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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  December 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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apartments in silver spring are waking up without any heat. they've been without it for one week as of today. the property management has passed out space heaters to the 400 units and now that's causing concern. >> there are lots of children in this building. toddlers and babies, and i'm concerned. >> i'm concerned about hundreds of space heaters being used all over this building with no instructions or precautionary measures taken as far as i know. >> with that, keep space heaters three feet away from anything flammable. that's including clothing, curtains, bedding, the management tells us they are working on the issue right now. >> and you can bet this cold weather will be a real shock to the system and to the homeless population that can be deadly. the prince george's county department of social services is making its way to homeless camps and trying to get the most vulnerable
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last winter while at an outdoor camp. so most shelters and drop-in sites are open every day through march but the hours and services may vary by location. and you will find all these tips on how to get ready and how to get your car ready as well for these cold temperatures. check the nbc washington app. the simple tips that could save you a lot of time and money in the long run. you don't wait till something breaks down and then try to go out and fix it. it might be too late for that. >> an ounce of preparation is always worth a pound of cure. >> this is what i do all morning is listen to these little things you have. >> all these words of wisdom, chuck bell. >> i've been doing this a long time. there's a long record of catch phrases in there. >> we appreciate that. >> do need to know that you'll be cold all through the day today. the sun coming up is not going to help with the warmup at all today. the cold air is racing in. that's the first t
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today and i mean racing. winds will be gusting to between 30 and 40 miles per hour all around the city. could even have winds gusting over 50 miles an hour at elevations above about 2,000 feet. that will mean windchills down near zero. so watch for that little chance for our first inch of snow coming up on saturday morning but look at these temperatures as you're planning out the day. it's as warm now as it's going to be all day long. the high occurred just after midnight last night. windchills will be dropping down to near zero for most of the day, so stay safe, stay warm and stay inside as much as you can. >> taking a look at the roads right now, we're okay when you're taking a look at 95 in virginia. no major problems there. bottom of the beltway in prince george's county rolling along just fine. no road work, i love to see that. you won'tav
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if you're headed out early. 270, northbound/should be at shady grove rolling along fine. we have breaking news at the live desk. >> we're hearing about a shooting. >> details are still coming in, but we did get confirmation from prince george's county that this is a homicide investigation. they are still on the scene there in hill crest heights. want you to take a look at some video that just came into the live desk this is in the 2700 block of cole brook drive. we have a reporter headed to the scene. as soon as she gets there we'll get an update from her. this is a residential neighborhood. back to you. >> all right. th
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two people are expected to survive a shooting. montgomery county police say a 22-year-old man and a 36-year-old woman were inside a car when somebody sot them early this morning. this is new video from the scene in aspen hill. police say a male in his late teens or even early 20s shot the man and the woman and then just took off. why? we still don't know. >> nbc news has exclusive information that russian president vladimir putin was personally involved in the covert campaign by russia to interfere with the u.s. election. that is according to two intelligence officials. they say new intelligence shows that putin personally directed how hack material from democrats was leaked and how otherwise used. the cia has concluded that russia wanted to elect donald trump. the fbi and other agencies do not
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president-elect donald trump was supposed to hold his first news conference in months today but that has been postponed. today he will continue his thank you tour. he and mike pence will thank supporters in pennsylvania today. the president-elect faces one final hurdle before being sworn in next month. on monday, those electors will finally cast their votes at state capitols across the country but last night protesters called for a delay. they want a full investigation of the presidential election to be completed before electors cast their votes. this is over the concern that we were just mentioning about russian interference in last month's election. virginia congressman don byer also calling for a delay. we could get major metro news today. the board is set to vote on plans to cut back service every day of the week. the proposed cuts would
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1:00 a.m. on fridays and saturday and 11:00 p.m. on sundays. the system would also open an hour later on sundays with trains starting after 8:00 a.m. those changes would start in july. we'll hear more from the mayor about the district's body camera program by police. she'll be joined by interim police chief. the district is in the process of outfitting all patrol officers with these cameras. city dispatchers are reminding officers to turn them on when they are dispatched. a lot of questions about a crash in temple hills. a man drove into iverson mall. the man told investigators he was shot and chased before he crashed into that mall's entrance. he's recovering right now. the mall stayed open last night and it should be open on time today. a bizarre robbery
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investigation in prince george's county this morning. two tractor trailer drivers held up in broad daylight. this happened on a construction site in maryland. officials with the company that the drivers work for tell news 4 robbers only took the cell phones and one of the drivers is in critical condition. another first for mgm national harbor. they will welcome their first musical guest, boys to men. the soldout show is happening tonight in the 3,000 seat theater. mgm has been open for one week today. and i'm sure you've heard there's some other big acts that follow. bruno mars, the big one and these shows should be great. well, a fight over redistricting started by students. why they say a
