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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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male vo: comcast. now at 11:00, here comes the ice. road crews ready to pull an allnighter ahead of some icy conditions tomorrow morning. how long you will want to put off any saturday plans. plus, donald trump takes the stage in florida hours after presid
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president-elect should welcome investigations into russian hacking. after 14 years, justice finally for the family of a social worker murdered here in silver spring in 2002. i'm jack eap bensen. i'll have the story. >> announcer: news4 begins now, with storm team 4. a mix of snow and ice moving in on storm team 4 radar right now. it's the ice that we have to worry about early tomorrow morning. and that's what has road crews out tonight to pretreat. good evening. i'm doctorine gents letter. >> i'm jim handly. the threat of ice won't last all day. but doug has given us a very good excuse to sleep in tomorrow. doug, this storm is already creating problems. >> it is. back to the west, the storm just now starting to take shape. first off it's moving into a very cold air mass. look at the numbers krood the area. up to 29. it's the warmest we've been all day. this is the key here. this is why the freezing vein only going to
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25 in haguerstown. 40 towards kentucky. that's the warmer air trying to moving in across our region. but it's going to be cold enough at the onset to produce that freezing rain. notice. look at all the freezing rain back to the west. through st. louis, now into indiana. 50 car accidents reported in st. louis earlier. they are actually asking people to stay off the roads tonight. same deal in indianapolis, and for us it's going to get us early tomorrow modern. that's why many parts of the area, the entire area is under some kind of advisory. winter weather to the northern portions. freezing rain to the south. everybody will see freezing rain tomorrow morning. especially our northern zones. i'm going to break it down for you i'll take it hour by hour and show you when you can get out of the house tomorrow it's not going to take all that long. we have a lot of change ms. the next 48 hours. in the next hour road crews from dc, maryland, and virginia will all continue pretreating those roads for those of us who
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shomari stone is live in month county with a look at all the preparations underway. >> reporter: good evening. those road crews have been businessny month county, prince george's county, dc and in northern virginia. this is one of the places in month county where 24e6 salt and sand. you can see the sand right here. this is going to be used tomorrow. also if we move out of the way you can see this truck here. on the other side of the truck is a salt dome. what they do is take that salt, put it in the truck and they are going to be ready for tomorrow's storm: tonight dc department of transportation officials tell us they are ready with salt trucks. about 200 of them will be out treating the roads in the district starting at midnight. crews have already pretreated roads over the past 24 hours with salt brine. 27% salt, and the rest is water. the mixture is supposed to stop the snow and ice from freezing on roadways. >> we'll be out all night
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and they will be working throughout the night in to tomorrow morning through noon to make sure that any ice that freezes, given the road temperatures and temperature outside, that those roads are treated. >> reporter: in prince george's, month, county, and in northern virginia, officials tell me they have also pretreated the roads. they will have hundreds of salt trucks out. v-dot is warning drivers to slow down and watch out for slick spots. some drivers worry about crashes. >> i'm definely ready for some car accidents and bad traffic. >> reporter: what are you going to do tomorrow morning? do you plan on going out? are you going to stay inside? >> no i plan on going out pretty early. >> reporter: why? >> i have got do some christmas shopping. >> reporter: a lot of action behind me. you can see these guys. they are going to be working overnight to make sure the roads are safe for you tomorrow morning. many of them are going to work together and they are going bring in even more people if needed for tomorrow. now, if you plan on doing christmas shopping like the woman you just saw,
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maybe the afternoon. i'm sure chief motor oolgs doug kammererer will tell you more about that. i'm live in silver pring. i'm show maury stone. news4. some local school districts and college campuses are delaying saturday events. activities at month and charles county schools in maryland won't start until 11:00 a.m. activities are delayed until noon in fairfax county. northern virginia community college won't in until noon. and the university of maryland is delaying all saturday exams by one hour. and you can see a full list the delays in our main weather story on the nbc washington app. and tune in for the latest forecast on news4 today starting toal morning at 6:00 a.m. a 19-year-old woman is facing arson charges tonight after flames swept through her family's home here in silver spring that blaze began on a second floor bedroom about 1:00 this morning at home here on sea island court. the homeowner tried to put the fire out himself
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to use a blanket to smother the flames. that didn't work. that's when the family of four ran out the front door. >> in this particular case, in their attempts to smother the fire it really just made things a little worse and it got bigger. >> no one was hurt. the home sustained more than $350,000 in damage. a man who threatened violence at a lool high school pleaded guilty today and then received his sentence for the crime. he made the threat against high point high school in prince george's county on twrt last month. he promised to bring an assault rifle and bomb to the high school. he is a donald trump supporter and he was upset at blast plans for an antitrump demonstration by the students. he got a three year suspended sentence, supervised probation and community service. police say he never had access to guns or
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the first family boarded air force one for their annual christmas vacation in hawaii. this year, president obama will welcome japan's prime minister for a historic visit to pearl harbor. president-elect donald trump continued his thank you tour in florida tonight. in one of the states he calls home. >> trump rallied his supporters in loornld. he talked about foreign policy at length but did not touch on the biggest national news of the day. that was president obama for the very first time saying russian president vladimir putin interfered with the u.s. presidential election. earlier today the fbi backed up the cia's assessment that russia's motive was in part to help trump. >> we allowed law enforcement and the intelligence community to do its job without political influence. we briefed all relevant
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involved. >> during his news conference, the president said he felt responsible for the deterioration of the situation in syria, where hundreds of thousands of people have died in the country's civil war. republicans have criticized obama's strategy there. tonight, president-elect trump said what he would do. >> we're going to try and patch that up. and we're going to try and help people. we are going to build safe zones. we are not having them come over. we are going to build safe zones in syria. >> trump said his priority in syria will be to work with putin to defeat isis. the kremlin, meanwhile s denying they interfered in the u.s. presidential election. and they are challenging the obama administration to provide evidence of vladimir putin's involvement. as nbc's richard engle reports tonight, some in russia can't wait for the transfer of power in the u.s. >> reporter: in russia, the message to washington today was put up, show proof of moscow's
