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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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call today. comcast business. built for business. breaking now at 11:00, donald trump set to the announce his pick for secretary of state in just a matter of hours. tonight we are also learning more about a court battle he haas b
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district. a man shot after dropping off a child at school. teachers praised for keeping the kids inside. and metro reach as major hurdle to scaling back service on the rails after safe track. >> announcer: news4 at 11 starts now. >> i am good evening, everybody. doreen has the night off. first up tonight, a close call for a family just trying to stay warm. their house, killed with carbon monoxide because of a problem with their furnace, something firefighters tell us could happen to any of us. shomari stone live at the dc fire station to tell us more on how this family got out. >> reporter: good evening jim, tonight this family tells us they are fortunate to be alive. firefighters often respond to carbon monoxide calls during the winter months when people are turning up their heat. they leave stations like the one behind me, the victims often transported in ambulances like the one over here. tonight thisam
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>> just grateful that god looked out for me and my family. >> charles matthews counts his blessings this christmas holiday season. he and his family could have died inside their northwest dc home. they got carbon monoxide poisoning. >> if it had happened a few hours before, i might not be here. >> reporter: charles, his wife, and daughter, cranked up the heat sunday morning. it was cold. suddenly, they all became nauseous, groggy, his daughter fainted. >> we are incredibly lucky. >> reporter: turns out their furnace was broken and leaked carbon monoxide, anode orless, colorless gas. charles had no clue because he didn't have a detector in his house. they called 911. >> they detected it before they came into the house. that's how strong it was. >> reporter: medic rushed the family to the medical center, where they stayed about n
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hours. after the doctors released the matthews from the hospital they immediately went to a hardware store and bought carbon monoxide detectors. they have one in the basement, one in the kitchen, and one upstairs. they encourage other people to do it. >> a carbon monoxide detector will alert you to the gas long before it reaches the level where it becomes dangerous. >> i would urge anybody out there if they don't have detectors please get them. >> reporter: that's good advice. firefighters also again want me to remind viewers if you have your carbon monoxide detectors make sure you put them on all the levels of your home and also in the sleeping areas. one more thing. also make sure that your furnace is working properly. live in northwest dc, i'm shomari stone. news4. doug, those furnaces are going to be working overtime later this week. but it sounds like we have a few days to brace for it? >>ar
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coldest air of the season by far coming up on thursday. we have tomorrow and wednesday with temperatures in the 40s. that's where we are right now. still quite mild. our average high temperature today is 48. right now we are at 48 at the airport, 36 in haguerstown. so there is some cooler air out there. but no real cold air anywhere on this map. now, it is going to get a lot colder. cool weather across our region tomorrow. but watch what happens thursday and friday. here comes the cold. this is arctic cold. you talk about the polar vortex? that's exactly what this is, moving in towards our region. we are going to see temperatures well below average. much colder of windy as well. wind chills down into the teens on thursday and friday. coming up in just about ten minutes we'll talk about just how cold things get. the teens may not be as cold as we get. we have the numbers coming up for you as well as the saturday storm that is one to match. new tonight the justice department says a
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region is illegally blocking construction of a mosque. we have been telling but the battle in culpepper county. now the doj is taking the county to court. federal attorneys say the county violated the law when it denied a sewage permit application to the mosque. that rejection prevented the icc from building a small mosque on land it already purchased. the suit said the county had considered dozens of similar permits and never denied any of them. people who live in the community tell us the increase in traffic not the mosque itself is why they oppose the center. the lawsuit was announced on the same day attorney general loretta lynch paid a visit to a mosque in sterling. she spoke about a spike in hate crimes targeting muslims. president-elect donald trump will announce the biggest appointment in his cap net tomorrow morning. sources familiar with the process tell nbc news his pick
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exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson. a top transition source tells nbc news it will make that decision as early as 6:00 tomorrow morning. one announcement trump was supposed to make this week now will not be happening as planned. chris lawrence has more from the live desk. >> before he takes the oath of office next month, the president-elect is going to be under oath, answering attorneys questions in a lawsuit tied to dc's trump international hotel. ironically, that will happen within weeks of donald trump explaining how he's going to separate himself from his business. today mr. trump postponed what was supposed to be a major news conference on thursday so that his team will have more time to work out the conflicts of interest. trump claims he sold off his stock portfolio but he has shown no sign he is ready to divest himself from the company that bears his name. the lawsuit circles back to comments he made on the campaign trail abo illegal
