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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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the wind chill all night will still be in the teens because our temperatures will also be there. the national weather service has issued a winter storm watch in effect for our northern zone. this will not become a winter storm warning. it's not that big of a storm but this is mainly for ice in these areas to the north. for tomorrow night into saturday morning. this is something we're going to be watching very, very closely. much more on this. i'll show you what to expect. i'll break it down for you coming up in about 15 minutes. now to a story you saw first on news 4. new reaction coming in as former prince gorges county executive jack johnson is released from prison. he pleaded guilty in a major corruption scheme that grabbed headlines. now he's in a halfway house where they're preparing for his return to freedom. we have the story. let's start with scott and the latest developments. scott? >> good evening. jack johnson admitted shaking down contractors for big bucks, six figures. pleaded guilty and was sed
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but today the u.s. bureau of prisons told news 4 johnson has been moved. he is now out of the median security prison here in cumberland, maryland, where he has served so much of his prison sentence and he's now at a halfway house overseen by the u.s. department of justice's regional department. this is the residential re-entry program. it offers job counseling and financial counseling for inmates preparing to return home. his case captured nationwide attention. news 4 captured video of his arrest in 2010 and his wife leslie was later arrested and charged, too. there's evidence that johnson advised her to hide some of the money in her underwear. our calls have not yet been returned. his attorney declined to comment. back to you. >> thanks, scott. jack johnson was a popular lawmaker in prince gorges county before he was
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our team coverage now begins with bureau chief tracee will kings. she's been talking to residents and other lawmakers about what might happen next. tracee. >>. >> reporter: it's important to remember that when this happened this sent shock waves through prince williams county and garnered national attention. let me take you back to 2010 and his whole initial bill. as he was being arrested for what police said were like a plan he was running here in prince gorges county. his wife was also taken into custody for her part. what they said was trying to hide evidence at that time. now jack johnson was the former state's attorney as well for prince gorges county and his wife, attorney as well. so both of them knowing the law, in this instance it was shocking to see what happened with their
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leadership. he was a county executive and clean up this township's reputation. hear now from a very close friend of jack johnson, senator anthony yew. >> first of all, i am glad that he is home. like anyone, he's paid his dues. i hope people begin to treat him as though he's ready to move on with life. i hope people treat him as if it happened. it's over and we wish you the best. >> reporter: now we talked with a lot of residents in prince gorges county who were saying everyone deserves a second chance. they believe he has served his time and needs to be forgiven. this is what we heard from people. it's important to know that after this happened prince gorges county executive had to do a lot to try to rebuild the county reputation with developers. a lot of people believe that he was successful in that considering what's happened with mgm
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the fbi to move the national headquarters here. we're expecting him to be moved. there's no telling if that will change as well. reporting live. back to you all in the studio. >> tracee, thank you. tonight an arlington, virginia, nightclub is the target of some donald trump supporters. some phone threats were so alarming the business alerted police. bureau chief julie carey joins us live from clarendon with the details. julie? >> reporter: hey, doreen. the clarendon ballroom a popular venue here. supporters of president-elect donald trump hoped to hold a ball here. they dubbed it the deplora ball. they were forced to turn them
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away. the deplora ball was designed for anyone. he alleges the ballroom caved into political pressure when word got out they weren't hosting it. >> they got a slew of comment, negativity regards us and regarding our event and after that -- almost immediately after that the clarendon ballroom called and canceled our arrangement. >> reporter: but the ballroom manager tells a much different story. they say they became concerned when they sold tickets but no contract was signed. the ball was a no-go. the management issued a statement reading claims that the clarendon ballroom canceled the ball because of political pressure are untrue. we
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was not booked. it created a firestorm of attacks. one man tweeted, negative yelp reviews, here they come. another took to perry scope to vent his displeasure. >> if people want to ask why they are discriminating, then that is within your personal right. >> they countered sending an e-mail blast with positive reviews. this is what the back and forth looks like now. a trump supporter saying they will cancel you're vents. the clarendon writes the clarendon ballroom is a class act, highly recommend. now we checked in with arlington police about the threatening phone calls. they say at this time they do not view them as a credible threat. now the organizers of the deplora ball. it's just been good for their
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for the number of supporters. they're looking for a place that could take 1,000 in. they hope to have an announcement on that next week. reporting live, i'm back to you. in the studio. >> thanks, julie. now to the presidential transition and there are questions about russia medaling. an exclusive report goes one step further than anything intelligence officials have said now. they say russian leader vladimir putin was personally involved. steve handelsman joins us with more. >> reporter: jim, thanks. some supporters and around the country worry that vladimir putin may have gotten a lot of what it is he wanted. plowed over the victory of the president-elect. donald trump is protesting the nbc news report that u.s.
