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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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rain on the way, we'll take a look at the roads. >> but first tom kierein with look at the forecast. tom? >> good morning. we're starting off rather cold but we are dry. looking at "storm team 4" radar, we're seeing the leading edge of the rain coming into far southern maryland, st. mary's county getting a few sprinkles in the northern neck. the main area is richmond over toward charlottesville getting wet snow and sleet and maybe a little freezing rain in some of the higher west virginia. the main area is way south and west of us. way down here in tennessee. but that's going to be arriving here later this afternoon. temperatures right now are hovering in the mid and upper 30s, low to mid-40s right around washington and the chesapeake bay. for the bus stop, by 7:00, still hovering in the low 40s. by 9:00 we might be getting a
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>> i've finally got my eyes on this problem. this is northbound 28 before 66 this morning. still have that problem in the right lane. 270 south, two different reports. one in the left lane, one in the median, we have a slowdown regardless of where it is. northbound, crash there as well as here this morning and right now chopper 4 over the spur 4 is showing us how things are looking along 270 as beltway. 66 and 95. no major problems. you can see that little bit of red and that is very, very normal for this time of day. travel time's in ten minutes. >> thanks, melissa. right now comet ping pong is set to reopen. a gunman walked in and fired shots number one was hurt.
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here. justin? >> reporter: good morning. edgar welch had a past. it includes a marijuana possession as well as drinking while driving. welch's social media shows him holding guns. he entered a plea. on sunday he drove to this northwest child sex slaves. authorities prompted by pizzagate also known as fake news reports linking child sex trafficking, the carolina kohn campaign, and this pizza shop. police say welch fired an ar-15 multiple times and no one was hurt. after finding no signs of sex slaves, police say welch gave in. he's due back in court on thursday.
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we're live. i'm justin finch news 4, erin aaron and eun, back to you. 6:03. mayor bowser requested a meeting with donald trump. one of her items the growing economy. there's no mention of her statehood or mark segraves will be there to cover the story. you can follow him on twitter. you can find him @segravesnews4. joe biden said yesterday he's running for president in 2020. he said it with a smile. >> he backed down when pressed by reporters. his comments are getting a lot
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our newscast. investigators say they identified 22 of the people burned in the fire including a 17-year-old. a few of the victims can only be identified by their dna. in oakland overnight the community came together with a candlelight vigil. more vigils and fund-raisers are planned for later this week. we're expect an update from officials. on the "today" show the manager of the warehouse eric ameneh will about this case. police are investigating two separate shootings that happened minutes apart. the male victim died at the hospital. just minutes before a shooting was reported on southern avenue. the victim was taken to the hospital and at last check was in critical condition. no arrests have been made in either shooting. >> take a look at this scene.
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last night. crews temporarily fixed a sinkhole by verizon center. it opened up in the 700 block of sixth street around rush hour. police had to shut down the road in both directions between e and 8 street because of a today the d.c. council will vote on paid family leave. it called for 11 paid weeks for birth or adoption or placement of a foster child and would get paid to care for a sick relative. if passed, this would only apply to workers in d.c., not government workers. today's vote is the first of two votes on that bill. it is 6:05 today. an 80-foot spruce in front of the u.s. capitol will be lit up
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house speaker paul ryan will light up the tree. last week it arrived in d.c. after a 2,000 mile journey. can you imagine? all of it was made in idaho. i love it. >> it might be rough. >> because of the rain? >> it's a weather alert day. working together today to make sure you get out the door okay, that you're rainy day ahead. plus, wasteful spending. a new report exposing the high expenses the pentagon tried to keep off the radar. >> and it's that time of year. snow is back. and with it, crashes will come.
