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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 14, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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other resources needed for the program. we have breaking news, a child killed in a crash on 95. news4 is live at the scene where the road just reopened after the closure. plus, bracing for the arctic blast. the coolest temperatures are just hours away. we have the storm team 4 purp forecast. and good morning, everyone. i'm eun yng. >> -- yang. >> i'm in for aaron gilcrest. we also have
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with us and chuck bell. we are in full weather alert mode for thursday, friday and on into the weekend as well. dangerously low windchills down near zero for most of the day tomorrow. and before the cold air gets out saturday afternoon, we could have sleet, snow or ice early saturday morning. just know the weekend will start off on a slippery note. right now temperatures are mostly in the mid to upper 30s around the area. 40 at national airport. as you're planning out the day hour by hour, nothing to complain about today. seasonably chilly with temperatures in the low to mid-40s. we'll have the flurries tonight as the arctic air rushes in. we'll talk about that and help you plan out the weekend coming up. sounds like a plan to me. taking a look at 66 east of 28 here -- melissa, we'll get back to you in a minute. we want to check in more on the cold weather because it's going to be really cold out there as chuck mentioned. and there are some ways you can get ready for this weather. >> kristin wright is live in dupont circle with some tips for this cold weather blast headed ou
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what you got, kristin? >> reporter: hey, good morning. when i found out i was going to be standing out here in the cold, i proceeded straight to my dresser, i got my knee socks on and found this hat. i dug it out, it's now my favorite hat. but i'm going to need this stuff and you will too. even more tomorrow when chuck is talking a single-digit windchill and possibly snow. we thought today would be a really good time to share with you some good tips on how to deal with all this cold weather in case you forgot. wear layers. the red cross says to wear layers of light clothing. i suppose you can put on more as i'm doing. also, the three-feet rule, it is such an important safety tip with space heaters. so if you'll be using a space heater, keep it 3 feet away from anything. also, don't forget to turn it off before you fall
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never use your stove or oven to heat your home. sometimes when waiting for the heat to kick in, don't do it. also, take measures to protect your pipes from freezing. because we know that can be a big mess if that happens. so temperatures here in dedew dupont circle, we are at 37. expect that to dip tomorrow in the warm studio. >> poor kristin. wow, the roads are the other part of the story. today it's a different story because it is not as wet. we are not dealing with the rain. >> what do you think, melissa? >> now it is my turn. i jumped the gun, i was so excited about the traffic. i-66 east of route 28, we are just fine. if we get moisture on the roads, it gets really cold. totally different story. enjoy it while it lasts. 95 northbound and southbound there in virginia, no problems. again, 95 north in maryland, as
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you have been telling us, after the fatal accident on 200, things have reopened this morning. and the beltway inner loop and outer loop, no major problems. we'll see you back in ten minutes. thank you, melissa. we are following breaking news with chopper 4 first to bring you images of the deadly crash on 95. a teenager was killed and several others hurt. this happened around 9:00 last night in laurel near the icc. news4's justin finch is live near the crash site in laurel with more on how this happened. justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right, that 13-year-old has died from his injuries. and police are telling us the woman who was driving the van that he was in is also facing life-threatening injuries. we'll take you to the chopper 4 video from last night. this is the scene here on i-95 northbound near route 200. they have seen it clearing just about an hour ago. this was shut down as maryland state police are looking into this four-vehicle crash.
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black honda suv was disabled on the roadway as a dark blue dodge caravan was approaching. the dodge appears to have been struck from behind by a tractor-trailer. the honda driver and passenger were taken to the hospital and should recover. a volkswagen was also hit, too. the driver was not hurt, but the driver, a woman from baltimore, was rushed to the hospital with injuries. the 13-year-old riding with her was airlifted to children's hospital where he died. back out live, we do know that the roadway is reopened. this crash remains under investigation as well. and we also know that at this point it does not appear any impairment is at the root of the cause of this crash. angie and eun, back to you. justin, thank you. and this morning a woman is in custody after stealing a d. d.c. housing authority cruiser and leading police on a chase. and she did this all while still handcuffed. this started just after 5:00 p.m.
