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tv   Today  NBC  December 5, 2016 7:00am-9:57am EST

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good morning. breaking overnight. the death toll climbs to 33 people from that massive fire during a warehouse party in oakland. crews expecting to find more victims today. >> it was like a sheet of fire >> was this man, who leased the building, responsible for creating a dangerous situation? and did city officials turn a blind eye? this morning, criminal investigators are on the scene. pizza shop scare. a man with a rifle storms into a crowded d.c. restaurant and opens fire. no one was injured. the suspect in custody. why fake news tied to the election may have been behind his actions.
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search party. translate trump's list of candidates for secretary of state grows with yet another name emering as trump launch agnew round of angry tweets from everything from china to "snl." what happened to this vow made about the use of twitter days after the election. >> i will be very restrained, if i use it at all, i will be very restrained. >> who will it be for the picks the person of the year. we're kicking it all off with a short list. some of the names on it could surprise you. today, monday, december 5, 2016. this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a monday morning.
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person of the year, they would bet one person. we're here with tamron hall on day one of savannah's baby news. >> on day one and we have no news. i just checked in with her. >> we have a lot to happen. we have the devastaing fire in oakland, california. two days later, firefighters are searching through the debris. as they push further they expect national correspondent, miguel almaguer is there. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. firefighters are searching the debris bucket by bucket and expect it could search another 24 hours. the death toll now stands at at number that will likely climb, 33, to date.
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party expected to rise. firefighters searching through ash and debris 10 feet deep. many bodies still unidentified and several people list as missing like 22-year-old alex vega, his family, like others, may have to provide a dna sample as a positive id. >> i don't want to say was, you know what i mean, he is in the prime of his life. >> reporter: with flames exploding of the weekend there history. those who lived believe the fire was local. >> people are hurting right now. the only thing i can think of is people that are lost, their loved ones. >> reporter: with the maze of furniture inside and makeshift pallet staircase, renters at the warehouse known as the go ship say the properied a hwa access points, the main door and emergency exit.
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on the first floor, nearly 100 people upstairs where the d.j. played music and most bodies recovered. >> i woke up in my room and smelled smoke, a fog of smoke. >> reporter: never permitted for residential living or parties, public records show neighbors complained of blight and last month were looking into illegal s >> our district attorney, nancy o'malley, did activate a criminal investigation. that team is on the site. >> reporter: the building owner tells nbc news they never knew any was living inside. sunday night, the man leaing the building, derek, was seen checking into this hotel in "the daily mail". this morning, he tells us this tragic event consumes my every
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my heart is broken and so now are many others, horrific tragedy with the death toll still mounting. >> reporter: those here said it was common knowledge many people were inside of it. the rent for a few folks costs a few hundred dollars and others 1,000 and some said they moved out because they were concerned it was a tinder box, ready to explode. >> thank you. we are joined by chief, melinda drayton, good morning. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. my accomplish. >> we have -- my pleasure. >> we have heard this search is slow. can you give me an estimate what percentage of this building has been checked and cleared at this stage? >> at 52 hours into the incident we think we have cleared
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>> would you say based on the areas you searched you believe the death toll will go higher? >> at this point we have family members at the victims' center and their members are unaccounted for and unfortunately the fatality will go highlight sneer what can you tell us about the process of family members. i know you asked for possible dna and possible >> the coroner, once we locate, along with the sheriff's office in the belting, there is a multi-pronged approach for their identification including the dna and fingerprinting because a lot of these young members of our community had id on them but we're not able to use that as a pure justification and assume what we find is reality.
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the proximity of the fire department and the fact you were there in a few minutes. how do you explain how it spread so rapidly? >> the incredible fire load in the building. we don't know exactly how the fire started. we're still at the area of origin and we haven't gotten to that point to do a thorough investigation. as all the members have been reporting already, the large completely filled with combustibles. once those got started it was very very rapid fire spread that made for a tremendously situation for fire fighters and for people to get out. >> i know there weren't supposed to be renel us residential uses building but some people that
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department and were there fears that that happened? >> i will let other members speak to that. i do know the fire station a block away knows the building. whether or not they were ever able to determine whether it was residential use and occupancy is unknown to me. >> chief, i thank you for your >> you're welcome. take care. we will talk to two survivors of that fire in the next half hour. and alarming incident in washington, d.c., a man with an assault rival opening fire in a popular pizzeria. it's why he chose that restaurant is the focus of the investigation. hallie has more on that. good morning. >> hi there. good morning to you.
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north carolina, said he came to this restaurant to investigate so-called pizza gate, a fake conspiracy theory that made the rounds during the presidential campaign, fake news, now with real consequences. armed with an assault rival, police say edgar madison welch centerfied customers and employees scrambling on sunday when he walked into the d.c. restaurant, comet ping-pong and fired at least one shot from the floor. >> people who ran in from comet >> metropolitan police department arrived on the scene and set up a perimeter. >> reporter: this image shows welch surrounded by police and hands behind his head. >> his demeanor was bizarre and coming to a place to eat, you hit the bar but didn't make any contact or talk to anybody.
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there to investigate pizza gate, suggesting there was a child sex slave ring organized by hillary clinton and her former campaign manager, john pod des stan. in an effort to crack down on fake tv news, reddit banned them from the site. >> people are brave behind their keyboards but you don't actually think somebody will do something about it. r story went viral the owner of the piz rhea said he received hundreds of death threats. >> what happened today shows promoing false conspiracy theories do come with consequences. i hope those involved with fanning these flames will take a moment to contemplate and stop right away. >> reporter: police say they don't believe any else other than welch was involved.
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>> president-elect trump is taking a fresh swipe at china on the heels of his presidential phone call to taiwan, this as mr. trump expands his field for candidates for secretary of state among cabinet picks this morning. a lot going on. kristen, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. breaking this morning, translate trump tapping dr. ben carson to serve as secretary for hous and development. he doesn't have any experience in the field but he is calling carson passionate and brilliant, all of this as the biggest position of all, who will be the next secretary of state. president-elect donald trump widening his search for secretary of state. he is considering jon huntsman former ambassador. the one time governor was critical of trump during the campaign at one point calling
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after that "access hollywood" tape surfaced. former mayor rudy guiliani and david petraeus and mitt romney. >> nobody knows how many there could be. >> reporter: huntsman could be an asset as he made a phone call to congratulate them. huntsman down played the flap. >> having lived in each place once there is a little too much hype on this one. >> reporter: tweeting sunday did china ask us if it was okay to devalue currency? mike pence said -- >> i think i would say to our
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>> reporter: another contender for secretary of state, david petraeus, whether he is qualified for mishandling classified information. >> five years ago, i made a serious mistake and yesterdays and learned from -- and apologized for it. >> he paid the consequences of those mistakes. >> reporter: leader, edward snowden lambasted the general. >> he never spent a single day in jail, general petraeus, who was far more classified than i ever did with journalists. >> reporter: and another flare-up with "snl." >> kellyanne, i just re-tweeted the best tweet, what great smart tweet. >> reporter: trump fiing back on twitter, just tried watching "saturday night live,"
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not funny and the baldwin impersonation sad. as for that controversy, the "washington post" reporting trump and his advisors were planning that call for weeks. meantime, one of china's top commentators responding to the tweet trump had about china over the weekend writing trump still thinks america is number 1 in the world. that's not the chinese perspective meaning we do not need to ask permission for every decision we make. >> thanks. deliberations are resuing this morning about a former police officer shooting and killing a suspect in north carolina and the jury telling the judge they've been unable to reach an enormous decision. >> reporter: good morning. the judge asked the jury to go
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actually seeing some of the inner workings of the jury before the trial is over. a lone juror sending a note to the judge saying he could not in good conscience convict michael schrager. >> reporter: this morning, the jury is hoing the lone -- the people are hoing the lone juror will not stay in the hold-out. >> reporter: an t michael schrager also it was. >> we will see what happens monday. >> reporter: jurors going home for the weekend where the panel of 11 white people and one black man said it was hopelessly deadlock as it considered murder, manslaughter or acquittal. a single juror sending this note to the judge. >> i still cannot without a reasonable doubt convict the defendant. at the same time, my heart does not want to have the tell the
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killed their son, brother and father is innocent. but with the choices, i cannot and will not change my mind. >> reporter: in a follow-up note the foreperson clearly seemed frustrated. >> that juror needs to leave. he is having issues. >> reporter: the 11-1 deadlock nearly led to a mistrial. but the judge told the jury to keep trying. >> it's not over. we kept hearing it's over. it's over. it's not over. month-long trial schrager told the jury he was in total fear for his life and shot scott in self-defense after scott ran for his car and grabbed the officer's stun gun during a struggle. >> i fired and the threat was stopped, like i'm trained to do. >> reporter: previous jury questions indicated the jury was considering a manslaughter conviction, not murder. it's not clear how long they
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judge could declare a mistrial. >> we have an update we've been following for months, a huge victory for protesters in north dakota. the army corps of engineers says it will look for an alternate route for a pipeline project near native-american lands. cheers broke out. for months now members of the sioux tribe have been trying to block construction ohe pipeline saying it could damage the water supply on their reservation nearby. the victory could be short-lived. president-elect trump says he supports that project and some experts believe he could reverse the decision. >> how are you doing? good morning. >> doing great. not so great for friends down south. we also have snow to talk about. this is greenville, michigan.
