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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  December 18, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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mr. putin is well aware of my feelings about this. >> we've been friends for a long time. >> saving humanity. >> guilty, guilty, guilty. good morning and welcome to "sunday today," i'm craig melvin in today for willie geist who is taking a well deserved sunday off. we start with some breaking baby news this morning. dylan dreyer is now a mom. she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy saturday. calvin bradley fichera is his name. he weighed in at 8 pounds, 3 ounces. dy
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miss covering snowstorms this winter, her little bundle of joy arrived on his due date right in the middle of a storm. we could not be happier for her and her husband, brian. a big congratulations to you guys. coming up this morning, we'll get the latest on that storm that's bringing dangerously cold temperatures to 48 million people. temperatures as low as 40 below with the windchill. we are live in chilly chicago. a little bit later this morning, willie laces up his bowling shoes and goes head to head with bryan cranston. in between games, the two found time to talk about cranston's new movie, "why him," his iconic role as walter white in "breaking bad" and how he got to where he is today. >> will you be good if at the end of your career people say brian kryan cranston, walter wh. that's the one character they remember you for? >> yeah. i think that will be the opening line of my
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best known for, and that's fine for me. >> we'll have much more with bryan cranston just ahead but we'll start with the brutal, unbearable cold stretching from northern dakota into northern texas. nearly 50 million people under some sort of windchill advisory or warning this morning and the storm has turned deadly. nbc's blake mccoy has more. >> reporter: round two of the 1-2 polar punch is bringing the coldest temperatures yet this morning for much of the country. >> it's very cold, and we're bracing ourselves for the next four months practically. >> reporter: when the chicago bears kick off later today at soldier field, potential to be subzero, their coldest game ever. the previous record, 2 degrees, set back in december, 2008. >> i'm not sure you ever get used to that kind of weather, but it takes a mentally tough-minded people to deal with it. >> reporter: the bears will be playing the packers who hold the record for coldest nfl game
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below at lambeau field in december, 1967. this arctic blast coupled with heavy snow is having a dangerous and deadly impact. three people dead in maryland, two lives lost when this tractor-trailer burst into flames after sliding off an icy bridge and jumping the barrier. another two killed in north carolina. >> it's put the fear of god in me. i'm going to go home. i'm going to stay in today. >> reporter: three police officers were injured in crashes in overland park, kansas. the weather is complicating rescues. fire and tow trucks becoming victims themselves, leading officials to urge residents to stay home. this morning's polar plunge could break records for much of the country, where people also find themselves breaking ice. >> that was blake mccoy reporting there. let's bring in dave price who's in for dylan this morning. so 13 below is the record. what are the chances we break the record today.
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break it for absolute temperature, but we are going to have temperatures feeling like they're 14 below at soldier field with a thermometer reading of 3 degrees or soechlt it's going to be undashl or so. let's take a look at what's happening out there. this is the coldest batch of december air we've seen in about 50 years and it's beginning to roll through. that's just part of the bad weather picture in the united states right now. in the meantime we have sloppy weather through the great lakes down to the tennessee valley up through the ohio valley and a brief warmup in the northeast. but back to the cold air and the winter weather. look at the watches and warnings stretching all the way from the dakotas and pushing through the ohio valley and up to sections of central and western new york. it's going to be an awful day. look how far south it goes. dallas, you wake up at 20 degrees this morning. you're only getting to a high of 32 before the day is done. look at the current conditions around the area.
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moines, 53 below in aberdeen. that's a look at the weather right now. we'll have a full forecast for you in just a couple of minutes. backo tyou. >> all right, dave, thank you. to politics now, and after wrapping up his thank you tour, president-elect donald trump will now be taking some time off this holiday season to spend with his family. on saturday mr. trump had some choice words for china and some praise for michelle obama, despite her apparent slam of him earlier this week. kelly o'donnell is in mobile, alabama. kelly, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, craig. and donald trump also called the electoral college genius, saying it required him to visit so many states, we know he lost the popular vote. and tomorrow those electors from across the country meet to finalize the election. what we saw here is the president-elect still celebrating his victory and still willing to pick some fights. from the water cannon salute at the airport to a
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relished his last rally of 2016. but he also did something unexpected. trump disputed a widely publicized comment from the first lady. >> michelle obama said yesterday that there's no hope. >> reporter: referring to this interview with oprah winfrey. >> see, now we're feeling what not having hope feels like. >> reporter: the alabama crowd bead, and trump appeared stung by the criticism. >> because i'm telling you, we have tremendous hope. >> reporter: then claimed mrs. obama just misspoke. i honestly believe she meant that statement in a different way than it came out. >> reporter: while the obamas vacation in hawaii, the trumps will spend the holiday in palm beach. still unclear how trump will separate himself from his business interests.
