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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  December 8, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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stein had no legal standing to request the recount. the decision clinches donald trump's win over hillary clinton in that state. stein is vowing to appeal the decision. hillary clinton will return to capitol hill today. she will attend and speak at the portrait unveiling of senate democratic leader harry reid. he is retiring at the end of this session of congress. clinton's public appearances have been rare since she conceded the election to donald trump last month. 4:30. ready to ro national harbor casino resort opens in oxen hill, we are counting down to when the doors open, right now we are 18 hours away. >> and 29 minutes and we get closer to the opening we have you covered on everything you need to know from how to make it to the new casino to what to check out once you're inside. yesterday casino officials checked a final item off their to-do list, maryland's top lottery and gaming officials
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that clears the way for the facility to open its doors tonight. all morning long we will have live reports from inside the mgm national harbor and be sure to check out the nbc washington app to see the months of work it took to get to today's opening. 39 degrees outside our studios on this thursday morning, a chilly start. >> let's check in with amelia draper for a look at the forecast. >> good morning. chilly and cloudy right now, we could have a sprinkles around until 7:00, 8 washington. overall the weather having a pretty low impact on your day today. cloudy skies through the midmorning hours, a ever that we will have increasing sunshine. by 9:00 a.m. we are in the low 40s and by 11:00 a.m. we are in the mid 40s. you want the warm jacket today but overall pretty quiet day weatherwise. the weather having a low impact on your day. most stay dry, maybe some sprinkles this morning, increasing sunshine as we head into the afternoon hours. not a bad afternoon for this
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coming up in ten minutes i'm going to be walking you through your afternoon and also showing you what you will be waking up to tomorrow morning, it will be blustery and it will be very cold. we will be taking a look at the windchill temperatures in about ten minutes. melissa, you also have an issue on the toel road? >> this is westbound dulles toll road, we are shut down in the westbound lanes, right now all traffic being pushed on to fairfax county parkway because an overturned box truck with another vehicle, could be there for some time. outbound roosevelt bridge ramp to northbound gw parkway is shut down for a bridge inspection. the outer loop of 4 bw parkway blocking the left side. no problems from frederick down to the spur. see you in ten minutes. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk, an fer is it stabbed
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reports of a shoplifting. we are though hearing that police believe the suspect may be an escaped inmate. this happened last night in columbia, south carolina, and we know that the officer is doing okay but the suspect, michael williamson took off from the scene and police are actively looking for him. police put out this other shot of him. so again they believe that he escaped from a nearby prison, went to that location stabbed an officer who we now know is doing okay, but the search is on for this man that you see on your screen. at the live desk i'm erika gonzalez. it's 4:33. we are tracking a developing story out of georgia. a manhunt for a cop killer. there is a $30,000 reward for minquell lembrick. they say he also shot officer
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he was already wanted for kidnapping and other charges. the man picked to run d.c. schools will try to win the approval of the d.c. school and public. antoine wilson was nominated last week. he is from california where he was superintendent of the oakland unified school district. he visited tubman elementary school in northwest yesterday morning. the council must approve him to take over for henderson, she resigned earlier this year. t today you will have a chance to weigh in on the future of the superintendent for falls church schools, the school board wants parents to explain what kind of qualifications and characteristics they're looking for in a district leading. that meeting at is at 7:00 p.m. at thomas jefferson school on oak street. a local soldier is dead this morning three weeks after he was injured in a sue said attack. sergeant first class allan brown
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attacked bag bram airfield, a suicide bomber got on the base and targeted a crowd getting together for a fun run. two other service members and two u.s. contractors were also killed. this morning we're working to learn whether a truck driver will face charges in a deadly crash in frederick. we brought you this yesterday morning. ross michaels died after a tractor-trailer lost control and crashed into his it was where i-70 meets 270, maryland state police say the truck driver couldn't slow down in time and hit his brakes abruptly. michaels was a father of two children and was headed home after picking up a computer from his office. paramedics had to take ten people to the hospital after a metrobus collided with a car. it happened last night just before 7:00 when the w-4 bus wao turning on to south capitol
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policeztay no one was seriously hurt. right now people in the hay market area are waking up to another day of warnings about the water. a water main break on tuesday triggered a boil water advisory for residents living north of virginia gateway atlas walk. harris teeter is stepping in to help residents. at 6:00 a.m. it will hand out free water in grainsville, the stores on crescent park drive and sheathcote boulevard will supplies last. new this morning top safety picks that were released overnight about the best rides to keep your family safe. and don't go out the door before you behind out what to wear. amelia draper fills us in on the forecast. a look at "hair spray" live.
