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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  December 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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before we get you to act in the appropriate manner? >> members of congress lash out at metro over reports of safety problems left unfixed. first at 4:00, what the agency's general manager is doing to solve the problem. >> plus, more familiar faces going through the door of trump tower today. we'll tell you when he's expected to make his next big cabinet announcement. we begin with politics and the we're not expecting any new amountsments until next week. >> but he revealed his pick for the the pentagon, and he laid out an ambitious travel schedule. >> he started this thank you tour in ohio with a rally that included some familiar themes. president-elect trump back out on the road next week in his tour deforce performance in ohio, may have given us a
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>> we spend too much time focusing on what divides us. >> he went between conciliatory and confrontational. >> remember, you cannot get to 270, people. the dishonest press. >> though he won, he still sounded like he was running. he stunned his own transition team by pre-announcing his choice of general james mattis as defense secretary. >> we're not announcing it untile md marine. >> his nomination is probably striking fear into the hearts of many of america's potential adversaries. >> but the general retired in 2013, and a federal law requires a seven-year wait between active duty and employment as defense secretary. congress would have to pass a waiver. >> this is part of our fabric of america. >> good news for the obama administration is good news for trump.
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low. it's fallen more than half. >> it drops to 4.6%, the lowest level since 2007. well, unskilled workers are still struggling. the stock market has been booming since the election. live on capitol hill, news 4. >> thanks. coming up at the bottom of the hour, we'll talk to pentagon correspondent hans nichols about general james mattis. specifically his background and secretary he'll be. >> members of congress lashed out at metro and federal transit officials today, a scathing report revealed metro officials knew of problems that led to a derailment at the east falls church metro state station last summer and there's allegation the staff falsified safety reports. mark has the story. >> yeah, good afternoon.
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members of congress lashed out, as you said, at members of metro's goert, their gm, and federal oversight authority. at times the hearing was, to say the least, controversial and confrontational. >> to hear the report of falsified records is just mind blowing. >> that was the reaction from members of congress today after reading an ntsb report showing metro employees ignored safety problems on the tracks that led metro's general manager told congress he is looking into those allegations. >> started a criminal investigation. hired two independent prosecutors that investigation is still open. >> now, beyond that, the general manager would not comment on the ntsb report that some of his inspectors had falsified inspection reports. members of the union said they also were going to wait until
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who also questioned the union contracts with metro as being too expensive. at 5:00, we're going to let you hear a confrontation between a northern virginia congressman who lashed out at metro board's chairman over threats to cut service in virginia. that's the latest. we're live in northwest washington, mark segraves. >> thank you very much, mark. want to turn to the forecast as we wind down a pretty perfect day in the district. look at that view over the washington because it's about to get a whole lot colder around here. let's get to the storm center where doug kammerer is going to give us bad news. >> temperatures falling in the next couple days. we're moving into a colder pattern as we make our way into the weekend and early next week. especially late next week. out there today, temperatures above average once again. at least east of the blue ridge, and really just amazing. you can see where the bruridge are, right here, the green,
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to the west, much cooler. 33 in elkins, west virginia. 38 in morgantown. drier air making its way in, warming the temperatures. we call that down slope winds that we had out there today, keeping us in the 50s. tonight, a chilly night. a colder pattern setting in. tracking our next storm, going to mention that, and winter really moves in at the end of the ten-day forecast. i'll shoshow you that, and you can down low our app at any time, download it on your phone, if you're next couple hours, you can find it on the nbc washington app. >> thanks. a local catholic school teacher and coach is out of a job following sex abuse allegations. archbishop carol high in northwest d.c. says it has fired jimmy agustin. d.c. police arrested him yesterday. investigators say he engaged in sexual contact with a female student at the school at least two separate times in recent months.
