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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  December 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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department of homeland security. >> the big news is trump, himself. he has been selected as "time" magazine's person of the year. steve handleelsman is live on capitol hill putting these developments into context. >> andperspective. been named "time's" person of the year, our president-elect says he's pleased. "time" magazine's person of the year, donald trump phoned in. >> i consider this a very, very great honor. >> reporter: "time" called us the divided states of america. trump is mending his divide with president obama. calling for advice. >> i really like him. he loves the country. he wants to do right by the country. >> reporter: so does mr. obama now like the man who insulted him for years? >> the president is pleased he can play a role in ensuring a
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>> reporter: trump nominated retired marine four star john kelly as secretary of homeland security along with michael flynn and james mattis, the third retired general named by trump to a top spot. >> many generals, yeah, a certain point that you want, you know, you don't want everybody coming from the same background. i don't think we hit that yet. >> reporter: trump today tapped oklahoma's scott pruitt to run the epa. democrats slammed tom price running hhs. >> president-elect trump memories of medicare in the country. >> reporter: along with mitt romney, trump confirmed he could name rex tillerson secretary of state. the exxonmobil ceo who cut oil deals with vladimir putin. on government deals like buying new air force ones, trump said getting better prices is how he sees his new job. since his election, stocks have surged. trump said today people are not
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about pruitt of oklahoma. his being named by trump today to run the epa is absolutely proof that trump does plan to roll back the host of environmental regulations, the fight by the obama administration against global warming that trump promised he would roll back when he campaigned. back to you. >> all right. the beginning of lots of changes to come. thank you very much, steve. you know, democrat hillary clinton has officially won the state of new hampshire. the final votes were just donald trump has 306. and all the presidential races have now been called. clinton won the popular vote by 2.5 million votes, but she lost the only place where it counts in the electoral college. she's going to be in d.c. tomorrow for the unveiling of senator harry's portrait on capitol hill. scott macfarlane at the live desk, moments ago we learned two people were arrested and charged for the starting of the
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weeks. you got that alert on the nbc washington app a few moments ago. officials would only say the two individuals are teens. they didn't release the names, the exact ages or how the fire was started. both teens are charged with aggravated arson. a juvenile court is going to decide whether they should be released. this fire near gatlinburg, tennessee, was first reported november 23rd. more than a dozen people have died. and 150 more were injured before flames under control. the local attorney general says more charges could be coming and the teens may be charged as adults. at the live desk, scott macfarlane. everything is back to normal now at the prince george's county courthouse after reports of a suspicious package outside of the building. chopper 4 was over the scene in upper marlboro early this afternoon. nearby businesses including a
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a precaution. the bomb squad checked it out and found the package was nonexplosive. everyone's back inside and the roads are open again. two children lost their father today in a crash in frederick county. chopper 4 pilot was over the accident and the big backups caused this morning. state troopers say a tractor trailer slammed on its brakes and jackknifed into several vehicles just before the ramp from eastbound interstate 70 to southbound i-270. the man who died was in a t corolla. he was pinned between the tractor trailer and a ford f-150. troopers say he was 40 years old and lived in frederick. right now, water main break is causing problems for neighbors in haymarket. some are being asked to boil their water. students in the advisory zone are being told to bring bottled water to school. the main broke last night between route 29 and wellington road that we highlighted the
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atlas walk. the prince william county service authority says the advisory will last for at least 48 hours. make sure you boil your tap water for at least one minute. this includes water for brushing your teeth, cooking and of course even giving water to your pets. we got a complete list of the affected communities and schools on or nbc washington app. a maryland man is facing dui charges after a crash involving a sheriff's deputy. the st. mary's county sheriff's office charged the man, the influence. they say he hit a deputy who was helping a disabled driver. this happened early this morning. sheriff's office says mattingly drove off the road and hit corporal sean carbury. the deputy managed to push the drive e of the disabled car out of the way. his injuries are described as serious. a number of troopers have been hit by cars recently in maryland. just yesterday, two troopers were working an accident scene
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a female driver charged for dui in that case. two weeks ago you may recall another trooper was hit on i-495. he was in his car when he was hit. the driver who hit him also charged with dui. since january, 15 maryland state troopers have been hit while working on 495. the operations licenses been signed clearing the way for mgm national harbor to open its doors tomorrow. the license certifies the c machines and gaming tables, conducted in employee train and buttoned up other operations. the maryland lottery and gaming control commission supervises it. in just a few minutes prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins will join us on set with what we can expect at tomorrow's grand opening. turning to storm team 4 now. the rain is behind us, but now we are tracking another big change. let's go to storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer who
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hey, doug. >> reporter: oh, if i'm at the zoo, you know it's zoo lights or boo at the zoo. obviously boo at the zoo is over so it's got to be zoo lights, what we're going on through the evening hours tonight, 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 we'll be live throughout the event. we have a few people out right now, came down to take a look at the storm team 4 x 4. sun going down at 4:46. you have a half hour before the lights already. we have the storm came 4 x 4. 50 degrees right now. temperatures will be falling, though, through the 40s so if you're coming, bundle up. it's going to ba little bit on the cool side. not all that bad. i picked a beautiful day for zoo lights because boy does it get cold in the forecast. i'm not talking a little cold. guys, we'll talk about that coming up in 15 minutes. >> thank you, doug. christmas trees are supposed to bring festivity and little brightness to your home but they can also bring danger.
