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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 6, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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boy, does it feel like winter out there. 43 is the temperature right now. we'll continue to see showers, as doug said, through about 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 tonight. we'll be dealing with this rain all the way through the evening. but looking much better as we continue into tomorrow. in fact, we'll have some sunshine tomorrow, but i know we've got some cold weather on the way. much colder than what we're dealing with right now. that happens towards the end of the work week. the two weather alert days, one today and one on friday. doug will have more on that coming up in l >> we are talking about that much colder air moving in. lauryn has that big storm team 4 golf umbrella. can you put that away for a while after today and get out the big coats because you'll need them. temperatures going way down over the next few days. the latest coming up. i'll see you in 15, 20 minutes. >> thanks, doug. >> right now, the app for weather alert day. make sure you download the app. go to nbc washington app on your iphone or android.
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thank-you tour tonight. >> the president-elect will hold a rally in north carolina just about an hour from now. these are are live pictures from the final preparations at that rally. earlier today he made news about a tweet with canceling the order for new versions of air force one. steve handelsman is tracking it all from capitol hill. >> reporter: the president-elect is clearly making two points. warning federal contractors, boeing is number two on a guy going to be running the federal government here in washington. also reminding voters that he said he'd clean up washington, change the way things are done here, and he's already started. if you're an airline, you want to buy a 747, boeing sells them for $400 million. president-elect says a 500% markup for the air force one version is ridiculous. donald trump surprised camera
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one to replace the old 747 used today by president obama and his backup. the pentagon confirms boeing will bill at least $4 billion. >> i think it's ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make a lot of money, but not that much money. >> reporter: cancel order, trump tweeted. boeing promised to deliver the best planes for the president at the best value for the american taxpayer. but just today "the washington pos in waste. trump is warning contractors. >> this government is not going to be taken as a sucker. if they're going to find good deals and that's how he plans on running the government. >> reporter: trump vows to crack down on foreign trade deals, warning he'd slap tariffs on goods from china and mexico, so jobs stay in the u.s. convincing mike pence. >> i'm for us putting everything on the table in negotiations. >> reporter: not tariff, say
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china could tax our products. >> we think the real solution here is comprehensive across the board tax reform, which is what we'll be hitting the ground running on. >> reporter: in new york, trump was back at the camera. >> this is masa of softbank from japan. he's just agreed to invest $50 billion in the united states and 50,000 jobs. >> reporter: details are unclear, but trump is taking credit. to crunch those numbers, that's 50,000 jobs there's a lot of questions to answer. the president-elect is in north carolina on his thank-you tour. he's certain to take credit and say he's already bringing jobs back to this country. i'm steve handelsman, news4. >> thank you. the 20 0 election marked only the second time in modern history that candidate won the popular vote but lost the election. now some democrats are calling
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they say the current system is outdated. >> we won national popular vote for president. we want to get rid of the creeky and op sew let's electoral college system the way it's being practiced today. >> hillary clinton leads donald trump in the popular vote by more than 2.5 million votes. that margin was much slimmer back in the year 2000. george w. bush won the electoral college but the democratic can dashgts al gore, won the vote by about 500,000 votes. the vast majority of voters in the district did not vote for president-elect. today d.c. mayor bowser traveled to new york to speak face-to-face with mr. trump. she says she brought up the issues that matter most to the people living here. news4's mark segraves has details on that meeting. >> reporter: while mayor bowser gave few details about the specifics of the conversation she had with the
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across to the incoming president. >> i wanted to make very clear to him who we are, what our values are, what we're about. and i welcomed him to the city. >> reporter: mayor bowser says she's glad she asked for the meeting with the next president and says she came away impressed by president-elect trump's interest in d.c. >> he listened very intently. and he clearly is working very hard on the transition. real regular kind of office. on the minds of the people in washington. >> reporter: mayor bowser says she's aware d.c. is a district that voted overwhelmingly for hillary clinton. >> i'm confident he heard our concerns and about the fear and anxiety that residents of the district have. and he was willing to hear and listen to those concerns. >> reporter: while bowser had tough words for mr. trump during the campaign, she says her job now is to work with the federal