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circumstances has mr. trump requested nor would he participate in briefings regarding the business during his presidency. with his oldest children involved in the transition and the family empire, trump's team has yet to present a plan to avoid conflicts of interest, but hinted he is not against restrictions on speaking with his family regarding the business. still a month from taking office, but trump tweeted his way into a dust-up with china over their seizure of a u.s. navy underwater drone in the south china sea. we should tell china we don't want the drone they stole back. let them keep it. and trump's tweets add to an already tense relationship between the u.s. and china. remember, he took that congratulatory phone call from the taiwanese president and that upset the chinese. it is also notable what donald trump was not commenting on, the russian hacking or vladimir putin's role in it, t
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aimed at the u.s. eleconti. he said nothing about it on his public rally and it's not on his twitter feed either. >> kelly, thank you. other news this morning, a wedding in whittier, california, took a tragic turn saturday. a large tree fell on a group of people, killing one and injuring five others. the wedding party was taking pictures under a 100-foot eucalyptus tree when it toppled over, trapping 20 peoepl underneath. rescue crews worked into the night using chain saws to get out the victims. a young girl remains in critical condition this morning. a final farewell saturday to astronaut and american hero john glenn. 2500 people turned out at an ohio state auditorium to remember and honor glenn. he died earlier this month at the age of 95. vice president joe biden was among the speakers. he remembered glenn as an ordinary ameri
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arlington national cemetery in april. to an uplifting story this morning of forgiveness in the face of tragedy. you may remember when we first met up with michael reed a few weeks ago, he was desperately searching for his wife and two daughters after that devastating wildfire in tennessee. sadly, they all died, but this morning, michael reed now says he forgives the two teenagers accused of setting that fire. kerry sanders has our update. >> i told her to call 911 and get out. that was the last time i heard from her. >> reporter: separated from his wife and two daughters in a firestorm, michael reed and his son prayed for a miracle. >> she's got to be somewhere up there. she has to be. >> reporter: up there as in up the mountain? >> up the mountain, somewhere. >> reporter: hours of anguish turned to days, until officials confirmed what michael just didn't want to believe. wife, constance, 12-year-old daughter, chloe, and 9-year-old
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out alive. we would eventually learn the wildfire that swept through the smoky mountains taking 14 lives allegedly started by two teenagers. >> authorities in tennessee say they have charged two juveniles. >> reporter: now in the ashes of so much grief, a remarkable letter of forgiveness to the two teenagers who started the wildfires, wtes michael reed on facebook. as humans, it is sometimes hard to show grace. we hold grudges. we stay angry. we point the finger and feel we have to lay the blame somewhere. it's human nature and completely understandable. but i did not raise my children to live with hate. forgiveness isn't in you, it is in me. i forgive you. my son forgives you. my wife and beautiful girls forgive you. we know you didn't mean for this to happen. we know you would take it all back if you could. in those early hours of not knowing if his wife and daughters were alive.
