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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  December 19, 2016 4:00pm-4:59pm EST

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/ fiefrts want to stress because the fire was e to late in the night. it was completely engulfed. the water pressure problem didn't impede them. no way they were going to save this building. coming up at 5:00, why fire fighters weren't able to draw water from the club. crews had their hands full today. a dump truck caught fire in northeast d.c.
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around 12:30 this afternoon. it's on eastern avenue. you can see the smoke for miles. we're told no injuries and firefighters were able to take it quickly. in state houses around the country, electoral electing donald trump. so far none of them have been swayed. two delegates for hillary clinton tried to change their votes for bernie sanders. in virginia protesters were outside the state capitol made their votes. even virginia delegates went for clinton. this will be just the fifth time in u.s. history that one candidate won the popular vote and another won the election. of course, many of us remember the bush/gore race of 2000 and that fight in florida.
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rutherford b. hayes won the presidency even though he trailed by a quarter of a million votes. first time it happened was in 1824. truck at the beltway and ended up in a retention wall. the box truck was near route st. ba barnabas road. also staying in prince georges' county. more questions than answers after a shocking discovery. this morning, someone found someone's body. investigators are trying to identify the victim. >> reporter: the neighborhood park. there are ball fields
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there and today, police tape surrounding the place. you see this morning the body of a man was found behind the rec center building. police said the body had been burned. the detectives from the police department, they converged on the scene and began to investigate. trying to figure out who the victim was and how he got here. they are working the scene. we are working the story. coming up at 5:00 i'll tell you what we know. >> after a weekend of ups and downs the sun is out. but it's colder out there than it looks. we have our first update. it's kind of raw out there. >> it's definitely on the chilly side. you mentioned the ups and downs. started out at 29 on saturday. a brutal
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falling. now, temperatures well below average. look at the air only in the 20s back here towards the west. some really cold air. it's going to be a cold night as well. a cold night for sure, come the next few days, some good news here, four weather alert days. last week we had none. what kind of showers are we talking about? we got that forecast. back here in about 15 minutes. a little bit piece of holiday cheer, stolen atop a local home. first at 4, the decoration that's gone. when you go to the doctor, who do you prefer a doctor who's a man or a woman? a new study says your choice could help you live longer. plus, something missing
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in northern virginia, a family in fairfax county is searching for the grinch who stole their christmas. >> made a change in christmas and the spirit. >> the family and every year that go all out to decorate their home for the holidays. for decades that put a six-foot metal star on their chimney. but somebody had stolen the symbol of their christmas spir
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someone to climb up on my roof and to steal the star. it's sad. it's sad. >> the family hopes the scrooge will return their star or at the very least someone will see it somewhere and call the fairfax county police. dealt that and alaska airlines plan to end their mileage partnership. the announcement is not a surprise because their relationship with delta has become competitive in the last few years. delta has tripled its flights at its seattle-tacoma airport in recent years. as many of you get ready to travel for the holidays the best and the worst airports around the country. a live look at reagan airport that's ranking number nine on
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according to the jd power association. dulles is number 20. portland international airport is number one for the second year in a row and new york's laguardia is number -- last. very dead last. >> been that way for a long time. this list only includes big airports. well, it's a busy time in terms of the leadup to christmas. the important deadlines you want to hear to make sure you gifts get delivered in time. we continue to follow that awful breaking news in germany. a truck slams into a crowd of people at a holiday market. details still comin g
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we have breaking news from germany. at least nine people dead it after a truck plows sbo a crowded holiday market this berlin. more than 50 people hurt. police in berlin have tweeted they do have the suspect in custody and they are trying to figure out if this was an accident or an attack. witnesses say the truck plowed full speed into the crowd and the truck driver then got o
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and ran before police caught him. we will keep you posted as details come in. that attack happening days before christmas. if you went to the post office, chances are you were standing in a pretty long line. today is the busiest shipping day of the year. time is running out if you want your gifts to arrive by u christmas. here are a few deadlines to keep in mind. tomorrow is the last day u to ship by first class mail u. the deadline for priority mail is wednesday. friday is the last day to guarantee it gets there via priority mail express. be sure to check your mailboxes on 30. 30 million packages are expected to be delivered on december 22nd making that the busiest delivery day. in some locations, mail carriers will deliver packages on christmas day. if you're older and you end up in the hospital, you may be better off if your doctor is a woman. that's according to a new study. it also found that
