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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now is the time to look up for a moment at this video. look at that, ice-coated roads in northwest washington. this is oliver street right off connecticut avenue. we have wintery weather on the way. good morning, i'm eun yang. >> i'm erika gonzalez in for aaron gilchrist. chuck, we already know it's cold now we're talking sleet. >> nod a good combination. it's a weather alert day. what can we expect? >> today it's all about the cold. a chance for frozen rain an sleet comes up tomorrow morning. today nothing to worry about other than the cold. windchills are back into the single numbers across most of our northern and western area. a really cold start this morning. not as windy as yesterday. but where trursz this low, temperatures down
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clouds will be thickening later this afternoon. highs today only around 28 to 30 degre degrees. chopper 4 over the out hear loop between the toll road and 2. this is where we had report of slick spots. nothing falling from the sky. there was a vehicle fire earlin morning, putting water on the road. now it is icing over. a warning if you're headed out soon. westbound 70 after 75, vehicle fire with the left lane getting by this morning. right now the routes looking fine. we'll take a look at 66 coming up. it is brutally cold out there. today is the day to stay inside. many of you don't have that luxury. some people have to get to work. >> news 4's chuck finc
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gas station in alexandria where people say it's a whole different kind of cold. >> reporter: this is more than nuisance cold. let me tell you, it's brutal out here. the kind of cold that makes even filling your tank a tough task. trust me, if you're coming out today, you'll want to put on your heavy coat. in the teens. it feels much colder. if you're lucky enough to be driving today, crank your car up, let it run outside safely for you as well. also, once you're on the roads, also take it easy because vdot crews we know for sure will be out salting -- >> we lost justin's live shot. we'll try to get that signal back and get that report back to you as soon as you can. >> crews from virginia, northern virginia pretreating the roads today
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too many problems when the sleet and snow start falling tomorrow. the fire that forced a montgomery county family out of their home into the bitter cold, the blaze on sea island court in silver spring happened about 1:00 this morning. at times the water was turning to ice. they were able to get it out. crews had a salty area because of the water that was used as well. >> we've been telling you for the last week now, it is brutally cold out there. >> dangerously kwoeld. some schools are starting late because of it. in west virginia grant county schools are on a two-hour delay for extreme cold. >> elk garden school in mineral county is on a two-hour delay today. snow is falling and it's a big problem across the country. this is a view
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west of syracuse. basically blizzard conditions. the snow is creating whiteout conditions. there's also dangerously strong winds there. >> the weather is having a ripple effect on travel. we're keeping an eye on airports around our area. at reagan national airport, six cancellations so far. there have also been six cancellaons at dulles airport. there are no delays or cancellations at bwi marshall. if you've got to nbc washington app, set the weather section as your home page and make that your starter page in your settings, really easy. you'll need it this weekend. six metro workers are off the job for falsifying track inspection records. this happened right before a train derailment near the east falls church metro station in july.
