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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 4, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EST

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>> right now on "news 4 today," a store clerk murdered. the break in the case of a after a customer found the victim. >> massive warehouse inferno. digging through the disaster, why the building was so easy to ignite. historic good-bye for a controversial leader. tens of thousands line the streets in cuba for a final fairwell to fidel r morning with us. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm angie goff. a freezing start to sunday but looks like sun trying to break out. >> tom kierein with more on that. hi, tom. >> good morning. a little feeble sun shining through high overcast, which has come in and trapped cold air that moved in overnight. not much of a warming today. live view from storm team 4 national harbor camera showing the wheel there, gray waters of
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weak sunshine throughout rest of the afternoon. we'll have temperatures hovering in the 30s to near 40 right now only going to make it into the mid-40s much of the area by midafternoon then whoever through through midafternoon. right downtown may be from 50 degrees. some rain likely light rain moving in later tonight. time ongoing that, when it arrives, when it leaves. that's all coming up this half hour. >> tom, thank you very much. a man is now in custody in connection with the brutal murder of clerk. david washington being questioned as a person of interest but has not been charged with the crime. early yesterday morning 54-year-old sunoco gas station clerk killed on jefferson davis highway. not clear how that clerk was killed. an 82-year-old man and his cat were killed in a fire in fairfax county as a frantic neighbor tried to help. fire officials say it was an
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the fire in the home. in the alexandria section of the county. a neighbor ran to the home but couldn't get in. the neighbor died on the way to the hospital. a man in critical condition we learned this morning after being hit by the driver of a car near leesburg outlets last night. he was trying to cross the bypass when he was hit by an suv. the driver is a 71-year-old man from culpeper and is cooperating with the investigation. d.c. police meanwhile on the lookout for a suspect who opened fire in the southeast. they say a man wearing a black ski mask shot a man in the chest on melon street. he was conscious and breathing when rushed to the hospital. we're working to learn the identity of the man killed in capital heights. police responded to a home on mann street. they found a man shot in the chest. he was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead.
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this time. the green party changing its strategy to force a recount in pennsylvania. the effort led by jill stein is seeking an emergency federal court order. it comes hours after the party dropped its state court case. the party's lead attorney said barriers are pervasive and state court is not equipped to address the problem. the fallout continues over president-elect donald trump's phone call with taiwan's raising hopes of taiwanese will work with them. china's foreign minister called eight small trick by taiwan. the u.s. and taiwan are friendly but unofficial relationship was china considers taiwan an outlaw province. the u.s. and taiwan are friendly but unofficial relationship because china considers taiwan an outlaw province. you can bet that phone call will be a topic on "meet the press." vice president elect mike pence
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with a preview for us. "saturday night live" taking shots of donald trump's love for tweeting. >> add more fire. the cold open of the show featured alec baldwin as donald trump repeatedly losing focus at a security briefing and retweeting. >> i'm sorry. you know i love to tweet. see my new profile picture, skull with big guns through the head and the word infidel above it. >> that's psycho. >> oh, i just got retweeted. you're only going to attract psychos. >> i just got retweeted. >> by who? >> oops i did it again. >> trufr immediately took to twit to criticize the sketch. just tried watching "saturday night live," unwatchable. totally biased, not funny, and the baldwin impersonation just can't get any worse. sad. it was a packed show, had
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third time. it was revisiting high school. i guess her first time was in high school. she was revisiting the experience. >> i have to go back and watch. five honorees will receive this year's kennedy center honors of argentine pianist, eagles, al pacino and others. the chairman says this year's just cultivated but unleashed. >> a wonderful ceremony. >> i like that message, too. for the last 100 years, here is a great story. a d.c. firehouse served cleveland park neighborhood. >> today, that fire company will celebrate with the community. that's where we find news 4's derrick ward. he joins us live from northwest with what's planned for the university. good morning, derrick.
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firehouse. it was here before there's a cleveland park as we know it. put up in november 1916. it was the ensemble building here. there was a rock quarry in the neighborhood and not a whole lot else. in the ensuing century a lot has changed here but not the importance of this firehouse. but it has fallen into a bit of disrepair. in 2010 fire chief then dennis ruben took it on himself to it down the basement had actually been condemned. some renovations, widening doors so they can get in. folks are setting up for open house. mayor, fire chief and cleveland parks folks will be here to say thank you and talk about the future of this firehouse which looks a lot brighter now after this renovation. 100 years of service, integral part of the local community and public safety structure.
