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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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no luck finding his family so far. these treasurers can be priceless. >> the more eyes we get on it the better. stay with us, "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. >> and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> right now on "news 4 today," it is a weather alert day. a second day of frigid cold temperatures ahead and where you can see icy roads on your way to work. breaking overnight, forced out by flames, a family displaced on this cold, cold morning after a fire breaks out. >> good morning to you, i'm eun yang. >> i'm erika gonzalez in for erin gilchrist. melissa mollet in with traffic. but first to chuck bell. >> weather alert mode because of the frigid chill that awaits you outside first thing this morning and we have a chance for sleet or freezing rain coming our way about this time tomorrow morning. nothing is falling out of the sky today, but
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sleet, snow, icy mix is likely between about 3:00 in the morning and 9:00 or 10:00 tomorrow morning. today is all about the cold. nonetheless, very ugly way to get your friday morning started. here is your day planner. chills down near zero this morning. not much of a breeze left. only 28 to 30 degrees, so staying below freezing. winter weather advisory for the metro area, winter storm watch in the pennsylvania border. more of the timing and results in a few more minutes. for now it's traffic time. >> brand new problem here, this is what we were talking about, northbound bw parkway. a second crash near 175. not sure if the two vehicles were involved initially and ended up separating. but you could see a slowdown with the police response if you're heading out soon. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway looking good this
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no big problems on the beltway. 95 northbound and southbound, no worries. we'll take a look at 66 when i'm back in ten minutes. breaking news into the newsroom. >> a fire in silver spring. mollete green has more. >> this is on sea island court. take a look at that picture of the burned out house there. flames came through the roof, roared through the second floor of the home. it was pretty icy out there. that made it tough for the firefighters battling this. montgomery county fire and ems says the family tried to fight the flames themselves which delayed things a bit. four people inside, two children, two adults. fortunately they got out. eun, back to you. >> 5:02. we continue our coverage
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>> out there with crews up early this morning preparing the roadways. >> reporter: good morning. some crews might be resting up at this point. as you can see the salt dome door is open, lots of salt inside. they will be back on the roads today to begin, again, the anti icing process. you may have seen ice out there. in just a few hours, you'll likely see vdot trucks out there to clean that up. crews began, woulding as early as wednesday, jump starting this anti icing process, dropping the salt and brian on state roads. a wentry mix forecast for this weekend, we could see vdot trucks working late into tonight. also when you see these trucks on the road, you may also see state police. you're advised to keep your distance, do their jobs to keep the roads safe out there. of course, all details you need
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traffic will be on our nbc4 app. back in to you. >> justin finch live at the salt dome. thank you. today president obama will hold his final news conference of 2016 before he and the first family leave for their holiday trip to hawaii. in an interview on npr, the president is already addressing russian interference in the u.s. election saying in part, quote, we need to take action and we will at a time and place of our own choosing. donald trump meanwhile fired back at white house press secretary josh earnest last night after he suggested the president-elect stop attacking the u.s. intelligence community and support the investigation into russian meddling. >> josh earnest, i don't know if he's talking to president obama. you know, having the right press secretary is so important because he is so bad the way he delivers a message. >> trump's thank you tour continues today in florida. more coming up from news 4's tracie po a
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he made national headlines when he entered a d.c. pizzeria and allegedly started shooting. a hearing is set for later this morning. welch faces federal charge after a grand jury indicted him. he drove from north carolina to comet ping-pong to investigate a conspiracy children. he wanted to save children he thought were being held captive. authorities arrested welch after he fired at least one shot there earlier this month. fortunately nobody was hurt. 5:05. the family of a man shot and killed by a d.c. police officer is suing the department for $50 milli million. officer brian trainer shot terrence sterling in september. authorities say he was drivinger radially and rammed into a police cruiser. the officer said he believed his life was in danger. sterling's family says he was