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the medical profession. kristen dahlgren is working on that story. she joins us from new york with a preview. >> we talk about these researchers at harvard locked a more than a elderly patients in the hospital and found that those with female physicians were 5% less like ly to die, 4% less likely to be readmitted within 30 days of being discharged. so significant findings, they extrapolated it out and said if the male doctors were to catch up with female counterparts that could save 32,000 lives per year. they are not suggesting that you ditch your male doctor, but they are saying there are some things that women are doing better. communicating better. look iing at preventive care u. also following those critical
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supposed to follow. so some really interesting stuff out there. >> yes indeed. we look forward to your full report on "nbc nightly news" with lester holt tonight at 7:00 right after news 4 at 6:00. this is one of those times people got one eye on today's forecast, but they are looking ahead to the weekend. >> we still remember sunday when it was really slippery out there. >> sunday was slippery. that it roller coast er, that's how you work it out. nicely done. temperatures today on the cold side. we had the cold front move through yesterday after a high of 67 yesterday. temperatures fell yesterday afternoon. now we're looking a at temperatures in the 30s. you see some sunshine. but the temperatures didn't get much into the 30s today. only in the 30s. 36 right now. so a little bit of a breeze too. a little
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we have a little bit of sunshine. below freezing in gaithersburg. so it's a cold night. if you're heading out to the redskins game, must-win game, temperatures will be chilly. . now not as bad as the green bay packers game a couple weeks ago we had the 40 mile an hour winds. still going to be quite chilly. the windchills will be in the 20s. low 20s. make sure you bundle up and get ready for that game. as far as the rain is concerned, not seeing any. but we're not seeing any of that. you have to go back to the west. there's the front that came through yesterday. behind it, we're seeing some clouds coming in. you see this streak right there. that's the jet stream coming on through. back to the west, not exactly looking all that bad. not much happening back to the west. that's good news for travelers for the next couple days. here's the only difference. it's cold. 14 in chicago. 24 in cobu
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this cold air is not going to make it all the way in. we're going to get milder the next couple days. we're going to stay cool. here's your travel forecast thursday and friday. really the only thing i'm interested in is up toward the great lakes. it gets really cold and we have a chance for snou. i 95 is looking good. cold, some snow near the lakes. maybe chicago. especially towards buffalo and detroit. air travel looking really good for most of the country. it does change as we head towards christmas day. we'll talk much more about that it. tom kierein has that forecast in just a bit. 19 on your tuesday morning. 18 in leesburg. so it's going to be a cold start to the day. very cold to art is off your tuesday. not too bad in the afternoon. we'll get to the 40s in the city. temperatures rising steadily. and. right back down by 7:00. not bad, just chilly. dress for it. it's going to be a nice afternoon. even better the next couple
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days, winter toll solstice on w. there's the chance of showers on christmas eve. it's late christmas eve. christmas day, 54. we're going 64 degrees the day after christmas. no frigid air in the ten-day forecast. >> excellent. this weekend, as e we just mentioned, the treacherous ice and snow. walking was challenging. some of the things you can get your family this holiday family to make sure that doesn't happen so you can prepared. for whatever winter brings. remembering a a hollywood legend. just shy of her 100th birthday. new reaction is coming in and
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he should be 50 years old and have at least $60 million. >> that's our girl. >> women all over america nodding. if you have been following social media, you see her hollywood peers with the fan. there's never going to be another one like her. >> the actress and celebrities a. ed away over the weekend at the age of 99. joining us is "access
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hollywood." she was so good at being a a celebrity. is that how she's being remembered? >> yeah, think about this. is she the original kardashian? >> good one. >> famous for just being famous. you mentioned that she passed away just shy of her 100th birthday. and think about it. the glamer, the jewels, the nine husbands. i think that's fantastic. she was a true hollywood original. best known, as you said, for just being her. 1952 mulan rouge and queen of outer space. you remember the play of herself. she lampooned the police officer. he stopped for a traffic violation and she did not like that. she spent three days in jail. you guys remember when all that
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>> we're old. >> you look at that and all the publicity that it she generated from this meaningless little case that probably could have gone away in a couple hours. but that was sort of a e precursor to what we see today. >> absolutely. she's the front runner for all this that we see. and think about it. we have to give rev rans to her nine marriages. she famously said i want a man who is kind and. understanding. is that too much to ask of a millionaire. >> marry rich she did. she was married to conrad hilton which makes a step great grandmother to paris hilton. . but her last marriage was the longest. she married in 1986. this is interesting. he received the prince title after paying a real princess to adopt him. i don'tow
