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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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asked to verify using your debit card, please shut the door. >> stay with us. right now on news 4 today, weather alert. strong winds and bitter cold temperatures outside your front door. storm team 4 bringing you team coverage so you can be prepared. a deadly shooting in a prince george's county neighborhood. news 4 arriving at the scene right now to bring you the latest. good morning, everyone. >> we begin with team coverage on this weather alert day. chuck bell is here, melissa mollet is in for traffic and we want to begin with chuck. >> it's very cold outside this morning. erin picked aaron picked a good week to be on vacation. weather head lines today, clear, cold and very windy outside. that howling wind will make for
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during the daylight hours today. below freezing all day tomorrow. could start to see a little light snow late tomorrow evening into early saturday morning. it will turn into all rain by saturday afternoon but we could potentially get our first inch of snow here first thing saturday. temperatures -- hourly temperatures even after the sun comes up, temperatures will not respond pleasantly at all. so the cold forecast here for today, temperatures in the 20s. winds gusting over 30 miles per hour. chills near 10 during the day today. just flatout dangerous this morning. temperatures will at or near, perhaps below zero at the time. make sure that everybody is staying safe and warm and inside. melissa, you followed the best advice. you stayed indoors last night, didn't you? >> i did, with my one piece fleece outfit on. right lane gets by the work zone, that's the only piece
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town right now. bottom of the beltway and all of these routes into town and out of town all just fine. everything is nice and green and no major issues. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway rolling along as well nice and green. see you back in ten minutes. we continue our team coverage now of this cold blast and how it will impact your family today. not everyone is heeding the warning to stay inside to avoid this dangerously cold weather. >> news 4's justin finch is live where people are waiting to see the latest star wars movie. justin got this crazy story this morning so it's hard to believe people are willing to be outside. >> clearly you're bundled up so i want to know what everybody else looks like. >> reporter: it is pretty cold out here and let me tell you, i can't imagine being out here voluntarily to watch a movie em
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that for just a few folks. i want to bring in someone i met out here. sir, you've been out here for i imagine a few hours. why on earth would you do this in this weather. >> well, it's star wars. you've got to support it. it's like a tailgate party to us. >> a very cold tailgate though. right? >> sure. this one is december. we've got one coming out in the summer so that will be nice. >> and how many people are waiting out here with you? >> five guys in the tent right now. >> are they sleeping and layered up? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: these guys here under tarps and boxes. but i can tell you the advice we are told to tell you is to wear light loose fitting layers. they should be warm. you want to peel those off as you feel comfortable. your cell phones and tablets don't like being cold either. keep those charged up as much as possible. today is a good day to go out to
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your canned goods and also prescriptions and medicines should you need those as well just in case things do take a turn for the worse. can tell you out here in the time i've been waiting here, not hours like that guy, this wind is brutal when it blows through. it really does hit you. i am hearing several layers plus a hat, thermal everything and yeah, i'm still getting a bite from this blast of cold. so when you come out this morning, really prepare, be warm and be safe. back to you or chuck, back to you. >> thanks, justin. stay warm out there. get yourself a nice hot cup of coffee or tea. you'll need it. we always talk about the polar vortex and people say what is that anyway? because it's the -- the world is spinning around, we end up with a vortex on both the north and the south pole and obviously this time of year there's no daylight at all above the arctic circle so it allows the air to get colder and colder and just
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like a spinning top it gets knocked off of its axis a little bit and the wobble at the pole unleashes that cold air flow to come right down over the poles. our friends in canada don't do much to slow down the cold either so we will be in the cold for the next couple of days. it doesn't happen all that often but when it does do we pay the price for it. look at the weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. as this bitter cold weather sets in people in the warwick apartments are waking up without any electrical heat and they've been without it for one week as of today. the property management has passed out space heaters to the 400 units and now that's causing concern. >> there's a lot of children in this billiuilding and i'm conce. >> i'm concerned about hundreds of space heaters being used in this building with
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taken. >> keep the space heaters three feet away from anything flammable including clothing, curtains and bedding. management tells news 4 they are working to fix the issue. also, in our nbc washington app you'll find tips on how to prepare your car for these cold temperatures. the simple tips could help you save a lot of time and money in the long run. we have breaking news right now in prince george's county. police are on the scene of a homicide in temple hills not too far from the mall. we're live on the scene now. good morning. okay. we are going to check back in with megan. i think we're working to get her signal up and we'll check in with her in just a minute. breaking news in montgomery county. two people shot just after midnight. now police are trying to figure out who shot them. police say they're looking for a male in his late