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the city he, to take care of the city and protect our values, but to also make sure that we can have a working relationship with our federal partners. >> reporter: mayor bowser didn't stop with her meeting here at trump tower. she also went a few blocks away to meet with former new york city mayor mike bloomberg at his bloomberg network headquarters. mayor bowser said she wanted to talk to mayor bloomberg about one of the same topics she talked to donald trump about, reporting from new york city outside trump tower, mark segraves, news4. a popular d.c. pizza restaurant is back open for the first time tonight since a gunman stormed in there over the weekend. news4's megan fitzgerald just got new reaction from the owner and she's outside comet ping pong with that. >> reporter: the owner has been through a lot the last couple of days and even over the past couple of weeks as he told us he had been receiving these threats
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was very candid. he said he was overwhelmed with emotion and was very grateful to the support he's seen across the area here and even around the world. but it wasn't just the owner of the pizza shop. we also talked to businesses along this stretch of connecticut avenue who say they're very grateful for the support as well. it hasn't exactly been business as usual along this stretch of connecticut avenue. paying close attention to the area. it's a reminder that just two days ago a gunman walked into comet ping pong and open fire inside. >> good afternoon. how can i help you? >> reporter: but business goes on, nonetheless, for some shops. >> showing support, being thankful for who we are. >> reporter: michael is the
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>> we've unfortunately been getting calls, very confrontational, very threatening. >> reporter: but for the last few days he's also surprised at the overwhelming show of support. >> someone called in yesterday and they called us a beacon of light in the darkness. it's like you take -- it's such a great thing to say. >> reporter: and down the street at comet ping pong. >> i was in the neighborhood, soy thought, well, they deserve a little community help. by for a slice of pizza. others have laid flowers and taped handwritten notes outside to show they care. on friday, neighbors say they plan on flooding comet ping pong with business as a way of showing that love can drive out hate. >> i'd like to say we've been completely overwhelmed and incredibly, incredibly touched by the support of our community here in washington and around the world.
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>> reporter: now, the creator of that facebook post that is asking people in the community to flood comet ping pong on friday tells us that so far over 1,000 people have rsvp'd to arrive. >> megan fitzgerald, thanks. prince george's county council is taking some steps to safeguard its vehicles. they want to look at how those vehicles are issued and all of this after council member mel franklin crashed his county-issued car last month. he was arrested for dui. today franklin was back on the job and some groups are calling on the council to hold him more accountable. tracee wilkins has our report. ?? >> reporter: prince george's county council chair davis played a little r & b. he says the best is yet to come
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performance. this comes as one citizen group is calling for council to take action against one of its own. >> there needs to be accountable. >> continue to keep all of us in our prayers. >> reporter: that's all the former council chair said in what was his first public appearance since his duchlt i arrest. he was arrested on november 21st after he crashed his county-issued vehicle into the back of another couple's car, totaling their vehicle. according to the police report, franklin then fled the scene. they say he was found hiding in breathalyzer. this was his third time crashing a county-issued vehicle. in 2012 he crashed another vehicle due to distracted driving. they enacted emergency legislation with a citizen review board. >> this group will take a look at all of the issues that are there and have the ability to make recommendations up to that do include the possibility of
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home vehicles. >> reporter: executive director of progressive prince george's, 14,000 member citizen group is calling for much more. >> if he's not to step down, then the council members themselves as colleagues should do something that holds them accountable. >> reporter: this citizen's board is expected to review the policies and pass over their suggestions for the county council this summer. reporting live in marlboro, tracy will can kinz. >> thank you. new at 6:00, what the transit agency has up its sleeves to keep those cars on track longer. plus -- >> everything i did was to make this a stronger, more beautiful community. >> a heated exchange on live tv fuels new questions about who's responsible for a deadly warehouse fire.
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we have breaking news out of fairfax county. police are responding to the scene of a shooting in annandale. they have just tweeted out that four people were hurt and have been taken to a hospital.
