plans. your weather headlines feeling a little more december out there. breezy and cool outside today. it will stay breezy and on the chilly side through the
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next week. out the door, 30 in warrington, 36 manassas, 36 in quantico, down to the freezing mark in fredericksburg and st. mary's county. a little milder county across northern maryland because that's where where the clouds are thicker. it will be a breezy and cool day to be outside. 30s for your morning plans, near 50 for an afternoon high today. melissa mollet, how are you on a friday morning. >> i'm okay right now. a couple things have not cleared out of the 95, that crash was on the shoulder, that is now gone. we don't have to worry about that one anymore. 95 at powder mill road, northbound and southbound see 95 and maryland is rolling along nicely this morning. northbound branch avenue the ramps to the inner loop has also cleared out of the way. no more worries there. this is the only construction hanging around right now, keep our fingers crossed things stay that way. westbound 7 still diverted at lexington drive because of road work at ashburn village
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developing right now, the outer loop of the beltway back open after a bad crash. virginia state police had lanes near exit 57 in springfield shut down for self-hours. that crash -- several hours. the crash happened last night. police say one car caught fire and one person thrown from their car. no word on how that person is doing. one person dead, another hurt after a shooting in northeast d.c. police say this happened on capitol avenue last night. police say five to six men were seen running from that scene after the shooting. suspect information, though. we are working to learn when the man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire will be extradited to fairfax county. police arrested lewis reeder near richmond last week. he was caught just hours after delores williams died. reeder is accused of setting williams on fire inside their fairfax home last month after an argument and he had been on the run ever since. police say it was a citizen's tip that helped track him down.
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nominates former -- rather retired marine corps general james mattis to head the department of defense. trump made the announcement during a post-election victory rally last night in cincinnati. mattis retired in 2013 after serving as the commander of u.s. central command. in a tweet on sunday trump referred to mattis by his nickname "mad dog" describing him as a true general's general. >> they say he's the closest thing to general george patton that we have and it's about ti it's about time. >> now there is a bit of controversy surrounding mattis who you see here meeting with trump at his estate in new jersey. this confirmation by the senate -- his confirmation by the senate is not guaranteed. mattis is only three years out of uniform and he would need a congressional waiver from a 1947 law that requires a seven-year wait. president-elect trump celebrating a deal to keep thousands of jobs here in the u.s. the heating and air conditioning company carrier is getting $7
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stay in indiana and not move to mexico. in exchange for the tax breaks carrier is investing $16 million in its u.s. plants. trump first started tweeting about negotiations with carrier earlier this week. our transportation reporter adam tuss and the i-team scott mcfarland have learned what metro's generale manager is expected to say at a house oversight hearing committee today. the purpose is to find out if metro's state track program is really working. paul weedfeld will tell lawmakers the state track repairs are on budget and metro continues to work closely with the fta about safety standards. that hearing starts later this morning in the rayburn house office building. we've got new information on a metro derailment that happened this summer, you remember this scene. federal investigators believe metro knew about track defects years before the incident. this is a look at the train when it went off the tracks outside the east falls church station in july. 63 people were on board.
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hurt. the ntsb says the spacing between the rails was too wide because of deteriorated wooden cross ties. the agency released a report yesterday and blamed metro's ineffective inspection and maintenance practices. a proposal to cut metro hours remains unresolved. at this hour, despite a committee vote yesterday, the committee voted to slash service hours for two full years to allow more time for repairs. the proposed cuts would end service at 1:00 a.m. on the weekends and 11:00 p.m. on sundays. that would start in the summer. metro board chairman jack evans who represents d.c. says the district has compromised enough and would only sign off on the changes for one year. a full board vote, though, is in two weeks. with the holiday season upon us a lot of people are hitting holiday parties and having a few drinks. >> this morning, fairfax police are putting a new emphasis on keeping those impaired drivers off the road.