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teacher on the school's website. in a statement, archbishop carol officials say agustin previously cleared their background, their required background check, and after learning of the allegation, immediately removed him from work and terminated his employment. >> d.c. police are looking for two suspects who assaulted and robbed a mail carrier. he had just finished making a delivery over the weekend, and now derrick ward is looking into what's being done to keep postal wo >> this time of year, it's not just rain or sleet or hail or gloom of night that postal carriers have to be concerned about. it's also safety. this time of year where people think they're delivering a lot of expensive and valuable packages. and that makes them targets. now, every day, they're getting briefings about safety. the details of that, we will tell you that they've got their heads on a pivot as they make their rounds. we'll have more on news 4. >> all right.
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packages are delivered to your doorstep. during the break, check out the nbc washington app where we posted a list of ways you can stop thieves from snatching your stuff. search preventing package thefts. >> santiago de cuba is preparing to receive the remains of castro. we'll take you along the procession route in a live report. plus, one year since the terror attack in a look at how that community
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50 degrees right now with the winds coming down a little bit. it was breezy today from start to finish. kind of chilly as well. we're in for a cold but dry evening. by 7:00 p.m., already in the mid 40s and low 40s around 11:00. so if you're going to be out late for dinner or going to a holiday party, bring the warm jackets. if you're getting out of town this weekend and heading out to
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highs only in the low to mid 40s. on saturday, breezy as well. high around 45. plenty of clouds. cloudy on sunday, but we'll keep it dry and a high around 42. now, coming up right around 4:18, doug will break down the weekend forecast at home, what you can expect hour by hour to plan out the weekend. that's at 4:18. >> thank you very much. you know, across the south, people are cleaning up from some severe weather, and we're still seeing incredible images of the tornado damage. look at h through this seating area from a school in atlanta on wednesday. another video shows a tree crashing to the ground just outside the building. it looks like the storms in georgia didn't injure anyone, but severe weather earlier is blamed for the deaths of five other people in the area. >> a day of remembrance in san bernardino, california, as people mark one year since the deadly mass shooting there. a married couple opened fire in a holiday luncheon for health
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police later killed the shooters, who according to investigators, were inspired by the islamic state. county workers observed a moment of silence and police held a 14-mile memorial bike ride. >> thousands of people lining the streets to pay respects to fidel castro. we spoke to cubans who told them why it's hitting them so hard. >> plus firefighters exhausted as they try to contain the tennessee. a look at the progress being made as the death toll continues
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an outpouring of grief and emotion from crowds as the ashes of the late fidel castro passed the halfway point on the journey across the country. the funeral route retraces in reverse the path of castro's march across the country with hiseb revolution. >> the processional ends tomorrow when the ashes arrive in santiago de cuba. and that area where castro's revolution was born will be his final resting place and where david culver is joining us live. david. >> hey, there. you mentioned that journey from havana to santiago de cuba. we made the drive ourselves. normally a 12-hour drive. it took us more than 20 hours. that's because of the crowds of
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route, hoping to catch what was just a quick glimpse. the scenic cross country drive from havana to santiago de cuba, more than 500 miles, coming to a halt several times. military and state police shutting down the road so cubans could fill in by the thousands. holding flags and images, waiting for fidel castro's remains to pass by. the procession cruising by the onlookers for some a rush of emotions. i asked this woman why the tears. because i loved him. he was like a father figure, she told me. some of the folks out here told me they have been waiting since 7:00 this morning. it's now about 11:00. they have been out here several hours. early in the morning, wanting to see that procession go by, after
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matter of seconds, really, they all continue along with their day-to-day lives. means climbing on to whatever can get them home or close enough to it. as the sun fell, they still lined the streets by the thousands. for miles. and it's not just during the day. here we are into the darkness of night. you can see thousands continuing to line the ages. you've got young kids in their uniforms. medical professionals. the streets packed with people. waiting for that procession to make its way towards santiago de cuba. we ourselves finally made it to santiago de cuba, and you can see what is the plaza derevolution. this is santiago's version.
