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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 4, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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live view from storm team 4 tower camera showing sunshine overcast over washington. it's going to stay this way the rest of the day with clouds, weak sun trying to shine through. right now near freezing in the shenandoah valley. nearby suburbs mid-30s near 40 in town and near 40 right by chesapeake bay. hour by hour temperatures will be steady in the 40s into the afternoon much of the region briefly near 50, right in town look at hour by hour timing on that. that's coming up this half hour. >> tom, thank you very much. a man in custody in connection with brutal murder of spotsylvania store clerk. david washington questioned as a person of interest but not been charged with a crime. early yesterday morning sunoco clerk killed on jefferson davis highway. not clear how the clerk was killed. an 82-year-old man and his
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tried to help. fire officials say it was an electrical issue that sparked the flame and filled the man's home with smoke yesterday. this happened on logan court in the alexandria section. a neighbor ran to the home but couldn't get inside. the man died on the way to the hospital. d.c. police on the look out for a suspect that opened fire, wearing a black ski mask shot a the victim was conscious and breathing when rushed to the hospital. meanwhile we're working to learn the identity of the man killed in capital heights. police responded to a home here on mann street to check on well-being, when they got there they found a man shot in the chest. he was pronounced dead. greene county changing strategy to force a recount in
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this comes hours after the party dropped its state court case. the party's lead attorney said barriers to a recount in pennsylvania are pervasive and the state court is not equipped to address the problem. time is 9:02. fallout over president-elect donald trump's phone call with taiwan's president. now, it's raising the hope of some taiwanese that the united states will work more forcefully with the island but also in flaming the complex relationship between the u.s., china and the phone call, quote, just a small trick by taiwan. the u.s. and someone are officially -- are friendly but that's an unofficial relationship because china considers taiwan and outlaw province. vice president lake-effect mike pence will be on "meet the press."
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shots of donald trump's love for tweeting. the opening act included alec baldwin as donald trump repeated losing focus at a security briefly and tweeting. >> i love to tweet. see my new profile picture, skull with big guns through the head and the word infidel above it. >> that's psycho. you're only going to attract psychos. >> oh, i just got retweeted. >> by who? >> oops i did it again. >> so good. trump immediately took to twitter to criticizes the sketch. just tried watching "saturday night live," unwatchable. totally biased, not funny, and the baldwin impersonation just can't get any worse. sad. when he said that, alec baldwin fired back. >> he tweeted him back in a tongue in cheek way. he said if you release your tax
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>> a little bit two those two. honor an historic d.c. firehouse. >> company 28 has served cleveland park neighborhood. that is where we find news 4's derrick ward who is live to tell us what this anniversary is all about. good morning, derrick. >> good morning. as you see behind me engine 28 is polished up and shiny and out here on display. this building put up in december 1916. imagine if you will this is the only building here when this building was put up. cleveland park had yet to be developed, just up the street from here, stood alone for almost 100 years or so until things started to happen in this area. back in 2010, then fire chief dennis ruben took it on himself to close the firehouse down in such bad condition. the basement had actually been condemned. there hadn't been any plans --
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for refurbishing the firehouse but no bids put out. in 2012 they started a two-year process to refurbish the firehouse. among the main things they did was widen bay doors for new modern equipment. they did have motorized fire equipment in 1916 but nothing as big as they have got today. today they are going to come here and celebrate this big time. the mayor, fire chief and cleveland park officials will be here, as a matter of fact, keystone of this historic part of cleveland park and certainly a big part of the infrastructure safety. public safety infrastructure here, it's still operational. you can't think of many things 100 years old, critical to public safety but actually functional. this is one of them. more coming up later on news 4. live in cleveland park derrick ward news 4, back to you. >> pretty impressive. 9:05 you'll feel a cool breeze
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what you can expect the day ahead. >> that's your neighborhood there. flakes sent flying, that's definitely not snow. check this out.
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this flood add street yesterday. turns out there was a small explosion at power substation which activated fire suppression system. this foam is meant to put out a fire. crews say it is not hazardous. interesting.