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a spokesman for president putin today visiting japan said without evidence the u.s. is embarrassing itself. tonight the president also wasn't holding back. >> they are a smaller country. they are a weaker country. their economy doesn't produce anything that anybody wants to buy. >> reporter: this is a low point in u.s./russia relations that have been steadily getting worse under the obama administration. here in moscow there is no love lost for the u.s. president as we found when he visited a kremlin backed youth group. the group makes videos often carried on russian tv. they are anti-u.s. and often depict president obama as a warmongerer. but times are changing. julia is a painter here, where a new face is emerging to claim the hearts of even the most patriotic russians. why are you painting portraits of donald trump? >> to me he has a positive
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said. he wants good relations with russia. russia doesn't seem to care what president obama says. the feeling here is they only have to wait a few more weeks, and then they will get the president they want. >> richard engle. new at 11:00, a fairfax county deputy who killed a hospital patient wielding a metal sign post earlier this year has now been cleared of criminal wrongdoing. police say the man had already injured one person and was having a psychiatric episode when he charged at the deputy. police say the deputy trying to toss the man down but fired shots when martinez continued to advance at him. if you are flying out of reagan international airport listen up. airport officials tell us driving there might not be your best bet. they are expecting heavy traffic on the roads to the airport, especially the gw parkway, which was really backed up during thanksgiving.
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9:00 a.m. and between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. if your flight leaves between then, they suggest taking metro or give yourself extra time. heaves killed 14 years ago. the arrest came quickly but the victim's family is only now seeing their daughter's killer accept to prison. we'll explain what took so long. we showed you the medals and you came through helping us fine the family of an army hero killed in world war ii. after the big controversy over the high cost
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maryland man convicted of killing a social worker more than a decade after the crime. jackie bensen covered the story for us in 2002. tonight she has an update including what the victim's family is saying now, 14 years later. >> well you know -- >> reporter: bizarre statements in a police interview room in march of 2002. prosecutors say john lutz a physician struggling with what was skribt as delusion al disorder confessed to killing his social worker. she was stabbed multiple times, her body was found in lutz's dumpster next his apartment complex. her murder rocked the social worker commune. these are never
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images of the knife, a pair of bloodstained pants and an envelope noted with an appointment with nicole all found in lutz's apartment. lutz for years stood in a mental facili facility. >> today a jury came back with a guilty verdict of first-degree murder against john lutz. in this case he was found to have been restored to competency, he was able to distinguish right from wrong. >> reporter: tonight nicole's family issued a statement saying in part, it has been long and painful road. we have waited 14 years for this trial. finally justice has been served. a sentencing hearing for lutz is scheduled for january 29th. the company that makes epipen is launching a generic version of the very expensive medication. drug m
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fire since last summer for its massive price hikes. the generic will be identical to the brand name version but the generic two pack will cost $300. half the price of the original. you will be able to get it at pharmacies starting next yooek. nine years ago, epipen two pack costs closer to $100. big change for one of the most popular drugs used to help people quit smoking. the fda is removing a black box warn flag the label of chantix. it carries the fda's harshest warning. a new 8,000 patient study found in evidence that patients with no history of mental illness saw an increase in psychiatric incidents while taking chantix. the military medal found at a local
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center will soon be in the hands of alioic soldier's family. >> we told you about this story yesterday. the sergeant died during world war ii. somehow his silver star and purple heart ended up at a good will in anndale, virginia. the soldier attended clemson university in south carolina. and news4 viewers and social media helped fine his family in the palmetto state. >> it's important remembering the people in our family, the history and not forgetting what they did. >> i never expected we would fine the family so quickly. automatic pleased, shocked, but pleased. it's a good day. >> the ceo of good will will actually be in south carolina next week show she plans to personally return the medals to the zoeller's family. great story. >> great story. glad to see that happen. so, doug, we've all got long to-do lists. lots of parties and things going on this weekend. >> yes. >> how are we going to plan our
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sleep, we should tell everybody, tomorrow morning. >> i think everybody gets to sleep in tomorrow morning. and that's the thing. if you have got things you need to do tomorrow, do them after, say 10:00 because after that time we are not going to see any issues of it's 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. that most of us see those problems. if you can sleep in a lib, you have an excuse. let's look outside and show you what is happening. out towards the airport no problems at all right now. temperatures have been on the rise. we are a actually the warmest we've been all day. 29 degrees right now. and this is why. notice that south wind. winds out of the south always give us warmer air. that's why we are not expecting this to last very long. that's why most of us won't have any issues. take a look at the numbers. everybody is well below freezing, and you go all the way down to north carolina. we are still below freezing. we are not going to climb fast but we are going to climb and we are going to get there. already snow on the radar. but this is not hitting the grounds just yet. it is a very dry atmosphere
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you need to moisten it up before anything hits the ground. this is hitting the ground out to the west. 50 accidents in st. louis. indianapolis reporting problems. cincinnati reporting problems. the reason is because we've been so cold for the last couple of days anything that falls will stick and will freeze immediately. so tomorrow morning we are going to run into some major issues. that's why we have a winter weather advisory for the north. freezing rain advisory to the south. you can take off the different colors here. it's all freezing rain. i don't think we are going to see much in the way of snow. that's the reason this is winter weather because he would see a couple of types of weather but i don't see that happening. it's all freezing rain. pink, waldorf, dc, haguerstown. fredericksburg, nothing for you folks. really, if you are south of dc i don't see this being a major problem. you still want to give yourself extra time but north of dc is a big problem. 9:00 in the morning still dealing with a little bit of an issue around parts of the area.
