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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 15, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EST

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temperatures. chuck bell looks like she's going to punch you many the face. we've been warning you all week and it is here and we can certainly feel it. >> upper cut? >> a square cut right on the button. >> yeah, it's going to leave a mark for sure. a little piece of the polar vortex. >> i love that you still have this, chuck bell. >> absolutely. this license plate was on my car in 1996. so polar vortex may be a new word to a lot but it's not to the weather folks. >> and justin finch is in northern virginia and we'll have him in just a moment. but the man of the hour is here. okay. sound the alarm, the words polar vortex have been said. >> that's right. >> and away we go. >> a little piece of it is here for sure. very windy and dangerously cold outside. not as much danger this morning but boy, it's not going to get any better with time. in fact, during the daylight
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to fall. we'll be below freezing for the remainder of the day today and throughout tomorrow as well. that cold air will be in place, we may still have a chance for some light snow late friday night which could add up to as much as an inch before the sun is up on saturday morning. today though, cold and windy, cold and windy. oh, so cold all day long. winds could gust over 40 miles per hour at times. windchills down near zero. a it will l explainer coming right up. >> inner loop before gallows road, broken down vehicle blocking the left lane. we are seeing a bit of a slow down there. center port parkway, still have that crash on the left shoulder. in laurel, southbound 1 at gorman avenue, bottom of the beltway, these routes into town and out of town, no major worries. remember on metro, orange/silver line delays both ways. po
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church. we continue with more on this cold blast with justin finch. >> he is on the road with information about car safety. >> i'm sure you are enjoying that ride in the live truck this morning. >> reporter: yeah, it's nice to be warm so far. the roads don't look too bad. we're seeing some pickup on the 95 here in the area but the state roads and stuff are fine. not many walkers out here either. of course in weather like this what we're seeing coming to our area soon, it's great to be reminded of what to do to keep your car ready for this type of weather. do not warm up your car in a closed space. keep your car outside when you warm your car up. also, keep gas in your tank, at least at a half tank. top off your winter fluids as well. i'm looking outside at the
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not many people out here. the good thing is when you're in this weather you have a chance to reset yourself and get your car ready for this time type of weather. making sure you check your battery. in times when your battery is older, it can be harder to keep your battery charged up. so make sure you do that and get your battery check to be safe. back in to you. >> all right. thank you. and here are some other things you can do this morning to keep your family safe and warm. make sure the kids are layered up, especially if they're at the bus stop, dress them in loose fitting lightweight warm clothing that they can peel off during the day. make sure your phones and tablets are charged in case you lose power. be sure to hit the grocery store today and stock up on water and canned foods. you will probably want to limit your time outdoors and while you're at the store, pick up any prescriptions you need, again, so you don't
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this extreme cold today. and you can bet this cold weather will be a real shock to your system and for the homeless population it could be deadly. the prince george's county department of social services is making its way to homeless camps and trying to get the most vulnerable off the streets. two people died in the county last winter while at an outdoor camp. and according to the metropolitan washington council of governments there are more than 12,000 homeless people many the d.c. area. that includes people living in virginia. i want to show you a map of where homeless shelters can be found in the state. most of them are open every day through march but the hours and services can vary by location. you can find a full list of the shelters on the nbc washington app by searching homeless shelter. now we want to get over to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> all right. >> i know we've been talking about the polar vortex and that's why we're seeing these