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we're making phone calls to get more details about this. news4 is headed to the scene. we'll stay on top of this story throughout the night and bring you any new developments here on the air and in the nbc washington app. i only want to talk -- i don't want to talk about it. i don't want to talk about me. i don't want to talk about profiting. this was profit? the loss of mass life? like, i'm a father. i laid my three children profit? this is not profit. this is loss. this is a mass grave. >> the man who turned an empty warehouse into an artist colony is speaking out for the first time. >> that warehouse burned down killing at least 36 people over the weekend. news4's jennifer bjorklund is live in oakland, california, with the latest from there and some of the stories of what
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jennifer? >> reporter: good evening. yes, the building is 85%, 90% clear now they say. they sifted through most of the debris there and they expect to be finished by midnight. they will not stop until everyone's accounted for. heartbreaking stories of loss coming out of memorials for the 36 confirmed dead here at the ghost ship, which is now a gutted hull. as flames chewed the warehouse late friday, people trapped >> reporter: she says the fire broke out next to her room. >> i wish i could give a reason why i'm alive and so many people aren't but i can't. >> reporter: the warehouse leased to derick almena three years ago was never meant to be a living space. he said it was meant to be a safe haven for them. >> if we made changes? i would like to say we made
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possibly could afford to do. >> reporter: a musician who was playing there that night stepped outside for a cigarette and watched as the fire exploded in front of him, his friends trapped inside. >> i just watched the exit and waited to see if my friends would come out. and nobody did. >> reporter: the building was cited multiple times, twice in the last month for clutter and graffiti. while crews don't expect to find any more victims' remains now, sure. >> we're going to continue the process until absolutely every piece of debris is removed from this building. every area has been searched. >> reporter: looking for answers in the ashes, as missing are identified and families wait for news, they don't want to hear. that news has come for most of the family but the work just begins for the coroner as they
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remains. jennifer bjorklund, live in oakland. >> thank you. right now montgomery county police have a plea out for public's health as they search for the man seen in this surveillance video. they say he carjacked a woman after robbing a gas station in silver spring. it's not his first offense. pat collins is covering montgomery county for us tonight. what's going on? >> reporter: well, he's got a gun and he's getting bolder and bolder. police want to get before someone gets hurt when you watch this, you'll understand why. what you're about to witness is a carjacking. the man carrying the black plastic bag is a suspect. victim, a woman in the front seat of this car at the shell, silver spring gas station. the man forces her out of the can car but he lets her keep her bag and cell phone. another customer tries to intervene.
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the customer backs off. then the suspect drives off in the stolen car. forgetting the pump nozzle is still in the tank. once he stops to fix that, he finally makes his escape. now, the suspect in the carjacking is a man linked to a series of four gas station robberies in silver spring. each time the gunman makes the same demand. but the carjacking is something new. for police, most concerning. >> this is the fourth robbery of a gas station he's been linked to and in a robbery he's escalated his level of violence. now he's carjacking victims out in the parking lot. >> you're worried this could get even more violent? >> correct. >> reporter: the carjacking came after the armed robbery of the
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cigarettes, there's the money, there's the clerk after he's ordered to the floor. jake was here that night. he came to the aid of his coworker. does it make you a little nervous doing this job now? >> yes, because you'll be suspicious of customers that might do something to you. >> reporter: have to be careful? >> yeah. >> reporter: now, that stolen car, a 2008 black ion is still and the suspect here still at large. back to you. >> pat collins, thanks. a little over 48 hours from now the mgm casino at national harbor will open its doors and controlling all that traffic is not going to be easy. what's happening behind the scenes to make sure everything is running smoothly and safely. traffic not running smoothly at all across the area today because of all the rain we've seen.
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but it's been a cold rain. not anything like the cold we're in for next.
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look at that! >> there you go. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas at u.s. capitol. house speaker paul ryan flipped the switch at the annual tree lighting about an hour ago. this tree comes from fayette national forest in idaho. it's an 80-foot engelman spruce decorated with handmade orangements for citizens across that state. a small crowd was on hand for trees i've seen. >> we cannot say the same about the weather we had today. really nasty out there. this is the kind of day that i don't think anybody enjoys a day like this. cold, nasty, just -- >> and i think a lot of people are wondering, doug, what this -- what would have happened if this was snow. >> first off, let me answer vance's question first.
