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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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prepared. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we're working for you to get you ready to head out the door on this monday. melissa mollett is in first 4 traffic. >> but let's begin with chuck bell to tell us about this chill. >> 67 degrees at 2:00 yesterday afternoon. and we are now back down into the 20s and 30s here early this morning. first thing you need to know in your weather headlines. a lot of spots below freezing. watch out, the rainfall yesterday wasn't all that heavy, but with the wet ground, any little bit of runoff on side streets or puddles out there likely to be ice early this morning. use caution for that. clearing out, staying cold this afternoon. temperatures near average for most of the week. next little chance for rain rolls in here on thursday. so as you're planning out the day, watch out for black ice and frozen puddles between now and about 8:00, 9:00. once we get the sun up, that will help things out a little bit. afternoon temperatures even with sunshine, we will struggle
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staying in the 30s all day long today. so certainly a cold day, back up to around 40 degrees coming up tomorrow, plenty of sunshine tomorrow, as well. we'll time out the next chance for rain and give you the redskins forecast coming up. still have this problem on the beltway inner loop at rockville pike. crash on the right shoulder, but the earlier slowdown we were seeing in the area is now gone. 295 northbound before benning, we do still have the work zone hanging around, i was getting that confused with this one. this is now again, inbound suitland parkway was being pushed on to sheridan but that is gone. all the flames we'll talk about here in a second closing down water street southeast between 12th and m because of the fire activity. let's talk more about that breaking news in east washington. >> molette green just arrived on the scene of that heavy fire near the district yacht club. molette, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. take a look at what we seer
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this large structure d.c. firefighters still very much working to keep this thing contained. and it is contained. they are working on hot spots. but you can still see the smoke coming up from the structure here. the fire has pretty much been put out. but they are working on these hot spots. this area is very isolated. it allowed the fire to probably get more advanced even though there were several 911 call that is came in just after 3:00 a.m. firefighters tell me they knew what to expect in terms of the water supply in this ice hated area, some of the hydrants are considered dead hydrants, but the fire department tells me they knew how to get around all of that because they are very familiar with this area at this time. they're waiting on folks from the d.c. yacht club to get here. they're not exactly sure what this structure is used for, but they were able to keep the fe
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contained. no fire spread to any other areas. and firefighters were also fighting this blaze from fire boats, as well. so still very much a large presence of emergency crews here on the scene. they will be here for several more hours making sure this fire is completely out. once they get it all out. that is the latest live from the d.c. yacht club. back to you. today the drama filled 2016 election season will effectively come to an end with the electoral college vote. >> electors will gather in state capitols across the country to officially choose donald trump as the next president. but some eleg tore lectors are pressure to vote for someone other than donald trump. trump criticized that in this tweet. >> in our refugeen on, the votes will go to hillary clinton. she carried the district, virginia and maryland in last month's election. this morning there are new calls for a special congressional investigation into
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election. top senators from both parties are pushing mitch mcconnell to form a special committee to investigate it. >> find out what the russians are doing to our political system, what other foreign governments might do to our political system. >> senator hk cmcconnell has previously said that it should be done by the intelligence committee, but a spokesman said that he would review the latest request. united nations could pick a difference for thousands of civilians in the city of allepo. it's holding a vote this morning to send people to syria to monitor the evacuations happening right now. the syrian army now controls that city, but a cease-fire with the rebels keeps crumbling leaving thousands of people effectively trapped inside. you're looking at new video from this morning as bus loads of civilians were evacuated. the u.n. vote could significantly speed up the process. this morning the prince william county police department is looking for this 26-year-old man. sas ochl n
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seen yesterday around 5:30 at the walmart in woodbridge. police say he left the store on his own but might need help. he was carrying a backpack and wearing a gray jacket, pink and purple about shirt. after a terrifying assault and robbery, police are hooking for three men who they say attacked a young woman. investigators say the woman was walking along monroe street near 16th around 3:30 sunday morning. she told police one of the men grabbed her and threw her in the back of a white work van, assaulted her and stole items before throwing her out of the van near woodley park. call police if you have any information about this case. metro is trying to figure out what sparked a small fire on the tracks at the silver spring metro station. this happened around 8:30 last night. a supervisor saw a small pocket of smoke and fire in the center track. that person immediately put it out. service was never interrupted.