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welcome back. tom kierein is watching the weather. >> heavy rain alert. this area in the light green, some very light rain now just west of fredericksburg to near charlottesville. changing to wet snow in the higher elevations west of there. the rain extends farther south, richmond all the way tennessee. heaviest rain in tennessee coming our way later this afternoon. here's the hour-by-hour timing. rain in the metro area. there's going to be some wet snow. maybe freezing rain and sleet. higher elevations off to our west and by noontime and during the afternoon the rain start os to pick up in intensity. this area in the yellow and orange, that will be arriving in the metro area between 4:00 and
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as the rain moves on through. then we have a cold plunge for the weekend. coming up in ten minutes. melissa has a look on 28 and virginia. >> this issue is now off to the right side of the roadway, still slowing things as you're headed. just before 66. around roying for you there. chopper 4 over 66. taillights are inbound. you can see no problems. 270 south after 85. crash in the left lane causing a bit of a the top of the beltway getting a little bit slow, going 42 miles an hour from 95 over to 270. going to take you 13 minutes. overall, it's no not that terrible. 66 and northbound looking quite normal. for this time of day, remember to listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. as you hop in your car. a lot of people reacting as
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that tease rebirthing a hash tag. bind 2020 is back and check it out. the meme generator is on fire. it's in full force. here's one popular one that's getting a lot of play posted by "gq." it's making rounds. biden leaving the door open saying you've about got my vote. but on the other side of things, it wasn't all -- there w vice president joe biden. one wrote, sorry, joe, you moved on we need to move to a younger generation in 2020. overall we saw this. a lot of people are saying we're glad we made it almost a full month before starting the 2020 presidential campaign. aaron, eun, here we go again. >> all right.
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this morning. a northwest d.c. pizza shop reopens after man allegedly fires a gun inside. edgar welch is accused of storming into a pizza shop over the weekend. he tells police he was looking into a fake news story. mayor bowser is heading for a sitdown with donald trump on the district's growing economy. follow mark segraves on twitter mgm is set to open soon. we'll check in with adam tuss at 6:30. when it opens, it will attract gamblers and possibly some cheaters too. an investigation by the "news4" iteam have reported 200 people have been booted from maryland casinos since 2010 for cheating
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is past posting. that's when gamblers sneak extra chips on top of a bet when the bids are favorable. >> people still try to cheat. >> they do, they do. people will think they have a chance if they know they're going to win. >> at rocky gap casino near cumberland. they said video surveillance blankets the floor to watch for and deter p leaders at the pentagon buried the 2015 report over fears the report could slash their defense budget. that's according to this budget. the findings show they pay 1 million people. the report calls for streamlining the military
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council will meet. it's customary for the council to elect the current vice president as the next president. the session begins at 10:30 this morning. later this morning at 11:00, the prince george's county set to elect a new chair and advice chair. it's also going to be the he was. maryland state police say the crash left two people injured. 6:15. how would you like to travel between baltimore and washington in just 15 minutes. well, that is the plan for a proposed high speed train between the two cities. starting this saturday they will begin taking public comment.
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tonight for the fall fayne. the star stopped by. >> here you are having chinese food. >> yeah, yeah. i know, as one does while they're eating low main, you know, they fix their hair. a that's what you do. >> at least he can poke fun of
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takeout like that. >> that's how i eat it. >> this is what you were doing? >> you should have seen me flexing on the counter. >> we need a photographer to capture these. you can check out ellen's full interview at 3:00 in the afternoon in the fall finale. "this is us" airs at 9:00. so much tv to catch up on, aaron. >> it's so good. people laugh, cry. so much emotions. several cars spun outside crashing into each other. look at this police cruiser. this happened on a notoriously steep hill in downtown. lost control of his car and ended up being part of that crash. tow truck. everyone going sideways. >> for all of you snow lovers.