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>> exactly right. and the vortex is there all year long. there's a vortex over the north and south pole and those features are permanent. they stay there all the time. it's essentially all about fluid dynamics. think of the earth as a marble. it's not really a surface feature. this is going on at higher elevations up in the atmosphere. there's that area of low pressure and the swirl of cold air around the areas of the north pole. with no daylight up there it just continues to get colder and colder and when a big storm system bumps into that and essentially dislodges a little piece of the polar vortex and allows that cross polar flow, those are two words you don't want to hear. cross polar flow means it opens the flood gates and allows that to spill down across canada and into the u.s. the vortex is aloft but the effect is real and we will be dealing with it here at the ground for the
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hours. weekend looks like it's in trouble. coming up with more of that in a few minutes. >> really appreciate you breaking it down. and be sure to download the nbc washington app and turn on your weather alerts fur all the latest updates on the wintry weather this week. breaking news right now in syria at 6:06. there has been an update after the evacuations in the cease fire that are back on. but there are also reports of more fighting. we'll break this all down at the live desk. >> brand new video just in. we want to take you right to it. these are the crowds of civilians and fighters there ready to leave aleppo. take a look at this scene. lots of families in the mix here as well. women and children. we're getting some conflicting reports though about gun fire breaking out during this new cease fire to allow
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evacuees out of the last opposition held neighborhoods. syrian activists report pro government forces have shot at the ambulances trying to leave possibly wounding three people. no ambulances or buses have been able to leave yet. we're staying on top of this, keeping our eye on this. >> all right. thank you. turning now to president-elect donald trump's transition. he and mike pence will hit the road again today. they will rally supporters in hershey, pennsylvania. trump defeated clinton there. trump was supposed to hold his first news conference as president-elect today but that has been postponed until january. meanwhile, nbc news has learned that russian president vladimir putin was personally involved in the covert campaign by russia to interfere with the u.s. election. that is according to two intelligence officials.
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that putin personally directed how hack material from democrats w was haeced and how otherwise used. the fbi and other agencies don't fully endorse the view. right now the search continues for this missing teen this morning. i want you to take a good look at his picture if you're grabbing the coffee this morning pause and look at your screen. this is nathan yell haggins. he's 15 years old. he's bipolar and diabetic and could be without his medication so if you see him, if you know where he is, please contact police. today we could get major metro news. the board is set to vote on plan to cut back service hours every day of the week. the proposed cuts would end service at 11:30 on weeks, 1:00 a.m. on fridays and saturdays and 11:00 p.m. on sundays. the system would also open an hour later on sundays with trains starting after 8
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if you drive in the district, listen up. two speed cameras are now handing out tickets. they are both in southeast washington. you want to look out for them on the 3,000 block of hill crest drive and alabama avenue southeast. the cameras have been up for a month now but issued warnings before now. a speed ticket will cost you between 50 and $300. all right. the one week after they opened their doors it is another first for mgm national harbor. >> it will welcome its first musical guest, boys to men. it's happening in the resort and casinos 3,000 seat theater. the tickets, absolutely sold out through the mgm website. >> i know this because i love boys ii men. >> other big acts will follow later this month so save your money for that including bruno
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it is a storm team 4 weather alert day because of these howling winds and below freezing temperatures. look at our thermometer. chuck bell saying this is the warmest it's going to be all day. the temperature has dropped three degrees in the past 30 minutes and it is not done dropping yet. >> he's accused of gunning down nine people at a charleston church. what dylann roof's defense is expected to do in just a matter of hours. and you've heard about yahoo's hack but what do you do if you find out you're one of the people
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all right. it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. dangerous windchills today going to affect everybody. >> absolutely. a high impact weather day for sure. high winds and dangerously low