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celebrated when it starts at noon. open house, bring the kids by, they love fire trucks. back to you. >> set for a celebration. you are going to feel a cool breeze if you are heading out. you'll feel that when you step outside. tom with a chilly sunday and the days ahead. flakes flying but that's not
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unbelievable. people in philadelphia didn't know what to think when they saw white foam pouring out in the street and flooding center city. small explosion in the substation which activated fire
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and crews say it is not hazardous. secretary of defense ash carter says u.s. military and its international partners will need to stay in iraq after isis is defeated. he says the coalition must not stop after current campaign. carter says they are on a path to lasting defeat. the secretary did not say how long the continued u.s. military presence might be necessary or how many troops would be required. montgomery officer noah liotta was killed by a drunk driver. his family and friends came to tie blue ribbons around trees to mark the day. those ribbons were put up in the neighborhood where he grew up. after his death, noah's law passed in maryland which created it is 10:10 right now. if you are planning to go out for a run, leave those shorts at home. you need sweatpants.
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out and work it. also ahead in the live report from santiago de cuba as remains put in the nearby cemetery cubans waking up and reflecting on the words, surprising ones at that, stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. stronger is less pain, new hope, more fight.
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an invigorating chill the hit you if you head out for exercise, whether it's a walk, run, bike ride. we'll have the chill in the air throughout the rest of the day. temperatures generally in the 40s all day long with light wind. high clouds coming in. rain arriving later tonight. new hour by hour timing on that and cold change for the end of the week. that's coming in a few minutes. >> tom, thank you very much. fidel castro's ashes have been interred at a sell taker in santiago. >> hours after tens of thousand memorialized -- brother raul memorialized the leader. news 4 david culver with us live from santiago. david, what is the mood like there this morning. >> angie and adam, good morning to you. it's interesting because this is a city known for its heat, hot, vibrant, applies to the people as well, yet this morning subdued as they are waking up on
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the remains have been interred a few miles from where we are. they are leaving the location where we are now a few minutes to the nearby cemetery where they interred the remains next to the resting place of jose marti, famed revolutionary. folks here adjusting to life after fidel. for many of them it was emotional given that he had such strong ties to this part of the country in particular. cuba, we didn't notice as much emotion when it came to memorializing him. here in the eastern portion certainly a lot more emotion more visible as well angie and adam. >> a large gathering where you were last night. anything that anyone said that surprises people that showed up? >> adam, the words from current president, raul castro, that are sticking with a lot of people this morning and still talking about here in cuba, putting up some of their social media feeds
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fidel told him before passing away. he paints this humble picture of his brother who told him apparently that he didn't want any monument. he didn't want any schools to be named after him. in fact, this december, this month, right now, the parliament is going to meet here in cuba. raul castro is proposing a law that would block any monuments, any schools to be named after his brother so as to respect his dying wishes, as he put it. >> david, what was the your eyes. >> people were determined to be here. there are folks behind me who were packed all the way back. the way i compared it to was the national mall, the capital and stretching close to the lincoln memorial. jam-packed in and there are people waiting to get in yet it was difficult for a lot of them to do so because streets were shut down.
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there was a determination to be here. you see that and you may say, well, that shows a lot of admirers, a lot of supporters of fidel castro. not necessarily. they may not have agreed with his politics, may not have liked him yet there is a curiosity and desire to witness history. when you see so many people coming together, solidarity, unity among cubans and determination to want to see what's happening and be present for this moment. they had their cell phones out, doing social chats, all of that to absorb what would happen, the enormity of this event her. >> great reporting all week, you and your photographer doing great stuff. come back and bring us some souvenirs from cuba. >> i sure will, wouldn't have gotten through without beth brown. thank you, guys. see you soon. >> take care. >> great team effort. in 46 days donald trump will take the oath of office yet he's already made plenty of headlines including recent controversial
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joining us now moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. chuck, we're talking about phone call between president-elect and taiwan. that is creating a little bit of tension with china. >> it is. china not happy about it. i have, of course, spoken already with the vice president elect. you'll see that interview in 20 minutes. trying to downplay, used the phrase tempest in a teapot, really tries to downplay china yet again. one wonders if they will. wouldn't be surprised in the next few days to clarify things. does seem china is escalating a little bit. at first they tried to be dismiss of it, too. then they decided to looks like send a message to the trump/pence administration here. he does work a lot trying to downplay the incident. >> you covered a lot of ground with the vice president elect.