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>> you're right. fortunately around here today, i say we just have rain. it's going to be a lot of rain, right? >> that's going to mess up the afternoon commute with rain moving in. right now we're off to a dry start and it is cold this morning when you step out the door. you'll definitely need your heavy coat as we have it in the 30s. it's all above freezing. reagan national at 44. low to mid-40s. what to wear today, you'll your warm coat and a rain jacket during the afternoon. rain boots as well when you're heading back home. right now "storm team 4" radar, we're all dry here locally, but we do have the leading edge of the rain about to come into fredericksburg. west of there, that little gray in the pink zone. there's a wet zone along the drive. a little bit of sleet and freezing rain there. and this bulk of the heavier
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about to come into kentucky. southwestern virginia, another couple of hours but not until this afternoon right into the metro area. so hour by hour today, starting to get wet here in the metro area by 10:00 this morning. then by 2:00, that heavier rain starts to move in from the south and west and heavier rain for the afternoon commute. ponding of water, holding steady in the low 40s. then the rain really tapers off by 10:00. lingering light rain. we'll be in the mid-40s by late evening. dawn by wednesday, 40 degrees. sunshine returns during the afternoon. highs reaching the low 50s. then clouds return on thursday. there's a small chance of some sprinkles on thursday. afternoon highs in the upper 40s. then another weather alert day for friday. windy and cold on friday. temperatures only in the 30s during the day. dropping into the 20s in the evening. the winds may be gusting to 40 miles an hour on friday.
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down into the 20s. then afternoon highs in the 20s with lighter wind. what's happening now? >> one i want to talk about. vre fredericksburg, a train has hit. means vre recommending alternate transport on the fredericksburg line. going slow. a brand-new crash here at centreville before 66. that still here is on t side of the roadway. 270 south, we have that crash there in the left lane this morning. we're seeing the slowdowns there. then as you're headed inbound on branch near 301, it's slow on brandywine as well. as far as travel times, we're okay. we're going to get that fixed and be back in just a minute. >> all right, milliliter.
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accused of murder. a live report from charleston ahead at 6:30. first, a bad spot for santa. controversy over the location of santa's helpers.
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there is now a list of the top cities for singles who do not want children. real estate broker redfin and dating website got together to the top city, queens, new york. the burroughs, of course. >> you were born there? >> i was. also portland, kirkland, washington, pasadena, and ft. collins. there is a santa about 25
6:25 am
delaware who is raising a lot of eyebrows because of his location. he is sharing a parking lot with an adult store. the owner of the dragon's lair said she just wants kids to have a chance to see santa. >> block out the fact that i'm a sex shop and just realize i'm a person that cares about little people and i want them to be able to see santa. >> the owner says that the kids are able to visit after he greets the kids, they get a free stuffed animal. >> i'm going to go ahead and scratch my head. >> me too. i don't want my kids to see santa near a sex shop. >> there are plenty of locations. >> parents. if you find yourself constantly telling kids to get off devices, they may need to tell you to do
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found that parents spend an average of nine hours and 22 minutes on different device every day. 78% of those surveyed think that they are good media and tech role models for their children. more than half of parents surveyed are aware of the apps on their kids' devices. all right. 6:26 right now. dicey commutes. the new mgm casino will traffic. what you need to know to get there or avoid it. the thank-you tour continues. donald trump's next announcement could bring more praise or criticism. we're in weather alert mode.
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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i'm adam tuss outside the new mgm casino just two days now until it opens here, but, hey, how are you going to get here.
