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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 5, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the scooter idea, i can get on board. >> stay with us. "news4" continues at 5:00 a.m. now, at 5:00, a pizza place and an assault rifle and a dangerous encounter, what d.c. police are now uncovering about the man now in custody. good morning, everybody. it is 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> a check on our there. >> "storm team 4" meteorologist tom kierein with a check of the radar. >> we still have some other lingering sprinkles way off to our north and west. those may move into loudoun county, montgomery county over the next hour, but it's generally going to be breaking up. the bulk of the rain is now pulling east of the bay and north of the neck and continuing
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to near 40s. we'll stay this way to 8:00 and start to jump up in the low 50s as we dry out and get the sunshine back. we could certainly use some drying. damp pavement causing some problems. and we have an update from metro. here's melissa. >> nice and open. we don't have any worries this morning with the exception, of course, of the safe track that we just heard about. single tracking there. we still have this problem here as far as dark traffic lights they're on the way. route one at mount vernon memorial highway. it might be a little slow until they get that under control. you can see we're nice and clear. same thing if you're headed northbound. no worries on 270. no roadwork here. same thing when you're looking at the beltway. no roadwork and now finally nice and dry. guys? >> all right, melissa.
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when a gunman fired a shot inside a popular pizza company. >> this morning the restaurant owner is speaking out. derrick ward has more. >> reporter: the pea stay store owner he's more worried about theeps conspiracy theories that are prompting these things to happen. take a look. this is shortly after 3:00 when the suspect was taken in to custody. he's 28-year-old edgar madison welch of salisbury, north carolina. he came in to order a pizza,
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a shot was fired into the floor and the police said they got one gun -- two guns actually from him and another in his car that was parked outside. now, comet pizza has been at the center of a series of internet rumors and hoaxes, and what police are called fictitious accounts about things that go on there and the owner says this is what's prompting this and it's got to stop. here's what the oerp had to say. listen. >> i simply say we should people to spread these malicious remarks about comet ping-pong. >> they've been getting threats like this. according to one report, at least one report, another had already visited. this person told welch told folks he came to investigate the series. police at first denied that but now talking to him, it seems like this story is getting
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right now we're live on "news4." >> thank you. 5:04. a tragic story now developing. we now know 33 people died at a massive warehouse fire. they have more than half of that warehouse left to search at this point. people whose loved ones who are still missing are scared. >> my buddy alex. i still haven't heard from m. >> i don't even want to say was. you know what i mean. he was in the prime of his life. you know, he's only 22 years old. >> the alameda sheriff's office say teenagers are among the people who died. coming up in about ten minutes, nbc's steven luke talks about what comes next. 5:04. there's new reaction to the army corps of engineers denying the current route for the south dakota pipeline.
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would threaten the tribe's water source and cultural site. they reiterated its plan with complete construction. president-elect donald trump is officially announcing james mattis to be his defense attorney today. since mattis has been out of uniform for just three years he would need a congressional waver from a 1947 law that requires the defense secretary to be out
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>> imagine you're sitting on a plane and then you hear this announcement. >> there could be multiple impacts before the aircraft comes to a complete stop. you'll hear the command, remain seated or evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. >> that was on board a skywest united flight yesterday afternoon. you u can see right here the landing gear failed and the pilot had to declare an in-flight emergency landing. the nose right there on the slide to get off the plane. the flight to houston was going to mexico before it diverted to san antonio. no one was injured. today a loudoun county judge will decide whether to set aside the guilty verdict firefighter castillo. he's alleged to have killed his wife and staging it to look like a suicide. they're appealing that conviction and they don't want him to appeal before it's
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he was working at sunoco gas station on jeffer sorch highway early saturday morning. investigators say 50 yld david washington walked in, talked with the clerk, and then attacked him with a 2x2 piece of wood. he is charged with first-degree murder and robbery. right now prince william county police need your help finding this miss 1g 2-year-old. take a look. they say he voluntarily left his home in the 16600 block of flotilla way. they consider him to be in danger because of his age and it's cold. police are looking for a man who locked a woman inside a
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and asked the employee for a hug. she declined and he left. he came back and assaulted her. she was able to get out with minor injuries. police would like you to give them a call if you know who this is. angie goff here. a two-alarm trying to put flames out on iowa avenue, northwest. that's right near georgia avenue. there are some businesses right in that area fully involved, they're saying. the structure is right adjacent to the home. they'll bring you the very latest as we get it. now back to you. >> angie, thank you. 5:08. an incredibly tough loss. now there are only four weeks left. >> "news4" sports reporter carol
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out in arizona. he couldn't get off the field on third down. and an offense still sputtering in the red zone. that adds up to a 31-23 loss for the redskins as their postseason posts take a big hit. those playoff hopes looked good in the third quarter when kirk cousins finds jamison crowder 26 yards outside. redskins lead, 26-13. this one to j.j. nelson. cardinals up by eight. the last gaffe for washington ends in an interception. cardinals beat the redskins 3rks 1-23. don't mention playoffs to coach gruden. >> a lot's going to happen these last four games.
