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tv   News4 Midday  WRC  December 7, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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new information on what investigators now know about that school bus accident that killed six people in baltimore. a look at how fast the school bus w well, it's a great honor. it means a lot, especially me growing up reading "time" magazine. >> president-elect donald trump reacting to his latest honor. however, the magazine's cover does not paint the best picture of our country since the trump election. we'll explain. and the calm before the
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good morning, everyone. welcome. i'm barbara harrison. >> and i'm eun yang. melissa mollet has more about a deputy that was struck by a car. >> a sheriff deputy was hit while trying to help another driver early this morning. he was helping a vehicle when mattingly drove by and hit that disabled vehicle which then hit the deputy. this is according to the st. mary's sheriff's office. mattingly was then charged with dui. the deputy was able to push the other driver out of the way and he's being treated for a serious but nonlife-threatening injury. barbara?
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patrol car was hit in waldorf. a female driver was arrested for dui and the tow truck called to clear the crash was arrested for dui. when he arrived, officers detected signs of impairment. the two troopers are expected to be okay. meanwhile, we are waiting to learn the name of a person killed in frederick county, maryland. a tractor-trailer and another car crashed on southbound 2 the ramp wasn't totally shut down but the crash called miles of delays. there is a water main break near route 29 and there's now a boil water notice. adam tuss has more. >> reporter: well, take a look. hours after this water main break, the roadway here still remains pretty wet and it's been this way for a while. it happened last night and
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it has not affected nearby roads but, nevertheless, this has impacted a lot of people. take a look at this map. you can see the area highlighted where so many impacts are being felt because of this boil water advisory. and that basically means if you're going to use any sort of tap water over the next day or so, you need to boil it for at least a minute before you drink it or use it to cook or anything along those lines. this is also impacting schools in this area. are heavily impacted because they are not going to be able to use their tap water the way that they would like. they are providing extra water to students and students have been told to bring extra water to school as well. crews were out here making quick work and quick repairs doing a good job but the boil water advisory remains in effect and will for at least the next day. back to you. >> thank you. the man in line to be the next chancellor of d.c. schools
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he will serve. antwan wilson visited columbia heights and our news4 justin finch spoke with him there. what can you tell us? >> reporter: barbara, good morning. earlier this school year, wilson was referring other names to d.c. council staff and then he realized that they wanted him. that's how he wound up on a crisp wednesday morning, the newest chancellor nominee. he met students and families at harriet tubman elementary and liked what he saw. >> it's exactly what we want. families are excited to drop their kids off and kids are excited to learn. >> reporter: he says chance of circumstance brought him to d.c. starting with a trip to the city and white house to discuss his
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of phone calls with muriel bowser. the rest just fit together. >> it wasn't about greater opportunity. it was about really believing in something that was possible. >> reporter: before oakland, lewis was a denver public schools assistant superintendent for some six years after serving at the denver area high school principle. he moved west from wichita, kansas, where he taught. much of his time today was spent in the classroom. >> look, i'm an to talk with leaders and parents and sit in classrooms. >> reporter: on his list for d.c., raising high school graduation rates and college enrollment and bolstering performance for at-risk students. >> d.c. would provide a great opportunity to demonstrate that if we can focus on academic and social learning while accelerating the progress in the classroom, that we would be able to eliminate achievement gaps.
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attend a public information round table with d.c. counsel till members, a confirmation vote set for december 20th. he's a married father of two elementary students and one teen. no surprise that all three are looking at local public schools. back to you. and after an inch of rain, dry weather today. we're at 49 degrees. around 1:00, also, warmer than yesterday but clouds start to increase overnight tonight and changes happen tomorrow. mainly later in the day. here's the thing. we're not talking about rain or even snow in the forecast. it's all about the cold air moving in. so the good news for the rest of the week, the commute looking good. the evening commute tonight really not an issue. biggest concern will be sun glare. and then tomorrow and friday, the commute looking pretty low impact as well going to and from work. but again, the coldest air of
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tomorrow night. i'll let you know how chilly it will get coming up in my full forecast about 11:23. >> amelia, thank you. we're getting a clearer picture of an incident that sent four people to the hospital in fairfax county. three of the victims were women and one was a girl whose age has not been released. a fight began around 5:00 near anandale high school. police have but have not said who fired it. a hospital employee accused of sexually assaulting a patient is denying the allegations. simon told news4 shomari stone that he did not sexually assault anyone and his attorney has told him not to say anything else. a hospital spokesperson says, "the hospital does not comment
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scheduled to be back in court next week. right now, police patrols are being stepped up in gaithersburg following an attempted kidnapping there. a teenager from maryland says someone tried to kidnap her as she was walking to school. this apparently happened monday morning near the cider mill apartments. a man came up to her, told her to shut up and tried to pull a black bag over her head. she screamed and he took off. the students told staff members that they are t letter home to warn parents. a 63-year-old woman has life-threatening injuries after a pedestrian crash in rockville. police say ester contrares was crossing the street when she was hit by a driver. the driver of the toyota was not hurt and stayed on the scene. the cause of the crash is under investigation. i'm melissa mollet with new developments right here at the live desk.
