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tv   Today  NBC  December 9, 2016 7:00am-9:58am EST

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good morning. mounting misery. snow and ice triggering deadly accidents across the country, and al says if you think it's cold now -- just wait. honoring an icon. >> godspeed, john glenn. glenn, the first american to orbit the earth. a space pioneer, patriot and politician. >> john glenn was one of the w john glenn is one of the finest guys i knew. >> this morning, we'll remember a true american hero. pushing back, donald trump picks a number of wealthy people to serve in his cabinet. >> why can't they pick people of
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and he will remain executive producer of "celebrity apprentice" even after he takes the oath of office. savannah and charles feldman are beaming with pride over their beaming new baby boy, december 9th, 2016. from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a >> good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. round of applause. the baby arrived yesterday morning, 8:51 in the morning, just before we went off the first two hours of their time, 9 pounds, 8 ounces. >> savannah called him a bruiser at that sfwhaechlt. >> big boy and mama and dad are doing great.
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>> savannah looks amazing. >> she's up right now texting and watching. we have to say good morning to her. >> his fist appearance on tv. >> she didn't name him after our dog? >> that's important. >> charlie is after her dad and mike is after her grandfather. >> you were there yesterday? >> i did. i went over yesterday. i was called in to bring wine. >> ah. >> the minute i walked into the room, charlie pooped and peed. >> he has the cutest hair. nah i . >> what does 9 pounds 8 ounces . >> by the way, protocol now falls into place.
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another big story we're dealing with is the weather. you should handle that. >> i'm telling you. talk about the cold first. a lot of folks dealing with this first big blast of cold air, 10-20 degrees below average. look at the wind chills, feels like 18 in chicago, 21 in cleveland. all the way to atlanta, feels like 35 degrees. as we move to tomorrow morning, those wind chills, single to the teens and saturday evening, windchills brutal. this is just the beginning. in siberia, temperatures in the minus 20s to minus 50s and that will come across the arctic ocean due to a high pressure and low pressure.
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city. it won't hang around a long time but will feel rough. for our friends, it will feel rough, chicago, 8 and 9 degrees. we have kristen in new york. you have a little bit of a break but it starts up again and these folks are dealing with that. >> reporter: right. good morning, al. overnight we saw a few more inches, some places have more than a foot. it is bitterly cold caus lot of problems for a lot of see. from coast-to-coast a wintery mess and icy conditions making driing dangerous. in erie, pennsylvania, more than a dozen cars pulling up on interstate 90. at least 10 people taken to a hospital. in michigan, a massive crash turning deadly. >> a complete whiteout. >> reporter: three killed when
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>> i was lucky enough to see the taillights in front of the semi. you couldn't see it was kicking up that bad. >> reporter: blanketing parts of new york state more than a foot and even texas is digging out. the next section coming ashore, bringing snow and ice to seattle and portland, only the heartiest
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in for an american icon and hero. john glenn died at the age of 95. as an astronaut he made history and inspired the nation. as a u.s. senator, he was one of the most respected people on capitol hill. his life is being celebrated this morning. tom costello is at the national air and space museum. >> reporter: this crude aircraft in 1962, john glenn around the earth. it took tremendous courage. this was the soviet union space race, they were winning and the united states was determined to catch up. this unassuing fighter pilot from ohio came back an american hero. across the country this morning, tributes to an american original. from president obama, our nation has lost an icon and michelle and i have lost a friend and president-elect trump, he was a hero and inspire generations of
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apollo 13 star tom hanks tweeting godspeed, john glenn. and a close friend. >> may the good lord ride all the way. and he did. we will miss him. >> reporter: it is no exaggeration to say john glenn was a giant in american history. >> godspeed, john glenn. moment. >> the view is tremendous. >> reporter: in 1962, he became the first american to orbit the earth three times in a primitive spacecraft called "friendship 7." he returned to such a hero's welcome, president kennedy decided he was too valuable to risk on another space mission, he was grounded, becoming nasa's biggest cheerleader, born in
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firmly planted in ohio and married his sweetheart, annie and set a coast-to-coast supersonic speed record as a test pilot, then became one of the elite original mercury 7 astronauts. >> i think there is a power greater than i am that will see i'm taken care of if i do my part of the bargain. >> reporter: a close friend of the kennedy, he was with bobby kennedy when he was gunned down in california. it was glen who had to break the news to the kennedy children. first of four terms in the u.s. senate. then, in 1998, he suited up again for a space shuttle mission. at the age of 77, the oldest astronaut to fly. >> i want to try to contribute more to learning about the whys of aging. hopefully we can lessen the frailies of old age that plague so many people. >> john glenn no question about
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history. lewis and clark. >> reporter: his lifetime and achievement honored with a congressional gold medal and congressional medal of freedom. tribute is in the senate thursday. >> he always looked out for the little guy in his personal life and professional life as a senator. it's what i particularly admire about him. >> reporter: an american through and through and life dedicated to family and wife, annie, two children, two grandchildren. i met and interviewed him several times over the years. he was always incredibly kind and patient, especially for such an american icon. and we share the same barber here in washington, matt. his photo hanged ver >> i would imagine. thank you very much. tom brokaw interviewed him many times over the years.
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>> i think there's a whole group of people in this country beneath a certain age who cannot even understand the guts, the courage it took to get in that capsule in 1962 and get on top of that rocket. >> i remember i was a senior in college. i looked for any excuses to skip class. that day i remember when he lifted off. it was a defining moment in american life. if norman rockwell were to draw the quitessential american hero, it would have been john glenn. his personality was like this, always so modest. i was with him when we rededicated the john glenn college of public affairs. he told me he was losing his eyesight developing macular degeneration. he had been 20/20 until his 80s. >> and the mercury 7 group, he
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it, said the process was dramatic enough without hollywood intervening. >> he loved tom wolfe's book and didn't like the movie. tom wolfe was a friend of mine and we were at dinner three years before the book. what are you working on? i'm working on the original astronaut. i said to my wife, what else could be written. that is the defining book about it. moo when he went back into space at the age of 77, we were do capture the emotion of that launch? >> it's hard to describe. among other things i called ted williams who had been his wing man in korea. i said, would you come up and be our guest in a wheelchair at the time. ted talked only in one decibel, loud. i'll be there. he couldn't wait to be there. ted didn't have a lot of heroes, john glenn was his hero. said that was the best fighter
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>> he succeeded on almost everything in life but didn't succeed running for president. >> i think he did not succeed because he would not play the warrior role. always john glenn, sfaeddy as she goes, not going to do anything dramatic, from ohio. it was not a natural instinct to do that. i said john glenn wouldn't do bombasts on tte foundation if you look at the current people going on. he was very comfortable being the smalltown boy. you have to mention annie. they had side by side cribs and were married for 74 years. >> we will hear part of an interview we did with tom and annie later in the show. thanks. tamron. >> thank you. president-elect donald trump has a busy day ahead after taking his thank you tour to iowa last
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capitol hill for the first time since the election. peter alexander has more on what they had to say there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. how millions of americans got to know donald trump is as the star an host of "celebrity apprentice." we learned this morning even after he enters the white house he maintains his executive picks saying they all made a fortune but now negotiaing for you compaing them to baseball players. >> thank you to the great great people of iowa. >> reporter: president-elect trump's latest victory lap reveling in iowa and calling out to china introducing terry branstad as his new ambassador to china. >> they haven't played by the rules and know it's time they're going to start. they're going to start.
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the former reality star will keep another title executive producer of nbc's "celebrity apprentice," a trump spokeswoman telling nbc news mr. trump has a big stake sthoin an conceived of it with mark burnett. nbc aired "celebrity apprentice" with arnold schwarzenegger and not trump and produced by mgm. still unclear what trump will be paid. his pick for labor secretary, ceo of while he approves of these racy ads he opposes broader overtime pay and minimum wage increases. >> when you increase the higher of low skilled and young workers, you really price them out of their jobs. >> reporter: democrats taking aim. >> you couldn't find someone more anti-labor for labor secretary. that's a very bad sign for the workers of america.