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up a restaurant in the trump hotel. donald trump sued him. the president-elect will face questions in a deposition the first week in january. trump also received celebrity chef geoffrey zakarian for the same reason that case comes into court after the new year. teachers and staff at a dc charter school are getting praise tonight for how they handled a shooting just outside their doors. this happened around 8:30 at harmony public charter school on t street. jackie bensen found out new tonight this isn't the first time something like this happened at that school. >> reporter: jim, this is the second shooting on or adjacent to this school's property just this semester. and that has parents and neighbors very concerned: dc police officers were reassuring
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public charter school throughout end of the day aftercare. late this afternoon muriel bowser went to the school to greet students and to thank staff for insulating the children from the incident which happened on todd place behind the building. >> the kids for the most part were in their classrooms already getting started. and we want that to be the case for them everybody day. >> reporter: police say around 8:30 this morning a man who had driven his birl friend to the school to drop off her young child was shot sitting inside his car moments after the mother and child went inside. >> after the child was in the school safely a vehicle came up on the scene, shots were fired, and the victim suffered a non--life threatening injury. as a result of that, our investigators were able to obtain an arrest warrant for the suspect in the case. >> reporter: police described the shooting as domestic in the nature. they say the victim and
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each other. news4 has learned the chain-link fence around the school's playground was added after a man playing basketball there on september 11th a sunday was shot and injured during a robbery. police later released this security camera video of a man described as a person of interest in that crime. the two shootngs are not believed to be related. police say they know who they are looking for in this most recent shooting but so far, no arrests. live in northeast, jackie bensen, news4. also in the district tonight police are trying to figure out if a deadly shooting may have connected another crime to our area. this one happened just a couple of blocks from chevy chase, maryland. someone shot and killed grant desumu last night along 32nd street in northwest dc. officers found him dead behind the wheel of his car only a block and a half from his home. it appeared the shooting happened inside the car.
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possibility that the shooting is related to an armed carjacking. metro is trying figure out why two rail cars separated from a train near the twin brook metro station just after 9:00 this morning. no one was hurt and all the passengers got off the train safely. it's not the first time this type of incident happened this year. back in jana problem with a spring and moisture issue caused another train to break apart. meanwhile dc officials are now expected to go along with metro's plan to reduce service hours for two years starting in july. earlier this month a metro committee voted in support of a service stopping 30 minutes earlier monday through thursday, two hours earlier friday and saturday, and an hour earlier on sunday. maryland and virginia board members signed off, but dc was holding out. they are now expected to approve the plan in a vote on thursday. chopper 4 above a deadly crash today in loudoun county earlier.
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causing traffic problems tonight. the sheriff's office tells us one person was killed when this box truck and another vehicle crashed. deputies had to shut down all web lathes lanes of route 7 near yellow schoolhouse road. right now there is a detour in place and no word on when those lanes will reopen. a local family doing battle with an insurance company after that devastating explosion in new york's stlal park earlier this year. it forced a virginia teenager to lose part of his leg. his family fighting for him to walk again. >> just scraping and clawing away at trying to get coverage. >> next at 11:00, the news4 i-team gets answers that could help other families, too. and this just coming in to the live desk. the fairfax county police chief has been involved in a car accident after a
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driver rear ended the chief's cruiser. the chief was stopped at lee highway and stone road in centerville before 9:00:tonight. the chief was leaving a police awards dinner when he was hit. he is being treated for minor
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it's been almost six months since a freak accident in central park during the fourth of july weekend a fairfax county teenager stepped on an explosive and lost his leg. that 18-year-old oakton high school graduate has been working to recover,
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macfarland and the news4 i team found his family has been fighting another battle with his health insurance company. >> reporter: conor golden was always on the move. >> he loves to explore, and always has. >> wind surfing in the sun, and snow mobiling in the snow. but in new york in july, his life changed. after he stepped on an explosive placed in central park. it tore through his leg. police have yet to solve the case and conor is now moving with the help of a prosthetic lower limb for which the family faces paying thousands of dollars. >> he is going to overcome the barriers. >> reporter: conor is away at college in florida. back home in fair fox there was another barrier for his parents to overcome. >> maddening frustrating. >> reporter: kevin golder hoped securing the insurance company would be simple. >> that's not how it turned out and'v
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clawing away at trying to get coverage. >> reporter: goldens and their medical provider tell they have been sent notice its the insurance company has been unable to process their claims and asked for additional documentation. >> at a time when you should be focused on more important things you have to be dealing with an insurance company. >> reporter: the review of federal regulations and federal coverage shows getting coverage for prosthetics is not always simple. patients face new rule facing what treatment and what equipment gets coverage and how much is covered. federal administrators recently submitted proposed rule changes potentially stiffening the requirement that must be met before medicare pays for some prot thek threatics. they say it may limit access to newer technology,