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feeling the way i always do ? ? oh, oh, oh ?? nbc's fourth live musical is in the books. >> the university of maryland watched last night as one of their fellow turns danced and sang their way live. we spoke with one dance major who says this is even more of an inspiration because of an alum was on the show. >> i think that this is just a
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that to me is more enjoyable. >> coming up we will take a closer look at the reaction to "hair spray" live. a lot of fun. a lot of talent out of that university of maryland i'm just saying. >> do you think? >> this is the variety of different kinds of talent. >> spoken like a true alum. >> looking at the day ahead for us. >> exactly. throughout the day today increasing sunshine. during by noon we are already in the upper 40s and a high today around 48. i actually think it's going to turn out to be a nice afternoon. and then the cold air moves in overnight tonight, it greets us tomorrow morning. this is what you're stepping out the door to tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. this is how cold it's going to feel when you factor in the winds, feeling about 20 degrees in the district, 16 up in frederick, 11 hagerstown and
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in ten minutes i will be walking you throughout your day tomorrow letting you know what you can expect as you head into the midday and afternoon hours on friday and close out the workweek. always good news when you hear that. >> oh, yeah, friday is my best friend. westbound toll road at fairfax county parkway is shut down. they will push you off of fairfax county parkway to get around this closure. all lanes blocked, this is an overturned box truck and vehicle cras roosevelt bridge the ramp to gw parkway blocked for a bridge inspection. the all lanes have reopened. bottom of the beltway prince george's county looking quite good. goes going to be a little hectic this evening with the new casino opening. wildfire arrest, why teenagers are being blamed for the flames that tore through a tennessee town. christmas trees are part of what makes the holiday special,
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coming up hear from their relatives who share safety tips trying to save others. and major league move, what you need to know about the nats big trade before everyne is
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today." >> welcome back at 4:44. right now your top story, a man accused of opening fire inside comet ping pong is due back in court today, edgar welch told police he was investigating the fake news story pizza gate. hear for still ahead. it is opening day for mgm
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business tonight at 11:00. we're going to bring you stories from there, highlights all morning long and tell you how to get around the traffic that opening will cause. donald trump is lashing out on twitter against the head of the union representing workers at carrier in indianapolis. >> the union president, chuck jones, criticized trump's deal with the company saying 550 jobs were still heading to mexico. now the #i'm with chuck is trending on twitter. >> news 4's tracie potts is live on capitol hill now. president elect calling out jones on twitter. take a look at these tweets, he said chuck jones who is the president of the united steelworkers 1999 has done a terrible job representing workers. no wonder companies flee the country. then jones shot back, then they had this back and forth on twitter. the president elect weighing in again saying that they needed to reduce their dues with the union saying it's the dues that allow
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he alleges with this deal with carrier. the upshot of all of this is that jones now says he's getting threats, more threats, as a result of these tweets. donald trump made a number of new cabinet appointments yesterday. what can you tell us about those. >> several people. let's start out with oklahoma's attorney general scott pruitt who has been tapped as head of the epa. general john kelly department of homeland security according to sources and linda mcmahon whose name you might know from wwe has been tapped to be his small business administration sba administrator. so they are continuing to fill this cabinet. today another interview with admiral james savrides. >> thank you. 4:46.
