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tv   News4 Today at 6  WRC  December 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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for a deep freeze. the cold snap gripping parts of our country and headed this way. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm angie goff in for aaron gilchrist. >> if you are just waking up, we are getting new information about a terrible accident on 95 overnight where we learned a 13-year-old died as a result of a crash. >> and news4's justin finch and melissa mollet have the very latest on this in just a minute. but first, let's go to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and the cold weather that's creeping in, the big chill is upon us. it sure is. not too bad out there, the skies are partly cloudy right now. not a bad day at all today with temperatures up into the low 40s today, just average for this time of the year. but getting to thursday and friday, weather-alert days. be ready for dangerously low windchills and a chance for some ur
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well. pretty good chance now, i think we may get the first inch of snow early saturday morning before it becomes rain. i'll give you the whole peek at the weekend coming up in ten minutes. for now, on your way out the door you go in the 30s this morning. and planning out your wednesday, hump day, chilly and dry this morning. plenty of sunshine through at least lunchtime into early afternoon. clouds will gradually start to increase by later on this evening. and temperatures drop back down below 40 degrees after 5:00 to 6:00 tonight. we even saw a burst of snow flurries between 8:00 and midnight tonight. that's as the arctic air comes rushing in. for tomorrow, it's going to be frigid. staying in the 20s all day long tomorrow. again, the weekend peek comes up in ten minutes. good morning, melissa. good morning. 95 north, the ramp there through the inner loop, we have the report of a broken down vehicle blocking a lane. this camera spouis pointed a different direction. outer loop at 123, still have debris being reported. wood andl
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lanes this morning. westbound 7 at charlestown pike, we still have a crash reported there. as we take a look south, 95 south at the dale city truck scale, a broken down truck is blocking the lanes. and we have a problem at huntington as well with a truck scale broken. and a teenager has died after a bad chain-reaction crash on 95. >> we have been following this since overnight and now have news developing. several people were hurt around 9:00 last night on i-95 and i.c.c. justin finch is live with more on what led up to this crash. good morning, justin. >> reporter: hey there, angie. good morning. at this point maryland state police are still early in this fatal crash investigation, but they say the four-vehicle wreck appears to have begun when a dodge caravan was struck from behind. we'll take you to chopper 4 video over the scene here last night. this is northbound i-95 near route 200 in
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here, once police arrived close to 9:00 p.m. last night, a black honda suv was stopped on the road. and a dark blue dodge caravan was approaching. the dodge was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer. the honda driver and her passenger were taken to the hospital and expected to recover. the dodge driver, a 45-year-old woman from baltimore, was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. and the 13-year-old boy riding with her was airlifted to children's hospital where he later died. we also know a vox wlkswagen wa also hit and the driver was not hurt. again, we have one 13-year-old boy who has died and three others who were hurt. the crash remains under investigation. but at this time, we are told it does not appear the driver impairment played a role. angie and eun, back to you. thank you so much. a very serious situation developing now in syria. >> erika gonzalez has the latest from the live desk. what is going on?
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syrian activists say jets have resumed bombing areas in eastern aleppo. one person saying that the aircraft, quote, began to strike as if there's no such thing as a cease-fire or evacuation of civilians, end quote. just a short time ago, we were seeing video, this video here of the everyompty buses, buses thae supposed to evacuate civilians and rebels. the rebels are said to have broke the cease-fire, but we are told the syrian government was shelling the city while they were leaving it safely. at the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. and it is 6:04. actor and talk show host alan thicke has died at the age of 69 from a heart attack. a lot of his fans know him as dr. jason seaver of the '80s show "growing pains." >> mike, a lot of kids get smacked for a remark like that. >> come on, dad, you can't hit me. you're a liberal humanist. >>
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>> he appeared as himself on the first episode of nbc's "this is us" and made cameos on the netflix series "fuller house." he composed several theme songs including the original tune for "wheel of fortune." he has two sons including singer robin thicke. >> so devastating. and right now another story we're following, montgomery county police are searching for this woman, she's from wheaton. they say isaura ovalle was last seen leaving her home on georgia avenue friday night. she was not reported missing until yesterday. she needs medicine and she does not have it with her. if you do see her, please call police. and new at 6:00 a.m., contract workers at reagan national and dulles international airports just walked off the job. the workers are picketing outside of terminal c. workers are demanded a minimum wage of $15 an hour. at 8:00 a.m., they will hold a
