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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we're talking about the roller coaster weather. we hit upper 60s and then went plugging down. >> if you blinked, you missed the 60s yesterday. >> i was outsided let irly like a gust of wind and then the temperature dropped like that. >> almost immediately. about a 15 degree drop in only about five or six minutes. i was automatic walking through this, too. >> it you make it happen? >> no. did i know it was coming? you bet i did. s freezing rain saturday morning, wow. what an issue that turned into. lasted until about noontime before we got above freezing saturday afternoon and then of course mild yesterday. good news for this morning, we are dry. there are still pockets of ice out there. most of the roads were annual to dry out late yesterday afternoon, but if it looks wet this morning, it's probably ice.
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temperatures only in the third and feels like factors will be in the teens and 20s. windchills will stay in the 20s all day long. so watch out for frozen puddles around the area between now and about 9:00, 10:00. again, it will stay sunny and chilly with highs only in the 30s. tomorrow a little bit of improvement as the cold front leaves us alone. we should be back into sunshine with temperatures near 40 tomorrow. let's go over to melissa mollett for first 4 traffic. so right now chopper 4 still over the problem outer loop just after indian head highway. looks like a vehicle here on the right side of the roadway. not as closed lane wise as we thought. we thought just one lane open, but looks better than that. outer loop after kenilworth, crash on the left shoulder, but we still have a problem with apparatus in the left lane. 66 and 95 looking very typical here. maybe even a little lighter than normal. green line single tracking between
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the to the for then. and the yellow line also congested because of overflow. travel times in ten minutes. we're following breaking news right now in southeast washington. this was the scene that firefighters saw as they arrived to the district yacht club. >> molette green has been gathering the latest at the scene for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, we're on what is known as boater's row here. firefighters still on the scene fighting some hot spots, investigators waiting to go in. yacht club members tell me this structure was part of their clubhouse. some of the yacht club members came down to see the devastation for themselves when they heard about it. just yesterday they tell me that they were having a christmas party at this location for kids in
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>> i can't even tell you. i don't know. i don't know what we're going do. we use this for everything. this is where we started off, so i don't know what we'll do. >> reporter: and at one point this fire was raging. i mean is this a woodsen structure that you can see here from my vantage point. firefighters still putting out the hot spots. there are three structures, the actual clubhouse and then there was a patio structure and then the cottage structure. know word again on a cause. investigators have to go in. no injuries. and at this point firefighters say no major damage to the boats that are in the area. that is the latest now from the district yacht club. back to you. >>
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firefighters in st. louis dealing with extreme conditions in a warehouse fire. it was so cold firefighters had to deice their fire trucks while spraying the building. the temperature just 8 degrees. icy weather cause this had frightening situation at chicago's o'hare airport. one of the busiest airports in the country of course. take a look here, a plane skidded off the run way this weekend. it was coming from orlando and was taxiing back to the terminal. passengers were taken there by bus instead. no one was hurt. bears and packers fought it out in the fifth coldest game in bears history sunday. temperatures in the first quarter were in the single digits at soldier field. the windchill below zero. the bears lost by three points. the coldest game in nfl history remains the frozen bowl
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6:04. today electors will cast their votes to choose the next president and some are facing intense pressure to not vote for donald trump. we'll show you how he's reacting at 6:30. this morning we're remembering zsa zsa today bore. gabor. >> she died yesterday from a heart attack at the age of 99. she married nine times and made a career out of playing herself. she was a socialite, famous for being famous. today bus loads of civilians are being evacuated from the city of allepo and the united nations are voting on a plan to get thousands more out. the u.n. could send more than 100 people to syria to monitor evacuations. also today, we'll find out whether ryan salondy will spend the next 30 years behind
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he's a christian rapper convicted of second-degree murder for intentionally killing his producer last year. police say that he ran over william mcdowell with his car. he will be sentenced at 8:00 this morning. the prince william count i police department needs your help finding this missing man, sason wittenburg was last seen yesterday a. at the walmart in woodbridge. he was wearing a gray jacket, pink and purple shirt and brlue jeans. the fbi and d.c. police are looking for three men whom they say attacked a young woman. investigators say the woman was walk along monroe street near 16th street northwest around 3:30 sunday morning. she told police one of the men grabbed her and threw her into the back of a white work van. police say the men assaulted her and stole some items were throwing her out of the van near woodley park. call police if you have any information about this case. poolesvil
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new ice rink thanks to a father who wants to keep his daughter's memory alive. >> commissioners will talk about plans to build a downtown rink, this comes after mark put up a temporary ice rink in his backyard to honest are or his late stepdaughter. he had to move the rink to the jewish community center of greater washington after the county said it violated zoning laws. the new downtown rink would be open year-round and skaters would bring their own skates. four american superstars are being honored right here in our area. >> they are some of our favorite olympians and they're all from montgomery county. the county will recognize swimmers katie ledecky and jay conger, ashley knee and also a wrestler. three of them won gold medals this rio this summer. tonight's free event is at 7:00 p.m. at the civic building in downtown silver spring. three of the olympians will be there. congrats to all of them.