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teens or early 20s. he approached a car in aspen hill around midnight, shot those people and then took off. the victims are a 22-year-old man and a 36-year-old woman. they're both expected to survive. it could be crumbling again. >> we've got some new video just in of the war stricken city of aleppo. just a lot of unease with this new cease fire to allow for the evacuation of the rebels and the civilians but ambulances on stand by to help get thousands of people out. we're still though seeing smoke rising from buildings and rebels report pro syrian government forces shooting at them. thank you. it is now 5:07 and we have new developments this morning in russia's interference in last month's
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nbc news has exclusive reports learning that vladimir putin was personally involved in the covert campaign by russia to interfere. that is according to two intelligence officials. they say new intelligence shows that putin personally directed how hacked material from democrats with us leaked and how otherwise used. the fbi and other agencies don't fully endorse the view. president-elect donald trump was supposed to hold his first news conference in months today but that has been postponed. he will continue his thank you tour instead. he and mike pence will thank supporters in hershey, pennsylvania. a group of millennials is calling for a delay in monday's electoral college vote. we'll have more on this story coming up at 5:30. we're preparing for possible major metro news today. the board is set to vote on plans to cut back service hours every day of the week. the
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service at 11:30 on weeknights, 1:00 a.m. on fridays and saturdays and 11:00 on sundays. the system would also open an hour later on sundays with trains starting after 8:00 a.m. the changes would start next summer. happening today, we'll hear more from d.c. major about the district's body camera program for police. she'll be joined by police interim police chief. city dispatchers are reminding officers to turn on body cameras when they are dispatched. back to that story with megan at the scene of a deadly shooting. what's going on? >> reporter: you can see behind me here that the street is still blocked off. we still have homicide detectives on the scene. around 2:10 this morning that's when a prince george's county police officer on routine patrol was driving down colebrooke drive here in temple hills and he saw a man who
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the victim who's an adult, abadult male was pronounced dead on the scene and we have quite a few investigators here. they have the entire block lit up. we've seen evidence markers and their attention being focused on the area of a driveway of one of the homes here on colebrooke drive. now, in terms of the motive here or a lookout for suspects, we don't have any of that at this point. this is still pretty early in the investigation. it was just a little bit after 2:00 in the morning when it happened and according to the pio, nobody in the area reported hearing a gunshot. so there was no 911 call reporting this crime. it was actually that patrol officer who drove along and actually saw the victim. that's how it came to the attention of police. any information you're asked to call prince george's county police. >> all right. thank you. it is a weather alert day and if you think it is cold
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we will check back in with chuck bell just ahead. plus, slow down in the district. warnings about new speed cameras that could cost you starting today. and christmas is just ten days away. we will show you the christmas village in virginia where you can celebrate believe there is a place where holiday magic is real. believe there are still more amazing sights to this season. village in virginia where you can celebrate believe that there are some wonderlands that are in your reach. and believe that this will be your best holiday ever. at nemacolin woodlands resort, we believe in helping you make memories that last a lifetime.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can. today is a weather alert day for good reason. >> high impact weather day
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high winds and dangerously low windchills means you should spend as much time inside and not out in the elements as you can get away with. tomorrow will be a weather impact day as well and so will saturday. right now temperatures are going down, down, down. 38 in fredericksburg. you won't be that warm again until sometime saturday afternoon so just know that it is not going to be pretty. windchills today in the teens this morning. we'll be down in the single numbers to near zero. an early peek at the weekend. all my concern is before early saturday morning. temperatures near 60 by sunday afternoon with plenty of rain both saturday afternoon and on sunday. look at the five-day forecast in a few more minutes. taking a look right now at the beltway. no major problems. keeping an eye here on anything happening
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fingers crossed because we're not seeing any major incidents right now. 95 north from quantico to the beltway. no problems in the southbound lanes. that's looking good too so no big worries on 95 and virginia. same situation where you don't have anything to worry about. 66 east after lee highway, but no major slow downs there. thank you. it is 5:14. new this morning aaa has released its christmas to new year's holiday travel forecast. they say you can expect a record number of people to travel. in fact, 43% of the more than 6 million people living many the d.c. area will be traveling. that's four out of every ten residents. the majority of them will be driving to their destinations. that's why we have so much traffic. overall traffic is expected to increase by 2.2% from last year. two brand new speed cameras in the district are now handing out