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in the cruiser after police say she was trespassing at a housing complex on 11th street northwest. she climbed through a small partition win dodow and took ofn the ford explorer. she side-swiped ten cars during the nine-mile pursuit. police were able to stop the cruiser on the 395 ramp to king street. actor and talk show host alan thicke has died at the age of 69 from a heart attack. >> he had recently appeared as himself on the first episode of nbc's "this is us." and he was also making cameos in the series "fuller house." >> jason seaver, he was the tv dad for the 1980s show "growing pains." he had three songs including singer robin thicke. >> we'll have reaction from celebrities and people who worked with him coming up later in the show. a lot of people are stunned, only 69. so healthy and vibrant. >> still active.
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talented songwriter. people are definitely going to miss him. and chopper 4 flew over the scene of another crash that happened last night around 9:00. you can see crews working to get a truck right side up in the northbound lanes of 270 at the spur. no one was seriously hurt here, but it did cause a big traffic headache. and 5:06. montgomery county police are asking for the public's help to find this missing woman from wheaton. they say isaura ovalle was last seen leaving her home last friday night. she was not reported missing until yesterday. she does need medicine and she does not have it with her. if you see her, please call police. and we know that a man is in critical condition now after he was shot in prince george's county. police say they found a man with gunshot wounds to his upper body along suitland road at 8:45 last night. no word yet on a suspect. and right now
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workers at reagan national airport are going to walk off the job at 6:00. workers are demanding a minimum wage of $15 an hour. at 8:00 a.m., they will hold a rally with several elected officials. at 9:00 they will take their case to the metro authority's board meeting. they do not expect the airport to be affected. and a summit comes after trump's latest stop on his thank you tour in wisconsin where he defended his pick for secretary of state. >> you know, rex is friendly with many of the leaders in the world that we don't get along with, and some people don't like that. they don't want him to be friendly. that's why i'm doing the deal with rex. because i like what this is all about. >> trump also praised wisconsin native and house speaker paul ryan at the rally
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boos from the crowd. we'll tell you who donald trump will tell you about water and energy resources. arlington county is approving a measure to prevent your car from getting towed. the board voted 5-0 to change the towing ordinance. trucks are stationed after parking in a business lot and they wait to tow people. the new law will force tow drivers to get authorization from the businesses that actually own the parking lots. and starting on monday, it will be easier to get into the smithsonian museum of african-american history and culture. right now the passes have only been available through online reservations made weeks or months in advance. the admission is free, but you need a pass to get in. the museum opened back in september. and tickets have been sold out for months. >> by the way, if you stop by the willett
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tickets and it is beautiful. and coming up, how cars will soon be able to communicate with each other. and how that could prevent crashes. >> i want to hear this. and seeing clearly, a new surgery could eliminate the need for reading glasses. and now it's available in the district. and bundle up before the arctic blast. what you need to know about the cold front that is coming our way. your time subena 5:10. po
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welcome back. we need to get really serious about this cold weather. is that the serious face? >> that's a serious face. >> you're all business this morning. >> absolutely right. temperatures aren't so bad this morning. typically chilly. we are mostly in the 30s to around 40 degrees. it's not going to be today that's the problem, but the problem arrives tonight. with maybe a little burst of snow flurries around 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 tonight. today, nothing to worry about. a fair amount of sunshine. temperatures in the low to mid-40s. the outdoor planner,ypically cold for the morning run or evening walk. no problem as long as you're done walking by 9:00 or 10:00. tomorrow, dangerously low windchills and we may start out with a period of freezing rain. there's your first peek at the outlook. the wintry mix from midnight to 9:00 or 10:00 before everything changes over to plain old rain. it will be near 60 degrees with rain on your sunday. the whole five-day forecast is
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we are looking at the beltway right now, looking just fine this morning. no big complaint and no road work to talk about. 270 south from 70 to the spur, if you're going 68 miles per hour, it will take you 26 minutes. no major problem there is. northbound on 270 after the split, we have a little bit of a delay. i.c.c. at 95, no problems. we had the i.c.c. shut down overnight, that accident cleared out of the way about an hour ago. the bottom of the beltway in and out of town is rolling along just fine. see you back here in a few. metro is facing a $50 million lawsuit from an injured d.c. attorney. according to our news partners at wtop, kevin laveccio was at the bottom of the escalator when a beam fell down and hit him in the head. he hasn't been able to go back to work since it happened. and he blames the accident on metro's negligence. the lawsuit will recover
