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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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trump. first it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. take a look at why. rain and freezing rain are pounding parts of our area as we speak. chuck bell telling us more about what we can expect. >> and we also have megan mcgrath on the roadways tracking the rain. she was live on route 7. she's making her rounds across the region. good morning, i'm eun yang. >> and i'm angie goff in for aaron gilchrist. we have complete team coverage for you this morning. >> everybody showed up today and it will be busy. let's start things off with you, chuck. >> it's monday squared. rain drops this morning. fortunately freezing rain advisory which had been issued until 10:00 a.m. has been dropped, so that is welcome news. there could still be a little patch or two of ice closer to the pennsylvania border, better chance you
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slippery spot or two. so be careful. big drop in temperatures arrives here late wednesday and chance for wintry weather as we get toward the weekend. so this is the week to have your nbc washington app downloaded. it's rain up and down the i-95 corrid corridor. temperatures are near 40 around town and will be in the upper 40s to maybe low 50s briefly this afternoon. maybe a peek or two of sunshine, but on the whole going to be a lot of cloud s around here. more about the polar plunge coming up. taking a look at the situation 95 and the icc, again, we still have the wet roads all over the area. it will be this way as chuck has been saying through much of the morning commute. northbound 95 at 200 is where the crash is. in the service roadway.
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is out of the roadway. 66 looking pretty typical. 95 north through woodbridge is getting a little slow here this morning. looking at the beltway overall, inner loop and outer loop are okay. 66 inside the beltway, a bit slower than normal at this point. all of the green here very, very wet roads. 32nd at chestnut shut down still as we just mentioned. we want to continue our team coverage now with how the weather is impacting the commute with megan mcgrath. >> she's on route 15 in leesburg with a look at the current conditions. and more people are hitting the roads this hour. >> reporter: absolutely. folks are leaving the hours this morning and they are going to encounter wet roads. take a live look here. we are on route 15 and you can see that we have wet pavement. traffic still moving pretty well here, but it's still early. we have had off and on rain. it was heavier a little while ago, items now just light rain at this point. but obviously whenever we have any kind of rain during rush
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combination. so folks will have to take it easy out there. but so far so good. we are not the seeing any major problems. it is above freezing. so we are not seeing any problems with freezing rain. it's just one of those sloppy mornings. so folks will have to take it easy out there. on route 15, megan mcgrath, news 4. as we deal with rain, a blanket of snow is covering the great lakes this morning. look at that. whiteout conditions there before michigan could see 10 inches of snow, that same storm system left a foot of snow in minnesota across the midwest. to the east, clear land is bracing for up to 6 inches while parts of vermont could see up to a foot. frightening video from detroit, a plane skidded off an icy runway. it ended up in the grass. this happened during a snowstorm, there were 70 people on board. breaking news right now, d.c. police investigating a deadly shooting on 32
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kristin wright is joining us live. >> so what do you know right now, what are police saying? >> reporter: it's interesting that police are still working the scene here some nine hours after the shooting is said to have happened. i also want to add it's interesting that this is happening here, not typical for this neighborhood. so let me show you what is going on behind me here. you see the yellow police sap still blocking off 32nd street as police are down the block there toward western avenue working on their investigations. so here's what we know so far. we also want to show you some pictures that we have while i tell you what we know. if you look here, you see a are car that was parked here on 32nd with one of the windows shot out of the vehicle. so this p happened around 9:15 last knight. police got the call, they came ou
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they found a man who had been shot and that he died here on the scene. so right now many questions. we understand police have not made any arrests. so we are working to find more information about that and the circumstances of this shooting. back to you. >> kristin, thank you. 6:05. today syed evans will be in court to face a murder charge accused of killing a 16-year-old girl the day after thanksgiving. it happened in a potomac gardens housing complex. she was laid to rest friday. she had just returned home frb d boarding school for the holiday when she was killed. today the mother of two children who disappeared back in 2014 is due back in court. there is a comprehend hence cs competency hearing for catherine
