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tv   Today  NBC  December 2, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EST

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good morning. he's back. president-elect trump switches into campaign mode during the first stop of his thank you tour. >> we did have a lot of fun fighting hillary, didn't we? wh forum, things get ugly between top aides for trump and hillary clinton. >> i would rather lose than win the way you guys did. >> no, you wouldn't. >> it went down hill from there. road rage, former nfl player shot and killed in an altercation near new orleans. the 54-year-old suspect stayed at the scene and in custody being questioned by police right now. south pole rescue, new
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the 86-year-old's evacuation from the bottom of the world. this morning, the health scare that forced the legendary astronaut to suddenly abort his mission. one last lighting, the first family flips the switch on the christmas tree. president obama's holiday wish to the country, today, friday, december 2nd, 2016. savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in reik p good morning. while the first family gets ready to celebrate lair -- their last day for christmas at the white house, we're marking your
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you. >> reporter: matt and savannah, turns out the new donald trump is like the old donald trump, winning the presidency hasn't changed him very much. trump really soaked up his supporters adoration and even made a surprise announcement naing his pick for secretary of defense. >> i love you, ohio, this is a great place. >> reporter: president-elect trump in cincinnati sounding a
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basking in the glow of his electoral win. >> we have the house, we have the senate and the president. >> reporter: going off script, trump surprised his staff surpriingly announing a cabinet pick. >> we are going to appoint "mad dog" mattis, as our secretary of defense. but we're not announing it until monday, so don't tell anybody! my people over there remember probably saying, >> a tough talking retired marine, general james mattis is widely admired for his record in combat including his leadership in the wars in iraq and afghanistan. on stage, trump's speech was scripted as owed to workers and unity. >> now is the time for push for real profound change that restores the full promise of america for all of its people.
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teo the president-elect was congratulatory boasting about beating hillary. >> we did have a lot of fun fighting hillary, didn't we? >> that prompting the crowd to chant, lock her up. >> reporter: trump taunting the media. >> these are very very dishonest people. i love this stuff. should i go on with this just a little bit longer? >> reporter: he doubled down on a controversial proposal against flag burning p >> if people burn the american flag, there should be co coeq. er rally punctuat sf presidential victory lap. earlier, at a carrier plant in indianapolis, trump took a bow, touting a campaign promise to deliver, a deal to keep roughly 1100 jobs from leaving town, most to mexico. and fiing a warning shot at other u.s. companies. >> companies are not going to
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without consequence, not going to happen. >> reporter: the deal, 7 mi tax breaks over 10 years for them investing millions in its plants. another 1300 jobs going mexico. critics including bernie sanders took trump hostage and won. >> what trump is doing is setting a very dangerous prece. opens the door for more private sector threats to fireworkers. overnight, arizona senator, john mccain, called general james mattis one of the finest military officers of his generation, to be confirmed just three years out of uniform will need a waiver that bars any from congress serving as secretary of defense within seven years of active duty. >> thanks.
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fascinaing forum at harvard between the trump and clinton campaigns and shows how things are still bitter. good morning, andrea. >> good morning. i was one of the moderators of this panel, every four years after the election at harvard. at times it turned into a shouting match bwe the clinton and trump aides as they other. >> i would rather lose than win the way you guys did. >> no, you wouldn't. >> culminaing in this exchange between clinton campaign director, jennifer palmieri and kellyanne conway. >> do you think i ran a campaign that promoted white supremacy? will you sit mine face and say that.
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alt-right. >> donald trump has built his campaign on project and paranoia. >> i'm more proud of hillary cl clintitt caha the courage to stand up. >> cutting the clinton campaign for not having a message? >> do you think could just have message for the working class people? how about they had nothing in common with her and 't >> and the popular vote. >> don't act as though you have a popular mandate for your message. >> i can tell your angry, wow, #he's your president. >> reporter: what they did agree on the media. arguing they were pro clinton and clinton campaign saying far more attention paid to her e-mail than his failings. >> why wasn't there more
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>> strategist said the trump team doesn't get more credit for waing a highly effective negative campaign for fake news proclaiming clinton as fatally ill. this was a rough session. >> i was going to say. you've been part of it in the past, how unusual was it to not only be so bitter but spill out publicly. it's in there? >> not at all. this has been going on since 1972, it's turned into a book and an academic exercise and we prepared that way. this was off to the races and they were going at each other and the first time it exploded this way. usually the winners are gracious and not so this time. >> did any on the clinton campaign talk about their
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short? >> they're very protective and not blaing hillary clinton at all and reject the argument she didn't go enough to the battleground states. they blame the media and feel it's basically james comey. bottom line is, james comey, the last 11 days they had momentum and think it stalled and they couldn't break through. >> all right. f fascin you were right there. thanks so much. appreciate it. >> good luck to you, savannah. >> thank you. >> we're going to miss . >> thank you. >> also this morning a deadly case what appears to be road rage in new orleans. the victim, a former nfl running back shot in a confrontation with another driver. jacob rascon has more on that. good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning. the gunman is being held in the complex behind me after being questioned until late last night. he waited for police to show up
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down a local hero, joe mcknight, dead at 28 years old. caught on camera by a bystander, the futile effort to revive former running back, joe mcknight, shot in what police are calling an apparent road rage incident. >> there are statements being made, i told you not mess with me. >> reporter: lance harris was driing nearby. >> all you heard was mou pow-pow. >> reporter: authorities said ck blue infinity were stopped side by side at an intersection when an argument apparently led to the shooting. >> mr. gasser did in fact shoot mr. mcknight. >> the suspect was just standing there with the gun waiting until the police came and asked him to put it down and he threw it onto the seat and they arrested him. >> reporter: mcknight was rated
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before playing for the new york jets, kansas city chiefs and canadian league. a kickoff return for 107 yards, the longest play in jets' history. just eight months ago in new orleans, an eerily similar incident, another nfl player, former saints defensive end, will smith, killed after another possible road rage incident. usc standout, reggie friend of mcknight at what point did we just lose our ability to handle differences like men. mcknight's cousin and couch, eric allen. >> this is a tragic moment right here. tremendous kid, tremendous kid. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says the suspect will face charges, they're just not sure which yet. after the shooting, family member of mcknight told reporters was getting ready to
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turning now to massive wildfires in tennessee, john and janet summers in gatlinburg on vacation with their family, three sons are alive, recovering in the vanderbilt unit this morning. more than 700 structures destroyed. residents are aloud back to the evacuation area but told to use extreme i smoldering grounds. >> residents cleaning up after 34 tornadoes touched down in seven states. in alabama, a tornado with wind speeds up to 127 miles an hour, leveled the town of rosa lee. the weather service confirming the tornado hit the area wednesday. the school security video shows powerful winds that swept through that region and a tree caught crashing to the ground.
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crashed into colombia, killing 71 people. we have new images of the wreckage proviing clues what went wrong. keir simmons visited the crash site. good morning. >> we were here for hours and then made our way to find a plane simply torn into pieces. this morning we're told the bodies of the brazilian will be in tha tomorrow. the crash site was hard to reach. we went through the jungle. imagine rescuers faing this, flipped over, trees torn from the ground by the force of the crash. colombian police escorting us closer. doo shrine to the 71 who died. beyond it, broken plane, life
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seats and complete destruction. that six people survived this incredible. the loss of life, overwhelming. almost an entire soccer team wiped out supporting the theory the plane ran out of fuel. the pilot was just four minutes from the airport and we found another clue to what happened. the tail of the plane hit the top of the hill. this is just terrible. the pilot flew across runway. he just couldn't make it. days later, no one here can still comprehend how this plane apparently ended his journey without enough fuel. so many lives shattered. one said he found a cell phone in the wreckage. it had scientology missed calls -- it had multiple missed calls he didn't know who that
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a woman saved from serious injury possibly worse with the help of an unlikely source. she was standing in an intersection in poland. watch as a black sedan crashes into an suv and then careens towards her. the car slams into a pole. the woman was lucky enough to be right behind that pole so she escapes the impact. no one involved was seriously injured. niagara falls sporting a 45 officials unveiled a new l.e.d. lighting system that will illuminate the falls in different colors. they are positioned on the canadian border and shine to the u.s. side. it's a$4 million project that uses lights brighter but uses half the power. >> president obama and the first family lighted the national christmas tree.
