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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 9, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. brace yourss for a siberian express that's barreling down from the north pole, bringing bone-chilling temperatures and difficult conditions. we will look back at the john glenn. breaking overnight, south korean's president impeached. millions take to the streets. >> kirk douglas prepares to celebrate his 100th birthday. >> the several themes that will get you banned for life from uber. good morning, "early today" starts right now. >> good morning, i'm frances
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blanket of a deadly weather these days. >> a deadly pileup and a dozen injured in michigan. it happened near whiteout conditions, dangerous travel, a polar vortex and much, much more. all of that is really on the way. here's nbc's kristen dolgren. >> reporter: another multi-vehicle accident near erie, pennsylvania shut down parts of interstate 90 and in upstate new york, a funnel cloud, along with proceeding snow and slippery roads. >> we had to drive really slow. >> reporter: even the professionals had trouble. some areas could see more than two feet of this lake effect snow. out west, places like salem and portland, oregon, under a blanket of snow and ice, schools and city offices closed and flights cancelled. an arctic plast hitting hard
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wallia wallia washington 16 degrees, boulder dropped to 3. and casper, wyoming, a bone chiming 30 below, 44 degrees lower than normal. and it's far from over t. polar vortex could plunge temperatures even lower next week. our meteorologist bill karens is going to join us ahead with all the breaking details in a few moments. this morning, a true the terms legend and trail playser may have been thrown out a lot. john glenn was one of those people t. astronaut businessman, senator and family man died at the age of 95 thursday. john glenn was many things, but above all else, he was a patriot. nbc's tom byrum costello brings us more on hess life. >> reporter: john glenn was more
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was a 20th century icon, perhaps best known on february 20th, 1962. >> 3, 2, 1. >> the first american to put america back in the space race with the soviet union. the late t.j. o'mara was at the massive control that da >> reporter: until he died, he kept the button he pushed to send glenn into orbit. >> if i hit the destruct button, i said, may the good lord ride all the way. god speed. >> he arrived to invitations of congress. >> as this increases, may god grant us the wisdom and guidance
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>> reporter: john glenn's roots were planted in ohio. he went to cambridge, a local college and married his local sweet heart annie. he shot down three migs in korea, in 1977, a coast-to-coast record, los angeles to new york in less than three-and-a-half ours. then the early days of the astronaut correlateer immortalized in the movie "the right stuff." after a career in busi was elected to the senate from his home state of ohio in 1974. >> john glenn needs you. >> reporter: and made an unsuccessful run for the presidency in 1984. then in 1998, nasa came calming again. at the age of 77, john glenn got his wish to return to space aboard the shuttle discovery. >> ignition and liftoff of discovery. >> reporter: a lifetime of achievement and national service, honored with both the
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the country's highest civilian awards. john heirtial glen, pilot, astronaut, businessman, politician, husband and father and an american original. tom byrum costello, nbc news, walk. >> what an incredible icon, we were talking, there aren't that many americans left that can say they have done what he's done. two get married. the deadly incident that took their lives started with a do meftdic disturbance. here's the actual call to 911 that day. >> somebody punched holes in my walls. they're shooting. oh, no, he shot the police. he shot one of them. >> the officer was shot? >> yes and i don't know who he
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he we heard him dispatched to that call. he knew he was nearby and responded. >> reporter: both were killed following an intensive manhunt, a dramatic conskugs u collusion. 26 hours after the gunman shot those officers on the run, it ended with a self inflicted gunshot. the cop killer, desperate and holed up three miles from the
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pages long. >> reporter: he was a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. he wreaked havoc on this community. >> reporter: investigators say each got off one shot even after they were blindsided by the gunman responding to a domestic dispute call. he says the incident was captured on a body cam. >> it tells us they both did exactly what they were trying to do, supposed to do. >> it's tragic we it turns out politics for donald trump made am household name. >> brian, you're fired. >> well, this morning, yet another first. the president-elect will continue on as an executive producer of his hit show "the celebrity apprentice" when it returns with arnold schwarzenegger in the lead. >> that news comes from mgm. when asked if trump will