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firefighters are warning about a potentially dangerous situation in your home this holiday. >> yeah, i think a lot of us remember that dry christmas tree that sparked a deadly fire in annapolis nearly two years ago. four children were killed along with their grandparents. >> this afternoon, news 4's
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s you need to know to protect your family. >> reporter: well for a lot of folks, finding that perfect christmas tree is a big part of the holiday season. and it's something that fire officials realize, but they also want folks to keep in mind the potential dangers that are associated with a tree. here's what they want you to know. once you get the perfect tree, cut off an inch or so of the base of the tree then once you get it into your house and place it into your christmas tree stand, like the one here, they say this is the essential part, you have to water that tree every single day. you chop off the base of the tree, it's allowing more moisture to get into the tree so it remains hydrated. here's another tip. take a look at these branches here. these pine needles here. once you bend it back and it pops back up, they say that's a good indicator that the tree is hydrated. now, once the holiday season is over, they say get this tree out of your house because that's when it dries up and has -- it's more susceptible to a fire if a spark gets on it.
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mind is what fire officials want everyone to think about during this holiday season. reporting, meagan fitzgerald, news 4. a lot of people still have fresh memories of a day that lives in infamy. the emotional tributes and the veterans who were there 75 years ago when the country changed. also, why buying wine could soon get a little easier in one
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which will live in infamy. >> here we are 75 years later. we remember the day thousands of americans lost their lives when japanese forces attacked pearl harbor. >> the national museum of the united states navy honored the 75th anniversary of pearl harbor this morning. navy officials joined museum workers to install the final two pieces of e pacific exhibit. retired navy chief frank rusby was recognized at the ceremony today. he talked about the honor. >> one group of people that honor me and i'm forever grateful. >> today's event ended with ruby, a 99-year-old pearl harbor survivor, laying a wreath in the exhibit. thousands gathered at pearl
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>> the place is so special on any time of year, but i can't imagine today. must be so special. nbc news' jay gray is live in honolulu with that commemoration. >> reporter: yeah, chris, pat, you're absolutely right. what an on honor to be here on a special day, the memorial behind me is the final resting place for more than 1,000 sailors and marines. it's also been the centerpiece for the tribute today, to those lost and the survivors, many who harbor. a solemn remembrance. 75 years after a surprise attack. >> i went out on top side, planes were diving from every direction. >> reporter: waves of japanese zeros unleashing a fury on pearl harbor. the waters are calm here now. the skies clear. as hundreds of survivors joined
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sacred memorial to honor the courage, strength and sacrifice of those who fought here. >> it's a really special feeling about being here at this time of year. >> reporter: for most, this is a once in a lifetime journey. but petty officer first class ren pettit makes the trip every day. >> i drive 150 passengers at a time out to the memorial, let them pay their respects and drive them back. >> reporter: where he's going and what he's doing is still special every time d alongside the "arizona." >> it's very emotional to see. >> reporter: especially right now. >> it's a huge honor. i'm very lucky to have been stationed here whenever the 7 75 wasth going on. >> reporter: pettit and many pause to remember and honor these heroes on this special day. celebration and ceremonies will continue both here and across
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pearl harbor, chris, back to you now. >> all right. thank you, jay. you know, on "nightly news with lester holt" tom brokaw will reflect on the greatest generation and lessons that our nation can still learn from that attack. it is the first significant snowfall of the season for folks in the poconos. last night, some parts got an inch or less. further to the north, folks got 2 to 3 inches of snow. local businesses hope the winter we the ski season. plow drivers also welcomed the extra business last night. doug, we're looking at that dusting in the poconos. that's like your dream. get some december snow in here. >> guess you're waiting for it, huh, doug? >> reporter: yeah, i want more than a dusting, chris. you know what i want, if i could have what i want, i would want '09, '10. three blizzards that year. remember that year? >> we remember. >> reporter: remember how great that was?