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fwl breaking news out of slaush co russia. >> out of moscow, russian military plane has crashed in northern siberia. we know that 23 people were on board. russian news agency reporting that those 23 people all survived. they are being hospitalizeds but 16 in serious condition. military investigation is under way now to determine what caused the russian military plane to go down. pack your patience. if you're headed to the post office, it is the busiest shipping day of the season there. so a few important christmas shipping dead lines for you. tomorrow is the last day to send by first class mail. wednesday is the deadline for priority mail. and friday is the deadline for priority mail express. we know post offices will be open on saturday, most of them will close at noon. you want to make sure you keep an eye out this ur
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30 million packages are expected to be delivered, that will make it the busiest delivery day of the year for the postal service. it is going to be bananas. i have one thing left to ship and i'm going today. >> good. >> and then i'll be done. this morning remembering zsa zsa gabor, the actress who designed the word celebrity. she died yesterday from a heart attack at the age of 99. zsa zsa gabor married nine times and during the '70s, '80s and '90s, she made a career out of playing herself. she was a socialite who was famous for being famous. holidays are nearly here. are you getting out of town? millions are and it could create a mess on the roads. the best time to leave to avoid the traffic, that is just ahead. plus another look at the storm team 4 forecast. chuck bell has your out the door planner as thousands of you prepare to watch the redskins. ouin the cold tonight.t
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tonight could be the nirt t night. redskins are playing the panthers. it will be very cold, but a lot of tickets out there if you still want to go. the skins are one of three teams with a shot at the final seed in the playoffs. cowboys beat the bucs yesterday. that helped us. now if we can beat carolina, we might have a shot. >> it's looking pretty decent. >> although going to the
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>> yeah, it is. and it's always that fedex field traffic to worry about. we'll talk to in melissa in a second, but we have to get through the cold. >> you will need to layer up on your way out the door early today. temperatures are currently below freezing in most neighborhoods. even national airport down to 32, 32 warrington, 27 winchester. didn't have a lot of rain yesterday, a lucky break because otherwise we'd have more ice to deal where this morning. but be really careful out there. if it looks wet, it's probably frozen. that includes staircases and driveways and side streets. the big roads not having any issues this morning. it's the little to being ket pos where you could have issues. so this morning quite cold, afternoon and evening cold and dry. back to sunshine tomorrow. watching our next chance for rain coming up on thursday. but if you're headed to the redskins and panthers
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luckily the wind won't be too much of an issue, but temperatures will be below freezing. so you will need an extra cup of hot chocolate. what about traffic, melissa? >> i wish i had a crystal ball, but hopefully no issues tonight. looking right now from montgomery county, you may have a slowdown inner loop at rockville pike with a crash on the right shoulder. we had a little bit of orange here this morning because of that, but that is out of the way. so i don't think this is impacting things too much this mning. live look at 66 east of nutley street, no problems eastbound or westbound. big look at the beltway overall beltway looking quite good. 295 before benning, still have the work zone blocking the right lane. more on one problem in the district coming up. as many of you get ready to hit the skies for holiday travel, a new study shows airport satisfaction is actually improving. >> jd pwe
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satisfaction rates 731 out of 1,000, that is up from 725 point last year. small steps, right? among the factors, the study looked at absceccessibility, ch in and baggage and security. what are your problems? long line at security? >> flying out of reagan isn't that bad gloop . as for the roads, 96 million people are expected to drive to their holiday destination friday through monday january 2. so it's better to leave earlier in the day and earlier in the week. also, middays are not a great time to leave and that's because you can find heavier traffic than average at those times. angie goff has new video out of china. >> and take a look