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300 homeless students will receive winter coats donated from the shops at iverson in support of the giving together campaign. people will stuff the coats in a school bus to be taken to a distribution center. this all gets under way at 10:00 a.m. at iverson mall. you will need the heavy coat if you're going to work or out shopping today. chuck is tracking freezing cold temperatures and how soon rain height come o might come our way. and a giant tree falls at a wedding while taking pictures. and pranking the president. the sudden surprise outside the oval office as president obama finishes busins for the
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chuck, we never like a
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>> we don't? really nothing wrong with this map. it's a little chilly outside for sure. temperatures mid to upper 20s in the shenandoah valley, upper 20s to around the freezing mark here in and around the city. so be real careful if you're going outside to do jogging or bike riding. if it looks wet, it's probably ice. no trouble on any of the big roads. but some of the little spots where you have a puddle lingering from yesterday could be frozen. temperatures will stay plenty chilly today. only getting to the upper 30s to around 40, cold and dry this evening. i have the temperatures for the redskins forecast coming up, but it's always important to start thinking about the weekend. saturday and sunday, christmas day and hanukkah, looks like quiet weekend. more and more clouds coming in on christmas day itself, but for now, i remain optimistic that it will be rain free. melissa mollett has chopper 4 over the inner loop. yeah, inner loop at the
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wilson bridge. have a report on the through lanes of a crash on the left side right now looking pretty good from a far at least. outer loop after kenilworth, still have a crash on the left side. and outer loop after 2010, cras on the right side. yellow and green line delays this morning. travel times in maryland, 270 looking good. top of the beltway rolling along. i have to say probably lighter volume than normal on this monday morning. 66 inbound and 95 north overall okay, as well. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. 6:13. you may be paying -- or will be paying more to travel home for the holidays this week. gas prices are up 6 cents from two cents ago. the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded is $2.26. but you will pay $2.53 on average in d.c., $2.29 in
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$2.13 across the state. as many of you get ready to hit the skies, a new study shows arpts satisfaction is improving. the jd power study finds overall satisfaction reached 731 points out of 1,000. our local airports all ranked about average. reagan national scored a 725, dulles scored 718 and bwi marshall scored 712. among the factors the study looked at, accessibility, check in and baggage process and security screening. outside baltimore, ice say roads being blamed for this gas tanker flipping over and bursting into flames on i-95. this caused a 55 car chain reaction crash here. look a those flames, too. we know two people died. we're now learning that seven people are still in the hospital. two patients in critical condition. a wedding tragedy this california after a tree fell on
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police say a group of people was taking photos in a park when a eucalyptus tree toppled over. one person died and five others were injured. firefighters had to use chain saws to rescue people who were trapped under the tree's limbs. items not kno it's not known what caused the tr to fall. there is a call to recall ecigarettes. new york senator chuck schumer calls some of them a ticking time bomb because of new reports of faulty lithium ion batteries that could cause the cigarettes to explode. according to the associated press, the fda identified more than 60 e-cig explosions he over the last two years. the fda says it is reviewing the findings. tobacco industry says ecigarettes are safe if properly used. you will have more time to sign up for health insurance on the obama administration is giving you until 11:59 p.m.