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>> what was the age difference between those two? >> it wasn't as much as you would think. . they were married in 1986. that one really meant the distance. she wanted to marry a king, but she got the prince. he bought the title, but who is lock iing at that. >> she lived up to that name. the arch bishop of washingtn celebrating a personal milestone himself. some of his reflections on those many years of service. >> someone's home, but this year the lights are off. the personal struggles of a local couple that's preventing them from hanging the holiday
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breaking news in germany. nine people dead after a truck plows into a crowded holiday market in berlin. more than 50 hurt. >> police in be lin tweeted they have a suspect in custody. now investigators are trying to figure out if it was an accident or an attack. we'll keep you posted as some of the details come in. >> from pennsylvania to michigan and the state of arizona, protesters greeted mbs of the electoral college as they arrive ed
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latest. >> the votes will be finalize ued here on the hill in a little more than three weeks, but don't expect any big surprises. >> 20 votes for donald trump. >> in presidential elections past, the counting of electoral college votes was a a drama-free formality. not this it year. >> the votes are, 10 votes, donald trump. >> this display in wisconsin u and this demonstration in phoenix and other protests around the country served as a dramatic last stand against the presidency of donald trump. his opponents appealing to 538 electors to cast their ballots today for anyone else. >> it's probably unlikely to happen. but it also gives a highlight that continues to highlight potential dangera
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>> no chance we'll lose 37 where donald trump will not be the president. >> congress will count on january 6th. >> all 11 votings have been cast for donald trump. >> but today electors carried out duties in capitals from coast to coast. >> i invite president clinton to join us in casting the first ballot. >> in new york bill clinton just one member of the electoral college chosen to represent the people. >> if they had changed their minds without a majority the vote would have gone to the republican controlled house. >> they used to reopen the investigation of hillary clinton during the election. a a federal judge ordered it to be
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agents used the warrant to access e-mails stored on a commuter belonging to anthony weiner. overseas evacuations are moving forward as the security council voted to send monitors to syria. the goal is to prevent more violence by having the monitors observe the evacuations of civilians. how quickly they can get in or what kind of access they are going to get is still unknown. the civilians plead the city with bare ly any food, water or medical care. and dodging a daily barrage of airstrikes and attacks. we're days away from christmas. it stuck up on us this year. the archbishop of washington celebrating a personal milestone. 50 years in the priesthood. erika gonzalez shares some of his reflections on the many years of service. >> frustrating
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and repairing tor ordained will always be a part of my memory. >> celebrating half a century of service to the catholic church 50 years ago this week, the cardinal was ordained. >> i can remember sitting in chapel one day at the seminary and saying, no, i know. i'm ab sloutly certain. >> he is most grateful to god for the call to serve. the great to pursue that call and persevere in it. speak outside of the cathedral, he recalled one special memory. >> the arrival of pope francis to visit. and that has to be one of the highlights of those five decades of service. >> that famous he used being put into service again. . people filled it with donations for the needy. it's a physical
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charitable work. erika gonzalez, news 4. all of those donations will be going to the catholic charities spanish catholic centers. things have warmed up just a bit in central illinois. it's now a a balmy 17 degrees. this morning folks woke up to a chilly negative 11. tom kierein is in the storm center. it's cold here too, butting in like that. >> nothing to complain about. . that's for sure. it's been just brutally cold in the midwest. we have been on the fringes of that cold air mass here. you can see the washington monument. it's been a cold day. 10 degrees komder than the average high this time of year as we're approaching sunset, it's into the low 30s. right around the bay we're i
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bee low freezing and then into the 20s in the metro area u. for trips this it the emergency room, there are things you can do. you can wear a harness to keep from slipping on the ice. some make great christmas gifts. do you remember where you were seven years ago today? this video may jog your memory. . i'm melissa mollet with your traffic and a look at the redskins game. they are playing the panthers. so going to be a little
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it's good that it's a later game for "monday night football" and hopefully some of the folks will be traveling after rush hour tonight. last trains for metro, the silver line. the blue line at 11:23. if you're going to take morgan boulevard, the last train leaves at 11:13. i'll see you torrow morningmo