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danger to anyone. prosecutors are deciding whether to file any criminal charges. police are asking help in finding 25-year-old david walther. he was last seen when he left his home on drum manned avenue. described as a his mania panic male, 5'4", 140 pounds. if you've got any information, please call police. in 2010 he was led away from his home in handcuffs. this morning he's waking up in a halfway house. yesterday former prince george's county executive jack johnson was released from prison after doing time for a public corruption scandal. johnson will spend the next seven months in a baltimore area halfway house. he pled guilty to shaking down contractors for large sums of money. news 4 captured exclusive video of his arrest six years ago. his wife lesley was also arrested for
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in a phone conversation, johnson advised her to hide some of the money in her underwear while investigators were outside their home. an update to a story we told you about last week. prosecutors have dropped all charges against a hospital employee accused of sexual assault. marcus simon works at united medical center in southeast. he was arrested after a patient said he sexually assaulted her at the hospital. simon denied the charges, and we asked, but the u.s. attorney ace office didn't comment on why the charges had been dropped. this morning many of you are still trying to figure out how you'll deal with the latest changes from metro. yesterday the board unanimously voted to cut hours to make more time for maintenance. metro rail service will stop 30 minutes earlier monday through thursday, two hours earlier friday and saturday and one hour earlier sunday. d.c. leaders acknowledge these cuts will have an impact on the district's economy. >> two years is tough to
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late night hours at 3:00 in the morning. >> it's to get ahead of the issues before they come up. need to get into a cycle of doing that. that's the whole concept. >> the changes will take effect in july. today you can go back to that galaxy far, far away. "rogue one" is officially in theaters. at the up town in cleveland park, you can see it at 9:30 morning. people stood in line sleeping overnight. this is the first ever "star wars" spinoff movie. >> there's nothing i would want so badly to sit outside especially in these temperatures. try to see a movie? huh-uh. >> apparently this is about plans to steal the death star. >> a silver spring apartment destroyed by that
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explosion. her story of recovery. plus, annoyed by other drivers on the road? hello, that's all of us. still ahead, gm's new push to get driverless cars out on the road. >> another look at your temperatures on this very cold weather alert day. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is back with a look a howt
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nearly 60 cars involved in a pileup in west virginia. authorities are blaming whiteout conditions for thursday's wreck. it's tough to believe. only three people were hurt in all this mess and they only suffered minor injuries. >> incredible. on my way to work this morning, cold one and on a cold day. out this morning you can see salt trucks already driving by outside our condo building, there was already the snow shovels and a bucket of salt. fabulous. >> it's all about preparedness. that's why we've been in weather alert mode for the last couple days as we get the word out there that not only was that big blast of wind and cold arriving yesterday, but still a chance for slipperiness around here early tomorrow morning. your outdoor planner super cold. windchills down close to zero. cold and dry, not much to worry
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saturday morning, sleet or freezing rain is not a possibility. sunday will be a different story. temperaturewise, we're near 15 degrees now. mid 20s by lunchtime and afternoon temperatures only in the upper 20s, around 30 degrees and a peek at the weekend. the main time of concern for your weekend is before noontime tomorrow. sleet, snow, combination of freezing rain. temperatures later tomorrow will be in the upper 40s to near 50. near 60 on sunday. melissa mollet, don't plan on much sunshine. sunday is going to be soggy and wet. >> temperature looks a little better. it makes me a little happy. northbound bw parkway, the second crash is out of the roadway, but the response there in the southbound lane is blocking things just a little bit. we'll keep an eye on that one, just a tiny bit of a delay this morning. bottom of the beltway, these routes are fine. 66, a look at
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county parkway to the beltway will take about nine minutes if you're going about the speed limit. no big worries. 270 northbound and southbound through germantown, father hurley, not a problem. we have breaking news in silver spring this morning. fire crews are investigating a fire at a home here on sea island court. >> we've been waiting to get a look from the ground. our news 4's megan mcgrath is there and is our eyes on the scene. megan? >> reporter: well, a family of four was forced out into the cold on this frigid night after flames swept their through home on sea island court. some of the emergency crews just starting to leave the scene as the fire is already out. but the damage, very, very extensive and certainly a very scary situation for this family.