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campaign ran on when it comes to draining the swamp. he looked atted the choices. >> secretary of state, it was interesting, we talked about mitt romney in particular, david petraeus. he would not say whether david petraeus classified information leak issue is qualifyinga he would not say sort of -- affirm him or not in either direction but he was very careful to still name five people for secretary of state. that is mitt romney, david petraeus, bob corker, rudy giuliani. he name checked them. we're still looking at five finalists there. on this drain the swamp issue. he did define it as keeping lobbyists from having too much a
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see all these wealthy people, that doesn't necessarily mean they have been successful. donald trump said he was going to hire successful people to do these jobs. i think ultimately for his voters, how do they define that drain the swamp phrase. i think for many drain the swamp means keeping clintons out. for many voters they think he's accomplished the swamp goal. a reminder, you can see "meet the press" every sunday morning after the show today. thank you very much. we appreciate it. we want to turn our attention to the weather, there's a chill in the air. it is december, yeah. >> we do want to warm up but unfortunately what we're looking at for the next week or so, we're going to see cold and rain and a little bit of everything. >> a little sleet in higher elevations out of the mountains. again, maybe on tuesday. so winter is trying to knock on the door. you can keep up with it all with storm team 4 app and nbc
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through high overcast reflected there in the waters of the river, the bottom of the screen. our camera sunday morning, temperatures are hovering in the 30s to near 40 but don't have rain on storm team 4 radar which you can check in nbc washington app. a little pink, green zone, a little pink here. may be a few sleet pellets trying to come down along skyline drive just there along the border with rappahannock county. the main area of rain coming in 9:00, 10:00 across nosh virginia into metro area. all this green is potential rain and pink is a zone of maybe sleet in the higher elevations or wet snow. then it's going to be wet after midnight tonight. the rain continues hour by hour all the way until dawn on monday. then it moves east of the bay right after dawn. then we begin to dry out through the rest of the day. sunshine coming back and temperatures warming.
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40s elsewhere and 40s overnight tonight as wets that rain coming on through. during the day on tuesday steadier rain moving in with half an inch of rain on tuesday. tuesdays in the mid-40s, sleet in the mountains. drying out wednesday and thursday. windy and cold into next weekend. december saying how do you like me now? >> i don't. not at all. >> exactly. on
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the sign of the holiday season, the nutcracker, metropolitan ballet theater presents 28th annual production of the nutcracker this weekend and next. student p costumes, back drops. i am honored to make a cameo as mother ginger. >> mother ginger baby. >> nine dancers will be coming out of my skirt. i still haven't figured out how but we're going to make it happen. the show is at 1:00 at montgomery college over the performing art center.
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didn't go as planned. >> pulling the plug one week after it started. they were shaking their antlers, refused to go to delivery spots, shaking boxes. but all this is not stopping the company. it instead started to deliver pizzas on scooters direct. see them run away? >> my good mess. >> time 10:26 sunday morning. here are the four things you need to know. this man david washington in custody in connection with yesterday's brutal homicide of a gas station employee. spotsylvania investigators are only questioning him and have not charged him with a crime. >> fairfax county fire officials say an electrical issue caused yesterday's deadly fire at a home in the alexandria section of the county. an 82-year-old man and his cat died in the fire. the death toll has risen after the deadly warehouse fire in oakland. fire officials say 10 people
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party. the search is on for more victims. fidel castro's remains interred during a private ceremony in cuba. it marks the end of nine days of morning for the man that ruled the island country for nearly five decades. >> a bit chilly? >> cloudiness, rain. later tonight some rain coming in tonight and may affect the morning commute tomorrow. >> have the umbrella laid out
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this sunday, after a post truth election, do the president-elect's words matter? donald trump's first campaign manager says, maybe not. >> this is the problem with the media, you guys took everything donald trump said so literally. swamp. >> what does he mean? what about repealing obamacare or the conversations with the leaders of taiwan, pakistan and the philippines? this morning, my interview with the vice-president-elect, governor mike pence of indiana. post-election bitterness. we're bringing together top campaign figures from the trump and clinton campaigns.


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