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putin personally approving the democratic hack and that putin might have directed which e-mails would be leaked to her and -- if russia was hacking, why did the white house wait so long to act? why did they only complain after hillary lost? in fact, they announced cyber intruding in september. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. >> mr. trump obviously knew. >> reporter: putin is the winner says a gop lawmaker. >> right now the media and certain democrats in congress and certain elements are defeating. >> reporter: another cloud of trump's meeting with tech ceos were
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a remind beer the president-elect has not yet announced how he will separate the family business to the presidency. >> that will satisfy some of his critics. >> reporter: what's fair is trump detailing how he will avoid conflicts of interest. this was to be the day that donald trump laid out his plans. he postponed and set a new date to do it. more on that exclusive nbc news report on russia's involvement in the election experience. i have direct access. they say vladimir putin directed the way, hacked material. intelligence came from diplomatic sources and spies working for the u.s. allies. they
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intelligence community. >> it means that the source information that you're basing the assessment often is highly reliable, coming from a source that you have probably a long period of experience with, a source that has been well understood, whether human or electronic. developing now in south carolina, dylann roof has been convicted in all 33 counts. family members and victims held hands. roof confessed to killing nine black worshippers at the emmanuel ame church last year. prosecutors painted him as a white supremacist who hoped the killings would start a race war. jurors will come back next month to decide whether roof gets the death penalty or life in
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indicted on federal charges. the fbi says edgar welch drove from his home in north carolina to the comet tour in d.c. to investigate a conspiracy theory known as ethergate. he said he wanted to help children. he was arrested on december 4th after firing several shots inside the pizzeria. nobody was injured. if convicted he faces 35 years in prison. d.c. leads the nation in the number of police officers with body cameras. not every officer will get one. we'll tell you why. >> i haven't helped people in our area and that they're coping with the cold and why one would pick today to go ice skating outdoors. i'm adam tuss in
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corners. most nights traffic could look like
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there was a 59 vehicle pileup this morning on highway i-80 up inennsylvania because of slick,
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look at that, school bus full of kids lost control. in some areas wind chills are expected to go to 30 below. >> this is time lapsed video of a winter storm that rolled into buffalo, new york, yesterday. you can see the storm clouds rolling over the city sky lines followed by whiteout conditions on the roads. to make matters worse temperatures are supposed to climb out of the teens today. >> here in our area not just temperatures, but wind gusts but down tree limbs. it went through the windshield. also damaged the hood of that vehicle. chris gordon has been looking at the impact of all of that cold weather. chris is bundled up in boston metro station in arlington. chris? >> reporter: well, jim, i've been using this laser gun to measure the temperature all day throughout the
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it is 15.4 degrees, and that does not account for the wind chill factor. what we have found is that people are using different strategies to cope with the cold. at the pentagon row outdoor skating rink there was only one skater on the ice. the temperature gun says it's just about 21 degrees. >> it's a thing with the wind feels a lot colder than that. >> reporter: yet you took today to skate and you skate how often? >> this is my first time. >> reporter: despite the cold, dogs have to be walked. bella is seven years old. >> it is a bit more of a struggle. she hates her sweater. she definitely needs it. today's not her favorite day. >> reporter: we wouldn't welcome it. i just think i can make it. it's not going to be that
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i don't believe the weather sometimes until it hits me. >> reporter: has it hit you? >> yes. yes, it has. >> reporter: vdot is spraying a brine solution on 5,000 lane miles of roads in northern virginia. here at the van dorn lot they tell me they finished the ain't-icing operation by midday because the temperature got so cold. >> this truck has essentially frozen as of a couple of hours ago. there is a liquid mixture of water and salt in it, and the temperatures have dropped so much that the liquid isn't going to come out of the jets at this point. >> reporter: now in the district today there were a couple of water main breaks and d.c. mayor muriel bowser said if you see anyone out on the street tonight to -- and if they don't have a place to seek shelter or warmth, to contact the police because these frigid temperatures