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royalties. the spokesperson said the details will be laid out next week. trump was in iowa, firing up the crowd, bringing on the state's governor, a newly nominated ambassador to china, before sounding tough on the country. >> you have the massive theft of intellectual property, putting unfair taxes on our companies, not helping with the menace of north korea, like they should and the at-will and massive devaluation of their currency and product other than that, they have been wonderful. right? >> well, earlier, somber moments for trump, meeting with families of the victims of the university attack last week, where the president-elect attack and lone wolf attack, he said that must be stopped. >> that as he continues to fill out his cabinet, making a controversial pick to leave the department of labor as my colleague katy tur has more. >> reporter: on high in trump
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filling out his cabinet. today with an eye on jobs, jobs, jocks. fast food billionaire the secretary of labor confirmation and carl, jr. and hardy's says raising the minimum wage means cutting jo bs. >> when you raise the cost of hiring low skilled workers, you really price them out of their jobs. >> reporter: he is open to automation, telling business machines, unlike people, never take a vague, never show up late, never file suits. some democrats called it a war on labor. >> the president-elect is headed into the direction of the bosses, not of the workers. >> yesterday, trump traveled to grand rapids, michigan, continuing his thank you tour. he will be in baltimore taking part in the army navy football game. nbc meteorologist bill karins is talking about this
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it? >> we are going through a global arctic and next week the sigh bean express air from siberia will invade our country after it involves the north pole. the snow will continue. we even had thunder snow off lake erie, especially. as far as the snow forecast will go, down wind at the lakes we will get it. >> that stripe of snow, watch out saturday, sunday, through the sunday night. some areas getting the first snow of the season. here's a closer look at the day ahead. so as far as the temperatures go, obviously, the cold air made its way through to the east coast. fought exactly brutal. temperatures on highs in the 40s. it is cold all the way down to the gold coast t. highs 49 near new orleans. as we've mentioned, i will give you a sneak peek of how cold it
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bill, thank you very much. just ahead, several things that will get you banned from uber for life. we got that list. the president-elect in a scandal that's got millions protesting
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...remove more plaque than sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels so clean. i'll only use an oral-b! the #1 brand used by dentists worldwide. oral-b. brush like a pro. >> news to bring you from overnight, south korea, where parliament voted to impeach that embattled president over an influencing pedaling scandal t. up to 180 days. thousands of protesters took to the streets demanding the president's resignation. the impeachment sets the note for the president to become the first elected leader to be pushed from office in disgrace. all right, leading the news this morning the mother of charleston massacre suspect dylann roof had a heart attack, collapsing on the floor, repeatedly saying i'm sorry, not
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attack that left nine church-goers dead. notice was given by the attorney who sought a mistrial after he said the shooting was inappropriate. now the judge ultimately denied the mistrial. in fact, roof continent to face 33 federal charges, including murder and hate crimes. new baby makes ache for mik jagger. the rock legend and 73-year-old rolling stones front man and his 29-year-old girlfriend yesterday. he has seven children from their teens into their 40s. both parents are delighted. the mother and maybe are doing well. the baby may have an uncle that's actually holder, younger than him. got confused over the age. uber is laying down the law, using the service for the first time ever, the ride sharing country is listing several
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alcohol inside a car, carrying a gun, fist fights or other unwanted physical contact with passengers or your driver, flirting in sexual conduct, inappropriate language, stocking your driver after you have been dropped off, drivers make better passengers, beware. >> i get old, when it comes to the flirting and inappropriate language. what c >> i meant with the driver. >> you meant with the passengers in the back seat. >> that would make sense. all right, flood you clarified that. still ahead here, should the government allow airline passengers to make inflight phone calls neighborhood, stocks are soaring. so are mortgage rates, steve sedgwick has the answers. there he is for you.
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>> all right, fast forwarding today, secretary ash carter is making a trip to yank. he is culling with military leaders and delivering a pep talk to the troops there. the senate is poised on a bill that keeps the government funding. the house overwhelmingly voted for the measure. senators have been on track for final passage of the bill t. government will run out of money at midnight if it's not passed.