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u.s. military and sfwerl partners will need to stay in iraq after isis is completed. the coalition must not stop after completing the campaign to excel isis from mosul. they are on a path to lasting defeat. the secretary did not say how long the u.s. military presence might be necessary or how many troops would be required. well, it's been one year since montgomery county police officer noahly ota was killed by a drunk driver. his family and friends came to tie blue ribbons around trees to mark the day. those ribbons were put up in the neighborhood where he grew up. after his death, noah's law passed in maryland which created tougher drunk driving penalties. six decades on the force and a lasting legacy. the special honor for a newly retired local officer. >> that's a cool story there. if you're going for a run, maybe walking the dog, you might want heavy sweatpants instead of anything else. tom tracking fitness forecast and most comfortable time to get
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a cold and gray sunday morning. layer up if you're about to head out to get some exercise on this sunday. temperatures by noontime just in the mid-40s. briefly being near 50 right in town near the afternoon. elsewhere stay in the mid-40s during the afternoon. staying dry, a lot of cloudiness around.
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and elsewhere hovering in the 40s overnight. rain on the way, a look at that in just a few minutes. >> tom, thank you very much. internment of remains of fidel castro under way right now in santiago de cuba. >> the same city where tens of thousands packed in for final memorial service last night for the man who ruled the island nation for nearly five decades. news 4 david culver live in santiago. david, what morning? >> reporter: angie, adam, good morning to you. people waking up somewhat of a quiet, subdued mood this morning. this is normally a very hot city. not only temperature wise but very vibrant, people very active, in the streets talking to one another. not the case this morning. the focus on the internment as you mentioned. it left here in a procession around 7:00 this morning. it arrived at the cemetery already. we know it's there that there's
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were closest to fidel castro, his brother raul castro among those attending. the internment should be rapping up later this morning. those that came in for the public gatherings will be able to then go to the cemetery and see what is a small monument in place at the mausoleum, where fidel's ashes interred. he downplayed how he wanted to be remembered here. angie, adam. >> a lot about how the feeling changds around the country as you moved around. what's it like where you are right now. >> reporter: it's interesting. in havana we noticed there was a lot less emotion. as we made the drive
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most of that was because of the procession carrying the remains. only one central highway and that was blocked at times because the procession would come in and out, towns, people pass the street. we had to slow down, at times come to a complete stop. it was outside of havana where we noticed emotion coming forth. people coming into the streets visibly tearful. here in santiago because it's was their hometown person from this area there was a lot more emotion in havana. today not so much tears but rushing to normalcy. this was the last day of what was nine days of mourning. >> david, fair to say that final tribute during your time there is where you saw the heaviest reaction from people? >> for sure. angie, last night this plaza behind me was packed as well. there were thousands of people
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think of the national mall to put in perspective and packing from the capital all the way down to the lincoln memorial. that's kind of what we were looking at. thousands trying to get in and there wasn't enough space. during that time raul addressed the crowd saying something interesting painting humble picture of his brother saying before he passed away he told him he wanted no schools, no monuments named after him. coming this month, parliament is going to meet and raoul hopes to pass a law that nothing will be named. >> doing a great job there all week. he's been there for a full week and working hard. tell us about this past week, what's it been like for you guys? >> good to point out beth, carrying a lot of the load in what is a hot city. what stands out to us is just the variety of different emotions and how people are
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folks we've encountered have been huge supporters of fidel castro, some of them part of the opposition. but the reason they all have been part of this tribute isn't necessarily to pay respect but some of them out of pure curiosity, wanting to see what's going on here, wanting to be part of history, wanting to witness that history. to see these people of all different backgrounds, beliefs, political stances wanting to unite and be together, i think that says something for one about the cuban people who like that idea of solidarity and unity. even if they disagree on politics, they wanted to be together for these larger moments. >> they are moments you definitely brought to life and shared with us. we appreciate it. stay safe and we'll see you should not. >> see you shortly. meanwhile he's been keeping montgomery county safe since dwight eisenhower was president. >> amazing story.
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an inspiring six decades of service. >> reporter: tom jacocks knew he would be a police officer when he was six. now the lieutenant is 84 and he's been a cop decades longer than most in the room. >> most of them come and gone since i've been here. >> after 61 years of service with montgomery county police, lieutenant jay -- finally retiring, quite humbly, a man of few words. >> well, like i say, same as any other day. >> sworn in in 1955, dwight eisenhower was the president. maryland was one of 48 states. elvis was just starting out and montgomery county was a different place. >> the whole county had like 200,000 people. now there's a million. >> i'm honored to present to you your retired badge for 61 years of service.