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department joins me. what do we know? >> we believe the family tried to fight the fire a little while before they called us. when firefighters arrived, pretty heavy conditions. they believe the fire started in the bedroom. the smoke alarm did alert the family members, and they attempted to fight the fire, delaying the alarm. fire conditions essentially through the roof. we called for a second alarm. brought about 75 firefighters to the scene. >> this was a tough fire for you all to fight, in part because of the extreme temperatures. >> would plan for it but it does make things more difficult. single digit temperatures, we obviously use water to fight the nair and it immediately turns to ice. those conditions are pretty treacherous. fortunately the family did get out. there were no firefighter injuries. it makes it tough. everything about it, the gear is toh,
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the good thing is, everybody got out, there were no injuries. >> that is the good news. the smoke alarms did go off, family got out. no injuries. >> megan mcgrath live in silver spring, thank you. 5:15. a worsening situation in syria. mollete green. >> a second day of evacuations in rebel-held aleppo suspended. syrian television blaming the rebels saying they opened fire at a cross point. now we're hearing the red cross and the world health organization are getting kicked out of the evacuation zone. this is a setback in the plan to get thousands out of eastern aleppo. thousands left yesterday in a caravan of buses and ambulances. back to you. >> molette, thank you. today the body of former
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will lie in repose at the capitol. glenn died last week at the age of 95. >> we've learned more about the train that came apart at the twin burke metro stakes on monday. metro reveals the high voltage third rail was still energized when passengers had to evacuate the tracks. but the investigation into how it happened still continues. metro fired six employees in connection with the train derailment near the east falls church station. d.c. leads the nation in the number of police officers equipped with body cameras. the program expanded since it started more than a year ago. not every officer in the district will be wearing them. >> a lot more police officers are now wearing body cameras in the nation's
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nearly 1,000 additional patrol officers are equipped with the technology. that brings the total number of d.c. officers wearing cameras to more than 2,600. the program is costing taxpayers about $5 million. recent police involved shootings have raised questions about the program in d.c. the officer who shot and killed terrence sterling while sterling was on his motorcycle did not turn on his camera until after the shooting. just about every d.c. police patrol officer will be wearing a camera. undercover and specialty units will not, nor will federal officers such as park police and u.s. capitol police. general motors wants in on the driverless car craze. the general manager says it will begin testing fully ought ton mouse vehicles in detroit. the company plans to build fully autonomous
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year. >> off to an even more frigid start today than we were yesterday. >> let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. the winds have died down. that's the good news. >> that is excellent news. our high temperature yesterday made it 40 degrees. that occurred just after midnight. our low for the day yesterday, no big surprise, occurred at 11:59 p.m. temperatures on the downhill slide pretty much all day yesterday. we will also be dealing with a chance for raindrops before all is said and done. first thing you need to know about the weather for today, the weather service has expanded the advisories to include all the washington metro area for early tomorrow morning under a winter weather advisory. that goes until 9:00 a.m. the winter storm watch goes until noon tomorrow. we're not expecting a lot of anything. it's just the faskt that any little amount of freezing rain in particular, especially now that everything is completely frozen soli
5:20 am
this is the real danger zone here across parts of northern maryland. we could get a little glazing in and around the city. just be very, very careful. if you can delay travel plans until after 10:00, 11:00 on saturday morning, that would be good. we know one thing. it is cold outside. lauren ricketts has her moon boots on and on our weather deck. >> i had to take my gloves off so i can press my clicker. it is so chilly. they send me out here to tell me that. you know it. the good thing is maybe what you don't know is we don't have the wind factor today. still brutally cold, still in the weather alert. here are the air temperatures right now, coming up little by little. we'll top off in the 20s today. as we go through, pretty much single digits in wind chills. feels like eight degrees in d.c. we'll improve