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>> i could hear him singing. >> i heard one where they isolated his microphone. it wasn't bad at all. >> he likes to sing. >> what's going on in the weather? >> we have wind to talk about. especially for our friends in southern california. santa ana setting up, northeasterly winds coming in, gusty and dry offshore winds
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trees and we could be looking at fire growth potential. damaing wind gusts up to 80 miles an hour, high wind and red flag warnings. developing heavy rain in texas that will spread into the mississippi river valley. more showers into the pacific northwest. the rest of the country fairly quiet. your forecast in the next 30 seconds. good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist,
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not too cold by november standards, in the 30s and 40s. breezy and cool this morning. afternoon highs with sunshine and up near 50 degrees. that is excellent news. you can probably get away without your coat today but you need your hat and scarf. next chance for rain is early monday morning and next best chance for rain on tuesday. coming up, developments on the health scare from buzz aldrich after the emergency evacuatioom t south pole. >> and more about the kidnapping victim in california and why police are not happy about the husband speaking out about the
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chex party mix. it's what the holidays are made of. this is a "news4 today" newsbreak. >> good morning. it's 7:26, friday, december 2nd. >> testifying on capitol hill this about whether amamtrak is worki and working on safety standards. >> the work will change hours and the shady line will operate every 30 minutes. let's check this morning's
7:27 am
camera is not working. you can see delays and slowdowns on the map. at norton, 66 looking okay and 270 at montrose doesn't have any worries there. >> a check on your forecast is
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good morning. sunshine and a bit of a northwest wind out there but not terribly cold. 30s and 40s in upper maryland. cooler towards warrington and fredericksburg. sunshine and a bit of a breeze through the course of the day. afternoon highs in 40s to 50 degrees. if you like it that much, you can do it again.
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>> don't forgot, tomorrow morning is another all state at the stadium. ?? ?? ?? ??
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? santa claus is coming ? we're back. 7:30 friday morning. the 2nd of december. we have a great crowd on the plaza getting ready for a jump-start. >> we will si hi i while. next week, something to look forward to here on "today." for the 10th straight year, we will help "time" magazine announce the person of the year. >> i will be watching. donald trump made news at his first public appearance at a rally in cincinnati, the president announced he plans to
7:31 am
mattis nicknamed "mad dog" overall all forces. >> the president-elect said he had a lot of fun fighting hillary clinton during the campaign and vowed his administration would unite this nation. >> we are going to bring our country together, all of our country. we will find common ground and we will get the properly. r-e s to hold similar events across the country in coming weeks. a state of emergency for those ravaged by fires and storms and 11 deaths and destruction of more than 700 homes in tennessee. good news for former astronaut, buzz aldrin had to be medically evacuated thursday.
7:32 am
recovering well. tom costello covers all things space for us. >> reporter: good morning. they said it was a grueling evacuation from the south pole and may have suffered from high altitude pulmonary edema, a potential deadly fluid build-up in the lungs. for 86-year-old buzz aldrin, he tweeted south pole here i come." he signed on with a group going to the south pole, elevation, 9,000 feet, nearly double the elevation of denver. overnight his manager tweeting photos of aldrin reaching his ultimate destination. that's where the trouble began. his oxygen level began to drop and condition deteriorated. the national science foundation
7:33 am
at the south pole and taking aldrin for a flight to new zealand. showing aldrin helped off to a plane. and in the er he was smiling described as stable with fluid in his lungs but responding well to antibiotics. >> when somebody has lung issues at altitude, it's extremely important they get down to sea level quickly and it's life-threatening and they can't sustain life. >> reporter: in 1969, the world watched buzz aldrin and neil armstrong land on the moon, the two men to launch it. neil armstrong died in 2014. >> we were the only two people that ever got there. we come back. what do we have?
7:34 am
>> reporter: for decades aldrin has pushed for more man missions back to the moon and mars. the character buzz lightyear from "toy story" in his honor. >> he never gives up or sudea qty we should celebrate in a lot of ways. >> reporter: even in retirement, nasa tracks the life of any astronaut il living. doctors say he is doing well. 86 years young always looking for adventure. >> those who suffer from high altitude pulmonnary edema are told to stay at least a week. >> i made a mistake, neil armstrong passed away in 2012.
7:35 am
what we have going on, talking about a developing situation this weekend. the jet stream takes a big dip to the south and that allows a ton of moisture to make its way into the gulf. we will see a system starting to develop and heavy rains saturday night and damaing winds, hail in southern texas and saturday, very heavy rain spreads to oklahoma on to mid-mississippi and good news is it is a help to severe drought areas and watching the burn areas. houston, you're in a 7 inch bullseye through tuesday and heavy brain spreads to atlanta where you can see anywhere from 2-4 inches of rain before it's all over. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> the big rainy system will be
7:36 am
here on your friday morning and we get to keep it that way. 33 in winchester, 34 in lorton, virginia j colder skies with a colder start in some areas. the 40s and 50s today and tomorrow and rain chance on tuesday. >> don't forgot, get your weekend weather any time on the weather channel. >> t mistaken identity. the chilling abduction case we've been following all
7:37 am
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we're back at 7:40. a possible motive emering in the kidnapping of the mother in southern california. >> she was found alive after being tortured for three weeks. more information about this case, investigators still haven't released a motive why two women kidnapped sherri papini. outside experts suggest a chilling motive. >> reporter: sherri endured 22 days of terror, beaten and hair chopped off and branded and two women spoke mainly in spanish and concealed their faces. their motive, authorities say, still a mystery.
7:41 am
specific target or random abduction. >> that's trafficking. >> reporter: nbc news spoke to multiple experts still not involved in the sheriff's investigation believe this case has classic signs of human traffig. >>ug trafficked, that's the number one thing we look for in a traffic victim is a brand. >> reporter: a national expert in trafficking and former vic >> reporter: can i see one? >> they panicked when seeing her face on the national news. >> i think when so much publicity started coming, they probably were like, we have to get rid of this girl. >> reporter: the area where she was abducted is a known triangles for drug cartels and sex rings. private investigator, bill,
7:42 am
specializes in sex trafficking. he says their spanish speaking captors are indicative of cartels. >> the chains opposed to handcuffs and brutal beating and hair cutting are earmarks of what i have seen south of the border. >> reporter: this as papini's husband reveals new details about her struggle to get help after her captors released her, >> she said she was screaming so much coughing up blood trying to get somebody to stop. >> reporter: his decision to talk about the case not sitting well with law enforcement. >> i do think with some of the details he has provided, it could affect the integrity of the investigation. >> reporter: the sheriff won't comment whether this is a case of human trafficking but experts
7:43 am
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luxury shave -- >> and back rub. >> carson, we heard you, loud and clear. >> i was simply saying the whole month of november we do no shave today i look forward to every year. the big shave off, a big thing every year on the 1st of december. i'm usually in california and you have guys here, like john, from the art of shaing giing this nice shaveoff and it w i merely mentioned it quickly. here we are. >> message received. >> i feel great. i want to thank john for coming down. i feel like al capone sitting in this chair. if you want a cigarette, very odd, like being on a plane in the '60s. >> i wanted to thank you, you being your last day --
7:49 am
>> no way. >> let's look at baby names, if you don't mind. the names top in 2016. jackson for a boy. and you see names like apple, cloud and rocket on the right. keep that food for thought for you. we wanted to get our prediction -- ow! jt >> really? >> i was inspired by al. here's my prediction right here. i will go with gabriel, born on december 12th. al, you're next. >> i went with notorious flb. >> for my husband. cute. >> i'm going with december 14th because that's my sister, alisha's birthday. >> mr. lauer?
