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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  December 20, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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quote, what appears to have been a terrorist attack. a story that is developing right now news 4 will continue to bring you updates as they happen. back to you, aaron. angie, thank you. russia planning to retaliate for a deadly attack on its ambassador in turkey. he was speaking at an art gallery when he was shot in the back by a turkish police officer. witnesses say the shooter that stood over his body and condemned russia's military role supporting the syrian government. the shooter was killed by other officers. despite this, russia's foreign minister still plans to meet with his turkish and iranian counter-parts in moscow today. >> 4:30. meanwhile d.c. police have this to say about your safety here in the nation's capital. in part, they are monitoring and viewing events and activities across the u.s. as well as the world for their potential impact here in washington, d.c.. before you leave the house this morning, be sure to download nbc washington app for updates on breakin
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and right here at home. >> president-elect donald trump is weighing in on yesterday's attack as well. he tweeted, quote, today there were terror attacks in turkey, switzerland and germany. it is only getting worse. the civilized world must change thinking. this came hours after electoral college confirmed him president despite encouraging electors to vote against trump. more on the victory in a few minutes. happening in the district, one of the most generous family belief bills in the country will go before d.c. council. >> eight weeks of paid leave for parents. as tom sherwood explains, it's how that time off will be funded that's causing controversy. >> i'm tom sherwood in the district. this d.c. building decorated for the holidays. but behind the scene, a bitter battle about paying for
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expensive family leave program. it's scheduled in council later today. it would impose a tax of 1% on all private employers to pay for up to eight weeks of benefits. a new city agency would run the program. in the last few days an alternative bill surfaced. it would require companies to offer eight weeks of leave but not impose the tax or new beaurocracy. both sides say the vote later today is expected to be close. federal government workers would not benefit from the bill since they can't impose taxes on the federal government. but for those who can benefit, they argue two-thirds actually commute into the district and don't pay d.c. income taxes. >> 4:32 right now. a pretty calm start on the road. >> i'm waiting. >> no curve balls. >> see me bracing myself. >> am i
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>> no. >> unstable. >> your microphone stopped working, go to traffic. >> usually you go to weather and traffic. so when you went to traffic -- >> do you know something i don't know. >> no. >> how pout four things you need to know about the weather for today. not a bad looking day honestly coming your way as you're making your plans to get out on a tuesday, a cold, dry morning. felt like winter yesterday, going to feel like winter today. for those of you wondering when does winter start, the winter solstice is tomorrow. an astronomical beginning to winter. as meteorologist december is a winter month. if you weren't here, winter is here, freezing rain event. winter solstice tomorrow and good travel weather later in the week. highs today upper 30s, 40, plenty of sunshine. that's where a little hint of a warming trend finally starts to
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mid to upper 40s. again, quiet weather coming your way for tomorrow. more about travel weather for big holiday weekend coming up in a few minutes. good morning, melissa. no curve balls for you. >> nice and calm. keep it this way at least until 6:30. that will be nice tonight. taking a look, top of the beltway, all these routes into town and out of town, nice and green. no roadwork i-95 or bw parkway. that is good. 270 nice and clear from frederick through montgomery county to the top of the beltway here. do you have this one piece of roadway hanging around 295 before benning blocking the right lane. we'll take a look at 66 coming up. all right. thank you, melissa. it is 4:34, an early holiday present for metro riders as the transit system ends its latest. surge number 11 on orange and silver lines will wrap up today one day ahead of schedule. the work between east and west falls church started in november. riders also get a break from
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because of inauguration plans. >> if you tried to get to metro to check the schedule you may have been one of many riders who had problems. riders who use search engines are getting error messages. they say it may take several days to catch up with the changes. recommends going directly to the metro website, a new transportation hub opens in maryland but commuters will have to wait until thursday to actually use it. officials will dedicate dakota langley cross-roads on new hampshire avenue. 12,000 passengers a day are expected to use the new center. bus service from prince george's and montgomery counties will be available. metrobus and university of maryland shuttle will also be at that bus hub. this is the video you are going to be watching again and again today. kirk
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that fumble may have made a difference between the redskins win and loss. the worst part fans will be thinking about that video all off-season. the skins are no longer in the best position they can be to make the playoffs but still have a chance. >> not terrible. >> they are behind the packers and buccaneers in final. the coach says they can only focus on themselves right now. >> we still have two games left to look forward to and hopefully get a victory in chicago saturday. >> one good thing that came for this game cousins broke the skins franchise record for most passing yards in a season. how about that? see, that's good. go curt. he set that record last year as well. >> okay. they will play the bears in chicago on christmas eve. >> i know. we want to be in a better position but we have to think about the positive. >> sure. >> we are getting you ready to get out the door on tuesday. what to wear
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shaping up next pref first gift of gold. mystery donationropped in d t
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surprised and blessed. that is how a montgomery county captaiai