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i'll have more on that later this evening. also, we spoke to someone who knows the area very well, and he explains the significance of why this journey is impacting the folks here and impacting them so deeply. it's causing them to be very emotional. he'll talk about that and you'll hear it at 5:00. chris. >> all right, thank you, david. yeah, castro's death stirring up so many complex, conflicting emotions. thank you very much. we also want to tell you about this image. it's been lin the deadly wildfires in tennessee. it shows local firefighters so dedicated to the job, they took a nap on the ground instead of taking a full break. and as chris pallone reports, the wildfires are now blamed for killing 13 people. >> for people in tennessee's great smoky mountains, moments of anxiety and anticipation. >> there is something still there. >> as they get to check their homes and businesses for the
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week. for caroline, good news indeed. >> i'm all the way up to the back, but none of the house. i mean, it smells like smoke, but it doesn't smell bad like smoke. >> thank you, lord. >> officials say at least 1,000 structures throughout gatlinburg and surrounding towns were damaged and destroyed by fire. and now 13 people are confirmed dead. >> we have one person that passed away that not as a direct result of the heart attack, i think they were fleeing from the fire. >> state and local leaders are defending themselves from questions over whether they waited too long to order mandatory evacuations. >> there's only so many was you can notify people. mass notification. we can go door to door, which we did do. >> what we're getting into is folks who don't know the area. leaders assess the response, we're learning about the
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>> we're 82 years old. going down a mountain is not on the exercise chart. >> like darryl and robert who lost their bed and breakfast to fire but not their lives. >> fire was blowing across the road. and so i didn't know of another way to get down from where we are easy, so we just covered up our mouths and run straight through it. >> the national park service believes the fire was caused by humans but is not yet sure if it was intentionally set. ri >> we tend to associate a lot of those wildfires with california, but they can impact a lot of areas. >> meanwhile, back in our area, what kind of night are we looking at? >> that was all caused by the drought that's been so prolisk into portions of georgia, tennessee, parts of the carolinas. a lot of wildfires continuing in those areas. we need to see the rain here. we saw a little bit the last couple days, but it doesn't look like we'll see much anytime soon. right now, cooler air moving in.
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a half hour. you can start to see the hint of the pink there. that's what happens. 50 degrees. wind out of the northwest at 9 miles per hour. the gusts have been upwards of 20 miles per hour. a little on the cool side for sure. temperatures already back to the west, in the 30s. 36, thurmont. 39 in winchester. 52 in quantico. temperatures to the west of the mountains have been cooler today because of the clouds and because of downsloping winds along the blue ridge. the winds come down, the blue that's where we are now. nothing on the radar, but look at the wider view. the other thing the mountains do, they keep the clouds back to the west, too. the air moves over the mountains and also warms and dries the air, and that helps to keep us cloud free. so all of these clouds back to the west, that's why they have been so cool, and the cooler air will continue to move in. tomorrow, waking up to temperatures around 37 degrees around 7:00 a.m. 49 by noon. 52 by 3:00.
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tomorrow's going to be rather breezy as well. so a rather breezy afternoon. that's going to lead to some cool temperatures. you're going to need to have the jacket on. 44 by 7:00. temperatures around the region into the 40s, back to the west. only in the 50s to the east. again, a very cool afternoon. and that's going to stay the case right on through the next ten days. look at the ten-day forecast. high of only 49 on sunday. sunday is definitely going to be a chilly day. not just because of the temperatures around 49, but also cloud cover during the day. this is going to be the day many christmas trees. i'm getting mine on sunday. 40 degrees, 46 at noon. by 3:00, up to about 50 in some areas. again, going for a high of 49 degrees. 52 on monday. 47 on tuesday. with some rain. this is a system we're going to watch for our north and west zones. amelia will be back in a little bit. coming back at 4:45 with the latest on our next couple storms and that huge plunge in temperatures moving in next week. >> all right.