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expenses and make up for lost income. metro will not comment on ongoing litigation. 5:14 and prince george's county will be searching for a new chair for its liquor control board. yesterday charles caldwell announced he'll resign from the post. last week caldwell was arrested for drunk driving after getting into an accident after leaving the mgm national harbor. our news reports say the vice chairman will serve in the interim. and 5:15 now and developing this morning, police in california are trying to figure out the circumstances around the death of corepower yoga founder trevor tice. his body was found in a multimillion-dollar mansion on saturday. his death is suspicious. he had several yoga places in d.c., virginia and maryland. flags are at half-staff in connecticut right now. and today people in the town of newtown
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four-year anniversary of those lives lost at sandy hook. in total 26 people were killed inside sandy hook elementary school back in 2012. and 20 of the victims were young children. and it is now 5:15. your top story now, a 13-year-old has died after a crash on 95. the maryland state police say a tractor-trailer rear-ended the car as he was riding near the i.c.c. in laurel last night. the driver and two people in another car were also hurt. northbound lanes of 95 have now reopened. and also this morning, actor alan thicke has died. reports say he died after having a heart attack while playing hockey with his teenager son. thicke was 69 years old. erika gonzalez is here in studio now with reaction about his death. >> good morning. after that sudden loss of everybody's tv dad, dr. seaver,
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sharing their thoughts on social media. i want to show you a couple of the ones so heartfelt. he has two sons, and this is from carter, his son, and we'll look at another one in a second. but i've never known a more kind, loving, caring, generous person in my life. i'm forever grateful for the life that is this man. let me show you this other one from robin thicke, you may be more familiar with this pop star, my father passed away today. i love you, alan thicke. thank you for your love. love your grateful son. and mario lopez pulling up one of his old tweets, pleasure to have known you, sir. rest in peace, alan thicke. alan thicke was 69 years old and survived by his wife and two children. back to you. >> thank you, erika. presbyopia is a medical term for over 40 eyes. if you readily need reading glasses, you may understand what
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one of the first to correct the vision problem. the woman says she couldn't wear contacts because of dry eyes, so this was a solution for her. >> i was very dry eyes. i use restasis every day. so for me contact lenses are not an option. >> we have the story on our nbc washington app where you can hear from ophthalmologists who performed her surgery. i can see close, i have more trouble seeing far away. i'm not ready for lasik, though. >> and looking at the screens -- >> i know. that and tech neck, all kinds of problems. what's the worst gift you have ever gotten? will you tell? >> the consumer report is out with a list of what you should not give this holiday season. i've been asking you on facebook
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some of them are pretty funny. one woman said she received a personalized bottle of wine, but get this, from someone else's wedding. awkward. >> that is awkward. >> someone mentioned fruitcake. if it is not chocolate, yeah. another person received four hair dryers because the family forgot to talk to each other. so they had backups. we're going to unveil the consumer report list on what not to get. that's a yoga mat. fitness equipment is a no-no. but i like my yoga mat. >> yeah, if you use it. you have to make sure they do yoga. by the way, we have a twitter poll going on. i posted one, we would like for you to take part. absolutely. somebody gave me a carebear onesie once. >> oh, angie. >> off the list. >> technically, it was not at christmas time, so it wasn't the worst gift ever. >> i got a turtleneck from my mom. and i always joke, mom, d
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get me the holly turtleneck again. it was sweet -- holly all over. yeah. >> for the holidays, festive christmas sweater. >> where am i going to wear it? >> to work. well, no matter how much you didn't like it, if it will keep you warm, dig it back out and put it back on. because cold weather is going to be zipping back into our area and into our lives the next couple of days. right now it is so cold out there, 30 in dulles airport. 30 in falls church right now. hourly temperatures should climb into the low to mid-40s for some. and plenty of sunshine here through the remainder of the morning hours. clouds will thicken up later on this afternoon. here's future weather to help you plan out the day. sunny and nice here through lunchtime. then early afternoon, clouds will start to increase a bit. here's future weather at 4:00 this afternoon, skies going from partly to mostly cloudy. obviously, the sun goes down before 5:00. here's a little interesting feature you want to watch out for this
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just to get your christmas spirit up a little bit, it could be a little bit of snow flurries as the arctic air arrives here 11:00 midnight tonight. we won't have anything but sunshine and wind and cold to be dealing with for tomorrow. so the future feels like this, by 10:00 tonight, down below freezing. but by this time tomorrow morning, windchills in the single numbers above and the single numbers below zero. real cold tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon. chills staying down close to zero for most of the day. subfreezing high temperatures for thursday and friday. and what is looking more and more likely, i think it's about a 70% chance we get our first inch of snow here in washington on saturday morning. it will all just change over to just a nasty old rain for saturday afternoon and sunday will be rainy as well. but it will be rainy and mild with highs near 58 degrees. back to you. thank you, chuck. cars talking to cars, this sounds like something out of the
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"jetsons" but soon it could be reality. how our vehicles could communicate with each other is just ahead. plus, we can all use this. an app that can save you hundreds of dollars on groceries. at 5:30, hear from the virginia dad who created this.