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just got in. all of the smog, reason there is a red alert. beijing engulfed in the choking smog. hundreds of plants and tfactoris forced to close and number of cars on the road greatly restricted. they are seeing an upsurge of respiratory related illness. china's long standing pollution problem has been blamed on the reliance of coal and emissions of all those cars. >> angie goff from the live desk, thank you. disturbing developments out of jordan, an attack in a big tourist area. nine people including one tourist from canada are dead. you're looking at new video, people just terrified and trying to run away from that area. and police responding. this happened in the cistcity. they killed four attackers who shot police and civilians. the minnesota police officer accused of
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castile will be in the court p the office said he thought castille was reaching for a gun. castille's girlfriend streamed the aftermath on facebook which sparked nationwide protest. if convicted, yanez could face up to ten years in prison. cardinal wuerl celebrated a personal milestone, 50 years in the priesthood. erika gonzalez shares some reflection and highlights about his years in service. >> process demonstrating before the altar and preparing to be ordained about always be a part of high memory. >> reporter:demonstrating befor the altar and preparing to be ordained about always be a part of high memory. >> reporter: 50 years ago this week, he was ordained. >> i can remember sitting in the
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i'm absolutely certain. >> reporter: wuerl says he is most grateful for god for the call to serve. the grace to pursue that call and to persevere in it. speaking outside of the cathedral of st. matthew before mass, he recalled one special memory. >> the arrival of pope francis visit. a that has to be one of the highlights of those five decades of service. >> reporter: and that famous fiat pope francis used being put into service again, people filled it with donations for the needy. the arch die seize says the fiat is a physical reminder of the pontiff's emphasis on charitable work. erika gonzalez, news 4. >> and all those donations will go to the spanish catholic center of catholic charities. a family from northern virginia is hoping to ib entire you to give this holiday season. >> a mother and her sons collected hundreds of socks to give to the homeless. >> they got this idea after learning that socks are one of the most needed and
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donated items at local shelters. julie says those thick wool socks are especially sought after. news 4 was there when the family dropped off their donation in northwest washington. >> driving through, we saw a lot of people who might need them. it's kind of touching. >> it felt good to help the community out. >> did you realize that there were people out there who needed socks? >> not really. >> they call their work the warm piggies project. and since thanksgiving, they have collected more than 1600 new and used pairs of socks. and you know, my hat is off to that family and for the parents to keep their kids young that that is what the holiday spirit is about. it's not wrjust getting present. glp good to see young people out there working. 5:17 is our time. and melissa, are you all right there? >> i didn't do anything. >> i'm thinki
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do i look like i'm about to pass out? >> i don't know what that face was. glad you're okay. all right. >> which you c >> chuck is the bearer of bad news. >> sometimes you don't have to reinvent the wheel, just fill the need for somebody and that's what they did with those socks. outside we have a cold start early this morning. temperatures have indeed driftsed back down into the 20s and 30s. national airport down at 32 with a north wind now at 10 miles per hour. most of the suburbs down below the freezing mark. 30 in chantilly, 30 in leesburg, 30 in winchester. 27 now in charles town, west virginia. 25 in hagerstown. hourly temperature, plan p on being below freezing for most if not all of the morning hours. in the city, national airport likely to be in the mid-30s by noontimes but outside the city, definitely enwiven with the sunshine, a slow and s
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for most, but the breeze will keep windchills in the 20s all day. north winds will average about 5 to 15 miles per hour. and the cold front which moves us from the 60s yesterday into the 20s and 30s now, it's inching down through tidewater, virginia. though we are done with the rain chances around town, there could be a little pockets of freezing drizzle down across southern most st. mary's county, lower parts of the eastern shore. not a big impact, but anytime you have a little bit of frozen stuff possible coming out of the sky, be careful, could put a glaze on some of the untreated surfaces especially handrails and staircases. so be careful for that. otherwise here is your five day forecast. cold today, upper 30s for the afternoon highs, back to near 40 tomorrow and back to near 50 coming up on wednesday. that will probably be the nicest day of the week. still have a risk of showers coming in thursday afternoon and evening. they should be pulling out of here in time for friday and saturday, the big travel days getting out of town for christmas and hanukkah.