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children two years ago and the children were never found. last month the judge ruled she was still not mentally stable enough for another trial, the children's father has asked for an independent doctor to evaluate hoggle. this morning we're hearing from china saying that it has serious concern about donald trump's latest comments suggesting that he's reconsidering america's relationship with taiwan. this morning a spokesman said the comments could, quote, badly affect u.s./china relations. on one of the sunday talk show, donald trump said he doesn't feel, quote, bound by a one china policy unless we make a deal with china having to do with other things including trade. china considers taiwan to be part of china. any reference to a separate taiwanese government is considered an insult. president-elect donald trump is voicing doubts over the cia's
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intervene in the election to help him win. in an interview on sunday, trump said he doesn't believe the agency's findings. this comes on top of lawmakers expressing concern other than exxonmobil ceo rex stilltiller that tillerson and his close ties to putin. don't be alarmed if you see smoke near montgomery county's trash facility in dickerson. for the next several days, fire xru is expected to be on the screen to put out a small fire there. it's under control, but firefighters have been working since thursday to put everything out. residential trash pickup won't be affected, but commercial customers will be sent to other facilities. an afternoon of wandering in the woods ended with two boys needing help from the fire department. >> take a look at the rescue effort. the two boys
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mud. a police officer pulled one out but they thad had to call in the fire department to help the other. >> i'm thankful for the people who came to rescue me. >> at that moment when you finally got freed, what were you thinking then? >> i was thinking am i going to be in trouble. >> smart kid. both children were checked out by medics and they're fine. parents are relieved, but eric says his mom did ground him for wandering too far away from home. he's 11 years old. and that would be a scary situation for any parent. >> even wrougithout the groundi he probably learned the lesson. and it's a good reminder to listen to your mom. >> good advice always. so you're saying there is a chance? >> i'm saying there is a chance. hope springs eternal. >> redskins playoff hopes are still alive after they beat the
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seconds. >> wild game the whole time. but a win is a win and the skins need more of these wins with three games to go now, they play the panthers next week at home. buccaneers who are ahead of the skins play the first place cowboys. we're waiting to hear on craven and compton who are both hurt. we need tampa, minnesota to lose. >> and those players are scheduled for mris today. >> go skins. it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. if you're away from your tv, take a look at the radar. how the rain and freezing rain could impact your drive to work. and we do have this breaking overnight, a verdict in the shooting death of a former nfl player. what a jury decided in the case of a man accused of killing will smith. be our guest again. the new welcome this morning from mgm national harbor.
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we're officially in weather alert mode. and we're will hitting the road and tracking the rain foring so out there. and more cold is on the way. chuck bell will have the latest on the track. >> xwm. this will not be our last weather alert day of the week. we have big time cold coming mid week and a chance for wintry weather to get the weekend started. right now most of the rain is along i-95 and into parts of southern maryland down towards fredericksburg. a little break out towards leastburg and temperatures there closer to the freezing mark. 80% chance you'll get rained on now, we
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skies and drying conditions later on. so much better weather for your workout this evening. by the weekend, with the cold air in place, we're keeping a close eye on saturday morning. might have to deal with a wintry mix there early saturday before the rest of the weekend turns cold and rainy. we'll talk more about that coming up. melissa mollett now in first 4 traffic. at summerville road, a crash reported. could be involving a pedestrian. trying to get more information about that. 66 after the roosevelt bridge, have report of a crash and high standing water slowing things in one of the lanes. travel times for you, 66 inbound, a bit slow here going 35 miles per hour from fairfax county fairfax county parkway to the beltway. it's range almost everywhere. 270 south okay. this is dry spot this morning. at least
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and top of the beltway to 270, it will take you 17 minutes. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. breaking news right now, a builtity verdict in the killing of ex-nfl player will smith. a jury in new orleans found cardale hayes guilty of manslaughter. the decision comes after a week long trial. hayes argued the he shot the football star because he was drunk, violent and grabbed a gun. a former teammate is reacting to the verdict. >> just because there was a guilty and a nonguilty verdict, you know, that doesn't mean that everything starts over now. she'll still get up in the morning and her husband is not there. the kids are get up and their father is not there. >> coach sean payton was also in court for the verdict. hayes faces up to 40 years when he's sentenced in february. >> the former nfl player killed in new orleans will be laid to rest today. skr