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here are live looks at the roads in virginia. the department of transportation proposed a new rule to allow passenger cars and trucks talk to each other. it's called vehicle to vehicle technology. and it allows cars to transmit locations, speeds and direction every ten seconds to vehicles around them. once a final rule issish sh iss. the d.o.t. is call f
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that technology within two years. very cool. >> if you can prevent accidents, i'm all for it. if you were waiting to watch the finale of "the voice," step away a minute. >> sorry! this is what we have for you. who won? >> sundance head! >> you can see there, america voted, and team blake, sundance head. he was crowned "the voice" during last night's live finale. it came down to him and billy gilman. he comes from a musical family. his father was in a band. he says he's looking forward to starting his own career. >> i had the opportunity to make music and possibly be able to touch people's lives for the better, for the greater good through song. it's been important to me the whole time. >> well, head's original song "darling don't go" is topping the
5:27 am
the next season of "the voice" starts in february. i can't wait to see who the judges are. and cutting coupons on your next trip to the grocery store. but first, open the door or window. take a live look outside where we are off to a dry start, but that could change by the time the weekend rolls around. chuck is back with a closer look
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your time is 5:30. here are 4 things to know before you head out the door this morning, a teenager is dead after this chain-reaction crash on 95 in laurel. a van crashed into a disabled car on the road. a tractor-trailer then crashed into the van. 95 is back open this morning. and in about a half hour, contract workers at both reagan national and dulles international airports are preparing to walk off the job. workers are demanding a minimum wage of $15 an hour. and actor and talk show host alan thicke died yesterday from a heart attack. he was best known for playing the dad on the hit show "growing pains." he was 69 years old. and sources tell nbc news president-elect donald trump is expected to choose montana congressman ryan zinke as interior secretary. if you think it's cold now, kiss the 30s and 40s good-bye. take alo
5:31 am
the last time we are going to see these kind of temperatures, at least for a few days. yikes! good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm angie goff in for aaron gilchrist. looking at the temperatures, we are going to wish for the 30s again. >> the wind is going to be howling out there. so start looking for all your warm onesies now. 4 things to know about the forecast, our last enjoyable day today. as long as you think 40s are enjoyable enough, that is. then starting tonight, cold wind comes in tonight. windchills will be down near zero by tomorrow morning. and there could be some saturday morning slipperiness to deal with as well. hometown highs, 39 in gaithersburg. the hometown high in manassas, windy and frigid. staying below freezing all day on your thursday. the ten-day forecast is coming up at 51 after the hour.
5:32 am
good morning. taking a look right now at traffic, northbound bw parkway here at 198, we do have a crash reported there this morning. so we'll keep an eye on that one to see if that turns out to be anything we have to be worried about. 270 northbound and southbound at montrose, no worries. 66 overall looking good. 95 northbound is just fine. we are starting to get a little slow there northbound through this area. very typical at 5:30. and taking a look at prince george's county, that part of the beltway is looking just fine. travel times for you in ten minutes. thank you, melissa. it is 5:32. and loudoun county schools take on the issue of lbgt discrimination and bullying. the loudoun school board proposes removing all classification from the non-discrimination and anti-bullying policies. at last night's meeting the room was divided. the supporters say the added protection is necessary to protect lbgtq students and employees. >> these people are equal
5:33 am
breath of human experience. and some people feel threatened by what they don't understand, and that is why way need these labels. >> the school board says it may vote on the issue mid-january. a warning for former frederick county public school students. the school was hacked and names and information from 1,000 former students were stolen from 2005 and 2006. it is a disturbing trend in our region, yet another person has been accused of trying to set a woman on fire. fairfax county police say that 26-year-old lamar thomas poured a flammable liquid on his child's mother while she was inside of her car. and then he tried to ignite it. their 1-year-old child was in the car as well in the backseat. fortunately, nobody was hurt. thomas now facing multiple charms. and we want to
5:34 am
awareness and solutions here in the d.c. area to domestic violence. you can find more on the washington app and search safe at home. the way fairfax county police interact with you could soon change. the county board approved nearly 200 recommendations on how to improve policing. those recommendations jumped from a deadly shooting of an unarmed man in his virginia home in 2013. the police department now has a new use of force policy. it will take effect next month. a whole lot of you are going to get a pay bonus, but you'll have to wait for it. if you work for the commonwealth of virginia, governor mccaccaule put a 1.5% bonus in the budget. and police identified a