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squad, which i did for a number of years. >> his wife peggy. >> well, he'll be home, but he will be coming back as a volunteer to finish the detail they assigned him to. >> the lieutenant is not ready to give it all up. his former chief isn't surprised one bit. >> when i retired i had 42 years on, and he accused me of bailing out early. >> all these people, all these years. for this lieutenant, it's all very simple. >> have to woom something every day. >> that's what lieutenant jacocks did for six decades. in montgomery county, news 4. >> amazing story there. congratulations to him and all the difference he made in the community. >> absolutely. the fact he's still going to come back and volunteer. that's real heart. >> love it. meanwhile we are working for you in the community. >> we do want to say a very big
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this weekend. nearly 1,000 of these cars stopped by the stadium. people brought boxes and boxes filled with personal papers, all of which was shredded. if you missed the event, d.c. residents, still stop by the station today. doing free shredding there. if you live in maryland or virginia, check your county website for similar events during the year. >> excellent. i should have dropped off some of the boxes of stuff i had with you know what i mean? >> we have to think about that next time. >> absolutely. >> okay. so we saw a lot of sun yesterday. i guess going to struggle to break out of the clouds. >> it is shining very faintly through high overcast, which will keep it colder. first weekend in december certainly feeling like winter. high clouds you see on storm team 4 radar are coming through. don't have rain coming through those clouds. by later tonight, those areas in
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shenandoah valley. the area in pink, may be a little bit of sleet in the mountains, higher elevations, out in west virginia and we shall maryland. then by 10:00 we'll see rain across virginia coming into the metro area and maryland late tonight. then after midnight tonight, rain, light rain, enough to make all the pavement wet. then by dawn on mondayish it moves east of the bay. we start to clear out and sunshine breaks out again late tomorrow morning and into the afternoon hours. temperatures today will be in town. 40s tonight. so as the rain comes on through, it will stay well above freezing. took this picture of sunrise december 1st. certainly feeling december cold. posted pics on facebook and instagram. high to mid-50s, 40s on tuesday with more needed rain coming in. tuesday could get half an inch of rain. temperatures in the mid-40s, maybe a little sleet out of the
9:22 am
into the weekend with morning lows in the 20s. windy on friday. that's the way it looks. >> tom, thank you very much. on dasher, dancer, pizza delivery program. you see a small problem that has them headed back to the north pole. >> the campaign is dead, long live the campaign. >> it's been more than three weeks since 2016 election but the two sides. just look at the last few days. >> that's right. after his first rally since winning election donald trump says he, quote, had a lot of fun fighting hillary. and his supporters chanted lock her up. >> a panel featuring aides from both sides that turned into a shouting match with clinton supporters accusing trump of offering a platform for white supremacist. >> statewide recounts.
9:23 am
big division. after all trump won electoral college but clinton won popular vote decisively doe. sn he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad.
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i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. ??
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?? ?? season, the nutcracker.
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production of the nutcracker this weekend and next. student and professional dancers will perform with those fabulous costumes. they have amazing back drops. i'm honored to play this person. >> is that you? >> that's going to be me if i can get into that straight. >> looks interesting. >> i would love for you to come out and join us today if you can watch the show at 1:00 p.m. it is at the performing arts center at montgomery college. ticket information at i've blogged about it. >> i have to work on my upper body moves. >> yeah you do. >> the snake in the nutcracker. >> do whatever you're supposed to do. >> a reindeer delivery program that did not go so well. >> they are pulling the reins on this one a week after it
9:27 am
dislodging pieces from delivery pouches. used to demonstrate gps delivery service. but this isn't stopping the company. it's started to deliver pizzas via scooter. it's not easy. >> i know. >> box on the reindeer. >> better way reindeer costume and deliver on scooters. >> nice in theory, harder in person. now dressed up as rain dears. yo temperatures in the 40s while they last. tom to track how soon we can executive major temperature drop in the coming week. >> developing now, a massive inferno and two dozen still
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9:30 on sunday morning. the top stories we're following for you. spotsylvania sheriff investigators questioning that man in connection with brutal murder of a gas station employee. they say david washington is a person of interest but he has not been charged with a crime. fairfax county fire officials fire at a home in alexander ya section of the county. an 82-year-old man and his cat died in the fire. markinging the end of nine days of morning for the man that ruled the country for half a century. 9:30 on the dot on this sunday morning. i hope you're having a great one so far. i'm adam tuss.
