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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 13, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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held him while he took his last breath. >> get up to those pearly gates you tell them you're santa's number one elf and they'll let you right in. he goes, they will? i said, they sure will. he said, santa can you help me? >> well, santa said it was the hardest visit he ever had, but he was happy to bring that little boy some christmas magic even if it was just for a moment. >> these stories give you so much perspective and help you find some gratitude in this holiday season and at least the little boy had a shining moment before he died. >> a little angel by his side. >> stay with us now. news 4 tonights at 5:00 a.m. we are following breaking news right now. a home invasion, the latest developments from franklin drive. good morning, everyone.
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>> we want to get right to kristen wright. she has the latest from the live desk. >> yes, here's what we know. this is on franklin avenue. it is a home invasion. police are investigating. we can tell you that three to five suspects somehow got into this house. unclear whether they forced their way in or if they were somehow let into the home. we know that two people were home inside of the house at the time. police not telling us exactly what the relationship is between the people, but they are calling this a home invasion. still lots of questions, still trying to find out more information about this so we can tell you that nobody was hurt. staying on top of this one. back to you. >> thank you. let's get you up to the minute now on your weterror and traff -- weather and traffic. >> let's start off with chuck. >> i'm trying to help keep you warm and she's trying to help get you to work and school on time on a tuesday morning. still nice and
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plenty of time to get things done here early this morning. temperature a little milder in downtown. 42 by the bay in annapolis, but get away from the water and away from the city and it does get colder. back down to the freezing mark across the valley. 36 chilly degrees there in leesburg. so plan on 30s this morning and plan on a lot of clouds coming our way for later on this afternoon. not much of a rain chance, but i sure couldn't rule out a couple of sprinkles possible late this afternoon and into early this evening so keep that in mind. in your weather headlines then, increasing clouds today. we'll be in weather alert mode for thursday and friday for a dangerously low windchills and a chance for wintery weather on thursday morning. more on that, but for now let's go over to melissa to see how we are on the roads. >> looking good right now. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, no big problems this morning. chuck. every time he gets caught doing that he can on
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quickly, guys. it's sad. 95 here quantico to the beltway going to take you 18 minutes here. you're on time there. same thing if you're headed southbound on 95. no big problems here this morning. taking a look at 95 in maryland, southbound there from 32 to the beltway you're just fine. hearing in my ear about a new crash in virginia. an update on that one coming up. >> thank you. new developments from president-elect donald trump overnight. he spent the early morning hours tweeting about his businesses saying his children donald and eric will manage them. and at a news conference expected thursday on the subject it will be held in the near future. and he's also expected to make two major announcements on his cabinet today. we know energy secretary and secretary of state. kristen wright back with us with the latest from the live desk. >> we are watching this one very closely. we do expect this announcement possibly within the hour. president-elect donald trump
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rex tillerson as his secretary of state and you see pictures here of tillerson with vladimir putin. he is known for his close ties with putin so some controversy there. also the fact that tillerson does not have any foreign policy experience, but again here in the news room we are waiting for this announcement, watching for this announcement and we'll bring it to you as soon as it happens. expect it around 6:00 a.m. back to you. trump has also made a decision on his energy secretary. sources tell nbc news he will pick former texas governor rick perry for that post. when he first ran for president in 2012 he couldn't remember the name of the energy department as one of the agencies he said he'd eliminate. that moment became known as his oops moment. and more now on the trump business interest. the president-elect said in a series of overnight tweets that he would be leaving his businesses before january 20th
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presidency. he says this is not something mandated by law. tracie potts will have more on these developments live from capitol hill at the bottom of this hour. a deadly car crash that happened here on walker mill road at addison road south. we do have calls in to police to check if walker mill road is closed in both directions. it appears the driver of the mini van there on the left of your screen crashed into that light pole near that gas station. we're working to learn more about whether or not anybody was hurt and what caused the accident. and in virginia we just checked on another crash that happened there. you first saw this because of this view from chopper 4. route 7 though back open this morning after this deadly crash yesterday. the sheriff's office telling us that one person was killed when this box truck and another vehicle crashed. deputies had to shut down all westbound lanes at one point of route 7. this is