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sop about a year ago we were probably in the high 60s around this time of year. people were at the gas station pumping gas probably in short sleeves and now look at chuck outside. >> burr. >> that's not the case today, chuck. >> not at all. the wind is blowing out here. there's nearly a full moon overhead. the full moon in december is called the cold moon and man is it cold out here this morning. the winds are going and the temperatures are cold. bus stop temperatures in the 20s. windchills will be back down near ten by later on this afternoon so what to wear? if you've got it, put it on. your heaviest coat, your scarves, your mittens, that ground is going to be oh, so cold. e
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f. an f for the daily grade today. we'll call it stupid cold with dangerous windchills and temperatures hovering in the 20s all day long so you will need to layer up for sure. i'll be back in 10 minutes. we'll take a look at the whole 10-day forecast which includes christmas eve weather. any shot at a white christmas? i'll let you know. back into the studio. >> i have to tell you i layered up. i wore this big old union suit i believe. a fleece one to bed. i will put it on and post it online for you to see. it was cold. 95 here at 1989. right now not seeing much of a delay. 66 east, right lane getting by that work zone here this morning. 95 northbound and southbound and beltway at indian head highway looking good. >> thank you. i'm going to look nor
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picture. >> opting out of the inauguration, all bands sitting out of next year's parade. we'll fill you in on its next. and changes coming to tysons coer. how irnt
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right now here are your top stories this morning. it is a weather alert day and it is only going to get colder as the day goes on. temperatures won't top the 20s and with windchills it will feel like the single digits. be sure to bundle up wherever you're going today. breaking overnight police
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that happened on colebrooke drive. this is in hill crest heights. we've got megan on the way to the scene. we'll have a live report for you coming up at 5:00 a.m. a developing story right now from the white house. it is about the sanctions against iran. >> call it unexpected. the president refusing to sign legislation renewing sanctions. the midnight deadline came and went and despite that, these were new sanctions that will become law forging the way for another ten years. the white house has said the president is expected to sign it now. obama's actions actually mark a symbolic disapproval of this step by lawmakers following the administration's nuclear deal with iran. we're keeping our eyes on how the incoming president will be responding. back to you. russian president vladimir putin has arrived in
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prime minister. his arrival in the country comes as nbc news has exclusively learned that putin was personally involved in the covert russian campaign to interfere in last month's election. news 4 tracie potts is live for us this morning. >> walk us through what sources are telling us this morning. >> it is important to know where this info is m cooicoming from. two high level sources with access to this information are telling nbc that putin was the one directing how the hacked information, those e-mails from the democratic party would be used to either discredit the united states or discredit hillary clinton. and that's important to note because there is still disagreement among the cia, the fbi, intelligence agencies on what the motive here might have been, not necessarily directly to elect donald trump, but
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discredit hillary clinton after what's been described as a long standing venn ddetta against hey p putin and discredit democracy in general. >> there have been some reports that ivanka trump will get some office in the white house. >> not confirmed. the transition team is pushing back on that report saying it's not the case. it comes as we've also been hearing that she and her husband may be house hunting here and as donald trump talked about his son specifically running the business after he is in office but not mentioning ivanka. >> all right. thank you. this next story is getting a lot of attention on facebook. i posted it yesterday. on january 20th, 800,000 people are expected to crowd the national mall
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president-elect donald trump's inauguration but it will not include a single marching band from the d.c. area. it will be the first time in 20 years that a d.c. public school marching band has not participated in the inauguration parade. none of the bands filed applications for consideration this year. the deadline to apply was last week. but as the saying goes, the show must go on. around 15,000 military personnel from across the nation will be in the district on january 20th. the military is using this 60 by 40 foot map to prepare for anything from logistics to crowd control. righ now their biggest concern is protesters. today, closing arguments will get underway in the murder trial against the man accused of killing nine people inside a south carolina church. the jury may even begin deliberating this afternoon. dylann roof is charged with
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confessed to the shooting the defense didn't call any witnesses. they are concentrating on the penalty phase of the trial because roof could be sentenced to death if found guilty. after months of growth the stock market is taking a bit of a dive. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 all dropped after the federal reserve said it would raise the interest rate. it will have less of an impact on car loans and student loans. experts say now could be the time to refinance and get into a fixed rate especially because the feds said it could raise rates three more times next year. well, it is one of the most congested spots in our area and we've all experienced delays. i try to avoid tysons corner. >> but a new construction plan could transform that area. we explain the impact that a brand new bridge could have. >> reporter: well, you know, you drive around the tysonsne