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preliminary report on a november crash between a school bus and mta bus in baltimore that killed six people. the school bus, they say, hit a ford mustang and crossed into oncoming traffic and hit the transit bus. the reports say the school bus driver had a history of hypertension, diabetes and seizures and had been involved in 12 accidents in the past five years in both buses and personal vehicles. the agency also said the school bus was traveling 57 miles per hour and there were no mechanical bus. at the time of the crash, the school bus driver had a current health certificate but it was not on file as required with the nva. barbara? >> thank you, melissa. president-elect donald trump is "time"'s person of the year. >> hillary clinton came in second. the magazine says trump was a straightforward pick for this year's title. the magazine's cover features the president-elect sitting on a
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trump spoke to the "today" show saying he's not to blame for that division. >> i didn't divide them. they are divided now. there's a lot of division and we're going to put it back together and we're going to have a country that's very well healed and we're going to be a great economic for us and build up our military "time" person of the year issue hits stands on friday. trump has tapped as ambassador to china. trump has a full plate of meetings today and is scheduled to meet with chicago mayor rahm emanuel at trump tower. over 20 million people could be without insurance if obamacare is repealed. 22.5 million people would lose coverage directly due to the
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individual requirements to carry health insurance. republicans say they won't -- that will not happen, they say, because they are working on a replacement. and we're getting some new information on pakistan on a plane crash. what we have learned since the plane lost contact with the control tower early this morning. plus, a look at how the country is marking 75 years since the attack on pearl harbor. from hawaii to washington, the moments marking the solemn occasion. and we're keeping an eye on this hearing on capitol hill.
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i'm melissa mollet at the live desk. crews are searching for debris after an airliner crashed in pakistan just after says 42 passengers, 5 crew members and 1 ground engineer were all on board. rescue efforts are under way as they try to figure out the full extent of the damage and really what happened. the plane went down 75 miles northwest of islamabad. the airline is trying to reach
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flight that killed 71 people last week and prosecutors retained the secretary and mechanic overnight and raided the airline's offices. investigators don't believe the oakland warehouse fire was set intentionally. the investigation is focused on whether a refrigerator or other electrical appliances sparked it. the death toll remains at 36 and officials don't expect that numb t video from inside the warehouse just an hour before it went up on flames on friday have been posted online. oakland officials have now declared a local state of emergency there. search teams are working as hard as they possibly can to rescue people from a terrible earthquake in indonesia. rain and blackouts are making it much more difficult right now. so far, they have pulled four people out of the wreckage alive. 97 people died in the 6.5 quake.
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hundreds of aide workers are handing out bottles and supplies who need it now. hospitals are overcrowding with people who were hurt. 75 years ago today, a surprise attack was launched on pearl harbor to remember the more than 2400 american lives lost that day. wreath-laying ceremonies are happening around the district. they include the u.s. navy, world war ii memorial and the united states navy memorial pla will join thousands at the site in hawaii. jay gray is there with a closer look at this historic anniversary. jay, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you on just ahead of sunrise here in hawaii. quiet and calm at pearl harbor, as you would expect at this hour. a bit later in the day, there will be a day of remembrance. part of that, a very special ceremony honoring some of our
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>> reporter: if you look closer at the waves and wind that stream across this tropical paradise, you can almost hear it. the echos of the horror and the people who fought here. >> planes were diving from every >> reporter: unleashing a fury on pearl harbor. >> i said this ain't no good. this is war. >> reporter: over 4,000 americans died during the surprise attack. 75 years later, their sacrifices remembered along with the determination and courage of the heroes who survived that day. >> it is a blessing to be back
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the attack that put us into war. >> reporter: warriors who have all of the medals and citations that they need returning here for much different honor. rekindling a bond with their brothers. >> i would love to be brought to tears meeting old friends as opposed to being moved to tears by being >> reporter: still, on this day, a grateful nation honors those fittingly remembered as the greatest generation of greatness achieved by their courage and strength during one of america's darkest hours. >> great to be here. >> reporter: thousands will gather a bit later in the day just across the harbor here for that memorial, the centerpiece in what is more than a week of tributes and celebrations here.