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day forecast coming up. for now, it is traffic time. water main break could be trouble. >> water street, lots of water probably on water street because of that fire in southeast. and that huge response. so again, water street southeast between 12th and m, we have the fire activity with all lanes blocked about that very likely as molette green said for the next couple of hours. inner loop at rockville pike, still have report of a crash on the right shoulder. not seeing it slowing anything this morning. 66 right now from fairfax county parkway. no problems in or out of town. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. and no road work on the beltway. i'll see you back here in ten hints with a live look at 270. cold weather blues, we have them. do your spirits drop when your temperatures take a dive? you're not
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coming up -- >> yes, a little bit. coming up at 5:30, some tips to fighting the winter weather woes. plus from a backyard tribute to a neighborhood facility, how a man's attempt to honor his late daughter uld bring anco
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poolsville could soon get an ice rink. tonight commissioners are expected to talk about building the rink in down. this rink would be open year round and skaters would bring their own skates. it comes after mark put up a temporary rink in his backyard to honor his late stepdaughter. he had to move to the jewish community center after the county said it violated zoning laws. with a lot of kids expected to get their first tablets or phones this christmas maybe? >> no, no,
5:25 am
i'm waiting. >> there is a new push to make sure kids stay safe on the internet. >> and the face of that push is one of the country's most loveable cartoon cats, garfield. garfield's creator partnered with the cyber safety center are to write scripts for videos and comic books. the goal is to push safe internet story lines. >> putting in a big orange cat makes it easier to understand and in a way entertaining, as well in, order to keep the kids engaged as they're learning. >> you like garfield. >> absolutely. >> the videos are available on the cyber safety center's website. maybe he will deliver a nice snarky deadpan way that garfield does. the next comic book comes out in february. >> heathcliff i liked even more. >> lk ook at you. cold start to the week. we know it. and if the winter
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>> how to beat the cold weather blues when we check in with chuck bell. also they were fired for misconduct, but they're still in the classroom. an iteam investigates why some teac he
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in southeast washington, fire investigators are working to learn whatstarted this fire near the district yacht club. molette green will have an why not date at 6:00. the electoral college votes today to officially choose donald trump as the next president, but his chief of staff says electors are being intimidated. it is the busiest day of holiday season. post office will be opened christmas eve, but most will close at noon. be sure to check out our nbc washington app for the various deadlines. and redskins take on the panthers tonight with a spot in the playoffs on the line. >> come on! >> and it will be a cold one. >> go skins! i'm eun yang. can i be excitedou
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>> yes, you can. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. ♪ >> chuck bell, melissa mollett here with us, as well. doing okay on the roads right now. >> doing okay on the roads. >> the weather, though -- >> quite a drop. 67 degrees at 2:00 yesterday afternoon. eric and i were taking the christmas letter over to kinko's and i looked up and said that is a sky you cannot trust and then two or three minutes later, we had a huge blast of wind come through and the temperature dropped 15 degrees in less than five minutes. the gust of wind came in 54 miles per hour was the peak gust yesterday at national airport. so quite a return to the cold weather. fortunately didn't a
5:31 am
rain yesterday and that is a good thing because any moisture that is still left out there this morning is likely to be frozen. most of the hain roads, no issues. but there could be some frozen puddles and frozen spots on the sidewalks. so be careful this morning. we're done with the crazy weather swings for a while. good travel weather for everybody as we finish out the week and get into the holiday weekend. so far they are looking dry. a look at the school day forecast coming up. just hearing about the green line single tracking on the green line between u street and fort to thet green line between u street and fort to the. totten. water street between 1 12th and, all lanes blocked because of a fire. inner loop p at rockville pike, still have the crash reported on the right shoulder. taking a look at 66 fairfax county parkway to the beltway, no problems there. i just got hit by the
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too. squeeze geez louise, you do need an umbrella. the arm, forget the wall. beltway looking good. travel times coming up. i'm soaked by the way. >> i'm just here to help. 5:32 our time. a deputy being shot in georgia. >> angie goff at the live desk with this developing story. >> this happened in the town of dublin about 2 1/2 hours southeast of atlanta. this is what we know this morning. the deputy is alive, recovering in the hospital right now. he was shot in the leg. this actually happened near another hospital. police saying that they were responding to an active shooter call when they spotted the suspect and then the suspect opened fire at them striking the one officer in the leg. that suspect in custody right now. police say that over the course of the last few days, the man had been in and out o
5:33 am