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christian wright shows us where you need to watch out in southeast d.c. >> reporter: consider yourself warned. starting today if you're caught speeding past this new speed camera in southeast d.c. you'll probably get a fat ticket. d.c. police have been giving out warnings for the past 30 days here on alabama avenue and at another new speed camera on hill crest drive in southeast. well, that warning period is over today. of course, you won't get pulled over. it is automated speed enforcement. you'll just get that ticket in the mail. now, police do tell us that speeding and pedestrian safety are problems at these two new camera locations. these are 25 mile an hour zones. fines start at $50. in southeast d.c., kristin wright, news 4. a deadly shooting in temple
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street. no suspect information has been released. metro's board meeting today and is expected to vote on plans to cut back service hours every day of the week. much more on both of these stories as the morning continues. christmas shoppers who are still on the hunt for one of this year's must-have toys may be able to snag one this weekend. you better act fast though. on sunday, toys r us stores are expected to stock shoeelves wit the latest shipment of hatchimals. they're interactive toys that hatch from a plastic egg. they're expected to go very fast so if you still come up empty handed you may want to consider joining the toys r us rewards program. i'm not going to be able to get my hands on one of these. >> it reminds me of the tickle me elmo
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>> a house menorah is now lit up. the obamas took part in this celebration last night. they held the ceremony early because they will be in haway f -- hawaii for the holidays. a beautiful display here. they transformed these twelve corridors that they have of their building into this beautiful christmas village. >> it's apparently a walk through attraction with a polar playground, family friendly rides and live entertainment and it is free for a good cause. >> one thing we ask people to bring is -- it's no cost, but if they could bring an unwrapped toy, put it right here in the bin and we'd be able to present those down to washington to underresourced children this weekend. we're hoping for 10,000 gifts to give away.
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tomorrow. 7,000 people visited the attraction on sunday which was its first night. >> very cool. a 20-year tradition ends in grand style. mrs. shirley gibson hosted her final holiday dinner for d.c. police on wednesday, an end of an era for sure. she began the tradition after her son was killed on the job back in 1997. ms. gibson invited his coworkers over the first year because she couldn't imagine not cooking his favorite foods at christmas. she is ending the tradition because it has become too big. i think she hosted 400 for the last one, but we just thank you for everything you've done for the officers over the years. all right. coming up on 5:20 this morning and it is a weather alert day. the man of the hour, chuck bell. don't start sighing now. you've got your work cut out for u.
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in ten minutes and if you're going to be outside let me give you some free advice. layer up. maybe do a little jogging in place to get the blood flowing. these are the current wind gusts. winds are gusting between 30 and 40 miles per hour in many, many locations. we do have a wind advisory and the tan shading here where winds could gust well over 40 miles per hour and this light blue back here across the valley in the mountains of west virginia, that's a windchill advisory. this goes until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and that windchill advisory, these are the high spots along the blue ridge and locations really above 1,500 to 2,000 feet. windchills will be 10 to 20 below zero in the high spots. windchills at or near zero by later this afternoon. so have your nbc washington app ready to go. find me on facebook and twitter. i'll do the best i can to help you through the blast of c
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our high temperature today was reached at 12:01 a.m. and it will fall steadily through the morning hours. by 9:00 this morning, single numbers and teens. by 5:00 this afternoon, single numbers for windchills and by this time tomorrow morning, again, windchills hovering at or near the zero mark. no chance for precipitation of any kind today or really much tomorrow. could get a little light snow late friday night into the early parts of saturday morning. still about a 50/50 chance we get our first inch of snow at national airport early on saturday before it all changes over to just a nasty old rain. it's time for me to start doing a little of this. >> i was going to say, if you just do this and believe there's a fire in foront of you it totally works. 66 east after lee highway still has construction b
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slowing anything as you can see on the map there. inner loop and outer loop rolling just fine. top of the beltway, same situation into town and out of town. taking a look at 66 from fairfax county to the beltway, so a little bit further, nine minutes and on time. i'll be back here in ten. change is coming to tysons corner. how it will soon be easier to get from one side to the other. that's ahead at 5:30. >> plus, grocery store fight. how coupon clipping, uh-huh, led to a brawl at the checkout line. >> and we will continue to bring you team coverage on this weather alert day. a live report from the roads still ahead.