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blizzard. only the second biggest storm of all-time in d.c. i don't think we're going to get that this year, though. what we are going to get right now, zoo lights. sun making its way down, coming up soon. we got the zoo lights right here behind me. now, of course, it will be a lot brighter once the sun goes down. in just about 30 minutes. this is actually one of the displays that has the music going with it. couan actually track the music as well. we've also come down here, we got storm team 4 x 4. of course e saying 49.7 degrees out here i picked one of the best days of the week. monday was pretty nice. yesterday was terrible. today looking better before things get really cold. take a look at this, our camera now, this is our camera on top of our truck. take a look at this. this is a slide we have across our area. look how long that slide is. you want to go tubing? you don't need snow for tubing. come on down to the national zoo. do it here. let's look at the weather, show you how things are across our region. temperatures into the 40s around most of the area. 50 in the city.
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miles an hour. not bad. not much wind at the zoo. 50 leesburg. 46 winchester. 52 quantico. temperatures around average for this time of year. on the radar, nothing to show. storm team 4 radar will stay dry. you will not need the umbrellas any time soon. now, let's take a look at this. future. the reason i'm showing this, this shows when the front's coming through. notice tomorrow morning, 5:00 a.m., maybe some showers and, yeah, it could mix with light snow. not expecting much. watch what happens he it's gone, out of here. no big deal at all. that is the front. so temperatures will cool during the afternoon tomorrow. now, we will still rise through about noon until 3:00, going for a high tomorrow in the upper 40s under mostly cloudy skies. it turns breezy and temperatures fall pretty quickly tomorrow evening. by 7:00, we're down to 41. windchills will be in the low 30s by that point. and we are in for some extremely cold weather. look at friday. the high temperature only 41 degrees. and you put that in with the
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let's go ahead and pop that out on friday. show you what we're talking about. as we move through the day friday, temperatures frigid in the morning, 30 degrees, windchills around 20 degrees. 36 by noon. 40 degrees by the afternoon. all day long feeling like we're in the 20s. take a look back at this ten-day forecast, we got 38 on saturday. and notice next week, oh, it is brutal. tracking winter, one thing we talk about in our winter forecast was going from a ve december. and it looks like that's exactly what we've got coming on. and, yes, day ten next saturday looks like a little bit of a system could bring us some rain or snow. way far out there, though. we don't like to talk about those events ten days out. it takes a little while to -- i know, the lions, can you hear them, guys? they're not happy about that winter forecast. i apologize. they are loud. you might not be able to hear them there, but they are loud. i don't know what's going on up there, but something's happening. guys?
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eye -- i can't wait to see those lights start lighting up behind you. that's big to be pretty cool out there. >> all righty, doug. >> reporter: and it's free. >> i know it. >> best part. thank you. well, it is the television event more than a year in the making now. we are taking you behind the scenes of "hairspray live" just hours before the characters dance their way onto live tv. how about this? you buy your airline ticket, you wait in line, you get on the plane, and then find out you can't
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?? after months of preparation, rehearsals and anticipation, nbc unveils its newest li live!" nbc's fourth live musical following last year's "the wiz." newcomer maddie baillio will play the dream role of tracy turnblad. >> she invited girls to her personal audition which she'd never done before. >> i almost did an audition.