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coverage to take effect on january 1st. the original deadline was last thursday but that was extended due to strong interest. president-elect donald trump has vowed to repeal and replace the health care law. if you get a moment to visit arlington national cemetery this holiday season, you will see a spectacular sight. every single grave nowed adorne with a holiday wreath. volunteers braved the bitter cold to place the wreathes there all made possibly by donations. >> it is always gorgeous to see, but during the holiday, that hallowed ground covered in the gorgeous wreathes. >> they were late getting started on saturday, but i think 40,000 people i heard something like that out there helping. so beautiful. we are just days away from christmas. it's sunday. this week cardinal donald wuerl celebrated a personal milestone right here in washington. >> 50 years in the priesthood for the cath lolic
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erika gonzalez shares some highlights about his years of service. >> prostrating before the altar and preparing to be ordained about always be a part of high memory. >> reporter: 50 years ago this week, he was ordained. >> i can remember sitting in the chapel and saying, no, i know, i'm absolutely certain. >> reporter: wuerl says he is most grateful to god for the call to serve. the grace to pursue that call and to persevere in it. speaking outside of the cathedral of st. matthew before mass, he recalled one special memory. >> the arrival of pope francis visit. that has to be one of the highlights of those five decades of service. >> reporter: and that famous fiat pope francis used being put into service again, people le
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s the arch die the arch says it's a physical remainor did that% erika gonzalez, news 4. >> and all those donations will go to the spanish catholic center of catholic charities. red skins have a big game ahead of them, huge. and i know a lot on of us will be watching with a little bit of anxiety. skins are one of three teams trying to grab that final nfc playoff spot and they could put themselves at the head of the race. they're taking on the carolina panthers at fedex field at 8:30 tonight. they have to win. cowboys helped us by beating the bucs yesterday. we will be watch to go see what josh norman does. i have to stay up late. >> you have to. some white house staffers tried to pull a fast one on president obama. >> they decided to use the holiday decorations to pull a prank on the president. take a look. the white house photographer caught the whole thing on camera of ur
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it showed a snowman looking in on the president through the oval office. just a little creepy. some people comment that had it looked like the snowman was stalking him. >> and these were part of the lawn decorations, they just repositioned things. >> he's always a good sport about it. chuck bell is in tracking this big dip we saw overnight and what is to come. >> that's right, big change in temperatures once again. it has really been quite the up and down roller coaster right for temperatures around here after a record low friday morning of 9 at dulles. frzing rain early saturday changed into 67 degrees yesterday afternoon. aprig rig and right now we're mostly cloudy. fortunately all the rain is out of the area, but there could still be patches of ice around. so use exsfreem caution here this morning. frozen puddles and maybe a slippery handrail or two could not be ruled out. we'll be above freezing
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water doesn't care. above or below freezing thashs is the only line of distinguishing differentiation. what word am i trying to -- >> i don't know. >> water doesn't care. it's either above freezing or below. that is my whole point. as long as you get to 33, it will melt. temperatures eventually mid to upper 30s later today. maybe a little bit of frozen mist or drizzle across far southern maryland, lower bay down into lower parts of the eastern shore. nothing around town. but none the less if you're traveling southern st. mary's county, maybe a little freezing mist out there early this morning. afternoon temperatures all above freezing around the d.c. metro area, up around 39 degrees. if you're headed out to the redskins and panthers game tonight, it will be a cold one. temperatures should be back below freezing by 8:00 tonight. and the windchills will be back down into the low 20s. so certainly a cold one. next couple of days around here look pretty nice . shownb