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a foot of snow. we have more wet weather. 5 million people under risk of strong storms, that precipitation pushing up and through and look for the system to move to the southeast. heavy rain, we could be looking at severe storms, atlanta to raleigh today and tomorrow. this precipitation moves to the northeast with snow back behi some areas may pick up 5 inches or more in lced to louisiana to
7:19 am
sunshine breaking out here in another couple of hours and temperatures in the low 50s. rain arriing tomorrow. could get another imf or half inch of rain. not arriing until the afternoon commute. highlights in the low 40s. we dry out a bit and gets cold following and afternoon highlights near 40. >> that's your latest weather. guys. >> thank you very much. coming up on the investigation, search for tragic victims in the warehouse fire in california. we will talk to two people who lived there and survived the
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road rage incident as we learn more of an altercation at the same intersection with the same
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just around the corner. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. this is a "news4 today" newsbreak. >> 7:26 is your time now. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. a major fire is now out washington. it devastated a row house. we're told the house was vacant. eight people in the house next door were displaced. >> today is an historic day in the catholic church in arlington. bishop michael bburrrbidge was installed. he has served in north carolina since 2006.
7:27 am
catholics. melissa, very busy out there. >> very busy. quantico just now getting back after a crash on the south side of the roadway, one lane south. that is brand new. police had been pushing people to other roads. indiana head highway before palmer road in livingston, all southbound lanes are blocked and one lane taken out by this crash with a tractor-trailer. >> thanks.
7:28 am
good morning, cloudy and cold. temperatures only around 40s. making it to the low 50s as sunshine breaks out and then a half-inch to an inch. it won't arrive until tuesday night. drying out after that, wednesday
7:29 am
of the week and into next weekend. >> thank you. another local news update in 25 minutes. >> for now, back to the "today"
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got to love that view. back at 7:30 on a monday morning, 5th of december, 2016. that tree provides the perfect plaza in the rain and say hi for a little while. tamron hall begins maternity. >> checking out with today's headlines, an emergency landing caught on camera in san antonio. look at this united express flight touching down when suddenly the nose gear collapses and sparks fly.
7:31 am
the georgia man found guilty of leaving his 22-month-old son to die in a sweltering suv will be sentenced today. justin ross harris was found guilty on eight counts of murder and felony murder last month facing a maximum sentence of life in prison without parole. the number of people killed in a fire at a late night party in the warehouse in oakland has climbed to at least 33 people. we spoke to t morning who expects that number will rise even hire. crews are still coming through debris and only been able to reach 70% of that building so far. >> we're joined by two ladies that lived in that warehouse and survived the fire. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you lived in that building for about two years and you were there when the fire started.
7:32 am
>> it was carmen as i was coming down the hallway said something about smoke and fire. another one of our resident artists was out the door and said fire. i grabbed my fire extinguisher in my kitchen area, opened my gate and looked down the hallway and saw what appeared to be a fireball coming towards me. i closed my gate, ran to my loft to grab my cat carrier, i hit with a giant black wall of smoke that immediately rendered me unable to breathe or see, and then the power went out. i made it back down to my inside space, was able to grab a headlamp," gather up my cat, wrap her up in my jacket and race out of the building. >> carmen, you lived there about 11 month and nikki referenced
7:33 am
this place was not coded to live there. were you aware of that situation? >> one thing you have to understand about the bay area, it was incredibly difficult to find housing. you can find plenty of people that need housing. at some point when you need somewhere to sleep at night it doesn't matter if you have a piece of paper telling you if that's okay or not. >> some of the other residents, are they among the missing zbl. >> we lost one of our own in the fire. and we all knew right away. one of our other members tried to save him. we all knew and we all knew right away. i think he's still officially listed as missing because they haven't recovered his body yet.
7:34 am
we knew he was inside. >> carmen and nikki, we are sorry for your loss, happy you're okay and thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. thank you for having us. >> in the meantime, we're learning more this morning about that apparent case of road rage near new orleans that ended with the fatal shooting of a former nfl player. the suspect released without charges, tributes pouring in for the victim. blake mccoy has more on that good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. vigils were held this weekend by family and friends unable to understand why this suspect was walking free, this as new details emerge about his past. this morning, as a community mourns, new details on the man who shot former nfl player mcknight in outrage. >> let's make it clear we're
7:35 am
charges filed was arrested at the same intersection a decade ago for another road rage incident according to the parish sheriff. telling investigators gasser followed him to a service station after he tried to report him for unsafe driing and punched him several times. those charges were dismissed. a source close to the gasser family tells nbc news, we accepted our thoughts and prayers to the mcmight family wait for the facts to come out. >> people can monday morning quarterback what we've done. mr. gasser is not going anywhere. he has been completely cooperative. >> reporter: news comes following the sheriff saying mcknight was shot after he got out of his car and walked over to the passenger side window. >> the three casings were located within the vehicle. >> the wounds are not consistent
7:36 am
hole in the ground. >> reporter: facts that could call louisiana's stand your ground law into play. saying aham side is justifiable when committed in self-defense by one who reasonably believes that he is in imminent danger of losing his life or receiving great bodily harm or the killing is necessary to save himself from that danger. but for mcknight family, so far no consolation. >> i can't believe it. my child is gone. >> reporter: plays say there is no video of this shooting, complicaing efforts to determine self-defense or murder. >> thanks. let's send it over to al. he has another check up the forecast for us. >> we see umbrellas out there
7:37 am
snow and chillier and it takes off tonight. another round tomorrow in pittsburgh, washington, new york and we get snow again in upstate new york and new england and a little more widespread. some areas in syracuse and watertown could pick up 8-6 inches of snow but wider area, 1-3 inches from williamsport to maine. the country. your neck of the woods. >> cloud cover breaking up north and west of the metro area and will see the sun break out this afternoon as temperatures climb to low 50s. rain is likely tomorrow, over a half-inch or inch of rain and temperatures only in the low 40s during the afternoon. that rain ends tuesday night. wednesday, thursday we dry out
7:38 am
dry weekend coming up. >> check out the weather channel. coming up, the story behind this guy's boxing match. it is a real video and he's taking on a kangaroo. first, president-elect trumps love of tweeting and concerns about that as he prepares to take over the highest office in the land, right after this. >> al. i like b etter. i prefer b. b. i would like to smell like this every day. but what was body wash a? i have this in my bathroom. and what was the one they preferred? ohhhh. this is suave. really? that's quite a bit of smelling good. suave three fragrances preferred over bath and body works. hey, pal. what, you got a cough this winter? you want tough love, mentholyptus halls with big time cooling flavor.
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and an unusual taste sensation. do not touch the container tip to your eye or any surface. remove contacts before using xiidra and wait for at least 15 minutes before reinserting them. if you have dry eyes, ask your doctor about xiidra. we are back with one of president-elect trump's favorite pastimes, tweeting. >> tweeting about alec baldwin, so what happened to his promise to restrain tweeting. >> whether you liked his tweets or not, candidate donald trump certainly mastered tweeting in 2016.
7:43 am
attacks. president-elect trump showing no sign of chaning strategies still looking to do what he describes as a tremendous modern form of communication. weeks away from his inauguration as the country's 45th president, president trump will take his place as president in chief. like on sunday night, talking tough on china but his favorite megaphone makes >> mr. trump, please stop re-tweeting all these random real people. you're not getting any work done! >> just minutes after "saturday night live" paroied the president-elect as a compulsive tweeter, trump appeared to prove the point blasting alec baldwin and the spoof as sad. and alec baldwin replied,
7:44 am
habit, he said. >> i will be very restrained if at all. i will be very restrained. >> how has he done? in the past three weeks more than 90 tweets, some celebratory, like tiger woods return to golf and the cable news and hillary clinton.