4:26 pm
a.m. and i got to the company in new york where they were holding the auditions, 6:45 and i was 3 43 in line. over a thousand girls were there. and four callbacks later i got the part. >> as pat mentioned, nbc has already done three modern live musicals, tonight's production of "hairspray" is going to be very different. jinah kim is on the universal studios back lot to tell us why. >> reporter: this is the most ambitious live tv m "sound of music," "peter pan" "the wiz" were shot in new york and completely enclosed sets. "hairspray live" is being filmed in l.a. at the universal studios backlot with 40% of the set outdoors. we're here where all the store fronts and facades are ready to go. across the way will be a live audience dressed in '60s period costume cheering the cast on.
4:27 pm
outdoors so a meteorologist was hired specifically to do daily forecasts for the show and a crane similar to that one was on standby with a giant canopy to drape it over the entire set in case of rain. the good news is no rain is in the forecast for tonight. still, you're going to have plenty of surprises. unexpected elements popping up as you inevitably do with a live show. >> takes off the pressure a little bit is that it's live. are those, like, little imperfections. >> reporter: derek hough while be joined by an all-star cast that includes kristin chenoweth, ariana grande. you will not want to miss it. on the "hairspray live" set, i'm jinah kim, nbc news. >> thanks. if you don't know by now, watch "hairspray live" right here on
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news." again, the preshow starts at 7:30. >> going to be a lot of fun. well, a little more than 24 hours to go until prince george's county opens its first casino. the last-minute preps and what it's going to take to get to this point. and beyond. by now you've probably heard the largest mall in the country has its first african-american santa. what you may not have heard is what people are saying about it. why the reaction of some people not feeling very christmasy anymore. >> santa can be anybody. anyone who possesses the love in their heart who's willing to
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now at 4:30, president-elect donald trump just made another cabinet appointment. nbc news confirms general john f. kelly has been tapped to serve as the head of the homeland security department. >> yeah, mr. trump will make the formal announcement next week along with with the rest of his national security team. he still has to nominate someone for secretary of state but the cabinet is starting to come together. nbc news senior political editor mark murray joins us. mark, we got general mattis, general flynn, general kelly. there's a common theme here. >> there is a common theme and have a whole lot of generals
4:32 pm
generals spread with multimillionaires as well as billionaires. and, you know, i'll throw a couple other names that we now know about that have just come about in the last hour or so. and that is for the environmental protection agency's scott pruitt, the attorney general of oklahoma. donald trump's pick to head up the epa according to nbc news' reporting. also, this just came in from the small business association, linda mcman of the in connecticut, she's donald trump's choice to lead the small business association. so you are right that cabinet is coming together. >> what about secretary of state, does the short list still hold? >> i actually think the short list has been growing and it has been expanding in the last week or two. the front-runners still are former new york city mayor rudy giuliani, former republican presidential nominee mitt romney, former general david petraeus, and, you know, you
4:33 pm
whose name has been mentioned. it's an ever-expanding list. donald trump said on the "today" show they'll have a position on that decision next week. >> "time," donald trump, person of the year, calling him president of the divided states of america. is this something he can celebrate? >> well, so i think two things are very, very true and accurate. one, donald trump is the person of the year by winning the presidency, that puts you on "time" also getting it right where this is a very divided country and it's arguably even more divided than it was before election day. and donald trump's big challenge is going to be able to really end up bringing in a lot of americans. we're still talking about the 54% of americans who did not vote for him. donald trump won the presidency via the electoral college. that's the way you do it. but he still just got 46% of the popular vote and so he's going to have to be able to win over
4:34 pm
together. going to be a lot harder, a lot harder going forward. thanks a lot. nbc's mark murray. thank you. >> thank you. for the first time in its 24-year history, minnesota's mall of america hired an african-american santa, his name is larry jefferson, a retired veteran and has a real beard. jefferson says all children see is the red suit and they say candy, but many others see something else. today's "talk around town." troy, let's start with the reaction to the mall's decision. what do your listeners think of it? >> first of all they're saying how can you be mad at santa? the first thing a lot of people are saying. he can be any color you like him to be. their concerns are about the children, what the children's experiences will be when they're sharing this special moment in the holidays and, you know, what they're saying is it's nice to
4:35 pm
you can go check out a black santa. a lot of people were surprised it took 24 years mall of america, one of the biggest in the country, to get around to this, say it's long overdue and happy they got around to it. >> about the reaction, the unpleasant reaction, larry jefferson has taken it very, you know, all in stride. he has an interesting background. talk about that and his reaction. >> he is an interesting character. he lives in texas and he's a santa that works at d he's in a group of big -- a big group of santas and he says there are two or three other black santas in this group. there are latino santas, a few jewish ones as well. he said he was humbled and amazed by the response he got in minnesota when he spent his time there and his thing is he's hoping that after hearing about this kind of negative reaction to him, he hopes the country can do better and be more accepting of other people.