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next chance for showers comes up thursday afternoon. melissa mollett knows how to use her words properly. >> until i don'right? wooded row woodrow wilson bridge, report of a crash but not seeing a problem. northbound 270 after 70, a crash near south jefferson street being reported southbound there. typical slowdowns. outer loop on the beltway after kenilworth, outer loop after 210 a crash reported. we'll talk about metro coming up. winter weather blues, the reason thing cold me inine inin bringing your mood down gloop and the blastoff to space that tuld soonriple your internet
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fident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. carrying echo star 19. >> united launch alliance launched its final rocket of the year on sunday at cape canaveral, at hthatlas 5 will p broadband internet access across north america. it will provide band wids in excess of 150 gigabytes per second. that's a lot. wire getting a look at some nighttime footage of a volcano
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eruption in mexico. look at those images there. ash and smoke spewing in to the sky. this is known as the country's fire volcano and it has increased in activity since october. the eruptions began more than a week ago in western mexico. so cool to see. >> from a distance. >> exactly. have you been feeling a little down since the weather changed? if so, you're not entirely alone. >> according to theer blues can people from october through april. it's that feeling where you don't want to do anything. doctors say if extreme case it's called seasonal affective disorder and affectses about 2% to 6% of tpopulation. >> and food does not fix it. >> it helps a little, though. >> not in long run. whipping wind and a major temperature drop, chuck is updating the forecast the four things to know. >> teach
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bundle up for the next blast of winter weather. chuck bell tracking freezing temperatures, whipping winds and a big change coming our way. and feel the time crunch. thousands rush to deliver holiday packages and cards. the dates you need to know so your stuff shows up on time. degrand electors will cast r ballots. the controversy over whether they will support their state's
6:30 am
good morning, everybody. we're talking about cold weather once again. we're going up and down with these temperatures. >> just a roller coaster ride for days and days. i guess the ride must be over at this point, right? >> tusual ups and downs coming now. no more threat for any wintry weather coming our way, so that will make your life a smidgeon easier. four things you need to know, number one, frozen puddle alert. if you see anything outside that looks like water this morning, it's probably ice. so just be careful. not reporting any problems on any of the local area roadway, but i couldn't rule out an icy puddle here and this. no more crazy ups and downs. typical december weather. a little on the cold side, but it is winter after all. good travel weather as well. and christmas so far is looking dry. so planning out today, watch for ice between now and about 8:00, 9:00. tomorrow also a little bit more sunshine. back up
6:31 am
but it will be cold for the redskins game tonight. i'll help you get the kids dressed in ten minutes. 270 a couple of situations here. northbound just after 70, a crash near jefferson street. and then southbound before 121, debris in the roadway. beltway here at 66, chopper 4 over that. you can see everything looking pretty good. 66 the entire length of it rolling along well. 95 northbound, southbound just fine. slow typical through woodbridge. volume is pretty light today. i think lots of folks already heading out for the holiday vacation. taking a look at the bottom of the beltway, all of those routes in and out of town are just fine. on metro, green line delays both ways, yellow line delays because of the green line congestion. it is shipping crunch time for the holidays. if you plan to hit the post office today, you will want to pack some patience and prepare for long lines. >> adam tuss live at the pos
6:32 am
silver spring with more on what we need to know. >> reporter: i want to show you something here. these are just the boxes that eun is shipping today. she's been a very, very busy shopper. i'm not sure if all this is coming your way, but very busy here at the shipping center as all of these boxes and packages get loaded up. yes, this will be a very busy day for these workers here who are keeping a smile on their face as they get ready for what is promising to be a challenging day as well. but here's what you need to know if you will be shipping anything over the next couple of days. tomorrow is the last day for first class mail to be shipped. wednesday is the deadline for priority mail. friday is the deadline for priority mail express. and you can expect 30 million packages to be delivered on thursday. that will make thuray the busiest delivery day for all of these packages. letters, packages, mail, all of that st