7:50 am
whole thing is a mistake. >> oh, my gosh. how do you explain this name? >> i think she will name her emmett. i like emmitt. >> you say december 11th? >> december 11th. >> thank you. i do love you because that's the soonest. it could happen at 9:01 and i'd be psyched. >> how es >> it feels good. >> we're happy to do it. >> matt, you want to come here? >> no. i'm going to hang on. >> al? >> no. >> then what i am i doing here? >> we will miss you, savannah. >> miss you guy, too. coming up, the important
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it is a huge morning of
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this is a "news4 today" newsbreak. >> good morning, everybody. it's 7:56 on this friday morning. i'm erika gonzalez. let's get right to the roads with first 4 traffic, melissa mollet. >> good morning. a couple issues. inner loop sounds like it will be clearing out of the way at the turnpike. that is good. lorton had activity on the right side getting out well. inner loop at branch avenue, a crash there on the right side. 66, 95, no major issues there and 210 northbound at kerby hill we have a problem caue ing sowns inbound. >> thank you. we will check that ever
7:57 am
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7:59 am
it's in the 30s and 40s right now. a little breezy outside. it will stay that way for the remainder of your friday and saturday a little breezy as well. temperatures about average and staying dry through the rainfall show up tuesday, wednesday, thursday next week ahead of the big cooldown. >> thank you, chuck. we will check in with you in
8:00 am
?? it's 8:00 on 8:00 on "today." coming up, trump's surprise, while on this is thank you tour, he announces a cabinet pi mattis as my secretary of defense. my people over there are probably saying, you weren't supposed to do that. >> tempers flare as aides from both campaigns. >> i would rather lose than win the way you guys did. >> no, you wouldn't. >> hold the cell phone. >> i'm scared. >> i want to go back home. >> what happens when you challenge teens to go a week
8:01 am
>> i'm going insane. >> i'm already really bored. >> we put a group of them to the test and the results might surprise you. it's an fergulish friday as the pop star stops by to perform her brand new hit "today" friday december 2nd, 2016. friday, december 2nd, 2016. ?? south carolina! >> good morning, d.c., shout out to my dan and brother from michigan! >> good morning! >> we love you, savannah! >> we love you, savannah. [ cheers and applause ]
8:02 am
2nd day of december, 2016. we have a massive crowd out on the plaza and i would imagine a lot of these people are here simply to wish savannah well on maternity leave. >> hi, guys. >> they're all here to say good-bye. >> they're here. this is a beautiful morning, wonderful tree, december. we have a great sign over here, i want to say, great smokey mountain volunteer. then, if we go inside, carson is really stretching out this whole shave business. look at him. he's getting his eyebrows waxed next. >> when is the mani and pedi, carson? >> nice. >> just ahead, we'll check out carson's new look and jill martin with epic "steals & deals" we've been having.
8:03 am
headlines, time now for the news at 8:00. >> we begin with the trump transition. i'm kristen welker in cincinnati, ohio, where president-elect donald trump ticked off his thank you tour last night, the first of many stops aimed at thanking supporters across the country amid a backdrop, stark reminder, the 2016 race is still raw for
8:04 am
erupting into a shouting match last night at a political forum supposed to be cordial. donald trump back in campaign mode in the state that helped make him president-elect. >> thank you to ohio. >> reporter: reveling in his victory thursday night touting it was not a glass ceiling shattered but a blue wall tumbling for working class voters across the midwest. >> we didn't break it, we
8:05 am
controversial and at times racially charged headline. >> i would rather lose than win the way you guys did. >> do you think i ran a campaign where white supremacist platforms? >>odid. >>#he's our president. >> reporter: in ohio, mr. trump was building made for tv drama of his own, teaing the crowd with the posli announcg secretary defense. >> i will not tell you that one of our great great generals. >> only to reveal his pick moments later. >> we're not announing it until monday so don't tell anybody. mad dog, he's great. >> reporter: retired general "mad dog" mattis respected by
8:06 am
victory lap in indiana where he announced a deal to save 1,000 jobs at carrier corporation to keep from moving them overseas. >> companies are not going leave the united states any more without consequences. not going to happen. >> reporter: while we now know the president-elect for secretary of defense, he's still deciing his secretary of state. rudy guiliani and mitt romney had been top contenders and expanding the search to include a current and former ceo with exxonmobil. he will hold more meetings at trump tower today. >> thank you. police are praiing two parents who disarmed their son after he fired a gun inside the classroom at his jr. high school. they said the 15-year-old son had been acting strangely thursday and then realized he had take an shot gun and two
8:07 am
there right after he fired a shotgun round into the ceiling and they grabbed the gun from him as other students hid under their desks. no one is hurt, the boy is facing charges. police are looking for a motive. just ahead, medical tests with a powerful message for rihanna and prince harry. you can transform a dollar bill like this into an actual model of the white house. >> before you head will reveal "good houskeeping"'s toy award winner. first these messages. s up whe we. and when cancer is least expecting it. courage. just one reason more of us are surviving cancer
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? like a net on a jet to london
8:09 am
?? we overthrow humanity? no, dude. save big storewide and online. rats. it's cyber week at toys"r"us! save big on thousands of toys kids want, online and in store! toys"r"us ...awwwesome! i had a wonderful time tonight. me too! call me tomorrow? i'm gonna send a vague text in a couple of days, that leaves you confused about my level of interest. i'll wait a full two days before responding. perfect! we're never gonna see each other again, will we?
8:10 am
ouble cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back. 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double. ?? we're we're back now. 8:10, a good time to trend. looks like a baby's >> isn't he cute? >> my mother is happy now. >> you lost weight, too. >> thank you. i'll find it. >> savannah's last trend. >> are you going to trend every day at 8:10? >> i'll be watching. >> we brought treats and goodies. dylan's milkshake. >> dylan! >> i don't show up empty-handed. i know what these are! >> great!
8:11 am
>> you should come in every day. >> this is why i showed up this morning, i knew there was extra snacks. >> pop trending, ready? if you thought the dollar bill was only good for buying things, think again, the white house put out a new app called 1600 to turn a dollar bill into the white house. check it out. i have a dollar bill, put it on the table. i have a cell phone with the app on i focus on it. watch what happens. >> whoo. >> cutting to see this? watch this. it's happening on the phone in front of me. it builds the white house. there's a narrator proviing history of the white hou you can move your phone around and actually take a tour 360 degrees of that building. >> that's wild. >> i think at one point the president even walks out, does things like that. how about that? >> is it only the one dollar
8:12 am
>> no. >> amazing what they can do on the 50. >> nestle' is proing that science and chocolate are a delicious combination. the candy company has announced its new chocolate formula. get this. it has 40% less sugar but nestle claims it actually tastes the same. scientists were able to hollow out the structure of remoing much of the fat. they're hoping to get a patent for this technology. we're supposed to see it in chocolate in 2018. >> is that the company saying it's going taste the same and if we really try -- i don't know. >> with 40% less fat? >> no. 200% fat. we have two more weeks, babe! >> i'm enjoying every second of
8:13 am
this. if the last subject got you hungry, this will change that. >> cremation a practice after loved ones pass away, a new company trying to change what you do afterwards. chron creation desis offering to make possible for you to have breakfast possible with grandma and to make items for your loved ones you love every single day s. >> did we run out of photos? >> it's a little macab. >> creepy. >> maybe what you choose to make. the coffee cup may seem a little weird. >> jewe >> it's tastefully done, it looks nice. >> what about a picture frame and you put a picture of your loved one in this frame. >> i like that. give me a 20. >> carson, there's no real segue here.