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really limit any amount of time that you have to spend many the great outdoors today. have your storm team 4 weather app fired up and ready to go. find me on twitter and facebook by looking at chuck bell 4. i put a hash tag challenge out there so come along and play along. windchill forecast today. teens for windchills this morning, down close to zero by later on this afternoon and a quick peek at the weekend. i still think there's a chance for a wintery mess, changing over to rain on sunday. let's go over to melissa. >> so right now just west of 124 right near the tw perry, have a report of a crash. could be involving a motorcycle this morning. we are seeing some delays on the beltway because of that on gallows road. maryland for travel times 270 southbound looks just fine. top of the beltway getting
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95 looking pretty normal here this morning from quantico to the beltway. >> thank you, melissa. today, closing arguments will get understood way in the murder trial against a man accused of killing nine people inside a south carolina church. it was an emotional day in court yesterday as one of the survivors of the shooting testified. the prosecution also played the 911. >> sometimes i feel guilty. all of these people are gone and i'm still here, but i know god has me here for a reason. >> the defense did not call any witnesses. the jury could begin deliberating today. earlier this week we told you about a heart warming story about a sick child who died in santa's arms. well, now the newspaper that first published that story
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they're not able to independently verify it. the news sentinel says he won't reveal the names of the child's family or the nurse that called him to the hospital that day. santa stands by his story. the sentinel says they're not saying the story is a lie, but they cannot verify that it is true. 6:16 now. today we will find out whether the case of the school bus driver and the crash that killed six children in tennessee last month will go to a grand jury. walker has a preliminary hearing scheduled for today. he is charged with five counts of vehicular homicide, reckless driving and reckless endangerment. police say a sixth charge will be added. authorities suspect that he was speeding. sheriffs are still investigating after nooses were found at the dominion cove point facility. we're told management has held meetings with workers to review
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policy. the trades union has increased the reward to $250,000 for any member that provides information leading to whoever is responsible. if you want your cards and gifts to reach their destinations in time before christmas, here are two deadlines you have to know about. the u.s. postal service deadline for the standard shipments is today. today, people. saturday will be the final day for fed ex ground delivery shipments. look for that complete list of deadlines on our nbc washington app. got to hurry up. get those packages out. >> that's right. tomorrow is national ugly christmas sweater day. we made this thing a national thing. >> there's a national day for everything at this rate fand if you do have extra sweaters to spare, take a look. tipsy elves brings you the most expensive ugly christmas sweater ever. this is made with more than
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24,000 individually placed crystals and took 52 hours to create. you're asking the same question i'm asking. how much does it cost? $30,000. you could buy a car for the cost of this sweater. >> this is what i don't like about this. this was started -- its origin was like the hideous, what you grandma had and you borrowed and you took it out of the attic. now this has turned into the ugly sweater that costs you 100 bucks at nordstrom's. are you kidding me? >> 30 large for a sweater? sounds like a whole wardrobe. >> an gieangie, she loves her b. >> if i see her wearing that sweater i know i need a raise. >> tomorrow is national ugly christmas sweater day. share with us your pictures and we will share them with you. >> woe would
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pictures of people in ugly sweaters and send me some pictures as well of how you're going to be layered up against the cold for today. that little kid from the movie christmas story couldn't put his arms down because of the heavy coat. that's what lo t of kids are going to look like today. winds high, rocks in the pockets for those kids today. they'll be blown away. cold and windy it weres going nowhere today. in fact, temperatures will continue to fall between now and 9:00 or 10:00 and barely be able to hang on to the low 20s and i have a good response for this. windy and cold, oh, so cold by 6:00 tonight with windchills down near zero. the cold front itself is blasted offshore. quite a bit of lake effect snowstorms. our friends and neighbors that live downwind of the great lakes they're getting buried with the snow today. for us the wind advisory is all around the d.a. metro area. this goes for the remainder of today and tonight.