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target, a union boss challening him about carrier remains unphased. >> i got threats over the years and i have thick skin. i have to give the guy credit, he has a little bit of spunk to him. >> reporter: as for trump's former rifle, hillary clinton, she returns to washington thursday to pay tribute to harry reid and poking fun at herself. >> this is not exactly the speech of the after a few weeks of taking selfies in the woods i thought it would be a good idea to come out. >> reporter: clinton warning what she called then demmic of fake news just days after that scare at a pizza restaurant prompted by a conspiracy theory. >> it's now clear that so-called fake news can have real world
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>> reporter: as for that "celebrity apprentice" news, nbc entertainment has declined to comment, also today at trump tower, donald trump has more meetings scheduled including one with the democratic west virginia senator, joe manchin, another possible cabinet pick, before trump heads to louisiana on a get out the vote rally and grand rapids michigan, tonight. >> thank you. i will tn carolina man accused of killing nine people at an historic african-american church. thursday, jurors were shown chilling video of dylann roof at the scene of the shooting. gabe gutierrez has that story. >> reporter: this morning, day three of testimony in dylann roof's federal trial after jurors watched this never before seen security video showing roof
7:17 am
killing nine parishioners at a bible study craft. a motion activated camera, he entered the church at 8:10 p.m. leaving less than an hour later holding the weapon prosecutors say was used in the killing and he got into a car and drove away, the same car roof was driing when police arrested him during a traffic stop the next day. more than 20 surveillance videos including clips of the victims arriin shown to the jury and a snapchat video taken inside the church that prosecutors say places roof inside the building all evidence prosecutors are using to build their case against a self-avowed white supremacist. the 22-year-old roof charged with 32 counts including hate crimes faing the death penalty and if he is convicted and
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breaking news, doing scandal, a report into systemic doing reveals more than 1,000 athletes from summer and winter sports were involved in an organized conspiracy. the report found evidence of tampering with doing samples from a 2004 russian medalist including athletes who won four gold medals, no names were given. the report says the russian olympic team corrupted the olympic games on an unprecedented scale. to mr. roke information a check of the weather. >> let's see what's going on in your neck of the woods. >> what's wrong? anyway, we're looking at sunshine in the atlantic.
7:19 am
country. we'll look at that in the next half hour. first, to your local weather in the next 30 seconds. today the coldest day so far this season with feels like temperatures in the teens and 20s, the district at 19 degrees. bundle up the kids. here's a look how cold it will feel around lunchtime, blustery
7:20 am
like we're in the 20s. during the evening hours we continue to feel like we're in the 20s and cool this weekend with highs only around 40. >> that's your latest weather. >> thank you. just ahead, john glenn in his own words, what the american icon had to say us to here on today about his triumphant return to space at the age of 77 and where his adventurous spirit came from. president-elect trump using twitter to call out big bune could have on your investments.
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coming up, it is a controversial step, making calls from your smartphone in flight. is it closer to reality? and a live concert from pharrell williams after your
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woohoo! the best place in the galaxy for everything star wars. this is a "news4 today" newsbreak. >> 7:26 is your time on this friday, december 9th, 2016. i'm eun yang. good morning. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. it is senteni convicted his wife. a judge rejected a motion to set aside the guilty verdict yesterday. police said he broke into his estrange wife's home and suffocated her and staged to it look like a suicide. and to melissa mollet for a look at your friday morning commute. >> inner loop and outer loop crash blocking the left lane this morning. right lane closed possibly until
7:27 am
neighborhood. southbound connect before randolph, the crash get book in the center lane. taking a look at liberty hill had that motorcycle crash. southbound is shut down. >> thank you. international harbor resort and casino is now open. it has calmed down be a busy weekend. find out all the stores and restaurants you can visit on your nbc washington app. >> a check of your forecast is
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today is the storm team weather alert day because of the cold and winds.
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area and blustery winds and continues to be the case today. high of 41 and feeling more like 28 with the winds. we stay cold over the weekend
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7:30 on a friday morning, the 9th of december, 2015, it is cold out there. those santa hats are on for a reason. we're about to heat things up for a crowdll winning superstar, pharrell williams. we look forward to that. >> we are. first, making headlines overnight, defense secretary ash carter made an unannounced visit to afghanistan and met with the country's president and consulting with military commanders. it is expected to be secretary carter's last visit to afghanistan as the head of the pentagon.
7:31 am
suspect. he was an officer and was childhood friends and went to the police academy with the officer also shot and killed in that incident. their shooting sparked a massive manhunt for the gunman. officials state that gunman apparently took his own life when authorities arrived at home where he was hiding. the life and accomplishments of john glenn are being ce 95. he became an american hero in 1962 when he became the first american to orbit the earth and he went on to serve 24 years on capitol hill as a senator. and in 1998 he became the oldest man to go into space. i sat down with him and his wife, annie, shortly before that mission. >> let me just start with as simple a question i probably
7:32 am
just look at the calendar and decide what they do in a particular stage of life. if you're interested in something and feel like it and have good health to do it, why not do it? >> godspeed, john glenn. >> reporter: 36 years after his history making leap into space, john glenn was suiting up again, the mission this time to test the effects of spaceflight on an aging >> some of the research we're triggering off may have an impact on cut back the frailty of old age. if i say you shouldn't be a couch potato and do what you feel like doing. if that's a benefit, so be it. >> reporter: before lyft-off his aging body had to go through four months of physical and grueling training. >> how strennious and how difficult and how much compared to what you went through in the 1960s?
7:33 am
much. it's the same. nasa says as long as you can pass your physical you're ready to go. i'm told by the doctors i've had the most complete physical checks of any astronaut that's ever gone up. >> reporter: it took four years to convince nasa to let him go compared to convining his wife, annie, his childhood sweetheart. he was 10 years old when they fist met andad >> i would say annie was rather cool to this idea when we started out. >> reporter: we have to admit your husband is 77 years old. >> but i'm older. >> reporter: but you're not going up in the shuttle. >> he asked me if i would like to, and i said, no way. >> reporter: would you admit he's kind of a hero? >> to me, he is and always has been. >> where did you get this adventurous spirit? >> i don't know.
7:34 am
i'm not that odd or different than americans. >> reporter: but i wouldn't do what you do. >> i wouldn't do what you do either. >> we will miss john glenn and our condolences out to his wife, annie and their family. what an honor to sit across from that man. >> i love seeing the back story when you see the relationship between a hundred and wife and what it took for her to be there for him and how she inspired him as well. >> watching down there and that was amazing. >> we all held our collective breath, no question about it. >> we have a storm hitting the pacific northwest that will affect the northern tier of states from coast-to-coast before this is all over. right now, we have showers and snow showers making their way into the pacific northwest. this system is going to make its way across from seattle to portland. it starts to snow and changes to rain. tomorrow, it spreads to the
7:35 am
green bay, syracuse and eventually, new york city. light snow late in the day in new york. look at these snowfall amounts anywhere from 6-12 to a foot and half of snow in the pacific northwest and looking at 3-6 inches of snow and heavier amounts in parts of the pacific northwest. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. high today the teens and 20s and sunshine mostly sunny skies today and cold sticks around to the weekend, highs saturday and sunday in the 40. we're in the mid-40s next tuesday and wednesday and after that another arctic blast and
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america," this is a big one. the boy, america's team coming into rutherford stadium. east new jersey, snow and cloudy skies as giants host the cowboys, 33 degrees on sunday night, "football night in america." it all starts sunday night at 7, right here on america's network, nbc. this sunday night football weather is brought to you by verizon. introducing verizon lte advanced, powering america's largest and fastest 4 glt "e! network" ever. better matters. rk. better maertsz. >> still to come on a friday morning. one of the hottest and oddest gifts of the holiday season, what is that leather wrapped rock actually for.