7:45 am
people are concerned about the tweets because it's a way around the press. >> reporter: trump is not without his critics, one woman in the showdown of "snl" unleashing her own tweet storm. you're the president-elect, pick your battles, man, you're embarrassing yourself. that tweet showing up 65,000 times showing even he only follows 40 accounts, half trump families and properties. >> interesting. >> interesting how he starts "snl" with tribe watching. the advice would be try not watching "snl." >> or obvious reasons. dylan in the orange room with an exclusive look who is in
7:46 am
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guys, did you know dylan's due date is only two days after savannah, yet savannah is on maternity leave and dylan is on this show all week long. >> i didn't know i could take off that early. >> by the way, we will reveal time's person of the year on thursday and you have the short list? >> we certainly do. "time" will choose in 2016. the idea of who has been the biggest influence in the world this year, good or ill. featuing everyone from protesters and presidents to non-traditional choices like the computer and planet earth. last year, germany's angela merkel held the title.
7:51 am
beyonce, hillary clinton, vladimir putin, the whistle-blowers during michigan's water crisis. in india's prime minister and the pioneers of advancement in genetic research and simone biles and nigel farage. who do you think? >> i'm not going t i think it will be a run a way. >> i think it will be either vladimir putin or nigel farage and they could have impacted our election. >> hey! >> we'll find out wednesday. dylan, thank you very much. coming up. our series, winning at all costs, jenna bush hager exposes a growing concern for young athletes, why so many end up
7:52 am
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this is a "news4 today" newsbreak. >> 7:56 is your time on this monday morning. good morning. i'm eun yang. we want to get right to melissa mollet for breaking news. >> 96 still has just one lane now getting by it. it is very very slow as you head southbound. indian head highway before palmer road still the road is still closed before livingston and palmer. inbound metro is quite slow and delays. >> we'll take a break now. stay with us.
7:57 am
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?? ?? ??
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good morning. low clouds, a chill in the air. and mountains will get dry area later today and low 50s this afternoon and rain likely tomorrow. maybe half-inch of rain starting mid-morning and ending in the cold during the week and to the weekend. >> thank you. another local news update in 25 minutes. back to the "today" show after
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today" and 8:00 on "today." tragedy in oakland and questions of who is responsible after the warehouse claims the lives of at least 33 people. >> i woke up an filled with smoke, like a fog of smoke. i looked over and i could see an orange glow coming through the window. >> live at the scene amid the search for more victims. plus, from athlete to addict. >> i was nervous to go to practice because i didn't want to let my coach see. >> i was kind of at a point where i just wand to get highlight, see how highlight exactly i could get. >> meet the real teens who
8:01 am
what every parent needs to know about this dangerous epidemic. and star power. >> how's it going? i'm lady gaga. nice to see you. >> a heartfelt surprise from pop superstar lady gaga with our share kindness campaign. while kelly clarkson is here to bring down the house with a live performance in studio 1a, today, monday, 2016. ?? >> -- high school, seattle, washington! >> and nyc! >> happy birthday! from austin, texas. [ cheers and applause ] ? on christmas eve ? but it's amazing ? >> from north dakota, living it up! >> hello from south carolina xl. >> i'm celebrating 60
8:02 am
all gh we are back now. 8:00 on a monday morning, the 5th day of december, 2016. scale of 1-10, probably not a 10 today, probably more in the 3 area, chilly and rainy but we have a nice crowd. >> we sure do. it feels like night time we are saying, doesn't it? feelsik >> you know what they say, ain't no sunshine when she's gone. savannah, day one of maternity leave, here come the clouds and rain and we hope she's relaxing and sleeping in. >> as we said, grammy winner and dear friend, kelly clarkson is here in studio 1a and will have a great song. >> she will perform live and before she does that, she will co-host with me and al on "the take."
8:03 am
kelly clarkson as far as lyrics. >> here's your song. >> a lot to get to. first, a check of the headlines, time for the news at 8:00. >> reporter: we begin with the deadly warehouse fire in oakland. i'm miguel almaguer with a death toll of 33 as firefighters scan a debris field like they have never found before. with bodies covered by tarps, fightses looking through ash and debris. people at a party when flames exploded through the building. there was only seconds to escape the furious inferno. a teenager, this couple, so many young people among the missing and confirmed dead. kelsey can't find her friend, alex.
8:04 am
you have to keep hope. >> reporter: the warehouse was not zoned for residential living, inside, a maze of antique furniture and makeshift staircase in a building 25 people called home. >> we all looked out for each other and all helped each other. it wasn't like that's my roommate, this is my friend. >> reporter: with many calling this a tinder box ready to explode, the city reinforce complaints of blight and illegal houing her could not get access inside. officials admit it was well-known many lives in the warehouse. >> the city dropped the ball here? >> yeah. all of us did, yeah, we dropped the ball on this issue and sadly enough, you know, we lost some lives. >> reporter: with the building owner saying they had no idea residents lived inside the master tenant who leads the
8:05 am
moment. my heart is broken. the city has now launched a criminal investigation. this morning, the heartbreak here is growing and soon the blame may, too. >> with the youngest victim 17 years old, many are positively identified are in their 20s and 30s. this fire broke out at 11:30 p.m. and the party supposed to go to 4:00 a.m. officials h much later the death toll could have been even higher. >> thank you very much. now to the trump team transition this morning, trump announced he plans to nominate dr. ben carson as secretary of houing and urban development. at the same time, trump is widening his search for secretary of state. according to transition officials he's considering jon huntsman former ambassador to china and former utah governor and others include rex tiller
8:06 am
guiliani and former general david petraeus and mitt romney. now to tom brady, he became the winningest quarterback in l.a. history when patriots won 26-10. that gave him 201 wins, more than manning. he said it is about winning and he is ve he is a great quarterback. >> indeed he is. an airplane had to be diverted because of the unexpected baby on board. that's the scream from the flight to orlando when a woman suddenly went into labor and they asked for doctors or nurses to go to the front row and helped the woman deliver her baby and it was diverted to
8:07 am
by the way, it's a baby boy. when you're close to orlando, a baby about to be born, we're close to nbc universal. >> most of all, the plane was only delayed one hour. >> one hour. >> that happens any day. >> from athletes to addicts. talking to teens whose injuries led them to a very dark path. >> what would you have done? the reason this kangaroo in the face. our jaw drops and the back story with hoda. and help from one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, lady gaga. first these messages. ime to s p . hello moto. snap on a jbl speaker. put a 70" screen on a wall. get a 10x optical zoom.
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8:11 am
11 good times to trend. ready? >> let's go. >> it really doesn't snow in san francisco all that often. you can understand why some 49ers players got a little excited to play in a snowy game in chicago. quarterback, dante so excited, when he scored a touchdown, he dropped to the turf, what did he do? it's because it snow and fun, right? also a penalty. the refs not amused. they threw a flag for excessive celebration. to add injury to insult or insult to injury, the touchdown was called back. >> i lived in chicago 10 years. that is not snow.
8:12 am
>> that is so fun to watch. >> i love watching celebrations. >> they caught a touchdown pass, and the referee ran to the sideline. >> they also had leather helmets in those days. >> absolutely. >> in the days of -- >> we'll go back in the days of more. first-off, what do you do on the weekends? do you plan or are you planne of time actually drains the fun out of the event like not celebraing in the nfl even if it's an inherently fun thing to do. a researcher found the more you scheduled an event the less enjoyment it brought to attendees, too much advance planning makes the event seem like work. advance spontaneity keeps it fun through the weekend. hoda, you start off every show with what are we doing.
8:13 am
little fun out of it. we have to be ready by 8:00. >> enough fun. let's move on. >> sometimes i get like that. >> on weekends i plan the mornings so i get things done and whatever happens in the afternoon happens. >> it's tougher for parents to keep soccer schedules, whatever you want. >> i just give them a bowl of kibbles and let them do whatever. >> we showed you a portion of this most aust dog caught in a headlock by a kangaroo. >> oh. >> in an effort to scare him away, he squares up with him and throws a right cross. look at this. think he will bounce back? >> no. the kangaroo not injured but effectively said, you hit me. he was stunned but he did not go after that dog again. what do we think about that? is that okay?