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we're fooling ourselves, not that we can't be one. >> next week they meet up with an equally angry defeated foe. the eagles beat up by the bengals this weekend. the birds more than happy to play playoff. you might hit a few showers. tom is tracking your commuter forecast. the biggest names in entertainment and a final honor for president obama and the first lady at the kennedy center. developing now, dozens killed and debris left to dig
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lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone
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. 5:13. a couple of lingering sprinkles in the panhandle and west virginia and maybe montgomery and howard, a few sprinkles over the next few hours. it's going to be beautiful with the sunshine breaking out. it will be near 50 and then hovering in the low 50s during the afternoon. heading back home with increasing clouds right around 50 degrees.
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the end of the week. that's coming in about ten minutes. melissa has a slowdown due to a fire. what's going on with that? >> we do have a slowdown. taking a look at this, this is what angie was just talking about. thisis a avenue at georgia. we have red going on at georgia and iowa. it's causing slowdowns through that area. we have this route 1 near memorialhw 95 from quantico to the beltsway, you see no problems. going 64 miles per hour. inbound/outbound, same situation. live look in prince george's county, coming joo up. san antonio police are trying to figure out if a 26-foot sinkhole was the cause of a massive sewage leak. two cars were caught inside that sinkhole which took up nearly the entire width of that road.
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it's not clear how badly they were hurt. former astronaut buzz aldrin is continuing his recovery over the weekend. we learn that altitude sickness is what caused him to be evacuated. he has congestion in his lungs and he's expected to stay there until it clears up. a construction worker was killed and a woman was rescued from the des. beagles and a husky. this was one of them being rescued just yesterday. dozens dead, but only seven identified. who were killed in that massive fire in a warehouse in oakland, california. there is a candlelight individualle for all of the victims tonight. at the same time, investigators will be working through more of
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the grgs. good morning. >> good morning. we can tell you this morning a criminal investigation is under way. we learned that from oakland's mayor as they want to do everything possible to leave nothing off the table at this point. so far, 33 people confirmed dead in this hf musicians, artists, gathers for some sort of electronic concert when this fire simply exploded. and one of the interests things is we've been seeing hor hard it was for people to escape. relatively very few injury. so either you got out or you didn't. at this time, they just don't know how many people didn't get out. and what is happened now and happened overnight and will
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future, we have firefighters, sheriff's deputies inside this shell of a building here going through a ten-foot pile of rubble trying to find, first and foremost other victims but also any sort of clue that they can preserve as to how this fire may have started. we're hearing at this point that we're just about one-third of their way through the building, so a lot to go here in oakland. i'm steven luke. bk >> 5:17. several stars waking up with a big honor this morning. it almost seems as though the kennedy center was honoring the president last night. president obama received a standing ovation at the event. five artists were recognized for their lifetime contributions to the arts. >> this is how vital art is to our democracy.