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road. developing right now, another police shooting in georgia. two officers were shot trying to arrest someone in a stolen car. police say the officers pulled the car over, then realized it was reported stolen from south carolina. police say the suspects shot the officers and ran away. the officers are expected to survive. last week there were several similar instances with officers shot, some even killed. a bomb threat has caused a flight to be diverted to new york's jfk airport. it was headed to germany. it had more than 500 people on board. take a look at video. this was posted to twitter while they were on the runway at jfk. the threat was called in to the airlines corporate headquarters. the plane was searched and nothing suspicious was
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today the man accused of brutally murdering his next door neighbors will be sentenced. dick and joe di vilardo were killed on mother's day last year. today their long time neighbor will learn his prison sentence. police say he broke into the home and attacked the sleeping couple in their bed. their adult children found their bodies when they didn't show up for a mother's day brunch. montgomery county's state attorney says he has asked the judge for a life sentence without parole. police are waiting to make an arrest in yesterday's shooting right outside of a charter school. they say that the suspect drove up to a man who sat in his car outside of harmony public charter school in northeast and fired off a gun. the man had just dropped off his girlfriend and his child moments before. this was around 8:30 in the morning. after being hit in the arm he rushed inside the school for help. the mayor is now thanking teachers and staff for having handled this situation. >> the
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were in their classrooms and already getting started and we want that to be the case for them every single day. >> in september a man playing basketball near the school's playground was shot and hurt during a robbery. police do not think that the shootings are related and the latest one is likely a domestic issue. right now there is a search for this missing montgomery county man. carl tubbs jr., police say he lives in a group home. he suffers from schizophrenia and dementia and was last seen leaving for an appointment yesterday morning. call police if you know where he is. we're also posting his picture to our nbc washington facebook page. the federal government is taking culpepper county to court. this is an update to a story we've been telling you about. the county is preventing the islamic center of culpepper from building a mosque on land the center already owns. specifically the county
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the justice department says it's doing that illegally and that the county considered dozens of similar permits and never denied any of them. d.c.'s city hall building is becoming more family friendly. at 9:15 this morning council members will unveil new diaper changing tables. each of them will have their own babies to actually test out those tables. >> the real deal. there you go. >> we still have outdoor holiday decorations you better get to it. the cold snap that is headed our way when we check in with chuck bell. the man accused of shooting into a d.c. pizza shop heads to court and it comes just as we're learning new information about his background. and we continue to follow that breaking news in prince george's county where a home invasion investigation is underway. if you are headed out the door be sure to check the nbc washington app for t latesthe
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welcome back. get ready for real cold. you think this is bad, an ji? >> we're going down. >> we are going down. it's not today. you don't have to worry about it today. but today and tomorrow are the days you need to go back to the far reaches of your winter wardrobe and look for that thing that you only wear when it's crazy cold outside, you'll be needing it before this week is through. your tuesday
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chilly. mid to upper 30s throughout the area. so a lot of clouds around today. temperatures gradually warming up into the mid-40s today. could have a sprinkle or two late afternoon into the evening timeframe today, but not terribly impactful, but thursday and friday, dangerous cold arrives and the weekend which could start out a little iciness turns out looks like a lot of rain coming our way for saturday and sunday afternoon. more about that and the five-day coming up. for now it is time to hear from melissa mollet. >> it's lynnton hall road with a crash. that's all we have right now. just a caution, sort of a situation. 270 here at germantown road, 118, northbound, southbound you can see everything is rolling along just fine here. top of the beltway, no problems. all of these routes no problems either. bottom of the beltway, same situation. all of those routes in and
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county are looking nice and green this morning. hoping everything stays this way for us on this tuesday morning. happening right now, a fire at the capitol hilton hotel. fire officials right now. they tweeted out just a few minutes ago that it is a fire in the laundry room basement of the hotel. this is near the white house on 16th street in northwest, so we're making calls on this to find out more, but it doesn't seem to be a big one, but again, making calls on it right now. back to you. >> all right. thank you. it is 5:14. new this morning fairfax county police chief is home from the hospital after he was hit by a suspected drunk driver. police say the chief was rear ended while he was stopped at lee highway and stone road just before 9:00 last night. he had just left from a police awards event. he wasat