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we'll definitely improve as we get into the weekend. we have 50s, maybe 60s by the time we get into sunday, but a little blip on the radar before that. chuck? >> here is future weather for you as we get into the day tomorrow. let's go over to max two. my computer is giving me a little trouble. cloudy skies tonight. the main area to watch in southern maryland, that could be a brief pogt of freezing rain. that will continue through 8:00 tomorrow morning. the time frame to watch is about 2:00 to 3:00 saturday morning up to about 10:00 or 11:00 saturday morning. most threat for accumulation will be in northern maryland. here is your five-day forecast, only near 30 today. anything coming out of the sky late tomorrow afternoon will be rain. temperatures close to 60 before more cold air comes early next week. let's go over to
5:22 am
with trouble on the parkway. >> northbound 32, a crash in the right lane, a second vehicle involved near 175, that's out of the roadway. the response is in the southbound lanes. no major delay right now. 66 here and 95 looking good. hearing in my ear about a new problem in maryland. we'll talk about that. 270 down to the spur, about 28 minutes. she survived the silver spring explosion on her very first night in her new home, but she lost everything she owned. her
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online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can. a teen who survived the deadly apartment explosion in silver spring says she's not giving up on the american dream. >> four months ago seven people died in that natural gas
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explosion at the flower branch apartments. this 17-year-old had arrived from ethiopia, was staying with a friend before heading home to boarding school in oklahoma. on the first day she moved in, she went to sleep and woke up to the fire. >> i keep remembering the accident at nighttime, the nightmares. it's very hard to explain, very ha hard. >> she made it out alive, but the family she was staying with did not. her body is now covers with scars from the burn. but she says she's not giving up on her dreams. >> imagine, the first day you're there. it is a weather alert day today. news 4 has you covered as you wake up to another frigid cold day. your forecast and a look at the
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here are four things to know today. it's a weather alert day. we're in for another
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we're working for you this morning to get you ready for this cold. >> four people have to find someplace else to live after a fire destroyed their silver spring home. the blaze broke out on sea eye lond court around 2:00 this morning. luckily no one was hurt. crews are still trying to figure out exactly what happened. president obama vowing to take action against russia over the reports that country interfered with the election. >> metro's schedule is changing again. the transit agency voted to slash hours to make more time for maintenance. good morning everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm erika gonzalez in for erin gilchrist. 5:30 this month. you're going to need all the layers possible today. >> we'll check in
5:31 am
right now to see if the weather is any better than yesterday, chuck. >> better is a relative term. it is colder than it was yesterday morning by quite a margin. but without the wind blowing, nowhere near as tough to be out in it. wow, that is cold. in the mid teens for air temperatures. chills down in the single numbers. icing is still a real possibility late tonight into early saturday morning. the main time frame to watch is 3:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. it will be all rain on sunday. sunday's temperatures up near 60 degrees, but more cold air, might have a little black ice issue to deal with on monday morning. for today, those are planning out the day oh so cold. sunshine will give way to clouds by later this afternoon. most of your friday will be dry. there's the good news. again, your saturday starts off with that threat for sleet or freezing rain early tomorrow, then changing over
5:32 am
temperatures into the mid and upper 40s, not expecting a lot of rain tomorrow afternoon. sunday will be a different school. i'll give you the ten-day forecast at 5:51. let's go over to melissa mollet. >> right now westbound 70 after new market, a vehicle fire in the roadway blocking the left lane. doesn't seem to be slowing traffic too much. still a situation northbound bw parkway near 32, blocking the right lane. georgia avenue at forest glenn road, we have flashing traffic lights. a warning, if that doesn't get fixed that could be a bit of an issue for folks probably in the next hour or so. 66 here inbound and outbound at gallows road, no major issues. every day this story gets a little bigger. >> we're talking about how russia interfered in the election and how vladimir putin was involved.
5:33 am
now to talk about that and the president's response. >> reporter: in a new interview posted on npr president obama says there's no question he believes this russian hacking had a negative influence on hillary clinton in this election. under pressure now to do something about it and answer questions about why his administration didn't respond sooner when they did know about this before the election, the president in that interview says we will respond to russia, as he put it, at a time of our choosing. >> tracy, we're also getting news about the future of the democratic party. talk to us about tom perez and his role. >> tom perez, the labor secretary who also at one point headed the civil rights division at the doj is taking on minnesota representative keith ellison for head of the democratic party.
