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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 3, 2016 9:00am-9:30am EST

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the professor was the victim and a student in jail this morning for the crime. the police believe the professor was targeted. the president elect is breaking policy after taking some controversial phone calls with world leaders. donald trump spoke directly with taiwan's president despite a decades long diplomatic tradition and the philippine president there also says he and trump had a brief and positive discussion. cuba preparing for the they're being taken along the historic route. our david culver is in cuba and will have a report in just minutes. news 4 today starts now. good morning. >> i'm angie goff. we're glad you could join us. talking about the weather because a lot of people have outdoor plans whether it's the christmas tree or getting christmas declarations up.
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look at that sunshine. >> it's glorious. >> you have to dress according though. you need a warm coat and you can track the latest forecast with the nbc washington app. right now under this blue sky almost under a gorgeous willow oak tree that is just now turning a beautiful butterscotch color. there is american university off in the distance. we h just about everywhere. reagan international is 45 degrees and the wind has been gusting up to 25 miles an hour. that wind is going to be blustery throughout the day. a look at our next chances for rain coming up this half hour. >> thank you, tom. right now the police need help to find this missing boy. if you can take a second and look at your screen. this is the 12-year-old boy last
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yesterday morning. they say he was wearing a blue shirt, khaki pants and an orange and blue jacket at the time. if you see him call police. emotions are running high in tennessee where the death toll has risen after massive wildfires there. blake mccoy was with some people who made a tough return home to sort through the rubble. >> reporter: the panic of escape now gives way to the agony of return. >> i'm just trying to take home since monday, unsure if it's still there. with her mobility limited by a wheelchair, she awaits word by a friend. >> you're fine. >> reporter: flames charred her house but left it standing. >> i'm luckier than a lot. >> reporter: the toll of the gatlinburg, tennessee fire, devastating. 13 people now confirmed dead,
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they were on vacation with their three sons who are recovering in a burn unit and 75-year-old may vans who died of a heart attack. more than 1,000 structures damaged or destroyed. flames skirted the edges of but ultimately sparred dollywood theme park. dolly parton vowing to help those who lost everything. >> $1,000 a the fires until they get back up on their feet. >> reporter: people like this couple whose nighttime escape on foot down the mountainside was illuminated by a terrifying orange glow. >> i didn't know of another way to get down from where we were so cover up your mouth and we'll run through it. >> reporter: they made it out. some of their neighbors did not. nbc news. an athletic trainer at a
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he's 33. that student is 17. court documents say the teacher and female student denied to police anything inappropriate had occurred. but investigators obtained text messages from the student's phone in which sexual activities were discussed. after that discovery, police say the student admitted to intimate hugs and cussing at the school. check to work at that school where he also taught one class. metro leadership is in the hot seat over service and safety problems. news 4 tells us now why lawmakers on capitol hill are grilling metro. >> it is not a fine wine. it does not improve with time. >> reporter: that was the tone for the entire 2 1/2 hour hearing, members of congress expressing frustration that
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revealing metro employees falsified inspection reports in the months leading up to the derailment at the east falls church metro station last summer. >> to hear the report of falsified records is just mind blowing. >> starting a criminal investigation. i've hired two independent prosecutors. that investigation is still open. >> reporter: much of northern virginia congressman's angst was reserved for district would veto plans to cut hours and threatened to cut services in virginia if the commonwealth didn't come up with more money to fund the transit system. >> when you threaten on that board to close down the largest single connection to metro in northern virginia. >> we have a $290 million shortfall that will get greater in the future. >> i don't need a lecture about
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your comments and those of mr. price were cheap and reckless and have huge implications on my side of the river. you don't want -- >> it's clear to me now that neither virginia or maryland will do a dedicated funding source in time in the future and it's unlikely we will get federal help. how will we afford to operate the silver line to the tunes of hundreds of millions of dollars a year when we are losing 3 to $4 million a year >> this is the last time a congressional board will meet on metro until the new year, but then the board will have a chairman in charge. so if you have a ford or lincoln, you've got to know about this recall. ford is recalling about 680,000 cars. that's a lot. to fix a seat belt issue after two people got hurt. the recall impacts the 2013 to
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to 2014 lincoln mkz models. the company said the seat belts could snap during a crash because of a faulty part. trader joe's is recalling two brands of hummus because of possible list erco the frightening confrontation and how the victim was able to defend themselves. if you're looking to do decluttering this weekend, we've got you covered.
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this happened thursday night in culpepper, virginia. investigators say the 21-year-old man and the 18-year-old woman knocked on the front door asking for help with their car. the homeowner then told them to leave. police say jones forced his way in and hit the homeowner with his gun. >> a struggle ensued and the homeowner was able to take control of th >> jones was hit in the stomach and he died at the hospital. the woman is charged with attempted robbery and burglary with use of a deadly weapon. video from a neighbor's house shows a black car driving away so police are still searching for the people in it. okay. have you put your tree up, everybody? show of hands. >> not me. >> i know. i'm in the category too. we're barely there. but some of you headed out and
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breezy and chilly on this saturday morning. if you're heading out to get your tree, we'll have those winds with us into the afternoon. temperatures will be hovering in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees. a look at our next chances for rain in a few minutes. we continue to follow this breaking news out of prince george's county where police are on the scene of a homicide in capital heights. >> derrick ward is live this morning. what are police saying about this? point. they are still holding the scene. we're in the 4700 block of mann street, about a block or two off of eastern avenue at the maryland, prince george's county line. it was about five minutes before 8:00 when police were called to this house to check on the welfare of a person. when they got here, they found an adult male who had suffered gunshot wounds to the upper body.