4:36 pm
he's traded one uniform for the other. >> your listeners said they weren't surprised some were offended they hired a black santa. they find it upsetting. during a season that's supposed to be about peace and light. >> there's nothing peaceful about some of these comments that have been online. one of the cleaner posts i saw says, on facebook, i bet he climbs down chimney and steals that's a mild comment. there were comments from the "minneapolis star tribune" that included comments with the "n" word so certainly a very bad reaction to that, but listeners are upset because it takes way from the children experience. i spoke to michelle today, she tells me that this only solidifies her thoughts that we may not really be in a post-racial america. >> the reaction to the african-american santa claus in the minnesota mall is absolutely not surprising.
4:37 pm
america to respond. sadly enough, this isn't new to us. most level-headed african-american people, we look forward to this kind of deal, not necessarily look forward to it in a positive way, but this is just another day in the life for us. >> and pat, she also says it's interesting it's been okay for black culture to be appropriated for years in this country but santa can't be shared. very interesting point. and she also says that it's n views, in her mind. she said there may be people who are hiding their feelings about, you know, interactions with blacks very well and she says they need to own up to their own thoughts. >> all right. troy johnson. thank you, troy. >> absolutely. >> all right, thanks, guys. well, the first lady got a chance to play santa this afternoon. the holiday tradition that michelle obama just did for the last time. plus, why buying wine could get easier in one of our local
4:38 pm
up shop in a place it hasn't been allowed to before. and here's a look at your evening planner. temperatures mainly in the 40s tonight. and then 30s by tomorrow morning. but doug and i are tacking the coldest air so far of the season. . wait until you see how cold it
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
an alexandria artist is painting the town red and green and blue and white.
4:41 pm
a delray tradition. pointing store windows for the holidays. he's been doing this for several years. each window takes about an hour. >> it's mostly a winter scene. people want to leave them up after christmas, so we want to make it look like christmas and even just winter. that's why some of these scenes are very generic in the sense of christmas. they're winter scenes. some are very specifically christmas. >> he expects to do about ten windows this year. if you'd like to see one come together in just a minute, ar nbc washington app. first lady michelle obama is helping to spread some christmas cheer. >> yeah, for the last time as first lady, mrs. obama took part in the toys for tots program, an annual event that takes place at joint base anacostia. the first lady helped organize some of the gifts, some gathered by the office of the president, others collected marine corps
4:42 pm
to kids from all over the country. >> since toys for tots first started, they have sense more than 512 million toys to over 237 million children in all 50 states, d.c., puerto rico, guam, and the virgin islands. that's pretty cool. >> sure is. toys for tots has been around for nearly 70 years. the program started way back in 1947. >> that is cool. only hours left now until opens its doors. first at 4, prince george's bureau chief tracee wilkins joins us in our studio to talk about how it's cashing in on years of planning and rolling out the last-minute details right now. and pack light on your next flight. the controversial change one airline is making and the anger
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
the heavy-duty thermal underwear. >> yeah, that's going to be a good idea. the coldest it's been so far this season friday and saturday. and then looking even further ahead next week, highs only in the low 30s. let's talk about the first arctic blast. cold air is going to start to move in tomorrow night. because of the cold and winds on
4:46 pm
especially the kids at the bus stop. as we look to the weekend, it stays cold but will be dry both days. as you head to the holiday parties, looking good for travel. weather underground network of temperatures coming in in the 40s. 52 degrees down in mt. vernon. really tranquil sunset out there tonight. i'll be doing a facebook live coming up at 5:00. hop on there as you watch news 4 and ask any questions about the forecast you have. our high tomorrow, 48 degrees. so a little bit cooler than best chance of sun is going to be during the second half of the day. and then again, cold air moves in tomorrow night and greets us friday northern. morning. all in all the weather having a low impact on your thursday. bus stop, it's chilly. recess will be outdoors but still cold. outdoor exercise, getting into the time of year where you want at least a few layers. if you're getting the christmas tree tomorrow night, it's looking good. dry and cool. here's a look at how cold it's
4:47 pm