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its kind, the unit in particular in our area. megan? >> that's right, guys. this is the start of a holiday party season. a lot of people are going to be out and about in the coming weeks attending a variety of festive gatherings and police want to remind people if you go out, make sure that you celebrate responsibly and if you don't, there could be very serious consequences. here in fairfax county, they have launched a new there are nine officers who will focus entirely on stopping drivers who are under the influence. now they're not just looking for drunk drivers, they're looking for people driving under the influence of drugs as well. in fact, the county has seen an uptick in drunk driving. >> drug recognition expert can often tell you similar to field sobriety test through that eval with ways can determine what type of drug they're on, how
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was made possible by a federal grant and they will actually work year round, not just during the holiday season. back to you all in the studio. >> megan, thank you. it is 5:07. prosecutors say a prince george's county police officer used excessive force when he hit a suspect with his police cruiser. a grand jury indicted officer juan hernandez yesterday on charges of assault and misconduct in office. a suspect was running from officers through a field last summer when hernandez ran into him. pr intentional and unwarntsds. hernandez has been suspended since that incident. right now families are waiting in fear to see the impact of a deadly wildfire in tennessee. we know 11 people died in those fires. the hardest hit area right here, severe county near knoxville. in that counties the town of gatlinburg had been shut down and wouldn't reopen for days, but the people who live and work there will get to see how bad the damage is today. investigators say hundreds of
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police say the man found dead at an alexandria park had just escaped from a california halfway house. 41-year-old colby mcclellan was found in powhatan park wednesday night murdered behind a townhouse where he used to live years ago. mcclellan allegedly escaped early last month. police do not believe his murder was random but that is not stopping some residents from worrying.
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saturday. one pointed a gun at his head and made him lie on the ground. after violently assaulting the postal worker the suspect stole his personal items. 5:09. many of you may be picking the tree or going shopping this weekend. chuck has your outdoor forecast and how you can plan ahead. and former football star killed. the familiar crime and the road rage mystery police are now trying to solve. investigators say he fell to a deadly crash. to a deadly crash. why a train engineer is now fios is not cable. we're wired differently. to a deadly crash. why a train engineer is now
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12 minutes after the hour right now. another chilly start on this december day. >> that's right, aaron. going to need your wind breaker for sure and insulated jacket for sure on your way out the door this morning. cold and breezy for your morning runs and dog walks here. for this evening going out on friday night it will be chilly, not terribly cold. going out to the navy game shi ppmen and the ravens game, because the redskins are out of town, that looks good today. today on your way out, temperatures mostly in the 30s to near 40s now, upper 40s by lunch time today and back into the mid 40s by tonight. the aac title game between temple and navy tomorrow kick off at noon, and game time temperatures in the 40s and it will be fair skies and following for the mid shipmen.
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seas -- >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> so when you're -- in a boat, following seas means you're not fighting the waves. >> oh. going with the grain. >> fair skies and following seas. it's a navy thing. i'll get out of your way now. >> okay. safetrack surge, silver and orange, through december 21st. 66 here looks good, 95 here looks good as well. nice and green and everybody on way, so westbound 7 was being pushed off there at lexington drive because of the road work at ashburn village boulevard. that is out of the way and don't have to worry about that. 270 from frederick down to the spur on time going 66 miles per hour. going to take you 27 minutes. erika? >> thanks, melissa. a man accused of causing a train crash in new york is suing the railroad for $10 million. william rockefeller allegedly fell asleep at the controls of a
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his lawyers say the railroad acted negligently not providing controls that would automatically slow trains as they approached at dangerous curves. four people died in that accident. rockefeller says he is now permanently disabled and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. the airline that operated the jet that crashed on monday in colombia has been indefinitely suspended. the charter flight crashed in the an des mountains killing all brazilian soccer team. their bodies are being prepared now for the journey home. hundreds gathered last night to honor fallen tacoma washington police officer rej begin nald jake gutierrez. ?? >> gutierrez was shot and killed when responding to a domestic call on wednesday.
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12-hour standoff. they say he used two children as human shields. representatives from a number of other law enforcement offices attended last night's vigil to show their solidarity and it ended with a rendition of "amazing grace." a former nfl player is dead in a case of suspected road rage. joe mcknight was fighting with another driver in new orleans yesterday when police say the other man shot him. they say that man stayed on the scene there. they are still i mcknight was a running back in the nfl and played for the new york jets and the kansas city chiefs. >> developing right now, we are getting new video from the syrian army, a battle for the city of aleppo hang right now. elite syrian troops are now in the eastern part of that city, an area controlled by rebels for years. rebels are fighting back and working to keep forces from taking the entire city.
