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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 5, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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inside comet ping-pong. >> reporter: it all unfolded inside this courtroom this afternoon where he was charged with three felonies including assault with a deadly weapon and a misdemeanor gun charge. charging documents in court give us a a better pitu from his ar-15 assault rifle and then pointed the gun at an employee. it began just before 3:00 sunday afternoon. police say 28-year-old edgar welsh walked into comet pizza with an assault rifle and. pointed it at an employee. that employee was able to get away and call police. nearby businesses were locked down as police negotiated with welsh who surrendered after a
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charging documents reveal welsh told police he brought his gun because he wanted to free child sex slaves who were being held. the owner told reporters this is all the result of fake news reports during the presidential campaign. >> let me state the stories are entirely false. what happened today that it promoting false and reckless conspiracy theory do come with consequences and i hope that those that are involved with fanning these flames will take a moment to contemplate what happened here today and to stop right away. >> it was closed today. >> this is our neighborhood pizza establishment. i am concerned that gun violence is affecting my children and i
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>> reporter: it's not required to enter a plea. he was held without bail. he will be back before a a judge thursday morning for a preliminary hearing. as far as his police record goes, he was convicted of a dui some time back but appears to have a clean record. as for comet ping-pong, the owner says he hopes to reopen tomorrow. conspiracy are being shared all over social media. coming up at 6:30 this evening, we'll take a closer look at fake news, where it start its, how it spreads and why some people are so quick to believe it. next couple days we're in for real changes across our region. . today not bad. a great start to our workweek. nasty weather moves in.
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but just down to the south and west is where we're looking making its way up to the south. there's some cool air, but not cool air. look at the rain down to the south. so that moves into our region overnight. by early tomorrow morning, it's here affecting part of the morning rush. rain tomorrow is nasty and cold and wet. we're calling tomorrow a weather alert day. much colder late week. i mean much windchills in the 20s. some areas in the teens. i'll be back with the latest on what to expect for the rest of the week. now to the presidential transition. today donald trump nominated ben carson to leave the department of housing and urban development. as some democrats raise concerns, there were questions about whether carson wants the job. steve handlesman is on capitol
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fish out of water running hud. like donald trump, carson has no experience here in washington. none in government, but presuming he's confirmed to run, carson would get 7,000 employees in and donald trump broke the news on twitter. ben carson is brilliant, trump wrote. he questions the role of hud in fighting racial discrimination and carson has never run a a big organization. now he tackles trump's promise to rebuild inner cities and
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the president-elect's phone call with taiwan's president has washington reeling. . 40 years of shunning china's arch enemy ended. >> our power expires on january 20th. >> former ambassador to china jon huntsman said trump strengthened u.s. >> you have a businessman who has become president of the united states who real leverage in that relationship. >> huntsman is another former trump critic like mitt romney who sources say is under consideration for secretary of state. meeting with trump today was al gore, who wants trump not to back the u.s. out of the global deal to fight clmate change. >> i found it extremely interesting conversation. and to be continued. >> reporter: still avoiding reporters, donald trump warned his tweeting will continue. he would have less reason to use
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on him was more accurate, trump tweeted today. he complains i don't know if that will ever happen. what is happening today is the president's recording on concern about ben carson. nancy pelosi calls his disturbingly unqualified. i'm steve handlesman, news 4. tomorrow d.c.'s mayor will go to new york to meet with president-elect trump. bowser is a democrat and voted for hillary clinton. she is the one who asked for the >> tom sherwood is here with more on the trip and the meaning behind it. what can you tell us? >> she is a democrat. she called trump's immigration policy several times idiotic. and she's boycotting the hotel in october. so here's the problem for her. she told us she's the mayor of the nation's capital. she has to be a gracious host for whoever is president. she also wants to talk about
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country. >> the fact of the matter is among some city leaders, what they are concerned about is as much as donald trump is the republican house and a republican senate interfering in city business. >> there are a couple issues. gun control. there's a great worry that city has a gun control law that's tougher than the federal law. if they pass it, there's no president obama to veto it. a bill or whatever it was call ed to let the city spend its own money without congressional review. the republicans hate that. they are not going to let that happen. the grand dad duh of them all, statehood.