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on top of all other great offers. see your local ford dealer today. 7:41. it's no secret president-elect trump loves twitter. >> and he's kept it up since the election. stephanie is here with a look at some of mr. trump's latest
7:42 am
losing you money, 140 characters could cost you 140 bucks maybe $1400, maybe more. that is how powerful the president's voice is. it can move markets. whether you know it or not, that offhanded tweet from donald trump blasting the ceo hitting up an industry can send your 401k up or down. >> reporter: correspondent america territory. using twitter as a bully pulpit, the president-elect appears to be taking on major industries 140 characters at a time. earning his praise or criticism with specific companies. from negotiaing with carrier and ford to keep jobs in the u.s. to fiing off this tweet, slamming boeing over the coast of a new air force one model claiming they're too expensive,
7:43 am
losing more than$1 billion of its total market value. today, trump defended his criticism. >> i think the planes are too expensive. i spoke with a head of boeing yesterday, a good man and we will work it out. >> everybody has to understand it is not status quo anymore. >> reporter: the ceo of landry's s, one of the country's lar some he thinks trump's hands-on approach could shake things up. >> you have a business guy who will be president of the united states. we have never had anybody like this. he will not let corporate america rip off america anymore. >> reporter: still, the president-elect strategy could anger some members of his own party who have long argued to keep the government out of the free market. >> it does not sit well with ideological conservatives whether thinks presidents and
7:44 am
winners and losers. for american workers who have been displaced and seen their jobs go overseas, this is refreshing. >> reporter: but trump's words may have the power to negatively impact your 401(k). in an article he took on the pharmaceutical industries saying i will bring down drug prices. while that sounds good to consumers, the comment spooked investors sending stocks into a nosedive. experts say we couldn't a tweet will have on your stock. the average investor can't chase tweets and can't chase daily market performance. if you're an investor, stay that way. >> reporter: donald trump has never been afraid to speak his mind in business. now in his new role as president, his words will have an impact on all americans, whether he intends them to or not. >> there are traders out there actually building computer programs that wait for trump
7:45 am
to the punch. that is how quickly this is moving. when computer traders get involved watch out for wild swings and this is a new frontier and nobody knows how it will play out. >> if people are waiting for donald trump to become more restrained with twitter, he told us, this is him being restrained. >> if you're a ceo, you don't want to wake up to a trump tweet. >> thank you very much. taylor swift's sock with direction. and what's cauing a lot of controversy online after this messages. (toilet flush) if you need an opioid to manage your chronic pain, you may be sooo constipated it feels like everyone can go ...except you.
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making the rounds on social media making a controversy. dylan is with it. >> the ad is for a children's toy called the happy hour play set. the box shows three kids with a beer shaped bottle in their hands for ages 3 and up. what's wrong with that? people online aren't so pleased. only in america does a corporation think it's cool to make little ones think this is okay. habits early. can't believe they make this horrible stuff for kids. turns out there is no such thing as a happy hour play-set. one clever father edited the ad and shared his outrage and it followed him. unfortunately he did include the fake brand on the box and the company has been responding one by one please note this is not a product endorsed, produced or approved by fisher-price.
7:51 am
to it all the customers who used to want it. i will say i used to play bar with my cousin growing up. we had cocktail shakers and we played bar. i turned out all right. >> watching love boat with isaac. >> i was going to order that for you. >> coming out with a fisher-price post office. >> funny. really good. thank you. just ahead, a serious concern over some could they be spying on your children? >> dwayne johnson stops by to talk about his movie and his title of the sexiest man alive. and pharrell williams, live in concert. first, your local news. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis
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this is a "news4 today" newsbreak. >> 7:56 is your time on this friday, december 9th, 2016. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. let's get right to melissa mollet and look at the traffic. >> new problem. southbound 28 blocking the center lane. northbound, still have the right lane shut down, supposed to be open at still shut down. and we will keep an eye on the traffic. and southbound before randolph still has delays there. >> thank you. we will take a break now. a storm team weather alert day. ?
7:57 am
?? ?? ??
7:58 am
7:59 am
a bluebird start on this friday. not a cloud in the skies. blustery as well. a storm team 4 weather alert day. right now, feels like we're in the teens and 20s, 21 in washington and high today around 41 and over the week, it stays pretty cold highs only around 40 degrees, more clouds sunday. >> thank you, amelia. another local news update in 25 minutes. back to the "today" show after this short break. ? ? ? ? ? ?
8:00 am
all the care your family needs. all connected for you. it's 8:00 on today. coming up, remembering an american hero. >> godspeed john glenn. >> tributes pour in, in the wake of john glenn's passing, the life and times of a true children's toys recording what's being said at your home. >> i promise not to tell any, just between you and me. >> controversy grows over smart toys and push to remove them from store shelves and what you need to know them this holiday season. >> the stars are out. >> tonight will have a way more muscles, more tattoos and most importantly, way more pyro.
8:01 am
dwayne johnson stops by studio 1a to talk about the troops. and pop star pharrell williams in a special performance on the plaza today. december 9th, 2016. >> we are here to see farrell. >> we are from >> celebraing 15 happy years from lake mary, florida! happy from lakeland, florida. >> >> celebraing the holidays with farrell. >> because we're happy! welcome back to welcome back to "today" on this friday morning. we have a very happy crowd here
8:02 am
first up, we want to tell you savannah and her husband, mike, welcomed a baby boy yesterday, charles max feldman. charlie, you can call him. 9 pounds, 8 ounces, doing great. >> can we get you to say hi to charlie? >> hi, charlie. >> your first celebrity, charlie. there you go. >> it's early. it's cold, charlie. >> how many layers do you have on? >> a farrell, you look so warm in that. he said, i'm freezing. >> my nose is freezing. i'm a little bit like rudolph this morning. >> you will heat it up in the next half hour. >> we can't wait to hear you. one of the most sexy men in hollywood and reigning sexiest man in hollywood, dwayne johnson. lots to talk about including doing amazing things. we'll talk to him about his
8:03 am
first, we won't have a concert in the next half hour if we don't let this guy get inside and warm up a little bit. a check of the headlines, news at 8:00. >> good morning, i'm tom costello at the smithsonian air and space museum in washington where they're marking the passing of john glenn where in 1962 he rode friendship 7 welcome. his was a truly wrarkable life. >> on capitol hill reaction to a beloved hero see. john glenn was one of the finest men i knew. >> reporter: president obama praised him and one of the fist first mercury 7 sfraunts saying the least of america's first astronauts has left us but propelled by their example we
8:04 am
propels us to keep reaching for the heavens. buzz aldrin said he was saddened we lost another space pioneer and world icon. for more than half his life, john glenn was an american pioneer, making history in 1962 when he orbited theette in his friendship 7 space capsule. >> i feel fine. >> reporter: the hope of a nation hoping to catch up to the soviets and space race. >> he's the oldest surviing member of the of people that have flown in space. >> reporter: after leaving nasa and successful career in business, glen entered politics, spending the next 24 years in the senate, even running for the presidency. then 36 years after his first spaceflight, glen at 77 years of age got his wish to return to orbit aboard the space shuttle "discovery," becoing the oldest person to ever go into space proing once again he was always
8:05 am
their lives by the calendar. that takes the fun out of life as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: glen's greatness lasted a lifetime and true american who always set his sights high and searching for the next american adventure. john glenn survived by his wife of 73 years, childhood sweetheart, annie and three children and two grandchildren and publi arlington national cemetery. voing to impeach tskian president, following a corruption scandal and she will lead until a judge rules she must down accused of colluing with a friend and manipulaing state affairs. park denies the claims.
8:06 am
the northeast. heavy lake effect snow around the great lakes is expected to drop up to 2 feet of snow in some areas by tomorrow. driing dangerous, pileups in michigan, ohio and pennsylvania killed at least three people and injured dozens more. more heavy snow also expected in parts of the northwest. al's forecast coming up. also ahead we will talk about the new push to pull some toys off the holiday shelves. could they be spying on children? plus, we go one-on-on with hollywood superstar dwayne johnson. >> we cannot wait and will head outside for a live concert with our guy, pharrell williams. he's already out there. fist, these messages. quite t et at waking people up in the morning. let me show you how grandma does it. your daddy made this when he was a little boy.
8:07 am
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8:10 am
concern for parents who are busy holiday shopping. >> just when we need more concerns, consumer advocates claiming two popular toys may be threatening your child's privacy. i think a lot of parents will want to hear this. >> they're so-called smart toys on the top of holiday wish lists everywhere, two big sellers, an interactive doll and intelligent robot and now and u.s. senator shaing a concern that they share personal messages while they play with them. >> i promise not to tell any. it's just between you and me because we are friends. >> reporter: a new complaint filed with the federal trade commission claims talking toys connected to the internet like the popular my friend cayla could be spying on your children. consumer watchdogs wants them pulled from store shelves
8:11 am
minors. >> i know your mom's name is allison. >> the fact that it not only contains intimate personal conversations but also fails to comply with any of the protections congress has enacted, we as a society have agreed children need is really concerning. ?? >> reporter: in fact, this week, massachusetts senator, ed markey, also demanding answers in letters to manufacturers on what kind of informatiois used. >> great to see you again. >> reporter: raiing more questions about smart toy. my friend, cayla and intelligent robot both made by genesis toys. they have microphones and speakers to answer personal questions from children with software made by another company called nuance. privacy advocates also allege the recordings are safe and
8:12 am
nuance products and services sold to military intelligence and law enforcement agencies. the toys are linked toon app on your smartphone or tablet through a bluetooth connection. when we set up the doll the app did ask for parental consent when first opened. according to the complaint, the bluetooth connection may not be secure. when the dolls are powered on any device within 50 foot range can connect to them. >> a s easily recognize these devices as a child's toy and pair with them with no authentication or security connections whatsoever. >> reporter: genesis toys did not respond for requests for comments and nuance saying they do not share the voice data advocated we have adhered to our policy with respect to the voice data collected in the toys referred to in complaints.