8:14 am
>> will you be doing "popstart"? >> i'll miss it when i watch it everyday. >> we'll start with mariah carey here sort of breaking her silence on the new man in-hour life when asked about the mystery man she's been seen with, mariah had this to say. >> the new man, we've seen picturhe out and about with you, frolicking. >> i refuse to answer under >> guilty as all get out. >> isn't he? >> you pick cute men. >> this is so pretty in here. did you decorate that tree? >> much more of that non-answer. coming up today on klg&hoda and mariah's on our sister
8:15 am
mark the 50th year of independence getting blood testsing to to raise it for the aids world day, while harry made it look painless, rihanna took a second to call him out. >> not bad. >> you made me file like -- you and harry saying the near instant result make it's easier for everybody to get tested. on a press circuit for their new film "passengers" documentg , the problem, he's crossing her out of every single one of them. cropping her out. guess the side of her face and the back of her head. we'll likely see more of
8:16 am
that will do it for pop stars. we are wrapping up here. we have the teens which we will get to. >> we will get to it right now. >> that's why it said guthrie. >> would you like to have a couple? you will love it. >> we are wrapping up our teen series. challening a group of high schooler s to conduct a little bit of experiment. tell us about it. >> good morning. see them walking down the street, you know how hooked they are to their cell phones. we wondered what would happen if we took those phones away. >> if i don't know where my phone is for 10 minutes i freak out. >> for me, getting that little buzz is like an adrenaline rush. >> reporter: these are 10th graders at world history class in washington state. the school bans phones during class.
8:17 am
rule made to be broken. >> phones way, guys. put that away. phones away. >> reporter: before we came, we asked these students to track their phone usage. listen to these totals for a single day? >> 6 8 minutes. >> i'm on 9 hours but just on monday. >> reporter: the class just watched the movie screen agers that talk about their obsession with their dt they asked if these students would give up their phones for a week. >> no way. >> reporter: with some arm twisting, nine brave students agree. the ground rules, no smartphone, no gaming, laptops for school work only and no social media. >> i think i can do it. >> no video gym is is not so fun for me.
8:18 am
home. >> reporter: we did give them flip phones for emergencies. flip phones. >> oh. >> it's samsung flip phone like grandpa's. >> no access to social media, no facebook, no instagram, no snapchat. everyone clear? >> reporter: then the moment of truth. >> good-bye, phone. as we suspected, video diaies show a jarring start. >> i'm going insane. >> i'm already really bored. >> kind of sucks. none of my friends are answering their phone. >> reporter: a few days in we saw changes. >> so far, i have done most of my chores. >> i started reading a book like last night.
8:19 am
>> during the week, i actually -- a test -- >> i hung out with family more often and it's been nice. >> reporter: but not so nice they weren't happy when the week was over. >> last week of the detox, thank god. >> reporter: if you could, 1-10, how excited are you to get back online? here they you have to do another week? >> we didn't sign up for that. >> okay. brandon. >> oh, my gosh. >> i have over 60 missed messages andve 100 instagr aty missed messages are you anxious to check them? >> i'm freaking out. >> this guy dropped me because i
8:20 am
>> to see other people on the phone with a different perspective. like i should not go on the phone as much. >> reporter: did any else feel the same, i spend too much time on it? >> everyone not on it. >> reporter: the teens told us they were more present. >> without my phone i'm more engaged in the moment. i went to dinner with my family and i didn't have my phone so we really like talked the >> reporter: how about any else, their relationship with their parents? >> i was paying attention and ready for someone to talk to me. >> you heard them. >> it was nice to talk to people. when you get a text, you have to sit there and go, how did they mean that. >> so who cheated? >> honestly? >> come clean. >> it was an emergency reason. >> 1, 2, 3, 4. >> i did think about it but my parents would not let me.
8:21 am
get like games on them. >> that's cheating. >> sober. >> reporter: their teacher, dave haywood, kept close tabs on the experiment. >> with some of these kids you saw physical effects? >> behavior changes, some more withdrawn and some more outgoing. >> he was impressed how reflective the students were. >> students are really self-observant and understand how th p a week without their phone in a way really freed them. >> this project gets an a. >> reporter: we checked back to the students after the experiment. most returned to their old habit, others say they changed and one leaves it at home more and the other turns his in to his parents at night. almost automate kids say their parents give them a hard about their phones and then turn
8:22 am
much if not more than they do. parental double standard. >> it's absolutely true, maybe in my house, too. >> i was thinking as i was watching, not ju a teen problem, could we give it up for a week. >> when i walk my dogs, i leave my phobe at home and 20 minutes -- my phone at home and 20 minutes of can't do anything about it. >> they talked to their parents, they read a book. >> i love >> stephanie, thank you very much. we posted tips how families can disconnect. more on >> al, how about a weather forecast? >> connect you to the weather, looking at cold air, our first real outbreak of the season, big area of high pressure near the north pole funneling it in early next week.
8:23 am
these are low temperatures. look how far south it gets. amarillo, texas, below normal and the chill spreads as far east as oklahoma city and oklahoma and makes its way east by the end of the week. good morning. we have sunshine this morning and an otherwiseet outside. sunshine near fredericksburg and colder skies for a colder start and 43 degrees at fredericksburg. upper 40s around 50 degrees. if you're looking for something to complain about, on the breezy side. >> that's your latest weather. time for a little football. the best night of the week. sunday night, "football night in america."
8:24 am
into seattle. it's an open stadium. it will be raining, wet and maybe some snow as seahawks defend against the carolina panthers on sunday night, "football night in america." carson. >> thank you very much. all week long we've been counting down to our biggest "steals & deals" ever. let's get right to some bargains. >a baby and then a full hour at 9:00 to 10:00. retail is $220, men and women. 100% cotton, machine-washable, sold at saks, marcus niemann. >> we have lovely jewelry here.
8:25 am
things women already have. sterling silver wire bracelet made in the u.s. comes in a gift box. celebrity fans include kate hudson and rihanna. $26, 76% off. >> a small gift here. this robe from frette and brale will savannah's last day and the biggest "steals & deals" ever. >> thank you. why have you left us for so long? >> i don't know. >> fergie is back to perform live in our studio. look what we have for you just to welcome you back. from savannah. first, your local news and
8:26 am
good morning. 8:26 on this friday. let's check on the morning commute with melissa mollet. >> a couple problems, outer at 395 crash blocking the left lane. left lane blocked by that response. northbound, 270 at 28, west montgomery, just got a report of a problem there. doesn't seem to, slowing things too much. looking pretty good in virginia. >> thank you. a check on your forecast when we
8:27 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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8:29 am
two monday morning. next real chance for significant rain is tuesday. >> thank you. get the latest news and weather any time. open the nbc washington app. he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the
8:30 am
male vo: comcast. ?? it's 8:30, friday morning, december 2nd, 2016. what a great day. we want to remind everybody we will have this great crowd, please bring your unwrapped gift. >> no question about it. >> and fergie is coming up. >> we do. >> right over there. she's about to grab some toys as part of that toy drive. speaking of toys for the holiday, we will walk you through the best toys per "good houskeeping."