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jim, back to you. >> thanks, chris. during the break we invite you to download the nbc washington app. turn on weather alerts to get updates on this wintry mix. and we are expecting for them to move in on us. metro is significantly slashing rail hours in order to do more track work on the aging system. metro's board unanimously voted for the changes today. they're set to begin next june and will last for two years. here they are. metro's going to close at 11:30 monday through thursday and at 1:00 on fridays and saturdays. on sundays the system won't open until 8:00 a.m. and will close at 11:00 p.m. transportation reporter adam tuss has been tracking the developments on this all day. live at judiciary square. adam, really tough decision for metro's board and for the members of the district, right? >> reporter: 100%. you look at all of those hours that you just explained. you think about d.c
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bars and its restaurants and the late-night service that it's going to lose. remember, for the longest time metro rail stayed open until 3:00 a.m. on friday and saturday nights. now you're talking about moving that back to 1:00 a.m. there's been a real distaste for that type of cut back in the district. officially district leaders had to concede and make a concession and say, okay, we will go ahead with this plan. when you boil it down, the metro general manager, the person that this board picks to make these type of tough decisions was telling them, look, we need two years of this scaled back plan on hours. that way we can get the system to where it needs to be. we want to do things like safe track. we'll see how it plays out. this is not a pill that anybody wants to swallow. >> indeed. adam, there was some other big news from metro today. some people got fired after the investigation of that east falls church derailment,
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six metro track inspectors were fired. six more could be fired in the coming days. we're talking about 28 people in metro's track inspection department. that's nearly half of their track inspectors that are going to be facing some type of discipline because if you remember that east falls church derailment last summer, this happened at a crossover point by the east falls church station. what they were saying is these track inspectors were going in there and falsifying reports of the conditions of those tracks. metro conducted their own investigation and found that that, in fact, was the case. they are taking disciplinary action against half of their track inspection department. that is simply unheard of and anything i've heard of since they've been covering metro. more action can be coming. truly a monumental day. >> more action and even the possibility of criminal charges, right? >> reporter: absolutely. so metro's own police department investigated these people and they're not going to bring any charges, but the investigation isn't done. it's being
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agency and if they find something that's truly raises to that level, absolutely there could be criminal charges. not a good day for the transit agency, especially when you think about riders who are on that train and their safety that was put at risk simply because someone falsified reports and did not do their job. that is, frankly, irreprehensible. >> thank you. coming up, facebook taking action to stop the spread of fake news on social media. while more than 2600 police officers now have body cameras in the district. coming up, we'll
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you have probably already noticed we're in weather alert mode around here. it is bitterly cold and what's going to happen next is our question. doug and amelia are in storm center 4 with details. >> that's why you and amelia are wearing red. >> because it's red nose. exactly. >> we are in weather alert mode. it's all because of the cold we have coming up early saturday morning. >> yeah, because freezing rain
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bit saturday morning. >> right now it's all about the cold. we are dealing with that cold for sure. oh, the coldest we've been since valentine's day. 21 degrees right now. winds out of the northwest at 26 miles per hour. 21 degrees? we were in the mid 40s yesterday. we're going to be in the 60s on sunday. the roller coaster here dipping down. 18 at dulles. close to a record at dulles. record of 10. forecasting that temperature to be around the 10 degree mark. 21 at quantico. add in the wind. the feels like temperature, 3 in frederick, 8 in d.c., 11 in fredericksburg. the wind starting to calm a little bit. that's going to be a little bit better. overnight tonight and into the day tomorrow. still very cold. nothing on radar for the next 24 hours. what we're watching now, the storm system back to the west. first off, take a look at the streamer coming in from lake superior all the way across three lakes this one goes through. gettto