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road rage incident. he played in the nfl for four seasons with the new york giants and kansas city chiefs. mcknight's funeral is this morning in louisiana. today marks six months since the mass shooting at pulse night club. we're getting a look at new video of the police response back in june. in it, if you take a close look, you can see what appears to be the shooting suspect's minivan parked right there on the side of the club. and it shows people running frantically before police arrived with guns drawn. 49 people died and dozens more were hurt after gunman omar mateen opened fire inside the pulse night club. mateen was killed in a shoot-out with police. this morning survivors held a vigil inside the club at the exact moment that the shooting began. you can weigh in on a high speed rail service. the nearly 0 mile route would get passengers
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washington in 15 minutes. there are hope houses beingare region. people in washington and lanham can weigh in later this week. gas prices are getting a little higher this week, being attributed to opec's announcement to cut production. today's national average price is $2.21, that is three cents higher than last week. price for regular unleaded gas in d.c. is $2.26 a gallon up four cents from last week. you can try your luck at goingto the new mgm national harbor casino and resort once again. >> the casino is now accepting gusts following last week's very busy opening. remember that? casino officials say they are accepting more people to come and visit. last week they told people to stay away this weekend unless they already had reservations. the casino reached full capacity within the first
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last week. and i feel like it will be this busy for several months, people just interested in the very new hot spot. >> it's a big deal. and we do have this inside gallery sneak peek on nbc washington and it is one of the most visited gallery it is that we have on the sight. so we have a close-up for you. it is a moving holiday tradition. >> a truck convoy carrying more than 200,000 wreathes is headed to arlington national cemetery. people lined the streets in maine as the convoy left this weekend. this is an annual cross-country trek organized by the nonprofit group wreathes across america. they're dedicated to placing wreathes on military graves here in the u.s. and also around the world. >> patriotism is alive and well. and that warms my heart. and it's from the wee ones to the old ones. and they will be out there chanting usa, they will be carrying flags. and on saturday once again
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volunteers will place a wreath over single grave at arlington national cemetery. if you didn't break up this weekend, you're probably good for the holidays. according to data compiled from facebook, december 11th is the day when most relationships come to an end. >> two weeks before christmas sf. >> they don't want to buy christmas gifts for people that they aren't interested in. and it allows daters to go into new year's eve single. all the strategy to figure out when to break up with someone. yikes. >> i'm just glad i still got a ring on. i'm okay. >> so we're all good. chuck bell, how you doing in that department? >> i'm a little worried melissa mollett says she has something she wants to talk to me about, about so i'm concerned
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and in. >> never. you're a match made in heaven. >> just teasing of course. of course that means she want as diamond for christmas. two, why not. it's going to be diamonds for everybody i guess. outside this morning, no crystal clear skies for you early this morning. clouds have been in place for the last 24 hours or so and rain coming down much of the overnight hours. just rain here in the city. south winds have temperatures up at 42 degrees at national airport. we did have a little freezing rain advisory right along the pennsylvania border, it was dropped about 35 minutes or so ago because the rain has come to an end, that will allow temperatures in northern maryland to inch their way farther above the freezing mark. still another chance for moisture coming in here and light rain between now and about lunchtime. after lunchtime, things will start to improve just a bit. here is future weather, steadiest of the rain now is long into the east and south
6:21 am
coming our way between 8:00 and 10:00 this morning. but after we get past about lunchtime, here is 12:30 on future weather, past 12:30, things start to dry out and our computer model indicates that we might have enough clear to go get a peek or two of the sunshine just before the sun goes down which happens at quarter of 5:00 today. so hey get a little sun, but not a lot. temperatures 40s around town, rising just above the freezing mark up near the pennsylvania border. don't get too used to the idea of it being anywhere near warm because bitter cold air arrives late wednesday. could wring out a raindrop or snowflake late wednesday. but super cold air in place for thursday and friday. still have a problem in derwood, police say it could be here for a bit. what they're telling us is very little, but we know a pedestrian was struck at read land road at somerville. police on the scene for that
6:22 am