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completely intolerable. no one was hurt in that derailment. more than two dozen metro employees are facing disciplinary action for that incident. metro is cutting off late night service for two years. we told you earlier this week metro's board members dropped their opposition to the plan. they say it's not what they want, but metro gm says it is what the system needs. the president-elect told pennsylvania see you in four years. >> now he's heading south on his thank you tour. he will be in orlando today. at the speeches trump is talking about the plan for his presidency. lawmakers are looking back at the election and the reports russia played a part. they say something has to be done. >> whether you attack us by a mig or a mouse, it's an attack. it requires a
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>> president obama said in an interview on npr the u.s. will take actions against russia. >> we'll have live coverage of when the president holds his end dch of-the-year news conference before the first family departs for their family vacation in hawaii. there's more work ahead for the jury that convicted charleston church shooter dill van roof. >> they'll return to court next month to see if the 22-year-old will be sentenced to death or receive life in prison. roof was convicted on 33 counts yesterday. he admitted to killing nine people last year. the families of those victims and survivors were in court as the guilty verdicts were read. >> i knew it was going to be guilty, guilty, guilty. i wanted to do everything i had to do to make sure he gets a conviction. >> that woman you just heard from was one of three
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her son was among the nine people killed. roof said he plans to represent himself during the sentencing phase of this trial. this morning, former prorj county jack johnson waking up in a halfway house. he was released from prison after doing time from a public corruption scandal. news 4 got exclusive video of his arrest six years ago. his wife, leslie, was also arrested for hiding evidence. in a phone conversation johnson told her to hide some of the money in her underwear while investigators wereout side the home. johnson will spend the next seven months at a halfway house. prosecutors dropped all charges against a hospital employee accused of sexual assault. they aren't explaining why. simon works at united medical center southeast. he was arrested after a patient said he sexually assaulted her at the hospital. simon denied th
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attorney's office would not comment. a survivor's story. a deadly apartment explosion. a montgomery county teen on the road to recovery. hotel war, what it means for this luxury hotel. saving santa, an believe there is a place where holiday magic is real. believe there are still more amazing sights to this season. saving santa, an believe that there are some wonderlands that are in your reach. and believe that this will be your best holiday ever. at nemacolin woodlands resort, we believe in helping you make memories that last a lifetime.
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6:11 on this frigid friday morning. we're under a winter weather advisory. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell with more on what we can expect. >> the purple here around the d.c. metro area, that's a winter weather
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tonight until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the blue is a winter storm watch. that goes until noon tomorrow. that's the area that may have the best chance of seeing small accumulation, sleet, freezing rain or snow. it doesn't take much freezing rain to glaze things over. certainly on the cold side. most of your outdoor plans will be dry today. more of the icy mix possible tomorrow morning. for now, let's go to my colleague lauren ricketts outside. >> you don't need me out here to tell you it's cold. the good news is we don't have the wind fact tore today. still, the brutally cold air mass over us right now. temperatures are in the teens right now. we're at 18 degrees here in d.c., but you step outside the beltway, temperatures come up from the single digits and in the double ds
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earlier. we have a little windchill. that will relax as we continue through the day today. certainly cold out here. make sure you're dressing in lots of layers, although not doing much. back to melissa, a little slickness on the roadways. >> chopper 4 over this problem in northern virginia. this is outer loop between the toll road and 123. this is only slick because there was a car fire there overnight. the firefighters put the fire out and put water on the roadway that has now frozen, so a small patch of concern. 66 inbound is fine. 95 northbound, no worries. nice and green this morning. 270 south from germantown to the spur, top of the beltway, outer loop looking good as well. 95 to 270, it's going to take you ten
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a teenager who survived a deadly apartment explosion in silver spring hasn't given up on her dreams. >> it was seven months ago. 17-year-old bitseat getaneh was staying with friends. on the first day she moved in, she went to sleep and woke up to the fire. >> i kept remembering the accident, my time, the nightmares. it's very hard to explain. it's very hard. i'm happy because i'm alive. >> the teenager made it out alive. but the family she was staying with didn't. her friends launched a gofundme page to help her pay for her education. we linked that on our nbc washington app. it is 6:14. you have a few more days to sign
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affordable care act. the deadline was extended by four days. nearly 1 million people fought to get through to call center operators and logon to buy insurance by last night's midnight deadline. the new deadline for january 1st coverage is now december 19. >> today john glenn, the american astronaut and senator will be honored in his home state of ohio. >> thousands are expected to brave the bitter cold to view his casket. n nbc's jay gray has more. >> reporter: good morning. bitter cold this morning outside the ohio state capital. still thousands expected to gather in a few hours to say one final good-bye to john glenn. he was a war hero, an astronaut, a senator, even ran for president. this was a man who was an american hero, but he always loved his home state of ohio. this is where he stayed until he passed away j