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officials. then at 9:00 a.m., the workers take their case to the metropolitan airport authority board meeting. the airport operations are not expected to be impacted. and turning now to donald trump's transition, he is expected to hold a tax summit today at trump tower. the meeting is expected to bring together some of the country's top technology leaders. meanwhile, trump is expected to nominate montana congressman ryan zinke to serve as interior secretary. trump is also defending his pick for secretary of state saying last night in wisconsin that rex tillerson will be a fierce advocate for america's interest. and new this morning, arlington county approved a measure to protect your cars from getting towed. the board voted 5-0 to approve amendments to the truck towing ordinance. the law was fueled by an increase in so-called predator towing, that's when trucks park near a business waiting to tow someone. the new law forces tow truck drivers to get authorization from the bune
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parking lots. and this week two speed cameras in southeast d.c. will begin issuing real tickets. the 30-day grace period is over now. we're talking about the cameras in the 3000 block of hillcrest drive and the 3100 block of alabama avenue in southeast. in the district, speed camera tickets range from $50 to $300. and 6:07 right now, montgomery county fire crews are still monitoring a trash fire that has been burning for nearly a week. this is at the plant in dickerson, maryland. crews began to battle the fire at 6:30 last thursday night. they found an 85-foot trash pile burning. and while it crumbled down, hot spots are still continuing to pop up. it's not controlled and the firefighters remain on the scene to monitor it. all right, break out the heavy coats. the arctic cold air is expected to spread across our area while e
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highs today across the midwest and parts of the northeast will range from 20 to 30s below average. below average. that's minnesota and wisconsin, temperatures will also be well below the zero mark. yikes. if you have any outdoor decorations to hang up, do it now. the polar vortex is headed our way and it's going to get downright frigid. when the cold air really starts moving in when we check back in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. well, depending on the s-word, we're talking about snow, some kids could be seeing a shorter spring break. what we are learning about the schedule for kids in montgomery county. and the weather may not impact your drive to work today, but it could be a different time tomorrow. yow to get ur car ready for
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welcome back. temperatures are getting frigid out there, chuck. >> we should be up to the low to mid-40s today. the morning run typically cold for december. the morning walk isn't too bad either. the bottom falls out after 9:00 to 10:00 tonight as dangerously low windchills move in tomorrow and for friday morning as well. in fact, friday morning may be the coldest stretch before things start to warm up a little bit. the weekend? lots of rain, but in addition to rain, we may start out early saturday morning with a sleet/snow h sleet/snow/freezing rain mix. we'll be above freezing by saturday morning. and near the rain and 60 on sunday. we have a problem
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loop 95. we'll show you in a minute what is going on. we have a crash reported in frederick county. and travel times, 270 no major problems. top of the beltway is starting to get slow, perhaps in part because of that crash outer loop at 95. 66 inbound is fine. 95 north quantico to the beltway is fine. a little slower from quantity quote to the beltway. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car today. good morning, i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. we heard about this from a few sources, but now the president-elect himself is making it clear. he plans on nominating former texas governor rick perry
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energy. we're just getting this information into the newsroom. mr. trump's praised perry's creation of business climate that he says, quote, produced millions of new jobs and lower energy prices in his state. and will bring the same approach to the entire country as secretary of energy. you may remember, governor rick perry from texas who famously forgot he wanted to abolish the energy department. we have much more on this story online on our nbc washington app and on and today the people who live in newtown, connecticut, will mark four years since the sandy hook massacre. 26 people were killed inside sandy hook elementary school back in 2012. 20 of those victims were young children. leaders are asking everyone to take 15 minutes of quiet time starting at 9:30 this morning. schools are in session and s
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messages for children. and new this morning, the city of oakland approved a deal to build a new stadium for the oakland raiders. they are hoping the $1.3 billion stadium convinces the team to stay in town. the nfl's considering a plan to move the raiders to las vegas where they want to build a nearly $2 billion stadium. the league will vote on that proposal as early as next month. and covering montgomery county this morning, harry hogan makes an appointment in william smith. he also delegated barbara robinson. more snow could bring less spring break for montgomery county students in 2018. "the washington post" reports the school board approved a final academic calendar complying with a mandate from governor larry hogan.