8:13 am
against hello barbie but mattel said it had built-in safety measures for the safest possible experience. >> how do you make a cake? >> reporter: insiders warn while toys like this are innovative and fun, they're being sold without enough vetting and safeguards for children. >> people need to prospect smart toys like mobile devices and tabl your child, you have to make sure they understand what's going on, you fully understand what they can access. >> here she is, this is "my friend cayla," sells about $40 and pre-programmed with phrases referening disney world and disney movies, the fdc says is zun ploeced product placement. nbc news says it does not have
8:14 am
products were in cayla's script. >> we can talk about her now. >> want to make sure it was okay to speak. >> this was an episode of the twilight world. >> this is westworld. >> it is. >> something to think about. >> thank you. appreciate it. all right. check of the weather. >> no, not yet. >> cayla, what should we do tough, right? >> right. >> it can be difficult. it might get more interesting. according to a new proposal from federal regulators, phone calls on airlines could soon be happening. >> no. >> a bad idea. >> the government is considering allowing passengers to talk on their cell phones during the flight. the transportation department is likely years away from a final decision but if it goes through, it would come with two conditions, first, airlines would have the options of
8:15 am
passengers would be notified ahead of time if their specific flight allowed the calls. >> i was on a plane today and i swear there was a guy talking on the phone next to me with his earpiece. >> on air? >> on air. >> how does he get service. >> if you have the go-go wifi, a lot of airlines have wifi calling, i had my phone ring while i was watching the movie. >> did people tell him to be quiet? >> no. i thought he was just c then maybe he was on the phone. >> a time to disconnect. >> you can still catch up. there's no good time to break up with someone but most people are dumped on a specific day. that day? december 11th, this sunday. above it, according to researchers who monitor posts on facebook. different theories why december 11th. they say some people don't want to bother buying a gift for their partners while others may
8:16 am
their significant others to their family. don't answer your phone december 11th if you are daing someone and want to keep it going. >> get caller id. >> right before christmas. >> hardhearted hannah over here, let's talk about the rock, not the one you may be thinking. >> not that one? no. >> we're talking about the rock that nordstroms has been selling. have you seen this? it is a simple stone wrapped i no one is actually sure what it does or what it's supposed to do, but it hasn't stopped people from checking it out and buying it. try to buy one online right now, you'll see that product is no longer available. it is sold out. smaller versions selling for $65, also out of stock. >> takes you back. >> the pet rock. came in a box. >> that wasn't $85, was it? >> no, it wasn't.
8:17 am
>> what is it for? >> no one knows. >> in the description, details? is it for comfort on the plane and someone is talking? >> communication. >> attention. dylan, "popstart"? >> here we go on a friday, let's start with the royals and their glamorous night and one of britain's most anticipated event, poing for this photo thursday at buckingham palace, the occasion, theua take a closer look at duchess kate and what's on her head. that's not just any tiara, princess diana's tiara she received from the queen. just the second time she wore the headpiece and it's so heavy it purportedly gave diana headaches. featured on the soundtrack for the 50 shades people.
8:18 am
?? ?? ? baby baby i feel crazy ?? i don't want to live forever ?? >> hasn't grown on me yet. song just came out and no surprise, already number one on itunes. john cena, a businessman, monday and tuesday night you can find him in the ring and his realit was just renewed on our sister network. he takes center stage on "saturday night live," a real tough guy but one cast member he promises not to mess with. >> you came to see me? >> ladies and gentlemen, your host, john cena! >> i'm going to destroy the "saturday night live" cast. >> except for leslie, i don't want any trouble.
8:19 am
>> he can make an entrance but he does not want any trouble from leslie jones. you can see him in action this weekend. >> i was looking at dwayne johnson over there checking out john cena. >> a stare-down? >> what? sure. >> we will talk to dwayne in just a second. first, how about a check of the weather. >> all righty. see what we've got going on, two big things happening. ton of snow between now and the next 24 hours. we could be looking at another 6 to 12 inches of snow all the way down to western new york and parts of pennsylvania, a lot of snow there. we're also looking at this siberian express, the cold air. temperatures from the negative 20s to the negative 50s coming across the arctic ocean,
8:20 am
thursday, nashville, down to 34, thursday, new york city, 29, even kansas city, staying in the upper 20s. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> that arctic blast al was just talking about will be impacting us again, thursday and friday to next weekend. before we get there, it's cold out there today as well. currently feeling like we're in the teens and 20s. 21 the fe winchester. beautiful sunshine from start to finish with the high around 41, it will be blustery today. we'll continue to track feels-like temperatures in the teens an 20s and tomorrow, high of only 38 degrees. >> now to the man i'm most often mistaken for, dwayne johnson. >> that's happened once, i'm sure. >> dwayne johnson on the big screen and now using his star
8:21 am
life heroes, for the troops. i'm so happy to see you do this. >> thank you. >> i've been watching tributes to pearl harbor and the survivors and what happened and you don't want these stories to disappear. >> you don't. it's very close to my heart. we wanted to create something for the troops that was big and epic and hopefully historic. i tell you this, matt, t military officials came to us and said we can expect between 22 and maybe 25,000 troops and their families, we were excited about it. by the time i walked out on that stage. >> look at that! >> almost 50,000 troops and their families showed out. it was the biggest military event of its kind. >> what was it like to stand there? >> in polynesian language we have a word called mana, meaning
8:22 am
blown away and why i was hitting my chest trying to get my mana out. it was incredible. >> it gave you a great opportunity to pay tribute to these men and women. can i show you a moment that moved me? let me show you a clip from this special. >> in april i'm going out. >> you might not get home before you deploy, i want you to call your mom right now and tell ther that the rock wants to talk to her. >> hi, dawn, this is the get to a better location, please. we can't really hear you. i think that location, actually, dawn, is perfect. say hello to your mom and turn around. >> i don't have a question. i don't know what you say about that. >> it's such a beautiful moment. again, we want to create moments
8:23 am
one of the high ranking military officials. i was shooting there for weeks and weeks in hawaii and meeting with a lot of officials. when a high-ranking official said, i want to tell you we never had anything like this, which means a lot. i said, in what context? for the first time an event of this size and magnitude started at the soldier level. usually it comes from us and started at the soldier level and we had the turnout we and women in the military and family members who go so long without seeing them. >> that was the point of the show to honor not only the troops but families who sacrificed as much. >> you segued that for me about the shooting you're doing in hawaii. and we brought up "baywatch." >> a lot of people out of shape in bating suits running around on the beach. what was it like to shoot that?
8:24 am
"baywatch," you hope you nail the tone of the movie. >> you just did in that clip. >> we were very fortunate. i had a blast working with these guys. the trailer caught on fire yesterday and a lot of people were excited. >> "baywatch" and fast and furious coming out. >> notebook 2. >> yep. >> yeah, i will be weeping with you. you just received the title of world's sexiest >> most people who gotten that title tell me their friends give them a hard time. >> awe, yes. my buddies have not stopped giving me a hard time. here's the thing. when they give you a hard time, they're jealous, matt. now, everything just becomes sexy. >> everything you do? >> everything i do becomes sexy, especially in my household. i mess around with my lady, lauren and we have a little girl getting ready to turn 1, hi,
8:25 am
>> look at that. so cute. >> we need to -- let's switch this to tough talk now, come on, guys. where everything becomes sexy. we have this joke in the house now, i don't have to give full sentences and just look at her, hey hey. hey. see? see. >> hoda back there, sexy. >> it's working. >> congratulations. on everything that's going on. i want to remind people "rock the good to see you. >> thank you, matt. >> we have more stars on friday. a special day. billy took a picture of their names together, it will be his new "avatar." we have a lot planned, first your local news and weather.