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injuries. a hearing is set for today in the case involving edgar wel welch. he is the man charged with firing an assault weapon inside a pizza shop last week. welch remains in jail without bond. he faces charges including assault with a dangerous weapon. we're also learning new information about welch this morning. this coming from his parents who say he underwent a personality change, this after he hit a 13-year-old boy with his car back in october. they say he went from being energetic and outgoing to melancholy and quiet. no charges were fired in that crash. they went on to say their son is loving and responsible and an affectionate father of two girls. his parents have not talked to him since the shooting happened. a bridge dedication ceremony later this morning. it will be dedicated to marine sergeant rb
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his second tour of duty in iraq. they petitioned to dedicate that bridge in his honor. the ceremony will be held at 11:00 a.m. in bethesda. the wood bridge sailor killed in syria last month will receive a full military funeral this week at arlington cemetery. services are set for wednesday in alexandria. his burial will follow on thursday in arlington. he was killed by an ied. he leaves behind a wife and two children. many of you are waking up and cranking up those furnaces and while you do, there is a family who wants you to hear their urgent warning about what they call a silent danger. charles matthews says on sunday morning his family turned up the furnace. he says suddenly they all became nauseous, groggy and his daughter even fainted. it
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and leaked carbon monoxide which is an odorless, colorless gas. >> we are incredibly lucky. >> they detected it before they came in the house. that's how strong it was. >> the family spent nine hours at a hospital. after doctors released them they immediately went to a hardware store and bought these carbon monoxide detectors. firefighters say you should have one on every floor. so get those carbon monoxide detecto detectors. they're as important as a smoke detector. >> you're right. so we'll check in with chuck bell. so you're telling me that we're cutting temperatures in half at one point? >> cut them in half? >> 40s to 20s? >> oh, i see what you mean. i guess, it's not like a cake. you can't cut it in half exactly. but i get where you're coming from though. temperatures will be taking a real drop as we get towards wednesday night on into thursday and friday. you're going to need to start
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the last ten months. for today, clouds continue to thicken out here early this morning. might get a little peek of sunshine early, but clouds will win by later on this afternoon. temperatures mostly in the 30s. should be up into the mid and upper 40s for a brief time this afternoon. then by 7:00 tonight mostly cloudy and we'll get any sprinkles around today it will be much later on in the afternoon into the evening. here's where the moisture is coming from. no big storm, just oozing moisture kind of coming in our general direction. so here's the way future weather tracks it on out. clouds thickening during the course of the day. by lunchtime mostly cloudy. if we get past 4:00 or 5:00 this afternoon that's when we'll see light sprinkles of rain showers coming in and it might be cold enough out here many the mountains to see a flurry or two. tomorrow getting back into sunshine. the colder air starts to arrive late in the day tomorrow so by the time you wake up o
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difference. by wednesday evening, temperatures trending down below freezing. by thursday morning, temperatures in the 20s. that's not too bad. watch this though. as we get into thursday afternoon, temperatures stay in the mid to upper 20s and by early thursday evening we're back down into the teens and windchills by the time you wake up on friday morning, windchills down at or below zero. i mean, real cold stuff. here is your five-day forecast. cloudy today again with a few sprinkles late. no problems for tomorrow. these are the days to get ready for the deep freeze. we'll be in alert mode thursday and friday to keep you ahead of the bone chilling cold and more details on that wintery weather threat on saturday. but let's go over to melissa looking at the bay bridge. >> a brand new work zone that is blocking the right lane of 2 i should say this morning. not causing any big problem. just wanted to warn you
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still have this situation at lee highway. a crash is reported there. 66 overall does not look too bad here this morning as you sort of widen out and take a look at the beltway. all the routes into and out of town everything remaining nice and green. so keeping our fingers crossed for the morning commute. and beltway, not sure why that is happening but looking okay there. guys? >> whoa, hold that night. tonight it's all down to the final four on "the voice." they all performed last night and you can vote for your favorite through noon today. >> and in case you missed it there will be a recap at 8:00 tonight followed by the two hour star studded season finale, all
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i like alicia keys and miley. they have a good chemistry. >> i think they added a lot of fun to that show. a major warning before you do holiday shopping. you haven't started. >> i have some. >> the popular stores being slapped with lawsuits for allegedly tricking their shoppers. >> and one strike you are out. the new rules announced overnight when it comes to hazing in the
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at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always believed the holidays should be about joy. where days are filled with magic, not madness. it's why we have amazing prices on thoughtful gifts, everyday. let's bring back the holidays.