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recently renewed her faith. >> he didn't save her three weeks ago just to take her away from me now. >> reporter: it is michael reed's deep faith that's giving two teenagers something they could never have thought possible, forgiveness from a father and a son who lost that most precious gift of all, family. for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news. turning overseas now, britain's prince harry is speaking out about trying to do good in the world and how he wants to make his mother proud. we get more on that from nbc's matt bradley. >> reporter: you may know him as the playboy prince. but prince harry is cooking up a new image. in a recent interview with itv, he explains how he turned his mother's legacy in africa into a personal call. >> hiv/aids is the number one killer of adolescents across sub-saharan af
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documentary show cases his work with african hiv patients. harry now embracing responsibilities he once shied away from. the charity he helped set up has provided testing and counseling to 21,000 patients, with plans to expand to other african countries. >> what started as an idea of me saying i've got a year off, i want to do something constructive with my life, i want to do something that makes my mother proud. >> reporter: it's a legacy he hopes to pass on. >> for me i have this love of africa that will never disappear, it will be there and i hope it carries on with my children as well. >> reporter: harry az is apparently in love as well. his new girlfriend has the british press buzzing about this passionate prince. matt bradley, nbc news, london. the university of minnesota football team will now play in the holiday bowl, ending a brief boycott protesting the suspension of players over
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alleged sexual assault. the gophers will return to the field under the condition the ten suspended teammates will get a hearing. it was a tough way for champion fighter bernard hopkins to end his career last night. check this out. the 51-year-old hopkins battling in the eighth round and then he was literally knocked out of the ring. the referee ended the fight after hopkins did not get back in the ring. he announced his retirement right after that fight. dave pri back with a look at the rest of the country's forecast. we know what we're looking
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and right now we have some rain getting closer to the metro area. all this area in the green and yellow is rain coming out of the mountains and just one little band here just now coming into fairfax county. it's in montgomery. it will be coming into washington in another 15 minutes or. so a few other areas of light rain. but the heavier rain is in the mountains. that will be arriving here later this morning maybe around noon time. and then during the afternoon, it tapers off and ends. temperatures right now climbing into the low 60s. we'll drop into the 30s tonight as we dry out. and that's a quick look at your weather. straight ahead, the highs and l and lows of the week, including that incredible moment when you meet your idol and just don't want to leave him. plus the interesting way portland residents reacted to a very rare snow day. and later, art or advertising. the unique and rather large
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willie, if you're watching, i hope we can do you proud or at least avoid falling on our faces. our first high, high praise 2 young men who showed the spirit of the season. a man was driving home with his two boys when he told dad he just had to stop the car. that's because they saw a man in a wheelchair trying to shovel the snow in front of his house and they wanted to help. they all jumped into action and spent the next 45 minutes shoveling so the man could drive to the doctor the next day. daniel called it a proud dad moment on facebook. the boy's mother uses a wheelchair and they say they hope that someone would help her in the same situation. >> you and i are both dads. >> yeah. >> isn't that how we want our children to be? >> empathy. we want them to show empathy. our first low goes to the temperatures in portland, oregon, where they got a rare snow day this week. if you've ever watched that show
8:19 am
portlandia, it's a lot of fun to rib the people who live there and the real-life residents did not disappointing. this guy made his way through the snow on a unicycle dressed as santa with a flame-throwing bagpipe playing the theme from "star wars." only in portland. no doubt he was first in line to see "rogue 1" this weekend. our next high goes to the spirits of a little boy who had a dream come true this week. nearly a year ago this photo of then a 5-year-old boy went viral. he lives in war-torn afghanistan, a war-torn section of afghanistan. he was wearing this jersey of lionel messi made out of a plastic bag because his family couldn't afford anything more. a few weeks more messi sends the kid some signed jerseys. this
8:20 am
paid for him to travel from afghanistan to qatar where messi was playing a game. he got to escort his hero out onto the field, take part in a team photo before the game and even give the referees the game ball. he was so excited he didn't want to leave his buddy's side. finally one of the refs had to take him back to the sidelines. >> beautiful moment. so nice. >> doesn't get much better than that, a 5-year-old kid. our next low also comes from the world of sports and the low standards that they apparently have in building television studios in canada. take a look at what happened right in the middle of an afternoon hockey talk broadcast on the canadian network sportsnet. >> used to go to the goalies -- or the backup goaltender and say -- >> there goes a piece of the roof on live television. >> are you all right? >> on live
8:21 am
>> i thought we were attacked. [ laughing ] >> we're fine here right now. let's get to commercial and check this stuff out. >> of course we all know no one is tougher than hockey guys and after a quick commercial, they just went on with the show. our final high belongs to the adventurous spirit of an 11-month-old boy named aria which means lion in hebrew. he went to zoo atlanta, dressed in a lion costume, so naturally he has to see the lions. one of those lions was completely fascinated with him and kept pawing at the glass, but the king of the jungle didn't scare the little lion man. he just kept on smiling. >> i mean that is adorable. >> our final low belongs to the frigid temperatures in the upstate new yorktown of hudson.
