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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 11, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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fourth quarter, overtime. romo on the bench. dunbar in the backfield. second down and ten. prescott, under pressure again. throws and that's incomplete. dunbar, stayed in the block and flared out and it's third down and ten. beckham cheerleading. >> cris: there it is. olivier vernon, able to get dak prescott off the spot, despite just a three-man rush. and does it all. a little cheerleading. and you know that guy issues he had a chance. >> al: the cowboys, 1 for 14 on third down. third and ten. with the three-man rush this time. and that's away. deflected by kennard.
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having a nice game. so, the cowboys down to the last gasp. >> cris: they're doing this with a three-man rush. if you're dak prescott, it's risky. it's a safety. it's fourth down here. they come with another three-man rush, probably should use the mobility, scramble around a bit, and see if somebody can work their way open down the field. >> al: fourth down. witten comes in for more protection in the backfield. prescott. from the end zone. fires over the middle. and that is at the 20 yard line, dez bryant. who makes the catch. going to the ground. holds on to it. or did he is the question. and it has to be reviewed. and did they get the stoppage
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>> referee: the ruling on the field is under review. >> al: they just did get the review called in before the next step. obviously, the cowboys trying to get up there. they had no time-outs. try to avoid the review. you're going to get an incomplete pass here. >> cris: wow. guess who? >> al: jenkins. >> cris: janoris jenkins again. what a night he had. and the crowd, just saw the replay. and they know, it is game over. giants have done it again. >> al: the cowboys are going to go to 11-2. and the -- the giants talking about the wild card situation, b still have a chance. spagnuolo congratulations jenkins on a phenomenal night. >> cris: man, oh, man. >> al: the giants can win the division. they are two back of the
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got to even and had the same record. >> referee: after review, the ruling on the field has been changed. it is an incomplete pass. it will be first and goal for the giants at the 3 yard line. set the game clock to 48 seconds. >> al: if the two teams lined up with the same record, the giants have won the tiebreak by virtue of sweeping the season series. >> cris: what a turnaround for this new york giants defense. last year, they couldn't get out of their own way. they sign those three free agents. jason pierre-paul comes back. they draft eli apple. and this was some defensive performance. i know they've had a lot of great defenses in new york with the giants. but this performance tonight was something special. >> al: the giants came into the game with the 17th-ranked defense. ninth in points per game
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allowed. one more kneeldown. that will take us to the finish. the giants win on opening day. and they win in week 14. after prescott, 17 of 37. so, under 50%. 165 yards and 2 interceptions tonight, equaling his season total coming into the game. for dez bryant giving up the ball at the end. some reactions. he'll take it. and the cowboys head back, ready to meet the red-hot tampa bay buccaneers on "sunday night
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football." big night at metlife stadium. coming up next, the volkswagen postgame report, after these messages from your local station.
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d phone for 79.99 per month. only from fios. welcome to the postgame report. here, now, bob costas. >> onl
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the cowboys this year. and they've done it twice. dallas led 7-0, at the half. all-giants in the second half. they win it, 10-7. three stars of the game. one is a terrific story. undrafted rookie out of notre dame. romeo okwara. he had eight tackles and a sack tonight. starting in place of the injured jason pierre-paul. the other stars of the game, odell beckham, nine receptions for nearly 100 yards. and the giants' only touchdown. and janoris jenkins, who had one of two interceptions for the giants and was on the coverage on the fourth down last gasp pass to dez bryant that was ruled incomplete. as the giants win it, 10-7. and beckham and jenkins are with michele. >> bob, thank you very much. odell, first half, a couple of big drops. you redeem yourself with the big 61-yard touchdown catch. what changed in the second half with you and eli? >> just have to wake up.
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up. this is an amazing atmosphere. you can get lost in it sometimes. we know what is on the line. we just weren't doing enough as an offense. honestly, the defense is what held us together. this doesn't go to me. this goes to our defense. so, i make sure they get it. but we do appreciate it. >> you knew how much was on the line. how motivating was it to try to keep this team, the dallas cowboys, from clinching the division on your home turf? >> coach talked about it all week. we talked about them having their box of goods. and the hats, the shirts, everything. and he said it's not going to happen on this field. and sure enough, it didn't happen. we came out and did what we needed to do. so, i'm going to let you speak to this guy right here. this is an incredible player. thankful for the opportunity. >> this guy over here is janoris jenkins.
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>> a big performance for you tonight. the defense as a whole. facing all of the weapons that dallas possesses. how were you so effective? >> we had to play on the ball. we played as a defense and played within the scheme. >> and again, the motion of not allowing them to clinch here. you've done it before with these guys. how did you do it again? >> everybody is clicking on all sloinders. and stepping up big when the offense is struggling. let's go, new york. bob? >> michele, thanks. odell beckham was good to get one of the game balls. he caught four passes tonight. here's a look at the nfc playoff picture with a win. the giants prevent the cowboys from clinching the division. if dallas wins two of three, the cowboys win the division and secures the number one seed. seattle can clinch the west with a win on thursday night against the rams.