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the plan was for hillary clinton to be elected president to take it up to capitol hill and have at least a vote on it. >> that ain't going to happen. >> the bill may go up there, but i don't know which closet social security going to be in or which back room, but it ain't happening. >> but donald trump isn't a regular republican, so it is possible. >> he didn't show much interest here. the trump family members gave a few campaign contributions when running for mayor. there are little expectations are to be about that size too. >> thank you. it could take some time before we know what the house fire in d.c. this morning. it started on iowa avenue northwest. the unit was vacant and under renovation. an ambulance droifing by noticed the flames and called for help. about the same time the family living next door smelled the smoke and got out safely.
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so we got up and when i u turned on the light, all the smoke was coming through the cracks of the house. at that point, i just reacted and decided to get everybody out of the house. >> one firefighter was injured when the building partially collapsed. fire investigators say it's going to take time to make the area safe enough to go inside and figure out what caused this. an awful story from a gas station in virginia. the store clerk was killed during a robbery. it happened on jrs highway early saturday morning. pat collins spoke to the victim's wife and right now is at the scene with their story u and e details of an arrest. >> reporter: he was from jordan. he was the captain in the military. e he came to our country in 1999 looking for peace and prosperity. he ends up getting murdered, beaten to death during a robbery
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on december 17th, they would have celebrated their 12 wedding anniversary. in fact, they met at this gas station where e he worked on route 1. and it was here at this gas station that he was beaten to death during a robbery last weekend. >> our anniversary is next week. it's going to be hard. >> you've been married 12 years. >> uh-huh. >> for him to die this >> it's hard to accept that. >> reporter: charged in the murder 50-year-old david washington pictured here in surveillance video from the murder scene. the murder suspect was no stranger to this area. people around here say they remember him crossing route 1, back and forth, back and forth for days. listen now to ken whitt lee, he's doing construction work here. >> sometimes he'd come out here
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sometimes e he would come from the other side and walk au cross. sometimes he'd walk au cross the road to over here. sometimes he's walk on this side. he was here two or three times a day. >> a friend of the victim. >> for him to die this way. >> 2 by 4, it's just crazy. why not just take the money and leave the man alone and go. >re tonight on murder charges. back to you. >> pat collins, thank you. the death toll continues to climb as investigators continue their search for victims buried under the rubble in a a warehouse fire in california. she did everything right but lost her life as she crossed the street. see how the community is coming together to help the husband and children.
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the story just keeps getting worse. the death toll from a a weekend fire that tore through a california warehouse stands at 36 now and it's expected to grow even higher.
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criminal investigative team to look into what some are are calling illegal housing. steven luke is at the scene in oakland, california, with the latest. >> reporter: we just had the very latest check within the past couple minutes from officials on the ground here and i can tell you that the death toll remains at 36. they have identified 33 of those individuals. this is quickly becoming one of the deadliest fires in california history. one of the reasons for that there's evidence that some of the bodies experienced a a traumatic fall and that's in line with the second story of this warehouse collapsing almost immediately after the fire broke out. and then today more concerns that it the rest of the building would collapse as well. authorities believe they have pinpointed the section of the warehouse where a deadly fire erupted friday night. >> we now feel very strongly that we have the section of the
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>> reporter: structural concerns caused firefighters to pause in slow and methodical work. >> working under a wobbly, potentially collapsing exterior wall is extremely dangerous. >> reporter: for several day thas combed through charred debris in what remains of the ghost ship warehouse. the building home to dozens of artists and studios with living spaces piled high with furniture. a former resident called the warehouse a disaster waiting to happen. >> there was always candles and fires. >> reporter:s this the single largest fire tragedy in the united states in more than a decade. officials confirm a criminal investigation is underway. >> we ab sloutly believe the number of fatalities will increase.
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still able to e comprehend a horrific loss of life. another nugget of information just coming in within the past few minutes. they say they have combed through 75% of the building, but that leaves a quarter of it to go through still and with missing people unaccounted for, that's why the death toll is expected to rise. steven luke, back to you. it is not all over yet, but protesters are saving something of a victory in their push to reroute the dakota access pipeline. cheers from the activists yesterday when they learned that the army corps of engineers will deny a permit for the pipeline to cross under a missouri river reservoir in north dakota. the developer of the poppy line is not happy with that. he says the decision is politically motivated.