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going to drive. i'll tell you about the transportation challenges coming up next. mistrial declared. >> an officer seen shooting an unarmed man in the back. >> now the family prepares for another battle. at 6:30 we begin with a weather alert and rain and bitter cold. >> a big change is coming your way and we're keeping a close tom kierein with more on what we need know about the forecast. good morning, tom. >> good morning, eun. rain getting closer to us. right now we don't really have any rain in the immediate metro area. we're all dry here this morning as we take a look at the live view from our "storm team 4" tower camera. there's the washington monument. all the pavement is dry. we don't have any rain anywhere close in the vicinity. we have later today by 9:00, 10:00, the rain likely moving
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know, heavier rain moving in. could get over an inch of rain. could have ponding with the afternoon commute. could turn much colder by friday. for the bus stop we'll stay dry through 8:00. temperatures huverring around 40 degrees and sprinkles begin to move in by around 9:00 and it starts getting wet around much of the region. your commuter forecast, that's coming up in about ten minutes and that's the way it looks. desk with breaking news on the rails. a vre train has struck a vehicle. this is on the fredericksburg line near the city of brook. now, this is just southeast of the city of stafford, virginia. as this investigation continues. two hour delays on the fredericksburg line and officials warning cancellations could happen. right now still no word on any injuries but we're still making
6:32 am
latest. eun, aaron? >> i'll take it from there, angie. so, again, what angie is saying with this vre problem, the fredericksburg line is what is affected. the car was hit at the brook station. right now metro option open. two-hour delay, cancellations as this develops. inner loop, the crash is now on the shoulder there. the rest of the beltway actually looking okay this morning. no major problems right centreville before 66. again, just on the right shoulder not slowing things down at all. perhaps people looking to the right. other than that, no big worries. travel times coming up for you. >> 6:32. there is a lot of excitement over the opening of the new mgm casino. >> there's also a concern that traffic could make an already bad problem already worse. officials expect the number of
6:33 am
that is going to clog the beltway and 295. news reporter adam tuss is live with more on a meeting today about a traffic plan. adam? >> reporter: that's right, aaron. that's what we need. more traffic, but it is coming. let me show you the casino and why traffic is going to be such an issue. take look at the parking garage that is attached to the casino. there are 5,000 parking spaces way that people get to the casino. quite frankly there aren't too many great alternative options. let's take a look from chopper 4 at the whole area. of course, national harbor has become such a big development spot in this area. through around here, you've got to deal with the beltway, roads like 210, oxon hill road and a lot of residents in the area are actually concerned about what's going to happen when all of this development opens up and people start coming here. you guys were mentioning that
6:34 am
sew,y. traffic leaders are going to be talking more about the plan, what people should expect to do. if you're thinking about any metro options. the closest metro station are kings street in alexandria. there are a couple of buses. they do come here to national harbor, so you're going to have to start planning out your trip in this part of the area and the beltway through here is going to be a part of our area that then become through here. so the transportation land scape is certainly going to change in this area. start planning ahead now. back to you guys. >> all right. adam tuss. thank you. here a's a look at our top stories. d.c. mayor muriel bowser will meet donald trump at the trump tower. the growing economy is on her list of talking points. and right now the pizza restaurant that has been at the
6:35 am
shooting. the man accused of firing a gun inside comet ping pong will be back in court on thursday. the community in oakland is coming together to remember 36 people killed in a fire. the police say they have identified 22 of the victims but need dna for the others. they're holding a news conference two hours from now. a white officer who shot a black man in the back and killed him is not guilty. >> the jud for michael slager. walter scott's family is already reacting. >> but at this present time until my family can see justice, no, there's no forgiveness. >> nbc's gabe gutierrez is live in charleston now with what comes next in this case. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: aaron and eun, good morning. not exactly a not guilty verdict, but the judge declaring a mistrial yesterday afternoon after several days of
6:36 am
about 23 hours of deliberations. now as you saw, the family of walter scott is preparing for two new trials. the local prosecutor says she will retry this case and former north charleston police officer michael slaver faces a federal civil rights trial sometime next year. this all happened in april of 2015. you recall that stunning cell phone video that shocked the country. he told the jury he shot walter ran from a traffic stop and slager said during a struggle he tried to grab his taser when he broke away. that's when his cell phone video started. this is a trial filled with high drama. one juror sent a note to the judge saying he could not in good conscience convict michael slager on friday. yesterday we heard that a majority of jurors were still undecided. with don't know the final breakdown. again, the family of walter scott now preparing for what
6:37 am
aaron and eun, back to you. >> thank you. be sure to check out his full report on the "today" show. today the general manager is showing how older cars are being removed from the train system. metro will also show how crews are refurbishing cars to improve their rides. we're learning more about this sheen on the potomac river. it started to appear back on november 11th. now they say it came from dickerson, maryland. they provide about 70% of the drinking water for customers in montgomery and prince george's county. we're told it has not negatively affected the drinking water. sooner or later the nationals may be ready to move on from bryce harper. >> that would be bad for us.