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still developing right now. a teenager has died in a house fire there. we understand that he was trapped in a wheelchair. his uncle tried three times to get into the house to save him, but look at all of those flames and the smoke. the teenager could not get out of that house and died. neighbors say they heard big explosions coming from the home. what caused this fire, though, still under investigation. such a sad erika and aaron, back to you. >> all right. kristen, thank you. 5:16 is our time right now. violations at a veterans hospital in wisconsin are putting hundreds of patients at risk. 592 veterans are being notified they may be infected with hepatitis b, hepatitis c or hiv. the patients all received care from one dental provider at toma va. the dentist was allegedly using his own equipment and then
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in news for your health, there's a new option that could help cut down on unwanted c-sections for new moms. it's called the birthing swing. a certified nurse or midwife says it's especially helpful for moms who want a natural birth. >> in labor the woman's pelvis is opening and so being upright helps the woman's pelvis to open and it helps the baby to more effectively fit through the birth canal >> she also says the birthing sling can make labor shorter by making contractions more effective. nbc 4 is working for you in the community, the next nbc 4 all state community shred is this weekend. >> tomorrow morning from 8:00 to 11:00 at rfk stadium in parking lot 8. your car must be in line by 10:45 to be served. this is always a big event for us. shredding is the easiest way to prevent identity theft.
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and private documents you may have, and we have to put a limit, a cap, four box minimum per car. believe me it adds up fast. more information you can find on the nbc washington app, search shred it. and the holiday season is officially arriving in the nation's capital with the lighting of the national christmas tree. >> this year's lighting pretty special because it was the last one for the obama family. >> three, two, one. >> the 94th annual national christmas tree lighting took place on the ellipse near the white house. the ceremony with musical performances that included kelly clarkson, marc anthony and owe lan a da adams. after the tree was lit president obama delivered his final christmas message. >> i just want to express what an incredible honor it is to serve this nation.
5:19 am
america's goodness. >> that beautiful blue spruce is from colorado. it was actually planted on the ellipse in 2012 and it's been used for the lighting ever since. file that away under things you didn't know. >> lots of interesting nuggets around here, right. let's see if chuck bell has anything interesting to tell us this morning. usually he does. >> anything interesting at all, is a pretty low bar to clear, i guess. the tree they planted down there, the other tree, that since 2011. the tree before that made it a year before brought down by bad weather and the one before that was there 40 years. a stretch of three trees in short order but that seems to be holding on tight. take a look at it. i only live about eight blocks from there. it is beautiful. take a peek. outside on a cool friday morning, temperatures are in the 30s and the outlying cold spots to the lows 40s around town. northwest winds for now only
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20-mile-per-hour breeze later today. have your insulated wind breakers ready to go. colder 31 in warrington, 36 quantico, 37 down in california, maryland, in beautiful st. mary's county. as you're planning out your friday, kind of a typical cold start here early today but temperatures with plenty of sunshine today. we'll get into the upper 40s to around 50. perfect for anything you want to do outside. you can always stay ahead of the a your phone and makes the perfect christmas gift because it's free and follow me on twitter @chuck bell 4 and you'll find it there. your weekend will start out cold and dry, early for tomorrow morning, temperatures down into the 30s in most neighborhoods and tomorrow afternoon, lovely day. full of sunshine, bit breezy once again with temperatures in the upper 40s. sunday going out maybe to do a little christmas tree shopping, plenty of sunshine early. we'll get more and more clouds
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highs around 50 degrees. and then by sunday night, skies will be mostly cloudy and may be a sprinkle or two late sunday night into early monday morning. next good chance for rain shows own tuesday of next weekend and that is good news, we need the rain. melissa mollet, she came down 270 this morning, wasn't any trouble when you came. >> no problems then and now. 270 at montgomery avenue you can see looking good and when i came all the way down to the spur. beltway rolling along here nice and green this morning an inner loop and outer loop isn't it nice to not see any rain here on the radar. no big problems on the roads related to weather. 66 looking good, 95 northbound and southbound also rolling along pretty well here this morning. as you look at the 95 going up 95 here about 67 miles per hour. going to take you 17 minutes from quantico to the beltway. we'll take a live look at prince george's county coming up.
