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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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good evening. i'll meteorologist chuck bell. temperatures are below freezing all over the dmv tonight. cold enough to snow. will it? it may before this week is through. the complete forecast is coming
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county where dozens of residents were displaced tonight after a fire ripped through their apartment building. i'll have the story. all new at 11:00, police are investigating what they believe is an accidental death in alexandria. >> announcer: news4 at 11:00 starts now. families in the fairfax county are out in the cold tonight after a fire ripped through their apartment complex. i'll meagan fitzgerald. buss were brought in to help-team people stay warm while firefighters tried to get blaze under control. all new tonight, news4's darcy spencer is talking to residents. >> reporter: dozens of people are having to find a place to spend the night on the after fire ripped through their apartment building. we spoke to one man whose sister was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. this cell phone video shows what it looked like when firefighters got there. flames shooting boo the roof of
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richmond highway. >> we went to two alarms which brought about 65 personnel. >> reporter: this man says he and his family were at home when the apartment fill with smoke. his sister was take tony the hospital. >> it was a lot of smoke. my sister had to go to the hospital because she couldn't find a way to breathe. >> he says many of the neighbors didn't realize who was happening. >> when i was coming back, the neighbors -- i don't know what they were doing but they didn't notice it. i knocked on the door to get everything out. then we got out and i took my dog. >> reporter: dozens of fairfax county firefighters got the fire under control. 42 residents were displaced because of the fire and. okay and water damage, many of those residents w only the clothes on their backs took shelter on a fwus to stay warm. the red cross is assisting. >> we'll try to find out what we can do to get vacant apartments reoccupied or put them up in temporary shelters.
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taken to the hospital is expected to be okay n. fair tax county, darcy spencer, news4. another fire, this one in prince george's county. we're told one person is in critical condition. this happened around 8:30 at an apartment complex on dean drive not far from east-west highway in hyattsville. police are investigating how the fire started. it is a certainly cold enough to snow. the question is, will it. storm team 4's chuck bell is outside at our patio cam. say it ain't so to the snow. >> not much of a chance tonight. not worried about snowflake sighting in and around the city. it sure is cold. i can see a nearly full moon. the skies are skill clear. as long as we have the skies clear temperatures will continue to fall throughout the remainder of the evening. clouds are expected to be here by the time you wake up in the morning
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freezing 19 in gaithersburg. 21 in culpepper. the cold is here to say. tomorrow lots of clouds, around 40 degrees. it will be warm enough so that the next chance of precipitation here in town will be rain, coming up on monday. but more significantly colder air arrives on wednesday. that brings us the first of two snow chances. one on wednesday, and one into next weekend. i'll give you the whole ten-day coming up in a bit. tomorrow we will start out in the 20s and stay only in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees tomorrow. again, more about those late-week snow chances coming. alexandria police are working a death investigation. officers responded to a call at an apartment building on four mile road near mounted vernon avenue. they say a man fell from a building. it may be an accident but they are still investigating. explosions in turkey rattled a television crew during a live broadcast saturday evening.
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killing 27 police officers and two civilians. this is information coming from turkey's interior minister. he says ten people have been arrested in connection with the attacks. the explosion happened near a soccer stadium where the officers were policing a match. local officials say one blast was a possible car bomb. the other, set off by a suicide bomber. so far, no one was claimed responsibility. and turning now to the presidential transition, and new concerns tonight about the president-elect's pick for secretary of state. and russia's influence on the election comes under increased krutny. nbc's chris palone reports. >> reporter: trump in baltimore for the annual army navy football game sitting alongside top military brass. next month he will be their commander in chief. he met with rex tillerson, objectionon mobile's ceo. he is trump's top pick
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he was going to try to surround himself with successful people who did well. what do we find, ceos, people at theop of their professionals profession. >> reporter: but tillerson has been awarded russia's order of friendship award. >> i believe that vladimir putin is a thug and a bully and a murderer. and i believe that the relationship between mr. tillerson and vladimir putin needs to be examined. >> reporter: this comes just a few hours after the washington post reported the cia believes russia interfered in the presidential election hacking and leaking democratic party documents not just to cause chaos but to actively help trump win. >> you are looking ahead to an early part of the trump presidency where russia is very much going to dominate the conversation. certainly you can expect to hear a
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confirmation hearing. >> reporter: the trump camp slammed the cia is & said it's time to move on. coming up we'll look at wild weather across the country. >> i could just feel her body. it just makes me sad. >> yeah, a desperate plea from a family who lost something they
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oh, my gosh. no! >> yeah, take a look at that tree as it comes crashing down against that house. it took out some power lines, too. ice weighed the tree down, forcing it to snap. this happened in portland, oregon where ice storm warnings have been issued there, and in other parts of the northwest there are widespread power outages in the area tonight. and rain is in the forecast for tomorrow. and north of cleveland, this is what is happening. people are digging out from more than 30 inches of snow. but it gets worse. parts of northeast ohio are bracing for another round of snow starting in the morning. and it's not expected to stop until monday. a heart breaking crime for one family. someone stole their chevy tahoe last week. what is worse, it had pictures and memorabilia of their 14 month old daughter who died.