5:35 am
been serious or deadly crashes. a majority happen on roads with higher speed limits, often at night, and during late fall and winter when it gets darker in the morning and evening. the most dangerous intersection on the list is along back-lit road in princeville. the next ride to work could be covered by your job. uber is being added to the commuter coverage plan. employees can link their uber account with their commuter benefit prepaid card. that way when you catch an uber pool, the money will be deducted from your commuter card and not your bank account. okay. so we do have a couple recalls to pass along to you. and this is a popular gift. but we do have a new hoverboard recall. it may sound familiar after last year. >> yes, the lithium battery inside the hoverboard can overheat and cause a fire. take a look, this is the device now under recall. it was sold
5:36 am
and the evine channel. >> if you have one of these, take it back to get your refund. and we have another recall that could impact a lot of you this morning. the dangerous malfunction that could hurt you or your family. >> we trust cuisinart and it's been in our family a long, long time. and we help to find you the best deals on your cheese. we'll take a live look outside this morning where we are saying good-bye to the warmish weather. the 40s. why dressing the kids for the bus stop today could be a lot different from the rest of your week. it's5:36. st a
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zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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welcome back. we are talking about a very cold start to your day. and it's only getting colder. >> we got to bundle up the kids this morning at the bus stop. >> yes, you certainly need the winter jacket this morning. temperatures are near the freezing mark in the outlying areas. 36 in leesburg. 36 in frederick, maryland. 40 degrees by the bay in edgewater, maryland. getting ready to put the kids on the bus stop, plan on the mid to upper 30s to near 40 degrees
5:40 am
temperatures later this afternoon up in the low to mid-40s. you need the warm coat, maybe your scarf here for today. but as we keep saying, get ready to bundle up. you need everything you've got to stay warm tomorrow. today, the daily grade is a b-plus. the ten-someday forecast is coming up in ten minutes. good morning, melissa. good morning. a couple problems to mention here, northbound bw parkway at 198, we still have a crash reported. now we know it is blocking the left lane here this morning. and another problem, outer loop at 123, debris being reported in two lanes. sounds like wood and glass. hopefully a crew on a the way to get this out of the way, because that can cause real flat tires and problems here if it's not out of the way soon. 270 south, no problems. top of the beltway looking okay. back to virginia now, you can see 66 from fairfax county parkway to the beltway is just fine. and 95 quantico to the beltway is looking okay as well.
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flu, and now researchers say it is a thing. what men are more susceptible to than us ladies. also, working to save you some money, some bread. you will want to download the app before your next trip to the grocery store. and when president-elect
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a blast of arctic air is headed our way. we have tips to help you get through it. keeping your kids safe. the new program kicking off in northern virginia. and when i heard about this new app called basket, it would help me save time and money, i just had to check it out. and the major recall you need to know about before you do any holiday cooking
5:45 am
but first, at 5:44, we are working for you, getting you ready for the cold blast of air headed our way. we'll check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and melissa mollet in first 4 traffic in just a minute. but first, commute 4's kristin wright and what you can do to be prepared for then winter blast. hey, kristin. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. we are now noticing people kind of getting ready to start their day. i tell you, everybody is pretty covered up, pretty layered up we have seen. except those working out. i did see a guy in shorts, but chuck is saying, today won't be all that bad. he gives it a b-plus. i would agree so far, but tomorrow is when you'll really feel it. so we wanted to talk about generators a little bit. because it is such a big safety concern. so look here, we have tips to share with you this morning on how to use a generator correctly. so, of course, never use a generator iid
5:46 am
that includes in your garage and that also includes in your basement. also, don't hook your generator up to home wiring. that is another big one. and connect whatever equipment you want to use directly to your generator. just some things to keep in mind going forward as things get colder and the weather gets a little more tricky out there. so we're going to be out here live this morning and talking to people in a few minutes. and we'll let you know what they say about getting ready for tomorrow. back to you. >> kristin wright, thank you. and a closer look at how the cold weather could impact the rest of your week, including your commute when we check back in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and melissa mollet in a few minutes. we have details in the unsolved murder of jonbenet r rams ramsey. this comes after the investigation by two news organizations that uncovered flaws