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jay, thank you. at this hour, the man accused of killing nine people inside a historically black church is on trial. dylann roof is in court in charleston, south carolina. the final phase of jury selection is taking place right now. prosecutors say roof shot and killed nine people last year after spending an hour with them in bible study. he could face the death penalty in this case. the ceos of at&t trying to sell their $85 billion merger. they claim the deal will give consumers a new and innovative experience. critics say the merger would raise the potential anti-trust issues. when you think of cheese, do texas and arkansas come to mind? the two states are waging a throw-down on capitol hill to determine which state has the best cheese dip.
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journal" said arkansas was laying claim to queso. each state does a blind taste test to finally settle the feud. you're from texas, what do you think? >> i would say queso probably belongs to texas. a little closer to mexico, for one thing, when you use the word queso. >> i wish i could taste it. >> maybe sends it over. this time of year can stress you out for more family time. how do you know whether your stress is a symptom of signs of anxiety disorders. plus, winter weather hitting people in the dakotas and idaho hard. a look at the blizzard
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stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is seeking answers and not giving up until you find them. because we don't just want kids to grow up.
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make a gift today at a blizzard, look at that, is pushing eastward across north dakota. it dumped nearly 7 inches of snow in bismarck where people woke up to below zero. the airport in bismarck has remained open thanks to snowplows on the runways but many schools and businesses are still closed. hopefully we won't see any of that. >> i was going to say, it's starting to get there. i can feel it getting colder. >> here's the thing, we're looking at the coldest air so far of the season to arrive on friday.
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coming next week and it will be worse than this one. >> mainly dry, so we're not looking at a lot of precip in the forecast but we're looking at really cold weather. today, enjoy it. it's going to be the most normal day for this time of year that we're going to have in a while. temperatures right where they should be and we have plenty of sunshine out there. friday will be a weather alert day. again, because of the cold and the wind, i'm going to show you windchill temperatures coming up a little bit lat. is still looking pretty chilly out there. currently across the area, temperatures coming in in the 40s. 49 in washington, 45 in gaithersburg and 46 for those of you in leesburg. for today, a high of 53. again, kind of right on track for this time of year. warmer than yesterday and dry as opposed to yesterday but we need the rain. our rainfall deficit since the beginning of the year still had about almost seven inches. and that's on top of the inch of
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now, as we look to tomorrow, we start off at 37 degrees and a high of 49. a little cooler and plenty of clouds in the forecast. during the day, not too bad. the cold air moves in tomorrow night and it greets you friday morning. all in all, the weather having a low impact on your day. kids will need a warm jacket, typical for this time of year. recess tomorrow will be outdoors if you're getting the tree tomorrow night it's looking dry and cool. again, coming up, i'll show you the on friday. ladies? >> thanks, amelia. speaking of trees, a giant christmas tree in montreal is being compared to the ugly christmas sweater. >> people say it's so unattractive that it's actually charming. i think it's lovely. >> look at that. >> it's an 85-foot dolphin fir. it was meant to be a publicity
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york rockefeller tree for the highest tree. beauty is secondary. you have to love it because it's kind of dilapidated. mgm international harbor is about to open. how the police plan to keep you safe on the way to the casino and even in the resort's parking lot. and we are watching the floor of the senate right now
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the countdown to mgm's grand opening is on right now. >> and we are counting down the hours of opening right along with you. in 11:30 away and now the casino is expecting moreh days -- 11 hours and 30 minutes away. and now the casino is expecting 9,000 vehicles on opening fight. if you're a betting person, that means you'll likely get stuck in traffic. the national harbor is getting high-tech help to ease that congestion. news4's chris gordon takes us inside the traffic command center. >> reporter: police are expecting more than 30,000 visitors on the very first day and they are using these monitors to keep traffic moving
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in this command center, video screen also allow the team here to monitor traffic realtime. police officers and supervisors will be out on the roads to make sure vehicles keep moving and don't back up onto the highway. >> the key to it for us is motion. we want to keep traffic moving. we're not relying on the intersections. >> reporter: $10 million has been spent on road improvement traffic here. >> i'm still of the opinion that we're going to have a major backup in terms of traffic, yes. >> reporter: national harbor has one command center monitoring traffic and another that has security cameras for safety. >> traffic is important that it slows, customer safety is important. >> reporter: other casinos have