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new york. we're watching this next storm. not much of a storm. we have enough moisture. light snow changing over to freezing rain. this is not going to be much of an event. if you're hearing about snow, this is not a snow event for us at all. look at the snow. maybe hagerstown. it's really into the early morning hours. here we are at 6:00 a.m. around frederick, over towards baltimore, maybe into montgomery county as far south as d.c. northern virginia, southern maryland i don't think you get this at all before it moves down and becomes rain as temperatures begin to rise. now the temperatures will rise fairly fast. the critical morning hours is the reason why we have a winter storm watch. we should talk a little bit more about that. >> the winter storm watch late friday through noon on saturday. doug and i looking over the latest information. it will hold off until saturday morning. the chance of freezing rain. frederick, caro
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county, parts of the panhandle. frederick county, virginia. maybe a little bit of snow but, again, more freezing rain that could lead to some slick roads in spots. that quickly changes over to rain by 10:00, 11:00 a.m. on saturday. look at the temperatures. what you need to see where you live and if you're 32 above or below. tomorrow evening below 32. mainly dry. anything that moves in saturday at 5:00 a.m., well, we're still looking at the potential for mainly freezing rain. future temperatures, 11:00 a.m. on saturday. just about everybody at or above freezing. anything falling from the sky at that point for the most part just going to be rain. then we continue to warm. we're talking about highs on sunday, doug, in the low 60s. what a change. >> what a change for sure. only to go right back down on monday but, yeah, that weather roller coaster continuing. tomorrow and saturday both weather alert days. high temperatures on saturday could be close to midnight. this is the afternoon temperature around 4:00, 5:00. we could be n
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midnight on saturday, up to 63 on sunday morning. down to 28 degrees early monday morning. a huge temperature drop again. only in the 30s monday and tuesday. guys, look, a chance of snow just before christmas. right now christmas we have 55 degrees. looks like a warm christmas. >> after this cold we're going to be okay with that i think or many of us will. >> doug, there's really good cough drops on my desk. >> i'll go steal one. still ahead, keeping you safe at home. meet the people with you every step of the way if you need to file a protective order. first in the nation, every patrol officer in d.c. now equipped with a body camera. it's an effort to be more transparent with the public they serve. we'll tell you what happens with all of the video they record. > an incredible discov>>er
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strand restoring ading a father's faith.... stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is seeking answers and not giving up until you find them. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. with your support, we can find more answers faster. make a gift today at
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d.c. now leads the nation with the number of police officers equipped with body cameras. every patrol officer now has them. >> today mayor muriel bowser got a first-hand look how they will use the technology. as we report, not every officer in the city will have them. >> reporter: more than 2600 d.c. patrol officers are
6:32 pm
with body cameras. >> really significant for the metropolitan police department to have the largest rollout of body worn cameras in the country. we do have the biggest outlay of cameras. as the mayor mentioned, it will be as many as 2600 cameras. that's double the size of the number of cameras that we have out there. >> reporter: the $5 million program began more than a year ago in the district with a limited rollout. today mayor muriel bowser joined patrol officers as they began their shift and strapped on the new cameras. >> i heard it beep. >> we're always looking for ways to prove our legitimacy in the community. i think the role has asked for. >> reporter: officers involved shootings. the most recent high profile case in d.c., the shooting death
6:33 pm