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today. they loved it today. number two, if this was snow, we would be talking about over a foot of snow. that would have been a nice snowstorm. you remember my winter forecast, i said nothing over a foot this year. >> we remember. >> that's why this one was not snow. okay, let's take a look and show you what's happening right now. storm team 4 radar tracking the rain. i almost said tracking the snow. tracking the rain. the heaviest rain has moved out of the metro d.c. area. can you see the yellows and orang p south. we have some light rain now. it's steady rain still in the d.c. area. notice the back edge, getting ready to get out of here. down to the south, though we are looking at some heaviest rain. south of st. mary's county, down towards st. george's island, across towards westmoreland county. hello to our friends down there. as we make our way out over the next couple of hours, you see the back edge slowly moving
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the heaviest rain is now out of the region and will continue to move out. total rainfall today, 0.9 of an inch in d.c. nearly an inch in quantico. over an inch in fredericksburg. three-quarters of an inch towards west chester. much needed rainfall. the. it was a cold rain. temperatures today only in the 40s and 30s back to the west. we still have some showers. here's 11:00. this is what i'm talkin overnight tonight into tomorrow morning, not a bad day. we'll clear out. we'll see some sunshine during the afternoon. that will be quite nice. but temperatures back up to around the low 50s. at least in the d.c. area. right now, we're at 43 degrees. winds out of the east at 14 miles an hour. it's breezy. that adds to it, that northeasterly wind keeping the cool air in here. 41, gaithersburg. 36 in port royal.
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i think these numbers will stay right around where they are right now. maybe actually rise toward the morning. 40 in the morning for d.c. 52 by 3:00. not a bad day on your wednesday. but on thursday we see another change. that change comes with yet another cold front. temperatures of 47 on thursday. we may see a shower maybe mixed with snow on thursday afternoon. but it's not a big deal. what is a big deal is the cold. 39 degrees on next week we get even colder. yeah, even colder. some of you might not make it out of the 20s. my extended forecast coming up. >> thank you. a bizarre scene on a busy highway. an alleged shoplifter surrendering to police in the middle of the freeway. we'll show you how this started with a scary situation at a busy mall. three years after a police-involved shooting in a local area, we'll tell you how leaders are trying to build
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questions over whether the system is safe enough for riders. today we go behind the scenes to see how metro is upgrading its rail cars, replacing old cars with new ones and promising riders to get rid of trains that
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now at 6:30, a behind the scenes look at how metro is planning to speed up repairs on its rail cars and hopefully improve safety. >> we're in greenville with that story. >> reporter: metro says most of the delays that people experience are because of some of the really old rail cars. this right here is one of the facilities where they bring some of those trains to be fixed. people are just tired of it. metro's general manager, though, says he understands that and that metro is working very hard and that they know people want them to do better. >> we're actually starting on the air conditioning for next summer now. >> reporter: metro giving us an up-close look at new upgrades to trains and maintenance improve, including those swelters cars in the summer. >> sometimes we have to pull cars out because it gets too
6:32 pm
this specialized wand designed by metro to better clean the air conditioning so it works consistently. >> we actually test these master control on the car. >> reporter: metro also showed us how they're going to get broken down trains back in service faster with this new tester. for the first time engineers can troubleshoot on board instead of hauling the train off to the shop. >> we can make sure we have the car back in service as quickly as possible. >> reporter: metro says t million times a month throughout the system. some newer and old models are getting new parts. >> we are changing all the rollers. >> reporter: those trying to maintain the 40-year-old system say upgrades to the doors will mean fewer malfunctions and fewer delays for riders. general manager says there's a lot of work to do but metro won't rush their new back to good initiative. >> that reflects the new culture.