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threatens their reservations cultural sites and drinking water. president-elect donald trump supports the pipeline, but a a spokesman would not say whether the president-elect would try to overturn the decision. a slice of las vegas coming to maryland. we're just days away from the grand opening of the mgm national harbor casino and resort in prince georges county. tracee wilkins got a sneak peak after seeing the plans come to years. she's live r if us with what she saw. how does it look? >> reporter: it is very interesting on the inside of this place. i got to tell you when you walk in, you would assume you'd be walking into a number of games in the lobby and even in the bathroom. that's not what it's like. you have to make your way to the casino if you're interested in gaming. folks are starting to sell out the hotel rooms here. and mgm is saying this is proof of what's to come.
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>> it's something we have been trying to convey since we arrived in town. we don't build a casinos. . we build destination resorts. >> reporter: mgm came gave a tour of the resort including its numerous celebrity chef restaurants. >> it's amazing to see a a promise fulfilled. >> reporter: when you walk in, the atrium is very similar to the mgm in las vegas. there are no slots or games here. you have to go to the casino for that. seasonal holiday decoratio glass ceiling where you get a clearer view of the 24-story hotel with more than 300 rooms and suites. >> how u do you describe the undescriable? you need to experience it. >> reporter: poet bob dylan first sculpture called portal encompasses the entrance. there's 125,000 square feet of game. ing including 3300 slot
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room. but mgm spokesman stress that it gambling is only a portion of their it business here. >> if you're interested in other things like great entertainment, great dining, beautiful art, this is a place for you to come as well. >> reporter: with the inside almost ready to go, there's a greater focus on folks getting here. >> we know that traffic is challenging for everyone. it was troublesome before we opened. it will likely after we open. >> spokesman suggest you don't try to be the first one here. >> wait until after 10:30. drive in, park in our parking facilities and that way you can easily access the doors. >> reporter: the casino opens this thursday at 11:00 p.m. if you're interested in gaming here, the minimum is $25. reporting live, i'm tracee wilkins, back to you in the
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we asked you on our flash survey whether you're planning a trip to the new casino. right now most people on facebook say they are not interested in visiting. you can still vote and let us know what you think. the panda at the national zoo is accepting visitors. the panda house has been closed since the day after thanksgiving. that is when the he underwent emergency surgery. the cub suffered blockage after eating too much bamboo. zoo officials say he is recovering well from the surgery. visitors can once again see the panda inside the house from 9:00 until 4:00 p.m. >> looks like he's recovering. a lot of people still expected to visit the new casino, but there's one group that's not wanted there. the i-team looks at what's being
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all seems beautiful to me. look at this... a silicon valley server farm. the vault to man's greatest wonders... selfies, cat videos and winking emojis. speaking of tech wonders, with the geico app you can get roadside assistance, digital id cards... or even file a claim. it's not happening... just try again. uh, i think i found your problem. thanks. hmm... the award-winning geico app. download it today. colder weather yesterday, we
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highs near 57 degrees, plenty of sunshine. that's 7 degrees above average. you're thinking, moving into a nice warm stretch. no, no, no. put on the brakes for that thought. we have rain moving in. much+?z cooler temperatures too. here's the highs around the region. 50 degrees in fredericksburg. right now 50. here's the rest of the region. 43 in winchester. so we're going to fall and these it areas and it's going to be interesting to e see how far we get. we could wake up to sleet in parts of the area. here's why wp we have rain moving in right now. we have clouds ahead of that. the clouds should act as a blanket that most of us say rain
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here it is on future weather. just some cloud cover. the clouds should keep us on the milder side of things. so that by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, we start to see the rain moving in towards the metro area. so expect your morning rush early part should be okay. after 7:00 it get. s rather wet. watch 9:00. notice some colder air to the north. frederick county, carol county, could see some snow or sleet in this area. maybe even around not a big wintery event. some of that rain coming down moderate to steady during the day. and maybe a little bit of a break around 5:00 after heavier rain between 2:00 and 3:00. another round tomorrow evening around 8:00. we are going to get a a pretty good amount of rain. half inch to an inch of rain. have the umbrellas ready and take it the coats too. 44 degrees for a high tomorrow.