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required trade-offs that included two built-in makeup days for bad weather. the new calendar extends through labor day and ends the year by june 15. it depends on how much snow we're going to get. and who knows that? he knows it well. he also knows we're in for a sharp turn when it comes to temperatures. >> do i have to forecast snow for 2018 now? >> that's your job. you have to know everything about the weather at all times. we are calling you with personal forecast requests. >> can we get past saturday first? let's do that first, because i think it will be our first inch of snow. that could be saturday morning. >> see my face? >> it's lovely. you have a lovely face. >> thank you. >> now get that smirk off of there. now a little bit of a bundle up needed out there. we have the arctic air coming racing through. by tomorrow mornig,
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we'll drop temperatures below freezing before you wake up tomorrow morning. and we will stay below freezing all day, so dangerously cold tomorrow during the daylight hours. tomorrow night into friday morning, really dangerous levels of cold. windchills near zero. make your effort to protect people, pipes and pets, everybody. otherwise you'll be sorry. a great way to stay ahead of the cold snap. have the nbc washington app ready to go. find me @chuckbell4. i'll do your best to keep you warm through the cold snap. we'll see the 30s for the rest of the morning. the mid-40s later today. after 7:00 to 8:00, a little chance for a flurry. the arctic air is just moving into the upper peninsula of michigan, but it is racing southbound. that cold front should be here by about midnight tonight. so it is really in a hurry. and a lot of wind energy with it as well. so that is why the winds, west to 20 to 30-mile-an-hour winds. future weather carries the sunshine out laterh
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the front comes racing through at midnight tonight, between 8:00 and midnight, could be a burst of a snow flurry or snow shower coming racing by. it might be enough to whiten the ground, but i'm not worried about the accumulations with this. sunny and bitter cold for tomorrow and friday. and still watching out for our potential of the first inch of snow coming on saturday before it switches back over to rain. melissa molelt, good morning, how are the roads? a couple problems to talk about this morning. so chopper 4 over the outer loop here at 95, so take a look there. we do have some vehicles there in the middle of the roadway. it sounds like it's property damage only. no matter, it's still blocking a lane here to cause backups. outer loop at 123, we have debris still hanging around there. the report is wooden glass in the two right lanes, but we are not seeing too much of a slowdown. that's good, they have gotten that out of the way. in frederick, 75 near 70, still have the crash hanging around there. and top of 270 looking a little bit slow down to about germantown. then it opens back up. 95 north, t r
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loop there, i have a report of a broken down vehicle. same thing for the truck scales with a broken down truck blocking the ramp there. now with the temps headed south, it is time to prep your car for the brutal plunge. here are 4 things to know about how to winterize your wheels. >> reporter: check that battery, it's the heart of your car. and without that, you're just spinning your wheels. now speaking of, make sure the tires are ready to roll. the tread looks good and your tires are inflated to the right level. that is so important. just look inside the door jam for a recommended level. check your fluid, like windshield washer flute and the coolant levels. and most importantly, have the emergency kit handy. a few of the best items to have in there, a jump-starter kit to help yourself. and a first-aid kit. but the staples like a flashlight, water, blanket, gloves and snacks and a
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either. >> i've got to tell you guys, my check tire pressure light has gone off like three times. >> yes. >> it's because of the change in temperature, you have to go get them filled up. i was down 8 or 9 pounds in one of the tires. >> have someone do it for you. >> that's great if you are dieting -- >> your tires don't need to pass the test. >> i have a window hammer underneath my seat as well. so apparently starbucks may be misspelling your name on purpose. i don't think they do it on purpose. the new conspiracy says baristas are misspelling your name so people post them on social media. my name is eun, spelled e-u-n. there's no way i could spend my real name. i would spend 2
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name is -- bob. >> this happens to everyone. i tweeted out a picture recently when they misspelled angie. >> everyone says it has happened to them. so maybe there's truth to this. is your teen glued to their phone. why it may be worse for their health than initially thought. and remembering alan thicke. reaction coming in from his family
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welcome back at 6:24. harvard university researchers say teens who spend hours on their phones, tablets or computers may be at risk for obesity. the researchers found about 20% of adolescents who spend five hours a day on some type of small screen, that nearly half of them were more likely to be obese than those with no screen time. we are less than two weeks away from christmas, and your kids may be asking how santa
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just one night. well, it turns out that einstein could be the key to the answer. according to the "daily mail," he said santa shrinks until he's so small a human eye cannot see him. that would let him travel at speeds of more than 6 million miles an hour. thanks to the theory of relativity, that could work. and he can fit in the 7 million chimneys. we still believe. there are gifts you hate to get over the holidays, right? tell us about them. >> the worst hol diday gifts ar revealed coming up. and a woman slams into the back of the chief of police. what he says about what happened. and this is it, the final day before the arctic blast moves in. and we're talking snow flurries at this point. chuck is back with the 4 things toknow.