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stories and what you can watch
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today." you may get a warning the next time fake news shows up in your news food. facebook says it's putting warning labels on fake news articles. they could say something like this website is not a reliable news source and also say state sponsored news. facebook is planning to do what it can to prevent fake this particular test is only happening for a fraction of facebook users right now. a rhode island man is in critical condition after driving at high speeds while being on facebook live. police say the 20-year-old man streamed himself going more than 100 miles an hour wednesday morning and weaving in and out of traffic. well, he lost control of the car, he hit a dump truck and crashed into a barrier. the video has been taken down
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their new technology will make deadly pedestrian accidents a thing of the past. yesterday carmakers demonstrated the results from their pedestrian detecting brakes. basically the car is going to detect when somebody crosses in front of it and activate your brakes. 11 models from five japanese carmakers were tested using moving dummies. well, if you think it's chilly now, let's get over it, it hasn't been that bad. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell says we are in for a big drop in teer about the forecast coming up at 5:31. a popular grocery store back open. what we've learned about the what we've learned about the healthoncerns that shut do cwn i really did save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico.
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(softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. "news 4 today" starts now. >> good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm erika gonzalez in for eun yang. coming up on 5:30 and four things you need to the outer loop of the beltway back open after a crash. virginia state police had lanes near exit 57 in springfield shut down for hours. police say one car caught fire there and one person was thrown from their car. this morning we're working to learn when the man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire will be extradited to fairfax county. police arrested lewis reeder near richmond last night. >> fidel castro's ashes headed to cuba right now, about halfway through the journey there.
5:30 am
following the former cuban leader's death. news 4 learned what metro's general manager paul weed felds is expected to say at a house oversight hearing this morning. he will tell lawmakers state track repairs are on budget and metro continues to work with the fshg ta on safety standards -- fta on safety standards. up to speed on the latest weather and traffic as well. let's start things off with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and four things to know about the forecast. >> good morning, everybody. skies are clear, winds aren't too ferocious yet. quite a breezy and chilly afternoon to be outside today and the cool breezes will be with us today and tomorrow as well. on the upside, though, it will be dry. today and dry for most if not all of the weekend. a sprinkle or two late sunday night but probably not until long after you've gone to bed. our next good chance for rain doesn't arrive until tuesday and by this time next week, seven days from now, we could see our
5:31 am
cold air. alaska has been colder the last week than they've been in the last two years. some places in alaska 50 below zero. here's a little good news, melissa, it won't be 50 below zero by the time the air gets here. >> thank goodness. relief. taking a looks at the beltway, beltway here at 210, indian head highway, nice, quiet start, probably jinxed the friday morning saying that, my husband says i jinx everything. top of the beltway into all of those quite good. 270 okay overall. seeing a little slow down southbound as you're coming out of frederick and a little slowdown southbound as well. a look at 56, flying from fairfax county parkway to the beltway on time, no worries. we will have travel times for you in ten minutes. >> thank you. it's 5:31. developing a man shot and killed an intruder who broke into his home in culpepper. the county sheriff's office says this happened on woodland church
5:32 am
found the alleged intruder dead. the sheriff's office says the scene is being processed and the incident still under investigation. when we heard about it, we were pretty shocked. >> northern virginia where a day care director is on indefinite administrative leave this morning. nayoung park is charged with child neglect. gainesville, virginia, police say a toddler worked out of a center's front doors and 3-year-old walked out of the kiddie academy after dark and wandered at least 200 feet to a nearby papa john's where the employees called police. parents we spoke to say this is unsettling. >> when we entrust children in other's care, then that's what we do, we trust that they're going to take care of our children. >> child protective services now investigating this case.