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football player is killed in a road rage incident. what we're learning. >> plus a big boost for the washington monument, how a
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to walk on the moon, is recovering at a new zealand hospital now after being evacuated from the south pole. the former nasa astronaut was visiting antarctica as a tourist when he got sick. he's 86. he arrived in new zealand today. the tour company said he had fluid in his lungs but he's responding well to treatment. >> to the growing controversy over the death of a former nfl player. joe mcknight was killed in a road decision to release the man who admitted he shot him. ronald gasser opened fire on him thursday afternoon, as mcknight stood outside his car in new orleans. mcknight spent several seasons with the new york jets and kansas city chiefs and recently played in the canadian football league. investigators say gasser waited for officers to show up and they're not saying what led up to the altercation or why they questioned gasser and let him
4:27 pm
as to why that is at this point in time. but i can tell you i can't wait for that moment so that i can set the record straight. >> a sheriff says there is no evidence that mcknight's shooting was a hate crime. >> people haven't been able to take in the view from the washington monument since summer. >> but today, a project to fix that troubled elevator inside got a major boost. we'll tell you how much it's going to cost and whether y'll
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first at 4:00, the washington monument will be closed until 2019. it's going to take two to three years to fix the troublesome elevator at the monument, but a patriotic philanthropist is dedicating the money to fix it once and for all. david rubenstein is donating money to fix all the issues, but it i that happens. this is the second time rubenstein has come to the aid of the monument. after the earthquake five years ago, he donated half of the $15 million that it took to repair it. neighbors near a national harbor are talking about their growing concerns about traffic that the new mgm casino will bring which when it opens next week. >> it's not the kind of traffic you might expect. tracee wilkins explains why it
4:31 pm
residents can't touch this water because the potomac and broad creek have a history of sewage overrun. >> what we wanted was for them to step up the plate and admit they couldn't handle the sewage and correct the problem. >> for years, people along the broad creek basin have also been living with sewage overflows whenever there's a hard rain. the problem is so pad the wssc has prohibited new development. the national was approved because they expected to have the sewer system upgraded by the beginning of the sewer system, but now the improvements have been pushed back to 2020. coming up, why people who live here are concerned that the new mgm casino could add to their problems. it is a post election tradition that happens every four years. the campaign managers of both leading parties get together.
4:32 pm
this year, the discussion held at harfered university, turned into a nasty shouting match. including a nasty exchange between hillary clinton's campaign director, jennifer paul marey, and kellyanne conway. >> i would rather lose than win the way you guys did. >> no, you wouldn't. do you think i ran a campaign where white supremacists had a platform? >> it did. >> i'm more proud of hillary clinton's alt-right speech because she stood up. >> you think you could just have a message for the working class voters. how about it's hillary clinton, she doesn't connect with people? >> one thing the campaigns did agree on during the discussion is their resentment of the media coverage. trump's team argue the media were pro-clinton. the clinton team complained far
4:33 pm
e-mail than trump's business dealings. >> trump's choice for defense secretary means for our troops and the country. hans nichols has been reporting on the nomination of james mattis. hans, he's been called mad dog on one hand. the warrior monk on the other. how do you square not only those nicknames but the reverence some have for mattis, versus this incident in afghanistan, what, some 15 years ago? >> well, on the two nicknames, he prefers warrior monk. a man married own tee to the marine corps, traveled with some 6,000 volumes to these various postings. in some ways, a lot of the love, the adoration his marines have for him is because he gives these hot comments and he has a great battlefield bravado about him. sound bites like be nice, be polite, but be prepared to kill
4:34 pm
15 years ago? >> so, this is an algaze, and it's just an allegation that never merited a formal investigation by the military. here are the facts of the allegation or i shouldn't say facts. here is the outline of the allegation by a former green beret who wrote a 2011 "new york times" best seller and the incident was included in there. he says that when green beret and army special forces came under fire in afghanistan, it was friendly fire, that was determined later. they didn't know it at he says that during that incident, they put out a call for help for distress signals that u.s. troops were down. mattis was the closest commander. he was about 45 minutes away on helicopter. mattis did not respond to that request for help because he didn't know the situation there was. the help ended up coming about three hours away from an air force base that came from three hours away. mattis has never formally responded to these charges.