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remember where you were seven years ago today. maybe stuck at home or digging out from the record breaking amount of snow that fell that it day. more than 16 inches. a lot of you remember it as sno pa pock lips. . all of that snow shut down retailers before christmas. holiday shipments were held out. travelers were stranded. some churches cancelled services for the next day. walking this winter can be dangerous. >> a lot of those winter boot wes love don't help with the traffic traction. >> dressing for winter means lots and lots of layers. when it comes to icy conditions, all those layers become
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this is the time of year emergency room doctors see a sharp increase in people getting hurt after falling on ice. >> a lot of broken bones. wrist fractures are more common with the icy weather. >> who better to address this slippery situation than our neighbors to the north. canada, of course. >> we'll go out and put on snow tires in the winter or at least in this part of the world we do. but no one gives much about the shoes. >> this is the winter lab at toronto rehabilitation institute. researchers are slipping and slide iing in the name of scien. they have tested 98 boots on how well they do on ice. most failed. researchers found it's not the depth of the tread, but the material of the sole that matters. some of the highest rated boots have granules of it buried into them. >> it feels like a rough sandpaper. it scratches into the surface. >> the toronto researchers are sharing their findings with the
4:42 pm
next generation of frost proof foot ware. you can skate into spring without landing in the e.r. it has been a neighborhood tradition for the holidays for years. remember this? the family is famous for this incredible light display. >> this year the house is dark.
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strand restoring ading a father's faith.... stronger is being a typical kid...
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stronger is seeking answers and not giving up until you find them. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. with your support, we can find more answers faster. make a gift today at
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more things to know on this monday afternoon. we are monitoring are action after the ambassador to turkey was assassinated. cameras were rolling while he was given a speech. the governor was kill ed a few minutes later. . the state department is condemning the attack. another big story we're following. several people are dead after a truck plowed into a crowd at a christmas market in germany. that suspect is now in custody. official say it's too soon to tell if it's an act of terror or an accident. >> it's the biggest day of the year for shipping companies. they are predictions drivers will deliver more than 33 packages every second. the u.s. postal service predicts thursday will be the busiest day for deliveries. so far only one electorate has strayed from
4:46 pm
and voted for hillary clinton. it will take 37 of them to change the outcome of this election. . it's usually the house to see this time of year. the owner known tr going all out with decorations. >> this year the home on good luck road has gone dark tracee wilkins to the own er about why. >> anyone who has ridden down good luck road know this is house because usually around christmas time it's lit up. when i say lit up, i mean this is what it looks like. this house is natural attention for the light displays here. and spend time with this family. that's not the case this year. . this year there are no lights up
4:47 pm
this is the first year in 25 years that the family decided not to decorate. but she appreciated it. it won't work. >> coming up on news 4 at 5:00, more than 25 years of christmas tradition broken. what's next for the family. tracee wilkins, news 4. > . >> good afternoon, we have s sunset underway. a live view from our tower
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sunset at 4:49. temperatures are hovering in the 30s. north and west now, back down to near freezing. mid-30s in washington. . what to wear if you're going to the game or heading out doing shopping. r for tailgaters, it's going to be getting cold now. a few clouds around. temperatures will be hovering in the upper 20s throughout the game and heading back home it will be back into the 20s. we'll be in the upper 20
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e then during the noon hour tomorrow for your lunch hour, we ought to be in the 30s. dry rads will be become down to the upper 30s by late afternoon. storm team 4 ten-day outlook. and it's wednesday morning that it the winter solstice arives. lowest sun angle of the year. it's at 5:44 a.m. is the winter solstice moves in. then on thursday a bit milder. afternoon highs into the mid-u 50s. it's going to be a big travel day likely. partly cloudy skies. another good travel day on friday. temperatures in the 20s in the morning. afternoon highs into the upper 40s to near 50 degrees. now as we get into the holiday weekend, hanukkah starts on saturd
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mainly in the afternoon and evening. temperatures in the mid-30s in the morning. afternoon temperatures in the mid-40s. when showers come on through. for christmas day, a nice day it for the metro day. heading out to visit family and friends, low 40s in the morning. partly cloudy. then next week look at that mild pattern starting on monday. the mid-60s and then it gets cold again by the end of the week. no snow. that's the way it looks. live pictures from chopper 4 from fedex field. redskin fans tailgating in the cold. big prime time game. carol maloney is at fedex field. she will be battling the chilly temperatures by u staying close to the fire. he's facing the former
4:51 pm
the redskins cornerback is facing him for the first time. this is the team that drafted him. the franchise tag him and rescinded that tag in april. that bruised his ego. . >> we're going to give them anything we got. and i had had him in my group chat. looking forward o to it. >> he gets up for everybody. that's why he's such a great player. he doesn't discriminate.