6:33 pm
half-baked. it may take longer. we'll get it fixed and then put it back. >> reporter: so, think of back to good as sort of like safe tracks but for rail cars. metro says they hope to have a good handle on this initiative by april. back to you. >> thank you. you can see more coverage on metro car upgrades in the special transportation sections of our nbc washington app. just search transportation. john mcknight for the nfl. he was killed, shot during an apparent road rage incident in louisiana last week. today we learned that the alleged shooter was arrested again yesterday and charged with manslaughter. there was some public anger when that arrest did not happen immediately, right after the shooting. this afternoon on television the jefferson parish sheriff angrily called criticism of his
6:34 pm
critics have leveled at public officials since that shooting. a robbery and police chase in northern virginia just before the busy lunch hour today. the fairfax county police department tyson urban team was investigating a robbery at a department store in the mall just before noon. police say that's when the suspects drove off. officers found the car and attempted a traffic stop but the driver contempt going. the chase finally ended along i-395 and police arresthr it won't be long now before residents in fairfax county who have complaints about police conduct will have a new place to make those complaints. the county board voted to create a panel following a recommendation after the police-involved shooting of john gear three years ago. the citizen review panel can take a second look at certain
6:35 pm
we report on when that group is expected to get to work. >> reporter: it was the august 2013 police shooting of an unarmed man, john gear, and the secrecy that followed that led to sharp criticism of the fairfax county police department. an ad shais hok police commission was sworn in and one major motion got approval. a police civilian review panel will be created. something fairfax county restore public confidence and trust in the fairfax county police force, and our community wants more transparency and we're delivering that. >> reporter: the panel will not handle complaints about police use of force. another recently created position, an independent auditor will tackle those. this group will review complaints about abuse of authority and serious misconduct. any complaint still starts with the usual police internal affairs investigation. but if a citizen is not happy
6:36 pm
that group can press police. >> the interview was done poorly, the panel can can say, we don't think you really -- you know, this was a soft interview. you didn't press this person. you ought to go back and interview this witness again. >> reporter: the lone no vote from supervisor pat harrity who worries about the impact on officers. >> it has and will impact recruiting and morale. >> reporter: jeff stewart was john gear's best friend and er an important step. >> so far the county has done more than has ever been done. and i think they're taking steps in the right direction. >> reporter: it's expected the nine panel members will be selected some time this spring and then the group could start hearing citizen complaints as early as late summer or early fall. in fairfax county, julie carey, news4. more of those large outdoor video billboards will be put up in the district. advertising screens have been up
6:37 pm
the council today gave preliminary approval for five of the big screens to go up outside nats park. council also put restrictions on where other video signs might be erected in the future unless the council specifically approves them. to narrowly tailor this to no more than five signs at the ballpark and in that area as part of a clear entertainment area for a major league baseball sta. billboards installed before the 2018 all-star baseball game. vice president biden is stirring things up as he talks about a potential presidential run in 2020. but were his comments -- was he just kidding or not? still tracking the rain right now. storm team 4 radar showing that rain across our region. yeah, still coming down. but the heaviest rain moving out. take a look at this shot.
6:38 pm
i'll show you when the cold air,
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breaking news now. four people have been taken to the hospital after a shooting in annandale. >> jackie bensen arrived on the scene there. >> reporter: we want to show you what it looks like here. you can see fairfax county police on the scene here. they were called here just we're told four people have been taken away with injuries. now, my understanding is that there are two scenes where those four people were found. some at this home here on davian drive and another a short distance a block or so away. but at this point, we do believe all four injuries, which we believe to be shooting injuries,
6:41 pm
detectives are still arriving at the scene. some of the equipment they need to conduct their investigations has not even arrived yet. what we know right now in the 5:00 hour, fairfax county police were called to this location in annandale for a report of a shooting and four people injured. live in annandale, jackie bensen, news4. vice president joe biden has only six weeks left in office but he may be head already to 2020. this is what he told reporters last night on capitol hill. >> i'm not committing not to run. i'm not committing to anything. i learned a long time ago, fate has a strange way. >> the vice president kept the speculation going today when reporters asked him about the comments and he failed to close the door on a possible run. political analysts say whether he decides to run or not, his comments mean he intends to
6:42 pm
an emotional look back at the moment 75 years ago that changed the world. we'll report what's ahead as washington and the world prepare to remember the day that still lives in infamy. this is chris gordon at national harbor. how new technology and these security cameras are helping police avoid traffic tie-ups and
6:43 pm
stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. stronger is less pain, new hope, more fight. it's doing everything in your power, and everything in ours. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. they will.