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at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always believed the holidays should be about joy. where days are filled with magic, not madness. it's why we have amazing prices on thoughtful gifts, everyday. let's bring back the holidays.
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this time of year is especially important to consider fire safety after you've hung up
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on your christmas tree. a demonstration yesterday, one tree that was dry went up in flames in just a matter of seconds. another that had been constantly watered caught fire slower but still burned in a matter of minutes. don't forget to turn off the christmas lights when you go to bed or leave the house. we have more tips on christmas tree safety on the nbc washington app. so a fight broke out at a memphis supermarket after a woman took 20 minute to cash her coupons. the woman was paying for her groceries with coupons when the man behind her got so angry. he said she was taking too much time. this is where it gets really serious. as the woman was leaving the man grabs her head and slams her into the grocery cart. incredibly she was not seriously hurt and the man wound up taking off before police arrived. that i
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>> we have to try to remain calm especially during this season. >> we are working for you on this weather alert day. the four things to know about your forecast before you leave for work or school this morning. that's when we head outside to poor chuck bell. >> okay. it was one of the biggest blunders, but it is not stopping steve harvey from the miss universe gig. why he's expecte
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look out, look out! >> oh, now at 5:30 we are just getting new video in of a school bus scare in the pacific northwest. take a look at this video. the school bus slides right down the road with children on board. and in upstate new york, thunder snow strikes part of buffalo. this is new video coming in of some of the weather striking parts of our country. and we could be in for some snow. you can't see it but you can certainly feel this cold weather. if you think that is cold, you just wait. we are talking about dangerous cold weather. good morning to you. erika is here, melissa is here and i'm a little scared about today. >> well, we'
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because he drew the short stick. >> no kidding. >> about the shortest straw you can draw. >> that's because we know you have tough skin and an expert at the weather out there. >> i have old skin. it is windy out here this morning so you need to be prepared for the cold. here are the four things that you need to know about the weather. our little thermometer back here, 34 degrees. that's as warm as it's going to be all day. temperatures are going down. that's where they're going to stay. four things to know. number one, cold air racing in on a howling northwest wind. winds 30 to 40 miles per hour today. temperatures below freezing. the windchills near zero starting late this morning all the way through your afternoon and evening plans. cold air in place all the way through tomorrow. could lead to a little chance for our firstnc
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here's your planner for today. it's either windy and cold or windy and cold. again, windchills down in the single numbers to near zero much of the day. any improvement in the ten-day forecast? i'll share it with you. >> i love at 5:00 p.m. it's oh, so cold. a broken down vehicle in the right lane could be slowing you down. 66 east after lee highway, that has cleared out of the way. before we had just that right lane getting by the work zone and it really never slowed 66 down but now it is out of the way. bottom of the beltway is just fine. 95 in virginia, slow spots is wood bridge. all of those routes, everything looking quite good. travel times for you in ten minutes. prince george's county police are investigating a deadly shooting right now. this happened around 4:00 this morning on
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maryland. all we know is that a man was found shot to death in the street. police don't have any suspect information. today the metro board set to vote on plans to cut back service hours every day of the week. the changes would start in the summer. two new speed cameras are now ticketing drivers in the district. they were giving out warnings, but a 30-day grace period is over. the cameras are on hill crest drive and alabama avenue southeast. a new project is going to transform tysons corner. it is a bridge over the beltway and it should make it safer for pedestrians and cars. the bridge will connect jones branch drive and dolly madison boulevard. we received a few images of what it looked like once it is complete. v dot says as many as 20,000 cars plus a whole lot of walkers and cyclists will use this every day. people who live in that area said it
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>> there are no sidewalks so it's hard to walk from here to there or run even, so i mean, it would be nice to have more foot paths, sidewalks, ways for pedestrians to get around. the project will cost about $60 million. president obama has refused to sign a law that goes back decades enforcing sanctions against iran. those sanctions will still take effect. this is a symbolic gesture showing the president is against the law. we are waiting to see if president-elect donald trump will react because he is outspoken about the iran nuclear deal. iran's president also vowed to respond if the sanctions were renew renewed. tell me what america looks like. >> this is what america looks like. >> this group of protesters is calling for a delay in monday's electoral college vote to choose the president. they march