8:14 am
that kangaroo -- >> that's not a guy in a kangaroo suit. >> i don't believe it. >> hoda. >> it looked real to me. i think once the dog was out of the headlock, i don't see the need to punch the kangaroo. >> i feel bad for the kangaroo. >> then the kangaroo went after sylvester the cat. it's okay. >> it's a wild animal. if it had been a shark or lion- >> if it had been a shark! >> you wouldn't punch one those things. because it's a kangaroo with a pouch, you say, that's not right. >> if it had been a shark! >> if it had been a shark -- >> kangaroos run wild. >> they condition be aggressive, too. >> as you know. >> i hope i didn't plan this. >> dylan. >> okay. >> jennifer aniston's rachel character from friends.
8:15 am
>> the dog and the shark in the same place. jennifer annieston's character has long been lampooned on "snl." we got to see what she thinks about the impression. >> you reap what you sew. >> it kind of just sounds like all you're doing is like what, oh, what, me, oh, wow? > >> is it like this? >> what? >> what? >> no. i don't do that. >> what? >> i love that impression. they said saturday night's episode was the first time she did the impression in front of anniston and she nailed it. we told you about chris pratt's hilarious inability to
8:16 am
he would show the back of her head or part of her face. and posting this to instagram, lawrence's head on top of his body. my best friend, sorry for messing with you. >> this year's award recipients include al pacino and the eagles. it was the president and first lady who received the ovation. and the crowd letting them know how much they'll be missed. >> we can all agree the last eight years the white house has given us a leader who is passionate, intelligent and dignified. >> sir, i don't know why you stood up. i was talking about michelle.
8:17 am
back to the kennedy center when ever you like. that's your "popstart." >> here's my favorite part. go to the video. i like when the guy confronts the kangaroo and the kangaroo squares off, have you never seen a boxing kangaroo? >> look at him, let's go. >> i will box you. oh! >> it's on. >> he debates what to do. >> you want to go back? want to go back at oklahoma, i'm going away. >> under what circumstances is your dog in the water with a shark. >> dog falls into the ocean, what would you do? bunch the shark. nobody would be complaining. >> i want to do the weather. i'm in the water with a shark.
8:18 am
>> i would save you. >> what do you do? wow! best trending ever. we've got cold air coming out from alaska. look at this today, great falls, 70 degrees below average, tomorrow, seattle, only 31. tomorrow's highlights in denver, 31 degrees, normal and amarillo, 41, wednesday, the cold continues, d.c., 41 by friday, 34, nashville, mobile, 48 degrees. >> tamron thought it was a man in a suit. >> that's right. did you see a zipper anywhere? >> hoda checked out. >> everybody's crazy!
8:19 am
neck of the woods. get out of here! cloud cover breaking out in the shenandoah valley. dry air moving in and later today we get the sun out and temperature reaching mid 50s by tomorrow afternoon. rain likely tomorrow and chilly with highlights only in the low 40s and a little sleet in higher elevations, drying out wednesday and thursday and then it goats cold towards the end of the week, thursday and fridaynd >> all right, al. thank you very much. our ongoing series, winning at all costs. this morning, young athletes hooked on painkillers. jenna bush hager is here. >> good morning. we all know the abuse of opioids has become an epidemic in our country. i recently sat down with three teens who sport injuries led to
8:20 am
>> i loved it. i put in 110%. >> game provided life lessons on and off the field. >> it in stills a lot of skills like brotherhood, what it means to be a teammate. >> and jess jennings joined her first swim team at 6 years old. >> i love swimming, the most fun i had on a team my life. >> all student athletes who went from chasing a dream to chasing >> offering up the idea of back door heroin. >> i was nervous to go to practice because i didn't want to let my coach see. >> i was kind of at a point i wanted to get highlight, see how exactly i could get. >> their love of the game drove them to play hard. at just 15, john had got his fourth concussion. >> when i woke up the next morning i was kind of not hearing too well and things were
8:21 am
sh robbing and really really hurting. my mom took me to a doctor. >> do you remember the conversation you had with the doctor? >> i had the ct scan. he asked me questions, looked in my ears, checked my hearing and checked my eyes, the next thing i know i'm at cvs getting vicodin. >> a highlightly addictive painkiller like the one spencer was prescribed. >> my back was just killing me. just block spencer's pain. >> i liked the feeling that it gave me not for the relief of the pain, for the mental effect it brought to me. >> both athletes were soon hooked. how many prescriptions were written for you zbl chbt. >> one prescription with three refills. >> when that ran out, what happened? >> i had to find a dealer that was going to sell them to me.
8:22 am
had used it before but once it ran out she started stealing from her mother's medicine cabinet. >> i would take them and replace them with ibuprofen and she wouldn't even notice. >> they're not alone. in a survey published this year, 1 in 6 students said they had taken prescription painkillers without a prescription. >> it's supposed to be for pain relief. developing brain being released by this feeling, the dopamine in the brain and feel good center of the brain. >> reporter: john was spending upwards of $200 a day on the pills. his parents caught him stealing money. >> i think that's what made him realize i don't have these unlimited funds, i better start finding what i can get highlight on that's cheap. >> reporter: the solution? heroin, a fraction of the price of a prescription painkiller.
8:23 am
now a full-blown heroin addict. >> how did you realize you needed to get help? >> there was nothing else really for me. i was 16 years old using heroin. i was pretty much over my life. i was depressed. i wanted to die. >> that's when his dad took him to newport academy in california a teen treatment center where jess and spencer were also getting help after hitting rock bottom. >> i took roughly vicodin and blacked out and my mom called 911. dr. harold says both doctors and parents need to probe when it comes to pain treatment. >> as a parent, you need to take a more advocaing role and ask your provider why are they going in this route? why is it an automatically opioid or painkiller? the provider needs to ask questions like, is there a family history of addiction.
8:24 am
there was a family history of addiction. they had adopted john when he was a baby. >> we know now what these drugs do. >> they say the doctor never warned them about the addictive nature of the drug. >> hey, this is what the doctor prescribed, this is what we're going to take. >> jamison monroe, founder of newport academy has seen dozens of teens go from athlete to addict with one prescription. >> at that age, to introduce narcotic drug to their system will only have damaing effects. we know that the younger someone starts using drugs, the more likely they are to develop an addiction. >> john knows that one prescription changed his life. >> i really really was really angry that this had to happen to me. this kind of manifested itself through something i loved so much and was really everything
8:25 am
>> these teens are now sober and living a full life. >> do you feel like in some ways, you're the lucky ones? >> i would say if we stick to this path and keep doing what we're doing, we're definitely the lucky ones. >> i couldn't ask for anything more. i'm sober where i am today. >> i'm happy. i have good relationships. have trust with my family. my parents trust me today. that's good. that's really good. >> john is two and wants to be a drug counselor. jess still swims everyday and also two years sober and spencer is six months sober. really, for parents, ask questions. these kids are too young to be addicted to this medicine. >> giving a prescription with free refills sounds like a formula for trouble. >> thank you. let's go over to dylan. just ahead, one of our absolute favorites is here, kelly clarkson. she's going to perform -- excuse
8:26 am
all coming up after your local news and weather. weather. what's the secret to clearing your voice? this is a "news4 today" newsbreak. >> good morning. december 5th, 2016, i'm aaron gilchrist and melissa mollet is here with your first 4 traffic. >> a couple problems around 95 south through quantico. it is very slow in that area and you have to allow extra time, only one lane getting by that earlier crash. southbound, left lane getting by and northbound affected. heading to frederick county, 26 at woodsborrow, all lanes blocked each way. - by agreeing to have my... both: our...
8:27 am
few cents... - added to my few cents... both: added to our few cents... - add up to help improve lives in the local community. - support operation round up by having your novec power bill rounded up to the next dollar. - that's the power of your small change added to others'. all: that's the power of one. - sign up today at
8:28 am
looking off the west and north, a little sun break, will be breaking up in the metro area getting sun farther to the west and north. later today in the low 50s.