8:22 am
when police found an unresponsive woman in a car, they broke thewindow, pulling her out fearing the worst. that's when they found out the victim was a mannequin. turns out the car's owner works for a company that makes medical training aides. the guy was very upset by the smashed window. >> she looks real. >> their answer was tough luck, people need to be more careful during this dangerous winter. you're right, that is a real life-looking mannequin. >> thanks to the first responders. >> that mannequin is lucky. >> looks like my aunt. >> aunt rochelle? >> yeah. still ahead here on "sunday today" actor bryan cranston on making the move from comedies to drama and back to slapstick humor on the big screen. you'll also learn why he and willie decided to go bowling together. and turning a family tragedy into a mission
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good sunday morning. it's will 8:26 on december 18th. in the news, prince george's county fire investigators saying this this was an accident. an accident that caused a house
8:27 am
they say someone was heating candle wax on the stove saturday afternoon and the smoke alarms were not working. one person was hurt but will be okay. one family was also displaced. this morning most flights are back on schedule today at local airports after lots of cancellations and delayed yesterday. you can see the long lines inside of dulles international airport where the runways were shut down because of all the ice. two run ways at reagan national also had to close for a short time. good riddance. we talk about that freezing rain. tom has an update on the warmup next.
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8:29 am
we want to check in with tom now. tom, it looks like it's going to be a better day than yesterday. >> that's for sure. temperatures are much milder right now. we're hovering near 60 degrees. a long line of rain showers from new england all the way down to new orleans. it is getting closer to us. wee be coming into the metro area shortly. right now the leading edge of that rain, there is one wave of very light rain just now coming into montgomery county out of loudoun and western fairfax. there is another band here on the shenandoah valy. heavier rain in the mountains much that's arriving here by midday. temperatures will be hovering near 6 o degrees. upper 50s for another few hours. then into the 40s during the afternoon. then down into the 30s by late tonight and by dawn, monday, we'll be down into the upper 20s. during the day tomorrow, we'll be in the upper 30s during the afternoon and partly cloudy. another cold morning on tuesday. afternoon highs tuesday near 40. near 50 on wednesday. he
8:30 am
week, we'll have somewhat moderating temperatures, maybe a little rain on thursday. nice christmas weekend, angie. >> all right. your secretary of state pick, rex tillerson, is here. >> i just wanted to come by -- putie? oh, my god! >> rexie, baby! >> that's john goodman making a special appearance along with alec baldwin on last night's "saturday night live." bryan cranston stopped by last week bringing back the character he's best known for, walter white from "breaking bad." long before walter white there was hal from "malcolm in
8:31 am
you'd never guess. acting, though, has always been a dream, one that he's living to the fullest extent. in his new movie "why him" cranston plays a dad trying to come to terms with his daughter's new boyfriend. in one scene the boyfriend tries to woo the skeptical dad by taking him bowling. so willie caught up with bryan at bowl more to see if his form is all just an act. >> let's start with some shoes. >> i'm a size 16, but i'll take 10s this time. >> your dad ran a bowling alley? >> he did. we got to bowl as often as we wanted to. i have to figure out a wily way of beating you. >> bryan cranston knows his way around a bowling alley. that came in
8:32 am
movie "why him" where a guy tries to win over his girlfriend's dad played by cranston. >> he builds a bowling alley in his house to appease me. >> boom, shaka locka locka. >> that kind of works on it. will yi willie, why did you make me do that? >> in real life cranston has a 23-year-old daughter of his own. >> you've never had that face-to-face thing where you had to size the guy up. >> i'm looking forward to that. i think what i would do is have a barrel next to me with some chemicals handy and just let them see it. oh, it's real, son. i can dissolve your body in seconds. okay? just remember that. when you're out on lookout point. >> walter white, the mild-mannered chemistry teacher turned vicious drug kingpin
8:33 am