hospital for reasons that still remain unclear. a news 4 iteam investigation is revealing a major local school district is dropping the ball. it's allowed teacher accused of misconduct to keep their teaching licenses for years. scott mcfarland explains what the iteam is working on for you this morning. >> reporter: our investigation will show at least four fairfax county public schoolteachers accused of misconduct involving students. all lost their jobs, but all were allowed to keep their teaching licenses for several years. in at the least one case, the teacher managed to land another job in another school district where he was arrested and pleaded guilty to a sex offense with another student. tonight's report also raises questions about whether the school district gave us the full story when we started asking questions about this. state officials said each of these cases is potentially dangerous. >> is this problematic if licenses are left languishing six, seven years? >> definitely. if there is a basis for action
5:34 am
passes before the action is taken, that whole interim period is troubling because that person could work elsewhere or secure a license. >> reporter: tonight we hear from the father of one of the victims and why he thinks this happened. and a fairfax county school official tells the iteam they have become more proactive in preventing these cases in the future. we will talk them tonight on camera at 6:00. scott macfarlane, news 4 iteam. frederick county public schools are taking steps to keep students information safe following a massive data breach. the district is offering a year's worth of identity protection for anyone affected. officials say the data for about 1,000 students was compromised after it may have been stolen from the maryland state education department. it includes students in public school tws november 2005 and november 2006. the district will contact everyone
5:35 am
we are getting a look at new video following a huge river rescue. >> maryland natural resources police say 16 boats needed pulled out. >> they were part of a sailing are a gregatta happening sunday afternoon. and this is cellphone footage of a fiery crash outside of baltimore on saturday. icy roads caused the gas tanker to overturn and burst into flames. that set off a 55 car chain reaction crash. look at all those cars and trucks there. two people died and we are now learning that seven people remain in the park patients in critical condition. have you been feeling down since the weather changed? you're not alone. >>
5:36 am
winter blues. people feel it through october through april. it's that feeling where you don't want to do anything. for some people, it is so severe, they may need medication to get out of depression. that is called seasonal effective disorder. >> it's a sense of sadness that is overwhelming. and it's not just i wish the winter would go away, i can't wait for spring. sometimes it's so impactful that people wcan't get out of bed. >> a few remedies include taking up a winter sport or spending more time with family and friends unless that is causing additional stressors and then you want to try to maybe spend time doing something else or with people who make you a little more happy. >> the problem with the winter activity thing, you have to be cold. and that doesn't help my situation, right? >> find a nice indoor pool. >> there you go.
5:37 am
temperatures get yyou down too much though. it is chilly to start off your workweek. chuck bell back to break down how long these cold temperatures will last. and still ahead, armed in an uber. a driver involved in a deadly shooting while on the job. could the next driver to pick you up be carrying a weapon?
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that 32 didn't rook pretty. >> and even colder in the shenandoah valley where it's in the upper 20s. windchills closer to 20. so bus stop weather today, temperatures at or below freezing at the bus stop. so you will need it layer up for sure. more and more sunshine with time later this afternoon, but probably staying in the 30s. so what to wear? your heavy coat, mitten, wool hat and scarf. you can leave the umbrella at home. and our daily grade, have a new category.
5:41 am
not too bad, a little on the cold side, but it is december after all. right now on metro, green line single tracking between georgia avenue and ft. totten. outer loop after kenilworth, crash moved to the shoulder. live look outer loop, a crash there, reportedly just one lane getting by. travel times here, 270 looking just fine. top of the beltway 95 to 270, no big problems there. 66 and 95 in virginia rolling along quite well. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. a holiday shopping trip turns deadly. a little boy shot and killed on his way to the mall. new information about the investigation into his death just ahead. it is voting day, electoral college set to make november's election official, but could some delegates decide to go a different way?
5:42 am
a lyle report from capitol hill next. >> reporter: and it's the missiest shipping day of the year. packages, cards, letters on their way. are you ready? i'll vlt details for what you
5:43 am
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right now starting the week off in the 20s. >> a big dip in the temperatures this morning after we spent sunday in the 60s. will it heat up in time for the redskins game? i have your complete storm team 4 forecast. p. the electoral college casting ballots for president, why some voters are going against their state. and developing now, armed in an uber. a driver under investigation after a deadly shooting on the job. could your next driver be carrying a gun? new this morning, the word of the year, the seven letter word webster's dictionary says sums up 2016. now to this
5:46 am