8:31 am
just a second. jill has already revealed a couple deals and bargains and more in the next half hour of today. >> first, let's get a check of the weather from al. >> let's look towards the weekend. flooding rains through texas and mid to lower mississippi valley, santa ana winds out west and snow showers in the great lakes. sunday sunday that heavy valley. cascades, legise effect snow in the great lakes. that's what's going on around the country. back to you. >> good morning, everybody. nice looking day outside. on the chilly side but the first friday in december. 39 in winchester, 36 in manassas, 46 in washington. today's forecast, plenty of
8:32 am
if you're going the navy game, great football in annapolis and hopefully will lead to a navy win and sunday looks plenty dry and cool. >> don't forget to get that weather any time go to the weather channel on cable. cable. >> the share kindness getaway contest is created with our sister orlando, with amazing theme parks and spectacular hotels, island's days and nights of endless fun. >> okay, guys. we are in the midst we are in the midst of our second annual share kindness campaign. post your kind act using the hashtag, share kindness. >> lego used this share kindness vessel to help count to 1
8:33 am
kindness, we will lay a brick. we need over 25,000 acts to fill the vessel. our elf in the box, alex, is doing that. thanks to your many acts of kindness we're at 47,833. there's a long way to go so we want you to keep up the kindness. >> we'r lncng our share kindness get away contest so you can thank the generous people in your life and website to trip for four to new york and stay at sapphire falls. beautiful. >> we just need a million. >> alex can get out of here until it gets to a million. >> today's stress-free holiday is rolling along this morning. we will give you help for the
8:34 am
houskeeping" is here. >> good morning, mr. lauer. >> matt, please. before we get to the individual toys, what has the criteria? >> "good houskeeping" institute electrical and mechanical engineers testing for stability and safety first to make sure nothing poses a choing hazard and bring in 100 the fun factor. we will start with the $20 toys. frozen science. supervision required for little kids. >> can i touch it? >> it feels a little warm. >> you want supervision because you don't want a little kid
8:35 am
of screens -- get kids off of screens. affordability is ke for little artists, kids went nuts on this toy. what we loved about this, you will love, it doesn't make a mess but they can keep the shape together. my and this is my son, leo. >> i was going to say, he came right up to you and said mama. i was hoing there was a relationship. >> this is the boogie wooge mat. >> would you walk on there, leo? the whole family can play. so fun.
8:36 am
>> go for it and shows how this works, the hot wheels crisscross crash track. what's awesome about this, kids love it and parents love it, it only takes 10 minutes. next, we move to props in a box. it takes the old school pretend costume dress-up with gender neutral and likely pairings. this pairs it with the mod you get an app to make a movie, credit. >> how much is something like this? >> $60. >> at toys r us. this is part of the furreal friends, called "torch." >> i've seen him on the hot list. >> what's cool, he interacts with this. parents, don't be scared.
8:37 am
they were ditching other toys. >> just to play with these. >> they will love this. it's an epic robot battle they will have hours of fun. >> and i was reading some kids said we will play this over and over again. >> look at this. >> this was our absolute number one top toy pick. okay. we're going to show you the cool thing. here we go. thomas, jump! it is $100, a little pricey. there are deals to be had, you know it because you are doing a deals segment. the kids went nuts for this thomas toy. >> carson just said, i want this
8:38 am
out the toys list online. orning.
8:39 am
8:40 am
we're back. it's 8:40, expecting today. jill is really busy this week and especially >> good morning. this is a special one. we will miss you and the next time we see you there will be another little one to celebrate you and parents to be. >> we're starting with one of my favorites, berkeley's babies. >> retail is $59.95, a gift set. two footless cover alls, and two
8:41 am
do you like those? >> yes. are you kidding? >> three colors, four sizes available up to 12 months. 100% organic cotton and comes in a gift box already. julia roberts a big fan. retail is $59.95 and $17.99. >> yo don't know what you're having, go with grey and yellow. >> this is super gender >> for $99, crib sheet and two baby blankets and gender neutral pattern great for those who don't know what they're having. retail is $99. 74% off at $26. >> super fabulous patterns. go online and choose your pattern. >> everything is on and clearly spelled out.
8:42 am
baby wash and cream. safe for newborns and also safe, they say, for adults to use. the deal is $29, 70% off. >> i love this little comb. steal the deal and take it with me. >> the great thing is you could buy a bunch of them and mix and match the set. my mom said, i should have thought of to. >> $199.99, chang pa included. wipeable exterior. 60 fabric styles available, retail, $199.99, $65. 67% off. >> pockets and it's awesome. baby bottle on the side. cute. >> great to feel -- do you need to sit down?
8:43 am
>> will show off my -- >> we'll shoot from here up. >> $69 retail calling it the love set in two colors. you get the travel blanky and plush toy. it's retailing for $69 and $20, 70% off. >> sitting down is a lot easier than getting back up. thank you so much. the products are the burts bees baby bundle. pure fiber and original sprout, and lou harvey diaper bags and little giraffe. check online and all spelled out. you should rest because you have a big hour coming up at 9:00. >> i have to get my elf outfit on. it's so awesome, tune in. if you have to go to work, stay
8:44 am
>> first, this is "today" on nbc
8:45 am
?? ?? ?? ??
8:46 am
the citi concert series, is proudly presented to you by citi. >> how cool is this? >> awesome. >> this is fergie, one-fourth of the grammy winning group, the black-eyed peas. >> and "big girls don't cry," a project. >> she's back with a new album on the way. welcome back. can we catch up? >> catch up. >> it's been a little while since you've been here enjoying life the last several years. what's going on? >> several years. i'm about to come out with my second album, 10 years ago, i have four albums with the peas. i did this little thing called having a kid.
8:47 am
>> the best album i ever made. >> hit after hit. >> he keeps coing on with them. >> are you in full christmas mode with axel who is 3? >> we're teaching him he's out of halloween mode and all about costus. aniin of a harder pull, all about the turkey. he's thinking, that's not as good as candy and costumes. >> how about josh? has josh yet? >> yes. we have the tee in the backyard about the balls and sticks as most boys are. >> we are. good one. >> good morning! >> you mentioned, it's been a decade since your last solo album. how is this different now? >> the process i go through is pretty much the same. i've been through a lot of life experiences since my last album. a lot of subject matter going
8:48 am
doesn't have a place on a black eye'd peas album partying and having a good time, let's talk about what's going on in fergie's suconscious now. a lot of that. the fun stuff, dance, pop, reggae, hip-hop, throwback stuff. i always like to throw back. a bunch of everything just like the duchess was. just like me all over the place. >> sounds like the title makes sensi sense. "life goes on" is the name of the single. we're happy to have fergie with us. ?? ? mm ? ? da, da, da, da, da ? ? every day, when i wake up trying to ready ? every day when i wake up tryna
8:49 am
? but it seems like i never finish it's always half foul or is it half-empty ? ? maybe it's my own superstition or a kind of self protection ? ? if it all looks bad why would i wanna look ahead ? ? oh oh oh still sitting here just watching the sun go down down down down ? ? life goes on with or without you it's up to you what ? you could go or you could stay who cares anyway ? ? life goes on with or without you damn it baby what you're gonna do ? ? you could go or you could stay but who cares anyway ? ? every conversation getting me high on motivation ? ? gets me craing of your own familiar situation ? ? reach the unreachable achieve
8:50 am
of the madness of all the madness ? ? still i'm feeling restless thinking i should rest less ? ? work more play hard ready for the encore ? ? life goes on with or without you it's up to you what you're gonna do ? ? you could go or you could stay ? ? who cares anyway ? ? life goes on with or without you damn it baby what you're gonna do ? ? you could go or you could stay but who cares ? it's time to take this outside of my hands ? ? is it all gonna be worth it in the end ? ? cause it's seay here in my comfort zone never stray too far from home ? ? but then again this way i'll never know maybe i should go ? ? go crazy go insane go for everything ? ? get the money dollar bills in your wallet seca ching ?
