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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  December 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the man investigators say opened fire inside a d.c. restaurant is expected back in court today. edgar welch's hearing comes one day after a grand jury indicted him on federal charge. the fbi says welch drove from his north carolina home to comet ping-pong to investigate a conspiracy theory known as pete is a-gate. he said he wanted to save children whom he believed were being held cap thif. he was arrested after firing one shot in the pizzeria. the family of a man shot and killed by a d.c. police officer is suing the department for $50 million. officer trainer shot terrence sterling. the officer says he believed his life was in danger.
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sterling's family says sterling was shot while unarmed and posed no threat to anyone. prosecutors are still deciding whether to file any criminal charges. we know you're getting ready to start your day on this second weather alert day. chuck says the wind which made it so brutal yesterday be as bad as yesterday. >> you'll still need a big fat coat. >> normally i just think i can make it, it's not going to be that cold. i don't believe the weather sometimes until it hits me. >> has it hit you? >> yes. >> chuck bell has been telling us all week be ready. >> not even a light overcoat. he didn't have anything. >> had his hands in his pockets.
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protect yourself. >> 50-mile-an-hour wind gusts yesterday. crazy windy yesterday. it was on a lot of leaves and branches coming in the breezes. fortunately the wind is not going to be the issue for today. the flat-out cold, not much we're going to do about that. at least the wind won't be much of an issue. temperatures so low, it is a dangerously cold start. four things to know about the weather, that is cold. record tied at dulles this morning. icing is still a real possibility in the first part of the day tomorrow, sunday is looking mild, but very, very well. the rain and late ends sunday night. we may have an icy mix to worry about on monday morning. winter weather advisories and storm watches are up washington northbound to the pennsylvania border. it feels like three below in martinsburg. a balmy
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washington. more on the threat coming up in a few more minutes as well as your school day forecast. taking a look right now at the top of the beltway, everything moving nicely as is 95. 270 we showed you the live picture northbound and southbound, everything rolling along nice and green. don't have any road work there to worry about. do have this road work, eastbound 66 before glebe. a reminder surge 1 is still under way until wednesday. police are asking for your help to find a chevy chase man. 25-year-old david lewis walther is described as a hispanic male, 5'4", 140 pounds. he may be driving a blue
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dodge ram pickup truck with maryland tags. if you've got any information that could help find this man, please call police. in 2010 he was led away from his home in handcuffs. this morning he's waking up in a halfway house. former prince george's county executive jack johnson was released from prison after doing time for a public corruption scandal. he pled guilty to shaking down contractors for large sums of money. news 4 captured exclusive video of his arrest six years ago. his wife lesley was also arrested for hiding evidence. in a phone conversation johnson advised her to hide some of the money in her underwear while investigators were outside the home. an update to a story we brought you last week. prosecutors dropped all charges against a hospital employee accused of sexual assault. simon was
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patient said he sexually assaulted her at the hospital. simon denied the charges. we asked, but the u.s. attorney's office didn't comment about why those charges were dropped. it is 4:34. metro owes decision to cut hours has a lot of you on social media upset. the board unanimously voted to stop service for maintenance. it will stop two hours earlier friday and saturday and one hour earlier on sunday. d.c. leaders acknowledge these cuts will have an impact on the district's economy. >> it's tough to swallow, absolutely. the district would go back to the late night hours at 3:00 in the morning. >> it's to get ahead of the issues before they come up, get in a cycle of doing it. >> the changes will take effect in july. >> people are not happy about that and they let metro hear about it on twitter. >>ir
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comes shipping. still ahead, we're taking you inside a fedex facility where it is crunch time ahead of christmas. plus deadline extended, not for shipping, but your health care assignment. details on the overnight announcement and what caused it. first, it's a weather alert day and we're bringing you team coverage with your forecast and a look at the roads. icy ones out there on your way to work. what your commute looks like,
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area will be able to stay warm thanks to a donation of brand new winter coats. children's charities foundation delivered 3,500 coats thursday to children in need. look at that, at thompson elementary school in northwest. more were delivered to d.c. homeless shelters. children's charities has provided kids more than 13,000 coats in the last five years. if you would like to help, we've posted a link in the nbc washington app. search kids coats donation. what a wonderful organization to help so many families, especially this time of year. >> absolutely. welcome to your fridge it friday morning. on that note, chuck bell, i don't know, tell us about our re
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>> perfect morning to try out the favery winter coat, maybe your favorite two or three winter coats. temperatures have fallen all the way back down into the teens. clearly our coldest morning in about the last ten months. love that kid there, don't do this, kid. don't put your tongue on the flagpole out there, it may very well freeze to it. temperatures in the mid teens, midto upper teens by 8:00. highs today up near 30 degrees. what to wear, you've got it again. heaviest coat, mittens, hats, scarves. if you're waiting for any length of time, even with the shine out there early today and no chance for rain or snow, that comes tomorrow. more on that in a bit. we'll give today an f because it's so frigid outside. f for frigid. >> i don't blame you. my son and husband walked the dog yesterday morning, came back to the house, changed. he added another layer. good idea. taking a look at the beltway,