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don't let the cold and gray we started off with on sunday get to you. >> nice day to get a christmas tree. >> i saw a lot of them yesterday on the road. >> yeah. stores are packed with people putting them on the roof for sure. check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein who can tell us more about the weather. >> thankfully today we don't have blustery winds like yesterday. great day to get out. checking nbc washington app, temperature at only 41 quite a cold start this morning. we've got gray sky. sun trying to shine through here. just very faint shadows on sunday morning. temperatures right now are only hovering around 40 in the metro area and near the bay. still in the 30s in rural areas and suburbs. it will just struggle to make it into the mid-40s. most of the region by mid afternoon. holding steady with light wind,
9:32 am
there is some rain in green pushing into carolinas, virginia, coming our way. coming up this half hour. >> tom, thank you very must have. developing right now investigators will be combing through the debris of two massive fires this morning. one raged outside of boston engulfing multiple buildings, the other at a party in oakland, california. we'll start first with nbc's chris polon in oakland where nine bodies found and the search others. >> reporter: nearly a full day since fire swept through an oakland, california, warehouse which was hosting a dance party. investigators still haven't made much progress finding victims. they say the roof and part of the second floor collapsed in the inferno.
9:33 am
it's very, very -- it's hard to describe" it's like a maze. there's wires and beams and metal and wood. it's all falling on top of each other. >> those who escaped the fire say there could have been more than 50 people inside when it broke out. investigators believe at least two dozen are still missing. >> we expect the death toll to rise. >> people like daniel vega have had an excruciating wait. for information. he fears his brother is among the victims. >> i called my mom and she said, hey. i said where is my little brother? i said, mom, where is my little brother? oakland goss ship, studio space for artists. fire investigators say it was cluttered with furniture, wood and artwork. the only way to the second floor was a staircase made with wood pallets. bob mule tried to pull another out of the fire but it was too intense. >> flames were too much. there was smoke. >> investigators say the warehouse did not have a sprinkler system and probably didn't have smoke alarms either. public records show the city
9:34 am
it appears that investigation came too late for possibly dozens of people. nbc news. now we want to turn to another major fire in cambridge, massachusetts. we know at least six buildings were burned, including a church as flames spread. take a look at this video here. there were no reports of serious injuries. thank goodness. officials think the fire may have started in the building that was under construction. killed four people including two young girls in an educational program run by lebron james, his foundation. six people were inside the home when the fire broke out. one adult jumped from a window and another child was rescued. james wrote on twitter he was unbelievable saddened to hear the news. the cause of the fire is still unknown. meanwhile an update to that bus crash story we first told you about yesterday. a woman died after a bus carrying a group of west texas
9:35 am
was the cheerleader sponsor. seven others hurt when the bus collided with the tractor-trailer. two injured are in critical condition. investigators looking into what caused the crash on friday night. developing this morning in china, 32 coal miners are dead after an explosion on saturday. it is the second coal mine explosion there in a week. out of 181 miners working underground, 149 managed to get china's mining industry has long been among the world's deadliest. bowe bergdahl wants president obama to pardon him. the former prisoner of war accused of endangering comrades walking off his post in afghanistan in 2009. he was held captive by taliban until a prisoner exchange in 2014. if granted it would allow bergdahl to avoid a trial and faces charges carrying a maximum
9:36 am
it is game day for the redskins. they are facing one of the top ranked defenses in the league today. they are going to take on the aly raisman cardinals. cardinals are the only team that has more interceptions than touchdowns allowed. that's very hard to do. they also give up second fewest yards in the air allowing less than 200 a game. quarterback kirk cousins pretty confident heading into the game. >> good football players. not just one area. they have a good pass rush, interior, lineman, linebackers they can get you in all different phases of the game. it will a big challenge for us. >> certainly get a little extra time to get ready for the game today. it's at 4:25 in arizona. developing right now, a standoff for the pipeline protest. the fast approaching deadline and bitter challenge in north dakota. >> right now let's take a look at the temperatures outside. pretty chilly out there.