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challenge our assumptions. to question the way things are and inspire us -- >> mavis staples. >> as we said, five artists received honors. mavis performed for 60 years. she started singing with her family in the rock & roll group staple singers. songwriter performer james taylor was also his name was twittering. al pacino along with surviving members of the rock band eagles and pianist margaret egg grist from argentina. >> i love seeing the honors. it will air later on this month. holidays are full of fun events for a lot of family including staples theater
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the "nutcracker" is like christmas cookies. >> you want to do it. it is timeless. wow, what an elaborate production they put on. >> i have not seen this video yet >> i need to know more about that skirt, angela. >> i had to squeed into it. right there, what you had to see. all of those children dancing around, they came out of my skirt. one by one. they let you do your own. you could create your own move bus we had problems that we use. at the end -- they're adorable, aren't they? >> backstage everybody was giving me a thumbs-up. they approved.
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weekend. 28 years. pretty incredible. do you think i'm ready for the big time. >> are you performing again? >> i think they were one and done. >> but the elaborate scene. >> we've got to to check the forecast. >> you couldn't see it. angie was doing a plie underneath but you couldn't s well still have a damp pavement. most of the rain has ended on this monday morning. look at the area of the green sliding off. it's now moving away from us. we do have a few lingering sprinkles here. they're stating to move into loudoun county. then they'll be breaking up. the cloud cover as well clearing into the west. temperatures are rather cold but
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reagan national is at 42. mid-40s by 10:00. and the sunshine into the afternoon. then it started clouding again. we'll have it back down to the mid-40s by this evening and by dawn tomorrow, the 30s. the rain moves in and maybe the higher elevations. a little bit of the sleet. could get up to an inch of rain. highs around 40 or so and we dry again on wednesday and gets cold on friday. as we get toward them, it's going to get very windy as well. now, melissa is checking in on a new crash. >> brand-new problem. we're getting a all right of 95 southbound after quantico not seeing any slowdown. seeing a little bit of a slowdown northbound near quantico. nothing southbound. iowa avenue in georgia. fire response had some slowdowns through the area. inner loop and outer loop
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southbound and then it opens back up. aaron? >> all right. flakes flying and pouring onltd the street.
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like snow but it was foechlt it was used to put out a fire at a power substation. crews say it's not hazardous. a salvation army has broken the record after ringing the bell for 158 hours.
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so bad he had to stand inside of a tent. he broke the record. he credits kindness of people that kept him going. >> i've seen homeless people give money. that means everybody is helping. >> that's the spirit of the season. that has meant seven days straight. he said now na his mission is >> i love that. congratulations. do not forget your umbrella before you leave home if you live east of the city. tom is tracking four things to know including a slowdown. the thief who laid down the
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just press "clean" and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home. cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba, from irobot. better. together. now start to the workweek. tom is looking at the showers and what you can expect for the week ahead. chaos at a popular pizza shop, the man with the assault rifle and what we're finaling out. and we continue to follow breaking news here at the live desk. we just got some new video into the newsroom of that fire that firefighters have been working
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last couple of hours. this is in the 4300 block of iowa avenue northwest near georgia avenue. what you erie looking at there is the end of a row house, which is on fire, you can see a lot of the thick smoke rising into the dark sky. what we've learned obviously, you can see there's a spart shall collapse involved here. the fire has spread to the house next door. so right now we know some good news, though, nobody was hurt in this. everybody was able to get out okay. the investigation continued into what caused the fire and "news4's" derrick ward is headed to the scene and we'll bring more to you. >> thank you, everyone. good morning, everyone. i'm eun lang yaing. >> here's melissa mollet. >> breaking news. take a look at this. 95 southbound after quantico we are shut down right now. sounds like a crash between
5:31 am
tractor trailer is what we're being told. we'll update you as this changes. ice shut down this morning. westbound 50 at kenilworth, we do have a crash. 270 just a little slow right as you're coming out of frederick. by the time you hit the clarksburg area, everything is nice and clear. southbound. northbound has a little bit of a delay, kind of near mon troes. nothing being reported. again, we're going to update you on that problem, 95 southbound tom, i've got to tell you, it helps that the rain is out of the way it's still wet. it's going take a while for things to dry out as we see rain pulling to the east of the bay. we have lingering sprinkles breaking up as we're heading south and east and clouds breaking as well. that's going to help to dry the pavement. it's still going to be damp. at least the sidewalks and many of the roads for another couple of hours.