4:52 pm
>> expecting the same competitor. he's able to take away half the field for the redskins defense. we'll see if cam newton can test him. but the redskins are still in the playoff hunt. they controlled their own destiny. they have to win tonight and make this a jolly holiday season. >> the rule of live shot. >> holiday shopping for that high-tech person on your list can be tough. susan hogan has a look at some tech gift ideas to help you shop and look smart. >> not sure what to get the high-tech person on your shopping list, no fear. the association tech guru is here r with us. you brought us a handful of really cool gift
4:53 pm
holiday gift lift. everyone out of power in your smart phone. we all have. here's a great solution. this is from a company that's a recharger. you charge this. >> drone it, my favorite. it's one of the growing categories. it's a starter drone. you fly this indoors. you can go get something even bigger. >> that's not all we have for you guys. tonight at 5:00, more holiday te gifts to share with you. >> it's been a controversial since the
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the bathroom law is going to become a thing of the past. what it means for rights. i> and this did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business.
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they are working nonstop to complete four figures for president-elect donald trump. the process started way back in june but work ramped up since election day known for his orange-tinted skin a
4:57 pm
hair, the supervisor said her team of 20 has their hands full getting the look just right. donald trump will be the first american president to have a wax figure. some surprising moves in north carolina regarding the state's controversial bathroom bill that cost the governor his job. >> that requires people to use restrooms correspond iing to th gender on their birth certificate. it cost the state millions of dollars and jobs. jay gray says it could be off the books by tomorrow. >> in an early morning meeting, the city council voted 10-0 to repeat the city's nondiscrimination ordinance. stay would do the same with their bathroom bill. >> it's taken to open a path forward to achieving our goals.
4:58 pm
it nullified the ordinance and banned transgender residents from using restrooms in build thags matched their gender identity. the backlash was quick and costly. >> we have lost jobs. we have lost opportunities. we have lost headquarters coming to the area. >> major companies including american articles, apple, facebook, bank of america lined up against the measure. . the ncaa moved seven championship tournaments out of the state and the nba pulled their 2017 all-stair game out of charlotte. after more than nine months of controversy, hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue, outgoing governor has called the entire issue politically motivated. he's called a special session of the legislature for tomorrow where lawmakers are expected to fully repeal hb-2. jay gray, nbc news.
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this news comes out of germany. nine people are killed in an attack on a christmas market. thank you for joining us. i'm wendy rieger. >> and i'm chris lawrence. police say a truck plowed into shoppers at one of the busiest times for the market. one says the truck was going as fast as 40 miles an hour. about an hour ago, police tweeted that @ driver is in custody. lucy cavanaugh has the latest. >> reporter: this incident took place around 8:00 p.m. local time. authorities at this point are saying it's not clear why this truck veered off the road and into the market. no indication as to the cause or motivation at this point, if there is one. for viewers who aren't familiar with berlin, the city is famous for its christmas markets. 8:00 p.m. would have been packed with tourists enjoying the food and taking in the sights. there's been fear of incidents like this for a awhile.
5:00 pm
attacks and the state department issued a warning to tourists to europe based on credible information of a potential attack on christmas markets. germany has foiled several attempted attacks in recent weeks including the arrest of a 12-year-old boy who tried to detonate a nail bomb. authorities not ready to call this a terror attack, but it is obviously something that everyone fears. . >> we're learning details in prince georges county. >> let's get to. >> the body was found in the grassy area sdovrd by a woman dumping some trash and one of these cans.


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