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don't have any worries there. everything looking good. all the routes in and out of town, same situation. going 69 miles per hour, a little quick. you'll get there 17 minutes. southbound no problems either. earlier road work has cleared out of the way. eastbound 66 before glebe has the right lane getting by. guilty on all charges. the charleston church shooter convicted. now we're hearing what his victims think about the verdict and the sentence he could serve. and still ahead, marching forward. a plan approved for the protest that's bringing thousands of women to washington. ever wonder how your packages get from one place to another? i'm at alexandria at fedex where hundreds of thousands of packages will be going through this entire
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good morning. the jury that con viced charleston church shooter dylann roof has work to do. they'll return to court next month to decide if the 22-year-old will be sentenced to death or spend the rest of his life in jail. roof was convicted on all 33 counts. the families of the victims and the survivors were in court as the guilty verdicts were read. >> i knew it was going to be guilty, guilty, guilty. i wanted to do everything i had to do to
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conviction. >> that woman you just heard from was one of three survivors. her son was among the nine killed. roof told the judge he plans to represent himself during the sentencing phase in his trial. it's 4:44. let's check in with mollet green. >> we have details about a hostage standoff in washington state. it is now over but left a police officer with a bullet to the back of the head. i got word that the officer is out of surgery and in serious condition. three people are now in custody including the main suspect here described as a 44-year-old man. all this happening in mt. vernon, that's north of seattle. the officers responded to a call of a shooting. when they arrived at this home the suspect apparently started shooting. we don't have a clear motive. the story, of course, as soon as we get more
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4:45. it is a weather alert day once again because of the freezing temperatures. look at this current temperatures. the highs won't top 30. it will be colder than yesterday, but thank goodness, without the intense winds, it might not feel quite as bad. >> not as bad, only nine degrees. president obama promising to take action on possible hacking by russia. he will hear that full interview later this morning. for now we want to turn to nbc's tracie potts on capitol hill for us. >> good morning to you. tell us what kind of ripple effects this might have? >> first of all, the white house is giving a lot of pushback on what they knew and when they knew it and why they didn't go public before the election. people want details. democrats and trump -- russia has denied they were involved in the hacking.
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were so confident that hillary clinton would win, they didn't want to take the risk of appearing to influencing the election that close to election day. it is not clear to intelligence agencies which disagree on whether the end game was to get donald trump elected. congress pressing for a response now to russia, at least one lawmaker saying this was the equivalent of an attack. this cyber attack was the equivalent of a physical attack of the united states and there needs to be some sort of response. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill, thank you. soon to be first daughter ivanka trump is already getting to work on her political agenda. we told you yesterday the president-elect's transition team denied reports she would ask in a high level role. ivanka trump is already
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child care and family leave. the focus of her advocacy will relate to women's roles in the growth of the economy. you have a few more days to sign up for insurance through the affordable care act. the deadline was extended by four days. nearly 1 million people fought to get through to call center operators and the new deadline for january 1st coverage is now december 19th. okay. it's that time of year just before the holidays comes the shipping crunch time. >> i only have one more thing to ship and that's it. >> mail carriers are working overtime, in terrible weather, too. make sure your presents end up where they should be going by the time you want them open. susan hogan takes us inside a busy fedex facility to show us how it all works.
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this is the heart of the christmas season where the packages are coming in. this is the facility here in alexandria where they're going through peak season. they've seen hundreds of thousands of packages come through. maybe someone's gift is in this box. a pretty amazing sight. joining me now is the santa claus of fedex tony paratano. tony, this is an incredible sight to see. tell me about the volume that we're going to be seeing. >> through our peak season fedex anticipating another record breaking year. we are expecting to double in our capacity throughout the next couple weeks. >> reporter: weather plays a huge role. tell me what's going on right now. i'm sure you guys are keeping a real strong eye on that? >> absolutely. we have to keep track of our weather throughout the whole country. our meteorost
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we employ 15 meteorologists. >> how do things look? >> actually things look very well. everything running pretty smoothly right now. >> we're going to throughout the show walk you through the whole process as to how these packages go from wherever you order them to here and then to your doorstep on time. that's the big goal, right? >> absolutely. >> walk us through this. this is really cool. what are we seeing here? >> this is our offload area. the packages will go down our sort and go into vehicles on the sort belt. those are our off-load containers. >> they bring them from the truck to here? >> absolutely. >> guys, we're going to come back in a little bit and tell you how the tracking process works. it is such an intricate system, but it's really cool. we'll have more on that coming up. see you then.