of terrance sterling. the officer was wearing it and didn't turn it on until after the shooting. to remind cops to turn the cameras on. >> the chief of police ordered our officers to confirm that they had engaged their body-worn cameras when they were responding to a dispatch from our call center. >> reporter: mayor bowser said the cameras have been successful in building trust. news 4. the state of maryland is fighting domestic violence and today a task force designed to do that met in annapolis. the task force is named after neshante davis and her 2-year-old daughter khloe. they were gunned down by the child's father. state senator c. anthony hughes is
6:34 pm
one of the members is nashonte's sister. >> domestic violence is huge. as much as it's not talked about, as much as it's not heard of, people are hiding it, it's huge. we don't want someone else to end up with the same end results. >> here at nbc 4 we're trying to fight domestic violence as well. we've launched an initiative called safe at home to raise awareness and get victims the help they need. president obama is leaving office on a high note at least in virginia. voters in the commonwealth give him a 59% approval rating. that is his highest approval number ever for a quinnipiac university poll in virginia. the voters polled feel less positively towards donald trump. his favorability rating is at 39% while 53% of voters view him unfavorably. that said, virginians appear to be optimic
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four years with mr. trump in the white house. that's up by a margin of 55 to 40%. some new developments tonight in the crisis in aleppo, syria. 1,000 people have been evacuated by bus according to the international committee of the red cross. the city of aleppo was a strong hold for rebel forces. syrian government forces pounded the city for four years 15 months ago the russian military joined the effort and aleppo fell this week. today secretary of state john kerry accused the syrian regime of carrying out, in his words, nothing short of a massacre. two military medals that belong to a world war ii hero have been found. goodwill is hoping that you can help return them to the soldier's family. those medals were among the donated items that came into the annondale donation center. one of the medals is a bronze star and the other is a purple
6:36 pm
emsinger. goodwill officials have learned he grew up in south carolina and went to clemson university before enlisting in the army. >> and he was killed on the battlefield on march 7th, 1945, in belgium. beyond that, we don't know a whole lot about this brave soldier. >> so far postings on social media have not led anywhere, but goodwill officials say they are optimistic that the soldier's family will be found. coming up, new fallout amid a stunning security breach having an impact on more than a billion users of yahoo!. take a look at what it could mean for the future of that company. plus, the new approach facebook is taking to keep fake news stories from popping up on your news feed. you know it's cold, but we're tracking the winter storm watch in effect.
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to worry about. see you back here in just a minute.
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the sheriff's department in stafford county, virginia, wants to use drones in the fight against crime. they asked the federal aviation administration to approve their plan to use two or three drones. trained deputies would use the drones for things such as search and rescue, amber alerts and documenting crime scenes. now to new fallout from the biggest data breech in history. verizon is considering backing out of its planned $4 billion purchase of yahoo!. bloomberg is saying that they may back out of the deal entirely. today the white house has confirmed that the fbi is looking into the breach from 2013 that's impacting more than 1 billion yahoo! account users. hackers stole phone
6:40 pm
birth dates as well as security questions and answers. today facebook is making good on its promise to make enough to crack down on fake news stories. social networking site will allow its users to flag anything they consider a hoax. the stories will then be reviewed by facebook researchers and then forwarded to third party fact checking organizations. stories that fail the test will be labeled disputed. once that story is labeled disputed, it will drop down lower. it can be a daunting process. still ahead, the news 4 iteam walks you through the process of getting a
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you are not alone. that's the message the staff at the fairfax county courthouse wants anyone grappling with abuse to know as part of our safe at home campaign. the news 4 iteam show you exactly how to get a protective order and why they'll be with you every step of the way. >> reporter: long after their normal workday was over, after everyone else had left, laura harris and her staff met us at the front door of the fairfax county courthouse. >> for our d.d. victims 24/7 we have services. >>po
6:44 pm