6:38 am
current contract dmanlsd. it's a record breaking four years and $400 million. they have not discussed a long-term contract and they're only concerned about 2017 right now. one year at a time. 6:38 right now. upping the ante. the record reward. grocery store wars. it could mean pp checkout lines. >> reporter: up next we dig into the past of man who police say barged into the comet ping pong
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?? ?? ?? ?? ??
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we are in the "storm team 4" weather center on this weather alert day. we have a lot to deal with
6:42 am
what's going to happen? >> just getting around is going to be a real problem this afternoon but not right now. we're off to a dry start. there's "storm team 4" radar. leading edge of the rain coming into warrenton near front royal, this area along the blue ridge in this gray and pink zone. they're getting sleet. the rain crossing the potomac river into st. mary's county. the main area it's -- much of tennessee, the heavy rain just about to cross into southwestern virginia. that will be arriving right in the metro area later this afternoon. i'm getting hour by hour timing on that rain as we get into the afternoon and evening. i'll show you that coming up in about ten minutes. now, melissa, a check in on
6:43 am
something happens as far as the shutdown there of the fred ricks burg line. we're talking major delays this morning. a lot of time. it's go doing take extra time. a car was hit at brook this morning. the metro option is open. again, two-hour delays and possible cancellations. >> all right. melissa. thank you. 6:43. right now, trump tower talk. d.c. mayor is headed to new york for her first sit-down with the president-el >> a government shutdown. why lawmakers could be forced. how a local pizza joint
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the murder mystery of a dnc staffer. d.c. to nyc. mayor muriel bowser is set to go one on one with donald trump. pack your rain boots. that may be the looeft of your worries with this weather shakeup. the connecticut avenue pizza restaurant caught up in a fake online news conspiracy is set to
6:47 am
restaurant and started shooting. no one was hurt. "news4's" justin finch is live with more on what we've learned about the suspect here. justin? >> reporter: aaron, 28-year-old edgar welch remains in custody. he has a new charge to add to his criminal history. "news4" learns h haes a record including marijuana possession andal drinking and driving. he entered no charges including unlawful discharge of a firearm. on sunday police say welch drove from north carolina to the northwest d.c. pizza shop. a self investigation, authorities say he called it to free child sex slaves. all known as fake news reports.
6:48 am
one was hurt after welch fires an ar-15 rifle. he later gave in after finding no signs of child slaves. outside comet ping upon, several hand written notes of support from customers. that restaurant set to reopen later this evening. back to you. >> justin finch live in northwest washington for us. thank you. 6:48. right now police in prince george's county are searching for a person who shot and killed this happened around 8:30 at curtis drive in temple hills. a driver is accused of hitting and kith a baby in a loudoun county cross walk. john miller go on trial next year. he's charged with involuntary manslaughter. police say he hit a woman and her baby while they crossed a
6:49 am
lansdowne. the baby died and the woman was seriously injured. he was looking at his phone moments before the accident. a republican lobbyist is looking for information on who shot dnc staffer. it's believed to be the largest reward. rich was shot and killed over the summer. last month his parents made an emotional plea for those responsible to come forward. he's expected to hold a meeting with rex tillerson. he's considered to be a candidate for secretary of state. trump will head to trial later today. it's part of his thank-you tour. that's where he's expected to unveil his choice for defense secretary retired marine corporal james mattis. "news4's" mark segraves has
6:50 am
discuss. >> reporter: we're here at union station heading up to new york where mayor muriel bowser will meet with donald trump at 11:00 a.m. at trump tower. she wants to continue the growth of washington, d.c. one place she said she and the president-elect do have common ground, that is, investing in infrastructure. the one place where they are opposed, and that is d.c. status as a sanctuary ci a full update. mark segraves, "news4." new this morning aaa is releasing a new warning about the dangers of drowsy driving. >> we need to get a whole lot more sleep. drivers who get less than seven hours of sleep nearly drubl their risk for crash and sleeping less than five hours had a crash risk of someone driving drunk. 97% of surveyed drivers were
6:51 am
one in three had admitted they had recently driven while struggling to keep their eyes open. >> someone made a point on twitter this is not true. it's different for everybody. it's not worth taking the risk. more sleep, more benefit. >> tom, you'll be working overtime. >> got it going on the nbc washington app. you can track the rain. it is getting closer to us. it's not in the area yet. a dry sky here now and the first light of dawn showing up. sunrise is about 7:15 and the temperatures will be holding steady, near 40 degrees for another couple of hours. dry roads for the morning commute. for your lunch hour, it will be wet. light to moderate by noontime. heaviest by 5:00 p.m. rain coming down hard. we could have ponding of water. a cold rain throughout much of the day today.