this is the future feels-like temperature. notice here at 7:00 a.m., feeling like we're in the teens across most of the area. as we work our way into the midday hours, it doesn't get much better, feeling like we're in the 20s and maybe low 30s and then friday night, another bitterly cold evening. by 6:00, it's already feeling like temperatures are in the 20s. so certainly cold days on friday and saturday. as we look to the weekend, it's going to be better to get the tree on actually sunday and heading to the holiday parties, again, we're looking at dry weather during the evening. here's a look at the next ten days. again, on friday, a high of 41. but with the winds, it feels like we're in the teens and 20s throughout the day. because of that, it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. 38 on saturday. so even a few degrees cooler. not much better on sunday. some rain looking likely on monday. notice the temperature, not too
4:48 pm
thursday, friday and saturday, we are only in the upper 20s to mid 30s. with that being said, thankfully, it is not that cold out there tonight. and doug is out live at zoo lights. doug, what's it like down there? you know, i've never been. i think i need to come this year. >> reporter: it's cool, amelia, one of the events the zoo does every year. boo at the zoo, and of course 500,000 lights are going to be lit, a beautiful night for it, too. this just might be the best night for it in maybe two weeks. i mean, and that's the truth. i mean, looking at that forecast that we were talking about earlier today, it looks like tonight is going to be the best night that we see for quite some time, guys. so get out there right now. why do you think i'm here tonight? do you think i'd be here on a really freezing cold night? actually, they asked me to do it next thursday night. i told them i'm not doing it. i am not doing it. it's got to be warm.
4:49 pm
>> he wouldn't tell an untruth, would you? >> reporter: no. >> thank you, doug. all righty. thanks a lot. just a little over 30 hours the new mgm national harbor casino and resort opens its doors. 30,000 visitors expected on opening night. the area is bracing for a major impact from this opening. >> prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins joins us. what's been going on behind the scenes in the hours leading up to the opening? >> there's been a lot preparation to get this thing ready. we were just in there on monday, i can tell you the storefronts weren't quite ready yet. they had the restaurants set up and ready to go, asked us please with the pictures give them mercy on getting the last-minute things tied up. we're guaranteed it's going to be up and running and ready to go by tomorrow.
4:50 pm
p.m. >> why 11:00? >> that's what they do. they like the late-night openings. it's tradition for a casino to open late at night. >> it opens to the public at 11:00. there's a lot that's going to take place tomorrow. briefly walk us through that. >> there's going to be, tomorrow for the media, we're going to have an 11:00 a.m. briefing, they're going to talk to us about what's going to happen throughout the day, finish up our tour of the mgm casino which we did not have an opportunity to really do when the us in on monday. we just kind of a brief tour. this time around, we're going to be able to take more of a look at what's going on there. and then at 7:00 p.m., they're going to start a vip party for just a few folks who have been invited for this party. there's going to be entertainment there, we understand. expect to hear some speeches from some of the folks who helped to make this thing happen. then at 10:30 they open the garage and at 11:00 p.m. they're going to open up the casino. >> you have been following this
4:51 pm
>> well, it started with county executive rushern baker and it's really interesting because he voted against gaming expansion when he was in the state legislature, but then after he became county executive, decided to be a good idea to open up casino thinking it'd be a lot of extra revenue for the county. so he started with that in annapolis and the next thing we knew, we had question seven, that ballot initiative, that the whole state had to vote on in order to expand gaming which is what ushered in mgm. i'm going to be talking about this at news 4 at 5:00 and 6:00 taking a look at what got us to this point. it was a very long journey. folks are going to find it very interesting to take a step back and look at how we got here. >> all righty. and how we're going to get there tomorrow. >> we didn't even get into transportation. a whole other story. >> all right. thank you, tracee. the close st equivalent to what we're going to see tomorrow is the mgm grand detroit. i got a chance to spend a few
4:52 pm
huge vegas gaming giant fits in a major american city. it may be in downtown detroit but there is some of that glitz that calls to mind vegas. we saw some interactive 3-d slot machines. definitely not the stereotypical warehouse feel. some of those slots are based on the ellen degeneres show. there's a really different philosophy. the casino has a goal of hiring 51% of its employees from the city. another threshold for using local vendors and sponsored a local has to take attendance and set its funding for the year. >> we send 50, 60 of our lows and put on a fantastic day for the kids so they all got backpacks, a fantastic lunch. i'm happy to say the school had close to 100% attendance that day. >> i'll be taking a closer look at who gets hired at a big