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private insurers who often follow medicare's lead. >> steve mcmill is with the association for advancement of orthotics and prosthetics. >> the insurance company would say this is about cost containment. we can't pay unlimited amounts of money all the time for whatever anybody wants. >> reporter: prosthetics cost teps of thousands of dollars. because it is expensive, so too is the fraud. a audit found medicare paid $61,000 in prosthetics for people who never had an office visit with the doctor who referred them. >> they should be able to get some better treatment than they are currently receiving. >> reporter: pennsylvania congressman charlie dennis proposed new law t
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insurance coverages who offer prosthetics coverage for putting a maximum limit on those coverages. >> perhaps we might be able to drive greater awareness and spark action. >> reporter: united health care has now said they will pay for the prosthetic and regrets any inconvenience saying the medical provider the family chose is out of network. it is a step in the right direction for a dad who says his teenager won't be slowed down. >> it is an inspiration to get through this has been powerful. >> with more prosthetics eventually needed the family worries about future hurdles to come. scott mcfarlane, news4 i-team. >> made so much progress. doug joins us now. today was balmy? >> 56 earlier today. i think by thursday arch some areas could be 6 for a wind
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drop. it's coming, pretty quickly but you still have time to work it out. right now, a little bit on the breezy side. look at what we saw earlier. chopper 4 getting this great shot of the moon. the moon is full tomorrow. it's smil u.s. close. it's still a super moon, 14% brighter than it normally is. going to get a great shot of it tonight. now the clouds are moving in and that might be the best chance we see of it. temperatures around the region, not bad, 47. our average high is 48. we are close to the average high. winds out of the northwest at 16. wind chill right now in the city is at 40. look at the other numbers we are starting to cool. 34 frederick, 39 warrantton, 39 in quantico. but it's not going to be a frigid night tonight. waking up tomorrow morning, not all that bad. you will need the coat but temperatures will rebound nicely tomorrow. on the radar, no rain to talk about. won't see a chance of rain until this time tomorrow night. look at the
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right now in the chicago. ten. that's where the cold air is. it's waiting to come down here. it's not going to get in here tomorrow. but end of the day on wednesday we will see changes. i want to show them. 8:00 tomorrow clouds. snow in haguerstown. panhandle of west virginia, might see flurries. clouds during the day help keep temperatures down. tomorrow evening maybe a couple of showers just down to the south of washington. snow backwards the west. but to the east we are seeing shower activity. i'm not expecting much. that sets the stage for wednesday. wednesday, sunshine early. watch the clouds move back in. this is the arctic front. wednesday night. as it moves through, the temperatures start to change. 7:00 wednesday night, 29 martinsburg. 37 dc. by the time you wake up on thursday morning, 13 in dc. 9 in gaets. 11 in
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west virginia and western portions of maryland. notice by 3:00 it gets even colder. so thursday is the day that the cold air is really moving in. a wind chill of 7 degrees in dc on thursday. that is brutal. tomorrow not all that bad. temperatures low to mid 40s. we will see cloud cover and maybe an isolated shower tomorrow night. all in all not a bad day. wednesday not all that bad either. then we have weather alert days on thursday and friday. it will be freezing. 32 that's the high at 8:00 in the morning. temperatures falling all day on thursday. 28 on friday. tracking a storm system on saturday, going for a high temperature of 44 here. but in the morning we may see some of this moving in as frozen precipitation meaning maybe freezing rain or some snow before it changes over to all rain. it is amazing how cold we are and how fast the warm air moves in. we're 60 by sunday. >> things turning interesting four. you will be bu
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coming up, the wizards feeling the heat down in miami. plus the playoff
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you and roomba, from irobot. better. together. an ugly night for the wizards down in miami, george. >> you could say that, yeah. the wizards were in the middle of a good stretch of basketball having won two straight, three of four. facing a heat team that only won twice at home. what could go wrong. >> scott brooks was smiling before the game. not sure he was after. early on
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strong. skbukt the foul here. 11 points in the first quarter the. 29 for beale in the game. third quarter, wizards up three. wall hit the jumper. team high, 30 points in the game. wizards up five. looks good. but they could not slow down goran draggic. later, dragic, 34 for him. heat beat the wizards 112-101. down a level, turtles supporting turtles. maryland hosting jackson stake. maryland on the run. melo trimble, pull up. gets the jumper to go. te terps up five.
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melo trimble. head to the second half. dishing out out. spin move in the lane. nice. finishes with the flush. 15 points for him. maryland picks up their 11th game of the season. 92-66. other basketball scores. george mason cruises by longwood. and the maryland women are a perfect 11-0 after beating loyola 79-60. it's the middle of december and the redskins are still playing meaningful football games. style point don't matter this time of year. you take a win and move on to the next week. easy. thanks to a much needed road win the redskins very much alive in the nfc playoff race. right now the redskins are half a game out of the final wild card spot. the burgundy and gold within three games within the
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the voice. wayne mcdonald, sun dance head, billy gilman and josh gallagher all performed tonight hoping to get a vote. you can vote. there is a recap tomorrow night at 8:00 followed by the two hour
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