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tomorrow night. and so as far as the impact goes. we have you on the high side. that means a weather alert mode. rain steady at times. quite chilly and damp. coats and umbrellas will be a a necessity. tomorrow will be a nasty day. and it doesn't stay nasty. 51 on your wednesday. 47 on thursday. or a snow shower on thursday. not one, dates for friday as well. i'll see you back here at 6:45. fake news stories spreading online. a report on how to separate fact from fiction as we learn new details about a local case getting national attention. the news 4 i-team reviews how many people are being booted from local casinos for breaking
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now at 6:30, police say a fake news story inspired a man from north carolina to open fire inside a d.c. pizzeria. we have a closer look at how the false stories start and then spread so quickly.
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after being hit by a a car. >> she's natural. she's genuine. and she's a perfect mom. >> why some believe the accident could have been avoided. s parent of a high school boy is suing the school district. the parents say the school's new about their son's suicidal thoughts. a a warning about casino he opens. >> best place to go would be a new casino. >> how many people have been busted. new details tonight from court about the man accused of opening fire inside a ping-pong pizzeria in northwest d.c. edgarwell ch is being held on assault and gun charges. he traveled here from north
6:32 pm
the restaurant on connecticut avenue and then it fired two shots into the wall and one into a computer. all that before police arrested him outside. the man came to, in his words, self-investigate false debunked reports that linked the restaurant to an alleged child sex ring and the clinton campaign. tonight a closer look at those fake news stories. how did you know if what you're reading online is fact or fiction. meagan fitzgerald is outside comet ping-pong in northwest with that part of the story. >> reporter: social media ex. perts tell us there are several things that readers can do to fact check to make sure whatever it is they are reading is true. but that means that reader has to take out a little bit more time. in what's now become a dgital world, we're constantly reminded that for some facts don't
6:33 pm
internet and people take it as truth. >> reporter: many of these untrue news stories are circulating on facebook and twitter. on sunday d.c. police say edgar welch drove up to investigate one of those stories. welch entered this pizza place with an ar-15 rifle. a professor of communications at american university says this fake news story started when e-mail released by wikileaks. >> people raiding through these e e-mails take nuggets of truth and put that together with other things they have heard and come up with these new fake experience stories like this. that there's a child sex trafficking ring. >> reporter: people convince themselves that these fake stories are true because a lot of folks don't trust government leaders or reputable media outlets. but he says for some who want to
6:34 pm
sniff it out. come on, does this make sense? number two, what's the source of it? literally the website, have you heard of it. goog thal and e see what people are saying about it. >> reporter: the interim police chief said he held a a meeting with the business owners along connecticut avenue and many of phone calls. he tells us that his officers are committed to making sure this area is safe and they will be increasing patrols in the area. back to you. this controversy escalated with a tweet from the son of the lieutenant general michael flynn. a man that donald trump has tapped to become national security adviser. general flynn's son michael suggested there might be something to the unfounded
6:35 pm
pizzagate is prooumpb to be false, it'll remain a story. four months after a local dry cleaners closed, help is on the way for the customers. sunny cleaners was evicted last august. customers weren't able to get their clothes. but now they can. the landlord has opened from 10:00 to 4:00 for customers to pick up their items. you must bring cash and have a ticket to claim your the calls for safety improvements after a mother in alexandria was killed in a pedestrian accident. rose cruise was hit by an suv as she tried to cross mount vernon avenue last week. julie carey spoke with the victim's family and those who loved her. >> reporter: heartbreaking is the only worker.