8:26 am
take a look right now. this has finally cleared out of the way, they said it would be gone by 8:00 and it was. southbound 28, only the left shoulder is getting by right now due to a crash. and outer rockville crash on the right side of the roadway and southbound spriggs road west of liberty hill still shutting down lanes. >> thank you. a check on your forecast when we
8:27 am
8:28 am
temperatures right now feeling like they're in the teens and 20s. here's what it will feel like at noon adding in the winds.
8:29 am
20s. 29 in washington and 25 in frederick. >> thank you. you can get the latest news and weather any time in the nbc
8:30 am
we're back now, we're back now, 8:30 on a friday morning. we have a huge crowd on this the plaza. look who that is, ashley graham, the elf for a holiday toy drive. go to we will talk to ashley in a couple of minutes. >> okay. >> we're huddled together because it's warm. farrell is getting ready to set the place on fire. his performance on the plaza coming up. >> cannot wait. we'll talk to billy about his two new movies getting plenty of
8:31 am
graham. what a year you have had. >> what a year. >> what are some highlights for you? >> "sports illustrated." >> hello. lingerie line on the runway. mine. >> what. your own line? >> i have my own lingerie line and put 15, 20 curvy sex-a-licious ladies on the runway. >> is that the new >> call me curvy, call me beautiful, call me a woman. >> nice. >> also, america's next top model. >> nice. >> what is it like to send someone home? >> that's the hardest part of the job, at the end of the day being part of a franchise, such a staple in my life has been so much fun. the hardest part of the show is when you have to say, sorry, you haven't cut it? a lot of women come up to you and say thank you because you
8:32 am
just me, whether i'm on the train or traveling, it's empowering. i talked about things people told me are ugly, i talked about cellulite and back fat and say, i don't care, love you for who you are. >> we love you for keeping it real. >> i think a lot of guys watching might want to know what train it is you're riding on. what time does that leave the >> thank you so much for coming out and helping us. al is here to check on the forecast. not as cold as i thought it would be. >> a nice pot of rice and beans and a little fatback in it. that would be good. let's talk the weekend for you, starting with tomorrow, snow in the plains and great lakes,
8:33 am
sunday sunday, snow and ice from the upper mississippi valley into western pa and parts of upstate new york, snow in the inner mountain regions and california, look at the sunshine making its way from the gulf coast to the mid-atlantic states. we've been listening to farrell and the band back, they have the big band, the gospel song, you are in for a treat coming up. let me get a little bit of that tambourine, hallelujah. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. a cold start this friday morning. bundle up as you head out today. wind chill temperatures in the teens and 20s, 21 in this district and 18 in frederick. beautiful sunshine out there. that will be the case as we head to the midday and afternoon hours, plenty of sun and blustery and cold. high today around 41. wind chills this evening in the
8:34 am
winds not as bad for your saturday. >> don't forget get that weather any time you need it this weekend the weather channel on cable. >> thank you. billy is a busy man with two movies out this month, first-up, "jackie," plays a journalist who u advice jackie kennedy one week av her husband's assassination. >> her lips are drawn. she looks back but she can't hide her famous. >> you want to be famous? >> no. i am fine as i am, thank you. >> you should prepare yourself. this article will bring you a great deal of attention. >> in that case, any advice for me? >> yes. >> don't marry the president. >> and billy is with us. good morning. good morning. >> i told you in the commercial break, it's brilliant.
8:35 am
really superb job trying to create an environment where you could discover what was so formidable about what jackie had navigated and the grace with which she navigated it. >> interesting i've seen the movie twice and did not realize until i saw the notes last night the journalist didn't have a name. because there was an interview she did for journalist j believe and she wanted to take a more antagonistic point of view so the audience, jackie could earn the respect of the audience through the course of the interview and it wasn't just a puff piece. i was trying to explain to him because he's from chile, as an american who grew up with the i
8:36 am
can't go in there a week after her husband is assassinated. >> you must for the story and see jackie become the curator for the kennedy legacy. an interesting approach. >> an there's a stillness in their conversation even at glances between one another. >> he has a career to keep up even after this article comes out. >> it's the first lady, jackie kennedy. >> precisely, he has to see whether he isin his fellow journalists or if he can draw something out of her that will be original. >> the other movie, "20th century women," from natalie portman to annette bening, phenomenal women in their own right. how was that for you? >> to see them up close was a special thing. these two actresses were giing
8:37 am
blessed to be part of these two experiences. >> tell me about your netflix show. >> i'm working with naomi watts. >> you keep great company. >> i've been extremely fortunate and she's a formidable actor doing spectacular work. >> we were with ashley graham, a model this past year and when you look at this past year for you how do you describe it? >> i was just hanging out with pharrell williams, how i desc wasn't too shabby. >> did these two movies speak to something about you? >> when you've been doing this a while and when you back into some really good work you feel grateful. it has certainly been a lucky lucky time for me. >> thank you for your time and congratulations on these performances. jackie is in theaters right now
8:38 am
stores christmas day nationwide. >> to make the season stress-free we have it covered for you.
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> announcer: "today's" parenting team is created with our sponsor, johnson's. discovering wonders with parents and babies. 8:40. we're back parenting team, a stress-free holiday season. is that even possible? some of our parenting team members shared their tips. >> there's only one thing that keeps us stress-free with kids over the holidays. this guy. >> some of the ways i combat holiday stress, stage my kids birthday present. don't tell any. i sound so frugal.
8:41 am
party and put it here and basically don't do any shopping. >> holiday stress? what holiday stress? you ain't got nothing on me, stress. happy holidays. >> you will fill it up in a jar, fill a ribbon around it and grab an ornament, throw it on, that's your present. >> here, with a little more advice, from many of us are traveling over the holidays and taking our children with us and we have to prevent little meltdowns. >> the key is preparation. we want to be fully prepared for anything they can throw our way. we have great snacks we can dole out as the trip progresses. >> a lot of people forget they will get hungry and hangry after that. >> and easy little ziploc bags
8:42 am
kids won't be spilling food all over. >> or put these where they will end up anyway, in the front seat of the car. >> these are great, kind of reward gifts. after an hour or so of being quiet, we listening to mom and dad, you get to open a little present as our friend over here has, open them up and be excited. >> or dole them out through the entire trip. >> absolutely. be absolutely prepared. >> w a family affair. >> i do. a lot of times parents and mom and dad doing this and i feel the kids are important because they feel they're giving, too. we have awesome apps to keep track of your purchases and budgets and where to stash your gift. >> which ones do you like? >> i think my favorite is this. you can keep track of your
8:43 am
have their personal touch to it. >> absolutely. that way, they know exactly what they're giving. >> i like that. >> let's move to the kitchen. >> i am not a baker, i'm actually quite terrible at baking. i burn absolutely everything. this is foolproof, only two ingredients, melted ice cream, any flavor and all purpose rising flour. add those two together, bake it in the oven and you can make an ice cream cake. >> just those two, add chocolate chips or sprinkles. >> not even i could mess that up. the other one i like this one, you find out you have to bring a treat to a party and you're not prepared. >> this will get you prepared. what you do is double or triple any cookie recipe and the leftovers you place in these little ice cube tray, pop them
8:44 am
it race time for your party, you don't have to defrost them. >> i need to try these to make sure they're okay. >> make sure they're not deadly, right? good. na thank you. these are such good tips. >> i think it's important to de-stress the whole holiday season. one of my tips is 30 minute rule, don't do anything that will take you more than 30 minutes. not time to redo the bathroom clean under the kids' breaks. >> give yourself a break. thank you for you. we want to let you know today parenting team just launched the ultimate baby registry sweepstakes. you can get more information how to win, up to $5,000 worth of baby gear. up next, pharrell williams tweets us to a live performance on the plaza.