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counselors will be in a school in reno, nevada, where a student was shot by a police officer. reno police say the school district -- they're working to get video that may show the teen with a knife. today more charges could be filed against two juveniles accused of starting the deadly wildfires in tennessee. the suspects are from tennessee but authorities won't identify them because they're minors. they've already been charged with aggravated arson. officials say they're s the fire started in the great smoky mountains national park and spread to gatlinburg last week, 14 people died and more than 1700 buildings were destroyed. there's more details this morning in that deadly oakland warehouse fire. officials say city building inspectors have not been inside the so-called ghost ship warehouse in 30 years. they say inspectors had gone to an adjacent lot two years ago in response to specific complaints
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physical damage seen from the outside. investigators are still working to determine the cause of that fire. an important reminder about a holiday hazard that is likely in your home, your christmas tree. that is what sparked this annapolis mansion fire that killed six people. news 4's megan fitzgerald has tips about how to properly care for your tree. >> reporter: finding that perfect christmas tree is a big part of the holiday season for a lot of folks and people to keep safety in mind. here is what they're telling folks, once you get that christmas tree home they want you to cut off about an inch of the base here, then once you get it into your home and put too into the tree stand like the one here the essential part is watering it every single day. it hopes to hydrate the tree so it's less susceptible to a fire. you may recall it was january of
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annapolis mansion went up in flames, cher lost her brother, her sister-in-law and their four young grandchildren. >> everyone is of course in pain, it's changed all of our lives. for me i've found my voice in advocacy. >> sher has dedicated her live to spreading these christmas tree safety tips. reporting in ol rings mill, megan fitzgera n >> it's important to water that tree. it's another important reminder, unplug those lights every night before you go to bed and when it is unattended when you leave for work, turn off that tree. 4:49. in the prince george's county courthouse should be back open after it had to be evacuated. chopper 4 over the area yesterday following reports of a suspicious package outside the building. people inside the courthouse had to be moved to another section of the building and nearby
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the bomb squad checked out the package, they did not find anything dangerous. the nationals have their new center fielder but he came at a pretty hefty price, adam eaton is expected to join the nats. to get him the team gave up three pitching pros jekts including lucas giolito, the number one pitching prospect in the game. eaton is known for being speedy and gadd on defense and also has a team 2021. it's funny when they talk about players, the gm said he was a -- game at low market -- below market price. >> they make some good picks, though, even though they had to pay for it so to speak. >> all rigvz4. >> all right. let's turn to amelia draper now, we're talking about this cold -- it's december, right? it's how it's supposed to be. >> kind of. so today is pretty normal and then tomorrow through the weekend it's going to be cold. >> okay. >> no two days about that, but
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next week another cold blast that's going to be worse than this one. upper 20s, low 30s for highs. >> that's not normal a, right? >> no, that's not normal. we were talking about how december was going to look colder than normal and that's certainly proving to be true as we look to the next ten days. cold air moves in tonight. because of the cold and the winds tomorrow it will be a storm team 4 weather alert day, as we head into the weekend we will keep ityu2gk"ry but the co air hangs on. curly reston and 32 over in college park. we will have increasing sunshine as we head on into the afternoon hours, a high today of 48, pretty similar to yesterday. now, tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. we're starting off the day in the teens and 20s. 21 in washington, 15 in gaithersburg, once we hit lunchtime it feels like we are in the mid to upper 20s in the suburbs, around 30 in the district and then look at
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party or maybe just staying indoors and staying warm it's feeling about 24 degrees in hagerstown, 22 martinsburg and upper 20s in the district. then the cold sticks around for saturday and sunday as well. notice saturday even a few degrees cooler but the winds won't be as bad. we will have partly to mostly sunny skies, low 40s on sunday, rain showers looking likely on monday, the warmest day on the ten day with the high around 50, not too wednesday another transition day, this is what brings in that second cold blast, low 30s on thursday, upper 20s on friday. so some cold weather in the forecast but not a lot of rain or even snow chances right now. we will send it into melissa in the traffic center. about i go issues on the dulles toll road this morning. >> big problem on the toll road. westbound dulles toll road just after fairfax county parkway we have an overturned box truck
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being pushed off off fairfax county poork way then you can get back on to the toll road if you are headed out to the airport this morning. roosevelt bridge the ramp to gw parkway still blocked for inspection. 395 southbound at washington boulevard right lane blocked by work done there. 270 overall looking quite good, don't have any complaints along 270 this morning. 95 in virginia, north of route 1, northbound, southbound, everything running just fine. we will take a live look how safe is your car? this year's top safety picks released overnight. we have the list just ahead. plus good-bye joe biden, tearful tributes to the vice
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at ikea, we believe everyone should be able to afford a welcoming home for the holidays. and that nothing should get in the way of a good conversation.