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we're getting in new video that's showing the mood in syria as pro government forces take the remaining strong holds of eastern aleppo. the people there cheering in the streets of syrian military saying they are in the final stages of taking back those remaining holdouts in
5:25 am
this is after four years of civil war there in syria. humanitarian groups though, calling for civilians live to be spared. however, the u.n. is reporting this morning that they have heard that over 80 civilians have been killed as those pro government forces try to take those remaining spots in aleppo. back to you. >> all right. kristen, thank you. 5:25 now. millions of americans are bracing for a deep freeze on its way along with another snowstorm. >> yeah, this is some wicked weather that has pushed across the country this week. the bitter blast, leaving many people doing this, digging out from under inches of snow. the dangerous mixture of ice and snow triggering thousands of flight delays and caused crashes across the midwest as well as the northeast. more cold weather is expected over the next couple of days with temperatures 10 to 30
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yikes. well, major league baseball putting a stop to the ritual of dressing up rookies as wonder woman, disney princesses, hooter girls. >> it's part of their antti hazing and anti bullying policy. exactly when the annual dressup day began isn't clear but players considered it a form of bonding and has become more of a production in recent years not all outfits are banned though including superheroes batman, spiderman are okay. all right. well, this is something you need to hear before doing any more christm christmas shopping. macy's, coles and jc pen knee are cheating customers. they rer creating what they call fake sales. this dress was originally 50 bucks. the dress was never sold in the first place for $50 making
5:27 am
none of the stores are commented on this lawsuit. so you might be asking yourself how do i protect myself? how do i recognize these things? experts suggest going on their websites and check out the suggested retail price. if the price is not any less than that then you are not getting a real sale. >> important thing to remind people about because you get lured in by the discounts. >> shop savvy, free app which will let you do price comparison with all retailers. an update on your top stories coming up next including an announcement that could come from president-elect trump at any minute. >> first a look outside where some of you could feel some sprinkles. chuck bell will let us know whether you'll need that umbrella at 5:31.
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it is 5:30, and here are 4 things to know. prince george's county police are trying to track down several people in connection to a home invasion. as many as five suspects somehow made it inside a house on franklin avenue. president-elect donald trump is expected to announce his pick of rex tillerson as secretary of state. that announcement could come as early as 6:00 a.m. two more officers shot in georgia. inveig
5:31 am
stolen car shot them last night. both officers are expected to survive. after culpepper county blocked the building of a mosque, the justice department now taking them to court. >> good morning, everyone. >> hope you're off to a great tuesday. it's a cold one at that. >> only getting colder. let's check in with chuck bell for a look at your forecast. good morning to you chuck. >> good morning to both of you and good morning to everybody. ended up with delightful bonus sunshine yesterday afternoon and temperatures warmer than advertised so i hope you had a chance to enjoy it because mother nature is about to pull the rug right out from underneath us the next couple of days. lots of clouds back in place. a few sprinkles around late afternoon and early this evening. not anything big, but just a sprinkle and later in the week, bitter cold arrives here wednesday night into thursday morning. thursday and friday into the deep freeze we go. the cold air may last long enough for a little
5:32 am
morning so a good reminder to have your app downloaded for the very latest storm team 4 forecast. i'll try to keep you ahead of the weather on my social media as well. lots of clouds around and you may want to have that pocket size umbrella just in case. the ten-day forecast coming up and it advertises very cold air coming our way. good morning, melissa. >> good morning. right now 16th street between l and k is shut down and l street between 17th and 16th here this morning. eastbound 50 at the bay bridge, had that work zone. that has just cleared out of the way so you don't have to worry about that one if you're headed to the eastern shore here today. still have that crash reported there. doesn't seem to be slowing things too much this morning. inner loop and outer loop, everything looking quite good. you can see
5:33 am