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mgm is putting a priority on security. >> there are multiple layers of security and surveillance that dovetail with one another to ensure that guests are as safe as they can be. >> reporter: supervisors will be keeping this command center staff around the clock for the 72 hours during the mgm grand opening. that's the latest from national harbor. chris gordon, news4. >> to clarify, one dayd hours and 30 minutes. we've posted a lot of images as well as a first look at main of the restaurants inside. be sure to open the nbc washington app and search mgm. they are expecting thousands of people, tens of thousands on that first day. >> yeah. and probably more than that. i'm melissa mollet at the live desk. barbara mikulski is preparing to
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maryland. mikulski is 80 years old and is retiring after 45 years in public office. she's the longest serving woman in the history of congress and was first elected back in 1976. she announced the decision last year not to seek the term again smeel be for those with social anxiety disorder, the holiday season can be pretty tough with parties and social gatherings, this is a particularly challenging time of year for them. dr. joshua weiner joins us with advice on making it through stressful events. first of all, how can someone know if they have social anxiety as opposed to just being shy? >> they are very similar. there are slight differences. somebody who is shy may be slow
11:33 am
they don't have this internal sense of dread. someone who has social anxiety disorder feels so emotionally uncomfortable in almost any social environment unless they are with somebody that they really, really know well and have known for a long time. these are people would are going to be nervous going to the store, talking on the phone, checking out in lines because they are worried about whether they are doing things correctly and whether they are holding up other people. these people are going to review conversations after they have a time thinking about what they are going to say before they have a conversation. they worry their mind might go blank when talking to people. they are constantly worried about doing something that is going to embarrass themselves. >> it's interesting that an adult would not have had this identified at a younger age but that does happen, right? >> it does happen. generally those who have had this as an adult have had it for years and have been dealing with it, muddling through.
11:34 am
so that's at around the age where people start to realize, you know what, people are judging other people, people do talk about other people and so that's really when people start to get very, very uncomfortable and inhibited in social situations. >> people with social anxiety disorder probably look for ways to calm themselves down when they are going into a situation, drugs, alcohol perhaps. does that happen often? >> absolutely. so, you know, people try to self-medicate and that's what people will dread going to holiday parties and the only way they feel they can get through it is if they start hitting the drinks. they are going to pound those drinks so they can feel more comfortable. of course, that's not a good idea and hopefully they can finds other ways to get help so they don't rely on drugs and alcohol. the other thing is, they are at a higher risk of developing depression.
11:35 am
see somebody depressed, one of the first things i'm assessing for is social anxiety disorder and a lot of kids develop it as a result of having social anxiety because they don't feel good socially. they feel like losers, they look around, see other people seemingly comfortable and socializing, having friends and they think, what's wrong with me? >> so what kind of help is available for people with this anxiety disorder? >> as normal, it comes down to a combination of therapy and medication, which is the norm when so when you have therapy, you're talking about cognitive behavioral therapy, a specific type of therapy where you get people to do what they normally do and when it comes to medication, you're typically using the antidepressants and these medications can be helpful. now, in general, it's recommended that you start with therapy and then go to
11:36 am
with social anxiety disorder are so nervous about going to therapy that they refuse to go to therapy because the focus is going to be on them in therapy. if you're not willing to do that, at least turn to the medications. the medications do work well. they are well-tolerated. the interesting thing about medication is oftentimes they will make you start to feel comfortable in situations that you were previously uncomfortable in so you're kind of naturally going through behavioral therapy because you're doing the things you medicine and your brain has realized i can do these things without worrying about anything bad happening. >> it's a good thing we're talking about it because those people experiencing this kind of anxiety will know i'm not the only person that feels like this and maybe they will seek some help. >> sure hope so. >> thanks a lot. >> back to you. the most downloaded music of the year in a preview of "hairspray live" is on nbc tonight. a young star who nearly
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apple just released its best of 2016 list, including the most downloaded apps and movies of the year. drake's latest album and the hamilton soundtrack was the top five. snapchat is the most downloaded free app and finally the most popular movies downloaded were "star wars: the force awakens" and "deadpool." there you go. >> that's got the "hamilton" sound track. do you have plans for new year's eve? >> the top 100 cities in 20 categories including the average party ticket price.
