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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  December 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the senate intelligence committee, but his spokesman said yesterday he would review the latest request. this just a few minutes tracie potts will have more on the chances of this committee being formed. several bus loads of civilians were finally evacuated from the city of allepo this morning ahead of a united nations vote today. the u.n. could send more than 100 people to syria to monitor those evacuations. thousands of people are effectively trapped in the city now that the syrian army is in control. the army agreed to a cease-fire with the rebels last week, but both sides repeatedly accused the other of breaking that cease fire. you're waking up to freezing temperatures. the weather roller coaster we've been riding for the last 72 hours. on saturday, what a ride it was. our storm team 4 meteorologist said it would be a mess and it certainly was. crashes were reported across our area. the virginia state police say they investigated 41
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involved 23 cars and two tag tore traile tractor trailers on the inner loop. and temperatures we saw temperatures soar into the high 60s, but last night, people were breaking out the hot chocolate again. red skin fans can expect a cold night. the redskins have a chance to seize a playoff spot tonight. did you hear me? they have a chance. they're taking on the carolina panthers in landover at fedex field. we found some tickets on the internet for about $30. no bad. >> i like how the redskins have a chance! praying hands. >> she's begging. >> cowboys helped us by beating the bucs yesterday, so now here we go. >> as long as it's in our own destiny to control. that's all you can ask for. >> that's right. so weather-wise, kind of a
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chilly start this morning. most areas have dropped back down below the freezing mark. so what to know about the weather today? number one thing to know, frozen puddle alert. if it looks wet, it is probably frozen early this morning. be very, very careful if you're walkings sidewalks or some of the sheltered side streets where the water runs off out of a woody knoll or anything like that. if it looks wet, it's probably frozen. no more crazy swings in the weather temperature. good travel weather for the week and it looks like christmas so far will be dry. what about today, though? other than icy patches around here, temperatures are below freezing this most spots. they will say there through about 8:00, 9:00. later today, before freezing but still plenty cold. high away 37. tomorrow not bad, some sunshine and low 40s. what about the rest of the workweek? the extended forecast coming up at 51 past
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looking at these two issues we have as you're headed into the district, so inbound suitland parkway pushed off on to sheridan road because of that police investigation. and then water street southeast between 12th and m, fire activity with all the lanes blocked here this morning. right now again, northbound 295 before benning road, that work zone blocking one of the lanes there. 66 and 95 overall no problems. you can also see here through prince george's county everything is looking good. safetrack runs through december 21st, that is this wednesday. silver and orange single tracking between east falls church and west. again wraps up on wednesday and then we'll go into the next round. 4:33. and the shipping countdown is on. you have six days to get your holiday gifts wrapped, packed and shipped. if you're using the postal service, back your patience. here are a few important shipping deadlines.
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first class mail. wednesday is the deadline for priority mail. friday is the deadline for priority mail express. and pope francis offist offices saturday, but most will close at noon. 30 million packages expected to be delivered making it the busiest day of the season and i learned the hard way, you have to be thoughtful about where your package is going because if it's a really rural area for example, it may not get there when you've been told it will get there. >> and a big shout out to our delivery people. they have strategically placed packages when you're not there. and i really appreciate that. >> they bring out all the tricks for this one. this morning we're remember remember zsa zsa gabor famous for being famous. the being a sfractress died fro apparently heart attack at the age of 99. she was runly from h
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a career out of playing herself. prince william county police department needs help finding this missing man. 26-year-old sason wittenburg was last seen yesterday around 5:30 at the walmart in woodbridge. after a terrifying assault and robbery, the fbi and d.c. police are looking for three men who they say attacked a young woman. investigators say the woman was walking loop monroe near 16th. it happened around 3:30 sunday morning. she told police that one of the men grabbed her and threw her into the back of a white work van. police say the men assaulted her and stole some items before throwing her out of that van near woodley park. call police if you have any information. metro is trying to figure out what sparked a small fire on the tracks at the silver spring metro station around 8:30 last night. a supervisor saw small
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track and immediately put it out. service was never interrupted. developing this morning, armed in an uber. a driver involved in a deadly shooting while on the job. how it happened and could your next uber driver be carrying a gun. and still ahead, they were fired for misconduct, but they are still in the classroom. news 4 iteam investigates why some teachers are still in schools because of a local district's mistake. plus it was a weather roller coaster this weekend. what is in store for today a
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welcome back. much of the country is in a deep freeze after another blast of argue tick air. record low temperatures have been reported across the upper midwest. south dakota reached a new record breaking -- a record breaking low of minus 31 degrees. in chicago, bears hosted the packers in one of the coldest games ever played at 2 degrees there. fun fact for you, coldest game in nfl history remains the legendary ice bowl game of 1967. temperature kickoff there was 13 below, windchill reached 48 below. nothing like that to talk about around here right now. chuck and melissa, though, we are trying to get people warned
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yesterda a thing of the past. >> it was about a three or four hour stretch of mild weather and that has been blown back out and the cold air is back in play. so bust stop weather for you this morning, temperatures are in the 20s. so bundle up. certainly on the cold side for today. afternoon temperatures even with increasing amounts of sunshine later on today, i think we're stuck mostly in the 30s. so what to wr? heavy coat, mittens, wool hat and scarf for sure. you can leave the umbrella at home. today, daily grade marginal. a little on the chilly side, but nowhere near as cold or wet as we were. >> sort of like our producer scott who always says he's adequate pup say how are you, i'm adequate. right now still have the two situations i mentioned to you here. so water street southeast between 12 lt and m, fire activity with all the lanes blocked. and bound suitland parkway, being pushed off on to s
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road because of police investigations there. southbound 295 before benning, work zone still blocking the right lane. and taking a look at 270, it looks quite good from 70 down to the spur. nothing in your way southbound, same situation northbound. going to it a look at 95 in maryland coming up. it is voting day, the electoral college set to make november's election official. but could some delegates sdecid to go a different way? plus ticket changes just in time for the holidays. newest museum in washington making it easier for
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we're getting a look at new video of a massive rescue. >> maryland natural resources police say 16 boats overturned during strong winds and high waves. 22 people had to be pulled from the water. no one needed medical help though prp they were part of a saili sailing regatta sunday afternoon. check out this video of a fiery crash outside of baltimore. icy roads are being blamed for this gas tanker overturning and bursting into 234r5iflames on 9. that caused a 55 car chain reaction crash. look at all the cars on the road. two people died and we're now learning that seven people remain in the hospital. two patients are in critical condition. we're getting new numbers on how people are grading donald trump's transition to the sprid.