southeast washington where a fire erupted on the west side of the anacostia river. take a look at those flames. we've learned that the clubhouse of the district yacht club was destroyed. this was the scene as crews arrived. boats from the river had to help put the fire out. fire investigators are working to learn what caused the fire. these are live pictures from the scene now. molette green is gathering the latest information for an update at 6:00 a.m. if you have not mailed those holiday gifts just yet, you might want to get ready for the rush. >> today expected to be the busiest shipping day of the holiday season. adam tuss joins us live from a u.s. postal service distribution center in silver spring. it will be a busy morning. >> reporter: absolutely. and taking a look at all these packages here makes me realize that i should probably do my holiday shopping. haven't even started that yet. but, yeah, take a look at all the boxes and boxes of
5:47 am
loaded up here. i asked a worker if they expect today to be crazy and they said are you kidding? it will be busy for shipping. so here's what you need to know if you are planning on doing any shipping in the next couple of days. tomorrow is expected to be the last day to send by first class mail. on wednesday, that is the deadline for priority mail. friday is the deadline for priority mail express. now, most post offices will be open until noon on saturday, but most will close at the noon so you need to remember that. and be sure to keep an eye out this thursday, 30 million packages will be delivered on thursday which means that that will be the busiest delivery day to get these packages. they will be on your doorstep. we have a busy week coming up. christmas on sunday, yeah, time to start going online and doing some shopping. back to you. >> adam, that the rate you will have to deliver your presents yourself by hand. >> reporter: that's fine. not a problem. >>ha
5:48 am
to get all details on the holiday shipping deadline, just head to the nbc washington app. to this developing story out of florida now. police near miami in a suburb there say they have interviewed a person of interest after an uber driver shot and killed a would-be robber. the uber had a concealed carry permit, but the company says it is against policy for a driver or passenger to carry a gun. the fire harms prohibition policy reads our goal is to ensure that everyone has a safe and reliable ride. that is why uber prohibits drivers and drivers prohibits carrying fire arms of any kind. a group of pastors in arkansas is pleading for help after a man killed a toddler during an alleged incident of road rage. the 3-year-old boy was in the car with his grandmother on saturday. police say the driver behind him got out of his car and fired shots killing the boy. officers say the man was frustrated that
5:49 am
driving faster. pastors met over the weekend to talk about the violence. >> we see the warning signs in our children's clothes, in their conversations, in the people that they run with. we can change this. and i challenge you today to help make a change in our community. >> police are offering a $20,000 reward in this case to find a suspect. metro is trying to figure out what caused a small fire on the tracks at the silver spring metro station. this happened around 8:30 last night. supervisor saw a small pocket of smoke and fire in the center tracks and immediately put it out. service was never interrupted. a father and son are injured after a sledding accident. this happened saturday morning in maryland. the carroll county say french and his 4-year-old son was sledding down the driveway when they entered the road and were hit by a car. french has life threatening injuries, his son is in critical condition. charges are notx
5:50 am
filed against the driver. 5:49. much of the country is in a tdep freeze after arctic air. south dakota reached a new record breaking low of minus 31. it's december. >> yeah. and at the denver international airport, more than 500 flights were canceled on saturday and sunday. >> going to be another really cold night in our area, too. >> that's for sure. >> i think we're going to talk to chuck. >> i snuck my way in. >> we like it when you're here. >> it's a little tricky. i thought i was supposed to be here, maybe i was supposed to be back in the weather graphic. >> let's look at a graphic. >> let's take a look at hax oma and we'll give you the forecast over pictures. it feels like winter this or
5:51 am
left out there has windchills back in the teens and 20s early this morning. so layer up for sure. best way to always stay ahead of the weather is have your nbc washington app fired up. you can find out the chill outside of your window early this morning. and you can follow me on facebook and twitter. just chursearch for chuck bell . yesterday brought a 54-mile-per-hour wind gust when the cold erica racing through washington. we're still left with a mostly cloudy sky this morning. bulk of the morningerica racing washington. we're still left with a mostly cloudy sky this morning. bulk of the morning of the moisture is across tidewater. we could have freezing drizzle or spits of rain, but with temperatures below freezing, any little bits of something that falls out of the sky will be frozen this morning. clearing line is well back out to our north and west. we'll get more and more sunshine later on today. here is future weather to help you plan the day out. most of the cloud cover out of here between now and 10:00 in the morning. kind of a few extra clouds come in after
5:52 am
is before 5:00 this time of the year. and partly cloudy overnight tonight and then dry tomorrow with the sunshine really making a big comeback tomorrow. highs in your home up to today only 34 for a high in gaithersburg, 35 today in manassas, 39 in washington and fredericks during. clear skies for the most part overnight tonight mean that tomorrow morning likely to be even colder than this morning. not much of a wind out there, so we won't be dealing with too much of a windchill issue, but start off temperatures tomorrow morning upper teens across northern maryland out to the shenandoah valley. low and mid 20s around town. your ten day forecast, 39 today, 41 tomorrow. we'll be dry through the first half of the week. could get a few showers around here thursday afternoon and thursday evening. dry weather for the big travel days on friday and saturday. christmas and honeanukkah on sunday, looks like it will be dry. a chance for showers coming up on monday. we'll look hour by hour coming up. now over to melissa mollett. >> new prob