southbound 95 at 200, still have the crash in the right lane of the service road. we are seeing some delays through that area. westbound 66, remember after the roosevelt bridge, crash and high standing water there. linton hall road crash out of the way. it is something a lot of people in our area use, uber. but changes are on the way. what you are no longer allowed to do. it's a life saving action that almost never happened. the deputy credited for saving a toddler's life and why he wasn't even supposeto be there.d
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steve donaldson had just gotten certified in cpr and was off duty at a business when a mother rushed over saying her baby wasn't breathing. the deputy started cpr on little cory and the little boy regained consciousness. his mother publicly thanked the deputy yesterday. if you think your uber driver is cute the next time you catch a ride, you better keep to yourself. the ride sharing app just banned flirting. >> how do you do that? >> and what constitutes flirting? uber released a list that says to not touch or flirt with other people in the car. uber says customers could lose their accounts
6:26 am
the ride share company offered no xn explanation for what counts as flirting. what if you're making a connection? i don't know. >> i'm going to guess that it involves uber pool when you're picking up strangers and all people at all hours. >> but you're warned, no touching and no flirting. the gun giveaway from the man who wants to be the next governor of virginia. and winter weather even if we haven't seeing any snow yet. but we're seeing some rain and we are monitoring the conditions on the roadways. chuck will have the four things to know about today's forecast.
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watching for the chance of light freezing rain in the shenandoah valley and northern maryland. a deadly shooting in a quiet d.c. neighborhood. police with crime tape up. and a candidate for governor in virginia making headlines with a gun giveaway. in the last 30 minutes, freezing rain advisory was dropped. good morning to you, i'm eun yang. >> and i'm angie goff in for air p ron gilchrist. we've been monitoring the rain live. it's been heavy in some parts and tapering off in others. >> and twe begin with chuck bel with four things to now this morning. good morning. welcome to monday morning, everybody. most of the steady rain is from washington to points east and south from annapolis down toward st. mary's city,on
6:31 am
stafford, quantico. a little break in the action north and west of the city. the freezing rain advisory had been in place until 10:00 a.m., but they pulled it down early because the rain has come to an end and temperatures will be able to recover above the freezing mark everywhere. so still could have a slick spot or two closer to the pennsylvania border. not looking for a big impact. it will be a much easier ride home today as drier weather will be in place for the second half of the afternoon. more cold and i mean real cold weather arrives on wednesday, could have subfreezing high temperatures later on in the week. and that means we may even have to deal with wintry weather as we get towards the weekend. i'll he give you the whole ten day forecast coming up. but now here is melissa mollett. a new problem here westbound 370, the ramp to 270 south, new crash there outer loop at braddock road. this crash is on the ramp to eastbound braddock. sounds like it is blocking
6:32 am
side. southbound southbou southbound 95 at 200, a crash in the service road. and a pedestrian accident at rered land road. and 66 after roosevelt bridge, a crash and standing water there. and megan mcgrath has been out on the roadways giving us updates on the commute. >> how are things looking in ashburn near the toll road? >> reporter: yeah, it's actually looking pretty good. i'll give you a live look here. you can see what the road conditions are like. we have very light rain falling at the moment. so we see a little bit of everything this morning. we had moderate rain early, then it tapered off for a while completely and now it's just this light drizzle. you can see from the live picture here that we do have a sheen to the roadway. we're seeing wet pavement out here. so as traffic starts to build here as we go into the morning ru
6:33 am
it easy out there. but so far along this stretch in sterling, everything is looking pretty good. moving at speed. but whenever you throw rain into the mix, there is always the potential for problems. so take it easy out there as you head out the door and on into work this morning. we'll continue to monitor the roads and i'll let you know the conditions that we're seeing out here. megan mcgrath, news 4. we've got new numbers back in on flight cancelations. bad weather is the problem across the country. the storm is pummeling parts of the midwest. and we just checked, and flight reports nearly 600 cancellations this morning already. flyers at o'hare and midway airports really have been feeling it. going nowhere over
6:34 am
with 1,000 flights grounded. that is the latest from the live desk. back to you. do not forget to turn on your alert on your nbc washington app. we'll send you the up to the minute advisories directly to your phone or your tablet as you get ready to head out this morning. 6:33 now. d.c. police are investigating a late night shooting in northwest washington this morning. it happened on 32nd street. police found the man shot to death just after 9:00 last night. they are still on the lookout for a suspect, but so far have not the given a description. kristin wright will have a live update from the scene coming up. and now our top story, missing from manassas. we are hearing from police this morning, this is 10-year-old fee and i go m diego martinez.