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area and you take a look at the traffic and it looks like this most nights, most days, whenever. but hey, a new bridge in this particular area could improve the way you get around tysons within tysons this is the beltway and a new bridge is going to go over this section of the beltway right near the capitol one headquarters and jones branch drive and the whole idea is to have a better connection not just for cars but also for by sickles abicycles a pedestrians. this is about a $60 million project and for tysons corner, finding new neighborhoods popping up all the time, a project like this becomes critical. we'll be following the developments for you, but the initial stage of this bridge should be open in 2018. back to you. it's 4:51. if you have any star wars fans in your house, i certainly do, we don't have to tell you that tonight is a big
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rogue one premiers tonight. it is the first of the star wars stand alone series. a few are able to premier it early. we've heard at least one die hard fan is already waiting outside in this weather at the uptown theater for tickets. >> get out of here with that nonsense. >> talk about dedication. on a day like this? >> they're aware the movie is going to be out the rest of their lives. right? you don't have to go on the very first day. >> you don't have to get dressed up and stand in line to be the first to see the preview. >> maybe a storm trooper outfit would keep you protected from the wind. >> it better be made out of what? >> we do have a lot going on in the weather department. be sure and stay ahead of the rapidly changing conditions with our nbc washington app. also follow me on twitter and facebook. find me there. look up chuck bell
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as i can provide it to you. the cold front had a little ring out of some flurries late last night. that's all gone now. maybe a few flurries south of the bay bridge. this brown shading here, that's a wind advisory and the blue shading, that is a windchill advisory so it's going to be dangerously windy and cold. how much of each? well, at the high spots along the blue ridgel va, elevations e 2,000 feet, you could see windchills -- and this is in the high spots at 10 to 20 below zero. in and around the city i think the windchills will be in the single numbers for most of the day. these are wind gusts. 35 to nearly 40 miles per hour already. this is what it's going to feel like. temperatures are feeling like they're in the teens and 20s. this is proof that it'soi
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get worse with time. windchills in the single numbers by 9:00 this morning at or near zero by 5:00 this afternoon. so it is not going to be an improving weather picture at all today. staying freezing cold, but not as windy tomorrow. still about a 50/50 chance that we get our first inch of snow saturday morning before it all turns over to rain saturday afternoon, saturday night and sunday. more cold weather early next week and the early lean is that we will not have a white christmas. sorry, melissa. >> i am disappointed. i love a white christmas. i only remember a few of them throughout my life. still have that crash still being reported in the right lane right now. this is not showing us exactly what's going on there. 66 east, right lane is the only lane getting by that work zone this morning. we'll take a look at 66 coming up in just a minute. all right. thank you. they
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christmas list but hatchimals are so hard to find. still ahead, we'll tell you how you can get your hands on one this weekend. plus, grinch is going after your money. the warnings about the holiday scams, even the most savvy shoppe need to keersp
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good morning.
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arlington county redistricting some of its high schools because of overcrowding. >> one student's op ed says this could end up segregating schools. matt is a junior at washington lee high school. he warns the changes could lead to racial and socio economic segregation. but not everyone sees it that way. >> i think it's really imperative that if we're going to be in charge of the future that we are exposed to different cultures and i think this boundary change threatens that. those statistics sound really big when not in context. it breaks down to be less than 100 students. >> what were you doing in high school? >> i was going to say -- >> matt is going to speak in front of the school board and he doesn't want them to repeal their current vote. he just wants a different approach with diversity at the forefront. yahoo says more t
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been exposed after hackers stole personal information and a breach back in 2013. among the types of data stolen, names, e-mail addresses and some cases encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answered. experts are warning that if you used same pass word for any other account that account could also be vulnerable. yahoo will notify affected users and require them to change their passwords. okay. so believe it or not, christmas is ten days away and this morning we've got a warning for all the last minute shoppers out there. probably everybody in the studio. we are breaking down the top three financial scams of the season. first up we've got the gift card grinches so you want to delete any e-mail that says you are getting a free gift card if you pay this small delivery fee. make sure charities actually exist and bad santa, if you
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asked to verify using your debit card, please shut the door. >> stay with us. right now on news 4 today, weather alert. strong winds and bitter cold temperatures outside your front door. storm team 4 bringing you team coverage so you can be prepared. a deadly shooting in a prince george's county neighborhood. news 4 arriving at the scene right now to bring you the latest. good morning, everyone. >> we begin with team coverage on this weather alert day. chuck bell is here, melissa mollet is in for traffic and we want to begin with chuck. >> it's very cold outside this morning. erin picked aaron picked a good week to be on vacation. weather head lines today, clear, cold and very windy outside. that howling wind will make for


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