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left her daughter's blanket in the back seat because some of her last memories of her little girl are driving her to day care. >> i don't care about the car. i just want our items inside the car back, with no questions asked. >> the family says their vehicle was stolen from their driveway. their message to the culprit is straightforward. keep the van. return the items. no questions asked. the. the suspect in a charleston church massacre laughed when asked about committing the crime. the confession ahead. and the scene
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well, i had to do it because somebody had to do something. >> yeah, jurors watched that chilling fbi confession tape from charleston church shooting suspect dylan roof. in the tape, roof admitted to killing nine black church-goers during bible study. his defense team is pretty much conceding his guilt. now they are focusing on sparing him the death penalty. dave gutierrez has our report. >> i do consider myself a white supremacist. >> reporter: dylan roof chuckled as he emmanuel's ame church last year? we all know. >> we now get a look at what prosecutors showed jurors in trial where he is accused of 33 counts, including hate crimes.
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what they are doing to white people every day. >> reporter: this is security video of roof entering the historic building. >> i finally decided i had to do it. >> reporter: when the bloodshed was over, he quietly walked out, gun in hand. >> i was in absolute awe that there was nobody out there. >> reporter: police arrested him during a traffic stop the next day and he seemed surprised when he was told nine church members had died. >> you were under the aessential you killed four or five people, right. >> yes, that's true. >> but your numbers were double, it was nine. >> reporter: the fbi agents asked him what he would tell the families of the victims. >> i probably don't even look at them. >> reporter: roof's defense team is not disputing the facts of the case. their goal is to avoid the death penalty. on the witness stand an investigator said after roof's confession he told the 21-year-old his plan to start a race war did not work and that the people of
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charleston were coming together. his last words to roof "you failed". a republican has taken the nation's last senate 'em seat for the term. louisiana elected kennedy on the. president-elect donald trump threw his support behind kennedy at a rally yesterday. this was kennedy's third try for a u.s. senate seat in louisiana. his win gives the gop a four-person edge in the chamber. listen to this, a store manager is in jail after police say he robbed his own store. employees say they recognized their boss when he walked in with another man on thursday. the loyees say the men wrapped them with duct tape, robbed the place and then took off. colorado springs police arrested them short low after. they are now facing felony charges. here's a live look outside at the new mgm national harbor. the casino and the resort has been packed since the grand en
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it reached capacity within minutes of its opening and folks were actually turned away from the casino floor on friday afternoon. he willier this evening, folks braved the cold to dine and shop at national harbor. people we talked to said they had no problem getting there or finding places to park. and now here's storm team 4 forecast. >> good evening. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. it has been a very cold day. unusually cold here so early in the season. last december was our number one warmest december on record. this one will not go down as a top ten warmest finisher. four things you need to know about the forecast. tomorrow it will be cold. unlike today it will also be cloudy. not much sunshine to help tomorrow. rain is looking more and more likely, especially for the monday morning commute. getting in to work and school in the morning could be a slow slog. signature conditionally
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have a chance of some he no. starting as rain, finishing as snow. that's wednesday afternoon and wednesday night. the arctic air is in place all week. before it has a chance to retreat next weekend we may start with snow saturday morning and change over to rain saturday afternoon. we are keeping a close eye on that. know there are many chances for cold weather coming ahead. today's high, 39, our coldest day in ten months. last time we had a high below 40 degrees was back in february. for the chance of snow mid-we can, download our app. we will help you keep ahead of the weather. winter storm warnings in chicago tonight. some of that may bring flurries into send an doha valley and maryland. here's tomorrow morning at 3:00. free predawn tomorrow morning may be a ripple of snow flurries
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haguerstown. just conversational flakes as the colder air settles in. lots of clouds. if we get a peek or two of sunshine it will be around 3:00 or 4:00. here's monday morning. 5:00 a.m. monday morning. rain already in place. this with the cold air around, we could start out with a wet snow mix in the predawn hours of monday morning. but it quickly all becomes rain. temperatures will be in the mid 30s. it will be a cold rain but it should be all rain as the air in the upper levels of the atmosphere will be warming. most of the rain monday is out of here by lunchtime or shortly thereafter. drying out monday night. tuesday looks on the cold and cloudy side. again, waiting for later in the week before we get another shot of arctic air. right now it's frigid. 30, washington. 25, bull he is. 19 in washington. we'll drop another three