5:34 am
ellison's point of view, he says perez is a friend, he has government service but not nearly as much election experience as ellison has. as ellison puts it, this is about the democratic party and turnout. you have to know how to work elections. perez has the support of the president but it could turn into a test of whether democrats want to stake with an obama choice. >> tracie potts, thank you. 5:33. you now have a few more days to sign up for insurance through the affordable care act. it's been extended by four days. nearly one million people fought to get through to call center operators and logon to buy insurance by last it in's midnight deadline. the new deadline for january 1st coverage is now december 19th. soon-to-be first daughter ivanka trump is working on her political agenda. we told you the
5:35 am
act in a first lady role. now a high level transition official tells nbc news ivanka trump is lobbying republican congress members on child care and family leave. the focus of her advocacy allegedly will relate to women's roles in the growth of the economy. a police officer was slot in the head. we want to go to molette green with this terrifying story. >> absolutely. a news conference on the hours-long standoff just ended. we q tell you the officer is in serious condition. we told you at the top of the hour he took a bullet to the back of the head during the standoff situation that happened north of seattle. officers responded to a call for a shooting. when they arrived, someone started shooting at them. three people are in custody including the main suspect said to be well known to police. >> thank you,
5:36 am
charleston church shooter dylann roof still has court to do. they will return to court to decide if the 22-year-old will be sentenced to death or spend the rest of his life in jail. roof was convicted on all 33 counts. he admitted to killing nine black worshippers last year. the families of the victims and survivors were in court as the guilty verdicts were read. >> i knew it was going to be guilty, guilty, guilty. i wanted to do everything i had to do to make sure he gets convicted. >> the woman you just heard from was one of three survivors. her son was among the nine killed. roof said he plans to represent himself during the sentencing phase of his trial. new details involving a lawsuit in this bloody arrest filed by a uva student. a federal judge has removed the virginia department of alcoholic beverage control and one of the agents from march tease johns
5:37 am
the 11th amendment excludes the tabc agency -- excuse me -- the abc agent from the suit. the agent dismissed was actually a supervisor, not deemed responsible for the arrest. last year johnson sued the agency, its director and three agents involved in the arrest. agents thought johnson was trying to enter a bar with a fake id when he was arrested. is a drone on the wish list of someone you love? it is one of the most popular gifts to give this year. still ahead, the new rules to follow so you don't get punished for that present. plus, it is crunch time for shipping those holiday presents. still ahead we'll take you inside the fedex facility that's working overtime. but first, another look at your current temperatures right now. it is cold out there, just teens. it's a weather alert day and chuck bell is back with another look at your forecast. that's next. y
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welcome back. it is a weather alert day here on "news 4 today" because of these feels-like temperatures. >> unbelievable. those arot
5:41 am
it feels like minus one in frederick. chuck, take it away. >> a very cold start outside. we knew it was coming. hopefully you had all the time you needed to get ready for the chill out there. it's a school day. one of my favorite movies, "christmas story." don't try to stick your tongue to the flagpole today. it may be cold enough to freeze. i wouldn't want that to happen to any of our news 4 youngsters. it's so cold, temperatures, without the wind, down in the mid teens. this morning waiting at the bus stops, it is going to be icy cold, only up to about 30 degrees for a high temperature later today. just like yesterday, your what to wear, if it's warm and you like it, put it on. it is technically ugly christmas sweater day. i guess you can put that on and cover it with your coat. we'll give the grade of f today for frigid and freezing cold. the rest of
5:42 am
forecast coming up. outer loop has a report of icy conditions, because because there was a car fire there in the area, through that area overnight, very likely firefighters got a little water on the road trying to help this person out. that is what's freezing. don't want you to think is falling that has frozen on the road. 95 northbound, quantico to the beltway, 56 miles per hour, will take you 21 minutes. no big deal there. looking at 270 southbound, it's okay. and the same thing happened beltway 95 over the 270. remember to listen to 103.5 fm when you hop in the car. breaking news right now, chopper 4 over the scene of a fire that forced a family from their montgomery county home. another live report from the ground is next. ever wonder how packages get to your doorstep? we're behind the scenes at fedex. i'll show you. this is where hundreds of thousands of packages will be
5:43 am
facility in the next
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5:45 am
5:46 am
right now at 5:45, it is a weather alert day. take a look at the current temperatures right now, and you will understand why. we are bringing you team coverage. chuck, lauren is out on our weather deck. if the camera could only pan down and take a shot of lauren's moon boots. i only know two women that have these things. boy, they are a sight to see. >> and they both work in the weather department. seniority has its privileges. that's why i'm on the inside this morning. temperatures are on the cold side now. we're watching for a chance for impactful weather. i'll give you a full check of the forecast coming up. taking a look on the roads, outer loop between the toll road and 123, we have ice
5:47 am