6:36 pm
and forth to work every day. from this busy corner she could see her house and was almost home when she stepped into that crosswalk and was hit by an suv. this afternoon that driver charged with failure to yield to a pedestrian. and tonight rose crews ease husband hoping her death inspires safety changes and more watchful driving. the victim's husband and her two youngest daughters the tears but still determined today to talk about why they loved rose cruise so much. >> what you see is what you get. she's natural. she's genuine. and she's a perfect mom. she loved all her children. >> quality that drew skroers of regular customers to this deli and other restaurant where is
6:37 pm
much love to all of us and to the customers. >> reporter: she was on her usual walk home. we watched security camera video from this it grocery store where she stopped off to get a snack for her daughter. at the busy intersection, it's clear to see she presses the walk button, waits and when it's her turn to go, cruze began to cross ask was struck by an suv turning right. the driver a 77-year-old woman staid on the scene. to mourn and try to support her family. this has raised more than $25,000. >> that's what we can do for her now. raise money for these kids. >> but business owners also say this it tragic accident spotlights a a need for more au wareness ant the many who don't use cars.
6:38 pm
it's not just a car community. we need to get the word out they need to slow down and be aware of pedestrians. >> the intersection where cruise was struck treacherous because of this angled corner. pedestrians have to turn backwards to make eye contact with drivers. rose cruise's husband said he'd like to see some kind of signage here reminding drivers to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. now in addition to that fundraiser next tuesday evening at several residents. go to our app and search under "fund raising for rose." >> julie carey reporting, thank you. coming up next, new video of the gondolas that could one day connect georgetown and rozalin helping commuters bypass some traffic.
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cleanup is underway after a crash totalled dozens of luxury cars. and i'm tracking the next round of rainmaking its way our way. that's not the only thing i'm tracking in the forecast. not one but two weather alerts.
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take a look. this could be the future con over the bridge. the improvement district is promoting this project to ferry thousands of commuters between georgetown and rozalin. the proposal is still far from certain, but they were sparking more interest today. 100 brand new beamers totalled before they even hit the showroom. this is what happened when a train e derailed yesterday. the train was carrying new cars
6:42 pm
at a bmw factory in south carolina. these cars were on their way to the port of charleston for export overseas. instead they just might end up as scrap. nobody was injuried in that crash. up next, the area's newest and closest casino is days from
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just a a few days remaining until the opening of maryland's new billion-dollar casino. the mgm national harbor will be the closest to the nation's
6:45 pm
macfarlane and the news 4 i-team reveals it could draw another group too. >> reporter: it's difficult to see the scheme exkouted a few years ago. the fed's say they bribe the deal tore perform phoney shuffles. the man with the cigarette tracks the unshuffled cards and signals to the players by buffing bet big. watch again closely. the dialer really shuffling those cards. this crew is part of a multimillion dollar cheating scheme that hit dozens of casinos nationwide. the fbi caught a ring leader in an undercover sting.
6:46 pm
>> new casino openings are prime time for cheaters to see just what they u can get away with. cheating is not rare locally. our revow of records from the lottery and gaming control agency reveals 200 boots for cheating since they opened. >> the best place for a cheat to go would be a new casino. you hav there. a lot of new supervisors that may not know all the proper procedures and what to be looking for. >> you have to be good. >> a lot of it, the people that are really good at this spend a lot of time training on this. >> once schemes are executing,
6:47 pm
cheating cases, but neighboring states do. so we checked five years of cheating investigations in delaware, new jersey and pennsylvania and found among the most common scheme so-called past posting. we also found a series of cases of the opposite bet pinching. >> you're trying to take as much off as humanly as possible. >> players sneaking chips off their pile it they appear likely to lose. we also found casino cheats working as team with crooked ka e see know employees. accuses of rigging the outcome taking bribes to dealing himself losing kma hands. >> people think that because they are watching out for
6:48 pm
employees just a as much. >> the dealers are part of a system to stop cheating. he trains dealers to shift side to side to monitor each player's hands continuously. >> you're keeping the action in front of you. he even spotted a gesture that would seem suspicious. >> you're covering up your bet and the angle from above. >> cheats are a small minority of for the operators of the new casino. tracking the tricksters is a trick itself. booting honest players by mistake is a bad deal. >> really bad business to put people out for no concrete proof of what thr doing. >> mgm national says they possess significant experience in it many areas of resort operations including security r and surveillance. there was something else. maryland is getting complaints for kicking out player who is say they weren't cheating.