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packages must be on that conveyor belt. i just spent $12 to have something get to me before christmas. >> wait until next week. it's going to be $50 shipping for a $10 present. >> that's what you get for being a procrastinator. >> maybe you need an electric blanket or socks. if those are the packages you're waiting on, you should have got them out to get them before today. we're tracking a chance for wintery weather early tomorrow morning. the dark purple shading here around the immediate metro area, arlington, fairfax, prince william, loudoun county, those are under a winter weather advisory. farther north, that's a winter storm watch for tomorrow. main concern will be the opportunity for light freezing rain or sleet starting after midnight tonight up through about
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morning. not a whole lot of snow. there could be a few snowflakes this morning. the real issue will be an opportunity for freezing rain early tomorrow. obviously you need your nbc washington app. follow me on twitter. search for chuck bell 4 and we'll do our best to keep you ahead of the storm. this is the leading edge of the cloud cover coming here. clouds that will help seal out much of a warmup during the day. it is a cold one. my buddy and colleague lauren ricketts -- i was going to say melissa and she's standing right here. lauren is out in the cold. >> reporter: it's hard because melissa is always with you. they let me come in this morning to let you know how cold it was. they said, lauren, you're going outside. it is certainly cold out here. you talk about electric socks and blankets, oh, boy, what i would give to have one right now. current temperatures, 17, pretty much
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wind and the good news the went is dying down. a little breeze out there. still, it makes it feel like single digits. 6 degrees is the windchill right now. of course, the winds dying down through the day and the winds bringing in again maybe a little bit of a wintery mix as we get into the morning. chuck has more on the timing. >> here you go, 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. possibility of sleet or freezing rain. better chance for accumulations of that up closer to the pennsylvania border. the timeline to watch is between 3:00 in the morning and 9:00 and 10:00 tomorrow morning. most of the rain will weekend will be coming up on sunday. could get an inch of rain or more. it's going to be warm, near 60 on sunday. watching carefully any puddles on the sides of the roads might have a refreeze or black ice issue on monday morning. let's worry about that on monday. >> that's a
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66 at cedar lane, east and westbound looking okay. 270 northbound and southbound, no major problems, just hearing about a problem on vw parkway northbound at 32. we'll get -- 95 southbound is looking just fine, will take you ten minutes. inaugural ball backlash. a north earn virginia venue set to host a deplorable ball. backlash from critics. could you help find the amily of
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deplorable. the day after inauguration, tens of thousands of women are planning a demonstration in the nation's capitol. our tom sherwood broke the news on twitter that d.c. police issued a permit for the women's march on washington. organizers plan to start at the intersection of third and independence downtown. that demonstration is supposed to be a show of solidarity for women and their families. a nightclub decision to cancel an inauguration event is
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forth. >> the group citizens for trump wanted to host the so-called deplora-ball. they canceled after finding out tickets had been sold without a ticket being signed. the group, however, says the ballroom canceled the event booking because they caved to political pressure. >> the minute they did that regarding our event they got a slew of comments and negativity regarding us and regarding our event, and after that, almost immediately, they called and canceled our arrangement. >> the ballroom said it's received threatening phone calls and negative reviews online. citizens for trump say they are still moving forward the event at another venue. if you're looking for an incentive to save money, you might want to check out walmart. the company just launched a new program. walmart
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cards are linked to a savings fault. cash prizes will be awarded every month. the company estimates the average prize will be about $25. >> listen, $25. i can buy a whole bunch of stuff with $25. >> every little bit helps e specially around the holidaytion. we are hoping you can help return two medals to a military hero's family. they belong to robert enfinger. you are looking at the silver star and purple heart that bear his names. the medals were donated to good will annandale station self months ago. >> he was killed on the battlefield march 7, 1945 in belgium. before that, we don't know a lot about this brave soldier. >> good
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no luck finding his family so far. these treasurers can be priceless. >> the more eyes we get on it the better. stay with us, "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. >> and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> right now on "news 4 today," it is a weather alert day. a second day of frigid cold temperatures ahead and where you can see icy roads on your way to work. breaking overnight, forced out by flames, a family displaced on this cold, cold morning after a fire breaks out. >> good morning to you, i'm eun yang. >> i'm erika gonzalez in for erin gilchrist. melissa mollet in with traffic. but first to chuck bell. >> weather alert mode because of the frigid chill that awaits you outside first thing this morning and we have a chance for sleet or freezing rain coming our way about this time tomorrow morning. nothing is falling out of the sky today, but


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