6:35 am
a man could face 40 years for killing an nfl star. cardell hayes was found guilty of manslaughter for shooting will smith earlier this year. and president-elect donald trump is tweeting, stay tuned when it comes to his pick for secretary of state. he's expected to pick exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson for that position. lawmakers from both parties are expressing concern over tillerson due to his ties to russia. and the republican candidate for virginia governor now giving away an ar-15 for christmas. >> corey stewart says he's giving it away knowing that it would probably attract controversy. stewart who is chairman of the board of supervisors hopes that it emphasizes his support for gun rights. the ar 14 is the style of web used in several of the nation's mass shootings. >> reporter: one man shot to death in upper northwest in d.c. we have details
6:36 am
a win on the road, redskins dreams of the playoffs. knee deep in mud, young boys trapped. a rescue mission in prince y.orge's count
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there is the weather patio this morning. raindrops and cold and wet outside this morning. i'm happy to be warm and dry on the inside. and if you will be going out, have your rain gear ready. rain showers most moving in to southern maryla
6:40 am
tell probably lunchtime or shortly thereafter. so bus stop weather, certainly wet. a lot of puddles. temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. upper 40s and maybe into the low 50s by later on this afternoon. p so umbrella and hat for sure. your warm jag ket here for the fourth early this morning. won't be all that cold, but a cold and wet start means i give today an "f." and there is more bad grades coming later in the week with arctic air coming our way. the ten day forecast coming up. outer look at braddock, a crash eastbound ramp. slowing things quite a bit there this morning. westbound 66 after the roosevelt bridge, a crash with high standing water slowing things. 66 inbound slow here this morning. same thing 95 north going about 30 miles per hour in both spots. again, this is all because of the rain.
6:41 am
270 south same situation from germantown down to the spur and top of the beltway slow at 22 miles per hour. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. if you are just waking up with us, we're following breaking news. we're live on the scene of a deadly shooting in upper northwest washington. what we just learned about the victim. russian influence, donald trump calling a cia report ri c ridiculo ridiculous. and freezing rain advisory is over, but this won't be the last weather alert day of week. cars moving pretty smoothly there. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month.
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goodnight, bruce. gotta tune the "a." (humming) take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more. rain no most, but a chance for icing up near the pennsylvania border. it will be a slow go for your monday morning commute. on the beltway, just wet, slippery, sloppy conditions and of course that always means that we could see a challenging rush hour commute. from rain here to snow and ice in the midwest. trouble at our nation's airports on and off the runway. my first flight got canceled, so i had to rebook. >> breaking news, a murder mystery, a gruesome discovery in a quiet d.c. neighborhood. cia says russia tried to influence our
6:45 am
secretary of state job hangs in the balance. and president obama and bill murray deliver a message from the oval office. and skins win, but even i was rooting for dallas. it is a weather alert day. take a look at the radar before you head out here. >> it has gotten really busy out there. we're seeing heavy rain and even as it taper off on the roads at this hour the freezing rain has also been dropping. we have winter weather impacting a large part of the country and up and down the east coast, as well. and here's what we know right now. frightening video from detroit. take a look at the photos of a plane that skiddeded off an icy runway. the flight had just landed from buffalo and was trying to turn off of the runway. none of the 70 people on board was hurt. a blanket of snow covering the great lakes this morning.