4:35 pm
charges, and when we reached out to him as well as the author of the book, mattis has never given his version of the events. it is an allegation that's out there. and i suspect he'll come under increased scrutiny in this potential interesting two-part confirmation process because he has normal confirmation and also -- >> speaking of the confirmation process. this is supposed to be a civilian post. what is it going to take for him to be confirmed? >> first off, the change of the 1947 law. it w in the senate. it's filibusterable there. and the house will be a straight vote. then a normal straight up or down 50-vote confirmation hearing, confirmation vote in the senate. >> hans nichols, thank you very much, reporting from the pentagon. >> we'll have more exclusive reporting on what's ahead for the trump transition, including the cost of protecting the president. that's on nightly news with lester holt at 7:00 right here on nbc 4.
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conway says the incoming administration could continue investigations into hillary clinton's private e-mails. this morning, conway told abc's goo morning america that the justice department and congress could still review clinton-related inquiries. mr. trump has previously signaled that he prefers not to pursue the matter. be sure to go to the nbc washington app to get more on the trump transition. one of the most talked about stories right now is trump's new hotel here on pennsylvania avenue and why he may need to >> well, the obama administration says it's supported requiring women to register for the military draft. a white house spokesman said it's only logical now than the pentagon has removed barriers for women to serve in combat roles. the administration says it remains committed to an all-volunteer military. it would take an act of congress to add women to the selective service. >> and we have so many events
4:37 pm
the first weekend in december. it's looking dry, but it's looking kind of chilly, especially during the morning hours. kind of what you would expect this time of year. first, the candy cane dash in frederick and baker park. what a lovely park. temperatures in the 30s and 40s for that run. make sure the girls, a lot of girls on the run participating on that are bundled up tomorrow. the scottish christmas walk and parade in old town, alexandria. you want the warm jacket, and then the jingle all the way and 15k run around the national mall, looking chilly with temperatures around 40. coming up in less than ten minutes, doug will break down your saturday hour by hour, letting you know what to expect throughout the day. >> thanks. if you are looking to buy a big ticket item for the holidays, you probably have been tempted by those zero interest credit card offers. we'll talk to consumer reporter susan hogan about why you might want to read the fine print.
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middle of class. there's a new reason some
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students a ritual wiggle room can help them concentration a little better in class. that's what some texas teachers are saying. >> about their new stand-up desks for fifth graders. jane reports.
4:41 pm
this year. >> i think it's awesome. >> when you stand up, it's easier for your brain to think. and better for your posture. >> they're the first students in the district to get a foothold on the new desks. >> some of them stand all day. some move their chairs in and out. they all have a fidget bar. and these kids say these stand-up desks and the ability to fidget a little helps their concentration. i can make a bunch of noise by tapping my foot on the ground in the other classrooms. if i swing my foot on the fidget bar, it makes no noise and keeps me active. >> ms. adams first heard of the stand-up approach to learning from some colleagues. she didn't sit on the idea too long before deciding to purchase the 25 new desks. >> if you sit all day, it's difficult to stay focused and concentrate. research shows that, too, if they're moving, the brain is
4:42 pm
community, matched by the district, she got a classroom full of stand-up desks by the start of the school year. with a front row seat or a stand up to sedgeication, her students rated a success. >> think it would be nice for the other classrooms to have them. i feel like it would be nice for the other kids to have them. >> and remember the health benefits. some studies show standing lowers your risk of weight gain and obesity, heart disease, and maybe lower blood sugar reduce your back pain. >> well, it sounds great. no interest for years. if you're not careful, the holiday credit card deals can put you into a lot of debt. susan hogan has the four things you need to know to stay out of trouble. >> it was supposed to be the next big thing, but those virtual reality units for your smart phone have been one big bust. why people aren buying in just
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get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. take a look at this. esal thousands of these lexibook bath seats are recalled. the problem is a chair can tip over posing a drowning hazard. the safety commission says you should stop using the chair immediately and contact the store where you bought it to get a refund. the chairs were sold online from january of 2013 through this past august. >> tempted by the zero percent offers on the credit cards? if you are, beware.