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95. again, thousands expected to gather here. and then tomorrow at a memorial for john glenn where vice president joe biden and former president bill clinton are expected to speak. that memorial will be held a few miles away on the campus of ohio state university. that's the latest from outside the statehouse here in columbus, ohio. erica, eun, back to you. >> breaking news from the live desk. >> a very busy overnight for fritz. molette? >> they battled a second overnight house fire, this one happened in fairfax county and forced this family out into the cold. details coming in. this one in annandale on poplar street. heavy flames came from the home just before 2:00 a.m. they believe it started in the basement of the home. no injuries, but that family cannot go back inside. eun? >> molette grown fr
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desk, thank you. virginia congressman done buyer is hoping to delay monday's vote from the electoral college. he's calling on fellow members of congress to do the same because of reports of interference in the presidential election. buyer who is a liberal democrat says congress must take action to protect the integrity of our democracy. the trump hotel war continues this morning. questions remain over whether president-elect donald trump will drop lawsuits against chefs who have bailed on his hotel restaurants. another issue is the hotel in the historic post office opinion. if trump doesn't divest, he'll be leasing that space from himself after inauguration day. >> if foreign governments want to stay there, they have a pipeline to currying favor with the president of the united states. >> coming up on the "today"
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the trump hotel war that's brewing and what it means going forward. you know that feeling when you get a package at the door or dessert arrives at your table? now we're revealing how all that happens. >> our susan hogan is working for you during this holiday shipping crunch time. >> reporter: fedex in alexandria, massive. hundreds of thousands of packages that are go going to go through here. let me show you this vast space. look at this conveyor belt. this is just an amazing system that they have here and the most amazing thing to me is how they track it. joining us right now is tony. you're the spokesperson for fedex here. how do they track this? how do these packages not get lost? >> a
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12 scans throughout our system. each one tells us the specific place it is, whether it's a city that's it's in, they're going tore delivery. >> you've got airplanes. it's not a system on ground. >> fedex has 650 aircraft that fly to 220 countries around the world. we are ready for our peak season. we think we've been prepared for this. >> today is free shipping friday. monday is supposed to be the busiest shipping day of the year. >> absolutely. looking to break our record. it's going to be one of the biggest days in fedex history. >> thank you very much guys. we're here in alexandria. this is a great place to be. it kind of gets you in the spirit of christmas to see all these packages. one of those could be coming to your doorstep soon. back to you guys. >> all right, susan. showing us the inside peek of that fedex center. we'll have more from her later.
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looking at you and you are wearing something -- >> i had nothing ugly christmas sweater-wise in my closet, so i got my husband's. i got it for him as a joke and now he wears it and loves it. >> be careful what you ask for. >> now it's not that funny because i have to go to christmas party with him. >> next year you'll be like, i don't know how it wound up in the trash. >> i don't keep ugly sweaters. >> national ugly christmas sweater day. >> we want to see your ugly sweaters if you happen to be wearing them today. tweet us your pictures. >> melissa, you have yours on. chuck, you don't have one. that's because you've been so busy working -- >> i would be less credible if i
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i'd be like melissa. >> now, now. you are 100% credible melissa mollet. >> oh, thank you. >> the main issue today is the cold. any threat of any wintery precipitation, that's about 24 hours away from now. so just get your self ready for the day. the feels-like factors out there, feels like zero in gaithersburg, one above in martinsburg. fortunately the wind is not anywhere near as strong now as it was yesterday. it will come back around to the south, but again, it will not be gusting. yesterday, 51-mile-per-hour gusts at national airport. hourly temperatures with increasing clouds will inch our way back into the upper 20s, to around 30 degrees downtown. light southerly breezes for today. after a fridge it start,
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stay ahead of the weather by following me on facebook and twitter. most of the mess tomorrow will be early in the day tweefr 3:00 in the morning and 9:00, 10:00 tomorrow morning. after that, this goes back to light rain. most of the afternoon, just an occasional shower. not expecting a lot of rain tomorrow. a couple of dry hours on your saturday afternoon. sunday is a different story. rain likely from sunup to sundown. could get more than an inch. the good news about sunday, it will be mild. temperatures up near 60 degrees. >> those temps look pretty good. outer loop wean the toll road and 123. there was a car fire here a couple hours ago. now water on the roadway has froze. northbound bw parkway, that crash out of the way all lanes open. westbound 70 vehicle fire. northbound branch at sur rats,
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66, 95 in virginia looking good. slow spot, 95 northbound through woodbridge. massive breach, the new impact of the yahoo! security hack. a motorcyclist killed, a family taking the d.c. police department to court.