8:29 am
ending tuesday night. dry for the weekend. >> thank you. news and weather available any time in the nbc news washington
8:30 am
830 on a monday morning, the 5th day of december, 2016. toy drive in full swing, viktoria secret angels helping us out. we're going to talk to them in just a couple minutes. minutes. >> beautiful elves. >> a combination of two beloved things around here, hamilton and
8:31 am
special performance you won't forget. >> counting down the minutes to that. another music sensation, lady gaga and how she's helping to spread kindness during the holidays. this story is a tear joker. >> oscar winner, octavius spencer on her new movie, based on a remarkable real life story and the new oscar buzz. >> let us bring over muslim ma and bring over those helping us the two helping us out this morning. so, this is the 16th time you've been in the viktoria secret fashion show. does it just become run of the mill? do you have to get psyched up for something like that? >> i get nervous and thought it would go away throughout the years but get more and more. she opened the show this year and she did awesome. >> now she knows how it feels. >> nerve racking.
8:32 am
>> we killed it. >> you did kill it. >> in paris for the first time, i'm always curious when you're walking, are you thinking something? do you have a go-to thought to keep you focused? >> i try to feel the music and performers and energy of the crowd. it was in paris and inevitable you feel the amazing beauty of paris. >> sometimes i point out to the people my family is there, so the time that i pointed is like, i'm saying hello >> my mom. >> you're already nervous. what's it like when lady gaga on the weekend are serenaing you? >> walking next to your favorite musician is amazing. i think lady gaga looked beautiful, amazing. they were singing live, by the way. >> we know what it's like to be put in revealing outfits because you tried to get us to try on speedos in rio at the olympics.
8:33 am
in closed doors? >> no. thanks so much. thank you for being part of the toy drive as well. roker, check of the weather. >> looking at the week ahead, we have a lot of wet weather making its way through the southeast and gulfcoast. we're also looking at a wintery mix in the pacific northwest. rain and mountain snows out west and as we get towards the end of the week, a real mess in the west. in the east, looking goo that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> the rain long gone and pavement beginning to dry out. a live view from our storm team 4 reston camera. dulles tollway drying out and reston parkway drying out elsewhere. we will have the drying pavement throughout the entire region. lows highlight 50s and rain likely tomorrow and chilly day with rain in the low 40s.
8:34 am
and thursday and it gets cold and windy onled from followed by a -- windy on friday followed by a cold weekend. the weather channel on cable for more. guys. thank you so much. today's shared kindness campaign, celebraing selfless acts in full swing this morning. >> hoda is in "30 rock" in the brand new shared kindness experience led by empowering young people to create a kinder world, a great thing. hoda. >> i am so excited. right here we're all about kindness. we partnered with lady gaga to inspire us all to give back. she recently visited a shelter for homeless lbgt. take a look.
8:35 am
loves me but a lot of times i felt like they didn't really get to see me. >> i was on the street actually when i came here. i was like sleeping on the train and at mcdonald's. >> hi, >> hi, everybody. this is lady gaga and we are at the center in harlem and we are here to surprise the kids. >> kindness to me is an action of love or showing of love to someone else. >> lots of gifts. >> i also believe kindness is the cure to violence and hatred around the world. >> how's it going? i'm lady gaga. nice to see you. [ screaming ]. >> i'm right here for you.
8:36 am
lot of different ways. >> i'm here today. i brought presents for all of you. >> i love to give things to people that have nothing or less than me. there you go. you're welcome. >> t-shirts, socks, hats, comfy clothes. we have everything. you can have a gift. >> i love you. >> these children are not just homeless or in survivors. they've been rejected in some type of way. >> when family was pushing me away because i'm gay, all i had was your album. >> my own trauma in my life has helped me understand the trauma of others. >> thank you for being alive. ? tell me how the
8:37 am
you know until it happens to you ?? >> meditation helps me to calm down. i don't have the same kinds of issues that you have but i have the mental illness. i struggle with that mental illness everyday. i need my mantra to help keep me relaxed. i told the kids today i suffer from a mental illness. i suffer from ptsd. i've never told any that before so here we are. shown to me, by doctors as well as my family and my friends, it's really saved my life. you are brave, you are courageous. i've been searching for ways to heal myself. i found kindness is the best way. one way to help people that have trauma is to inject them with as many positive thoughts as possible.
8:38 am
breaking smile even though it's acing ?? >> what's really important to remind kids that are suffering from a traumatic experience or abandonment, to remind them they're not alone and that they're loved. >> lady gaga's act of kindness today was a reminder that love still exists. and that there's still some for me. >> i am no better than anyof we are equal. we both walk our two feet on the same earth. we're in this together. ? you've given me a million reasons to let you go ?? >> we as a world are suffering from war to children who are homeless, famine, kindness is the way, of becoming more harmonious and ending those
8:39 am
to make the world seem better ? ? lord show me the way to cut through all this worn-out -- ?? >> those that have should give to those who have not before the holidays, do one kind act before the end of the year. just be kind. the act priceless. ? stay ?? [ applause ] >> how much do you lovelady gaga right at this moment. as part of that meditation, lady gaga wrote a personal inspiration for everybody and even gave one to me and mine says, i'm brave. she signed it.
8:40 am
her mother, mother gaga, i call her. all these people are doing acts of kindness, decoraing holiday lunch bags for kids. this says, kindness is healing. come here to this area, check out these activities, participate. it's so awesome. can i say something? you raised an amazing girl. >> thank you. >> let me hug you. >> such a sweet story. you can contribute simply at home. just do good deeds. use the #sharekindness and help us get to 1 million acts. >> so many people have been sharing. up next, the powerful new role that could earn octavia spencer another oscar. we'll catch up with her.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
it's 8:42. we're with octavius spencer with oscar buzz and three african-american women who worked for nasa and had a significant impact on the space program. she plays dorothy vaughan and while she pushes them in their career, not afraid to nudge them in their personal lives as well. >> he's coming over. >> why is he him. >> i'm dorothy vaughn. i believe you met my husband, levi. >> she's not married. she's a widow with three beautiful little girls, so well behaved. angels on earth is what we like to call them. dorothy, slice of pie? >> excuse me. >> you already had a slice of pie. >> i love that cast. octavia is here with us.
8:44 am
wonder woman t-shirt. >> wonder women. and this film is about women who could be superheroes. i'm watching this film, how is it 46 years of my life i never heard this story. you had the same reaction and thought it was fiction. >> i thought it was historical fiction. four years ago. when i read this, we would have known about it if it were true,
8:45 am
>> how critical were they to our space program? >> without catheline jackson's contribution we wouldn't have made to it space the first time. that's real and something we have to credit her for and all those women. >> you played dorothy vaughn. she passed away in 2008. when you are playing someone who is real and had such an important impact, how do you deal with that pressure? >> you know there's a life that extends beyond there that moment, because there's families and legaies you have a responsibility to. none of us took that lightly. the most rewarding thing we did a premier at langley last week and watching it with the families was a hallmark moment for me, amazing. >> the cast could be a hallmark card of beauty and talent. the list goes on and on.
8:46 am
buzz and i won't jinx you. how do you feel about it? >> i like living in the moment. we're just opening the movie and all of that is frosting on the cake and we all love frosting. >> you've been great at creaing frosting. we love you so much. hidden figurs is out in select theaters christmas day nationwide. matt. standing here with kelly clarkson. we can't wait because she's about to pem song from a very cool show. >> very sad. hopefully i keep it together. >> we will, i promise. this is "today" on nbc. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back?
8:47 am
ble internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. ?? ??
8:48 am
?? what do doctors from leading cancer centers in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia home. find out why at cancer treatment centers of america. kelly clarkson has three >> kelly clarkson has three grammy awards under her belt and taking on broadway.
8:49 am
awaited "hamilton" remix tape by popular artists including our girl, kelly! >> i'm super lucky. >> how did you get involved in this project? >> actually my new label, craig called. i was e-mailed the song at 1:00 in the morning. i was pregnant with my little boy. i had not seen "hamilton" really, i'm just like a couple weeks later with my boy and this song is about a boy dying, i'm like, are you are you serious right now? i'm worried about a misgarage? it's so beautiful, yeah. >> i don't want to jinx anything. we've been talking here. it is very emotional, alexander hamilton's teenage son dies, you say even in rehearing and practiing the song it comes over you. >> the problem is you want to be emotional, like i was telling you. it's hard to be the more you see it.