6:46 am
of flights in the midwest especially at airports in chicago. the storm system has dropped a foot of snow in minnesota and cleveland. right now bracing for up to 6 inches. >> and we will send out updates on advisories throughout the day. and d.c. police are now trying to find the person who killed a man on 32nd street in northwest last night. kristin wright joins us live with details on the police investigation. >> reporter: i just talked to one of the neighbors who says, yeah, he's really surprised that this has happened here because this kind of thing doesn't usually happen in in neighborhood. nonetheless we do see crime tape and police cars here in the hawthorne neighborhood of northwest d.c. so interesting video to show you from last night. you see here, take a look, a car parked here on
6:47 am
a shattered window, police focusing in on that car. they came out here around 9:00 last night, found a man who had been shot. he later died. we are still asking yeses this morning about the circumstances here and we understand that no one has been arrested. back here live, police telling me this morning that they do not know how long this block of 32nd between western down there and chestnut up here will be closed for their investigation. back to you. >> kristin, thank you. turning now to president-elect trump's transition. this morning he's casting doubt over the cia assessment that russia tried to sber interfere in t interfere in the election to help him win. the assessment leading to y lawmakers to call for an investigation. but trump rejected the cia finds. >> i think it's ridiculous, just another excuse. i don't believe it. >> this comes as trump is expected to
6:48 am
rex tillerson for secretary of state. republicans and democrats have criticized the pick due to tillerson's ties to vladimir putin. this morning a spokesman for the kremlin called tillerson, quote, highly professional. breaking news, two officers shot in georgia. these details just in from byron, about an hour and a half south of atlanta. we've learned that drug enforcement officers were trying to serve a search warrant at a home when someone inside started shooting at them. the officers it fire back. details still coming in. tune into the "today" show for updates and updates and any details. we know that a faulty gas furnace sparked this apartment fire in fairfax county over the weekend. dozens of people left homeless after those flames tore through the building on richmond highway. the smoke alarms faito
6:49 am
off because the furnace was in the attic. they are working to get you tyt utilities back on. a boy became stuck in mud -- yesterday two boys became stuck in mud in a marshy area. a police officer pulled one of the boys out of the mud, but they had to call in the fire department to help the other. eric henderson said it wasn't the mud that he was afraid of. >> i was really thinking am i going to be in trouble. >> did you learn a lesson in this? >> don't let people talk you into stuff, just do what you think will be good for yourself. >> did you hear him blaming his friend? eric's mom did end up grounding him for wandering too far away from home. so we can have a good laugh because they're
6:50 am
grounded. lesson learned indeed. >> i know, but how scary for the parents. and there is always a reason doctor we swhy we say don't go there. redskins are taking it one game at a time because there are just three games left. even one loss could wipe them off the playoff picture. you were explaining this to me. >> it came down to the final seconds against philadelphia. a nail biter. but the defense closed it out in the end thank goodness. kirk cousins he had you will face adversity in every game. >> the ability to keep battling was a good sign from our team and there is a lot of football left to be played now. >> craven and compton have mris scheduled for today. skins come back home next week to play the panthers on monday night football in america, let's go skins. we need the
6:51 am
though. >> because the giants are the only team that the cowboys lost to this year. >> including last night. only time i ever rooted for the cowboys so we have a better chance to go to the playoffs. giants are now in it and dallas takes on tampa pay next week. >> and the bucs are just ahead of the redskins vying for that final playoff spot. this is also confusing. i was like we're saved and everybody is like not so fast. >> and i have to root for the cowboys again because we need tampa bay to lose. well, whatever did yyou did weekend, it probably wasn't as cool as what bill murray got to. >> he's an avid cubs fan and he had a chance to play golf in the oval office with president obama. and of course engage in a little trash talk. >> generally i don't let cubs fans into the oval office. >> probably not a coincidence that your
6:52 am
all-time high, so i would just stick with this, just ride this baby. >> not going to happen. >> the president is a chicago white sox fan. the two then go on to talk about the real purpose of the video which is to encourage people to buy health insurance through the affordable care act. very funny. >> nice little segue there. and by the way, i think that the president didn't make any of his putts. >> whoops. >> bill murray is so fun. for us, we had a little freezing rain throughout early this morning. fortunately that is now gone. from here on out, it's just going to be raindrops. nearly everybody is above freezing. winchester, you're the lone exception still at 32. so if you're traveling around fred kick couerick county, virg there could be a little bit of ice out there first thing. but everybody else especially closer to the city way above freezing. so as you're planning out your day, lots of rain around here for the morning commute.