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it kept coming back in different places. cancer treatment centers of america gave me treatment options i didn't know about before. i want to be around just to be a grandma. learn more at
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a deadly crash with a teenager killed. new details
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shut down 95. if you think it's cold now, you ain't seen nothing yet. it's about to get dangerously cold. and we could see snow. i'm kristin wright. i have seen people in shorts this morning, but all of that is about to change. right now team coverage of the weather that will impact you. good morning. we are getting you ready for a dramatic change in your weather. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm angie goff in for aaron gilchrist. we'll have a true shiver factor here shortly. here's a new tweet out from the virginia department of transportation. they said, it's officially snow season. we have begun the anti-icing ahead of the cold weather. here we go. >> we have team coverage, we're talking cold and the first sighting of snowflakes. we start with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and 4 things to know. uh-oh, chuck. get ready.
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for over a week now. and the cold air is just about ready to get here. there's a live picture down at reagan national airport this morning where it's in the 30s. this will be our last enjoyable day. and i should have put quote marks around enjoyable, because some people think this is too cold. but it's nothing compared to the winds that come through tonight putting windchills near zero. the chance and increasing likelihood is for the first inch of snow early saturday morning before it becomes rain. planning out the day today, a nice low impact weather day today with temperatures gradually climbing into the 40s. but by this time tomorrow morning, look at those future windchills. it will be feeling like 4 below. the single number windchills everywhere tomorrow morning. not quite that bad just yet. the intercept traveler kristin wright is down in dupont circle, how are the krispy kremes and how are you holding up in the
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go to twitter if you want to know what that is about. there is a krispy kreme here, and we are seeing more people come through. just wait until tomorrow. everyone will be layered up. the bank says it is 35. it was 37 when we first got here. so temperatures dropping a little bit. i said to my fphotographer iren, i really should feel colder. i don't feel that cold with this nice warm coat on. but she said, it's because you have on a hat. i never wear a hat. today i got this nice hat from my mom and it makes a difference. wear a hat, wear it today and tomorrow. right in front of the krispy e kreme we met a guy who will be singing christmas carols in a few minutes. can you give us a sampling of what you're doing. first of all, you're crazy for being in the cold weather, but
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cheer. take a listen. ♪ silent night holy night ♪ all is calm all is bright >> reporter: all right. he's not bad, right? we have some cold weather preparations we want to show you here on your screen. just things you can do, things to remember. wear layers of light clothing. this is from the red cross. just light clothing where you can put on more and more layers. 3 feet rules from space heaters. never use the stove or oven to heat your home. and protect your pipes from freezing when it starts to get really cold. you want to take the measures so you don't have a big mess in your house. so we are out here this morning, lots of people with layers, including myself. we'll see you back here at the end of the show. allig
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kristin. keep the hat on and keep that guy singing. he was good, that's so sweet. chopper 4 right now -- chopper 4 right now over the outer loop at 95, that problem is off to the left-side of the roadway there. so that has gotten out of the way. but we have a new problem on the beltway after seeing barn bust crash -- a northbound crash. we'll take a look at 270 and travel times coming up. a look at the top stories right now, sudden death. actor alan thicke dies at 69. witnesses say he was playing an ice hockey game with his teenager son when he suffered what appeared to be a heart attack. and trump and techies. the president-elect is meeting with silicon valley leaders today at trump tower. amazon, apple and microsoft leaders are expected to attend. and cease-fire
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syria. buses meant to evacuate thousands of people have now pulled out. and we continue to stay on top of breaking news all morning for you. we now know a teenager has died after this chain-reaction crash on the i-95 near laurel. a van crashed into a disabled car on the roadway. then a tractor-trailer crashed into the van. >> the maryland state police shut down 95 for five hours as they airlifted victims to the hospital and conducted their investigation. coming up, we'll have a live report with more information on the crash and the victims. a custody of change in fairfax county went terribly wrong when a father tried to light the mother on fire. >> police say 26-year-old lamar thomas and his child's mother argued yesterday morning. this is his mug shot here. the woman was dropping off her 1-year-old on her way to work. during the