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high spots, that is a windchill advisory. wasn't chills could be 10 to 20 below zero. right now these are the wind gusts. winds are gusting between 30 and 40 miles per hour already. that will stay the case for the remainder of the day. feels like right now, teens to low 20s. watch this though. by 11:00 a.m., windchills at or below zero. by the time you're coming home from work and school, windchills near or below zero once again and the ten-day forecast -- or the five-day forecast does keep us below freezing all day tomorrow. won't be as windy tomorrow though. a little chance for light snow moving in late friday evening. maybe our first inch of snow before the sun is up on saturday. it will rain all saturday afternoon and all sunday afternoon as well. melissa is here to help you navigate the roads. seat heater alert this morning. >> everything you can possibly do to keep yourself warm this morning. westf
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front of the perry there this morning. inner loop before gallows, a broken down vehicle in the left lane and we are starting to see some slowdowns. rest of the beltway looking okay except for this. northbound 95 at center port parkway, debris in the left lane. sounds like some glass. orange and silver line delays both ways because of power problems there at westpha falls church. how angelina jolie's brca jean is making a difference for others. >> and what might come for the olympic swimmer
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big developments about a major hack. yahoo says more than
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exposed. here are four things to know about the hack. the types of data stolen includes names, e-mail addresses and in some cases encrypted and unencrypted security questions answered. if you use the same pass word for any other accounts that account could also be vulnerable. yahoo will notify affected users. the stolen information did not include paynt data or bank account information. researchers say more women are getting the brca genetic test. >> there was a 64% spike in the test after angelina jolie said she got one. the test showed she was at high risk for breast cancer and it prompted her to get a double ma mastectomy. >> it looks like
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going to be a dad. he said his christmas gift came early. >> his fiance said quote, life always surprises you with blessings when you least expect it. the couple has been engaged for two months. winter isn't even here yet, but most of the country is getting hit hard with these brutal cold temperatures and december snow could have fooled us. looks like winter to me. here we are with a weather alert. it is a weather alert day. chuck bell has been warning us all week about the dangerous cold. it has arrived. the four things to know before you head out the door. >> putin's arrival. a special trip where
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out in the cold. star wars fans will need the force to be with them this morning. putin's visit. we are tracking the russian leader accused of pulling strings behind the hacked
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a murder mystery in prince george's county and covering breaking news is not easy in this weather. >> i feel like something is going to fly up and hit me, like a trash icacan lid or -- >> did you hear that? she's right. it does sound like something is going to blow up. >> that's what you've got to look forward to as you step out this morning. >> here's what you need to know if you didn't hear it already in that shot. dangerously cold temperatures and conditions have been gripping the upper midwest this week and that arctic air is tracking northeast. it's a mess of snow there, and it will move
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>> and northern virginia crews will be treating the roads today with anti icing materials. they're trying to get ahead of the rain or snow mix we may be getting into the weekend. many homeless people are scrambling for a warm place to stay. to find a shelter open our nbc washington app and search for homeless shelters. chuck bell has been warning about this all week. >> that's right. >> and so we turn to chuck now. let me ask you this. over the next couple of days, do we see any precipitation with that? >> we did get a little flurry or two last night late when the cold front came blasting through. we'll be all dry for the remainder of today, tonight and through most of tomorrow. it's friday night into saturday morning becomes our next chance for any wintery weather. four things to know about the forecast. cold air is literally
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as fast as i can. northwest winds, 30 to 40 miles per hour today. we'll keep windchills down near zero most of the afternoon and potentially well below zero for your thursday evening and with the cold air in place, there will be a chance of maybe our first inch of snow early saturday morning. could see light snow arriving late friday evening. so the cold forecast, dangerously cold during the daylight hours with windchills down near about 10. for this evening though, life threatening. best to stay indoors. windchills at or below zero for this evening. be prepared. layer up on your way out the door and limit your time outside. how about the thursday morning commute? >> still have this problem, outer loop after 450. showing you the volume there. sounds like the disabled vehicle is hanging around there and causing delays. another one inner loop before gallows, a broken down vehicle