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police are still processing this crime scene and going door-to-door to talk to folks to see if they can find out what happened. derrick ward, back to you. >> thanks. today marks the end of a three-day journey carrying fidel castro's remains from havana to cuba. >> a tire rant and others view as a revolutionary hero. david culver is live as conflicting emotions play out. >> today is going to be what is the final tribute so to speak for fidel castro from folks who live in this part of the island. this is about 500 plus miles east from havana. it's about a 12-hour drive,
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hours and that's because the procession had to stop time and time again. those traveling that route on one main central highway had to also stop. folks were being bussed in to line the street for miles and miles, thousands of people. it was very emotional for some of them and interesting to get an interesting perspective from havana that lacked a lot of emot >> why is it this part of the island seems to hold castro in such high regard especially when compared to other parts of the country. >> in havana for example, folks were taking selfies and smiling and seeming to enjoy the environment of being together despite it being a funeral tribute. here though you saw people who were visibly torn and emotional
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really considered himself part of this section of the island. he was from area. they feel in many ways he's one of them, this is a hometown hero that they're welcoming back. that explains a lot of the emotion. also following the revolution one local was telling me that while conditions were really bad for them before the revolution, they felt at least immediately following their access to thi comfort of life went up a little bit, though that seemed to fade as the years went on and his reign continued for 49 years. >> is it fair to say that all of those people that we see there that are lining the streets there are castro supporters? >> i wondered about that because you see people who are carrying signs who are carrying flags and you wonder how much of that is voluntary. it seems certainly a good number
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politics or his actions even those who don't like him and like what he stood for. however what can't be denied is his historical impact. hate him or love him, he had a huge impact on world history, not just cuba. a lot are gathering here and more will fill in today regardless of their political believes and how they viewed him. they still feel as though out of curiosity they need to b moment. a lot of world dig tarries are going to be here. >> the sights and sounds we see there over these nine days of national mourning that was declared, what is going to happen next? can you set the scene for us? >> yeah. for sure. behind me can you can see what the main stage for this final tribute and you may be able to see the flags at half staff.
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several hundreds of chairs that they've been setting up for a couple of days now. this is where that final service is going to be and we expect world leaders are coming to attend so this square is going to be packed. security is pretty tight already. they're going to be filling in a couple of hours from now, but before that happens the procession is of cremated remains will make its way through the city and go the main avenues so folks can see the procession going by and tomorrow morning is the final internment of those remains. it's at a cemetery not too far from here. that's going to be a private service and conclude those nine days of mourning here on the island nation. >> all right. thank you so much. such a historical moment no
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who were connected to this story that are from here in the united states. >> yeah. all right. we are working for you in the community this morning with the nbc 4 allstate community shred. >> people are busy dropping off personal papers to get them shredded for free in parking lot eight at rfk stadium. maurice is joining us live this morning. you got your cap on. i know it's cold out there. you're braving the breeze. what kind o morning? >> reporter: any personal documents that they feel that may cause their identity to be compromised, they want to bring it down here to the nbc community shred. it's free and right now the morning rush is over and so it's the perfect time to come down here and bring those personal documents down here. >> it certainly is. maurice, you know, this is a
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>> reporter: well, with what's going on with identity theft it's so important that people protect their identity and this is a way to stay safe among other products that we have that helps customers protect their identity. >> if people can't make it to the morning event, maurice, what are some ways they can still protect their identity and keep their information safe? >> reporter: one of the things is they want to limit going to some of the their primary bank atm machine and be careful on the information they send out over the internet. what they throw in their trash cans. >> thank you so much for joining us with tips and letting us know that people can make their way out there. there's plenty of parking. >> you have until 10:45 to get
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the sun's shiny, it looks beautiful, but that breeze is going to bring down temperatures. >> how does it feel? >> there really is a wind chill. you have to layer up a bit and wear a hat and gloves as we have cold air coming in. i facetimed with my brother in colorado. they're going to be near zero this c here it's not that cold, but it will be a big change. today we'll be up around 50 degrees around 2:00 this afternoon and back down into the low 40s by 10:00 tonight. by dawn tomorrow it should be in the 30s. look at this gorgeous sunset there at the marine corps memorial. storm team 4 outlook we'll be in the 30s tomorrow morning and near 50 tomorrow afternoon but
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into monday light rain showers coming through with temperatures in the low to mid 50s and then the rain tapers off and then heavy rain moving in on tuesday. could get over an inch. highs around 50. we dry out and then the big change comes friday into next weekend. it gets windy, cold and morning
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you usually just need to hit a switch to turn those holiday lights on, but there is a new world record by doing things more complicated. check it out. boom. there you go. using a contraption known as a goldberg machine. it set off that chain reaction to light the christmas tree. the chain had 412 links making it the largest device in history. >> wow. cool. 9:26 and here are four things to know. a deadly stabbing is a professor was the victim and a student in jail this morning for the crime. the police believe the professor was targeted. prince george's county forensic investigators right now at the scene of a homicide in capital heights. police say a man was found with a gunshot wound on mann street and he died at the hospital. donald trump defending a controversial call with taiwan's president which broke a decades long diplomatic tradition.
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has spoken with the president elect. the washington monument will be closed for the next two years. officials need time to fix and modernize the elevator. it is a 2 to $3 million project. take a quick thank you to the people joining us live on facebook live. allen saying this is good hot chocolate weather. >> you need a windbreaker today. stay warm. >> thanks for joining us. hope you have a great day. get out and shred it.
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hi, everybody, and welcome to "inside the redskins" on nbc4. i'm doc walker at redskins park. and while that might not be the ideal situation, anything can happen. the redskins are in arizona against the birds, kickoff at 4:25 p.m. head coach jay gruden now with the keys to tomorrow's game brought to you by the proud partner of the burgundy and gold. >> jay, your offense is putting up yardage against a defense that's top rated. what is the strength of the cardinals defense?


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