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that number is lower than his predecessors. >> all this as electors officially choose the new president day. tracie potts is live on chill. could capitol hill. could we see any surprises? >> reporter: it's possible, but not anything that will change the election. one elector says that he will not vote for donald trump even though the majority in texas his home state did. and other ehe lectors have questioned whether or not they have to go with the majority vote in their home state which electors typically do, but in this unprecedented election, there have been questions about that. also there were dozens of electors who wanted an intelligence briefing on the russian hacking interfering in the election before they voted. director of national intelligence says that's not going to happen. so some uncertainty much more so than we normally see going into
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happens across the country primarily this afternoon. >> tracie potts for us on capitol hill. thank you for that. the obama administration is giving you more time to sign up for health insurance on you have until 11:59 p.m. pacific time. the original deadline was last thursday, but it was extended due to strong interest. the administration has set up a goal of signing up 13.8 million people for next year. to this developing story in south florida now, police in miami say that they have interviewed a person of interest after an uber driver shot and killed a would-be robber. early yesterday morning a dodge caravan cut off the uber and two people jumped out of it with guns and tried to rob the uber driver who shot and killed the driver of the van. the uber driver did have a
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policy for a driver or passenger to carry a gun. in northeast washington, tire investigators say a cutting torch started a building fire on rippi rigs road. the fire is being called and accident. frederick county public schools are now taking steps to keep students' information safe following a mass save data breach. the district is offering a year's worth of identity protection for anyone affected. officials say the data for about 1,000 students was compromised after it may have been stolen from the maryland state education department. it includes students who were in public schools between november 2005 and november 2006. the district will contact everyone affected. news 4 iteam investigation is revealing a major local school district is dropping the ball. it's allowed teachers accused of misconduct to keep their teaching licenses for years. scott macfarlane explains what the iteam is working on f
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>> reporter: our investigation will show at least four fairfax county public schoolteachers accused of misconduct involving students. all lost their jobs, but all were allowed to keep their teaching licenses for several years. in at the least one case, the teacher managed to land another job in another school district where he was arrested and pleaded guilty to a sex offense with another student. tonight's report also raises questions about whether the school district gave us the full story when we started asking questions about this. state officials said each of these cases is potentially dangerous. >> is this problematic if licenses are left languishing six, seven years? >> definitely. if there is a basis for action against a license and anytime passes before the action is taken, that whole interim period is troubling because that person could work elsewhere or secure a license. >> reporter: tonight we hear from the father of one of the victims and why he thinks this happened
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official tells the iteam they have become more proactive in preventing these cases in the future. we will talk them tonight on camera at 6:00. scott macfarlane, news 4 iteam. starting today, it will be easier to get into tn to into t smithsonian museum of african-american history and culture. limited number of same day passes will be offered. until now, they have only been available through online reservations made weeks or months in advance. admission is free, but do you ne you do need a ticket to get in. >> and the other problem, i went a couple weeks ago and there was still an hour and a half wait to get into the history exhibit. >> even though you have a ticket for the time. >> yeah. we waited, went upstairs first, came down, still too long of a wait. so i'll have to go back in july. >> it might die down a little, but such an amazing museum. it
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there is one movie that we know a lot of people will be talking about. >> because so many people saw rogue one over the weekends it now holds second place for the biggest debut in december history. another star wars film "the force awakens" came out around this time last year. we'll get the official number today about how much rogue one oig made. the current estimate is around $155 million for opening weekend. >> i saw this weekend. i have to preface this by saying i'm not a "star wars" fan. i thought good movie, not a great movie. >> you liked force awakens though. >> i thought that was phenomenal. but this one not quite. >> i'll see rogue one oig eventually. >> we have a rogue one right here on our set. >> really? i've gone rogue? mother nature has totally been going rogue. >> what the heck is going on with the forecast. >> a couple real
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morning, arctic air is tricky to get out of here in time. so as a result we had the icy mess early on saturday. still have another chance for ice early this morning. it won't be falling out of the sky. the rain ended late yesterday. but the temperatures have dropped all below freezing this morning. so if it looks wet, it's probably frozen. so use extreme caution. feels like factor a little bit of a north wind out there has it feeling like 18 in hagerstown this morning. 25 in washington. 24 in fredericksburg. so stay ahead of the weather, you can always have our nbc washington app, makes the perfect gift because it's free. temperatures will be in the 30s today. follow me on twitter @chuckbell4 and find me on facebook under chuck bell 4, as well. give me a following and alike and we'll keep you ahead of the weather. the cold front that brought you r us from the 60s and 30s is to the south and east. clouds left over, but any bits for rain chances are well down to our south. coul