6:52 am
mary's county, crossing the powe toe mek river getting a little bit f that rain too. that's out of culpeper into the metro area. it's still a couple of hours away of getting closer to us. the biggest area, the heaviest rain is here in kentucky in tennessee. that will be arriving later this afternoon. here's the hour-by-hour times that just came in. by 9:00 the leading edge continues to move into the then right into the district by 10:00, 11:00 this morning. then the area you see in the orange and yellow, that's the heavier rain coming right into the area. around 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon. then it continues through the afternoon commute. moderate to heavy rain. then it crosses the bay. we dry out after that. by 11:00 tonight, the rain is over. could get a little wet snow and sleet and maybe some freezing rain in the higher elevations.
6:53 am
tomorrow and thursday, a small chance of sprinkles thursday. windy and cold friday. weather alert friday. a bit milder on sunday. a chance for a little more rain. melissa has breaking news. >> breaking news continuing this morning. again, this vre problem is a big, big issue for a lot of people. on the fredericksburg line, we have that. the metro station is open. they're turning trains around, bringing buses cancellation this morning. the best thing to do, avoid the fredericksburg line if you possibly can. the bottom of the beltway at the woodrow wilson bridge, we do have that crash. it looks like it's probably on the shoulder right now. 66 and 95, no major issues at brandywine. still have that crash hanging around there. the top of the beltway is okay right now. 270 north of montrose looking pretty typical. as far as travel times, 270
6:54 am
going 35 miles per hour. we'll learn more about the traffic plan for mgm grand which opens in two days now. adam tuss live with more on the focus of today's meeting. adam. >> a lot of excitement building around but the traffic plan is going to have to be solid because the transportation leaders are expecting traffic in this ar certainly going to change. you're talking about a place that has the beltway next to it. 210, indian head highway, places like oxon hill road and national harbor and all the growth going on here. people who live and work in the area are genuinely concerned. there are no metro stations that are right here. they're the two closest metro
6:55 am
and that's going to present some real challenges so we expect to hear a little more about how the county plans to deal with all the extra traffic later today. back to you guys. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. amazon could open more than 2,000 grocery stores as it makes a play for shopping mostly in store. the company is exploring at least three different store with no lines. here's how it works. customers scan their phone when they walk in and are charged when they leave. they're expecting to open up drive-throughs that include inside-shopping and curbside pickup. i'm landon dowdy. it's 6:55. here are four things you need to know before you head out the door.
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paying worker. d.c. mayor more ideal bowser heads to new york city to meet with president-elect donald trump. mayor bowser requested that meeting. today comet ping-pong is sketdualed to reopen. the man accused of firing a gun inside will be back on thursday. the u.s. capitol christmas tree will it's from the fayette national forest. have your umbrella. wear a warm coat. you'll need your rain boots when you're heading back home. some of the heavier rain coming into st. mary's county and prince william and fauquier by 9:00 or 10:00. the heaviest rain is well to our south and west.
6:57 am
commute. we could have some problems for the afternoon commute, melissa. >> it's going to be nasty with all of the rain. remember, vre, fredericksburg line. that means right now we're looking at two-hour delay. >> all right. thank you, melissa. that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. the "today" show is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes for weather, trafficage any breaking
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good morning. breaking news, the fbi investigating a potential terror threat against a subway system in los angeles. security being increased across the city. why officials say they're not


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