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the giants are in good position for a wild card at minimum. and so, we bring in tony dungy. what do you make of the giants' chances going forward? >> i like where they are. and especially the way the defense played. you heard o'dedell beckham talk about them. they have solidified the wild card spot. that may be bad news for cowboys. that would be dallas' worst nightmare to see the giants come into cowboys stadium and play them in the playoffs. cowboy fans will remember back to 2007 when dallas was the number one seed. the giants beat them at home on their way to the super bowl. >> yep. absolutely. in the afc, now, no team has clinched yet. and the division races in the north, south and west, remain tight. if baltimore is able to win at new england tomorrow night, the ravens would hold the tiebreaker over the steelers to sit in first place in the north.
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although the two play on christmas day in pittsburgh. denver has fallen two games back of kansas city and oakland in the west. and they're clinging to a wild card spot. what do you expect from the defending champions down the stretch now? >> i really think it's going to be tough for denver going down the stretch. they are not running the ball well. they had injures to their running backs. they are sitting at eight wins right now. i think it will take ten wins for them to make the playoffs. and they play new england next week, and then they've got kansas city and oakland. i think they're going to have to win two out of three to make it. and i don't see them doing that the way they're running the football right now. i would be surprised if denver makes the playoffs. >> okay, tony. thanks. over to mike florio of mike, two injuries to quarterbacks of teams very much in the playoff hunt. matthew stafford of the lions, having a great year. injured a finger. and ryan tannehill of the dolphins, injured a knee. what's the latest? >> bs
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finger injury. said after the game, he will be okay. but look for him to wear a glove on that injured finger moving forward, perhaps for the rest of the season. as that finger heals for ryan tannehill, the news is not so good. a torn acl in his left knee. will be out for the year. matt moore takes over for the dolphins. >> bad news for the dolphin and for tannehill. you can catch mike tomorrow, from 7:00 to 9:00 eastern. followed by the dan patrick show from 9:00 to noon, with lamar jackson as a guest. final score, giants 10, dallas 7. al and cris to wrap it up after this.
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volkswagen golf alltrack postgame report." >> you talk about even. each team had one pass and reception. each team had 260 yards. each team with three turnovers. neither could turnover and the penalty was just about the same. and thus, 10-7, a tight one all the way through. >> tony dungy may have hit on something. this may be the most interesting of the first early round playoff games. it would be a lot of fun to watch the rematch. >> would be. and could happen. we're on to seattle. as bill belichick might say. >> seattle, seattle, seattle. >> the rams are having a terrible year. but they have seattle's number. they've beaten them three times in a row. n they do it on thursday night? >> you have to wonder what's going on. the one thing i really enjoyed watching this year in the league, though, not only dak prescott and the performance that he's been putting on, but jameis winston, noas
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team on a hot streak, right? with tampa bay. marcus mariota. the young quarterbacks are coming in here, now, and making a difference in winning football games. i think the league's in good hands for a few years to come. >> who knew we would be flexing into the tampa bay buccaneers against the cowboys on sunday night? >> especially we saw them on the thursday night broadcast. thane didn't do much of anything against atlanta that night. and from that night on, they've been terrific. >> we jinxed them. >> we'll get them general. we can redeem it next week. that's the action next week. here on nbc thursday. and sunday, there's your final score from the meadowlands. the giants beat the dallas cowboys, final score, 10-7. so, that 11-game winning streak, with the dallas cowboys is history. the giants have now won seven of the last eight. al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya. saying good night from east
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rutherford, new jersey. nbc sports thanks you for watching this special presentation of the national football league. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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it's a storm team 4 weather alert. we're talking about a little bit of freezing rain possibly for the morning commute. we'll have a look at the latest radar and let you know more coming up. and two boys end up stuck in the mud inside the
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agrees he should be grounded. and the moreredskins lookin ahead to the ravens after a last-minute win over a division rival. yeah, a freezing rain advisory in effect right now. good evening, i'm megan fitzgerald, in for erika gonzales. and meteorologist lauren ricketts has more on the commute. a little cold out there? >> reporter: yes, absolutely, not as cold as some spots that are in the lower 30s at this point. and we're already starting to see some of the precipitation in the form of some freezing rain, and even a little bit of sleet and snow moving into our area. you can see d.c., we're looking fine right now. but we just have a little bit of the winter mix northwest. so let me go ahead and zoom in
11:52 pm