the two left lanes, that's because there's an overnight car fire. firefighters sprayed things down and now that's freezing. the northbound bw near 32, a crash still there blocking the right lane. a fire forces a montgomery county family out of their home into the bitter cold. chopper 4 is live over the scene right now at sea island court in silver spring. >> news 4's megan mcgrath has been on the scene this morning. i know you were talking to fire officials earlier. what are you learning now? >> reporter: well, the good thing here is nobody was hurt. as you say, there was a family of four forced out at 1:00 in the morning into these frigid, frigid temperatures that we're seeing here in the area. if you look behind me, you can see the home on sea island court in silver spring. the damage is extensive. i'm told by the public information officer with the fire department that basically the entire inside, the contents of this home, a
5:48 am
now, 1:00 in the morning is when the fire broke out. the smoke detectors inside the home did work, they alerted the family. everybody was able to get outside okay. no injuries here. it appears the residents tried to fight the fire on their own a little bit before calling 911. when firefighters got here, this fire was pretty far gone. there were flames shooting out of the roof and a difficult situation for the firefighters on the scene. we have temperatures in the teens which makes doing their job all the harder. >> single-digit temperatures, and we obviously use water to fight the fire and it immediately turns to ice. those conditions are pretty treacherous. >> so of course all the water they used, it all froze on the roads and the driveways around this area. a salt truck had to be brought in to lay down some salt and treat the area. we're seeing a tremendous amount of ice. this was
5:49 am
the family displaced, they are not going to be able to return to their home because the damage is significant. back to you in the studio. >> megan mcgrath live in montgomery county, thank you. this morning many of you are wondering how metro's latest schedule change will impact your life. >> the transit board's decision to close earlier and open later will affect how you move around the region. yesterday the board unanimously voted to slash hours to make more time for maintenance. metro rail service will stop 30 minutes earlier monday through thursday. it will stop two hours earlier friday and saturday, and one hour earlier sunday. d.c. leaders acknowledge these cuts are going to have an impact on the district's economy. >> two years is tough to swallow, absolutely. it's up to the district, going back to the late night hours at 3:00 in the morning. >> it's to get ahead of these issues before they come up. need to get in a cycle of doing that and that's the whole concept. >> the changes take
5:50 am
it is 5:49. the family of a man shot and killed by a d.c. police officer is suing the department for $50 million. officer brian trainer shot terrence sterling in september. investigators say sterling was riding his motorcycle erratically in northwest and trainer believed his life was in danger. his family says he was unarmed and posed no danger to anyone. prosecutors will decide whether to file criminal charges. he made national headlines when he zberd a d.c. pizzeria and started shooting. edgar welch faces federal charges after a federal grand jury indicted him yesterday. the fbi says welch drove from north carolina to comet ping-pong. he wanted to save children he thought were being held captive. authorities arrested welch after he fired at least one shot in that business. fortunately nobody was hurt.
5:51 am
if you want to get your presents out for christmas, you're running out of time. >> today is free shipping friday. let's get back to susan hogan in the fedex facility in alexandria. >> reporter: i'm over here, in the center of this organized chaos. all these guys are unloading all of these boxes from these massive crates, putting them on the conveyor belt. this is an incredible sight to see. we're at the fedex processing plant in alexandria. i'm going to get myself through this system here. you guys are looking good. >> thank you. >> tony, come on in here. we spoke to tony earlier. this is a great time of year. it's kind of fun in here. >> absolutely. it's great to have our customers enjoy a peak season and get the christmas gifts. it's pretty impressive. >> one bit of advice for the viewers watching that they need to know about getting their boxeon
5:52 am
>> we say, first of all, don't procrastinate. try to get your packages packed and ready with ample time so it's not at the last minute. if it is at the last minute, we're here for you. >> reporter: tell us about that. when is the last possible day, shipping deadline? >> the last possible day really is december 22nd. we encourage people to try to do it before then. >> reporter: i can imagine. today is free shipping friday, so that means, i'm sure the volume -- >> volume definitely increases when we are those upticks. >> reporter: we'll come back to you a little bit and show you more about what we're seeing here as the trucks are loading up. we'll see you shortly. >> i think what he means is if you wait until december 22nd, you'll have to pay more. be warned. >> at that point, just wait until january. drones are a huge seller this holiday season. you need to know if you get one, you have to register with the faa. >> if you
5:53 am
as much as $27,000 in penalties. this is serious. the fee to register is just five bucks. that will avoid $27,000 in penalties. drones are popular but can also be a dangerous. give yourself lots of practice time. stay away from trees and wires. you may want to write down the number for replacement parts as well. coming up on 5:52. look at our team, look at lauren. >> lauren, you look good. it's a weather alert day at nbc4 because of the cold temperatures and the precipitation likely on the way for tomorrow. >> let's start with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell who is in the warm weather center, chuck. >> you say that, eun, it's chilly here. ask melissa mollet. she she's over here wrapped in her blanky. it's warmer than outside. we're watching for a chance
5:54 am
early tomorrow. nothing to worry about today. it's all focused on the first part of your saturday morning. a winter weather advisory that includes arlington, virginia, loudoun, fairfax, prince william toward the blue ridge. a winter storm watch closer to the pennsylvania boarder. the advisory goes until 9:00. any small amounts of freezing rain or sleet could cause some very slippery roads. this is first thing tomorrow morning. ahead of it, we know it's cold. anything that comes down tomorrow morning will have no trouble sticking at all. lauren ricketts is outside. >> everybody in the control room is getting a kick. i usually come out here for about 30 seconds to air. i've had to stand out here for the last five minutes. it's cold.