6:35 am
car, thomas poured a flammable liquid on the woman and tried to ignite it. this is all while the baby was in the backseat. the woman was able to get away and call police. no one was hurt and thomas is charged with malicious wounding. and nbc4 is committed to raising awareness about domestic violence. you can find phone numbers and links to local resources in the nbc washington app. search the app for that. and kristy edgar ran into the chief's cruiser in centreville. her blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit. >> this is horrible, because i thank god i'm wearing my seat belt and am buckled in the right way. and if i wasn't buckled in, i don't think i would be here. >> kristy edgar is charged
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dwi and visiting family for the holidays. and maryland's governor needs to appoint a new leader for the liquor control board in prince george's county. yesterday charles caldwell said he would resign from his post as chairman. last week caldwell was arrested for drunk driving after being in an accident shortly after leaving mgm national harbor. wtop report that s that the vic chairman will serve in the interim. and raising short-term interest rates when the two-day meeting ends later today. this would be the only increase this year and the second since june 2006. this is the fed's first policy meeting since donald trump's election. the central bank will release the interest rate at 2:00 this afternoon. it's the holiday gift you hate to get. >> we have a list of the four things you won't want to waste your money or time on this holiday season. and whole foods scandal. this is a big one we're following. find out what got managers, a
6:37 am
and alan thicke sudden death. we'll tell you what happened in his final moments. and erika has been tracking the reaction that continues to pour in. erika, good morning, what are you seeing on social media? >> and then look at these pictures from alan thicke's son, his youngest son carter, that he posted last night after we got word from this. let's all rejoice and celebrate the joy he brought to every room he was in. he is survived by his two sons and wife. sad news, natalie morales, of great nbc, the great alan thicke just 69 years old. i grew up watching him always giving good advice. so many more tweets pouring in on social media after the passing of alan thic
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everyone loves to get gifts, but sometimes there are gifts you don't wa
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list of the worst holiday gifts, but mostly it's about the money. because they cost too much at the time. >> it includes gift cards. it turns out if you wait until after the holiday, you can snag them at a discount from all the people who decided to sell them online. so no gift cards. >> i've never heard of that. >> i don't like gift cards. >> i do. it's like cash, bring it on. >> i like a $10,000 gift card. >> i like the cash. >> if you think jewelry is a great gift, wait until after valentine's day, which makes sense, because the prices are going to drop. >> and perfume is going to be at a high cost right now. that makes sense. online sales in february and mar are better. >> if your husband says, i'll get you a diamond, you you need to wait. i smell deception going on here. >> even then, you may want to gift dad the drill, wait until father's day. you can check out the entire list on the nbc wa
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social media what is the worst gift they have received. i did a twitter poll to ask, what are you giving other people? many people said they are going to give gift cards. >> i have your gift already. >> we're good, right? >> i'll be getting everyone's gifts shortly. as soon as everything is marked down. >> as soon as the liquor store opens. but what can you deliver weather-wise? >> well, it's all about bracing for the chill today. brace for impact, everybody. >> group hug. >> that will keep you warm. very much true. it will be a whole lot colder tomorrow morning. so be ready for it. right now it's not too bad out there, 38 in washington, 36 in leesburg. getting ready to second the kids to the bus stop, it will be cold in the 30s. it will be up in the 40 his later on today. what to wear? put on your warm jacket or scarf. but the heavy industrial strength winter coat will be needed starting tonight into tomorrow. on the whole, today, the daily
6:43 am
not too much to complain about. a 13-year-old is dead after a car crash last night. what we know about the wreck this morning. and it's official, donald trump wants rick perry to be a part of his cabinet. and what happened to alan thicke. witnesses speak out. >> when he got on the gurney, he said to his son, hey,
6:44 am
you might call patricia washington lucky. after all, not only did she play a dc lottery game once and win. she played another game and won that three times. and then she tried a different dc lottery game and won that, too. so, how is patricia doing with her bowling? well, let's just say she does better with the lottery. ♪