5:33 am
county, maryland. two women were charged with running a prostitution business out of two massage parlors. the autumn breeze foot spa and serenity foot spa in frederick. court documents say the women didn't list employees or wages in their accounts. this according to the frederick news post. the paper says one of the women's phone number was linked to several investigations involving massage parlors, prostitution and human trafficking. the women say they are innocent in the cae. george's county police officer used excessive force when he hit a suspect with his police cruiser. a grand jury indicted officer juan hernandez yesterday on charges of assault and misconduct in office. a suspect was running from officers through a field last summer when hernandez ran into him. prosecutors believe it was intentional and unwarranted. hernandez has been suspended since that incident. in other news the safeway in
5:34 am
violations. the d.c. department of health found the violations on wednesday. they say among the findings were improper food storage, a leaky fridge and mouse droppings. all in the deli section. safeway says a follow-up inspection was successful and told us that store cleanliness is of the utmost importance. controversy continues over how schools can be renamed in prince william county. the school board is changingts process after controversy over the issue this year. according to inside nova the board fogt voted 5-3 for a policy change to clear how members should proceed with the naming process. it came after goodwin middle school over hampton middle school. they were split to name a middle school. to kill a mocking bird and the adventures of huckleberry
5:35 am
schools across the nation. one community is considering banning them after a parent complained about racial slurs used in the books. not everyone in the community agrees, though. the complaint will now go before a committee that will review the books and make a final recommendation. so far there's no timetable set for a process. we would like to know what you think about this issue. i posted a poll on twitter, follow me @nbc aaron to weigh in on whether you think the books should be pulled from classrooms in th just in we have new information on a crash that we've been telling you about on the beltway in springfield. we just found out from virginia state police that someone was killed in this crash. he was thrown from his suv, according to police, and killed. we know that four vehicles were involved in this crash on the beltway. it happened last night around 10:15 in the southbound side.
5:36 am
hospitals. they, we understand from police, have been treated and released. so right now, police working to find out exactly who this man was and let his family know what happened. back to you. >> kristen wright for us, thank you. bundle up if you are walking to work or the metro this morning and don't forget the shades because you will need them later. a closer look at your what-to-wear forecast when we check back in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck gets a welcome color to the neighborhood. the show of support from his new d.c. neighbors. what would your kids do if they couldn't use their phone or tablet for a week.
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what you gone do? lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone
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. coming up this morning on 5:41. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell talking about what to wear to school today and by the look of those temperatures behind you, i would say -- >> you will need your jacket across central virginia where it's the coldest, warrenton down to 30, fredericksburg 32, not
5:40 am
west virginia. cloud cover kept temperatures from dropping quite as much in those locations. it will be a cold start to the day. 30s and 40s for your early morning and layer up a little bit. breezy and temperatures near 50 this afternoon. so what to wear, kids, put your hat and scarf on and warm jacket. save the heavy coats for next week. much colder by then. the daily grade, you know what it is, right, a-plus for you. >> i like t reminder here about the orange and silver line and wanted to let you know everything on metro is running smoothly and on time. the single track betweens we falls and east falls church, inner loop and outer loop everything rolling along. travel times in maryland, 270 and top of the beltway looking good on time there. in virginia, 66 inbound and 95 northbound quantico to the beltway. also on time.
5:41 am
>> thanks, melissa. surprising new twists when it comes to women registering for the draft. who now says they should be required to do just that. while you were sleeping police in northern va working to keep drunk drivers off the road. the new task force just rolled out. and cough up some cash and the charges go away. the plea deal reportedly being
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
celebrate responsibly this holiday season or face the consequences. a dwi unit is out and looking for impaired drivers in fairfax county. mike pence will notice a lot of flags flying in his new d.c. neighborhood but probably not the ones you're thinking about. j recovering well. new video in overnight of buzz aldrin after he was evacuated
5:45 am
proposal that could mean no charges for ryan lochte. [ inaudible ] more often. >> unplugging from their phone and connecting better with life. the changes teens notice when they detox from the digital world. 15 before the hour. covering northern virginia. fairfax police working to keep you safe this holiday season launching a new unit focused on live with more on the news and the mission to save lives. megan? >> well, drunk driving is a problem other year-round, of course, but especially during the holiday season. and the next couple of weeks, a lot of people are going to be attending office parties and different celebrations and police want to remind people, if you do go out and alcohol is served, they want you to be responsible about it.