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some little patients at children's national medical center got a special christmas treat. >> santa claus himself paid a visit to the young patients. he video chatted while his elves showed up to deliver early presents. santa is a busy man. what's special about this particular santa, he knows what they're going through. he made a recovery of his own after a heart attack this time last year on the job. >> i said make sure they take me out the back door so the children don't see me.
6:27 am
santa with his recovery. as he continues to checkup, the elves are on hand to continue to make the kids smile. >> the best gift ever. leading the nation, d.c. police take a new step in monitoring you on the street. home destroyed. breaking news overnight as flames erupt in montgomery county. we're live on the scene next. >> reporter: certainly chilly out here this morning. cold air in place. winter weather advisories, winter storm watches across our area. maybe a little snow, freezing rain and rain all co
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he wears his army hat, he gets awalks aroundliments. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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a deadly police shooting and a family seeking justice zbr more body cameras, how it could change the police force in our nation's capital. >> breaking overnight, fire fight. the cold weather has an impact on the battle to put out flames devouring a ho
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your time is 6:30. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> i'm erika gonzalez in for erin gilchrist. we're talking cold and ice for your weekend. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell here with what you need to know. >> you've got to get through the morning. it is a bone chilling start to the day. feels-like temperatures down to zero this morning. clouds increasing quickly. first thing you need to know about the weather, that is cold. we'll stay below freezing today. still an increasing chance for icy threats early tomorrow morning. the computer is updating its latest run now. i'll show you that at 6:51. not a lot of precipitation tomorrow. a different story on sunday. sunday could be super soggy with temperatures near 60 degrees. all that rain sunday might have a little bit of a refreeze issue to deal with first thing monday morning.
6:32 am
mollet. >> new problem on metro, orange-blue line delays to vienna and franconia. outer loop between the toll road and 123, chopper 4 over this. we have icing on the roadway because of a car fire overnight. sprayed it with water. that froze because of the low temperatures. 66 is okay. 95 northbound slow in woodbridge and a bit north of woodbridge as well. northbound branch avenue at sur rats road, crash blocking two left lanes. we're starting to see delays westbound 70, vehicle fire, left lane getting by. travel times in ten minutes. breaking news right now. a fire broke out on sea island court in silver spring about 1:00 this morning. megan mcgrath is live there this morning.
6:33 am
joining us live from the scene. megan? >> reporter: a terrible situation. a fire in the upstairs bedroom of this home behind me on sea island court forces the family to flee their home at 1:00 in the morning. they had to go out into the frigid night. it is very, very cold out here. just 12 degrees at this point in silver spring. take a look at the video here. an extensive fire. a lot of damage to this home. i've been told that basically the contents of the house, all of it has been lost. very little will be salvageable from what we understand. it was 1:00 in the morning when the fire broke out. we're told the family did make an effort to try to put out the flames, but they just couldn't. >> the fire began about 1:00. we believe the family tried to fight the fire for a while before they called us. when firefighters arrived, they
6:34 am
conditions. >> reporter: here you can see a utility truck, a snowplow truck on the scene. because of the cold temperatures, all the water the firefighters used, it immediately froze. they had to come and treat the driveways and the roads in the neighborhood to get rid of the ice. the smoke detectors inside the home, they did work, the family was able to get out okay. so no injuries here. >> megan mcgrath live in montgomery county, thank you. breaking news from the live desk right now. >> some major news about water issues in northern virginia. molette? >> is a big heads-up for water customers. anyone traveling route 1 in stafford, people calling into the sheriff's office about a water main break at route 1 and coal landing road. it's unclear when the crews will get there and make those repairs. >> that is not good news with these cold temperatures, that
6:35 am
are safe out there. thank you, molette. he made national headlines when he entered a d.c. pizzeria and allegedly started shooting. now a hearing for the suspect is set for later this morning. edgar welch faces federal charges after a grand jury indicted him yesterday. the feb says welch drove from north carolina to comet ping-pong to investigate a conspiracy theory. he wanted to save children he thought were being held captive there. authorities arrested welch after he allegedly fired at least one shot in that building. fortunately nobody was hurt. 6:35. the family of a man shot and killed by a d.c. police officer is suing the department for $50 million. officer brian trainer shot terrence sterling in september. investigators say sterling was driving erratically in northwest and trainer believed his life was in danger. stermg's family