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the death of alan thicke. >> but mom! >> what happened to america's tv dad. deadly collision, a teenager dies on 95. bitter cold and snow. chuck bell breaks down what you need to know on facebook live. the worst holiday gift? >> the worst gift, somebody gave me a carebear onesie once. >> oh, angie! >> if you missed it, don't waste your time or money on this list on the nbc washington app. it is 6:46. we are remembering actor and talk show host alan thicke who died st
6:47 am
himself on the first episode of nbc's "this is us." and he's made cameos on the netflix series "fuller house." but to a lot of fans, he was dr. jason seaver, the tv dad from the 1980s show "growing pains." he had three sons including singer robin thicke. his publicist said he died from a heart attack. >> how it happened is just so sad. >> erika gonzalez is joining us from the newsroom to tell us how thick e's death was unexpected. >> this heart attack happened at a hockey game. he was playing in a pickup game with his friends and son carter. his friends said it was not out of the ordinary. he had been doing this for 20 years. employees saw him collapse on the ice. by the time help arrived, thicke was talking. he even implied that he would be okay. >> it seemed a little surreal. nobody -- we didn
6:48 am
>> as they were wheeling us off, he gave us the thumbs-up. hey, i'm doing good. see you. >> his son carter who was there with him said he lost his best friend and his idol. he said that he will miss him every second of every day. he is survived by his three children and his wife. thicke was 69 years old. back to you. erika, thank you. we continue to follow breaking news here, chopper 4 was first to bring you images of the deadly crash on i-95. a teenager was killed and several others were hurt. >> this happened around 9:00 in laurel near the i.c.c. news4's justin finch is live near the crash site in laurel with more on how this happened. justin? good morning. this happened in a four-car crash that killed one boy and left three adults injured.
6:49 am
i-95 northbound near route 200 in laurel. close to 9:00 last night, maryland state police got called with a black honda suv stopped on the road. once they were on scene, they found a chain-reaction crash likely set off when a tractor-trailer struck a dodge caravan from behind. two women in the honda suv were hurt, but they should recover, police say. the 13-year-old was in that dodge. he was airlifted to children's hospital where he died a short time later. also, the woman driving that van suffered, we are told, life-threatening injuries. now, back live, we do know the volkswagen person who was the driver of the volkswagen was not hurt in all of this. so far, police are saying that they are not finding any signs of impairment with this crash. back to you. >> justin finch, thank you. 6:49 and president-elect donald trump has made it official, he is nominating former texas governor rick
6:50 am
energy secretary. in a statement, trump said perry created a business climate that produced millions of new jobs and lower energy prices. in texas while he was governor, you may remember perry's first presidential bid in 2012. he could not remember the name of the number department as one of the agencies he said he would abolish. he has become known as the oops movement. and amazon officials will meet with president-elect donald trump today. their industry fears how his presidency will impact them including the hiring of computer-savvy immigrants and the infringement on consumers security. and we are hearing there is bombing going on in aleppo again. just a short time ago we saw empty buses that were supposed to
6:51 am
many are saying the rebels broke the cease-fire, but the rebels say the syrian government was shelling the city while they were supposed to be leaving it safely. right now 400 workers at two of our airports have walked off the job. contract workers at reagan national and dulles international airports started their strike about 15 minutes ago at 6:00 a.m. workers are demanding a minimum wage of $15 an hour. at 8:00 a.m., they will hold a rally with several elected officials. and an hour later at 9:00, workers will take their case to the metropolitan airport authority board meeting. the airport operations are not expected to be impacted. all right. chuck bell is here now with us to tell us how to get ready for tomorrow. today is one thing. >> typical cold outside for today, but you will really need the wool hats and the insulated jackets and all the things that you need to try to stay at your warmest. because the bottom is going to fall out of the temperatures overnight tonight. so your cold forecast, today, bundle up. typically chilly this afternoon. nothing too ma
6:52 am