6:33 am
you're starting to see those red delays. that crash in front of tw perry sounds like it involves a motorcycle. prince george's county looking typical. inbound 210, same thing on branch avenue. and police are still on the scene of breaking news in prince george's county. >> and a deadly morning shooting. this isn't too far from iverson mall. we've been live on the scene all morning long. do we have any new update from police? >> reporter: well, just within the last 20 minutes or so, the medical examiner arrived here on the scene and did take the body of the victim who -- wow, it's very windy out here. took the body of a victim from the scene. you can see, however, that the road itself is still closed. this is a little bit after 2:00 in the morning. a police officer who was just on routine patrol driving down colebrooke
6:34 am
victim lying in a driveway of a home here on this street. that's how this discovery was made this morning. there was no 911 call. it was the officer driving by that led them to this victim here. now, in terms of suspect descriptions or anything like that, not at this point. it's still very early in the investigation and police are looking for witnesses, because they did not get a 911 call. they don't know exactly what time this happened. and they're looking for anyone who can help them pinpoint that information as well as other things, other facts surrounding this case. so if you did hear a sound last night, a sound that sounded like a gunshot, you're asked to call police and obviously they're looking for all the witnesses they can find. no word on the victim here. all we know is that it's an adult male. back to you in the studio. >> thank you very much and watch yourself out there. new this morning russian president vladimir putin is in japan today
6:35 am
summit. this marks his first official visit to a g7 country suince th annexati annexation. 6:34 now. president-elect donald trump continues his thank you tour today with a stop in hershey, pennsylvania. trump and mike pence will thank their supporters later tonight. trump was supposed to hold a news conference today and that has been postponed until january. we have breaking news right now. civilians are finally being evacuated out after aleppo. >> b new reports of fighting there. we go to the live desk with more. >> seeing just a bit of progress to report here in these live pictures we'll show you right now of the evacuation zone in aleppo. i want you to take a look. the international red cross is in place ready to
6:36 am
200 wounded get on buses and into the ambulances. there you can see the devastation in that city -- that part of the city. in the crowd that's gathered there we have been seeing women and children. there were some reports of fighting overnight, but this new cease fire appears intact as part of the rebels' surrender of this area. the last opposition strong hold. and look for updates throughout the day here on news 4 and of course in just a little bit on the "today" show. back to you. >> all right. thank you. no heat, windchills feel like temperatures in the single digits and some people are concerned about their options to stay warm. >> wild weather, some people have to worry about more than just a little cold. and the cold weather is not our only concern. your weekend could be a real mess. don't miss storm team 4 me me at ikea, we betelieve everyone should be able to afford
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and that nothing should get in the way of a good conversation. we believe that room for one more shouldn't cost more. and that you can make a place for everyone. spend your holiday overjoyed and under budget with ikea.
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lks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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all right. chuck bell, we are talking about a storm team 4 weather alert day because the temperatures are steadily dropping. >> that's right and if you are looking at the temperature gauge right there, this is the warmest it's going to be today, so we're going downhill after this. >> ern the sun is not going to help today. the northwest wind is going to win the day. you're going to look like this boar guy out there today. you need your hat and everything and maybe need a cape. if you've got a cape to keep you warm, if you've got it and it will give you a layer of warmth i suggest you put it on today. no recovery temperature wise later on today. teens will be single numbers by the time you're coming home from work and school today. heaviest coat, mittens, wool hat, starcarf, whatever. the daily grade comes in, no
6:41 am
>> that's as bad as it gets. outer loop here. i can hear you take off the cape here over my shoulder. inner loop before gallows road, broken down vehicle causing some problems as well. travel times 66 inbound, not bad. 95 north quantico to the beltway, quite slow because of an incident we'll talk about in a couple of minutes. and top of the beltway same thing, 20 minutes to get from 95 to 270. thanks, melissa. metro caught. your late night plans may have to change soon. >> remember this? people out pumping gas, maybe some shorts, that was this time this year. laj that. . >> we'll show you what fairf