8:50 am
it will be like ooo. >> shall we try it? >> yeah. >> good luck. >> kelly clarkson! the words don't ? there are moments the words don't reach, suffering you hold youril ? and push away the unimaginable the moments when you're in so deep feels easier to just swim down ? ? to to live with the
8:51 am
? spend hours in the garden i walk alone to the store in this quiet town ? ? and never was crying before i took the children to church on sunday ? ? the sign of the cross at the door and i pray ? ? that never used to happen before walking by himself and talking to himself and have pity ? ? looking where we are looking where we started i know i don't deserve you but hear me out ? ? that would be enough if i
8:52 am
mine right now and you would smile and that would be enough ? ? talking by himself have pity ? don't you like do you like it uptown quiet uptown unimaginable ? look around look around look around ? ? unimaginable standing in the garden standing there side by side ? ? she takes his hand it's quiet uptown ?
8:53 am
forgiveness can you imagine ? ? look around look around you're going to be unimaginable ?? >> you did it, girl, you did it. >> thank you, folks, thank you very much. kelly will be back in a minute.
8:54 am
c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams as it affects how well it works. brilinta helps keep my platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. brilinta reduced the chance of another heart attack. or dying from one. it worked better than plavix. >>don't stop taking brilinta without talking to your doctor since stopping it too soon increases your risk of clots in your stent, heart attack, stroke, and even death. brilinta may cause bruising
8:55 am
like stomach ulcers, a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. tell your doctor about bleeding, new or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. >>talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. it's too bad, too bad you don't feel a song when you sing it. >> ev since i had kids, i can't control it, about a boy dying. >> amazing job. >> a tearjerker. >> from tears to laughter because you will join us as our co-host.
8:56 am
still be crying for different reasons. this is a "news4 today" newsbreak. >> 8:56 is your time this monday, december 5, 2016. we will check with melissa mollet in your first 4 traffic. >> 95 south after quantico is a big mess. we have a 3 mile backup after the earlier crash. it will take you time to get
8:57 am
southbound indian highway, and crash reported near the chantilly area, quite slow through there. >> thank you. we'll check your forecast when
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning. low clouds over the metro area from our live tower camera. clouds breaking up in the afternoon. temperatures should be climbing out of the 40s to mid-50s in the afternoon. rain likely tomorrow, chilly, highlight low 40s. rain ends after the commute and ends tuesday evening. t dries out wednesday and cold after that. >> thank you. get the latest news and weather any time in the nbc news
9:00 am
a first this morning on "today's take," a grammy award winning superstar co-hosting, kelly clarkson! how would you like to eat in this gingerbread house. how to get a sweet and one pan fabulous right now! studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, and welcome >> hey, welcome to our very special monday morning, december 5th, 2016. we are so excited. one of the biggest singing stars in the world, kelly clarkson is our co-host. this is so exciting.
9:01 am
>> i'm not funny. >> you just sang downstairs. >> and not super professional and cried like a girl, our baby, girls and boys cry. >> kelly clarkson, we feel your feelings through your songs and performances. >> it's hard sometimes if it's that emotional after having kids, i don't know what it is after my hormones, i cry so easily 1,000%. >> i have kids, what happens if i do have them. >> i don't know. >> you probably cry listening to the soundtrack of "frozen". >> my god, i heard that so much. i recently saw demons and wanted to walk up to them and say stop, my daughter loves it and i let it go so many times. >> your daughter, river, i can't stop looking at pictures of this baby. >> she's so funny and has her
9:02 am
>> it's karma. >> my mom used to say one day yours will do to you what you do to me. >> she's just laughing. i go, you don't understand? she goes, i don't? you never shut up either. >> going through the terrible twos. >> as sweet as she can be but just learning. it's a tough age. >> like they won't have to wait in lines like we all did as kids, you wait in line for rides. they think in two minutes, are we going to ride yet? you pipe down. >> i like this, you pipe down. >> you're old school. i was like, i can still reach you! >> that's right. don't make me stop this car. >> don't make me stop with the
9:03 am
make a scene. >> it's regular normal to go say to the white house christmas party. >> she did meet obama and we taught her how to say obama and she did it in front of him and he was like, you can have anything you want. >> she did it on command? you practice it at home. >> i said, say obama. she loves mimicking. she was awesome and so sweet. he was so nice and had a phone conversation with our nine. it was really cute. >> what's wrong with me! i need to get pregnant! just kidding. >> how about singing at the white house? capitalism carols with the president. >> we didn't get to rehearse it and tricia and i got pushed back. so we started grinding.
9:04 am
with the president of the united states. you couldn't see us for a minute. we were way back there. >> you have on some pretty -- you said coming up, you have on beyonce heels. >> and i'm not her, i'm aware. >> how tall are the heels you have on today? what do you think. they're not me. this might be someone but it's not me. >> you had to walk up two flights of stairs to get to this studio? >> yes. that's why i'm sweating. >> oh, my god. >> last year, christmas obviously big in a lot of homes, but in your house, you went with your christmas card, ""game of thrones."" >> we're hard core about that. we tried this year, too. everybody keeps asking us, how do you live up to that? >> that's crazy. >> it happened. we're on vacation and did this thing for fun because he has a scottish background, my husband. i have a really awesome idea but
9:05 am
eldest girl is out of town so much with scheduling, she's 15. i have a good idea but i don't know if i will get it done in time. >> i love how we go from professional award winning to texas mama all-in-one. >> sorry. i should probably be medicated. >> no. we love you like you are. we know you have to do it, you have to get this christmas going, the expectation. >> you can make it a new year's card. >> everybody has a good idea but not as good as the one i have. it will be really hard. we literally have four kids. we don't have a lot of time and haven't seen it yet but everybody said i love it. >> you don't have to see it, steal the theme. >> killer robots. >> they were in "the "game of thrones."" >> i'm saying it's the next big thing.
9:06 am
music. >> 2017, we will have an album coming out. >> someone told me the inspiration behind this. how do you describe what you're looking for? >> it's been so different, a hurdle, we're trying to switch gears, everybody is used to pop rock kelly i love. i've been wanting to make this record since i was a kid. very r&b, soulful pop. >> like whitney meets aretha. >> yes. comentary versions of that. >> can we get a rush on that? i need this done. >> she has to get a christmas card done. >> i'm so excited. that will take longer. >> i will do the christmas card. give up this music. >> it won't come out until 2017. >> we found out we will be part of "hamilton". >> so 2017. >> it will be good. >> we have a professional singer
9:07 am
winner and 12 time nominee. >> i didn't know that? >> you didn't? >> 12 times? >> i would google it. >> your prediction for song of the year? >> i will be real with you, i don't get -- i'm a mom and i've listened to a lot of disney. i'm not actually super -- i don't know everything out. was obsessed with the record. any time somebody has a hard time in their life, that's the best album. >> from your music, are there little clues about life? >> i'm not writing as much as i normally do because i'm so happy. everything is so great. nobody wants to hear that. >> sure, they do. >> no, we don't. >> is that the secret to a good song? >> you're like, i've been there.
9:08 am
>> we have an upbeat one i love i can't wait for everybody to hear. >> i need to feel it. i want to be like, yes! i've been there! >> why can't you have, okay, i want to dance with somebody, that's happy. >> then you need the heart wrenching, "run to you." you want to call your girlfriends and have wine. >> statistically, songs more depressing are far more -- >> i think guys -- i don't think guys want t want to hear upbeat. >> what does that say about y'all? >> no. no. >> that is so true! >> no, "i want to dance with somebody" is not about us. >> bad ones are about y'all. it ain't us we're singing about. >> you're the one that has a phone call calling your exes. >> that's the song. >> my phone is broken. i'm getting a new one, called two exes.
9:09 am
mean to call me? no. my bad. how you doing? >> my phone's calling my exes while they live in texas. >> she said, my bad. >> coming up, can you guess what the most re-gifted christmas present is? "saturday night live" weighs in with its two cents in a hilarious sketch after that. at h , with our new flavorfilled pairings. enjoy our freshly filled pastas bursting with indulgent flavors. esistible steak, shrimp or chicken. comfort and joy, love and laughter, happiness and cheer. served with all the salad and breadsticks you want. bring flavorfilled pairings and your family
9:10 am
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9:12 am
king while you sleep. ? ? still don't think i've got a brain? ? ? i took two bullets in the chest. ? ? got three kids, i never rest... ? ? so yeah, i've got a brain. ? ? a degree is a degree. ? ? you're gonna want someone like me. ? ? but only if you have a brain. ? (music fades out) we a we are back with more on "today's take." we have super duper energy. >> freeway of love. how great is that? >> "ain't no way." >> "i never loved a man the way i love you." >> you are done! "ain't no way". >> ? ain't no way ?? >> i'm not like her. >> upbeat. >> so -- >> i will win you over sending you a mixed tape.