8:45 am
he gets a lot of compliments. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. this -- hey, folks, we are folks, we are back. pharrell williams is here and he is about to sing for us and we're also joined by kim burrell, farrell just called gospel royalty. >> she certainly is. on demand >> we should point out farrell is not only a terrific singer, extraordinary producer, a new movie out called "hidden figures," a score you produced, something near and dear to your heart. why is that? >> co-composed. i was joined by hans zimmer and walt. we had an amazing time. >> what is it about this film that captured your attention? >> three african-american female
8:48 am
consoling each other over divorce and scientists and mathematicians, in the 1960s, took place in hampson rhodes where i'm from, has to do with nasa and john glenn, arrest in peace, out into the orbit. the guy did three orbits in five hours. >> how interesting that we're celebraing john glenn and it is tied to the women in this story. >> it's crazy. i recogni coincidences and no mistakes and no accidents. we're doing this for a reason. >> hoda mentioned you produced -- have a long history of producing, is it a definitive animal producing for a movie? >> producing songs for a movie or actually -- >> both, actually. >> they coincide. as a producer on the film got it to weigh in more than beyond the music, thick we should do this or i think we should do that. it wasn't just me.
8:49 am
spencer kevin costner. we have great people that allowed us to do it. elizabeth gabe bler, stacy schneider, donna giladi. >> an incredible list. >> full of really talented people. >> we're ready for you to perform. are you going to take the gloves off? >> yes. i will have to. you're in for something so special right >> performing i see a victory. take take it away. ? they'll call it a mystery we'll be right in history ? ? it's going to be a victory ?
8:50 am
? no doubt about it ? ? don't worry what the world is saying an uphill battle ? ? in action come on ? ? let it >> just be me ? ? the final victory call it a mystery ? ? we'll be writing history
8:51 am
blessings ? ? let it >> no matter how big i plan to be me ? ? just be me the final victory the final victory ? ? call it a mystery ? ? a victory right in history victory ?
8:52 am
? can't wait ?? ?? ? ? victory victory ?? more with farrell on apple
8:53 am
it comes out on christmas day. more in a bit but first, this is "today" on nbc. first, his is "to nbc. c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one. and i'm taking brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams as it affects how well it works. brilinta helps keep my platelets ticking together and forming a clot. brilinta reduced the chance of another heart attack. or dying from one. it worked better than plavix. >>don't stop taking brilinta without talking to your doctor since stopping it too soon increases your risk of clots in your stent, heart attack, stroke, and even death. brilinta may cause bruising or bleeding more easily, or serious, sometimes fatal bleeding. don't take brilinta if you have bleeding, like stomach ulcers, a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. tell your doctor about bleeding, new or unexpected shortness of breath,
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>>talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. pharrell willi pharrell williams can move a
8:55 am
little bit. >> you don't want to see that. it's not very good. >> we're scrambling to readjust our show with the breaking news of charlie feldman, savannah's beautiful baby and we will have a conversation with jessica chastain, someone who knew she wanted to be an actress since she was a little girl. >> i remember being in elementary school and everyone talks about, what will you be? >> i will be la will be an actor. i always remember the adults looking at me like -- >> isn't she sweet? >> isn't she sweet? you're not, okay, good for you. >> who's laughing now. she has a new movie out, people talking about oscar for miss sloane. a conversation with jessica chastain on sunday today. >> what are the chances you get the first interview with charlie
8:56 am
>> i saw the first poop. >> there you go. lawyer wins again. what you need to know before getting a dog. a lot of people get a dog around the holidays. coming up, farrell williams and calzone. >> i can't wait. i'm starving. after your local news. this is a "news4 today" newsbreak. >> 8:56 your time now. december 9, 2016. i'm going right to melissa mollet and your traffic. >> it has just cleared out southbound 28 at the toll road. it has re-opened. roosevelt bridge ramp to end
8:57 am
southbound spriggs road at liberty hill, that motorcycle crash still hanging around. rockville on the right side. >> thank you. we will check your forecast when
8:58 am
8:59 am
temperatures right now in the low 30s. with the winds, feels like we're around 20 degrees. a cold start on your friday morning and throughout the day today. feeling about 20 in leesburg, 20 in the district and 16 in winchester. high today of 41 and we will have plenty of sunshine in the forecast. winds dying down and it stays 92 thank you. get the latest news and weather any time in the nbc washington
9:00 am
this morning on this morning on "today's take," one word, farrell, hitting our stage and keeping you happy for the weekend. tune in for our amazing freebie friday give a tasty twist on aitalian classic. >> this is "today's take" live on rockefeller plaza. >> it is friday morning, december 9th. look at that crowd. farrell will be performing one more song for us. it is spectacular. we heard him rehearing it
9:01 am
>> freebie friday. i love it, nothing more spectacular than "freebie friday." >> unless you win at home. you win as well. audience here and at home. >> do not leave your chairs at home. you will be so happy about this. guess what we're happy about? >> just in. >> a new member of our family. savannah and mike welcome this little bundle of joy. >> not so little. >> savannah said in her text, is a bruiser, 9 pounds, 8 ounces, charles is savannah's father's name and max is the grandfather of michael. he was born 8:59 a.m. yesterday in time for the 9:00 hour. >> even though matt showed up, he is obviously, charles is a fan of our 9:00 show. >> he said, i've got to get out before i start to see the show. he made it one minute early. >> i was going to say-
9:02 am
wonderful in babyland, we will celebrate this one over here, dylan's last day. >> i didn't have a baby. >> no. this is your last day with us. >> true. >> i think she's in denial. part of dylan wants to give birth and part wants to pretend this is not happening. we're not letting you go yet. >> what a shock, we did a weather theme for you. >> your last day is tomorrow but we won't see him? >> i was going to say, they're a little big. >> he will grow into them. >> we're estimaing your baby could be around 10 pounds, right? >> it's very possible. >> not only are we due days apart from each other but i think we both are going to have big babies. >> she's thinking between 9 and 10. >> i think december 14th. >> the fournette. >> my sister's birthday. >> and the super moon. >> that's right.
9:03 am
inundated with baies on the super moon. >> today is december 9th, you think she will hold out until the 14th? i thought it was last night. i saw your husband, i anchored "nightly news" and kept saying, brian, you have to get out of here. he said, what are you talking about, i haven't done my go bag. >> i said you have had eight months to get this done. i think you will have the baby sunday morni already out. >> i'm out? >> my mom wanted a sunday baby and said i was a sunday baby. there's a rhyme or phrase sunday babies. >> some day on sunday. >> that's good. >> you leave work saturday, your last formal day of working, it will be this release, that's behind me. >> and then you release the baby. >> wow.
9:04 am
we feel good about this baby on the way and the one welcomed in the world yesterday morning with savannah. >> you also yesterday were not feeling so christmassy because the tree you ordered hadn't arrived yet. >> that was my tree. i pushed it on treeto they had an amazing selection and i wanted turquoise and our viewers said grey choice and ordered it a while ago and it never showed up and i was sad about it. >> you mentioned it on air. >> i don't remember. >> i did mention it in life. i made some mistakes in life. tracking, i didn't know about this thing. my packages usually come oh i never had to go to the track thing. >> seriously, you've never heard of tracking. >> i've heard of it, i never had to implement it. >> in all this time you never had to --
9:05 am
had. >> if you ordered something and it arrived, you're not really curious where it is. >> as soon as i order something i hit track. >> i'm not a control freak in that way. >> you're not a control freak! oh, my gosh! >> good one. >> i did 28 -- >> you've got potential and you've got potential- >> is that my voice? >> no, that's your nose growing. >> i am not making e myself. i did do 28 hours of live tv. okay? >> we even went to lunch, our off camera team went to lunch. this is what we're talking about. you face-timed in. >> because i wasn't feeling well. >> adam miller actually got -- >> that's my reaction when they found -- >> the tree was found. >> fedex, here's what happened. the tree had been delivered to
9:06 am
deliver it. fedex tracked it down. >> here i am walking around my neighborhood with this wanted poster with my tree on it asking any had they seen my tree. out of nowhere, like a vision, this guy comes towards me and as he got closer he had this fedex thing on his shirt and he's like, here, miss hall, here's your tree. >> the story is getting more and more outrageous. >> it's true. here's what happened when i got home last night. >>st the ombre tree has arrived. black, silver. i'm so happy! >> was it a new tree because that tree was sold out or did they locate the one delivered somewhere else? >> what i love is like when you do this tracking thing it really is being tracked and they found it. >> yeah. yeah. >> it was delivered a few days ago.