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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the market.redict but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. welcome back. take a good look at these temperatures here. single digits right now and these numbers are going down. >> here are the four things to know on thisto
6:45 am
get ready for the teens. we're talking about the windchill. and the temperature is sliding at this hour. >> dangerously low windchills. now is the time to prepare before you head out the door. it will remain windy and very cold this evening and windchills could drop to near zero. >> snow and cold spreading across the country's midsection and this is coming our way as we face a wintry mix headed into your weekend. we have team coverage now from here at home to the wild weather across the country. first we want to start with our storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> yes, indeed, a bracing chill outside this morning. there's your planner for the day. temperatures are near 30 now. our high for the day is already in the rear-view mirror. temperatures will continue to slide down here for the remainder of the morning and stabilize in the low to mid-20s at best for the afternoon and with that northwest wind in the
6:46 am
with potentially gusts over 40 at times, windchills will be back down near zero by the end of the day today. coming up in a few more minutes i'll give you the ten-day forecast that carries us all the way to christmas eve. any chance for a white christmas? i'll let you know. >> as chuck just mentioned you'll want to stay inside as much as possible today. >> various shelters will be open to help those experiencing homelessness. justin finch is live at the fairfax hyperthermia facility with more on its mission. >> good morning. we're coming to you from the methodist church who opened its shelter. i want to talk with dean. so far, how has it turned out here overnight? >> it's very strong. we had close to 30 individuals who are being served here. this is one of four sites. so we have a
6:47 am
the community for those who might be unsheltered and just very thankful to our church partners, our faith community partners, government partners and nonprofits who are making it happen to make sure people remain safe. >> you've been doing this for years. right? >> we have. about ten years our program has been around and it really started when an individual passed away due to cold weather and our faith community really rallied around the belief that we wanted to make sure that that did not happen again and we've been working ever since to make sure. >> it's a warm place. also there's food and companionship as well? >> it is. that really goes a long way and not only are we providing shelter this evening, but we're also trying to make sure that we can provide long-term solutions for individuals to make sure we can secure housing for them. >> all right. thank you so much. i want to bring in a nurse practitioner, karen wood. often people think it's not that cold, i can deal with it. >>
6:48 am
homeless people may have a lot of underlying medical conditions and being outside especially in this temperature they can become very cold very fast. if the body temperature falls below 95 that's an emergency. >> thank you so much. again, it's this kind of cold is not to be taken lightly. if you need a place to go reach out to a local shelter. >> thank you. oh, look out! look out! >> you heard it there. a portland, oregon school bus lost control on a snow covered hill yesterday. the bus had three to four children on board. the woman who recorded the video said she saw another school bus lose control but was able to avoid the cars. this one clearly could not do the same. she says there were no chains on the tires. thankfully no injuries have been reported. and this is
6:49 am
video of a winter storm that rolled into buffalo, new york, yesterday. take a look at this. >> you can see the storm clouds rolling over the skyline and then whiteout conditions enveloped the city and temperatures are not supposed to climb out of the teens today. and it's just incredible to think that we are only in mid to late december. we have not even gotten to the thick of it yet of what is january, february. we'll have to see how things shape up for us. the temperatures are plunging here but the midwest really feeling this deep freeze. >> several states are covered in snow. we're live in st. paul, minnesota. good morning, mike. hope you're staying warm. >> reporter: good morning. let me put it in perspective to you ladies back in d.c. talking about teens. right here it's 7 below zero and the windchill is 20 below zero. on sunday morning we're forecasting 23 below zero. it could t
6:50 am
lower in december in the twin cities and our first record low in 20 years. hard to get recent lows. it was so cold i cracked an egg this morning and less than ten minutes later i have a frozen egg. next to my face, not on my face. and were we get to the record cold with those windchills of 30 below we've got a snowstorm coming in with 6 to 10 inches of snow forecast from midday until tomorrow. so after a record warm november and the second warmest fall on record things have taken a decided turn for winter and just before the official start of the season. how do you like your eggs? i bet probably poached? >> we wouldn't have believed you. i mean, that is unreal. >> and let me just say, you are a real talent because just to stand there and be able to get your words out of your mouth without your words running together when you're that cold is tall lent enough.