5:46 am
serious consequences. now here in fairfax county they have rolled out a new dwi unit. nine officers who will be focusing entirely on stopping drivers who are under the influence. under the influence of not just alcohol, but drugs as well. >> and fairfax county we've seen our driving while intoxicated numbers trend downward over the last several years which is a good sign for us, but we're also seeing an uptick in driving under the influen >> reporter: now this new dwi unit was made possible because of a federal grant and the interesting thing here is they're not just going to be operating during the holiday season. obviously this is going to be a busy time for them, but they will be out there looking for people driving under the influence year-round. back to you guys in the studio. >> all right. megan mcgrath live for us, thank you. d.c. police released new photos two of persons of
5:47 am
police believe these two men may be involved or know something about the crime. investigators say the mail carrier was bombarded by two men wearing masks while they were out -- while he was out on his route last saturday evening in northeast. one of the men pointed a gun at his head and made him lie on the ground after violently assaulting that postal worker, pistol whipping him, the suspects stole his personal items. we are hearing the dramatic accounts of people who were held hostage inside a florida bank. lis when he shot up in the air i knew he meant business. >> 11 people were trapped inside the bank. some said the man who was holding them there pointed a gun at their head. they say he tlids to rob the -- he tried to rob the bank yesterday. eventually a s.w.a.t. team broke in. >> they beat the glass first and when they crashed -- when they broke the glass, i got up and told him, you know, i raised my hands. >> 23-year-old nicolas humphries
5:48 am
hurt. new this morning, former nasa astronaut buzz aldrin appears to be improving recovering in new zealand after a medical emergency on the south pole. aldrin was the second man to walk on the moon. he developed fluid in his lungs while innant arty ka and had -- in antarctica and had to be flown off the continent. his manager says he's being kept overnight for observation. covering the district, employees for to be back on the job at some d.c. firehouses. yesterday the company that provides air tanks and refills to the d.c. fire department walked off the job. contract negotiations between the fire department and that company were not going well. doug buchanan with d.c. fire tells news 4 that contract problem has been resolved. fire officials say the walkout did not disrupt normal d.c. fire and ems operations. federal investigators have confirmed the cause of that
5:49 am
summer. the ntsb says the spacing between the rails was too wide because of deteriorated wooden cross ties and vebtsers -- investigators believe metro track officials knew about the defects and did nothing about it. the train came off the track. 63 people on board, no one seriously hurt. the ntsb says metro's ineffective inspections and maintenance practices are partly to blame. the obama administration says it supports draft. a white house spokesman says it's logical now that previous barriers for women in military service are being removed. the administration says it remains committed to the current and all volunteer military. it would take an act of congress to add women to the selective service. some neighbors of vice president-elect mike pence are welcoming him to the chevy chase neighborhood of d.c. where he is renting a home with gay pride
5:50 am
congressional campaign his platform included a statement of anti-gay conversion. one of the neighbors tells nbc news she finds the policies clooel outrageous -- completely outrageous. president-elect trump is putting his thank you tour on pause for today anyway. >> at a stop in ohio last night he announced retired general james mattis his defense secretary. nbc's tracie potts is live on some of the controversy surrounding this announcement and the rum blinx in search for secretary of state. >> defense was one of the last big ones outstanding on his cabinet but mattis has only been retired for three years. congress requires seven. because remember, this is a civilian position and they want to keep it that way. so confirming him would also require a special waiver by congress and some democrats already weighing in, in favor of
5:51 am
to help. they need 60 votes instead of the standard simple majority for the other confirmations. we're hearing this morning that they are expanding the search for people to serve as secretary of state. you talked a lot about mitt romney and rudy giuliani but sources are telling msnbc's joe scarborough the ceo and former ceo of exxonmobil are being considered as secretary of state. more corporate faces walking in and out of trump tower as they tr t out. >> all right. tracie potts on the hill for us, thank you. one unusual outcome of decision 2016 was the spike in politician baby names. "the daily mail" is reporting the number of babies named after hillary clinton shot up by 65% this year. they were only 5% more -- there were only 5% more donalds born this year. some of the other popular baby
5:52 am
isra, emilia and charlotte. there you go. for the parents of teens and preteens, try to imagine what it would be like to have your children disconnect for a week. >> we are talking about restricting them to a laptop for schoolwork only. the horror. nbc's stephanie gosk talked to a group of tenth graders who did it and survived. >> i have done most of my chores. i started reading a book like last night. >> i'm getting a lot that's a positive. that's another positive. many said they spent more time with their family. later on the "today" show will hear if the teens are willing to go at it for another week without their phones this time. >> i don't know, we'll see. let's not go crazy. >> right. turn to meteorologist chuck bell. we need people to be able to access the nbc washington app on the phone. >> absolutely right. that's what i'm giving you for
5:53 am
app. absolutely free. no charge to you. that's just the kind of guy i am. >> [ inaudible ]. >> we already have it. >> i have two of them. >> well. then i'll have to come up with something else. what did you want? i asked you this yesterday. he never told me what he wanted for christmas this year. start working on it. santa is listening. outside mostly clear sky this morning. just finished up the month of november, another month warmer than average and when you combine all of the autumn and fall months, september, october and november, it was autumn on record. and, in fact, four of the top ten warmest autumns have all happened in just the last ten years. certainly little bit of a milder weather around here that we've become accustomed to. look at the national radar here, all the unsettled weather today is literally on or over the four corners. seattle, san diego, miami and maine all have unsettled weather and a little chance of snow over the four corners region in the desert southwest as well. otherwise it is clear skies for most of the country.