9:13 am
", mine. >> "saturday night live," one of the greatest, what's your go-to christmas gift to give people zbl. >> >> scarf, money. i employ a lot of people that would rather have the bonus. >> move in. >> "snl" on saturday night performs and owed to the greatest christmas gift and re-gift of all time. >> i missed it. >> me, too. ? it's christmas-time again a woman has to get gift for some girl at work named jen ? ? she doesn't know what jen likes and she doesn't super care ? ? so she goes inside a closet just to see what's in there ? ? suddenly she sees the christmas savior is here
9:14 am
bike for a year ? ? she takes the kendall and wraps it up for jen and just says here ?? >> yeah. a candle. >> i don't know i've ever give an candle. have you? >> if you do, straight up vanilla, don't get weird. smell that you do not like and you still have to have it in case they come over. >> no, you don't. >> what do you do? >> that's not my fault. you get me a crappy candle, that's your fault. >> wouldn't it be great if you can combine a candle with a fruitcake? >> i think that's an older thing. my mom said that before, who gives fruitcake. >> people still do it. >> they do?
9:15 am
thing. >> my grandmother would send a fruitcake with rum and you wold open it and get knock out. >> i can't bring myself to eat it. >> it bakes out? >> no. you bake it and then -- >> somebody send me a fruitcake. >> in the caribbean we c >> we have a gingerbread house. >> pour rum on it. >> a giant life-sized gingerbread house at the ritz-carlton in arizona. wait a minute. i thought this was in the studio. a picture. >> wait a minute, you thought it was in the studio. >> wait, you go to the place and eat in the gingerbread house? >> yes. >> i thought they were going to send us a replica. >> do you ever read the notes? >> no.
9:16 am
don't let me put kelly clarkson on you, i will step back. >> i will go to a gingerbread house, you eat in it or eat it? >> eat in it. >> you should be able to eat something. >> it's $250. it costs $250 and says dinner is $300. >> you read that note. very nice. >> you can have dinner at home and build your own. >> aol >> okay. right next to that candle. leave the candle burning in the window. let's check your weather and see what we've got for you. we are looking todayed a wet weather making its way in the northeast. a lot of heavy rain in the gulf coast. there is a risk of strong storms there today. wet and snowy weather in the pacific northwest. awfully cold air making its way through the plains. 20s in northern new england, 80s in florida.
9:17 am
and thundershowers down through the gulf and snow in new england and more snow through the plains and pacific northwest. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> a little sunshine breaking out and temperatures in the 40s. reagan national, 44 degrees. partly sunny in the afternoon. highlights reaching low 50, rain likely tomorrow maybe mid-morning and late afternoon ending tuesday night. chilly day, too, tomorrow, g we dry out wednesday and thursday. gets windy and cold friday, followed by a cold weekend, 20s in the mornings, mid 40 sunday. >> huh? >> i said, when you do your neck of the woods, did you know a fun fact, kelly and i are from the same neck of the woods, texas. >> and my momma lives in
9:18 am
>> that's you latest weather. up next, are you a know it all when it comes to kelly clarkson fans. a couple fans will help us finish the lyrics to hopefully some of her biggest hits. hopefully they're all upbeat. but they make it work, most of the time. and at least they agree one thing. new tide purclean it's the first bio-based detergent... with the cleaning power of tide. so you can actually clean your clothes and still... new tide purclean. the first bio-based detergent with the cleaning power of tide. if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide. when you have a cold, pain from chest congestion can make this... feel like this. all-in-one cold symptom relief from tylenol?, the #1 doctor recommended pain relief brand.
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9:21 am
swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion. ask your doctor if you're tresiba? ready. ? tresiba? ready ?? so, a few a few months ago our co-host, kelly clarkson was on facebook live and caught our attention when she kind of lyrics. >> kind of? >> take a look. ? something i -- sing it -- wait, what is it? supposed to be right. >> i wrote that. >> you wrote that? >> i did. >> that would be like me forgetting your neck of the woods. >> giing her the side eye and we thought we would play "finish
9:22 am
great guys. >> zack. >> i'm chris. >> they will be annihilated. >> these guys have seen you in concert four times. >> what! >> and they drove here just to meet you. >> i think it's impossible to beat kelly. >> let's find out. >> let's roll song number one. >> okay. ? left me broken ?? >> oh! >> guys, guys. >> what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. >> ? what doesn't kill you makes you stronger ?? >> they got you there. >> hold on. okay. hold on. >> are we supposed to finish it because that was. ? broken down come calling back ? ? you're dead wrong ?? >> it says here what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
9:23 am
you said finish the lyrics. >> that's what this says so they get the point, kelly. >> i got this. >> the problem was, you have to wait for the song to finish. >> what it is is you're cheaters. okay. >> wow! >> all right. a second song. wait for it to finish. ? looking nor attention i don't know the question ?? >> "walk away"! >> okay. the rest of rest of the lyrics? >>. ? if you don't have -- >> oh! >> ? hey hey just walk away ?? s. >> do you smell something in the studio? kelly just got burned. okay. >> are you really kelly clarkson? >> i thought you said you had to say the name of the song.
9:24 am
lyrics! >> i'm happy i have a rubber mallet. >> bring song number three. ?? ? hear me say what you need with you ? ? hear me say ?? ?? >> i got it! >> yeah! yeah! >> we've got a ringer actually let me bring in matt lauer. >> when are you guys going to be in concert? >> anchorman down. anchorman down! >> i will try to get one more. hey, listen. >> wait. >> yeah. ?? >> wait for it to finish. >> one special kiss. i can't believe it's happening
9:25 am
>> what! >> say it one more time! [ yelling ]. >> all righty. there you go, the winner, chris and zack. you've gotten autographed albums and $100 gift certificate. thank you for playing our game. you might know some lyrics. just ahead, an idea for that chicken in your fridge full of flavor, after the news and weather. ?? >> who are you, woman? this is for you. did you really? didn't have too! ?? getting the gift you almost kept for yourself? now that's a holiday mini miracle. and it's easy to create your own at walgreens... with 50 percent off the gifts of the week, just around the corner.
9:26 am
? stand a ?? ?? this is a "news4 today" newsbreak. >> good morning. it's 9:26 now this monday december 25th. i'm aaron gilchrist. we just learned a d.c. firefighter suffered minor burns in a row house fire home at georgia avenue. the floors inside that home collapsed. eight people in a home next door were displaced. the fire is still under investigation. today, a loudoun county judge will decide whether to delay sentening for a man for killing his estranged wife. his attorneys are appealing it because they say evidence against him at trial was insufficient. a look at your forecast when we
9:27 am
9:28 am
good morning, sunshine breaking out in the metro area. there is a live view overlooking washington this monday morning. temperature climbing in the 40s
9:29 am
and chilly and dries out and gets windy and cold in the next weekend. >> thank you. news and weather available any
9:30 am
>> it is monday morning. our "today" food team kicking off the week with fabulous dishes. >> we have an idea for chicken you can whip up in minutes. >> it is from an cookbook. good morning. good to see you. >> i'm such a huge fan. >> and i can't wait to see you food. >> what are we making today? >> today, i will make you fast and fabulous and also healthy and delicious, too, my honey hoisin chicken thighs. >> i love them. >> so easy. juicy chicken thighs with the
9:31 am
sauce, and we have garlic, ginger and chia. it will boost you up. >> how simple. >> it's very simple. we will do it piece-by-piece. >> oh! >> a nice bag there. >> like all of it? >> just dump all of it in for the ginger and chili. >> all of it. >> makes a gorgeous marinade. >> how long will you keep that marinade? >> marine need at least an hour but even 15, 20 minutes because those flavors are rich and all the flavors will go in. >> how delicious. >> you can use chicken thighs, pork ribs. tenderloins. >> all-round marinade. >> fabulous. >> and give it a nice squish in there. >> you will put that in the pan. >> exactly.
9:32 am
simple pour it out like that. >> really delicious. >> lay it out there and into the oven. it's going to broil, as we say bake. it will bake for about a half hour, 350 degrees and it will be delicious. >> under the broiler for a little bit to crisp it up? >> to crisp up the skin. come over here, guys. to go with it, i have really delicious kale. kale is so good. season! >> okay. >> when you combine it with that chicken -- >> i hope you will like it. >> if i'm cooking with it. >> we get the pan or wok nice and hot. isn't it great? >> makes me feel like a chef.