6:36 am
while unarmed and posed no danger to anyone. prosecutors will decide whether to file criminal charges. the officer who shot terrence sterling was wearing a police body camera but it wasn't on. d.c. leads the nation in the number of police officers equipped with body cameras. this week mayor muriel bowser announced more than a thousand additional patrol officers are now equipped with the technology. now about 2,600 officers on the force wear body cameras. mayor bowser says they're focusing on training officers to wear the cameras correctly so controversial encounters are recorded. >> the chief of police ordered our officers to confirm that they had engaged their body-worn cameras when responding to a dispatch. >> the program cost taxpayers about $5 billion. this morning we'll get all the details of virginia governor terry mcauliffe's budget.
6:37 am
bureau chief julie carey knows the hoye lights. there are more than $30 million to help people with prescription drug addiction. that money would boost services in state facilities and jails and improve addiction treatment effor efforts. fired, the fallout from metro's latest safety scare. >> it's cold out here. epom street salt to road pr to
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welcome back on this weather alert day. the winds have died down, but it doesn't feel that much better. >> look at the temperatures. 18 degrees in washington, d.c., chuck bell. >> yes, it is. cold weather
6:41 am
couple hours ago. tied the record low for the day. back up to 14 now at dulles, 14 in gaithersburg, 18 in washington, 17 in prince george's county. light southerly breezes today. your bus stop weather, don't do it kids, don't put your tongue on the flagpole. it may very well enough be cold enough to freeze it to the flagpole. be careful. highs only 30 degrees. your what to wear, if it's warm and you like it, put it on. it is officially ugly christmas sweater day. i guess this is the ultimate day to have your ugly christmas sweater on. there's a chance for wintery weather coming up. >> you just gave ten kids an idea. outer loop, slick spots, wart on the roadway phrase. northbound branch avenue
6:42 am
66 inbound, 95 northbound looking typical. travel times in maryland, 270 okay, top of the beltway is s w slow. thank you tour, president-elect donald trump making a new stop, and he's pushing back on new white house criticism. >> ever wonder how packages get to your doorstep? we're behind the scenes at fedex. i'll show you this is where hundreds of thousands of packages will be going through this wholeacility in the n fe
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weather alert. icy road. we spotted trouble in northwest and this could be a sign of things to come. fire fight challenge. the cold temperatures making it difficult for crews to put out a fire. >> and these temperatures will be a problem into your weekend. take a look. cold air is in place. "news 4 today" starts now. >> good morning everybody. we've got team coverage on this weather alert day. we continue to monitor the impact of the weather. but first, we begin with our team of meteorologists, chuck bell to start with. chuck, good morning. >> good morning. it is indeed a cold sta
6:46 am
lauryn is outside dealing with the temperatures. i wanted to bring you up to date on what we're really focused oven, is tomorrow. future weather model at 3:00 a.m. these areas of pink, could be a pocket of sleet or freezing rain. that continues until about 10:00 or 11:00 tomorrow morning. northern maryland is the likely place to get a small accumulation of sleet or freezing rain. even the tiniest glaze of rain in the washington area could be problematic. if you have plans to drive tomorrow, if you can wait until past 10:00 or 11:00, things will dramatically improve. the ten day forecast in a few more minutes. let's go outside in the cold. good morning, lauryn. >> reporter: good morning. it is a very cold morning out here. the thing is, we do not have hee winds as powerful as yesterday. you won't be dealing with the wind factor, just the chilly temperatures. chilly it is. certainly cold out here this
6:47 am
18 degrees is the temperature in d.c. the cold air in place right now, as chuck was saying. the winter weather advisory, winter storm watches. temperatures are rising through the weekend. chuck, what is going on for this roller coaster of temperatures for the weekend? >> we'll take it from here. we hope she gets inside to get warm soon. it is brutally cold out there. today is the day to stay inside if you can. many of you don't have that luxury. we know you have to go to work. >> news 4's justin finch live at a gas station in alexandria. people saying it's a whole different kind of cold than they're used to. >> reporter: different indeed. we've been watching drivers infleet their tires and keep their tanks full which is what you want to .