the acclaimed tv series "breaking bad," a role that made cranston a household name. >> and you were in some pretty dark places, to say the least. >> yeah. >> was that a hard character to get out of? >> i didn't want to take walter white home. i wanted to go home as bryan. at the end of the day i would put a hot, moist towel over my head like a turban and one over my face and i would allow it to pull out the dirt and toxins and emotional baggage i was carrying around all day and wiped it all off. i let him at the studio. >> during five seasons, cranston won four best actor emmys. >> a lot of actors say i'm not in it for the awards, i just love my craft. >> oh, i'm in it for the awards and the money. that's -- no. >> when did you know that you had a cool amc show that had somehow now exploded into this cultural phenomenon? >> i think i
8:34 am
starting to resonate with fans is when our directional signs were being stolen. it used to say "breaking bad" with an arrow so when you're driving to the location you know where to turn. all of a sudden, they were stealing them, so that was the sign for me. >> so you know the important thing here is just to take your time and feel relaxed. >> i am hal! >> before he broke bad, cranston broke out as the dad in "malcolm in the middle" and a memorable prefame stint as dentist tim watley on "seinfeld." since "breaking bad" he has been busy playing president lyndon johnson both on broadway and on screen. >> i urge you to enact the civil rights bill into law. >> i'll write your movie for
8:35 am
on it. >> no, you don't want my name on it. >> reporter: and lending his voice to a panda. >> son? oh, my gosh, it is you! >> cranston grew up in los angeles with a father who dreamed of being the star his son has now become. >> your father wanted to be an actor? >> yeah, he was. >> he wanted to be a star. he came up a little bit short. what did that mean to you and your family as he struggled to reach that. >> oh, it was devastating. i had a very challenging childhood. it destroyed the family nucleus. he left the family. my mother was devastated. he was the love of her life and she started drinking. >> cranston's parents divorced when he was 12. their home in foreclosure, he and his brother were sent to live on his grandparents' farm. cranston didn't see his father for 11 years. >> i grew up a little too quickly, you know. i was trying to grab on to unrs
8:36 am
figure things out when i was just a boy. in an unusual, ironic way, my dad's desire to be a star helped me tremendously in my choice when i decided to become an actor, to become an actor. i had no sights on becoming a star, i just wanted to make a living as an actor. >> and cranston met his wife of 30 years on the job. >> perhaps the most important of your early gigs was a spot on "air wolf." >> it was a terrible show. >> you said it, i didn't. >> i did say it. i met this young lady named robin deerdon. i was a bad guy of the week and she was playing a victim of the week. >> like so many great love stories, starting on the set of "air wolf" as you hold her hostage. >> exactly. it's like every couple meets. >> take it easy. >> you take it easy! >> but there's a long road between the time you decided to become an actor and becoming this walter white guy that the world knows. >> i remembered all of the jobs,
8:37 am
i was loading trucks, a foreman yelling, cranston, high and tight, come on, let's go, let's go. >> you were an ordained minister, as a matter of fact. >> i befriended a good guy named reverend bob and he accidentally booked two wedding ceremonies on the same day. there was no requirements necessary whatsoever. you need a certificate, and he put it into his ibm selectric dating it, ipso facto, i am a minister. my first ceremony was in a six-seater airplane over the hollywood sign. i had to go do you take john -- but sometimes i think they might be watching television and going, honey, i think walter white married us. >> try not to let anything -- you know. >> cranston gets i
8:38 am
of your career people say bryan cranston, walter white. that's the one character they remember you for? >> yeah. i think that will be the opening line of my obituary, best known for, and that's fine for me. yeah, i'm very proud of it. i hold that experience up with such relish and glee that i had that moment. i had that time. >> willie is a pretty good bowler. bryan's new movie "why him" will be out in theaters this friday. he has been nominated for a golden globe for his portrayal of lyndon johnson. to hear his words of wisdom for younger actors these days, you can head to coming up next week on christmas sunday, willie goes home for the holidays with dolly
8:39 am
cold front now crossing the mountains bringing in some rain into west virginia. the backside of it changed over to some snow. there may be accumulating snow way out in western maryland and northern west virginia late tonight. the leading edge of the
8:40 am