6:33 am
of days. for me, i have to start my shopping. but i'm get it done. back to you. >> you certainly will. >> thank you, adam. 6:32. elector al college members set to officially cast their votes today, but some have faced pressure to not vote for donald trump. in this tweet, he criticized the pressure tactics saying his supporters would be scorned if they pressure electors. meanwhile electors in our region should cast votes for hillary clinton since she claimed mere land, virginia and sdrigts dist columbia. maryland natural resources police say 16 boats overturned in strong wind and high waves. 22 people were pulled from the water. the boaters were part of a sailing
6:34 am
and frederick county public schools is taking steps to keep students' information safe. they will offer a year's worth of identity protection. officials say data for about 1,000 students was compromised after it may have been stolen from the maryland state education department. it includes students who were in public schools between november 2005 and november 2006. local school district is facing major criticism for allowing teachers accused of misconduct to keep their teaching licenses for years after several incidents. >> it is an investigation scott macfarlane and the news 4 iteam is working on this morning. >> reporter: our investigation will show at least four fairfax county public schoolteachers accused of misconduct involving students. all lost their jobs, but all were allowed to keep their teaching licenses for several years. in one case, a teacher managed to land another job in another school district where he was arrested and pleaded guilty to a sex offense with another student. tonight's report ao
6:35 am
school district gave us the full story when we started asking questions about this. state officials said each of these cases is potentially dangerous. is it problematic if licenses are left languishing for six, seven years before they're revoked? >> definitely. if there is a basis for action against a license and anytime passes before the action is taken, that whole interim period is troubling because that person could work elsewhere or secure a license. >> reporter: tonight we hear from the father of one of the victims and why he thinks this happened. and a fairfax county school official tells the iteam they have become more proactive in preventing the cases in the future. we will talk to them on camera tonight at 6:00 as part of our investigation. scott macfarlane, news 4 iteam. a northern virginia family is asking everyone who can dough great to a special cause do it. >> they found out that socks are one of the most needed and least donated items.
6:36 am
>> they found out that socks are one of the most needed and least donated items. so they started the warm piggies project. since thanksgiving, julie and her sons have collected thousands of pairs. she told us warm thick wool socks are the ones need most. >> apparently they received thousands of donations and they dropped off their socks to the central union mission shelter in northwest. >> great effort there. you might need heavy socks, boots. chuck is watching the school day forecast. and for months, it's been one of the most difficult tickets to get. why you may now have an easier chance getting this to
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good monday morning. coming up on 6:40 now on your get back to work and school routine. a little bit of a breeze out there has windchills back into the upper teens and low 20s. so if you thought it was going to be mild like it was yesterday, think again. bus stop weather temperatures at or below freezing here early on, so bundle up, windchills will stay down in the 20s for much of the day. so what to wear for the kids? you will need your heavy coat, mittens, hat and scarf. i'm having a lot of trouble with my words today. daily fwragrade, a new category we're calling it marginal. won't be raining or snowing, but it won't be warm but not too terribly cold. that's the definition of marginal. inner loop of the woodrow wilson bridge, a crash on the left side of the roadway. outer loop just fine. southbound
6:41 am
the right lane. chopper also headed to a problem in montgomery county, a fire behind the best buy. maryland travel times on 270, from germantown to the spur, no problems there. top of the beltway getting typically slow, 32 miles per hour not bad for this time of morning. 66 inbound and 95 northbound also looking quite good. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car this morning. we are staying on top of breaking news in the district now. a massive fire ripped through a building near the d.c. marina. the bitter cold challenge for firefighters there. seven letters that define 2016, we reveal the adjective now being called the word of the year.