6:53 am
continue up through about lunchtime today before things start to dry out once again later on. have your nbc washington app downloaded and the alerts turned on, you can follow me on twit r twitter @chuckbell4 and i'll keep you ahead of the weather. first thing to know on a monday morning, rain drops now getting off the i-95 corridor temporarily moving down into parts of southern maryland, but here is a look at future weather and here is the reason i don't think we're completely done with the rain chances just yet. steadiest of rain southern maryland between now and 10:00. persistent light rain, still could get more light rain across parts of the i-95 corridor. maybe another wave right around lunchtime. but after 2:00, 3:00, the rain should be gone. skies will try to clear out later today. not sure we will get the sunshine all the way back. might be a peek or two of it. mostly cloudy tomorrow, cloudy again on wednesday. a little chance for some rain which might end as a wet
6:54 am
snowflake or two late wednesday as arctic air moves in afternoon highs below freezing thursday and friday, that could lead to a win at the weather threat on saturday. we'll keep you ahead of the storm all week long. a little chilly for my liking here this morning. outer loop at braddock, crash on the ramp still sitting there. just the right side getting by. better news about the beltway, some of the rain moving out of the way. 210 at the beltway, debris in the roadway headed inbound. also 5 in the area of 301 quite slow. top of the beltway, looking pretty good. northbound 29 at 32, hearing in my ear we do have a brand new crash there. redthe land road at somerville, have the crash there still this morning. that involves a pedestrian. they are still on the scene there. 270 at montrose road, you can see pretty typical volume here this morning. that area again has just kind of gotten dry in the last 20 or
6:55 am
minutes. westbound 66 after the roosevelt bridge, crash with the high standing water as well. so warning for you there. 95 northbound there at quantico to the beltway, you can see the virtual rain falling. it will take you 32 minutes. slow spot is woodbridge. and continuing our team coverage, we want to get one last check on how the rain is impacting the roads. >> megan mcgrath joining us live from the beltway and this time uhe come to us from mclean, virginia. how are things looking out there? >> reporter: yeah, things looking pretty good. we're going about 45 miles per hour. take take lo you can see traffic is moving. we are approaching river road exit on the inner roof tloop of beltway. but we have light rain coming down, so whenever we have rainy conditions during the commute, you just need to be prepared. we can see the traffic tie ups, the fender
6:56 am
looking pretty good. just give yourself extra a little time because your commute could drag out a little bit longer than usual given the wet p conditions out here. on the beltway, i'm megan mcgrath, news 4. 6:55. here are four things to know. d.c. police are investigating the city's latest homicide. they say a man was shot and killed on 32nd in northwest washington just after 9:00 last knig night. president-elect donald trump expected to nominate rex tillerson for secretary the state. nominations for the 74th golden globes will be announced this morning. you can catch it all at around 8:35 on "today." the northeast bracing for more snow after the midwest was dumped on by a major winter storm. the storm city dropping a foot in minnesota. canceling hundreds of flights through chicago.
6:57 am
rain up and down the eastern seaboard today. so traveling up the northeast corridor, be on the lookout if that. rain should be done by lunchtime. could get a sliver or two of sunshine. big weather story after this is the big plunge in temperatures wednesday night into thursday. thursday and friday, highs below freezing, windchills could be down near zero. >> chuck. >> yeah, real cold. >> three coat weather. >> thank you so much, everybody, r joining
6:58 am
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good morning. ss ow in a snowy runway in detroit. roads littered with accidents. cold temperatures getting even colder. al's forecast ahead. countering intelligence. president-elect trump doubles down on his rejection of cia findings that russia tried to influence the election in his favor. >> it's just another excuse. i don't believe it. >> his likely pick for secretary of state under fire from democrats and republicans for extensive ties to moscow. this morning, we'll talk to one of mr. trump's closest advisors, kellyanne conway. hoarding hatchimals. a best-selling author spends thousand


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