5:54 am
pennsylvania. no rain but those clouds did hold temperatures up a little bit over the overnight hours. back to mostly sunny skies this afternoon. maybe a little extra cloud cover in northern and western maryland, couldn't rule out a sprinkle or two but that's way out by deep creek lake. no chance for any rain around here. temperatures today, mostly in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees. here's your ten-day forecast. cool over the weekend, but dry. could have a sprinkle late sundar our next best chances for rain tuesday, wednesday and thursday ahead of colder air late next week into next weekend. closer look at today hour by hour coming up. chopper 4 and melissa mollet has you covered. >> chopper 4 headed to the top of the beltway to show us how volume looks up there. not expecting any big problem. hopefully stays that way on this nice friday morning. overall everything on the beltway looking good right now. 270 at 118, germantown road, northbound and southbound looking very typical this morning. 66 nothing in your way.
5:55 am
bridge as you hit that curve, overall no problems bottom of the beltway in prince george's county. the only thing that we're seeing a little bit of a slowdown inbound 210 at livingston road. >> thank you. it is 5:55 and today marks one year since 14 people died attending a work party a holiday party in san bernardino, california. syed fa reek and his wife forman injd to carry out the terror attack. they were later killed in a shoot-out with police and there will be several events to remember the victims. employees will hold a moment of silence and police will hold a 14-mile memorial bike ride that will end near the site of the shooting. we are seeing new video from vice president joe biden's trip to south america he's in colombia and will meet with the
5:56 am
agreement to end the country's decades long civil war earlier this week. the women's college cup in soccer starts in california. the event originally to take place in north carolina. the reason behind it, state's controversial bathroom law that law restricts people from using a rest room different from the gender on their birth certificate regardless of gender identity. tmz sports is reporting rio official that deal could cost lochte more than $20,000. he's accused of falsely reporting a crime at a gas station during the rio olympics. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. the white house wants to capitalize on the success of poke mongo and help kids learn about the government.
5:57 am
dollar bill the app focuses on george washington's face and shows the white house on top of it and watch events like the easter egg roll and discover hidden items including presidents from the past. with the business report i'm landon dowdy. >> thank you. metro safe track is working. a sneak peek at what the agency's gm is expected to tell a house advisory committee later today. >> some good news about the wild fires plaguing parts of tennessee. how some people and busines and an update on last flight's accident on -- last night's accident on the beltway. we learned one person has died. the latest on that investigation as "news 4 today" continues. stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. stronger is less pain, new hope, more fight.
5:58 am
grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. and with your support, they will.
5:59 am
"news 4 today" starts now. >> good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm erika gonzalez. one thing is for sure, starting to feel a little bit more like the holidays.
6:00 am
christmas tree. most of them did. take a look at the festivities from last night. national christmas tree was a colorado blue spruce planted on the eclipse in the fall of 2012 and used for the lighting since then. for everything else that you want to know about trees here there and last year everywhere, enter storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> he will talk to his facebook page about all that stuff. >> yes. >> right now, just talk about the weather, chuck. >> fair enough. don't have time to get into the interesting history nonetheless. clear skies from washington southbound this morning. a little more cloud cover across northern maryland but it is finally starting to feel a little bit more like december out there and it will be a very december weekend for sure. chilly, cold nights and mornings and pleasant but breezy and cool days and that's the way it's going to stay, today, tomorrow, into sunday. much needed rainfall returns for the forecast as we get towards tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week. planning out your friday plan on sunshine start to finish.


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