5:47 am
previous dna testing. the 6-year-old was found dead in the basement of the ramsey home the day after christmas in 1996. and bill cosby will be back in a pennsylvania courtroom today where his attorneys will argue against the testimony of 13 women who are accusing him of drugging and molesting them. the attorneys don't want them to be allowed to testify at cosby's trial this summer. during yesterday's hearing, the judge told police they could intervene if cosby and his attorney did not calm down. and maryland's governor will need to appoint a new chair for the liquor control board in prince george's county. yesterday charles caldwell announced he'll resign from his post. last week caldwell was arrested for drunk driving after getting into an accident after leaving the mgm national harbor. our news partners report the board's vice chairman will serve in the interim. the city of alexandria will kickoff vision zero in
5:48 am
one of the big components of the plan involves slower speed. here's why slower speeds will allow you to stop sooner and is so important. this footage shows a woman of four just before being hit and killed by a vehicle. and the bicycling in schools program. this is a pilot program where physical education teachers lead students through seven sessions teaching them appropriate safety and biking skills. this is part of alexandria's public school goal to help students stay healthy. >> we think that it's another great way to expose kids to a type of fitness that not only do they enjoy during school but after school, in the summer, just a lifelong event. >> the alexandria bike and pedestrian bike aso
5:49 am
$7,000 to provide new bike helmets and other resources needed for the program. i think this is such a great idea, not with health in mind, but sometimes parents don't have the time to teach the kids how to bike. >> i'm a terrible bike rider. or if you live in a condo or apartment, it's hard to be able to get out and do it on a daily basis. this morning we are working to keep you on budget, especially when you go to the grocery store. don't you spend tons of money? >> too much. now you can order it online to make it easier. well, listen, a local dad created this app using community data, he uses all of us to let us know exactly how much your grocery list is going to cost at all the local stores around you. susan hogan is here to explain. >> reporter: he's a dad and a software developer who realized there weren't any apps that compared prices for every day groceries. so he developed an app called basket. you plug in your grocery list and the app actually aggragates the prices and shows you how much your list wou
5:50 am
stores near you. it's the first app of its kind that uses the community of shoppers to get the data from thousands of stores nationwide. and then it shares the prices and deals they find. >> our community goes in every single day, so we have, for example n the washington, d.c. metro area, thousands of folks who are contributing prices consistently at all the local stores here. >> and they are getting paid to shop and save money all at the same time. there are other grocery store apps out there, but those mostly offer cash back on rebates or give you coupons. we had a local mom try out the basket app. to see the full story, go to our nbc washington app and search basket. >> she saved like $60. and sometimes she'll drive farther, she says, to save up to $100. i have the app and just tried it. it's so cool. it just pops it up like that.
5:51 am
love it. to the next story, it's been buzzing on social media all night long. >> nine managers were fired from whole foods stores for manipulating a bonus program after a company-wide investigation. they are all from stores in maryland, virginia and d.c. whole foods is still looking into exactly how much money is involved. they also plan to make sure employees at the affected stores are compensated properly. and i believe we're in the process of putting together one of the greatest cabinets, certainly a cabinet with the highest i.q. that anybody has ever -- i mean, these -- these are seriously great people. >> president-elect donald trump touting the cabinet he's putting together at his thank you rally last night in wisconsin. this morning, we're learning of another cabinet position that has been filled. >> that's right. news4's tracie potts is live on capitol hills. trump is expected to pick
5:52 am
for interior secretary. how did this pick come about? >> reporter: another one of the interviews with people flowing in and out of trump tower. we thought that kathy rogers might be considered for that spot. interestingly, both of them from out west where there's a lot of land, a lot of national parks, which is part of what the interior department does. now, zinke is a newer member of congress. he beat out four people in his state to get this spot. and now moving into a key position in the trump administration. the hearing for him and for some of these other nominees is expected to get underway in early january. >> all right. tracie potts live on capitol hill for us, thank you. while trump is expected to have more meetings today, it's his meeting yesterday with kanye west that is making a lot of headlines. they met for about 15 minutes. and it came down to the lobby to stand in front of cameras to take pictures. trump said they talked about life and were good friends and have been for a long time. west refused to answer any questions but