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temps keep dropping. how the weather will impact your plans for the busiest time of the year. searching for a cause of this large fire near the d.c. yacht club. billions of cards, packages on their way. today is the busiest shipping day of the year. famous for being famous. hollywood pays tribute to the original queen of glamour. how does one word sum up 2016
6:45 am
find very accurate. wire folle're following bre news in southeast washington. this was the scene of a fire that firefighters saw as they arrived at the yacht club. >> and molette green has been gathering the latest from the scene of this fire incident. molette, what can you tell us this morning? >> reporter: i can tell you now that a lot of the firefighters have left the scene. it's now up to investigators to go inside and see what they can determine as the cause of this blaze. this massive fire destroyed the district yacht club clubhouse property and reduced all of to charred remains. club members tell me they just had a party here sunday afternoon for a bufshlg of kincn the community. >> this is
6:46 am
we don't hang out in night clubs. this is our hangout spot. we do everything here. we have the parties here, fellowship here. and, you know, this is where we come to watch all our football games. we do everything right here. and it's all gone. >> reporter: three structures are parent of the clubhouse that burned down. what you see behind me is the cottage structure and then right next to it was a large patio area and then next to that was the actual clubhouse where the members kept a lot of their equipment for their boats, things like tools to be able to work on their boats in the down time. now, the cold temperatures this isolated area of boater's row made for tricky firefighting conditions, but d.c. fire tell me they are familiar with this area and they knew right away what to do with some of the
6:47 am
this area. the structure was 60 plus years old and it is a complete loss. that is the latest live from southeast d.c., back to you. firefighters in st. louis dealing with extreme conditions. look at these images. is this a-alarm fire that took place in a warehouse. the fire truck just covered in ice. it was so cold that firefighters had to deice their fire truck while they were spraying the building. the temperature just 8 degrees. icy weather causing this frightening situation at o'hare airport. a plane slipped off the runway, it was coming from orlando, taxiing to the terminal. passengers were taken by bus instead. nobody was hurt. the chicago bears and green bay packers fought it out in the fifth coldest game in bears history sunday. temperatures in the first quarter were in the single digits at soldier field. the windchill below zero. the bears lost the gamey
6:48 am
remains the frozen bowl in 1967. an uber driver shot and killed a would-be robber while the driver's passenger was still in the back shot. the afterno they demanded money so the uber driver pulled out his own gun. he had a conceal carry permit and acted in self-defense. but uber says it's against policy for a driver or passenger to carry a firearm. we're remembering zsa zsa gabor this morning. she died yesterday from a heart attack at the age of 99. gabor married nine times and during the '70s, '80s and '90s she made a career out of playing herself. she was a socialite fay husbamo being famous. starting today, it will be easier to get into the new
6:49 am
a limited number of same day passes will be offered. until now, they had only been available with online reservations made in advance. ed the museum opened back in september. even if you get in, the day i went, there was still an hour and a half wait for the history galleries. so we didn't get to see it that way. >> we'll have to go about three or four times anyway it see the entirety. >> a lot to absorb. the force is strong with "rogue one," the new "star wars" spinoff just made a huge amount of money at the box office. >> in fact it had the second biggest december debut of all-time. biggest was last year's "star wars" movie "the force awakens." "rogue one" earned an estimated $155 million over the last few days. that is not even including international sales. i saw it this weekend. it was okay. >> just okay? >> a little bit of a show
6:50 am
and set up some new things. >> but you saw "the force awakens" and you loved that. >> and i'm not generally a "star wars" fan. >> but you're a science movie guy. >> you can't equate "star wars" and "star trek." >> yeah, i'm "star wars," he's "star trek." >> people living in space on spaceships. it's the same genre. >> we could put you on a rocket. >> i'd be thrilled to death. >> so would we. >> now, now. >> that's what aaron is getting me for christmas, a one way ticket to the moon. outside it is a colds start on a monday morning. don't be fooled, i know it was nearly 70 for a brief time yesterday, that is no longer the case. most neighborhoods are below freezing this morning. even national arptirport is dowo 32 with the wind averaging 9 miles per hour. a little bit of a north breeze will be with us all day
6:51 am
it feels present colenty cold. afternoon highs today in the 30s area wide. 35 for the high in frederick. 34 in gaithersburg. 39 in stafford. the front that brought us the quick change in the weather yesterday is down to the south and east. southern maryland could still see freezing drizzle, but nothing major early this morning. next ten days look this way. plenty cold for today and tomorrow. a little milder as we get towards wednesday. next chance for showers is thursday afternoon and evening. friday, saturday the big travel getaway days look just fine. and hanukkah starts on christmas day this year, temperatures near 50, a little cloudy, but so far keeping the raindrops out of your christmas forecast. inner loop of the woodrow wilson bridge, a crash on the left shoulder. still seeing delays there headed across the bridge. northbound 270 after 70, a crash near south jefferson. sou