5:32 am
to climb into the low 50s by mid afternoon. your four things to know for the workweek ahead. sunshine later today, more rain tomorrow could get up to an inch tomorrow and colder weather moves in by friday. your bus stop forecast, that's coming up in about ten minutes. >> 5:32. michigan will begin its recount. a federal judge issued an order late last night to delay the hand counting of about donald trump defeated hillary clinton by over 10,000 votes in that state. the trump cam pape and super pacs have asked state courts to prevent the recount. meanwhile they'll ask a court to intervene after state courts canceled a hearing for today. >> it's 5:32. u.s. senator tim kaine will be in alexandria. he's expected to talk about the future of the affordable care
5:33 am
administration. president-elect donald trump says he supports two laws which including allowing kids to stay on parents' policies until age 26 and make sure insurance keeps those with pre-existing conditions. you see here current president raul castro placing his brother's ashes into a boulder made into a tomb. five decades. fidel the statesman, the leader. we also want to remember there was fidel the murderer. >> meanwhile here in washington a vigil was held. victims of the communism memorial foundation hosted it. they say tens of thousands of people have been killed in cuba since 1959 or spent time in
5:34 am
in arlington for the catholic church. bishop michael bur bridge will be installed. he will succeed bishop paul laverde. another victim of a tragic situation happening right no tennessee and now we know that 14 people have died. investigators say the most recent fire individual tim is an 81-year-old woman killed in a crash while trying to escape the flames. more than 100 people have been hurt. more rain is in the forecast today, but the biggest of the fires is only 42% contained. today a massachusetts team will appear in court to face adult murder charges in the death of a classmate.
5:35 am
matthew borgess beheaded this teen. there's no word or a motive yesterday but he was reported missing after he was last seen at his grandmother's house on november 18th. his decapitated body was found along the merrimack river last week. investigators are working to determine the cause of a mysterious crash. a total of theme people had to be taken to the hospital. fors from prince george's county helped the 2k6789 c. crews to clean up the crash, which involved multiple vehicles. and a woman in alexandria has died after being hit by a car last thursday. police are hoping witnesses will now give them an idea of what happened. the crash was on mount vernon avenue. police say rosemarie cruz was kroshing the street. they say the driver did remain
5:36 am
leaving an infanlts son in hot car to die will be sentenced today. his son cooper was found dead in the back of his suv. harrison faces a maximum of life in prison plus 42 years. prosecutors did not seek the death penalty in this case. a driver accuse of stealing a car and speeding away from officers is in the officers drove into the car to stop it. the car spun into a curb but no one was hurt. at one point he drove through an airport arrivals area. a busy fire station in northwest d.c. has reached a major milestone. >> yesterday hundreds packed the station. neighbors, city officials, and
5:37 am
it has remained despite changes in the neighborhood. >> the fire station was really the anger for what has become cleveland park. >> the firehouse was closed in 2010 for renovations and reopened in 2014. very cool. 100 years of service. thank you. well, the roads are wet and the showers are moving out. tom is tracking your bus stop forecast with how to get yo kids ready for school. a hidden surprise in your
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still tracking breaking news on i-95. >> melissa, what's going on. >> we're shut down right now. right now 1 1/2-mile backup. no doubt it's going to get much worse as the morning progresses if they can't get this out of the way. state police pushing traffic onto russell road and over to rude 1. southbound b.w. parkway, new
5:41 am
66 inbound. no problems. the southbound side is where we're going to get sticky there. top of the beltway looking okay. remember to listen to wtop when you hop in your car this morning. mr. tom kierein. a question for you. any more rain today? >> probably not today, but tomorrow we're going to get more rain moving in. right now, the showers we had overnight are pushing east of the bay. it's m the cloud cover moving up to our north and west. we're going have this drying. we ee get the sunshine breaking out. right now there's the washington monument. the traffic moving on. damp roads crossing the potomac. you'll need your hat, coat, and sunglasses. temperatures at 7:00 will still be hovering around 40 degree. then the sun starts to break out