we're getting sleet and freezing rain from winterchester north. freezing rain advisory goes into 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and we'll talk about temperatures for us and how that is going to affect us, if we'll see freezing rain here around the d.c. area. but also what do i think about the school delays? i know a lot of people are thinking about that. kids included. we'll have more in 15 minutes. all right, layrn, thank you. now let's look at state road 28 and church road in sterling, virginia, one of the areas under a freezing rain advisory. we'll have all the important updates of course about that morning commute on the nbc washington app. and two boys from prince george's county are home safe tonight. but just hours ago one of them
11:53 pm
were stuck deep in mud. some of their friends ran and called from landover. news 4's darcy spencer has more. >> reporter: the boys were exploring here in these woods off sheriff road not far from fedex field when they got stuck in the mud. and for one of the boys, he got in hot water at home. >> you never had anything like this happen before? >> no. >> reporter: this is 11-year-old eric henderson back home. this was eric henderson stuck in the mud. >> at one point you realize that you are stuck, what do you think at that point? >> i was being calm. >> reporter: he was with friends inhe woods when they ended up in a marshy area, and eric said one of the boys got stuck. >> i tried to help him out, until i got stuck. >> reporter: the other boy got free, but eric was not able to get out. some of the boys ran for help, a police officer helped out and
11:54 pm
department. some of them performed a technical rescue. >> i do feel thankful for the people who came to rescue me. >> at that moment when you finally got freed, what were you thinking then? >> i was thinking am i going to be in trouble? >> reporter: eric's mom did ground him for moving too far from home. and eric says he agrees he should be punished and from now on he will be staying close to home. in landover, darcy spencer, news 4. now we know what caused this apartment fire in fairfax county, last night. firefighters say there was a mechanical incident, the furnace was in the attic, the building was in the mt. vernon section of the county. over 60 residents had to find somewhere else to stay. and look closely at this boy, he is 10 years old and missing in the freezing
11:55 pm
tonight. prince william county police say he left at 7:00 p.m. sunday night from manassas. he could be wearing a black and green jacket with black pants. if you see him you're asked to call police. and president-elect donald trump is talking about the cia report that russia interfered with the presidential election. the president-elect says he doesn't believe it. >> reporter: donald trump defiant, today lashing out at the cia's analysis reported by "the washington post" that russia intervened in the election to help him win. >> i think it's ridiculous. i think it's another excuse. i don't believe it. >> reporter: trump's comments highlight a growing rift with the community. the president-elect only attending a handful of daily briefings. >> i am like a smart person, i don't have to be told t
11:56 pm
next eight years. >> reporter: intelligence experts dispute that explanation. >> it's not like every piece of intelligence or every report is the same sort of type of assessment. >> reporter: tonight, trump is touting his expected pick, rex tillerson, for secretary of state. >> he does massive deals not for himself, but for the company. >> reporter: but rex tillerson could face a contentious confirmation, even from some republicans. marco rubio tweeted, being a friend of russia is not something i hope for, from a secretary of state. and they navigate tensions with a foreign rival. new tonight, boeing selling 80 commercial airplanes to iran, made possible by last year's controversial nuclear agreement, which trump has denounced. this is the biggest sale by a comp t
11:57 pm
republican since 1979. the president-elect yet to comment, instead taking a second swipe at boeing's contract. >> i want to make good deals for the country, i don't need a $4.2 billion airplane to fly around in, okay? i don't need that. >> that was peter alexander reporting. the president-elect says he doesn't need daily briefings. but a year ago, trump criticized president obama for allegedly skipping the briefings. trump accused obama of not reading the intelligence briefings, but fact checkers say that claim is false. and heading home fresh after a close win from the eagles, that was a beautiful win. >> yeah, it was a beautiful win, they needed it after they performed out in arizona just a week ago. you know the redskins didn't make up any ground, they didn't
11:58 pm
kirk cousins, they finally found the rhythm in the second half against the eagles. the defense took a lot of heat this season, 21 seconds to go in this game. trying to hang on to a 5-point lead here. the eagles in the red zone, how about ryan kerrigan. trent murphy is there to scoop it. that seals a win, the redskins get a 27-22 victory, a much-needed victory for their head coach, jay gruden. >> that is great, our heart is still beating, we got carolina, and cam newton coming to town giving us all something to be excited about. but we still have a lot of work to do. we play for each other, which is fun to watch but there is still a lot of improvement needed. now coming up later in the show, we see how it
11:59 pm
entire playoff picture. also a big victory for the cavs today. all right, thank you very much. we'll have more later on in the show. all right, now cameras rolled as deputies save a toddler. the special training that may have made the difference between life and death. and a weekend on the slopes turn into a trip at the hospital. now it's a mystery when the resort will open. and we're still days away from the official start of winter.
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