9:37 am
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9:29, welcome back. thousands of are people filled a small stadium in brazil saturday to say good-bye to members of the soccer club who died in a plane crash. rain-soaked mourners cried as they laid on the casket of those who died. the accident i players and staff as they headed to a tournament. 71 of the 77 players on board died including 19 players. north dakota protesters bunkering down despite evacuation order to get off federal lands. they are concerned the pipeline will affect their water source nearby. state's governor and army corps of engineer say those protesters have to leave by tomorrow.
9:40 am
say they child people for trespassing but will not forcibly remove anyone. >> a whole lot of people are coming here executiving to see a confrontation on december 5th and they are going to be pretty bored, because it's not happening. officials say they want protesters to make a peaceful and orderly transition out of the camps and into what they call a free speech zone nearby. protests ongoing for the last four months. we want to turn to the latest in the tennessee wildfires. a man's wife and two were found dead. her body found yesterday, reed and her two daughters were missing after a wildfire swept through gatlinburg, tennessee. according to affiliate, two unidentified bodies found with constance are confirmed to be her two daughters chloe and lilly. a relief fund set up for the reed family. it's 9:40 right now. it is the wind that you're going to have to watch out for that you'll notice today. rain might also impact
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we hear it all the time.
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good morning. still a chill in the air. this time tomorrow, we'll dry out after rain. those move through for the monday commute, low 40s tomorrow morning. then by noontime it will be hovering around 50 degrees, maybe low 50s mid afternoon tomorrow. then when you're heading back home on dry pavement back to the upper 40s. a look at a cold change on the way for the week ahead. that's in just a few minutes. >> tom, thank you very much. several weeks until president-elect donald trump takes office. the debate over immigration is it come coincides with inflection over the last few months. gabe gutierrez went to the border to find out why and how the wall is impacting the debate. >> reporter: at the u.s. mexico
9:45 am
castro not just chasing smugglers but families running to u.s. officials, not from them, seeking asylum from violence back home. apprehension in southwest border and rio grande are rising, 20,000 more this october than two years ago. the largest spike in the surge of 2014. >> the brush, heat and humidity. 150 more agents here to process the migrants. if the flow seems never ending, so does the debate on how best to secure the border. >> get a sense of the winding scope of the river, more than 300 miles in the rio grande valley alone. >> the landscape a monumental challenge for one of president-elect donald trump's signature promises, building a wall.
9:46 am
>> i never look at one singular solution to a very complex problem. >> sector chief says a brick and mortar wall is only part of the answer. >> it includes aircraft, it includes technology. in some place as fence is absolutely necessary. >> at the sacred heart church, the sister and volunteers are helping more than 300 migrants a day, many wearing ankle monitors awaiting immigration court hearings. violence and poverty in central america. >> people are hurting, more than likely end up getting killed back home. >> francesca brought her 5-year-old son christopher on a harrowing three-week journey from el salvador where she said a gang murdered her nephew.
9:47 am
we're all humans, she said. these are their first moments on american soil. an immigration judge will decide if it will be their last. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. altitude sickness forced astronaut buzz aldrin to be evacuate freddie south pole, that is according to the statement that the 86-year-old released saturday. aldrin was in antartica to see an environment that is the closest on earth to what it's like on mars. has congestion in his lungs and he'll stay there until it clears up rather than flying back to u.s. . starting to get colder, looking like christmas with holiday decorations going up. >> adam, if you're looking to hear holiday cheer, news 4's aimee cho knows just the place for you. >> if you've flipped through the stations out and about you've heard christmas songs. what exactly does it take to
9:48 am
we decided to pay a visit to washington's christmas station to find out. >> 97.1, merry christmas, happy holidays. it's sabrina conte. >> if you're searching for holiday spirit you need look no further than sabrina conte. >> one of my favorites. "santa baby." 97.1. >> conte is one of the voices bringing the spirit of santa to d.c. >> you are the station that everyone comes to to feel warm and fuzzy, that's a big responsibilityut have. >> every year since 2001, it's been the only radio station in d.c. to keep christmas carols on around the clock. all that cheer takes careful calculation. >> lots of research and many years of uploading those holiday songs into the system. then every year kind of keeping on track of what's new. what's happening? what can i do for you? >> another big part of the job? taking requests. >> one song i would like you to play for me. >> sure.