a few sprinkles over the next couple hours. then other passing rain hours until about 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon. we'll drop out of the low 60s where we are now, down to the 30s tonight. 20s tomorrow morning. near 40 tomorrow. that's a quick look at the maps, my friend. >> dave, thank you, sir. up next here on "sunday today" advertising in the 21st century. why bigger walgreens presents, a holiday mini miracle. hey! hey! ♪ this is for you. did you really? didn't have too! ♪ getting the gift you almost kept for yourself? now that's a holiday mini miracle. and it's easy to create your own at walgreens... with 50 percent off the gifts of the week, just around the corner. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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scale as advertisers turn to buildings and the timeless art form to get their message out. born from the streets, advertising is sky high in cities like new york, los angeles and atlanta. where brush to building sign painters likelia mcwilliams scale space, hand crafting campaigns from companies. >> is this art or is it advertising? >> it walks the line of being art and being advertisement. it brings them both together. >> mcwilliams is one of 23 wall dogs at colossal media, the largest hand painted outdoor advertising company in the world. >> it's a pretty cool office. >> it's not bad, right? >> in a
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modern day michelangelos receive upwards of 4,000 requests a year. the company was started in 2004. >> on average our paintings take about four days to complete. if you add in the preproduction time it's probably worth another 40 hours of work. right now we're clocking about 450 murals a year. >> it would seem as if this is a product that's taken off in terms of popularity. why is that? >> i think when technology came in and hand painted ads were replaced with vinyl and banners, a lot was lost. when you're out there, you're painting, you're causing people to be curious and advertising at the end of the day is all about eyeballs. but the value goes forever. the paintings have soul, they have honesty, they tell a story. >> but it ain't cheap. >> but it's not cheap. we're sort of like the exotic car category. when you come to colossal, you want something a little nicer than the everyday car. you want some hand made
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leather and a big motor that goes real fast. >> colossal estimates more than a million people per month see the accumulation of all their walls with secondary benefits on social media. and while the costs can be slightly higher than traditional advertising, clients like lifestyle brand vans argue the benefits are worth the price tag. >> when we think about return on investment, you're going to have a hard time convincing me that a piece of paper and magazine between two stories you're trying to read is going to stick with you long term when you see those hand-painted walls. it's a bespoke one-off experience that you can only find in that specific street on that block in that area, so it comes across as much more thoughtful. >> is this street art? >> it's a context it's street art because when we go out, we put our blood, sweat and tears into every single one of these things we do. regardless if it's cold, if it's
8:46 am
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even in this digital age of music, there's nothing quite like the rich sound of a piano. but between the cost and sheer size, it's an instrument beyond the reach of many american families. that's why one couple from missouri dealing with the loss of their son came up with an idea to make sure any budding musician who wanted to tickle the ivories could. ron maott has that story. >> reporter: inside this converted garage in st. louis, the sounds of surgery. not medical, but musical. twists and turns, pokes and prods, nursing tired old pianos back to life. donated pianos that are then given away to those who want one but can't afford one. it was the untimely death of 21-year-old art student and musician alex townsend that inspired his parents, jean and tom, to
8:50 am
pianos for people. and with each delivery, more than 160 and counting, music in the key of happiness. >> the sense of joy is contagious. everybody is happy. everybody has huge smiles on their faces. it's just purely and simply a gift. the fact that out of a terrible loss grew a miracle. >> reporter: as pianos moved out, an idea was struck. getting kids from disadvantaged communities and low income families into the group's store front studio, a school started in 2014, offering professional instruction free of charge. pianos for people has signed up more than 100 students, opening a second location at a church in nearby ferguson. >> are you in a position to take on the demand that seems to exist out there? >> we need to be able to add instructors and add teachers to take on the additional students. it's really,ll
8:51 am
us that this component of free never go away. >> reporter: 16-year-old royce martin quickly shot to the head of the class, from zero to this in two years. he taught himself the basics but needed a piano at home. >> in order to play a real piano, i have to go somewhere else and that's not accessible. i grew a lot from having an authentic piano in the house. >> the people delivered it, he was so kpied. it happened, it happened, it happened. >> he helped us make the point that we were trying to make every day, and that is look what can happen when you put an instrument in front of a kid. >> reporter: an stinstrument of change and instance expiration, one student at a time. this week we highlight