9:33 am
onions and nice kick. a little bit more oil there and salt to season that up. >> matt will eat it. >> what you do at the end, a nice little hit of some chicken stock or vegetable stock. this is like a chinese salsa ver day, but it tooks one. you normally put it on chicken and put it on fish. you can serve that with the chicken. we go ahead and keep a little bit back in the wok. add the kale and wit it down. -- wilt it down. >> you got me. >> and we add cream. hear that sizzle? that's exactly what she needs. that's it. cook it about a minute or two cooked down and there you are
9:34 am
>> when you coming over? >> we have one over here to try. >> wow. >> well, okay. >> how quick was that? >> so fantastic. we have all of our "today" food recipes at coming up next, kelly will help us get into the holiday spirit with a christmas classic. you don't want to miss her performance. confet. say hi to xiidra, lifitegrast ophthalmic solution. xiidra is the first prescription eye drop solution approved to treat the signs and symptoms of dry eye. so give your eye doctor a ring, and your eyes just might thank you. one drop in each eye, twice a day. the most common side effects of xiidra include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision
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whenever i try to grow out my hair, strands always break off. but pantene is making my hair practically unbreakable. the pro-v formula makes every inch stronger. so i can love my hair longer. strong is beautiful. pantene. >> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is the sing citi concert serie "today" presented by citi. >> kelly clarkson has been a fabulous co-host all morning but we can't have a grammy superstar without a performance. >> what will you sing for us?
9:39 am
? i'm dreaming of a white christmas just like the ones i used to know ? ? where the tree tops glisten sleigh bells in the snow. i'm dreaming of a white christmas with every christmas
9:40 am
? >> may your days be merry and brought ? ? and may all your christmases be white ??
9:41 am
? i'm dreaming of a white christmas with every christmas card i write ? ? may your days be merry and bright be white ?? >> kelly, that was terrific, kind of doing a little weather in your christmas song. i like it. we can see a lot of wet weather in the week ahead starting in the gulf wintery mix and heavier
9:42 am
we move through rain and mountain snows out west. showery mixy weather with snow in the great plains and snow showers in the great lakes. more mountain snows and rain in the pacific northwest with plenty of sunshine through the gulf. that's what's going on around the country. what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. this is a live view from the morning. we will continue to see sunshine as we get to the afternoon and temperatures in the low 50s. rain likely tuesday and ending tuesday night, could get up to a half-inch or more. only low 40s tomorrow. dries out wednesday, thursday, cold the end of the week all the way into next weekend. >> that is your latest weather. a face you will be seeing a lot
9:43 am
the upcoming "20th century" women. she's here after these messages. come together at the holidays, with our new flavorfilled pairings. enjoy our freshly filled pastas bursting with indulgent flavors. and perfectly paired with irresistible steak, shrimp or chicken. comfort and joy, love and laughter, happiness and cheer. served with all the salad and breadsticks you want. together this holiday... at olive garden. (kids laughing) what's going on? shhh! gasp! you going to shut it down? this is totally going viral. i wanna go viral. going viral? get scrubbing bubbles, clean and disinfect. 20,000 views! what?
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9:46 am
? go paperless, don't stress, girl ? ? i got the discounts that you need ? ? safe driver ? ? accident-free ? ? everybody put your flaps in the air for me ? ? go paperless, don't stress, girl ? ? i got the discounts that you need ? ? safe driver ? ? accident-free ? ? everybody put your flaps in the air for me ? ? savings ? ? oh, yeah ? that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend.
9:47 am
it's a busy month it's a busy month for this actress who has two, two movies in theater. she plays jackie kennedy's life-long confidante. >> and she plays annette bening playing punk artist in the 1970s. greta, nice to meet you. >> good morning. >> good morning. most people would consider it a blessing to have one big movie coming up but you have two. >> two definitive decades. i was incredibly lucky this year and both directors are great. they're both doing the work of their careers and i get to watch
9:48 am
really. >> we were talking about annette bening and this movie "20th century women" and being in her energy space and learn from her. >> she's so intelligent and incredible. they both are. bringing it to her character, her smarts come through in every character she plays. i keep saying, you know how you can become a dame, we should make that just for it's sexy. >> amazing. >> one of the things you loved about taking on this role, not only acting but hanging out with her doing press. >> she's a mom of four, done the most incredible work. she's done that and film. she's the person i aspire to be. i want to be that kind of actress. >> surround yourself with the
9:49 am
>> as you mentioned, natalie portman, brilliant and to have this range. >> yeah. i know, it was a really -- just as an actor, you have so little control over what projects come your way. two great parts with two great directors and women you admire come along, that's me, done, i'm solid for the next like two years. i'm >> in "jackie," you play nancy tuckerman, her life long best friend. what did you learn about that relationship to help you understand that time period? >> nancy tuckerman is still alive but i didn't get to talk to her. she's very behind the scenes and never wrote a book or gave an interview. she's a friend and she wrote the press release when jackie died. that's loyalty. one of the things i hung onto,
9:50 am
where are you most likely to be found? nancy wrote laughing with jackie and jackie wrote, laughing with tuckie. >> a lot of guesswork then if you didn't get to meet her? >> it was like hanging onto little pieces i felt were evocative, that was one of them. even her silence says everything. she didn't ever go to the media with any information. back of the photos, i loved her without knowing her. >> i have a -- i'm nancy tucker marsh in my world. it's hard. >> and she has the story and -- >> she totally keeps it inside. >> i love that. >> it was great. in "20th century women," my character loves annette, like her surrogate mother.
9:51 am
natalie and i feel that way about both of these women so i didn't have to make that up, it was just there. >> so terrific. greta gerwig, thank you so much. >> and "20th century women" will be in theaters and "jackie is already out and i have to mention this because we get paid
9:52 am
at t.j. maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've imagined the holidays this way for decades. it's why we never have crazy sales. never make you clip coupons. and always have amazing prices on popular brands and thoughtful gifts. it's time to bring back the holidays
9:53 am
our 23rd our 23rd annual toy drive is in full swing. earlier, our celebrity elves were on the plaza collecting toys from our fantastic crowd. thank you so much for bringing your gifts. here to tell you about today's
9:54 am
tell us about your donation. >> we are giing 150,000 dollars to children. today, i brought a festive -- >> the clear umbrella, low-key and highlight key obsessed. an awesome gift. how long have you worked for the company? >> i grew up in the company. >> your whole life? >> whole life. we are not superstitious people. years. we're celebrating a 70th anniversary this year. i got under the umbrella and someone screamed, no! you know what's funny? the voice of kelly clarkson. are you superstitious, kelly? >> yes. >> thank you so much. you can all donate to our toy drive if you're coming to the plaza, bring a toy or donate
9:55 am
thank you so much to everyone who has already donated and those considering it. thanks, jeff. >> we want to thank you, kelly. this has been so much fun. you have your second annual miracle on broadway holiday concert coming up on december 16th? >> yes. a bunch of artists get together to raise money for the community. it's on broadway. >> tickets on sale now? >> benefit for nonprofit we pick four different ones every year. >> you have been a joy and hope you had a good time. >> i did. i was so nervous. up next, chicago firefighters with kathie lee and hoda on "singing in the rain". >> we have to pay for this! cha-ching. maybe noah oppenheim can chip
9:56 am
9:57 am
newsbreak. >> 9:57 is your time on this monday, december 5, 2016. a popular pizza restaurant has shut it doors for one day after a gunman fired a rival inside the restaurant. no one was hurt but police arrested 28-year-old edgar welch who fired one shot into the floor. the north carolina man went to the restaurant to investigate pizzagate, a false online
9:58 am
conspiracy. >> good morning. 46 degrees. later with today, the sun making it to the low 50s. then rain returns tomorrow. in the low 40s in the afternoon. occasional heaviest rain not until the afternoon tuesday night. drying out wednesday-third, then cold -- wednesday, thur >> and we will have new holiday
9:59 am
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from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. hope you had a wonderful weekend. it's fun day monday december 5th. we don't care if it's monday here. >> that's "working girl by train." does that mean what i think it does or are we working girls? >> i think we're working girls. >> we have a special guest, he's very cute, taylor kinney is here heating up fire fans.


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