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d.c. takes it at 11:00. order, florida, san francisco and atlanta crack the top three. they were the top three. new york, by the way, ranked number 38 out of 40, probably because it's so expensive. maybe it's because of the weather? >> it's crowded, too. >> yeah. >> you do that once in a lifetime to say that you did, go to times square and be done with it. >> i'm perfectly watching it on tv. >> there you go. in our area sunshine and it's comfortable. right now we're at 49 degrees and highs today in the low 50s. by 1:00, it's around 51. as we look to the evening, clouds build back in and upper 40s around 5:00 p.m. the weather having no impact on the evening commute. tomorrow, a little cooler. a high of 49. plenty of clouds around but tomorrow is dry. a cold front moves through but it doesn't bring any rain with
11:41 am
chilly start on friday. i want to show you the wind forecast. not only is it going to be cold on friday but we're going to be noticing the wind as well. first, we start with tomorrow. the wind is not really an issue and then on friday it's windy throughout the day. the winds die down on saturday. on friday, when you factor in the wind, it will feel like we're in the teens and 20s. and although we won't be dealing with the winds on saturday, it's still going to be a cold day. and when i say cold on friday, you head off to work and kids are at the bus stop during the morning hours. here we are at 7:00 a.m. with the future feels like temperature. 20 in the district and most of the suburbs feeling like you are in the teens. i did put this on the twitter page so you can head there and check it out. by noon on friday, it feels like we're in the 20s and maybe right around 30 degrees with a high of only 39. so because of the cold and the winds, friday is going to be a
11:42 am
but we keep the cold. sunday, still pretty chilly. normally this time of year, the highs are in the low 50s. but we'll keep it dry both weekend days. our next chance of rain comes on monday and then we are talking about another cold blast. that comes in and you can see here on wednesday, low 30s. next thursday and next trifor a high. >> thank you. everyone loves sweet treats for the holidays. >> a perfect gift. stayith us.
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if you are looking for a gift for the food lovers this holiday season, you can't go wrong with sweet treats. the chef of butter cream bake shop joins us with yummy ideas to make sure the pickiest eater, this is my dream. >> i love the part of your title is certified of diets. >> it's better to embrace it than fight it. that's how i feel. >> butter cream bake shop, how long have you been open? >> about eight months. we started making wedding cakes
11:46 am
and mortar. it's nice to have a place to meet our customers and have them hang out with us rather than when they need a cake. >> i think sweets is a great christmas idea, right? >> some of the things here you can see we have packaged. so this is really more of the gift, and if you want to go more wintry and marble chocolate covered oreos and peanut butter buckeyes. >> just like this, you can go to the store and grab it and go. >> we have it online and this weekend we'll have it in the shop, grab and go. it's a nice thing to show up with and also if you're going to a party and show up with something that looks really amazing. >> or take it home and eat it yourself. >> we're for the going to tell anyone. >> and this cake, i love this beautiful cake. tell me about that.
11:47 am
its side which is so fun and we wanted to do something reminiscent of that. when you roll-up cake, you have to use a specific kind of cake. with this, it's a regular cake stack and decorated so you can have any flavor you want. we wanted to give something that everyone could get, the flavor that they want but still have the feel of it. >> you can order this cake with different flavors of cake and have the holidays. >> exactly. it's the same but what is between the lrs choice. >> tell me about the ornaments. >> they have caligraphy on them that say to have a nice christmas or if you want gifts to give to your employees. >> we have little ones on the trees and then if you want something that is just nice to bring to a party, i don't know, i feel like food is a great gift
11:48 am
memories. >> share something that you love. >> yes. totally. people say i might tell them i made this. i'm like, that's fine, go for it. >> we have pies here as well which is a nice, festive thing to bring. and there are snowflakes on them. >> it us did. make some orders. >> so if you totally didn't do any plans, we'll hook you up. make sure you have enough time for the cake and get it in time for christmas.
11:49 am
disappointment because we get booked up. all of this will be available online with three days' notice. >> beautiful. tiffany from buttercream bake shop, thanks so much as always. >> thank you. i'm tasting everything. >> i figured you would. all right. we'll get you ready to watch "hairspray live" tonight.