8:51 am
sound fam mill ? ? the urgency is sounding the drilly for the ma-milli ? ? and then they really talk in braille acting chilly ? ? they got me fell-in like an achilles silly silly i mean really ? ? feel the they get fugazi ? ? you call yourself a rider you need to spend your loyalty up like bugatti ? ? baby we don't underestimate my underdog men salt ? ? life goes on with or without you it's up to you what you're gonna do ? ? you could go or you could stay
8:52 am
? you could go or you could stay mmm-mmmm. you could go you could stay, da-da da-da da ?? >> fergie, thank you very much. back in a moment on a friday morning, this is "today."
8:53 am
8:54 am
? life goes on ? >> i that new song from fergie and willie has what's coming up. >> we have a profile of the divine miss m, bette midler. >> i don't know whether to call you on actress or singer, musician. how do you describe yourself? >> i call myself an entertainer. i've never called artist. people are supposed to call you that, you're not supposed to call yourself that. i'm gratified when people call me an artist. i'm not a songwriter, i'm an interpreter of other people's thoughts and feelings and writer, really what i am. >> it's an honor to sit across from somebody that long -- >> nobody was eating in the restaurant. >> exactly. >> a slw day.
8:55 am
>> the time has come to say good-bye for the next little while. we don't know how long but we wanted to bring everybody together. hoda could not be here but she's here in spirit. we want to propose a toast to you. >> thank you. >> that one's yours. >> i hope this is the hard stuff! >> everyone is missing my boozing. >> l you, we'll miss you, we wish you the best and we can't wait to see the new little boy. >> thank you so much. >> i love you guys so much. >> and feldman, too. >> we have no idea what's coming. thank you so much. i love you guys so much. i really feel like my blessings are overflowing this morning. i'll miss you guys. you know i'll be texting you every morning. >> i just have to say it has been such an honor and pleasure going through this whole process
8:56 am
many wonderful answers. i don't know if they're right -- >> cheers to you as well. >> i'll be with you in spirit. your last day is next week. >> yes. i, unlike you, want to give birth on air. >> wow. >> love you guys. >> back with much more on a friday morning after your local news. >> just apple juice. good morning. it is just a few minutes shy of the 9:00 hour on this friday, december 2nd. i'm erika gonzalez. a check on the traffic commute. >> good morning. a problem at the outer loop crash still blocking the left lane and hearing about potential problem on 50 and arlington and make cloing lanes a bit because
8:57 am
russell avenue at gaithersburg crashed. mig be slowing there, a warning for and you no problems southbound or northbound. >> thank you. a check of your weekend forecast
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning, everybody. storm team 4 chuck bell, plenty of sunshine out there, a bit of a breeze. temperatures not that cold by december standards. up in the low 50s much of the afternoon and upper 40s and 50s saturday and sunday. good news is your weekend should be pretty much rain-free. chance of significant rain on >> good time to get that christmas tree. get the latest news and weather any time on our nbc news washington app. with your eligible american express card, you could get two times the rewards. so support the businesses that make your town a community. the people who make your community, home those insiders, with the inside knowledge, those friends with a welcome smile. and you could get twice the rewards.
9:00 am
?? hey, holiday honchos. i'm going to be a little short on my steals and deals quota today. >> that's all right. how many deals did you get? after all, this is the biggest "steals & deals" show ever. >> ooh. that puts you way behind schedule. and it's almost christmas. >> why don't you just say it? i'm a cotton-headed ninny-muggen. the worst gift-getter, in the world. >> we have time for the big show. we have just the place for you to get the rest of the deals. new york city.
9:01 am
?? ?? >> santa, i know him! hey! >> i'm so excited. got it all the "steals & deals" for the show. my work here is done see. from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today' live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ?? ?? ??
9:02 am
>> wow! hey, what a way to kick off the weekend. an hour-long "steals & deals" on a friday december 2nd, 2016. i'm al, tamron, buddy and, of course, the fantastic rocketter. >> an amazing crowd! >> d spectacular starring the radio city rockettes. they will be here throughout the morning with our steals and dales. >> are we getting out now? >> i guess we're getting out. >> oh, no. help me. >> she's getting carried away.
9:03 am
doing this. this is incredible. >> everybody was here so late last night. >> is that your first time in a horse-drawn slay carriage? >> my first time on a sleigh because i didn't grow up in santos. not my first time close to a horse because i'm a texan and they kind of give those out to us. >> you get one in texas when you're born. this is fantastic. our crew, i'm told, stayed up together. the best part is jill has come armed with "steals & deals" that will last the entire hour. >> it was fun doing the homage to elves. >> i didn't realize that was an homage to elves until after. >> did you see it? >> i did. >> it didn't seem at all remotely familiar? i said, who's playing buddy.
9:04 am
>> we didn't get to see it but want to thank the folks at american village at bryan park. you said, hey, santa, i know him! >> people were standing when i was waiting to shoot saying, where could you go get a battery? where could get a drink? they thought i was information. i said, there's a best buy, make a right and left. i was actually answering. everybody did such a good for putting this together. it took six months to put together this hour show. >> this is your scroll. >> this is my scroll. i've been on the north pole for a while. >> before we gete "steals & deals," we have a great deal for monday's show. you don't even know i'm doing this. i have to do it.
9:05 am
on monday is a fellow texan, "american idol" winner. who is the texan an "american idol" winner? kelly clarkson. >> nobody seemed to know that. that worked out well. >> kelly clarkson will be our super co-host. we want all the super fans to come down to the plaza. >> we will have a >> who is the texan -- thank you. kelly clarkson will come down. meet kelly in person and we will play, finish the lyrics. >> you're an evil elf. >> i don't know! i don't know! let's get started. you have over 25 products during the show? >> we actually have an
9:06 am
they are available for nearly $3,000 today for an overall 66% savings. we fd it a way you can do all your holiday shopping with your feet up, coffee in your hands and never walk out the door. >> who has your first one? >> this is mine? i will model it. >> you will really like this. the retail is $190, 14-karat gold plated or sterlin 79% off. >> how about that? >> i have time for another one. >> a second? >> i have a second. watch from in vveck-dinvecta. retail, $495 to $895, stainless steel. i wear a lot of men's watches,
9:07 am
>> $69? >> up to 92% off. >> get one for somebody else and get one for yourself. one for yourself. >> wow. >> and this is nice. hi, guys. hi, guys. >> when you travel back to texas to visit kelly clarkson, you can use this. >> ohl limmia usa three-piece luggage set, retail is 700 to 76 spinners and expandible 20%. two styles, retail is $700 to $760, deal, $179 for all three. >> for all three? >> up to 76% off. >> i'm normally a black suitcase kind of person but i love these colors. they're beautiful, i like them. >> what's so great, savannah puts a ribbon on so she knows
9:08 am
one. >> with the jokes, man. this is appropriate because you ride your bike everyday in your suit in to work and thought this would be appropriate. $180-450 retail. something for the whole family, six styles starting with 12 inch for girls ages 2 and up. go onto we're not showing them here. retail $180-450, retail, $90-225, 50% off. >> necklace, in vvk -- invcta watch and bicycles. >> go to for all the deals. >> we're just getting started because we have the kids on your list. wait until you see the hot new is to we have for a fraction of
9:09 am
and we have a great crowd and more steels and dales after this! i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. for a complete eye renewing effect try age perfect eye renewal from l'oreal. it renews eyes 5 ways. targets: puffiness, crepiness, under eye bags,
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9:12 am
"steals & deals" show ever. >> they must be freezing. >> i saw the show for the first time with my niece, spent my whole life seeing that sign and wondering what it's like. it lives up to the hype. it es fantastic. >> 1963, my dad and uncle. >> it's an unbelievable show. >> maybe do a "steals & deals" on microphone. >> can you hear us now? >> let's start offit toys. >> letst o with awesome toys. >> this i this virtual reality head-set, retails for $59, a head-set for smartphones, 360 experience. download the content from the app store. enjoy the ride. is it cool? like it? >> you have video. >> a concert? >> retails for $59, the deal is $15, 75% off.