9:49 am
for you. that's fun to be able to do that. sing along at the office. >> thanks to this radio station, it's beginning to look and sound a lot like christmas. >> thanks for listening and have a merry christmas. >> aimee cho, news 4. >> thanks so much. bye-bye. on our live feed we've been asking people to share with us their favorite song. it's ranged from hippo" which you can't stand to "i saw mommy kissing santa claus." >> so many good songs. >> i love people asking when will we have snow. >> they want to know about the weather as well. >> it's been snowing in hawaii of all places, up above 12,000 feet. not here. doesn't look like a chance tore
9:50 am
live view from storm team 4 tower camera. high clouds coming in from the south and west on storm team 4 radar, don't have rain or snow. the green is the the zone where we could light rain around 9:00. shenandoah valley out of the mountains. higher elevations of pink, wet snowflakes there. by 10:00 rain moves into virginia, spot metro area and into maryland after 10:00, 11:00. monday. we'll have rain rolling through, east of the bay, morning hours as we'll dry out. we'll get sunshine breaking out mid to late morning tomorrow and into the afternoon going mostly sunny. temperatures today will be in the 40s noontime, near 50 by midafternoon, in the metro area. much of the region in the 40s all day long and then chilly tonight. we'll stay above freezing overnight as the rain moves through. we'll stay in the 40s.
9:51 am
today there over the bay. post your pics on facebook, twitter, instagram. took that picture. in the morning, sun after the sunrise. in the afternoon with sunshine in the mid-50s. steadier rain needed on tuesday, into tuesday night, ending wednesday morning. half an inch of rain on tuesday. getting cold, though, the end of the week. friday, saturday, and next weekend it's only going to be in the 30s during the afternoon. that's the way it looks. >> not sure i'm happy about that. fast-food, but could it lie in the past. local news service with a twist local news service with a twist that's changing how you get you? ??
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?? ??
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good morning, everyone. it's another big game sunday. redskins taking on arizona cardinals. josh norman making plenty of the field, he's battling federal quarterbacks, referee and a few tv analysts. don't worry redskins quarterback isn't losing any sleep over people criticizing him. >> i don't care if you do like me, who don't. those who do understand me and those who don't kick rocks. hands full with david johnson. running back not just a threat in the back field, one of the best receivers on the field.
9:55 am
receivers in touchdowns with 13. sunday night football, last two runner ups panthers visiting seahawks. seattle looks like they might cruise back to super bowl against bucs last week. russell wilson will try to get them back on track tonight. football night in america at 7:00 p.m. kickoff from seattle set for 8:30. hope you enjoy your game sunday. i always enjoy sunday. fantastic. >> yes. >> here is a new one. computers. >> just computers. that's right. may sound like something out of the future but as news 4 tom sherwood tells us, it's an old
9:56 am
on k street where everyone is in a hurry. a new vegetarian automat, all digital. no long lines or interaction with servers needed. >> it was amazing, new age. >> the process is weird. i'm used to interacting with people. it's kind of strange to have it appear. it's cool, interesting. >> of course today, everyone must take cell photos. >> that is brilliant. it almost seems like a japanese or european concept. >> customers use an ordering kiosk, no cash accepted, to order $7 vegetarian bowls that appear within minutes. is it good? most said yes. >> it's pretty good. you need to add a lot of salt. >> busy as it was out here, the company won't let the media behind the wall to see the food prep or delivery saying that it is a proprietary secret. but people in a rush at lunch
9:57 am
>> we'll have to ask tom what he got. first come the clouds and then the rain. tom tracking how fast showers are moving our way and how long they will stick around. >> reporter: a century of service. a local community says thank you to a firehouse o itsn fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder.
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>> right now on "news 4 today," a store clerk murdered. the break in the case of a after a customer found the victim. >> massive warehouse inferno. digging through the disaster, why the building was so easy to ignite. historic good-bye for a controversial leader. tens of thousands line the streets in cuba for a final fairwell to fidel r morning with us. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm angie goff. a freezing start to sunday but looks like sun trying to break out. >> tom kierein with more on that. hi, tom. >> good morning. a little feeble sun shining through high overcast, which has come in and trapped cold air that moved in overnight. not much of a warming today. live view from storm team 4 national harbor camera showing the wheel there, gray waters of


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