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and that you can make a place for everyone.
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you're watching "news4 today." now on "news4 today." we are working to learn more about a crash that happened in downtown police say an suv collided with another car and flipped over at the corner of 9th and constitution avenue. one person was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. new this morning the insurance institute for highway safety is out with a list of top safety picks for 2017. 82 new vehicles made the ligs. 30 vehicles earned the even higher ranking of top safety picks plus those vehicles have to earn good ratings in five
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effective features that can prevent crashes, including automatic braking systems. toyota led the auto makers with nine of its 2017 models, honda had five, several american made cars were given the plus award including the chevy volt, buick envision and chrysler pacifica. the stop market is surging and it's at a record high right now, the dow and s&p closed up 1% at all time highs last night. markets elsewhere in the world central bank is meeting today to talk about monetary policy. it's not clear how that might impact the u.s. a german grocery store chain still has not built its first store in the area but is showing signs of expansion. they are hosting their first hiring event in the d.c. area stores next week, it *q held next wednesday at the fair objection mariot. first d.c. stored are expected to open no later than 25018.
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wine store total wine to montgomery county. >> their headquarters are in bethesda and the owners want to open a store in the county but state law only allows one alcohol sales permit per person so the two owners have hit their limit with their existing stores. >> they employ over 500 individuals, local individuals, they have future plans that will double the number of employees this their headquarters, but allowed to open the store here in montgomery county. >> the legislation would allow owners who already have a license in the state to obtain a second one if they want to open a toer in montgomery county. state lawmakers will consider the bill next year. a lot of you are talking about this story on our nbc washington facebook page. starting next year united airlines is offering a new cheap fare called basic economy to try to complete with those low cost
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allowed a carry on small bag, small enough to fit under why you are seat, no roller bag or anything that has to go in the overhead win and you will still pay an extra fee if you need to check a back, $25 for the first one, $35 for the second. united is only offering these basic economy fares on certain routes. >> we have become good at packing efficiently, you only take one pair of shoes -- >> and you really do just -- your purse, just travel with a purse? >> not a purse -- tote under there. i pack well. all right. stay with us, "news4 today." continues now at 5:00 a.m. "news4 today." starts now. >> right now on "news4 today." the pizza gate suspect heading back to court, first hear new details about his jailhouse interview. mgm national harbor hours away from the grand opens news 4 is there live to show you what it's all about and how to get around the traffic.
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your thursday forecast, a look at the day ahead and the cold blast that's coming for our weekend. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we are getting you ready to get out the door. melissa is keeping an eye on your commute. >> and amelia draper is in for chuck bell with that forecast first. >> aaron, i want to start off with storm team 4 layered, i'm tracking light snowshowers back in far western maryland into west virginia. as this moves further east it could touch off a few sprinkles in our area, most of us will stay dry today. if you do see a few sprinkles having a pretty low impact on your morning, the timing would be from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. otherwise a cloudy start. we are at 39 right now, by 9:00 a.m. we are in the low 40s. once we work our way toward the midday hours we will start to have increasing sunshine and at that point temperatures in the mid 40s. now, coming up in ten minutes i'm going to be walking you through you your afternoon letting you know how the weather will impact your thursday


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