9:07 am
>> yes. >> did they give to it you? >> i live in a rough neighborhood. >> don't even try that. >> downtown new york. >> no. actually, i don't know my neighbors because there's a warehouse next to me, delivered to a business, all good. >> the good news is the fedex guy is still in her apartment. >> thank you, fedex guy, didn't want to take a picture of him and reveal him because he was my santa claus. i'm doing my tree this weekend. thank you everybody >> glad that's over. >> so is treetopia. >> i can't wait to see the decorated tree. >> i change trees every year and donate my tree to this shelter. i'm buying my tree for next year tomorrow. >> good need. >> what are you happy about? >> who doesn't love the movie "it's a wonderful life?" >> it is fabulous. >> it's spectacular. >> i am really warm and you're
9:08 am
he was writing the script, seneca falls, new york, in the fingerlakes region, i live north of there and seneca falls considers itself the birthplace of "it's a wonderful life." i'm going up there after the show to interview the bailey children. >> how old are they? >> they're in their 70s and 80s. i get to talk to them. i'm excited about that. >> it is snowing up >> snapchat and do social media. >> we will have that story later on. >> you were packing your husband's gomaternity bag. >> not actually taking, laid out a few things. >> did you cook last night? >> i was laily cooking last night. when i don't feel like cooking, there is my mom's casserole, it is the easiest thing? >> what's in it?
9:09 am
beef and a canned of tomatoes. >> is your mother's first name hamburger helper? >> it is a little bit different because it doesn't have spice. sometimes i add peas and really go wild. >> send your mother a sweatersw >> my brother puts a slice of american cheese on it and we microwave it. >> you guys go wild. >> i'm telling yo wrapper in each other's ear. >> that's amazing. that is so exotic. put a little mozzarella on it. it's italian night! i am stunned by this. can you guess which artist has the number one watched music video of 2016? over a billion hits. >> something with bieber is my guess. >> we will reveal after these
9:10 am
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9:13 am
we are bac we're back with more of "today's take." >> i think this is kind of interesting. you agree i kind of live in a fantasy world. i love this. says 2016 is shaping up to be the first year where none of the top 10 films at the box office are set in the real world. in other words, there's no reality. >> okay. >> it's kind of a fantasy. >> not in cleveland. >> not set in cleveland. for example, "deadpool". >> where is that based? >> there's no city. it's superheroes. >> fantastic movie. >> number 4, "the jungle book." terrific but we know animals don't talk at least to us. number 3, "secret life of pets." >> i wanted this to be my life. that bunny was amazing. >> not so much.
9:14 am
civil war," one of our producers, gavin believes this actually happened. he think this is a documentary. >> he does? what is it based on? >> it's meant to be a real world where there's superheroes. >> "deadpool" is meant to be the real world where there's superheroes. >> that's where gavin's argument falls apart. >> what's your rationale with find a real fish? >> "finding dory is the number 1 movie. >> the highest ranking real world movie is "jason bourne"? >> i think people want to escape. >> the thanksgiving macy's day parade was the highest rated
9:15 am
everybody is safe and watch. >> thanksgiving awkwardness and how do you talk to aunt so-and-so. we passed that. what also makes us feel good, music. who has the most watched music? i know this. >> you don't even like current music. >> i like current music. i read the note. who do you think had the number one music video? >> i think adele. >> you think adele? >> i'm bieber but i will go with you on adele. >> that's a good choice. >> i forgot about that song. >> what's the answer? >> take a look. ? ? >> that's harmony, work from home, 1.2 billion views. >> i know why. i know why. here's why. look at the hot guy and look at the hot girls. there's something for everybody.
9:16 am
superhero. >> and then gavin would be hot. >> then gavin would be hot. >> dance moves you would like to practice in your bathroom and do one day out. a cornucopia of, like, whoa. >> now, this next one. which artist sold the most cds this year. physical cds. >> there is no such thing as >> there are. if you buy them you can track them. >> they exist but -- >> which artist sold the most cds? >> i can't put my finger on it an artist where older adults buy the cd. >> tony bennett. >> a little older? >> older than tony bennett? >> by a lot. mozart. >> what! >> that's right. >> because he's not on spotify.
9:17 am
here has the deal. there was a 225 cd box set of all of mozart's works. >> he has that many works. >> released five weeks ago. he also did a cover of "lemonade." that pushed him over the top. 5 thsks 556 people bought thi 225 cd set which means he sold >> what are you talking about? my head hurts. >> mozart leaves on the train this afternoon at 5:00. >> count on your fingers. >> cookie challenge. >> cookie challenge. in effect i hopefully, schedule permitting, weather permitting, will be able to go to a viewer's house. please send us in your recipe. the goal is go to a viewer's house. it's a challenge, what you got
9:18 am
to cook? >> i will judge the recipe. >> go to our website and tell us your recipe because i will have free time because i won't be traveling. it's a treacherous situation out there. >> there you go. >> the royal cookies in the tin. >> you love the tin? >> i do. >> let's show you what's going on weather-wise, lake effect snow, big big big, continuing to stream across the five great york to the up of michigan and we have that cold air and we will take a look at that as well siberian express. that's what's going on around the cookie, this is your neck of the woods. >> feels like 20 degrees with the winds and high today of 41 and cooler than yesterday. this is the coolest it's been so far this season. this trend continues to the weekend. we moderate a little bit monday.
9:19 am
for rain showers wednesday and a little bit of snow might mix in because we turn cooler next thursday night, high of only 36 and 32 on friday. >> that is your latest weather, coming up next, tamron's favorite, freebie friday. we will make your christmas for fans on the plaza and you at home. ith a smooth center. welcome... to the best time of your day. unwrap. unwind. experience the melt. only the lindor truffle. for the holidays, experience our meltingly-smooth lindor white chocolate peppermint truffles from the lindt master chocolatiers. question, are my teeth yellow?
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here we go. are you ready to win an awesome prize? hold tight. al and i will hit the plaza and find lucky fans. >> only one way to find out. >> you're not wearing a coat? don't forgot you at home, we love you, too, because you're watching us, dylan is in the orange room. >> she'll have the details. >> watch your step. >> the key thing, this is a little going to be in new york city tonight. >> something that's happening in new york. >> hello. >> hey there, how you doing? all right. how are you? where are you from? new york. all right! are you going to be here tonight? you will be here tonight? you will be in new york. are you above 18 years old. i am. >> you are? here's a box. why don't you open it up and see
9:23 am
ariana grande, one of the people. >> yeah. >> and harmony. and we have cds here. and we have mr. bieber. you know why? it's jingle ball tonight and you're going. >> i have one more to give away. i'm a sucker. the last time you saw me was in texas, my hometown. >> yeah. >> you're going to the gingle ball. >> all right! >> ellie golding, and from one direction. dylan. >> we have a chance to win something from two artists who performed at jingle ball in the past. meghan train nor gave us two
9:24 am
hat for his new album's track. for a chance to win, visit our facebook page and don't forget to like us. that's fun, right? coming up, it may still be morning but never too early to chow down on a calzone. wait until you see how we kicked up this version of it after your local news. >> thank you! the first person to survive alzheimer's disease is out there. breakthroughs, advancing public policy, and providing local support to those living with the disease and their caregivers. but we won't get there without you.
9:25 am
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this is a "news4 today" newsbreak. >> good morning it's 9:26. a virginia ceo will learn whether he spends the rest of his life in prison recommending a life sentence plus 16 years. he was convicted of murdering his estranged wife. a 16-year-old girl in d.c. was shot and killed the day after thanksgiving. police raised money to pay for her funeral and they have arrested a suspect for her
9:27 am
9:28 am
no audio. >> a little trouble with her microphone there. i think she will tell you we're
9:29 am
20s in some parts and high temperature around 41 degrees much colder with the wind. another update in 25 minutes on
9:30 am
hey, costanza, what is that you're eating over there? >> its a he a calzone. >> pass that down. >> where's my calzone? is it's 1:15. wait a second. got to call you back. that smell. i know that smell. costanza is in the building and he's not in his office! he's got the >> remember that scene from "seinfeld"? guess what? today, we're making calzone. we paired up with buzzfeed to bring you a one-of-a-kind video. a sped-up version how to make a buffalo chicken calzone. we will slow down and show you how to do it step-by-step.