6:51 am
thank you, sir. >> there you go. live from st. paul, minnesota. >> well, that cold blast is coming at the worst possible time for residents of one high rise apartments in montgomery county. they don't have heat right now. residents say the trouble started last thursday. the heat stopped working in the warwick apartments in the 1100 block of university boulevard. the property manager passed out space heaters. >> i'm concerned about hundreds of space heaters being used all over this building with no instructions or precautionary measures taken as far as i know. people can be draping clothing over it. >> there are lots of children in this building, toddlers and babies and i'm concerned. >> and news 4 is working for you with this reminder. >> and the family tells us that the management company did not tell them how to use this space heater so we told them about the 3 fe
6:52 am
make sure you keep it 3 feet away from anything flammable such as clothing, curtains, bedding. >> all good reminders. building managers at the apartment says it's working now to improve the problem. if you open up the nbc washington app you'll find six ways to stay warm in a cold apartment. and now is the time to stay up to date on the changing conditions and be sure to download the nbc washington app to watch our live interactive radar and you may need that come friday night and saturday morning. may see some snow flurries around here. >> right now, people are bracing the cold to see the latest star wars movie. we found six campers with smiles. >> rogue? is it rogue? >> rogue one. it's the first of the stand alone story. >> i want to see it, but not that badly. >> if you are able to
6:53 am
it, even earlier. >> that's not warm enough for this weather. >> he's storm trooper tough. >> i guess so. remember this time last year how warm it was? >> our number one warmest december. 11 degrees above arch. 71 on christmas eve. >> look at these people. >> look at that. >> one year ago today we were 67 degrees. people running with their shirts off, doing the jingle bell jogs around town. people on their bikes having a grand old time. we have flipped the switch this time around. if you're out there running with your shirt off today, you may need to have some sort of a mental evaluation. that's too cold for that. temperatures, your cold forecast in the danger zone for the remainder of today. temperatures in the 20s. windchills down near 10 with that strong northwest wind. the most dangerous time will be this evening into the overnight hours. best to stay
6:54 am
chills will be near or below zero starting about sun down tonight through sunrise tomorrow. during the day the wind eases up. that will make a big difference. still be tracking plenty of cold air, but without the wind around it won't be quite as life threatening. again, have our app ready to go. you can find me on twitter or facebook. the cold front is down to our south. there's the lake effect snow streamers for our friends up in buffalo. they'll continue to get snow around there today. our next chance cops up saturday morning. have a wind advisory and a windchill advisory. windchills in the high spots today, could be as much as 10 to 20 below zero. windchills around town, closer to the zero mark. snow could start as early as friday evening and it all changes over to rain. near 60 with rain on sunday. could have some icy spots to
6:55 am
well. biggest problem travel wise and time wise is going to be 95 north at center port parkway. glass in the left lane and then a new crash in that delay here this morning. so a bit slow inbound. inner loop before gallows road, all lanes now open. we still have good delays hanging around from that earlier problem. >> outer loop at 450, that has cleared out of the way. someone's changing a tire on the right shoulder and they're a little bit in that right lane, so be careful. had a couple reports of that on facebook as well. still have that crash involving a motorcycle in front of tw perry. northbound/southbound there on 270 not looking bad here at all this morning. 66 overall is looking quite good. we do have this new problem, a broken down vehicle in the right lane. bottom of the beltway is okay. pretty typical and inbound looking pretty normal as well.
6:56 am
it is 6:55. closing arguments will get underway in the murder trial accused of killing nine people inside a south carolina church we'll have an update later today on our nbc washington app. a shooter is on the run and police are looking for a man who shot two people in aspen hills. both the victims are expected to survive. >> a cease fire is in effect again in syria. hundreds of people are waiting to be evacuated from the city of aleppo right now. >> and today the metro board votes on plans to cut back service every day of the week. follow us and we'll be in the meeting and we'll push out the latest details on his twitter account. >> very, very cold
6:57 am
tomorrow. still watching for a chance of a wintry mix early on saturday. all rain saturday afternoon so if you have travel to do this weekend and you can delay it until about noon on saturday. your life will be easier. >> we like easier for sure. center port parkway, two different crashes near center port. inner loop near gallows, we do still have some minor issues. >> it is a weather alert day. don't forget. >> thanks for joining us. we'll be back
6:58 am
you might call patricia washington lucky. after all, not only did she play a dc lottery game once and win. she played another game and won that three times.
6:59 am
and won that, too. so, how is patricia doing with her bowling? well, let's just say she does better with the lottery. ♪
7:00 am
nbc news exclusive. new intelligence directly linking vladimir putin to that russian campaign to interfere with the u.s. presidential election. officials telling nbc news it all began as a vendetta against hillary clinton. question this morning -- how will the u.s. respond? kids' table. three of president-elect dump's children, and his son-in-law, sit in on a meeting with giants of the tech world, but no room for twitter? why they were denied a seat. and former governor arnold schwarzenegger weighs in on the political landscape when he joins us live in our studio. "today" exclusive. the father of the nevada teenager shot by an officer after he lunged at classmates with knives speaks oor


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