special services to getting protective services starting where you need to start, juvenile court. even though it's an adult issue you go to juvenile court. >> where there's a relationship where you've had a child together, you've been married together, if it's a family member, the code is very specific how they define family abuse. it's heard here in juvenile court. >> reporter: she's the domestic relations director and took us to the second floor where employees are waiting to help you fill out the form. >> we're domestic relations. we deal with people with children. we are pea for real. >> reporter: while the staff watches your children you will meet with an intake officer like lisa downie. >> many times we are the first one to hear their story. >> reporter: she said there are three different types of protective orders you can get in virginia. >> there's the emergency protective order issued by the police or the
6:45 pm
office to file for the preliminary protective order which is a 10 to 15 day protective order. then you go to court with the person that you're filing against to file for the up to two year protective order. >> reporter: she explained there are two ways to get a protective order. you can either fill out an affidavit answering a list of questions about what happened. >> maybe they need to get in to get to work, they can come in and get a 7:30 appointment, they get an answer by 5:00 p.m. >> reporter: or you can choose to meet with the judge. before we head to the courtroom, the news 4 team analyzed protective orders granted, more than 4500 since 2015. 85% against men but 15% against women. 60% of abusers were caucasian, 27% african-american, 6% asian, and less than 1% hispanic according to court records. and while we found 80% of
6:46 pm
50, there were dozens of orders against senior citizens. >> there is no profile. >> it's all ages. >> reporter: which is why you will also meet with ms. alonzo. >> it's a daunting feeling to say i'm going into this courthouse. >> reporter: she doesn't work for the court, she's a victim's advocate who will help you get financial assistance, housing, job training, even a lawyer. >> if i've been living with someone for so many years, months, however long and i've been depending on that person for support, for financial needs, it's scary to say, okay, i'm going to leave. >> reporter: they will all walk upstairs with you to the courtroom where a judge will ask you questions about the abuse and violence. >> you're not alone and that the silence is what keeps the abuse going. >> reporter: they said they will be sitting right here behind you ready to support you and to help you. >> we are here to rv
6:47 pm
about. our goal is to end domestic violence. we've got a long way to go. >> reporter: in fairfax, trisha thompson, news 4 iteam. we created a special site where you can learn more about how to get a protective order, not just in virginia but also in maryland and how to get help with housing and assistance. 'tis indeed the season for giving. many have opened your hearts to make sure kids in our area will wake up with gifts under the tree on christmas day. salvation army opened its new angel tree distribution center today. there they stored thousands of gifts that have been donated. families were moved to tears today as they received their presents telling us they are grateful for the outpouring of support. >> we've been doing this for a couple of years now and i'm very blessed that they're helping us a lotit
6:48 pm
so i appreciate it. >> thanks to your generosity, more than 14,000 kids will receive angel tree gifts. alesha? >> so many people with big hearts. >> yeah. >> wonderful to see that. doug, what is the good news with this forecast? we know it's really cold. >> right now ten days out, christmas looks good. >> okay. >> 55 degrees. that's ten days out. we'll get to that of course later. right now it's just plain cold out there. very much like what we should see or what we do see in the middle of january. this is in the middle of december. doesn't happen very often. last time was around six years ago. let's show you video. this was out a little bit earlier. yeah, the flags blowing in the wind. winds gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour today. yeah, that kept people all bundled up all across the region. you see the coats, the jackets, the hats. you had to put it on just about everything today. that guy has long enough hair. he just needs a hood on
6:49 pm
no problem out there. current temperatures sitting at 21 degrees. the wind northwest gusting to 26 miles per hour. that's just brutal. these are the temperatures, not the wind chills. 13 in avon bend. 14 in bull run. 19 in river dale. that's going to be the case all night tonight. not much happening in our region as far as the satellite is concerned. the lake effect through the north. i'm tracking this system to the west. you can't see much. this is a warm front. that's going to move all the way across the country and by saturday morning it's going to give us a chance for a little bit of a wintry mix. i'm not overly concerned about this. there is a winter storm watch in effect for areas to the north. could see a wintry mix. temperatures around 28. by noon our temperatures in the mid 30s will be melding. we have like