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mgm casino's grand opening is on. >> that casino is expecting more than 9,000 vehicles on opening
6:45 pm
means you'll probably get stuck in traffic. the national hor bore is getting some high-tech help to ease all that congestion. chris gordon takes us inside the traffic command center. >> police are expecting more than 30,000 visitors are the very first day. and they're using these monitors to keep traffic moving for the mgm grand opening. in this command center, video screens will allow the team here police officers and supervisors will be out on the roads to make sure vehicles keep moving and don't back up onto the highway. >> the key for us is motion. we want to keep traffic moving. we're relying on the active management of those intersections. >> $10 million has been spent on road improvements and new signs. but prince george's county council member patterson worries
6:46 pm
>> i'm still of the opinion we're going to have a major backup. >> national harbor has one command center monitoring traffic and another that has a bank of security cameras for safety. >> traffic is important. customer safety is important, that it's here and here in abundance, by you can see the facility we've created and the manpower we have. >> other casinos have had trouble in their parking lots like robberies. mgm is putting a priority o security. >> there are multiple layers of security and surveillance that dovetail with one another to ensure that our guests and our customers are safe as they can be. >> prince george's county police and fire supervisors will be keeping this command center staffed round the clock for the 72 hours during the mgm grand opening. that's the latest from national hor bore. chris gordon, news4. we have posted lots of images of the new mgm casino.
6:47 pm
the restaurants inside that place. we invite you to open the nbc washington app and search mgm. can catholics in northern virginia have a new bishop. the installation ceremony for michael burbidge happened at cathedral of st. thomas moore. about 2,000 people showed up to see the new bishop. he will now lead over 600,000 catholics across the diocese of arlington. the nation pauses to remember some of its greatest heroes. tomorrow marks 75 years since the attack on pearl harbor. hundreds of survivors from across the country have made the trip now to hawaii. they're there to participate in a week of celebrations and memorials. during that surprise attack, 19 ships were sunk or run aground. the most significant toll was the loss of more than 2400
6:48 pm
doug is here with a check of the weather. when is this rain going to let up? >> it's starting to let up right now. still fairly steady around the d.c. metro area. the heaviest rain is out of here. we needed the rain. >> we did. >> we picked up close to an inch but we didn't need the cold with it. that's the worst kind of weather. cold and rainy weather. if it's going to be cold, just snow. and then we could have prepared for it. right now we would be lit up with white instead of green. the world would be great, wouldn't it? a foot of snow on the gd. telecommuting, would have been great. okay, fine. take a look at the radar can you can see what's happening. we have the rain making its way in across our region. we'll continue to see the rain moving through here. you notice, though, to the north, it is snow. up towards the poconos they're seeing good snow. if you're thinking of doing any skiing, probably not going to help much. can current temperatures, we're currently at 44 degrees. winds out of the north at 14
6:49 pm
about 2 degrees since the rain has begun to let up a little bit. that wind is still quite chilly. look at these numbers. 41 potomac. this is our weather underground. mt. vernon at 43 degrees. at the bus stop tomorrow, 40 degrees at 7:00 a.m. 46 by noon. by 4:00, we're at 52 degrees. so, i got -- i have nice here. sunshine and 52 is a whole lot nicer than today. i want to m myself for putting nice at 52 degrees. next couple of days, i don't have a single nice on this forecast. 52 tomorrow. that's nice. 47 on thursday. 39 on friday. 38 on saturday. and take a look at this 39 on friday. again, we're calling friday a weather alert day because of the cold. bit early cold. 30 degrees to start. 34 by noon. winds, 10 to 20 miles an hour will put our windchill around 25 degrees. feeling like the 20s during the
6:50 pm
a good night to stay indoors. you know why? >> why? >> i'm glad you asked. we're talking about storm team 4 tracking winter coming up saturday at 7:30. right there, 7:30 p.m. tracking winter. if you missed the winter forecast, we have that for you. the satellite radar, we have a story on that, too. temperatures start to rise and then they come crashing down. the coldest air of the season coming here, even colder here. >> saturday, 7:30. >> we can get a fire going in the fireplace and gather around the tv. >> i love it. we have sports coming up.