5:42 am
colder end of the weekend next weekend. 'll look at that coming up in about ten minutes. back to you. >> 45 days until donald trump takes the oath of office. the new controversy trending on twitter that gained won women 51,000 followers. >> the major opening for the casino. this weekend we break down the economic impact as opening day
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breaking news. down. there's a two-mile backup. full details on this major issue coming up. chaos at a popular pizza shop. ahead at 6:00, the dangerous situation with an assault rifle and what we're finding out now about the man in custody. ha days to go and donald trump's cabinet takes shape. >> your night rain now moving
5:46 am
minutes. it is a big week in prince george's county. the billion-dollar mgm national grand harbor casino is expected to open on thursday. >> as the new staff prepares if tr big day, the local economy is preparing for the casino's impact as well. "news4's" justin finch is live now at the casino. justin, good morning. >> reporter: aaron, eun, good work in the footprint of the international harbor, they've got their eye on the prize. they hope it jump starts their economy and also jobs. >> silver and sleek, the mgm national harbor cuts sharp. since 2015 passers-by have witnessed the $20 billion casino rise sniets's been a great look
5:47 am
>> reporter: as the mgm arranges its grand opening. those working in its footprint, the new neighbor wonders how it will fit into the new landscape. >> it's not a concern whether or not it will be great before will it be great for small business owners. >> reporter: they plan to make investing a priority. they're pledging to hire a diverse group of people. >> the casino is revenue. i believe that the businesses around are going to benefit from that. >> reporter: right now, a wait-and-see movement first they must pass a test to test for accuracy and also fairness. we are told that one test was last week. another is set for today and once they pass both, the state
5:48 am
license which could happen as soup -- soon as tomorrow. eun and arron. the time is 5:48. joe mcknight was charged in a road wage case a decade ago but the charge was dismissed. this new information comes as his family and friends remember him over the weekend. the football star was gunned down on thursday during an apparent road rage incident. positive. >> we're staying strong as a family. we have our moments, but just like anyone who went through the situation, you know you have your moments, but if you stay strong, you'll be okay. >> many are questions why ronald glasser, the man who pulled the trigger, was released without being charged. there will be more coming up on the "today" show. today dylan roof will get his first real test as his own attorney.
5:49 am
prosecutors over pretrial motions in his death penalty trial. he's accused of killing nine black parishioners. last week the judge granted his request to be his own lawyer. listen to heavy gunfire. iraqi forces are shelling isis held areas there. they're moving slowly so innocent families can escape. there could be a million. to government-held neighborhoods or to camps. just about 5:50 on this monday morning and "saturday night live" is still taking shots at president-elect donald trump. >> this week they took aim of his love of tweeting. alec baldwin is shown repeatedly losing focus at a security meeting and tweeting people.
5:50 am
look at this. whoerks i just got retweeted? >> by who? ? oops i did it again ?? >> kate mckinnon later spoke that it'sed actually happened. >> donald trump didn't appreciate it. >> his one-woman respochbls we explain what's going on. >> eun and aaron, donald trump immediately tweeting it was biased and unwatchable but it was that epic woman's rachblt that also went viral.
5:51 am
here. let's start with the first one that was shared more than 30,000 times after that. she went on to say, this is not a joke. don't you have anything to do? are you so narcissistic that parody is your priority. in another one daniele rights you're not inform anyone. you're overwhelmed and you have no idea. >> she gained 52,000 followers. one person wrote back, stop and grow up. >> thank you. meanwhile the focus continues to be on trump's
5:52 am
who is on the list, tracie potts? >> jon huntsman and also admiral james defreitas. they're not top-tier candidates but it's clear the search is expanding past what they had publicly identified as the four candidates, romney, giuliani, c what are they saying? >> mike pence is saying this has much to do about nothing. they're calling to say congratulations and taiwan's president was one of them. the thing is we don't have formal relations in order to keep a tenuous relationship with china where it needs to be. those two countries not getting along, not recognizing them.