5:35 am
last night. they want a congressional investigation into the cia assessment that russia interfered in last month's election. >> to me, if there is times that another country has hacked into our elections it makes me fearful for what's going otohappen in the next four years. >> virginia congressman is also calling for a delay in the vote. in just a few minutes tracie potts will have details on an nbc exclusive report that president vladimir putin was personally involved in a covert campaign to interfere in the election. working for you. today is your last chance to sign up for the affordable care act and get coverage january 1st. so far 4 million people have signed up on federal exchanges for health care. uncertainty surrounds the affordable care act since republicans vowed to repeal it soon after congress returns in january. >> right now stock markets are
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hike here in the united states. asian markets are open and mixed early this morning. yesterday the federal reserve raised interest rates for only the second time in a decade. you're probably wondering what that move means for you. here's four simple thing to know. the stock market is dipping because of the change. that is a big deal because it's been on the rise since the election. second, the interest rate increase could impact some loans. you may see a difference in what you pay on credit cards and mortgage rates. third, there will be less of an impact on car leanoans. if you are thinking about refinancing now could be the time to do it. captured and now headed to court, the man considered to be the face of the largest hack of financial data in u.s. history will soon show his face in court today. 32-year-old joshua aaron has a hearing in u.s.
5:37 am
in manhattan to face some 16 counts of securities fraud, wire fraud and many other charges related to the 2014 hack of jp morgan chase. he surrendered at the airport in new york. that breach exposed the records of more than 83 million customers. aaron had been hiding out in moscow and agreed to face these charges. if you don't already have the nbc washington app, today's a good day to download it. we are in storm team 4 weather alert mode thanks to the cold temperatures and the wind. and you are going to need a lot of layers if you are headed out the door this morning especially for folks working outside. a closer look at that when we check back in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. if you weren't impacted by the yahoo hack, you could be now. the new threat against government worker
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but good luck finding one. the store promising to help
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good morning, everybody. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. hold on to your hats and hairpieces today. those northwest winds, they are blowing. 30 to 40-mile-per-hour winds possible if not likely for most of the day. we're in the 20 to 30-mile-per-hour range between now and 7:00 but the wind will increase once the sun comes up after about 7:20 this morning and notice temperatures here stuck in the 20s all day. the feels like factors, teens and single numbers by 7:00 but when the kids are coming home later today, windchills back down close to zero. so what to wear then for today, if you've got it and it keeps you warm, put it on. heaviest coats, mittens, hand warmers, maybe even a hug, melissa. >> maybe a nice hug to warm yourself up between weather and traffic. we'll hug after this. a tracrash there on in that lef
5:42 am
still hanging around inbound douglass bridge. as far as travel times 207 looks okay. top of the beltway, no worries. 95 north quantico to the beltway okay as well. they're accused of going online to cheat on their spouses, but some ashley madison users may soon see a handsome reward. northern virginia takes a hard look at school redistricting. why some students say it could lead to segregation and we continue to follow breaking news in prince george's county where police are investigating a homicide. we've just got tohe scene t
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now on news 4 today, a cold blast puts us in a deep freeze. and we've been working for
5:46 am
what you need to know to stay safe and warm. >> the advice we are told to tell you is to wear light loose fitting layers. they should be warm. you want to peel those off as you feel comfortable. >> make sure you keep the space heater away from anything flammable. >> prince george's county police are on the scene of a murder in temple hills. the victim was found by a police officer on routine patrol. new details about the massive hack to hit yahoo. the government workers who could be impacted. and how you can get your hands on the hottest toy of the season. the store promising to have hatchimals. >> we are getting you up to the minute the minute you're up with team coverage this morning at 5:46. first things first, it is a storm team 4 weather alert day so we want to start things off with chuck bell. how are we looking? >> it's not looking good at all.