we could have a couple flurries around this evening. then tomorrow, strong winds move in overnight. we'll be below freezing all day tomorrow. in fact, tomorrow's high is 28 or 29 degrees. likely to happen at 1:00 a.m. we may not get back up about 25 or 26 during the daylight hours. then thursday evening going into friday morning, with windchills down near zero, that's the most dangerous time to be outside. make sure to check on your elderly neighbors and bring in some of the outdoor pets that may need to come inside to keep them safe from the cold. and make sure your pipes are ready to go for the chill. have your nbc washington app ready to go. follow me on facebook and twitter. look up chuckbell 4 to keep you safe and prepared for the onslaught of wintry weather. 33 now. 45 for a high later this afternoon. and after 7:00 to 8:00 tonight, there's an opportunity for a flurry or two. the cold front itself is still a long ways away, but it is coming here in a hurry. it's running about 35 to 40 miles an hour. so it will have no trouble getting here this evening. as it does,u
6:53 am
late this afternoon ahead of that front. that is the front itself coming racing through here about 10:00 to 11:00 or midnight tonight. we'll have a quick burst or two of snow showers around. not expecting accumulation. it could be enough to brighten the ground. windchills near zero by tomorrow morning. kristin wright is outside and will help you get ready for the big chill. i'll give you the ten-day in just a second. >> reporter: hey, chuck. i'm ready with my hat on and coat. it will be colder tomorrow. right now 34 degrees in dupont circle. we have tips on things you really need to remember. these are from the red cross. if you're going to be using a space heater, remember the 3-foot rule, keep it away from everything. never use generators inside. and here's one that you may not think about, but keep the thermostat at the same temperature if you can day and night. your heating bill may be a little bit higher, but you
6:54 am
your pipes freeze and burst. of course, our dear pets, bring them in to make sure they are warm enough and not stuck outside. in the nbc washington app, we have plenty more tips and good useful phone numbers for you. so make sure to check the app. live in dupont circle, news4. here's a check on the ten-day forecast. 40s today. highs in the 20s for thursday and friday. thursday will be windy as well with windchills down close to zero much of the day. be ready for that. a chill tomorrow. a chance for the first inch of snow comes early saturday morning. it will eventually change over to all rain and will be near 60 with the rain on sunday. and another little chance of wintry mixes coming up on monday. how is traffic holding up on a wednesday morning? we'll find out from melissa. a couple problems here and there. chopper 4 over the problem inner loop at st. barnabas road. we did have a couple lanes blocked. right now we are seeing the volume through the area because of the earlier crash there.
6:55 am
jammed because of a crash there inbound 66. so allow extra time if you have to go that way sometime this morning and are leaving soon. outer loop at 95, still have the crash there. chopper 4 was over that earlier. it's still on the left side of the roadway. northbound 295 before benning, we have a work zone in the right lane. the rest of the beltway not terrible. 66 is looking okay. northbound 123 before fairfax county parkway, a crash on the right side. 95, northbound here, a slow pot is through woodbridge here this morning. right now bw parkway southbound near 32 is a little slow. overall, 27 is okay going 40 miles per hour the entire way southbound. a lot of you have been talking about this story. nine managers were fired from whole foods around our area. they were
6:56 am
in our area after an investigation. whole foods is looking into how much money is involved. they plan to make sure employees at the affected stores are compensated properly. and it is 6:55. here are 4 things to know before you head out the door this morning, one of america's favorite tv dads alan thicke has died at the age of 69 from a heart attack. he was playing hockey with his son. he recently appeared as himself on the first episode of nbc's "this is us." and president-elect donald trump plans to nominate former governor of texas rick perry as the head of the department of energy. he has created millions of jobs and lowered energy prices. and i-95 is back open after this bad chain-reaction crash in laurel. a van crashed into a disabled car on the road. a tractor-trailer then crashed into that van. a 13-year-old was killed. and d.c. mom shirley gibson will host her 20th and final holiday dinner
6:57 am
officer brian gibson. today she'll feed up to 300 district officers. and there's a check of the next couple of days. not too bad today, but windy and ferociously cold today and tomorrow. a rain for a rain/sleet/snow mix saturday morning before it changes over to just rain. chopper 4 is over the beltway at st. ban farnabas. thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning. see you in 25 minut
6:58 am
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where . good morning. standing by his man, president-elect trump geese on offenon -- goes on offense for his pick of rex tillerson as secretary of state. >> rex is friendly with many leaders in the world we don't get along with and some people don't like that. that's why i'm doing the deal with rex. >> and a scare, why it was all tied to security for the incoming commander in chief. buzz aldrin speaks out for the first time since his emergency evacuation from the north pole and what he's say


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