9:31 am
football. buy yourself a rotisserie chicken and store bought pizza. you have cheese and bleu cheese and buffalo wing sauce and cream cheese. you take your rotisserie chicken and you will shred it. this takes almost no time. they do the work for you. find your favorite rotisserie chicken and keep shredding it until it's in bite-sized pieces. soft cheese out long enough until it's room temperature, nice and soft. >> so good. >> are you enjoying that. tamron started using a knife and fork and now using her hands. >> she's ahead of me. >> you started ahead of her. >> i'm eating for dill two. >> the baby started around. . >> likes the calzone. >> you mixed it up together. now, you have your sauce and you
9:32 am
and your chicken and you will add a little mozzarella. you could do cheddar if you like. >> throw it right in. >> a different kind of melt. whatever, but i like what you did there. >> an al roker moment. >> you split up your pizza dough into these little balls and stretch it out a lit bit. i like to put a little flour in first. >> do you catch it in places? >> you could >> thank you very much. >> that's store bought pizza dough. >> you can make your own, but why would you? now, you've got your dough here. you will take your buffalo chicken mix. >> this is so delicious, good for football sunday. >> exactly. you will fold it over. this is the original hot pocket, basically. >> but better. >> you take it and crimp the ends if you want.
9:33 am
before you put this in the oven, put a slit in here. >> what does that do? release steam? >> releases the stom so it won't explode. preheat your oven to 375. >> wow. >> the other best part about this it cooks so quickly. brush a little olive oil on t cowboys beat the giants. >> or vice-versa. there you have it. because it's a buffalo chicken calzone, serve it with bleu cheese dressing and there you have it. >> so good. >> this is perfect. really good. >> really good. >> you can get your recipe for this, also buy more "today" food and tasty
9:34 am
and one bake chicken and veggies and hamburger helper from dylan's mom. >> it's her casserole. >> would you say this is corny? awe. adorable pupies up for adoption, what you need to know if you're planning to add a fury member to your family. don't feed them calzone, after these messages. besides video games. every day is a gift especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto?- a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto? was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto?. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto? with an ace inhibitor or or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema
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our sponsor, petsmart. >> bringing a new dog or puppy home during the holiday season can bring a lot of joy to the family but you need to know how to do this. a lot to know before you new best friend comes home. >> andrea is a spokesperson for petsmart and we have our dogs all up for adoption at the north shore animal league. hi, everybody. >> dylan has a lovely little dog named few days. are there certain things you should do to get your dog ready for a new baby? >> absolutely. it's important to remember dogs super friendly, well socialized and well trained can sometimes have a challenge when a new baby comes in the home because it becomes more chaotic. teach them to settle down in a spot so they can go rest in a place when you can't pay
9:39 am
heck? you will bring home a new puppy, what are some of the things you need to get your pet ready especially around the holidays. >> you do need to remember, this is a huge commitment. ideally a 15 to 18 year commitment because dogs live longer now. prepare your house. like you do for baby. y home hike with toxic plants or cleaners that could cause an upset. we have lots of bowls of candy out during the holidays and very entiing to play with but dangerous if they ingest. probably one of my most favorite things yankees get your dog appropriate chew toys. those stuffed with food.
9:40 am
charlie will show us now. this is important for a service dog but also really good for a companion dog. if they learn to go lay down on a spot they're out of trouble and resting calmly. >> like at holiday parties. >> it can be busy and crazy for them. >> a little comet, lab mix. what do you have to do to prepare for the health of your new puppy? >> just like you find a doctor before you bring your baby veterinarian, ask your friend and neighbors and family members and look at an app called ask pet md a really good option. one thing people don't keep in mind how important it is to id your pets. 1 out of every 3 animals is potentially lost during their lifetime. get an id tag and talk to your vet about microchipping. >> what about trainings your
9:41 am
positive. you don't need to be heavy hand and dominant. about saying i want my dog to have fun with me. treats are an important part of that. all this great stuff we're showing you can find at petsmart. holiday-themed treats are great as well. our last little pup, adorable, an adult dog, about 8 years old, super super cute. it's important when you get a dog to consider t and ask your veterinarian and local dog trainer for advice. >> with everything going on around the holidays, might it not be a bad idea to give a homemade gift certificate to get your puppy or dog after the holidays? >> i'm so glad you said that. as much as i really want to highlight dogs all year long, it's important to remember never ever give a dog or any animal as a gift and the holidays is not
9:42 am
and if you say i'd like to pay the adoption fee and here's the gift certificate for after the holidays. >> these dogs are up for adoption at the north shore animal league, bring your paperwork to petsmart and they will send you home with this puppy essentials adoption kit worth $450 for free. >> will you come with me to the weather map because this is your last time with us on the third hour. we decided to bring a few baby names on the weather map for you. >> this is ridiculous. >> that's right. we found baby lon, oh, that's babylon on long island. >> newborn? >> that's right. newborn and i believe that's north carolina, crawly, west virginia, snowing in 30. >> who knew there were two-fer tills. >> i guess you can never be too
9:43 am
and don, our meteorologist, at the old homestead there. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> windy and cold today, high of 41. windy and mostly sunshine and more cloudiness built in. cold tomorrow with a high of only 38 degrees, and we will hit that right around tomorrow but won't be as strong, keeping it completely dry start to finish and high of 41 as skies become mostly cloudy. that's your latest weather. >> fertile. >> i think you already visited.
9:44 am
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9:48 am
>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. pharrell williams is a pharrell williams is mastermind behind huge hits like "blind" and he composed the score and soundtrack. >> and singing from o soundtracks, ladies and gentlemen, farrell. ? summertime in virginia was an oven all the kids eating ice cream with their cousins ? ? why you were with the dozens don't act like you was there when you wasn't ? ? running from man running from a badge don't act like you was there when you wasn't ? ? and this judge's hand don't
9:49 am
wasn't ? ? in my mind there already and if i stand still they want the moon ? ? sometimes i don't want to be right just running ? ? some coming no more running ? ? you and i are different from each other ? ? i see numbers black and white i am colored don't act like you
9:50 am
? running and don't act like you was there when you wasn't and the law of the land, when they were often banned ? ? don't act like you was there when you wasn't ? ? en my mind i already jumped, to justify running ? ? i can see the day coming no more running ?
9:51 am
? i know they say crawl before you walk but in my mind already jogging ? ? if we stand still we cannot get far sometimes when i'm running i don't want a free running ? ? some nights i can see the day coming ? ? no more running ? ? new york sing, you guys,
9:52 am
make some noise! >> pharrell williams, thank you so much. back in a moment.
9:53 am
9:54 am
our 23rd our 23rd celebrity toy drive, there collecting toys and joining us is vice president and director of sales, john grosso. thank you for what you're doing. this is a terrific donation. what are you doing? >> we've been involved with the "today" toy drive quite some time and given $25 million in plush toys and books and this year we're announing another
9:55 am
here. >> why is it important kohl's gets involved? >> we're involved in the community in over 1100 locations and think it's the right thing to do. >> if your customers want to get involved, what do they do? >> we have it at kohl' and every store across the united states. it's in front of the store and accessible. $5 for each item and it's been 5ed the past 15 year much. >> remember, if you want to bring a toy up to a child up to age 15 or donate online. check our website for the details. >> it's dylan's last day with us. we want to wish you the best in maternity leave and you will be on air tomorrow and we cannot get the text or e-mail.
9:56 am
9:57 am
tis newsbreak. >> 9:57 your time. december 9, 2016. today, a man responsible for a deadly crash on river road will be sentenced. three died in february. he was going as fast as 115 miles an hour moments before hitting the family's car. as part of that deal, he plead guilty to manslaughter.
9:58 am
now yankees time to check the forecast with meteorologist, amelia draper. really cold out there. >> because of that it is a storm team weather alert. look at the feels like temperatures right now coming in with the 20s for the most part, about 25 degrees in washington and high today only 41. it stays blustery right until the evening hours. we will have mostly sunny skies and good news there. plenty of sunshine tomorrow and cold day with high of 38. a bit of a and another big arctic blast moves in next week. >> thank you.
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller friday friday. kathie lee gifford is off, don't worry, her hair is not. her hair is still here because kimberly is co-hosting with me. hey, girl. >> hoda. >> what? tell me. >> this is a dream come true. this is a secret dream of mine for many many years. i'm not kidding you. this is a thrill. i watch y'all every morning. >> you do? >> yes. every morning.


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