5:55 am
that much. temperatures right now 18 degrees. outside the beltway, still seeing teens across the board. we don't have much of a wind. that feels-like temperature, going up. outside the beltway we're still feeling like the single digits. so, yes, as chuck was saying, certainly cold enough once we get the precipitation in here after midnight, cold enough to stick to the ground. chuck has more on that timing inside where i'll join you in just a second. >> fair enough. we'll see you in a second, lauren. future weather, clouds thickening later this morning. as far as the arrival for frozen precipitation tomorrow, could be before dawn tomorrow. these areas of pink could be sleet or freezing rain. pretty much anywhere could get freezing rain. accumulation likely to be confined up to northern maryland and southern pennsylvania. again, just know there could be a l
5:56 am
freezing rain early tomorrow morning. again, once we get past 1e:00 or 11:00, temperatures above freezing tomorrow afternoon by quite a margin. sunday will be flat-out mild, but it will be rainy. just note, today cold and turning cloudy. tomorrow, that chance of mix or sleet or freezing rain early on. not much rain tomorrow afternoon. quite a bit coming on sunday. sunday night into monday morning, any wet roads and puddles that may still be remaining by early monday morning may have to watch for a chance of black ice. chilly for next week. thursday a chance for showers coming in. next weekend is christmas weekend. if you're doing any traveling afl thursday of next week, looks like relatively quiet weather up and down much of the eastern seaboard. i'll look at today's hour-by-hour. melissa mollet, her favorite color is yellow. >> today maybe not so much. delato
5:57 am
malfunction. outer loop between the toll road and 123, report of ice in two left lanes. nothing that's fallen from the sky. it's because there was a fire earlier this morning and firefighters squirted water on the roadway. we're sending a chopper over there to see if it's causing any issues right now. northbound bw parkway near 32, crash blocking the right lane there this morning. on 70, westbound after 75, two miles west of 75, vehicle fire with the left lane there getting by this morning. georgia avenue right in front of metro flashing with traffic lights. >> all right, melissa. thank you. delay drama. virginia congressman calls for a delay in electoral college votes. honoring a hero. thousands braving the cold to pay tribute to a pioneer and a patriot. yahoo! hack. you know about the e-mail data breach. now we're learning about new fallout from the scanda yl.ou
5:58 am
5:59 am
president obama promising the u.s. will retaliate against russia.
6:00 am
>> now is the time to look up for a moment at this video. look at that, ice-coated roads in northwest washington. this is oliver street right off connecticut avenue. we have wintery weather on the way. good morning, i'm eun yang. >> i'm erika gonzalez in for aaron gilchrist. chuck, we already know it's cold now we're talking sleet. >> nod a good combination. it's a weather alert day. what can we expect? >> today it's all about the cold. a chance for frozen rain an sleet comes up tomorrow morning. today nothing to worry about other than the cold. windchills are back into the single numbers across most of our northern and western area. a really cold start this morning. not as windy as yesterday. but where trursz this low, temperatures down


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