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finding a rare coin in his red kettle. >> how cool is that. someone with a heart of gold dropped 24 carat canadian leaf coin into the bucket last weekend. it has a face value of $50 but listen to this. it may be worth as much as $1200. >> we were going through daily routine of counting all the dimes and nickels. when this came out we kind of stop and everybody kind of froze. >> wow, salvation army plans to sell it to a coin collector and use that money to serve the community hopefully in time for christmas. you know, our hats off to salvation army people who stand there ringing that bell year after year collecting do nations for needy. >> it's hard because fewer people carrying cash. >> you can't drop your credit card in there, chuck, can you? >> i guess you can. >> try to put it through. it may not work. that's what
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>> i hadn't thought of that. i rarely carry cash or change. they do have a website. i'm sure you could donate that way if you needed to. beautiful day outside as we get ready for the race towards christmas, everybody. everybody wants to know good flying weather for santa saturday night. i'm concerned about cloud cover. so kids, be on good behavior. santa will say the good kids through the sky. cold indeed. bus stop weather frigid out there. teens and low and mid-20s between now and 7:00, mid to upper 20s. near 40 today, plenty of sunshine coming your way. with that morning chill you'll need heavy coat, mittens, scarf. umbrellas for the required. daily grade would have been an a, melissa, but awfully chilly so we'll give it a b plus. high today up near 41 degrees. >> maybe outdoor recess today. my son has been inside the
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couple of days. taking a look, bottom of the beltway. slowdown on 210 at livingston road. don't have anything reported but keeping an eye on that because that's not a real typical thing we see this time of day. 66, 28, sully rolling along just fine right now. still have this roadwork hanging around. that's going to be here an hour or two. 295 before benning, right lane take a look at 270 coming up in a couple minutes. melissa, thank you. lights out on a popular tradition. a family known for its familious christmas display opting out this year. the health scare threatening their holiday season still ahead. plus, new information about white house's warning to russia, how it tried to stop
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this is my america! this is my america! >> no rubber stamp! >> monday's electoral college vote wasn't short of drama as protests erupted in the state capital across the country. anti-trump activist urged electors to change their vote but they formally picked trump anyway. live on capitol hill. edward, how is the president reacting to the victory. >> he's reacting like he has on many other things on twitter. he went on twitter saying we did it and thanked supporters. this wasn't without drama as you saw. in texas one of th
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college voters voted for kasich. in hawaii one of hillary clinton's voters voted for bernie sanders. let's turn to yesterday's attack in turkey. trump blamed the incident on islamic terrorism. how are we learning how trump and his team might handle this when he comes in office. >> he's taking a hard line in the release. his cabinet is full of former military who served. he's taking a hard line on this saying isis and militants around the world need to be eradicated and it will be his mission to do that with other freedom loving partners. edward lawrence live on capitol hill for us. edward, thank you. intelligence sources tell nbc news president obama used a so-called red phone in the days before the election to issue a stern warning to russia about its cyber attacks. the red phone is a direct line connecting washington to moscow. it was used to reinforce the president's warningo
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putin that the u.s. would consider any interference on election day a grave matter. a senior intelligence official tells nbc news the message to russia was muddled and had no clear warning about the consequences. today a bombing suspect is appearing in court. rahami accused of setting off home made bombs in new york and new jersey later this year. he's in court on separate charges he tried to murder police officers when he was captured months ago. dozens were hurt when one of those bombs went off in manhattan. rahami could face life in prison if convicted. now to a developing story. investigators trying to figure how a man's body ended up at brook road park in capitol heights. it was still smoldering when a woman found it yesterday morning. they have identified him from landover and offering $25,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. 4:47, surveillance helps
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a stabbing suspect who fled on a train. police tracked down the suspect as he boarded the train at the rosslyn station yesterday. he shot a man outside dem ora in vienna. the victim expected to be okay. we're told the man arrested had several fake ids on him and officers working to confirm his identity. d.c. fire investigators still trying to figure out what caused a huge fire at historic yacht club. broke it yesterday on "news 4 today." this morning we have a better idea of the problems firefighters encountered when they arrived on the scene there. a number of fire hydrants limited and water pressure low. a large fire boat unable to get to the building. the building is a complete loss. the new year is almost here. we are working for you to help you simplify your life. doesn't that sound nice. if you have a few minutes on your days off, take a look at
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fees. we are talking about automatic withdrawal for things such as netflix, spa memberships. they may be convenient but they only make sense if you're still using the service. kiplinger finance says there are apps that can do the work for you. prosper daily is one of them. it's kind of like tinder, you can swipe left or right whether you recognize the charges. if you don't want it you can take steps to cancel it. they will cancel for you, trim and true bill will send to provider. they will sit on the phone or send certified mail if necessary. also important to redefine on subscription contracts you understand the company's policy. i admit i