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tomorrow morning, cold and cloudy, upper 30s to around 40 tomorrow. again, the real change in the weather arrives late in the day on wednesday. aness cha of rain ending as snow wednesday. thursday, friday, bitter cold. and then maybe our first chance at an inch of snow in washington coming up on saturday morning. storm team 4 will watch it four all week long. cold, cold, and pour cold. it is a wish come true for one family, and just in time for the holidays. these four brothers you are about to see here got the surprise of the season today when their dad came home early. dad is an air force sergeant stationed in turkey. the whole family was supposed to be there. but a couple of months in the boys and their mom came back to massachusetts because it wasn't safe enough. that's not it. abbey, the family dog, also came home. it's the first time the whole family has been together in nine months. the wizards have not won a back to back game. they have only done it once this
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. >> the nats depleted their minor league pitching prospects earlier this week when they traded for adam itoon. tonight they replenished the well way trading danny espinosa to the nationals. the newest nationals are mcadams and gowen.
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and spent his entire career with the organization. the move likely means that trey turn he were earns the spot as the nationals' everyday shortstop. wizards taking on the bucs. tied game in the third. the greek freak finished with 28 points, 123 wbs, 7 assists. john wall knocks down the three. wizards ahead by five late in the third. fourth quarter the, game belong to wall with the wizards down by one he gets the deuce. finished with 24. bigger surprise, you bray turn theed 21 today, played big minutes in the fourth. scored a career high, 19. bradley beal gets a crucial buck in the final minute. 20 points to beale. wizards win 110-105. desean jackson is going back to philly, for a game,
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redskins tomorrow afternoon. but recently reports have surfaced that in the offseason redskins deep threat could return to the team that drafted hip. his coach here in washington has a thing or two to say about how important jackpot is to the redskins. >> he has been a major -- has had a major impact on this football team. whether he catches three balls for 80 yards or one ball for 69. he doesn't have to be a guy that catches ten balls for 90 yards to have an impact on this team. his deep threat has a impact on the defense. it opens up thing for reed and crowder in the back sometimes. he has been a major influence for this football team in a good way. oscar smith westville meeting in the virginia 65 championship game. the statue of liberty play works. white with an conversion sends it to the ot. one not enough. they play two ot the
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looks to answer, facing fourth down. white cannot get into the end zone. westfield repeats as state champ. 34-28 the final in double over time. >> football will come to the verizon center this spring. and here's how the team will look. washington val or showcased their new uniforms in a monumental unveiling. the 2017 schedule hasn't been released but the newest team in the district hits the field this spring. all right, congratulations also to lemar jackson who won the heisman. 51 total touchdowns, first louisville player ever to win the heisman. what do you think think of the val or uniforms? >> not too shabby. thanks a lot. appreciate it. cold, cold, and more cold, as i said. >> if you think it's cold now, wait until the middle of the week. another push of arctic air arrives on wednesday. thursday
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the deep freeze that may lead to our first best chance for an inch of snow, and potentially next saturday. a snow chance wednesday. and more confidence that that saturday is worth watching. >> it definitely feels like the holidays with snow and the cold. >> people love snow before christmas. it's after -- >> it's like stay away. that's it for us on the to. john sena hosts a new "saturday nit live." tghha ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all the care your family needs.
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here to help make sense of the appointments. trump's senior advisor kelly ann conway. >> kellyanne trump has nominated scott pruitt to head the epa even though he is a fossil fuel advocate that doesn't believe in climate change. >> yes, actually, he is ready to protect us all from the environment. >> i'm not sure that's how it works. this pick is not the only one that has people scratching their heads. there's also the decision to name the ceo of carl's jr. and hardee's andy puzder even though he doesn't support the minimum wage. it seems like he is picking these people to undermine the agencies they are going to head. are these bad picks? >> no, they are alt-good. >> wasn't he supposed to drain the swamp. >> he is draining


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