5:53 am
of a big deal, although the administration is not really saying a lot about it at all. >> all right. tracie potts on the hill for us. tracie. >> we have breaking news on the road. we want to check in with melissa mollet. melissa. >> breaking news continuing this morning. 95 southbound there after want co-a two-mile backup is what i was trying to say there because of this closure. here's what we know so far. all lanes are blocked there and right now state police road and over to avoid sounds like this was a crash between a tractor trailer and a military vehicle. may have one overturned. we do have a spill in the roadway. southbound, b.w. parkway before 32, crashed. also has an accident there causing some slowdowns and southbound georgia near iowa, we've been talking about this for some time. at least one lane blocked
5:54 am
there. good morning, tom kierein. i'm glad to see the rain has stopped and the wet roads still a bit of an issue. >> they're going to stay damp for a couple of hours or so even after the rain has end. watch out. that's more fender bender weather with damp pavement. there's a view from our "storm team 4" tower camera. a few low clouds racing over but the rain has ended right here in washington and it's now moving east of t beaches. so the sky is clearing out as well. off to the mountains. we'll have that clearing drawing that dry air coming right in as high pressure pushes in. quite a chill. it's all above freezing but we're in the 40s. reagan national at 42. low 40s around the cheese peek bay. hour by hour will be in the
5:55 am
ought to hit the low 50s by 2:00. then by 6:00 p.m. clouds start closing back in. down back into the 40s. low to mid-40s by later tonight. dry in the evening. it's during the day that we'll have more rain moving in later in the morning. could get maybe an inch of rain tomorrow. then it ends. chilly day. dries out on wednesday and thursday. then a big chill moves in friday into next weekend. morning lows. that's the way it looks. >> did you hear the crying? that is the sound of a new born on a flight that some passengers witnessed on board. that's because a woman gave birth to a baby on that southwest airlines flight from philadelphia to orlando this weekend. the plane diverted to charleston
5:56 am
hospital. everyone's doing well. >> got to keep an eye out for unwanted pests on your fresh christmas tree. avids can be a big problem. here's what they look like. they feed on sap. i think we have a picture for you. not this one. this one. inspecting the trees all the way down to the trunk is something you should do. vacuum it and remove the tree from your home do. not spray aerosol insect spray on a christmas tree. they are flammable. good morning, i'm kate rogers. apple's director of product integrity wrote to u.s. transportation officials saying apple is invefgt heavily into machine automation and is excited about the potential of
5:57 am
report, i'm kate rogers. >> thank you. domino's japan is pulling the reins on an idea that didn't go so well. >> they're emming a reindeer delivery program. you're hearing correctly. only one week after they started. they were difficult to handle, imagine that. they kept dislodging pizzas from their delivery pouches. pretty much what you expect reindeer to do. that's not stopping the company. instead it start delivering via scooters decorated to look like reindeer. >> why didn't they do that first? >> right, right. some breaking news we're following this morning. a live report is next. gunmen take down shots fire at a famous pizza joint.
5:58 am
5:59 am
wet roads. the rain is moving on but we have more on the way. the conspiracy shooting. disappointed and disgust.
6:00 am
d.c. firefighters are battling flame this morning aet a home. >> that home has partially collapsed and crews are working. they'll have a live report coming up. first, good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. it's 6:00 a.m. a lot of us woke up to wet roads. >> tom kierein has our forecast. through overnight. radar showing the rain is quickly now exiting the region heading off to the east, crossing the bay and out along the atlantic beaches and the cloud cover breaking up. clear sky on the mountains. still cloudy, right around the metro area, most of maryland and virginia. the dry air will continue to push in. we'll get sunshine in about 9:00 this morning. temperatures will stay cold in the upper 30s and near 40


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