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costing you a whole lot more. consumer reporter susan hogan joins us with four things you need to know to avoid big debt. >> you have probably noticed a huge increase in credit card offers in your mailbox. well, retailers are pulling out all the stops to get you to sign up for their credit cards by offering those zero per isn't interest deals but beware of the trap. according to the national consumer law center, retailers will often entice you to buy me with offers of deferred interest financing on major big ticket items. understand the language. deferred interest does not mean no interest. think of it like a ticking time bomb for when the promotional period is over. if you still have a balance on the card, you're going to get hit with a huge bill. new purchases, make sure you read the fine print with this. will the new purchases be
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offer. and don't miss a payment ever. make a late payment and the promotional period may end or you may get hit with retroactive finance charges back to the purchase date for the entire purchase price. it's as if the zero interest rate promotion you signed up for never twisted. on the flip side, the overwhelming number of consumers who use these promotions complete them on time and the majority of people are pretty happy with t >> great insight. thank you, susan. you know, the experts predicted virtual reality devices would be hot sellers for the holidays, but as brian reports, it's a bit of a bust so far. >> wow. >> virtual reality is supposed to be the next big thing. >> it is actually mind blowing if you have never tried it before. >> but while immersive 3-d
4:48 pm
>> goggles right now are not quite mainstream enough for most consumers, but they are something gamers would like to have. >> playstation vr is currently the only virtual reality that's part of a gaming console. >> it's in one package, around $500. >> oculus rift head sets are expensive, $600 to $800 just for the goggles and require a gaming pc. >> both of those are not selling at the levels of their social buzz. >> there are cheaper options with big limitations. >> the google cardboard, which is pretty rudimentary. you can even make it at home. >> other headsets require specialized phones. >> a lot of companies are working on stand-alone vr sets. right now, this is the first time we're really seeing consumer devices. >> it may take a while for
4:49 pm
maybe next thanksgiving we'll all be sitting around the table at hog warts drinking butter bear. >> and hopefully looking cooler than this while doing it. nbc news. >> australia will spent nearly a billion dollars over the next five years to improve the wellbeing of the great barrier reef. 400 mile stretch of coral is the world's largest ecosystem. a new rep o the last nine months. the worst die-off ever there recorded. the country says most of the money will be spent on addressing water quality in the region. >> meanwhile, another natural wonder is looking brighter than ever. niagara falls is now awash with a new $4 billion l.e.d. system that projects dancing, changing lights, and it's vizerable from both the canadian and american sides of the river. we're told the lights are also
4:50 pm
only use about half the power. working in buffalo for three years, i can tell you niagara falls this time of year is beautiful, but it's freezing. if you're planning on going, you definitely want the puffy coat. here are your weather headlines for the weekend. chilly, especially on sunday. and it's going to be breezy again tomorrow. rain looking likely on tuesday, so keep that in mind as you and also next week, we're talking about high temperatures towards the end of the week on into the weekend. only in the upper 30s. it has not been that cold for months in our area. right now, it's still tracking some gusty winds out there, anywhere from about 15 to almost 30 miles per hour in gaithersburg. the winds will come down a little overnight tonight but still a bit breezy there, and definitely chilly. we have a wide range in temperatures from already 39 in winchester to 43 in frederick.