8:52 am
sager was a force to be reckoned with some sports television. he was a man as colorful as the suits he wore as he worked the sidelines of the nba games he worked so much. he covered everything from the olympics to nfl to baseball, even rushing the diamond to interview hank aaron after he hit the 715th home run. but it was on the basketball court that he made his biggest mark, becoming a favorite of coaches and players alike. in 2014, sager was diagnosed with leukemia. he often would get treatment and then head straight to work, never losing his smile, never losing his sense of humor either. this year when he was honored at the espys, he gave a powerful and inspirational speech about his battle. >> i will never give up and i will never give in. i will live my life
8:53 am
it's the only way i know how. >> craig sager died thursday. he was 65. he's survived by his wife, stacy, and his wife children. hours after he died, golden state warriors coach steve kerr, a long-time friend, asked the team to honor in a way he would have loved, with joy. we thought it would be more appropriate given the way craig lived his life and the joy he brought to so many people to have a moment of joy instead. so i'd like all of you to join me in an applause for a great man and a life well lived. thank you.
8:54 am
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so i never get to do this in my regular show but i'm going to try to appear into my crystal ball. tomorrow a big day for donald trump as the electoral college officially meets to vote him in as the 45th president of these united states. we predict that the electoral college members, just like college kids everywhere after a big test, will head to the local frat house to complain how tough it was. they'll down a few drinks and try to flirt with a cute elector sitting right next to them. then on tuesday the newest members of the rock 'n' roll hall of fame will be announced. among the favorites, tupac, pearl jam, janet jackson and the cars, dave price. we predict whomever gets named to the hall, kanye west will jump onstage to say once again beyonce was
8:58 am
finally next weekend, it's a big one. it's the start of hannukah and christmas as well. we predict sunday morning you'll be hitting the spiked eggnog hard as you struggle to put together those kids toys. they're more excited by the boxes than the toys themselves. your in-laws will show up for an unexpected week-long visit. >> 12 hours later, it's the broken toys. >> i would also like to say my in-laws are in town and i love having them. >> oh, nice move. >> we are so happy to have them. i'm told we can't close the show without mentioning willie's favorite hollywood star. while he's spending extra time with his family on vacation, we guess the biggest highlight will be making snow angels with, you guessed it, gary busey. those guys are going to be best friends, dave. they're going to be best friends. >> no doubt. >> stay tuned to nbc this morning for "meet the press." chuck todd will be joined by robert gates as well as hillary clinton's former campaign chair, john podesta.
8:59 am
sunday morning. i'll see you back here after the horrifying deadly crash. this is one of many crashes across our region as a winter blast moved through. tom's got the latest ton day's dramatic warmup. >> a new location for the controversial deplora ball. this is honor of president-elect donald trump's inauguration. the brand new details just coming into our newsroom. one week away, folks. christmas is fastly approaching. that means many of you are going to be out at the stores trying to snatch up those last minute deals. what to look for as you head out this week. g
9:00 am
thank you so much for joining us. angie goff alongside my friend adam tuss looking christmassy with your tie. >> one week to go. >> yes. >> it looks like weather wise today out of the entire weekend is the best day to get out and get things done. because after yesterday, we've seen a hugeñi change, tom. >> yeah, we had a wild swing in our temperatures overnight. winds shifted into the south sweeping in much milder air. in fact, right now we're hovering near of 60 degrees in the metro area. fredericksburg, 64 degrees now. storm team 4 radar showing a cold front coming in. that's going to change everything. right now it is raining. all that area you see in green from new orleans to new england and the closest edge of that rain we had one little wave of some very light sprinkles passing into our northern and western suburbs. that is continuing to track east. grab an umbrella if you're headed out the door. a few sprinkles here. the more moderate rain, that will be arriving here later on this morning and into the afternoon as temperatures will drop out of the


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