5:53 am
in just a minute. this is outer loop after indian head highway. had a report of only one lane getting by. trying to figure out what is going on through this area. it looks like we have more than one lane there. outer loop after kenilworth, a crash on the left shoulder here. we tweeted out that picture. a little slow through that area. water street southeast between 12th and m, fire activity still hanging around with all the lanes blocked. even after it clears, because it was a large fire, there will be a lot of slick spots on roadways through that area. and northbound 295 before benning, work zone blocking that right lane. i'll see you back here in a couple minutes. new numbers this morning show half of americans approve of how donald trump has handled his transition so far while 41% disapprove. >> it comes as 538 electors will officially choose the next president today. tracie potts is live on cal
5:54 am
electors are facing pressure to not vote for trump. >> reporter: yeah, so-called faceless electors when you don't vote the way that your state did. and they are under pressure by democrats and those outside the eleg toreial college system to vote defense him. only one so far out of texas has come out and said he's a republican elector who will not vote for donald trump. in virginia, 13 electors set to vote for hillary clinton. in maryland, 10 set to vote for her today. but even if there are some defections, it's very unlikely that it's enough to change the outcome. >> there are four top senators who are calling for special senate committee to investigate russia's interference in the election. how likely is that to happen? >> reporter: likely to happen. that is interesting because there are two democrats and two republicans who are saying to their leadership we need a special select committee to look int
5:55 am
iran or any other countries really tried to interfere in this election. people need some of this information needs to be made public, although some lawmakers say because it's classified in terms of the hacking, how the hacking was determined, that a lot of it will never be completely unclassified. but they are calling for a special select committee to investigate and public hearings. >> tracie potts on the hill for us this morning. thank you. and of course be sure to have the nbc washington app. we'll update it with the results from the electoral college vote. the obama administration is giving you more time to sign up for health insurance on you have until 11:59 p.m. pacific time to sign up for coverage to take effect on january 1th. t s. the original deadline was extended due to strong interest. administration has set a goal of signing up 13.8 million people for next year. gmo
5:56 am
reagan at cnbc. nissan wants to mass market an electric car for the low, low price of $17,000. the automaker will share technology with its partners aiming to lower prices by as much as 20%. than would make an electric nissan as cheap as one of its gas powered cars. nissan brought the leaf to market in 2010. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm courtney reagan. it is now 5:55. starting today, it will be easier to get into the smithsonian's new museum of african-american culture and history. a limited number of same day passes will be offered. until now the passes have only been available through online reservations made weeks or months in advance. admission is free, but you do need this pass to get in. the museum opened back in september to rave reviews and long lines for sure. new this morning, turns out this weekend's surreal weather was just a precursor to
5:57 am
new word of the year, surreal. the dictionary says that people searched for the word during times of tragedy like the orlando shooting and times of surprise like the brexit vote. it's a relatively new word for the english language dating back to just the 1930s. its definition, marked by the intense irrational reality of a dream. >> a lot of thing this is 2016 that word could be used. >> but it's a good word. one of those words that gets used enough or properly when it is used. next at 6:00, wild temperature swings. chuck bell tracking what you can expect hour by hour. keeping his daughter's legacy alive. a local father's tribute and new push for a year-round space others can enjoy. the holiday surprise president obama
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news, fire rips through a building, the challenge for firefighter as they push back the flames near the d.c. marina. what a difference a day makes. the cold hits you the second you step outside. fast approaching 6:00 a.m. on this monday morg.
6:00 am
gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we're talking about the roller coaster weather. we hit upper 60s and then went plugging down. >> if you blinked, you missed the 60s yesterday. >> i was outsided let irly like a gust of wind and then the temperature dropped like that. >> almost immediately. about a 15 degree drop in only about five or six minutes. i was automatic walking through this, too. >> it you make it happen? >> no. did i know it was coming? you bet i did. s freezing rain saturday morning, wow. what an issue that turned into. lasted until about noontime before we got above freezing saturday afternoon and then of course mild yesterday. good news for this morning, we are dry. there are still pockets of ice out there. most of the roads were annual to dry out late yesterday afternoon, but if it looks wet this morning, it's probably ice.


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