5:47 am
low to mid-30s around town. don't be fooled. this is as warm as it's going to be all day. even after the sun comes up temperatures will continue to fall in a howling northwest wind. how low those windchills will go coming up in just a second. taking a look right now at this problem, 95 north, seeing some slowdowns because of this crash on the shoulder. we have glass in the left lane. also on metro orange, silver lines delayed both ways. power problems outside of westphals church. people live ng the warwick apartments are waking up without heat. they've been without it for a week now. the property management has passed out space heaters to the 400 units and now that's causing concern. >> there are lots of children in this building. toddlers and babies, and i'm concerned. >> i'm concerned about hundreds of space heaters being used all
5:48 am
instructions or precautionary measures taken as far as i know. people can be draping clothing over it. >> important reminders here. keep space heaters three feet away from anything flammable such as clothing, tcurtains and bedding. the management tells us they are working to fix this issue. here's some thing to remember this morning to winterize your home. keep your faucets on a slow drip to prevent your pipes from freezing. also open cabinet doors to allow heat to get to uninsulated pipes. if you are using a space heater make sure it's far away from your christmas tree or other flammable objects. avoid deadly carbon monoxide poisoning by never using your generator inside your garage or home. before you buy one make sure you get one that is rated for the amount of power you'll need. and we have breaking news right now in prince george's county. police are on the s
5:49 am
>> magan is there live this morning. are police talking to you? are you learning anything yet? >> reporter: they're not giving us a whole lot of information but we did get an update within the last hour. you can see investigators still on the scene here. now, what we were told in that last update is that this was a situation where a police officer was on routine patrol and discovered the victim. typically when we have murders it's someone in the neighborhood who hears gunshots and calls 911. that was not the situation here. that officer was driving down colebrooke drive on patrol and that's when he saw the victim lying in the driveway of a home here on colebrooke drive. not a lot of information about the victim. all we know is that it's an adult man. he was pronounced dead on the scene. now, police are still looking for people who may have seen or heard something. any witnesses, they would like
5:50 am
been made. back to you in the studio. developing this morning yahoo says more than 1 billion of its accounts may have been hacked in 2013 and that number may include more than 150,000 government employees. overall the stolen data including names, and e-mail addresses and in some cases encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answers. yahoo will notify the affected users and require them to change their pass word. president-elect donald trump continues his thank you tour in pennsylvania. we should mention that trump was supposed to hold a news conference today. that has been postponed until january. but the big story today, an exclusive by nbc news that russian president vladimir putin was personally involved in the covert campaign to interfere in last month's
5:51 am
>> that according to two intelligence officials. so we want to get straight to tracie potts live on capitol hill. >> reporter: what we know is that two sources in the intelligence community who have direct access to information are telling us that even though they're still discrepancies about why, they now have a high degree of certainty that vladimir putin was involved in not actually hacking the information, but directing what happened with the hacked information after they got their hands on it. remember these were the e-mails the dnc e-mails, the democratic party e-mails that came out in october just before the election. some government agencies have said that they think it was an attempt to get donald trump elected. others disagree. our sources say they believe it was either to discredit hillary clinton and/or to discredit the united states to its allies. >> all
5:52 am
hill for us. thank you. life is all about second chances and radio show host and tv host steve harvey is getting his at the miss universe pageant this year. remember his infamous mistake after he called the wrong winner last year. >> i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. >> last december when harvey announced that ms. colombia had won the crown for 2015, it was actually ms. philippines. they had to take the crown off her head. he apologized on stage and for weeks after ward he sat down and apologized to miss colombia as well. >> he has another chance to get it right this time. that's in a few weeks airing on january 29th. chuck bell is telling us we
5:53 am