6:50 pm
8:00, 50 degrees. we get into the mid 50s by midnight. now sunday starting off at 63 degrees mp we will see rain. some of that rain heavy on sunday. 63 to start. down into the 30s. big-time roller coaster. early next week on the cold side. cool for the middle part of the week. temperature around 55. maybe a christmas eve eve snow, maybe. >> wow, that would be perfect. >> would be almost. >> something to look forward to. >> pretty snow and then a warm christmas day. >> not bad at all. >> thanks, doug. temperatures going down but sports coming up. burgundy and gold facing a technical task on monday night. juat's not
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> i was in indianapolis a couple of years ago, into this area walks this guy and i'm thinking, that is a grown man. >> yeah. yeah. >> no, he's a grown man. >> oh, lord. >> a lot of basketball teams probably want him. >> i would think so. >> this football thing has done okay for him. >> it's working. >> it's working. the redskins don't want it working on monday. the redskins inside the warmth of their practice bubble today. that couldn't keep out the
6:54 pm
they have to take care of business monday. the panthers 5-8 record. the redskins challenge is still a big one, especially number one. 6' 6'5", cam newton, can you imagine him running? oh, my goodness, chris kerwin lived to tell the nice dodge at the end. newton, a lot to handle. last season five touchdowns againstthe burgundy and gold. that starts with bringing this big quarterback down. >> let a lot of blocks work in your favor. >> it's not like we can't bring him down, you have to make sure you're disciplined enough to bring it back to fundamental attacking. if you're going to try to hit him, don't do no big hits.
6:55 pm
if you have to grab him by the upper body, waste, he can twist. >> he's a big, strong guy and come with it when you tackle him. just play as hard as you can and be physical. >> all right. the redskins, as i mentioned, on the practice field. jordan reed limited with that shoulder injury. stewart krarchs is dealing with an elbow injury, did not participate. he did play some soccer. not sure the status for monday. happy 29th birthday to josh norman. looking forward to playing the old team. the wizards, sometimes when a team steals a win, they deserved it. last night they couldn't steal it, 15 steals in a 109 win. leading the way for the wizards on defense is their
6:56 pm
wall. wall had a jump in his step with 25 points but it was his tenacity on "d" that led to the "w." his career, wall and the wizards forced you into it. two games out of a playoff spots. wizards back home. not about xs and os. the wizard's annual family to family care van. they work with many different locations and they're delivering family gifts. >> thank you. well, with the same grace and style he showed in his reporting on nba games for turner broadcasting, craig saber battled cancer. he lost that battle today and died at the age of 65. covering nba games he was surged
6:57 pm
splashy attire. his keen questioning for the game kept his eye on the league. he spent more than 40 years in sports broadcasting. he will be forever remembered for his sports broadcasting. craig chronicled some of the most important games in league history. equally colorful personality. today his son tweeted out, craig jr., saying life is about how you spend that time and the 28 years he spent with his father they have more than a lifetime. i had an experience in new york going to a shop where craig sagar bought this suit. what told me a lot was the people working in that shop -- >> not just on the camera but when he was visiting with folks. >> i would wait for him to come on whatever day he was just
6:58 pm
he's like the guy that covered tennis. >> bud collins. >> bud collins and craig sager. they were absolutely wonderful for the game and for the split that
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, nbc news exclusive. what high-level intelligence sources say is the reason the white house didn't take more action against russia before the election. new developments after our bombshell report that putin was personally involved in the hacking operation. breaking news in the charleston church massacre trial. a white supremacist and cold-blooded killer found guilty on all charges. will dylann roof be put to death? children under fire, shocking video from inside aleppo. kids trying to escape to waiting ambulances when suddenly snipers take aim. facebook fights back against an avalanche of fake news and hoaxes. tonight how they want you to get involved. and secret santa. surprising shoppers, granting wishes and inspiring america. "nightly news" begins


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