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"hairspray live" premiers tonight on nbc 4. this is nbc 4's fourth live musical. a newcomer will play the role of tracy turnblad. >> broadway's most talented are starring in nbc's live." joining us to talk about playing the spunky teen, thank you for joining us. this is so cool for the fellow texans. congratulations to you. >> thank you so much. >> telling me about your rise to this point. this is quite the gig for nbc. >> i know. it's crazy. i saw an ad on facebook that
11:53 am
audition, my first audition out of school. i almost didn't audition but i woke up the morning of at 3:00 a.m. and i got to new york where they were holding the auditions at 6:45 and i was 343 in line. over 1,000 girls were there. four call backs later, i got the part. >> holy smokes, four call backs later. this is your first professional audition and you almost didn't even go. >> i'm so glad i did. "hairspray live" follows "the wiz live" and it will have the same incredible director and the original choreographer of "hairspray." you have big names part of this cast and i'm sure this is probably, as a new person to the scene, it's got to make you a little nervous to be working
11:54 am
short, andrea martin. the list goes on and on. are you nervous? >> oh, i'm so nervous but i'm more than excited than anything. ariana grande is one of my favorite singers and she's playing one of my best friends and kristin chenoweth, we were reading our scripts and she was just in a whole other world during her performance and we looat something because she's insanely good. >> really? >> yeah. >> for people who don't know the story, it's been around for a long time. tell us a little bit about your character. >> yeah. >> and what it is that you hope to keep the same, keep the essence but add your spin on things. >> absolutely. yeah. tracy is the total optimist, which i relate to. she see as rat on the street which people think is gross and she thinks it's the coolest thing in the world and she's
11:55 am
no matter their shape, size, ethnicity, anything. she loves everyone and she just believes that everyone should dance together. >> okay. so this is about tracy getting on this amazing dance show that she goes home to, watches every single day and wishes that she were part of it and she gets an opportunity to be there and actually makes it. >> yeah. and that's where things get interesting. >> yes. absolutely. and people bully her so much but she just doesn't care. she's just going to go out find that really inspiring. >> this is not like everybody else that is part of that dance team. >> she's not. >> and she brings her own take to things and she's also champion. >> absolutely. >> for people and ideas. >> yes. >> tell us about that. >> well, this is a great time for "hairspray" to be happening, especially with a body positivity movement. i think it's great for young girls to see this and i hope to be a good role model for them.
11:56 am
on. this is live tv so is there a piece like that where you think, boy, for this to be my first big gig, should it have been on a stage, stage, versus a tv stage? >> nbc has done all of their shows in new york on a big sound stage and now we're in l.a. on multiple stages on the big lot and i've never been in front of a camera before doing a show. my dream has always been to be on broadway so this so many different aspects that i have no clue about. so -- but i'm so excited. >> well, it's an exciting night and it is live. i think that's what makes it so special. >> there you go. >> you can see "hairspray live" right here on nbc 4 at 8:00 tonight. let's go to amelia draper. amelia? >> it's a really nice day. make sure you get out and enjoy it. clouds move in tomorrow and cold
11:57 am
tomorrow, mostly cloudy but still dry. highs in the upper 40s. and then a big temperature drop on friday and saturday with the winds and chill on friday. it will be a storm team 4 weather alert day. high of 39 feels more like we're in the 20s during the afternoon hours. it's still cold but at least we lose the winds on saturday with a high around 38 and sunday is warmer with still chilly this time of year. chance for some showers on monday with highs in 40s on tuesday and we're tracking another a arctic blast on wednesday, thursday and friday. mid-30s on wednesday. maybe even a few flurries out there on thursday and friday. highs only in the low 30s. >> amelia, thank you. that does it for "news4 midday." thanks for joining us. we're back on the air this afternoon at 4:00. >> remember, go to our nbc washington app.
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stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. well, i think everybody saw this coming. president-elect donald trump "time" person of the year. welcome to "access hollywood live." the cover reads "donald trump, president of the d >> did not like the divided part. he likes being on the cover and interesting to note his tenth time on the cover. most, though, within the last year. but nobody i think more surprised, perhaps, than him because remember he once side, i'll never be on the cover. >> oh, yeah. last year what did he say? i told you "time" magazine -- remember last year when he was the runner-up to angela merkel, i told you "time" magazine would never pick me as person of the year despite being the big


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