5:53 am
talked to trump about multiculture issues. a group of english researchers say they proved that some violences are more deadly for men than women. hpv and tuberculosis are particularly deadly. men who contract hpv are five times more likely to die from it than women. researchers say that over time pathogens adapt to target men. and this is it, this is the last day. >> this is it? oh, man! we don't like the cold. >> no, we don't. >> there are all types of ways to keep cold, the snuggie, now the mermaid blankets -- >> the carebear
5:54 am
>> yeah, you need the insulated boots to try to stay as warm as you can. here's your planner for today, a chilly 33 degrees now. we'll be in the 30s for most of the morning hours here, eventually rising up into the low 40s by later on today. we take a peek at max one here in the studio, if you can please, just like that you won't notice. we'll see the high temperatures for today, generally speaking, going to be up in the 40s later this afternoon. and if we go to max one -- is there any chance? we're thinking about it. nonetheless, it's going to be a very, very chilly day coming up for tomorrow on into the weekend. my computer is completely froze up here now. this is not good. i can't get either one of them to work. the ten-day forecast, here's the deal, be up in the low 40s today. pay no attention to that graphic. that is not highs for tomorrow. tomorrow temperatures will be in the 20s all day long. staying below freezing, windchills will be down near zero, so you need to
5:55 am
ready to go. cold forecast today, typically chilly, nothing too bad. could have a couple flurries around by this evening. and then getting into tomorrow, strong winds move in overnight. stay below freezing all day tomorrow. and then tomorrow night into friday morning, really cold. windchills down near zero. so make efforts to protect people, pets and pipes. make sure that everything is all bundled up and ready to go. even your typical outdoor puppy dogs need to come indoors to be on the safe side. a little chance for the first snow on saturday morning before it becomes rain saturday afternoon and sunday. there could be a snowflake on monday as well. now to melissa mollet in first 4 traffic. chopper 4 over this problem on northbound bw parkway at 198. we were seeing a little bit of a problem on the ramp from 198 to northbound bw parkway. right now everything is looking pretty typical there. the outer loop at 123, still have thee
5:56 am
some problems. not too much of a slow down, but it is wood and glass in the right two lanes. if you're headed out really soon, you may see that. hopefully crews are out there cleaning that up. westbound 7 near charlestown pike, we have a crash there. and 95 south at dale city, a truck scale is broken so trucks are blocking the ramp. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. general motors is asking the supreme court to overturn an appeals court ruling. the company's 2009 bankruptcy doesn't shield it from lawsuits over faulty ignition switches that led to 124 deaths and 275 injuries. it is a last-ditch efferent by gm. the company has paid $2 billion in criminal and civil suits already. back over to you. four minutes before 6:00, and we have a very important recall to tell you about. >> cuisinart is recalling about 8 million food processors in the u.s. they were sold between 1996 and
5:57 am
2015. so a wide span of years here. the food processors are being recalled because nearly 70 people reported metal blade pieces in their food. over time, the processor's blades can crack and break off. >> it's really concerning to me, we hear the brand cuisinart, we trust cuisinart, it's been in our lives a long, long time. >> anyone with a cuisinart food processor should stop using it immediately and contact the company for a free replacement blade. reaction continues to pour into the newsroom this morning after the death of alan thicke. who is speaking out in just 90 seconds. and we're getting you ready for the winter-like weather headed our way. what you can do today to get your car ready for tomorrow's cold blast. and heads-up, if you drive and it takes you through the district, where new speed cameras will st ar
5:58 am
5:59 am
but mom, these guys are hot. >> heartache in hollywood. how america is reacting to the death of tv dad alan thicke. and on strike, workers at two local airports walk off the job. we're going to let you know if travelers will see an
6:00 am
for a deep freeze. the cold snap gripping parts of our country and headed this way. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm angie goff in for aaron gilchrist. >> if you are just waking up, we are getting new information about a terrible accident on 95 overnight where we learned a 13-year-old died as a result of a crash. >> and news4's justin finch and melissa mollet have the very latest on this in just a minute. but first, let's go to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and the cold weather that's creeping in, the big chill is upon us. it sure is. not too bad out there, the skies are partly cloudy right now. not a bad day at all today with temperatures up into the low 40s today, just average for this time of the year. but getting to thursday and friday, weather-alert days. be ready for dangerously low windchills and a chance for some ur


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