4:51 pm
we start off the day tomorrow in the 30s. and mostly sunny skies throughout the day. highs in the low 50s. tomorrow, exactly the day we would expect for early december. we're right on track there. tomorrow evening, dry around 7:00. we're at 44 degrees. so the weather all in all having a pretty low impact on your weekend. that should stay saturday, but the outlook looking good for whatever your plans are. sunday, we have more clouds so it's going to feel cooler and a day, notice here, 9:00 a.m., some sunshine around 40 degrees. by lunch time, if you're heading out to get the tree, hanging the holiday lights, you want the warm jacket. 45, but with plenty of clouds t will feel cooler. and during the afternoon hours, around 3:00 p.m., that's when we hit our high of 49 on sunday. now, for monday, we're heading back to work, the weather not really an issue. low 50s. there's the rain on tuesday, and rain is looking likely right now
4:52 pm
all-day rains. we need the rain. we'll take it, but also chilly. look at the high, only 47. wednesday, low 50s. not bad. plenty of clouds around on thursday. maybe an isolated late-day shower, and then the cold moves in. friday, a high of 39. saturday, a high of only 38 degrees. take a look at this. cold snap, the coldest it's been since february, and it will be blustery at times. when you factor in the winds, it will feel like wee and the cold pattern not just around friday and saturday. it's looking like it's going to stick around maybe for the month of december. on sunday, a high around 40. and then next monday, highs in the low 40s. coming up, doug's going to take a closer look at how the weekend is impacting your weather in the 5:00 hour. >> thanks, amelia. >> new images of the wreckage of the plane crash that killed a brazilian soccer team. how the images provide more
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4:54 pm
4:55 pm
the home of the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, if firearms and explosives has a new name. >> atf headquarters is now dedicated to the memory of aerial rios. his family members and attorney general loretta lynch were on hand for the dedication today. rios works as an undercover agent in miami in the 'iates when cocaine traffickers turned miami into a war zone. today marks 34 days since his
4:56 pm
>> he stands out for his courage. he stands out for his total selflessness. his willingness to serve others. his dedication to the mission of this agency. >> rios was the first atf agent killed in the line of duty. >> a lamp post saved a woman from being hit by a speeding car. take a look. the crash was caught on some traffic cameras. the video shows a white hatchback making a left turn and getting hi into the lamp post. there was a wuking walking behind it, she fell down, but she was able to get right back up. >> now to the latest on that ill-fated flight in colombia that killed nearly an entire brazilian soccer team. >> today, new images of the wreckage and providing clues as to what may have caused the crash. keir simmons hikes through the dense jungle to bring us this
4:57 pm
jungle. twisted metal, the entire wing flipped over. trees torn from the ground by the force of the crash. colombian police escorting us closer. down here, there's a shrine to the 71 who died. beyond it, the broken plane. a life vest slun around, mangled seats. that six people survived t the loss of life overwhelming. ams an entire soccer team wiped out. no sign of fire. supporting the theory that the plane ran out of fuel. locals told us the pilot was just four minutes from the airport. and we found another clue. to what happened. we climbed to where the tail of the plane hit the top of the hill. and this is just terrible. the pilot flew across that valley, trying to get to the runway. just couldn't make it. it is days later, but still no
4:58 pm
plane apparently ended its journey without enough fuel. so many lives shattered. one local man told us in the wreckage, he found a cell phone with multiple missed calls. he doesn't know who that phone belonged to. back to you. >> news 4 at 5:00 starts now with jim and wendy. >> right now at 5:00, getting a look at video of a shooting that involved police and an unarmed man. >> police tell us it was unintentional, what the man who was happen next. >> i'm susan hogan in the newsroom, working for you with an important safety alert f you own a ford, what you need to check before you get back in the car, why your seat belt may not work correctly. >> to hear the report of falsified records is just mind blowing. >> metro's boss in the hot seat today, track inspectors
4:59 pm
conditions. >> why lawmakers say it's time for people to lose their jobs. >> i'm julie carey in williamsburg, virginia. even though the presidential contest is barely behind us, focus has shifted to the governor's race in 2017. a first look at the field coming up. >> and we're in our second day of december-like weather and it's going to stay that way and we're about to get really cold. the first coming up. i have your forecast. >> tonight, a man is dead after he tried to force his way into a house, and the homeowner fought back. >> we're told the suspect was killed with his own weapon. an 18-year-old woman who was with him is locked up tonight. as police look for at least two more suspects. >> chris gordon has the story from culpepper, virginia.
5:00 pm
we live right down the road. >> the shots rang out just after 6:00 last night at this house on woodland church road. this afternoon, no one was home when we stopped by. culpepper county sheriff's investigators say 21-year-old delonte jones from prince george's county and 18-year-old amber eli of orange, virginia, knocked on the door asking for help with their car. the resident refused. >> as he attempted to shut t into the residence. and struck the homeowner with a weapon. a struggle ensued. and the homeowner was able to take control of the weapon and discharge one round. >> jones was hit in the stomach and died at the hospital. neighbors tell me they heard multiple gunshots. >> i heard like nine, seven, eight, nine gunshots, and that's


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