just inside the beltway just a little slow. and then 270 at montrose, northbound/southbound, no worries. more on this problem northwest and travel times coming up. thank you, melissa. right now the sheriff's office needs your help finding this missing 15-year-old. her name is taylor cole. she was reported missing last friday after she willingly left the ash burn area. call police right away if you know where she might be. this morning we are learning more about a double shooting that happened in virginia. two women were shot at home last week. documents obtained by news 4 say that a man known to both women shot them after an altercation. the man told police that he pulled that trigger. he thought that one of the women was going to stab him. police found a handgun, several ammunition magazines and marijuana inside the house. charges have not been filed. a grand jury has indicted a woman on charges that she murdered her husband. police say that paula thompson marshall sho
5:34 am
husband inside of their home here in oldtown neighborhood of alexandria. this is back in october. neighbors say they heard the couple arguing on occasion. so far a trial date has not been set. a fairfax teen battled to walk again after losing part of his leg in a freak accident. now his family tells news 4's i-team they've been facing another fight with the insurance company. college student connor golden has been working to recover after stepping on an explosive in central park last july 4th. police have yet to solve the case. he is now moving with the help of a prosthetic lower limb which cost the family thousands of dollars, but his father says getting that life changing prosthetic covered by their insurance has not been easy. >> that's not how it turned out. and you know, we've been just scraping and clawing away at trying to get coverage. >> the
5:35 am
news from the insurance company after the i-team started asking questions. you can watch the full story on the nbc washington app. search insurance battle. if you ride metro's silver line project you may run into a familiar face. u.s. senator tim kaine today is going to be on the rails. he'll ride on the silver line and tour the construction site for the second phase. that phase includes extending the metro line to the airport and two stops in loudoun county. he helped to get the funding for the tifirst part of the silver line when he was governor. the virginia express railway board is expected to vote on a plan to give more options. it would expand the service to gainesville and hay markets. >> a team of analysts say that the costs outweigh the benefits. instead they recommend
5:36 am
east and then expanding it. >> and they say it could increase daily trains from 16 to 22. well, tonight in loudoun county, the school board could decide to get rid of labels. they're considering removing all classifications from its nonbullying policies. the president of the naacp says that by removing those labels it wipes out civil rights protections for employees and students. the meeting is at 6:30 at the administration building in ash burn. tree house foods have issued a voluntary recall of certain macaroni and cheese cup products. they say there are three brands that may be contaminated with salmonella which can make people really sick. those brands include big win originals. cheese club express and great value. you can check the best by dates
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nbc washington app. if you are away from your tv screen right now, take a look. a lot of you waking up in the 30s and 40s but it is about to get a whole lot colder. how to dress the kids for the bus stop when we check back in with chuck bell. >> we continue to follow the latest on the trump transition and who he is expected to pick as secretary of state. why the president-elect's top choice may have a hard time being confirmed. >> and we have some video to show you from that fire at the capital hilton over by the white house. we understand the fire started in the laundry room. there was lots of smoke. this was tweeted out by d.c. fire and ems. it shows lots of the hotel guests outside and all of the response from the firefighters. the fire is under control and they are letting people back inside the hotel. justin finch is on his way there and will tell us what he's finding out when he gets there.
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i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. 5:40 on your tuesday morning. clouds are continuing to thicken back aos
5:41 am
temperatures in the chilly, typically cold 30s here on your way out the door. so as you're getting the kids ready for school you may want to make sure they've got their warm coat on early this morning. maybe a small umbrella. just a precautionary chance for sprinkles late afternoon into early evening. not expecting any heavy rain, but a scarf and a warm jacket but all the clouds and the gloominess outside today we'll give the daily grade below average. flat out cold here later in the week. for now there's trouble in northwest. some traffic trouble, that is. >> this is because of that fire. so 16th street shut down between l and k and l between 17th and 16th for this fire response. new crash eastbound 66 after the rest area. that is in the left center lane this morning. southbound 295 before pennsylvania avenue has the left lane blocked there. as far as travel times really not bad. 56 inbound
5:42 am
everybody behaving themselves this morning. 270 and top of the beltway also looking good. >> 5:41. new details about a lawsuit involving president-elect donald trump's d.c. hotel. and new numbers when it comes to kids and drugs. surprising new information coming up. and this story flooding a lot of social media feeds.