9:13 am
don't worry about it. >> that's amazing, a good find. >> this is the microsaur. an intelligent dinosaur. they respond and you can control it with your hands. look how she's doing that. very cool. >> i've never seen that. >> you can battle it. feed it steak. it really does everything. toys "r" us and best buy and other fine >> it's attacking roker. >> i have little robot t-rex hands. >> this is the motor train set with smoke and sound. it actually gives you real smoke. >> cool. >> 20 piece set, retail is $69.99, deal is 29 $21, 70% off >> great to put together as a
9:14 am
i think train sets scream christmas. you guys are doing good. >> this is a baing or cooking set. hi. the retail is $75. what are you making here? >> i'm making cookies. >> you're making cookies. >> somebody told me the dough has been out all night so we can't cut this dough. it's frozen but they're doing a >> they tell you to chill it first. >> the chinese cooking set or santa cooking set. retails $75 and for $23, 70% off. >> always folk. >> these are classics. my favorite books as a kid, dr. sues books from "random house."
9:15 am
ones. $97.90 to $99.90, up to 71% off. >> let's recap everything. >> hit it, jill. >> we start with the virtual reality set and then moving on -- >> we have the robotic dinosaur from wowie. a 20 piece train set from moda, baing or cooking sets from kids from hands stand "random house." to get them, head to >> we started off strong. i don't know how you can finish out. i know you have good stuff to come. roker with the forecast. >> that's right. let's check out your weather, if you really need to watch out, you do if you're down south. this weekend we have a real rainy pattern and watching a lot of heavy rain develop as the gulf moisture comes in and low
9:16 am
for the heavy rain to start firing up late this afternoon into tonight tomorrow, saturday and sunday, looking for heavy rains in texas, oklahoma, arkansas, missouri, parts of the lower mississippi river valley. texas to indiana. by tuesday we could see 5 inches as far east as atlanta. here's what's happening in your neck of the not too terribly cole. 36 in manassas, up to 40 in fredericksburg mid-atlantic 40 across northern maryland. afternoon temperatures won't move a heck of a lot ushering cooler and drier air and the reason for that. temple and navy tomorrow, perfect weather for a big mid-shipman win.
9:17 am
get your weather any time you need it on cable. >> something next for the fashionistas in your live. after these messages. s to nd i'm hall of famer jerry west and my life is basketball. but that doesn't stop my afib from leaving me at a higher risk of stroke. that'd be devastating. i took warfarin for over 15 years until i learned more about once-daily xarelto... a latest generation blood thinner. xarelto? significantly lowers the risk of stroke in people with afib not caused by a heart valve problem. it has similar effectiveness to warfarin. warfarin interferes with vitamin k and at least six blood clotting factors. xarelto? is selective targeting one critical factor of your body's natural clotting function. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin, there is limited information on how xarelto and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. like all blood thinners,
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9:21 am
absolutely graceful the radio city rockettes. now, the next round of "steals & deals." ready? the fashionistas from the gift list. >> everything you're about to see is 70% off. >> em pencil jeans from melissa mccarthy. retail $89. this is and there's three other wash, retail is $89, the deal is $26.70, 70% off. >> i love the stitching on the inside of those jeans. i like those a lot. >> do they come in other colors? >> yes. the capri length is very hot. >> do they come in other colors? >> yes. three other styles. this is the jessica simpson collection.
9:22 am
jessica and her mom designed this style for $110. it come is in taupe, a 3.5 inch teal. rekale is $110, deal is $33. >> what's a shooty? >> i know what a shooter is? >> a shoe and a boot. >> i could feel al's energy chaning like, what? >> that's one of those terms you they're great, right? >> the other thing is a shoe, right? >> shoe and a booty. thank you so much. >> this is our third deal, $39. we missed the black patton. >> that's why i was saying the other thing is the shoe. let's bring the black patent back. >> that's my fault. this is the black patent,
9:23 am
inch platform. the deal is $17.70, 70% off. >> that looks great. wear to it your next cocktail party or throw over jeans. next up. >> these are super fun. a lot of '70s here. denim and leopard. >> i am obsessed with the shoe. love it. >> you're wearing open toed shoe. >> nadine shoe from jessica simpson. a 1.18 inch platform and 4.4 inch high heel. you have to like heels to wear these. 70% off. >> $35? >> $35. >> those are smoking hot. >> the mini cross bag from jessica simpson, retail, $58.
9:24 am
clutch or cross body bag. retails for -- and is $17.14, 70% off. >> we have jeans from melissa mccarthy. >> and we just taught you what a shooty is. >> go to >> things you need to >> up next, jill helps out a desering family with an unbelievable home makeover and you can snag some of the items inside for guess what? a steal. head to we have two more deals, gorgeous scarves and jewelry trays you can only find on facebook live. back with more deals for home to and kitchen after your local news. and kitchen after your news.
9:25 am
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9:26 am
?? ?? this is a "news4 today" newsbreak. >> good morning. 9:26 this friday, december 2nd. i'm aaron gilchrest. metro general manager is preparing tif oversight hearing to determine if metro safety is working and metro prepares to work closely on safety standards. this weekend orange, blue training will operate every 30 minutes because of track work and others every 30 minutes.
9:27 am
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9:28 am
hope your friday is off to a good start. up near 50 degrees for a high today. northwest winds a little breezy and gusty outside this afternoon and 15-20 miles an hour winds quite likely.
9:29 am
the street. rain chances increasing by tuesday. >> thank you. you can get the latest news and weather any time in the nbc news washington app. just press "clean" and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home. cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba, from irobot.
9:30 am
?? all right! >> legendary radio city rocte fitness video. you are in such great shape. helping to celebrate one of our biggest shows ever, an entire hour of "steals & deals." >> the scarf jill is sporting right now comes in different colors, plus the fabulous jewelry tray i heart. it collapses, has love inside. you can go on our facebook page to find the exclusive "steals & deals" for you.
9:31 am
family with a real nice surprise. >> this is unbelievable. i know they're watching now and you get to see the rooms they t traed sopo it's amazing. >> meet this family, wendy, al, jonathan, anthony and francesco. yep, you are seeing triplets. wendy is a stay-at-home mom so the 5-year-old boys who have certainly taken over this 3 bedroom >> one of our sons was diagnosed on the spectrum. right now, i can't -- i will get emotional. i feel like i'm not doing enough for him. they do take me away, come home with home work so i'm trying to sit with them and at the same
9:32 am
>> reporter: what she doesn't know is her friend wrote us about a much needed makeover for her boys. >> tell me about your sleeping situation. >> the boys have been sleeping in our room since they've been born. >> we heard about that. so we are making over two rooms for you. >> you're the best friend ever! >> i get my bed back. >> i called in our friend and fixer upper who also happens to be a hardware spokesperson and thanks to ace, walla, the walls were painted and beautiful new furniture thanks to kohl's. we got to work on two rooms, one for sleep and one for play. then, it was time. look at your new room!