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by unanimous it's out of here. if you have any afternoon activities, no problem. the rain moves out. now the biggest impact tomorrow, not much down to the south. isolated. in the city, and in the i-95 corridor and back to the west, possibly icy but it's really this area here, winchester, 81. panhandle. that's where we expect to be seeing icy conditions. in your neighborhood, secondary roads, major roads will be treated but your neighborhood is not going to be a good place. saturday afternoon, watch this. the rain moves out. 4:00 we say see sunshine tomorrow. temperatures on the rise. by sunday morning we are in the 60s. yeah in is 60s ahead of the actual front that comes through. that brings rain, some of it could be moderate to heavy at times on sunday afternoon. it's all through here by 8:00. again a topsy turvy weather forecast. 48 tomorrow, 63
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to 35 degrees sunday night. may see snow on the back side of that rain on sunday but i'm not anticipating my problems with that either. 35 on monday. 40 on tuesday. much nicer this week. still watching a possible storm thursday and friday, but right now i no longer have it in the forecast. and i do have christmas eve and christmas in the forecast. and both of them look fantastic. how about a 55-degree temperature on christmas day? that coming with plenty of sunshine. if you want snow, santa is going to have to bring it for you because i got nothing for you. >> you got nothing. >> thank you, doug. coming up, the caps in a tight race in one of hockey's best division. could alex once i heard i was going to be a park ranger, i got really excited.
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and there's a lot that he isn't able to do, and make-a-wish stepped in. we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker. he fell from, like, a rock. he's been the one that has been rescued so many times. he said to me, "today, i got to be the hero." (avo) the subaru share the love event has helped grant the wishes of over twelve hundred kids so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. >> caps' streak continues. tight one tonight, huh. >> yeah, every game they have seems to be tight. the metro division is tough. the caps came into tonight winners of five streak. the pen begins and blue jackets have both won seven straight. rangers, ten in a row. the caps have to keep winning to keep pace. down a goal in the second period. but on the power play. it's time for the great eight, 14th goal of the year, alex ovechkin, game tied at 1-1. williams has scored four goals in his last four games. make that five out of five. the streak gives the caps the 2-1 lead. it's 2-2 at the two. third period, caps once again down a goal.
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the glue by comes back to bring it together. oshie sends it into other over time. ot strikes in the net zone. caps get their sixth straight, 4-3 the final. wizards played their best game of the season tonight. of course john wall a big part of that. into the first quarter, check him out. wall star looking like himself. three for three from three point range in the first half. home team up by seven. bradley beal also connecting from long range. wall and beale combined for 54 points this the game. wizard score season high 55 in the first two quarters. second half. wizards jump ahead by 15. might be the holiday season but clearly morris is not planning
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morris easy lay ups for christmas. which is which. they could switch jerseys. they get win over detroit and have now won four out of five. >> we are having a nice rhythm to our team right now. we are playing well. defensively we still need to get better. we give up way too many threes and we have to continue to talk about it and drill on it. hopefully it just clicks and dweer even better defensively. >> we have been taking care of guarding guys and pressuring guys when we need to and getting stops. and it's just making it easier for our offense offense. we always believed in the offense. we score over 100 points in a game. we trust our system. and when we get stops and defense we are a really good team. scs college football playoffs, james madison taking north dakota state. stewart looks to be a guy poised to win a
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27-27, the dukes head handed north dakota stayed their first playoff loss since 2010. they will play for the scs national title on saturday january 7th final note, gergetown ando
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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that's going to do it for us. "the tonight show" is coming up next. >> don't forget, icy conditions in the morning. sleep in. you can go out at 10:00
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>> the latest on
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