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magazines, fashion magazines for what. they automatically call. sometimes the next year is more than the previous year. for 26 years a home in prince george's county has delighted visitors with its holiday lights and decorations. >> for the first time the home that gone dark. fred alderman says he's taking a break as he fights cancer. the 77-year-old says he doesn't have the energy to spend 400 hours it takes to put up the display. over the years he's seen visitors as far as france and austria stop by. he said it was a tough decision this year. >> neighbors stopped by one night and said i don't know what's wrong but i know something is if you haven't put the lights up. >> he says he plans to bring back his famous display next year. i would bet he'll see as many people coming right back next year to see that display. >>
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sure. tirn to chuck bell. >> i guess winter isn't here. >> it is here. we had this whole discussion last ek. >> while i was gone. >> december 1st. >> meteorological winter. i understand that. >> were you hear for freezing rain saturday morning. >> winter solstice. >> i think he missed that. >> i'm trying to show the teachers i pay attention in my science class. i understand winter solstice. >> if you were an astronomer, tomorrow would be the beginning of winter, shortest day of the year. >> winter is here. >> in case you missed it last week, aaron, we had freezing rain and ice and subzero windchills all before winter started. aka, december is a winter month in the weather world there are four seasons and 12 months so must be three months to a season. in case you weren't here last week, december it was frigid around here. so
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standpoint. washington high 39. we are technically a little warmer than average, as hard as that sounds to believe. 28 now in washington with light northeasterly breeze. out the beltway noticeably colder. 16 in warrington, 19 front royal and dulles, 18 winchester, new market, maryland. certainly a cold, cold start here this morning. on the upside, we'll have plenty of sunshine like yesterday morning. turned out with cloud cover, ended up with sun. highs today 30s and 40s once again. seasonably chilly. always stay ahead of the weather. any traveling, this is a good time to get nbc washington app downloaded, follow me on facebook and twitter as well. no big storms coming our way. unsettled weather here in the pacific northwest if you're flying that direction. a little unsettled across parts of the great lakes. that's a little weather front which may bring cloud cover as
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really between now and christmas, pretty quiet weather. here is the first peek at the ten-day forecast. near 40 and sunny today. closer to 50 tomorrow. a lot of clouds on thursday. a chance for temperatures up near about 50 degrees. there's a small little chance now, 30%, and that might be overstating it a bit for a light shower or two christmas eve and into christmas day. next best chance for area wide rain probably another week away. a look at today closer hour by hour forecast at the top of the hour. let's go to melissa mollet. >> good morning. i want to mention something a little further out than i usually talk about but worth mentioning, eastbound i-70 after i-81, all long beach lanes blocked. we're hoping to get this out of the way, gone soon. 270, northbound southbound shady grove road. don't have worries there. beltway overall looking good
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any construction, anything like that and 29, 95, route 1, bw parkway everything southbound here looking quite good. eun. >> thank you, melissa. a gender gap in the doctor's office. a new study shows one set is better than the other when it comes to providing care. do men or women provide more effective care? we'll have the answer ahead. >> first, though, high-tech gifts for the most tech savvy person on your shopping list.
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4:57. south florida uber driver who shot and killed a robber. police say he acted in self-defense. the driver was armed and demanded money from him all while he had a passenger in the back seat. police say the driver has a concealed carry permit. regardless, uber says it's against company policy for drirves to carry firearms. companies made the announcement monday morning. frequent flyer partnership allowed them to earn miles on either carrier flight. a code sharing deal that allowed them to share the code. the partnership ended april 30th. still looking
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gift for the person in your life. not too late. >> susan hogan has a few ideas that will help you shop smart before the holiday weekend. not sure what to get the high-tech person on your shopping list? no fear. the consumer technology association guru is here. you brought usa handful of gift ideas. >> on everybody's holiday gift list and wish list. everyone out of power on smartphone, i think we all have. a company with a great name, waka waka. the back, a solar power, solar powered recharger. then you can plug your smartphone into the side and recharge it. you charge this up leaving it out in the sun. about $80. >> love it. drone, my favorite. it's so cute. >> lots of them. again, one of the growing categories. very tiny, mota jet
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you fly this indoors about 75 feet or so. of course you can go up in price and get something bigger. >> love it. >> you hear that, aaron, wakawaka. >> comedic genius. >> if you saw something you liked here or want to see more ideas, be sure to search gifts on nbc washington app. time is running out to ship those holiday presents before christmas day. today -- today is the last day to send first class mail. wednesday is the deadline for priority mail. post offices will have extended hours for procrastinators. the postal service will offer deliveries on christmas day. th they need to rest christmas day. medals back with the family. >> purple heart found in annan detail. we talked on social media. >> awarded to
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died in the world war. they helped track down his family in south carolina. ceo of goodwill personally delivered them to the soldier's daughter and great-niece yesterday. >> wonderful. "news 4 today" starts now. right now on "news 4 today," a deadly truck crash. a possible terror attack. new information about the suspect accused of driving into a busy market. your storm team forecast with a look at a slight warm up on the way just in time for the holidays. plus a rough night for the redskins but washington could still nab a playoff spot. we will break down what happened and what is still to come. first, it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> you decided to come back for the second day. >> absolutely. coming back tomorrow, too. >> one day at a time. i'm eun yang. melissa mollet with traffic but we'll begin with chuck bell. good morning, chuck. >> good morning.


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