9:33 am
>> climb up there! >> hooray! >> everybody has a big boy bed. >> everybody has a big boy bed! >> francesco. >> you want another surprise? your new playroom! >> no! >> this is awesome. look at that. >> you happy? tell me what you think. >> wee! >> my partner in >> you know how you like to draw? it's chalkboard paint. >> a special treat for this home picasso sh. >> great, francesco! >> good-bye. i have to give you a hug. >> good job, buddy! >> what a beautiful family! >> i love this family. we want to thank barbara kimmel, a board certified behavior analyst who specializes in
9:34 am
and they're really enjoying them. they were living in the parents' bedroom. everybody is so happy see. love those lights. >> so great. they go from day to night to become a nightlight, retail, $65.95. thom with these stickers as well. double aa batteries. >> love that. >> retail is $65.99, deal is $29, 62% off. this is great. the yogi beanbag chairs, retail $149, they come i two different styles and covers are mac mainabea kids. the deal is $45, 70% off. >> love these pillows. >> is this fabulous, male oversizedly to pillow, retails $95. different templates depending on the pictures you use.
9:35 am
off. >> look at those pajamas. and we used the victoria classic kids' bedding sets. 10 styles. go online and retail $120-140, $39, 70% off. >> we have the lamp, beanbag chair and photo pillows and victoria's bedding sets. go to our today website to check it out. >> what a great thing you've done for that family and great to see smiles. the kids having so much fun. coming up, things get cooking up. heading to the kitchen for a delicious steak dinner. using our culinary "steals & deals." if there is someone on your list who is the foody, these
9:36 am
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eyes open? say hi to xiidra, lifitegrast ophthalmic solution. the first eye drop approved for the signs and symptoms of dry eye. one drop in each eye, twice a day. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and an unusual taste sensation. do not touch the container tip to your eye or any surface. remove contacts before using xiidra and wait for at least 15 minutes before reinserting them. on "today," we have the biggest portions of "steals & deals." in the kitchen you have incredible culinary offers.
9:40 am
rockettes, who will be our taste testers. wel a lemony garlic butter. >> you will be using the knives for "steals & deals." retail, $99, a 7-piece set. how is it working? >> cutting well. flavor butters are a great way to add something extra to your sauces. take spices, herbs, put them in and zest in a little lemon zest. okay. >> you mix that all together. then, you will wrap it up and put it in your refrigerator. >> that's this. >> that's this. >> the knives are $99, the deal is $30 for 70% off. >> tell us about the steak. >> omaha stakes, retail, 186.43
9:41 am
has 48 bacon tater tots and eight bacon-wrapped steaks, go on to to see everything. it gives you everything. >> you only need to do these two minutes perseid, maybe three tops. you flip them over. then, we have a little seasoning for your -- a dry rub you will put on. once it's add flavored butter there. let that maelt a little bit and we slice it up. let it rest 10 minutes so the juices come back in. look at this. >> retail is $186.43 up and the deal is $49, up to 80% off. >> let's run through the products one more time. sorry. >> this is your finished product here. >> that's right. >> these are the -- there's two
9:42 am
olivier cookware set, the 10 piece set with pans. retail is $350 on that. the deal, $99. 72% off. a you get everything there. >> to serve it on the platters, $72-150th i$24, up to 84% off. >> now, we will run through these again. the stokes knives, three party packages from cookware and offers are on that's good meat. give you some good weather. how about doing your waekd outlook? we're expecting to see plenty of flooding rains from texas to the mississippi river valley, also looking at a lot of sunshine and expect to see santa ana winds in
9:43 am
more heavy rain stretching into the mississippi river valley. lake effect snow, northeast new england and heavy rains make their way to the cascade region. that's your latest weather, what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> bright and sunny day, temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. don't expect too much of warmer than we are now because that northwest wind is pushing ever cooler air in the region. it will be cooler now to the mid 30s and outlying rural areas saturday and sunday morning. >> that is your latest weather. you think the deals couldn't get any bi or better, you're
9:44 am
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9:48 am all right, now, for the grand finale of "steals & deals." one stop place shopping for so much. and behind these panels are the biggest "steals & deals" ever. >> my heart is racing. the rockettes are ladies, let's get a drum roll, ready, ladies? rockettes, please do the honors and reveal our biggest deals today. >> man. >> i want to dive on it! >> there you go. >> something for every room in the house starting with a memory filled mattress. retail, 900 to $1450.
9:49 am
california king. retail, 900 to $1,450. the deal $450-725, up to 50% off. >> cool. while you're in bed, you could watch tv. >> you could watch us. >> 43 inch roku tv, retail is $699.9 4k resolution, connects to wifi remote finder feature and headphones for private listening. >> everybody needs that. >> find elf and tells you what channel. >> $699 retails, $299, 70% off. >> i'm so obsessed with this. >> okay. >> this could be interesting. >> what could go wrong here?
9:50 am
retail, $1,999. >> clearly, i need one. >> i think it's in a locked position. >> go-go go, they're chanting. >> it doesn't have power. >> it takes up half the space of other elliptical machines, 24 resistance levels, 32 workout apps. it shows you different ways to work out. free shipping. >> even more important. >> i love it! $1,999. $827, 59% off. >> that's very cool. we will run through the deal. we have the bag. our beautiful bed there. we've got a 43 inch l.e.d. from tcl and trainer from proform and memory mattress from ikrema.
9:51 am
>> you've outdone yourself with this. we're not done. back in a moment.
9:52 am
9:53 am
?? what an amazing hour. guess what. we are not done. we've not forgotten about all of you who stood in the cold to hang out in the plaza. we are giing away free stuff! >> i'm giing away -- >> help us out!
9:54 am
>> let's go over here. here you go. you're turning 13. happy birthday! there you go, sweetheart. >> all right. >> i'm giing away -- >> you get >> here you go. >> keep going. >> how about some luggage? there you go! >> wow!
9:55 am
>> that's for this young lady here. you together? good. how much time do we have? one last day we will give away -- >> come on! >> come on. this lady right here. >> you get a 43 inch there you go! there you go >> there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, jill martin. thank you so much. fantastic, jill martin. you and the entire team! happy holidays, we're back after
9:56 am
9:57 am
good morning, everybody. a few minutes shy of the 10:00 hour on this friday, december 2nd. i'm erika gonzalez. developing this morning, one person is dead and another hurt after a shooting in northeast. d.c. police say the shooting happened on capitol avenue northeast last night. police say 5-6 men were seen running away from that scene after the shooting and the police didn't have specific information to give us.
9:58 am
meteorologist. >> temperatures haven't moved a whole lot. they will probably not climb too much higher than where they are, in the upper 40s and low 50s by the afternoon. plenty of sunshine and breezy at times during the daylight hours. the weekend looks mostly dry and next chance for rain on tuesday. the weather is great for holiday shopping this weekend, erica, i'm a size medium. >> note taken. opening at national harbor.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller it's a great friday friday here in new york. december 2nd, our wonderful hoda is off. she so deserves it. look who's here from "the blacklist," ryan eggle. >> and a song by mariah carey. we have an incredible interview mariah did yesterday. we will be talking about the


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