6:52 am
far as delays go. beltway overall not terrible. north 295 before east capitol have a crash there. southbound 29 after new hampshire, a new crash there. north woubound 123 at nutley, r rain blocked. river road at pine any meeting house, a traffic light stuck on green. that will be slow for people. top of the beltway these routes in and out of town are just fine. and 270 at shady grove, no problems. 6:52. breaking news now in gaithersburg. >> let's get right to angie goff at the live desk. >> we want to take you live to the scene out in gaithersburg where the situation continues to unfold. chopper 4 over the best buy this is on shady grove road. we know that the fire was located outside of the store near where that large dump sister is. looks like a compactor possibly. we know the fire is under control. we don't see any smoke or
6:53 am
reported getting into the actual store. at this point we have montgomery fire and rescue on the scene still putting out hot spots. we'll continue to follow up to tind out h find out how it started and how long it will impact the community. back to you. time is running out to get the holiday gifts in the mail. you want to plan on spending some extra time if you're going to the post office. >> adam tuss live in silver spring with more on what to expect on the busiest shipping day of the holidays. >> reporter: yeah, we have a busy one today. i can promise you i won't be delivering your mail, because lot of people will be. anything that you will be shipping this week. hey, did you know that christmas is sunday? yes, and the holidays are here. we got a businey shipping day ad of us.
6:54 am
and presents on their way, but here's what you need to know about getting your stuff in the mail. tomorrow is the last day for first class mail service. wednesday will be the deadline for priority mail. friday will be the deadline for priority mail express. 30 million packages will be delivered thursday alone, so that will be the busiest delivery day. keep an eye out for all the packages showing up on thursday at your door step. a lot of work ahead. the guys here at the shipping facility saying that this is just going to be one of those days that they have to get through, but rest assured they are working hard up and early this morning. get your stuff in the mail and get your holiday shopping done, as well. back to you. >> adam, thank you. miriam webster's has released its top word of 2016 and many of you may define the year with the top word, surreal. >> the definition is, quote, marked by the intense irrational reality
6:55 am
other words on the list this year include bigly, it made its way on to the list after president-elect donald trump made the word big league sound like biggerly. deplorable also on the list. and irregardless, which is not a word. >> but people keep using it. >> i'm sorry, you can't add that to the dictionary if it's not a word. >> they use it apparently in the world series, calling it the last game in the world series irregardless. like conversate. >> i won't accept that. good morning, i'm courtney reagan at cnbc. nissan wants to mass market an electric car for the low, low price of $17,000. the automaker will share technology with its partners aiming to lower prices by as much as 20%. that would make an electric nissan as cheap as a gas powered cars. they brought the leaf to
6:56 am
in 2010. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm courtney reagan. four things to know, eleg tors will make it official today for president. officially making donald trump the next president of the united states. you can look for updates throughout the day in the nbc washington app. be sure to follow molette green on twitter. we know that the district yacht club clubhouse is a total loss. no one was hurt. and salandy will be sentenced today, he was convicted of killing his producer. and zsa zsa gabor being remembered today, she died of a heart attack yesterday at the age of 99. tune into the "today" show for more on her life as a trailblazing star in hollywood. and there is your five day forecast. cold today, only in the 30s to near 40. same story again tomorrow. next chance for raindrops comes
6:57 am
there could be some frozen puddles out there, so be on the lookout. if it looks wet, it's probably ice. right now chopper 4 over 270 at shady grove road, no problems there. remember slow spot of the beltway is inner loop of the wood row wilson bridge. a crash on the left shoulder. and that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes with traffic, breaking news. until then, enjoy your day. >> make it a great monday, everybody. >> he's back!
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good morning. good morning. round three of a fresh blast of arctic air and bitter cold stretching from the midwest to the deep south and moving east. al is here tole the us how long this is going to last. one last gasp and a last-ditch effort to deny donald trump the presidency as the electoral college meets across the kuncountry today. protesters are encouraging members to change their vote, but is there any real chance channghom >> and remembering shzsa zsa. >> hello, darl, i'm zsa zsa. >> zsa zsa gabor dead


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