layers. last night i spent some time looking for the heavy hat and the scarf and getting everything out that i needed for the next couple of days. >> and you were happy about that choice this morning when you walked across the parking lot no doubt. if you haven't stepped outside yet here and you live in the news 4 nation, you need to be layering up. basically if it will keep you warm, put it on if you're going to be spending any amount of time outside. the real issue today is the wind. winds are currently gusting to 40 miles per hour. some of my weather watchers out here say they -- you can hear the roof rattling out there as the wind is just racing into the area. so winds that strong means that we have a wind advisory now. this goes through the rest of the day and into tonight as well. so wind advisory. winds could gust over 40 miles per hour at times. and this light blue shading out here, that's a windchill advisory, basically elevations above 1,500 to 2,000 feet along the crest of
5:54 am
into the mountains of west virginia and western maryland those areas koul could have windchills as much as 10 or 20 below zero. it will be bad enough. your cold forecast, dangerously cold here for the rest of the day. temperatures will stay in the 20s and gusts over 30 mean windchills down in the single numbers. this evening is when it will be at its most dangerous. windchills at or near zero. best to stay inside. limit your outdoor time for sure. by tomorrow the wind will not be as much of an issue but it will stay below freezing. here's your ten-day forecast. frigid and windy today. staying cold tomorrow. still a chance of an ij of snow early saturday morning and it becomes all rain saturday afternoon and sunday. a closer look today hour by hour coming right up. problem on metro right now. orange and silver lines delay both directions here. a warning for you there. northbound 95 at
5:55 am
parkway. debris in the left lane. inbound douglass bridge, that has cleared so that is good of course. work zone blocking that left lane for us this morning. and 270 at old hundred, northbound and southbound, no worries. covering northern virginia this morning, a high school student will speak before the arlington county school board. last week washington lee high school junior matt herrity had an op ed about the redistricting. he says it could lead to racial and socio economic segregation. the school board said they did take diversity into account when they decided to make changes because of overcrowding. this morning people living in the pet worth neighborhood say their homes are vibrating because of metro. the green line has run under new hampshire avenue for decades but families say they just started
5:56 am
months ago. they say the floors shake and sometimes pictures fall off the wall. the local commissioner says long time residents are fed up. >> the vibration and things falling and settling and rumbling and horns and trains and whatnot, it concerns them. >> metro says it is looking into the issue. a spokes person says a source of the vibration has not been determined or even confirmed. so we've got some new details this morning on that massive hack that revealed millions of married people were having an affair through the website ashley madison. the company is going to pay $1.6 million to 13 states who sued over the 2015 hack. the breach leaked e-mail addresses, phone numbers and bills of 30 million users. investigators slammed ashley madison for not doing enough to protect user information. a warning now for all those last minute
5:57 am
three financial scams of the holiday season. first up, gift card grinches. be sure to delete any e-mails that say you're getting a free gift card if you pay a small delivery fee. plus, charity scrooges, make sure the charity you're giving to actually exists and if you get an unexpected package and are asked to verify using a credit or debit card, don't do it. >> the shoppers still on the hunt for those hatchimals may be able to snag one this weekend. >> kind of like the tickle me elmo days. on sunday toys r us will stock its shelves with the toys which hatch from a plastic egg. you may want to consider the toys r us rewards program or some black market gig you can find -- just kidding -- it's members who shop through december 22nd will be entered in a hatchimal drawing. >> we continue to help you get ready on this storm team 4 weather alert day. a
5:58 am
as you head out the door as well as the reason behind the cold blast.
5:59 am
when mother nature come, you better be ready. i know it's coming. >> you heard him. mother nature is coming and she is bringing below freez
6:00 am
temperatures. chuck bell looks like she's going to punch you many the face. we've been warning you all week and it is here and we can certainly feel it. >> upper cut? >> a square cut right on the button. >> yeah, it's going to leave a mark for sure. a little piece of the polar vortex. >> i love that you still have this, chuck bell. >> absolutely. this license plate was on my car in 1996. so polar vortex may be a new word to a lot but it's not to the weather folks. >> and justin finch is in northern virginia and we'll have him in just a moment. but the man of the hour is here. okay. sound the alarm, the words polar vortex have been said. >> that's right. >> and away we go. >> a little piece of it is here for sure. very windy and dangerously cold outside. not as much danger this morning but boy, it's not going to get any better with time. in fact, during the daylight


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