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it is nearly a done deal. metro cutting hours. >> slashing metro rail hours and officials appear ready to sign off. >> president-elect donald trump will name his pick for secretary of state this morning. why the man selected to run the state department faces a tough confirmation hearing with s
5:46 am
nomination. >> storm team 4 is warning you of bitterly cold temperatures. now our consumer reporter is working to get you ready with four things to know to keep your family safe and warm. it is 5:45 and we are getting you up to the minute the minute you're up. >> our team coverage including the change in the weather that you're going to want to know about. first we'll get to news 4's dorothy spencer and the latest coming to metro hours. good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. we are here at the twin brook metro station. it was just yesterday morning when two rail cars became separated during the morning commute. that investigation is continuing. meantime a critical vote is expected with metro this week to address slashing rail service hours. that's to allow for more maintenance on the system. a transportation reporter is rt
5:47 am
are now ready to sign off on the deal. they had initially held out. metro committee had voted previously to cut service 30 minutes early monday through thursday, two hours early fridays and saturdays and one hour early on sunday. now, yesterday the montgomery county council's newly elected president said that he's concerned about workers who work late night and their ability to get home, but he says that metro bus will fill the gaps. >> as long as we provide bus service to take care of people who need transportation late at night and in the early morning hours i feel we have fulfilled our fundamental obligations as a transit system. >> reporter: now, the metro board is expected to vote on thursday. back to you. >> thank you, darcy. a d.c. uber driver says she was touched inappropriately and then a passenger drove off with his car. th d
5:48 am
three people near logan circle early sunday morning in northwest washington. he says the front passenger touched him multiple times. the driver talked to news 4 but didn't want to show his identity. >> the passenger in the front seat started grabbing me, my private part without my consent and i told her to stop. and i told them to get out and i got out of the car because i didn't feel safe. >> police found the car a few blocks away, a tire slashed and the keys in a pile of leaves. they have not tracked down the passengers. well, in the day ahead, we are going to learn more about the final moments for 33 crew members who died when their ship sailed into a hurricane. the ntsb is releasing the findings from the voyage data recorder of the el faro. it sank during hurricane joaquin in the bahamas last year.
5:49 am
expected to visit this week. boys to men hits the stage at the brand new theater on thursday. as far its first weekend mgm says at least 50,000 people visited the facility between thursday night and sunday night. that is going to be a great show. we have bruno mars and lyle nio ritchie. president obama has a leased office space at the world wild life fund head quarters building. they plan to stay in the area until their daughter graduates. it is 5:49. developing this morning president-elect donald trump is expected to make it official as early as the next hour that exxonmobil's ceo rex tillerson is his choice for secretary of state. that decision coming even though lawmakers from both parties
5:50 am
russia. and what they're concerned about is tillerson's relationship with russian president vladimir putin. tracie potts joins us live from capitol hill. what do we know about the trump team's strategy when it comes to getting tillerson through? >> they'll have to convince democrats and republicans that tillerson can tow the line with russia as needed and be a tough negotiator with someone that he's had a close relationship with for years now. he knows vladimir putin. they've been partners so now can he put the script so to speak as a representative of the united states, essentially our top diplomat with two countries that often butt heads on foreign policy in world affairs. that is the question that a lot of democrats and republicans have here and it's a question that's going to come up in those
5:51 am
businesses? trump mentioned that his two sons will now run his company. he didn't mention his daughter though. people are speculating that that may mean she and her husband may have some role in the administration. >> there's been reports that they've been house hunting here many the d.c. area. we know his son-in-law is a very close advisor, has been throughout the campaign and after the campaign at one point stories about him trying to get security clearance or inquiring about security clearance raised some eyebrows. more questions than answers and because he's cancelled that news conference for thursday we can't ask him until january. >> all right. tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. now that trump has his pick for secretary of state we do want to share four things you need to know about rex tillerson. he is 64 years old and he received a civil engineering degree from the university of texas. and tillerson has spent his entire career at
5:52 am
he became ceo back in 2006, a decade ago. he's also a long time republican supporter. the wall street yourjournal say he supported jeb bush during the primaries but as we talked about with tracie, here is the issue that could give him the trouble when it comes to getting that confirmation through, his ties to russia. back in 2011 he signed an agreement with russia worth up to $300 billion. president vladimir putin also awarded him the friendship in 2013. all to do with a hotel here in the district, donald trump will appear in a deposition hearing in january weeks before the inauguration. trump sued andres after he backed out of a deal to open a restaurant in that hotel. it was a direct response to trump's comments on immigration during the campaign. well, the time right now,