4:53 pm
news 4 at 6:00. coming up, a total wine store in bethesda could set up turf if a state deal gets passed. the legislation could allow the company to get another permit to sell alcohol. state law prevents someone from having several permits. they should be allowed to open a store. people will be able to comment on the proposal tonight at a public meeting, 7:00 at the montgomery county council building. well, if you plan to fly, could you show know come with strings attached. >> chuck schumer wants the airline to stop charging what he calls expenive and annoying fees. susan hogan has been looking into it. >> all fees are annoying, aren't they? next time you book a basic economy fare, what they're calling it on united, you'll be banned from using the overhead bin. united just announced this new ticket option that has the entire airline industry watching
4:54 pm
passengers opting for this fare will have to give up some basic perks like using those overhead bins. customers will no longer be able to pick their seats. instead at check-in the airline will give you a seat assignment. you will be in the last boarding group and the only carry-on you can bring is the one that fits under the seat in front of you. and rewards members will not earn premier qualifying miles, in a statement united tells us this move provides additional choice to customers purchasing their tickets. delta, by the way, has similar restriction on its basic economy fair including no seat assignment until after they check in, although it will still allow passengers to use their overhead bins. american is announcing its own version of this cheap economy fare next year. >> what one does, they all eventually do. >> right? >> next they'll be charging you to use the restroom. >> no kidding. i guarantee you, if you wait a
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
sure, you could sit around all night waiting for a pizza to be delivered. but wouldn't making it yourself be a lot more fun? it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend.
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investigators say the fire at that warehouse in oakland is the deadliest in the past 13 years. >> they've already discovered there was no fire alarm and the people trapped inside were overcome by the smoke. nbc's jennifer bjorkland has new details. >> he was the father of two girls, he was also about to be a
4:58 pm
fiancee, hannah, two of the 36 lives lost when fire tore through the makeshift artist colony friday night. posted an instagram video from inside the ghost ship warehouse just an hour before the fire. as he was getting ready to play music. >> i'm going to miss being able to, you know, you know, talk to my brother, you know, be inspired by him. >> reporter: now, the work to clear the building is moving into a new phase. >> at this time, the search has been completed. >> reporter: the massive amount art pieces are being moved away from here and to an undisclosed location protected from the weather that's moving in this afternoon. >> all of the debris is being preserved as evidence. again, the investigation does continue. >> reporter: the focus is on electrical appliances and possibly overloaded circuits from the massive sound system in place here for the electronic music party the night of the fire. >> we're looking at every
4:59 pm
at this time as to what the source of ignition is. >> reporter: while officials still are not calling this a criminal investigation, that could change with the involvement of the alameda county district attorney and the atf as they search for answers in the ashes. in oakland, nbc news. there are armored car robberies and then there are armored car robberies. but none quite like the one that occurred here in tacoma park. wait until you hear what these guys did. wait until you hear what they were wearing. that story coming up. northwest d.c. near the washington hospital center, but this is the old mcmillan reservoir. it opened in 1905 and has been
5:00 pm
plans here to get started on development. news 4 at 5:00 starts now. >> first at 5, two children lost their father today when a tractor trailed jackknifes onto his car. thank you for joining us, i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm doreen gentzler. the man was on the way to work to pick up his laptop so he >> the crash happened where i-70 connects with 270 in frederick county. that's where we find news 4's mark segraves this evening. mark? >> reporter: good evening, yes, as you said, it happened along 270 here not from where we're standing in frederick, maryland. police say the driver of a tractor trailer lost control. >> he hit his brakes abruptly, the tractor trailer jackknifed. the trailer swung to its left


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