6:49 pm
allowed inside our local casinos. >> wouldn't they say that anyhow. it wasn't me. i didn't do it. i didn't cheat. >> if you cheat, you lie too. >> interesting stuff. thank you. parents of a high school student who took his own life last year are suing the loudoun county school district for $5 million. jay gallagher's counsellor knew he was having suicidal thoughts but did not alert them as required by the guidelines. the lawyer for the counsellor tells the "washington post" that it gallagher denied being suicidal and asked the counsellor not to contact his parents. and the counsellor honored his wishes because he was 18 years old. if you or someone you know is or might be suicidal, we have
6:50 pm
locate help near you. we invite you to and search "changing minds." doug is back with more on our weather. if you didn't get outside and enjoy our weather today, too late. >> kind of getting there. tomorrow weather alert day we have another one on friday. two different kinds of weather moving in. i haven't heard. i normally ask what kind of day. it's nasty tomorrow you like to say. >> more than nasty. tomorrow is funky. >> i was wonde i days so i was wondering if you were ready. >> out there right now, it's a nice night. if you're thinking about getting out and walking the dog new york city problem. winds out of the north at 6 miles per hour. this evening it's going to be quite nice. notice the temperatures right now down to 42. 45 in leesburg.
6:51 pm
going to see how cool things get. if we get close to freezing, we could see areas of sleet. that's something we'll watch. nothing on the radar. here we are down to the south. and again, this is just nasty. it's not just the rain. it's going to be a cold rain. not only the coats, but the umbrella is what we needed too. both things we don't need this time of year. and again just heavy rain at times. not a good afternoon. now i mentioned two alert days. one tomorrow and another one on 38 degrees on friday. 39 on saturday. take a look at friday afternoon. not just cold, but cold ask more cold. windchills in the 20s.
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or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags. the offense got off to a sluggish start. if last week wasn't a a must-win it's safe to say this week is a code red. the reds skins can't afford anymore losses. after the loss to arizona, coach gruden was screaming so loud at his playes heard in the next room by reporters. today head coach chris cooley wasn't as mad, but he was let down in this week's cooldown.
6:55 pm
coolest anybody is on this podium this week. jay gruden had every right to rip his team as a head coach. his players have to respond. they have an accountability on their side of things. i didn't like the way the team started the game. i didn't like the play drive. i didn't like the false start penalties. i didn't like our offense missing shots. i didn't like the third down percentage this defense has. the red zone has to be better. we can't be throwing fades on third and two. you ha 6 points in the first half. two weeks in a a row will not get it done when you're an offense that has to score 31. if i'm jay gruden, i'm asking kirk cousins to have that last second of courage to make the shot e we need to win football games. i'm asking this offensive line to step up and give guys a last half second so he feel he is can step up and make the throw.
6:56 pm
that doesn't play good team defense. i don't think they have a chemistry. i don't think they have a a communication level. i don't think they have a talent level to excel in the nfl right now. everything now really becomes what jay calls code red. you have four games to make a statement of what washington redskins team you want to be. i feel like i have cooled down. i'm not going to take anymore questions from anybody in here. i'm just going to move >> move forward. the good news for the redskins, trent williams is done serving his suspension so he will be back. we'll see if reed returns from the concussion. moving on to baseball, the winter meetings taking place. this afternoon the nats are prepared to move on from bryce harper after the 28-team season when he becomes a a free agent. this club is taken aback by harper's contract demands which
6:57 pm
harper's agent talked quarters and they have not discussed a long-term contract. they are concerned about b 2017. the general manager spoke about the report also. >> we had discussions with boris and every other agent on a weekly basis. we are constantly talking throughout the year and throughout the winter. with every player that you acquire, it's a pos specific time frame. so with bryce harper and every other player that has a contract expiring, you better make plans. >> one player the nationals are saying good-bye to now is mark melankon. he signed a contract with the san francisco giants. they definitely could use help in that department. he is only blown ten over the
6:58 pm
>> ouch. >> that's a lot of money. nightly news is up next. >> we we'll see you at 11:00. have a good even
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inside the fake internet news story that led a gunman to open fire at a pizza shop. how a wild conspiracy theory spread, with help even from president-elect trump's national security adviser. a better night's sleep. news for millions plagued by tossing and turning. what people are doing at home to catch more zs without trips to the doctor. and a hero's welcome for a pearl harbor survivor, now 104, returning to


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