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lots coming up at national hor bore but some guys d gambling today. hoping for the big win. >> general manager mike rizzo, he's done a good job of trying to win now but also thinking about the future of this organization. not just giving away prospects. that's the way you go about it. there's not an abundance of good quality pitchers in the free agency market so when news broke the nationals were in talks with the white sox for chris sale, can you understand would it level of excitement was so high around here. but things changed quickly this
6:54 pm
with more of the winter meetings, here is carol maloney. >> reporter: the best week of baseball's off-season right here at national harbor in maryland. major league baseball's annual meeting, day two. this is where clubs make moves that get them to october. the nats hoping to pull off one of their own. a blockbuster deal for white sox pitcher chris sales. sales late in talks, a five-time all-star traded to the white sox ea strength on their roster. gm mike rizzo last hour addressed the media and talks about why he took the swing. >> the caliber of pitcher available, you know, isn't often baernted about in the trade talks. he's a quality pitcher and you have to give up quality to get him. we reached as far as we were going to reach in the trade, and we fell short. >> reporter: meantime, rizzo
6:55 pm
right now. one of them, the pirates' andrew mccutchen. rumors have been swirling for almost a week. reports out today, talks are back on with the star outfielder. >> ho! >> reporter: you never know who you'll see at these winter meetings. legendary pro wrestlers hacksaw and the nasty boys. find out on >> you are an official nasty girl. i love it. i'll take it. >> from national harbor, maryland, carol maloney. >> thanks, carol. the winter meetings will continue up until thursday. also closer chapman is still available. remember the nationals tried to make a move for him before the trade deadline last season but they fell to the cubs. we'll keep an eye on that throughout the course of this week. we'll move to hockey. the capitals broke out of their slump. now they just need their captain
6:56 pm
alex oe very much can kin in the penalty box. five penalties in the last three games, including one last night against the sabres. his head coach saying he would harshly address the penalties today. today is here and chap tin and coach did chat and they talked about it after practice. >> i have to be on the ice and -- >> alex doesn't hide from anything. he always mans up to all that. it was good. he understands the best way to help his team is to not be in the penalty box. if it's going on again, then there's not going to be a lot of power play or playing time. >> in the association, the wizards back home to face orlando magic. last night they were in brooklyn wrapping up a three-game road
6:57 pm
swing. a couple of close losses for thunders and spurs. wizards will have their next three games at verizon. this morning at m&t bank stadium in baltimore, the annual army/navy luncheon. navy may have won 14 straight over army but the rivalry is unlike any other. >> we're both competitive. they want to beat us in the worst way. we want to beat them in the worst way but we have great respect for who they are, what they do. army or west point, i know what their guys go through because it's similar. the school is tough. the military is tough. and, you know, obviously what they're going to do for our country after they play is tough, so besides trying to beat them at football, most respected of those guys. >> that's the best rivalry game in all of sports. >> really? >> yeah. >> that's saying a lot.
6:58 pm
what's the coach's name? the navy coach. >> ken. >> yeah, what he said. "nightly news" is next. >> we'll see you a
6:59 pm
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tonight, nbc news exclusive, could a tragic inferno have been stopped? new vi authorities inside the warehouse weeks before dozens perished. what we've learned about potential missed opportunities. lashing out. as police make an arrest in the apparent road rage death of a tirade filled with profanity and racial slurs. trump's billion dollar threat over the price of the new air force one, the president-elect using the bully pulpit against another big american company. l.a. terror threat. stepped up security, passengers being searched after the feds go public with a chilling phone call. and danger at the wheel.


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