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or two down towards fredericksburg. but the fact that it's all below freezing and the ground is cold, be careful there early this morning. i just had a drip of water fall on me here. can you believe that? maybe i should be a little worried about this forecast. here is your ten day forecast. 30s and 40s, low 40s today and tomorrow. next little chance for a few showers comes up on thursday. most of the travel days on friday and saturday look nice. and cloudy for christmas before some after christmas rain showers return. i have an umbrella in here if you need it. >> i may need one. >> inner loop at rockville pike, have a crash on ther sare seein slowdown. water street southeast between 12th and m, fire activity. all lanes blocked.
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being pushed on to sheridan because of that police investigation. 295, that road work before benning is now out of the way. and taking a look at 95 here from 32 down to the beltway, you can see you're nice and clear southbound same situation northbound. the holiday is almost here, but if you're waiting to hit the road, you may want to think again. still ahead, the best time to leave to avoid the travel rush. and webster dictionary revealing its word of the year. >> seven letters. we'll have the answer for you next. >> reporter: i'm molette green headed to a large fire in southeast d.c. on water street. and it's near the district yacht club. we'll get to the scene and bring you the latest detas in a live il
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a group of pastors in arkansas is pleading for help after a man killed a toddler during an alleged incident of road wage. the 3-year-old boy was in the car with his grandmother on saturday. police say the driver behind them got out of his car and fired shots killing the toddler. officers say the man was frustrated that they weren't driving fast enough. pastors met over the weekend to talk about the violence. >> we see the warning signs in our children's close
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we can change this. and i chal a think you today to help make a change in our community. >> police are offering a $20,000 reward for information in this case. a father and son are injured this morning after a sledding accident saturday morning in maryland. carroll county sheriff's office says a 35-year-old and his 4-year-old son entered the road and were hit by a car. french is facing life threatening injuries, his son is in critical condition. >> it can be dangerous going fast down the hill. >> a bad idea to begin with. recall sk issued for an item that you might find in a gift basket. houdini incorporated is recalling its seven ounce boxes p blue cheese savory
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after traces of salmonella were found. the facility is used to make the powdered buttermilk for the seasoning. and hundreds of thousands of these air conditioners were just recalled. the lg portable air conditioners can overheat and start a fire. lg says the ac units were blamed for four different fire so is far that caused nearly $400,000 in damages. no one was hurt. if you have one of these items, call lg and they will fix it for free. turns out this weekend's surreal weather was just a recursor to mere yam webster's announcement of its new word of the year. surreal. dictionary says people surearch for the word during times of tragedy and surprise. it is a relatively new word actually for the english language. the definition, marked by
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intense ir ration allegity of a dream. surreal. a real word actually made it the word of the year. >> i was going to say, it wasn't something crazy like emoji -- >> or some other made up thing that shouldn't be a word. >> there are a lot of things that happened in 2016 that people would use the word surreal to describe. >> we'll leave it at that. news 4 continues now as we approach 5:00 a.m. firefighters battling flames at a d.c. arena. our news crew just arriving at the scene. plus making the election official. electoral college delegates cast their ballots today, but not all plan to pick the candidates their states voted for. >> and it is shipping crunch time. the deadlines you need to know before you try to ship on you the last minute gifts. >> another cold start to the week. storm team 4 is here to get
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prepared. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we're working for you to get you ready to head out the door on this monday. melissa mollett is in first 4 traffic. >> but let's begin with chuck bell to tell us about this chill. >> 67 degrees at 2:00 yesterday afternoon. and we are now back down into the 20s and 30s here early this morning. first thing you need to know in your weather headlines. a lot of spots below freezing. watch out, the rainfall yesterday wasn't all that heavy, but with the wet ground, any little bit of runoff on side streets or puddles out there likely to be ice early this morning. use caution for that. clearing out, staying cold this afternoon. temperatures near average for most of the week. next little chance for rain rolls in here on thursday. so as you're planning out the day, watch out for black ice and frozen puddles between now and about 8:00, 9:00. once we get the sun up, that will help things out a little bit. afternoon temperatures even with sunshine, we will struggle


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