6:48 am
tough task. if you are driving out this morning, take time to go ahead and warm up your car. do it faithfully outside. also today, you will want the heavy coats. do not skimp on those players. pack an extra couple just in case as it gets colder or feels colder throughout the day. we can tell you we talked to a driver, she said in conditions like this she automatically slows down on the roads just in case. take a listen. >> yeah, you take your time, especially when it's snow and ice, of course. when it's cold, just take your time, pay attention. >> reporter: of course we have that wintery mix in the forecast for the weekend. that's what she's talking about. we know vdot crews will be out here pretreating roads today and into tonight to be ahead of that. if you see them out there, you want to be careful, let thos
6:49 am
guys work and get those roads safe. eun, erika, back in to you. >> justin finch, thank you. 6:48. president-elect donald trump is making another stop on his nationwide thank you tour today. he's holding a rally in orlando, florida, the state that elected him last month. the city of orlando and the country -- the county around it did not. trump was in pennsylvania last night and said he'll win, quote, by even more four years from now. trump plans to make an appearance in all of the 31 states he won. six metro workers are off the job this morning for falsifying track inspection records. this happened right before a train derailment near the east falls church station in july. metro's gm called the incident completely intolerable. no one was hurt in that derailment. more than two dozen employees are facing disciplinary action for the incident. metro cutting off late-night service for two
6:50 am
this morning many of you are wondering how this change will impact your life. yesterday the board unanimously voted to slash hours to make more time for maintenance. metro rail service will stop 30 minutes earlier monday through thursday, stop two hours earlier friday and saturday and one hour earlier on sunday. d.c.'s board members say it is not what they want, but they went along with the vote. metro gm says it's what the system needs. in the next few days, you'll probably find yourself standing in line at the post office to ship out all the gifts. we would hope, right? >> i have one more. one worry many of us have is the weather around the country will affect delivery. news 4 consumer reporter susan hogan explains how the shipping company keeps an eye on the weather. >> hi, guys. this is the heart of where all the packages coming through. you've got your hands loaded
6:51 am
there. this is the alexandria fedex processing plant for this area. i'm coming through. this is their peak season clearly. it goes from last monday all the way to next week. we've got our friend tony here. you've got meteorologists on standby watching the weather making sure it gets there on time because of your hubs. >> absolutely. we want to make sure our flights arrive our time and our cupackas get to our customers on time. >> last year there was an issue because of the bad weather. this year are we okay? >> we're in good shape. we have our meteorologists telling us minute by minute how the weather will be. it affects us not only here in lks but at our hubs in memphis and newark. >> great to see that bhi
6:52 am
scenes action. if you're still buying gifts, a handy list of deadline on our facebook page. 6:51. you're going to need every layer you can possibly get. >> i might consider wearing an ugly sweater today just for the warmth factor. generally speaking, not an ugly sweater kind of a guy. our real issue is cold today and a chance, before we get the cold air scoured out of here, we could get a little period of sleet or freezing rain early tomorrow morning. you don't have anything to worry about today other than the cold. these advisories are for tomorrow morning. winter weather advisory includes arlington, d.c., prince george's county, loudoun county, prince william, fauquier county. that's a winter weather advisory, just for the possibility of glazing of sleet or freezing rain. in northern maryland, that's a winter storm watch. the cold air will stay there just long
6:53 am