5:53 am
at our extended forecast. >> here is chuck bell. i know i'm not going to like this for sure. >> it's the extended forecast and you're going to wish i was pulling it back before long because it is really getting ready to turn very cold around here. you have today and tomorrow to brace yourself, and thursday and friday to hunker down and stay warm. windy and cold weather is racing in our direction. the cold front should go through here late in the day tomorrow, so that by the time you wake up thursday morning a completely different world outside. temperatures 20 to 30 degrees colder. winds will be averaging 20 to 30 miles per hour and windchills thursday, thursday night and into friday will be down near or even perhaps below zero. so on wednesday a bundle update. temperatures will fall late wednesday afternoon. by thursday though, with the howling wind outside it will be dangerously cold and then by early friday morning with windchills potentially below
5:54 am
threatening cold so be sure to have everything ready to go. have our nbc washington app downloaded. we'll keep you ahead of the plum meting temperatures there. today we're watching the clouds thicken up. these showers of snow and rain back across the ohio valley not expecting a lot around here, but there could be a sprinkle or a flurry late afternoon into early evening today as the clouds thicken up during the course of the day. there's that chance for sprinkles coming in after about 4:00 or 5:00. here's your ten-day forecast. it is all downhill after tomorrow once the sun goes down. bitterly cold thursday and friday. the cold air is going to be eroded away by rain drops. we might have a sleet/snow combination early saturday morning. we'll be keeping a close track on that. keeping a close track on the roads is melissa. >> a couple of problems here on 295, both southbound. been before east capital and one before pennsylvania avenue. same thing, left lane there. 16th street shut down b
5:55 am
the capital hilton. l street also closed between 17th and 16th here this morning. 66 eastbound before the manassas rest area. had a crash there. looks like that's out of the way. and overall bottom of the beltway looking good. ♪ two emotional vigils pay tribute to the victims of the orlando nightclub massacre to mark six months since the attack. one was held at the orange county history center which does lit up in rainbow colors. the other vigil was held outside of the pulse nightclub where candles were lit for each person who died. we are learning that fewer teenagers are using and abusing drugs. that is according to a new survey released just this morning from the national institute on drug abuse. they say the decline includes alcohol,
5:56 am
painkillers. marijuana use is down as well except among high school seniors where levels remain steady. the report included data for more than 45,000 students. this next story is so heart warming but heart breaking as well and we'll share it at work today. i shared it on my facebook page and twitter as well. santa granted a dying tennessee child's last wish. a terminally ill 5-year-old boy was dying in the hospital. his one wish was to not miss christmas. santa received a call from a nurse at the hospital and rushed right over. santa gave the boy a toy and held him while he took his last break. >> you get up to those gates and you tell them you're santa's number one elf. i'm sure they'll let you right in. he goes, they will? i said, i know it. he gave me a big hug. he kind of looked up at me and he says santa, can you help ?
5:57 am
visit he's ever had but he was happy to bring that boy some christmas magic even if it was only for a moment. he also went on to say that the parents watched from the hallway and they were crying and then when asked if he would do this again he said he would put the red suit on. it would hurt but he would do it. >> these are the moments. this is why people volunteer to do this. such a wonderful moment for him. caught stealing christmas? a real life grinch on surveillance video. we'll show you more of it. what the homeowner is doing to help catch this crook. opening night at mgm national harbor and busted for dui. how a local liquor license official tried to get out of it. the big announce in the for secretary of state could come any moment,
5:58 am
5:59 am
secretary of state a controversial announcement. >> deadly accident overnight. police want to know what was wrong on roads in prince george's county. >> a man in control of a liquor license busted. how opening night at the mgm came to a dramatic end. it is just about 6:00 a.m. and good morning
6:00 am
i'm eun yang. and i'm angie chichaggoff. chuck, are you there? >> arctic not your favorite word i know, but think of all the cute things from the arctic. you've got the sales, you love po lar bears. >> i do like polar bears. >> they're all going to be loving life around here as we head toward thursday and friday as our little taste of the arctic comes our way. for today, really just a cloudy day today. not thick clouds yet but the clouds will thicken up with time during the day. there's a chance we could have a sprinkle later on this afternoon and into early this evening. might even be a flurry or two but not looking for anything impactful. then thursday and friday, weather alert mode here for dangerously low windchills. windchills below zero thursday and friday and the cold air in place could lead to


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