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be spying on you and your family. could they pull these toys from your shelf? that's later this morning on "today." . well the markets are off to the races when all three major indices setting fresh records yet again. is the dow in santa's christmas plan? we have the details and more. always goed to talk to you, steve. >> reporter: always good to talk to you, too. this is the time of year when but this has nothing to do with santa. it's another benefit ev leapt man. it's santa trump leading the markets higher. he put the dow up 7% into the election. the russell 2,000, smaller caps are up 16%. why are they rally? they think he will invigorate the taxes and the banks may get a red card next week from the federal reserve, which means
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net interest margin, mortgage rates are jumping umm. we have a new high, 4.13%, up from 4.08. historically that is still a very low level. another different story for you. do you want to have people next to you playing with a mobile phone chath away or not? it's a big question for the airlines. because the bot, department of transport are gentleman to allow wifi calls. a lot of airlines might not want away next to you, especially like me. back to you. >> we love you. >> very entertaining. >> maybe you can have quiet rows. >> i we heard donald trump called a lot of things, i have not we heard him called santa trump. breaking news with that, thank you very much. have a great weekend. hollywood celebrates its 100th birthday.
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incredible protection in a pad this thin. i didn't think it would work, but it does. it's called always discreet watch this. this super absorbent core turns liquid to gel, for incredible protection that's surprisingly thin. so i know i'm wearing it, but no one else will. always discreet for bladder leaks >> it is a big day. a hollywood legend is celebrating a major milestone today after kirk doug las turns 100-years-old. one of his most famous roles in "spartacus." kirk douglas recently told variety he never wanted to be in movies. he continued the interview by saying quote we are doing this again when i am 200. >> what a remarkable life.
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big splash down under. he surprised a group of students in to have t. kid were pumped to see the star in his school. some got to perform for timberlake. he wrote students were crazy talented. >> oh, it was so great to see. >> it's nice to see he is such a world renowned star, celebrated anywhere he goes. it's good to see he has that reach. >> justin timberlake has so much going on. >> more days. ? i think so. you know what, different generations, you got people grew up loving him and people that know him for can't stop the ceiling. either way, you got to love them. >> what do you think of kirk douglas' a-listers? >> thank you for watching us. you are watching "early today." stay with us. s handymen. mom washed our clothes. one wash with tide pods
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now at news 4 today, you'll feel the cold the is second you step outside. storm team 4 is tracking a bitter start to the weekend. and just howow and a monumental opening. thousands rush to the new mgm national harbor backing up roads at capacity and the crowds aren't done yet. and rallying together, you the community is supporting a popular pizza joint at the center of a fake news story. it's 4:26. good morning, i'm aaron
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amelia draper is in with a look at our weather headlines. >> we were talking about this yesterday morning. the coldest air moved in overnight and this is how it feels outside right now. make sure the kids are bundled at the bus stop. feeling like we're in the teens and 20s. 21 in washington. feeling a about 17 degrees in gaithersburg and 15 in winchester. we're looking at clear skies and dry conditions not only this ni today. as you're getting the kids ready for school, you definitely want the warm coat. . coming up in five minutes, we'll be walking you through the hour by hour and let you know when you need that. >> 95 northbound as you're approaching fredericksburg. we have a tractor-trailer crash
4:28 am
if you're headed northbound. but hoping that gets out of the way. it's just that one lane. do have roadwork on 7. because of the problem we have been seeing. also looking at 56. work zone it is official. the mgm national harbor casino and resort is now open for business. the interest was so high on opening night prince jojs county police announced the gambling areas had reached capacity an hour after opening. the entrances just reopened an hour ago. many of those who got inside told us it is worth the hype.
4:29 am
and very generous. it's a wonderful place. >> mgm expected a about 30,000 people for the grand opening night. no surprise the party there is still going on at 4:29 in the morning. >> can can you imagine that? people have been out there all night and it doesn't look luk some of them plan to leave any time soon. >> justin finch is there with the crowd. like there. >> reporter: hey there, aaron. there are still some guests who are still here. many are coming and going from the casino just behind us here. others are walking around really marveling and taking in the mgm national harbor experience. . some are taking pictures and some are sleeping. let's take you back in time. that moment came 11:00 p.m. thursday. the doors opening and many
4:30 am
many heading right for the casino and there were times overnight and last night that this place was filled to capacity and crowds were limited from coming and going inside and outside national harbor here. there's 125,000 square feet in the casino to gamble. there are several dozen game tables. and that has gone over well here. i also met a woman from ruch monday, virginia. she tells us this experience brought her here she wants the money and plans to come back. i'm sure you were aware of the restaurant here. >> a big night for sure. >> you never know what's going to happen at 4:30 in the


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