farther north you go as well. there could be accumulation issue for sleet and freezing rain in northern maryland tomorrow. not a lot around the city. it only takes the tiniest bit of freezing rain to get everything messy. eventually it will melt down tomorrow afternoon as temperatures are near 50 by the end of the day tomorrow. it feels like two in gaithersburg and hagerstown. hourly temperatures today, we will struggle mightily to get up to 30 degrees for a high temperature after this very cold start today. here is your ten-day outlook which carries you all the way into christmas weekend. a mix of sleet and freezing rain. heavy rain and very mild on sunday and another chance for showers thursday of next week. so far christmas chilly and dry. big problem on the beltway. chopper 4 over the outer loop near 7. we have police
6:54 am
outer loob at 7. it looks like it is because of a brand new crash perhaps caused by this problem on the beltway where they had water on the beltway overnight that froze. big issue there. inner loop 123, ice there as well. outer loob, 95 northbound, slaters lane west of gw parkway, a railroad gate stuck down. branch at surratts road, we have a bit of orange. rest of the roadways through that area are okay. top of the beltway, all these routes in and out of town have recovered. 270 south at montrose, lanes rolling just fine. on the orange dlsh blue lines delays to vienna and franconia. breaking news in montgomery county. a family of four looking for a new place to
6:55 am
after a two-alarm fire ripped through their silver spring home. news 4's megan mcgrath las more details on what officials say happened there. megan? >> reporter: it was just a terrible situation. a family of four forced to escape their burning house and go out into the frigid night around 1:00 this morning. you can see the home behind me. this is on sea island court in silver spring. we're told the fire began, they believe, in an upstairs bedroom. the residents tried to fight the fire themselves first, just could not get a handle on it. when firefighters arrived on the scene, the house was pretty heavy involved. there were flames shooting from the roof area there. two-alarm fire here. they had to bring in that second alarm because -- in part because of the frigid temperatures out here. they want to rotate their personnel more frequently because these are very difficult conditions
6:56 am
degrees right now. all the water they were using to fight the fire, it froze. their equipment was freezing. so a difficult situation here. the good news here is that the smoke detectors worked, alerted the family and no one was hurt. back to you in the studio. >> megan, thank you. it is 6:55. four things to know before you head out the door, the man who fired a shot inside a d.c. pizzeria will be in court. edgar welch faces charges after a grand jury indicted him yesterday. we'll send out an alert on our app if a trial date is set. president obama says the united states will take action against russia. the country is accused of attempting to interfere with the election last month. president-elect donald trump is making a stop in florida today. he is holding rallies in all 31 states he won as part of a nationwide thank you tour. we're waking up in the teens this morning. we won't warm up much. stay with news the 4 on this weather alert
6:57 am
follow news 4's justin finch on twitter. he'll be monitoring the feels-like conditions all morning. breaking news right now. outer loop near 7. police have stopped all lanes, that is because we have some slick roads from a car fire there overnight. firefighters came out, tried to handle that, obviously water on the roadway that has froezen. right now they have stopped it to get things treated, new crash outer loop at 7. that is our broadcast for this morning.
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good morning. feeling blue. bitter cold temperatures blanketing nearly every state in the u.s. more than 200 million americans impacted as a powerful winter storm gains strength, setting the stage for a weekend travel nightmare. tough talk. president obama vows the u.s. will respond to russia's efforts to interfere with the u.s. election. >> we need to take action and we will at a time and place of our own choosing. >> but with only 34 days left in his presidency, what will that response look like and what will it mean for america's delicate relationship with moscow? dessert disaster. a canned whipped cream shortage right in the thick of the holiday season. this morning what's behind it


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