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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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is do the days get longer and shorter at the equator since tomorrow is our shortest day of the year, winter solstice. that is the science quiz question of the day. >> keep pondering. >> it's a fun experiment. draw a picture and diagram and makes perfect sense. it is freezing cold outside this morning. everybody below freezing. a lot of spots in the teens. plenty of sunshine later this afternoon but won't help a whole lot. only nine hours and 26 minutes of daylight, shortest day of the year. 27 at national airport, 28 by the bay in annapolis. afternoon highs even with all that sunshine, upper 30s, gaithersburg, frederick, 40
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waldorf, 41 d.c. tomorrow another day with plenty of sunshine around. not quite as cold tomorrow. temperatures in the upper 20s as opposed to teens. a look at travel weather in the weekend comes up in 10 minutes. it is now melissa mollet's turn. good morning. >> good morning. chopper 4 main street at roberts road in fairfax. right there you can see police on the scene. no doubt this is going to get here as time progresses. no doubt will get it out of the way. woodbridge new york city big surprise there 6:00 a.m. on average workday. northbound 210 ramp to the broke down broken down bus in the left lane slowing things a bit. northbound 301 before 5 crash left sigh and billingsley on the right side. travel times in ten. melissa, thank you. shocked, shaken and deeply saddened. in the last hour angela merkel spoke about the attack
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christmas market in berlin. police believe it was an act of terror. a tractor-trailer barreled into the crowd. angie goff is live with more information. angie. >> merkel and security cabinet after making those remarks meeting right now as the suspected driver of this track is being questioned by investigators. first we want to take you live to the scene. a live look at the aftermath at the christmas market. cleanup continued. we know the black truck used in the attack has been towed off site as well. this is an earlier video. also video in the live desk this morning, last hour and a half of the 23-year-old suspect as he was taken into custody. there's the video for you. this was just a mile from the gory scene. he has been ideie
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naviyd b. another man inside the truck. believed to be a passenger. the owner of the truck coming out and saying he thinks the truck was hijacked. we're working more to find out about the people who died and injured. we're hearing from u.s. embassy who says they are not as of now aware of any americans hurt in the attack. all right. president-elect donald trump weighed in on yesterday's attacks as well. he tweeted, quote, today there were terror attacks in turkey, switzerland and germany and it is only getting worse. the civilized world must change thinking. trump also blamed islamic terrorism for attacks in turkey and germany. those tweets came hours after electoral college certified his win in becoming 45th president of the united states. it came despite protests encouraging republican electors to vote against him. in a statement he vowed to unite the country. intelligence sources tells nbc news president obama used so-called red phone in the days before the e
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stern warning to russia about its cyber attacks. the red phone is a direct line connecting washington to moscow. it was used to reinforce the president's warning to vladimir putin that the u.s. would consider any interference on election day a grave matter. a senior intelligence official tells nbc news the message to russia was muddled and had no clear warning about the consequences. a drone is now back in the hands of the u.s. military. china seized the drone last week. it was an underwater drone and china returned it overnight. civilian contractors using auto drone to collect data in the china sea. officials looking into why it was taken. >> bus commuters in prince george's county will have a new spot to catch a ride. >> brand-new transportation hub set to debut in tacoma park near intersection of new hampshire and university boulevard. justin finch live with more on what riders can expect. justin, good morning.
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know how busy it gets out here. that's why tacoma park passenger center designed with access to this safer spot. we're told once it opens the lights will be on, of course. it will also serve 12,000 people a day roughly by getting them off the streets of new hampshire avenue and into this much more secure zone. there are high canopies ahead to protect from the elements. also special ada design for impaired passengers so they can hear their bus alerts to get around the station. several screens will alert passengers to status on their rides from buses from prince george's, montgomery county, university of maryland shuttle bus as well as metrobus. now, again, the station itself will open on thursday, but today there will be an opening ceremony and dedication which will fee
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officials from the federal level and state. back to you. >> justin finch live in tacoma park. thank you. metro riders getting an early holiday gift. the transit system will wrap up its last surge today, which is one day ahead of schedule. work between west and east falls church started in november. metro riders will get a break until february because of inauguration plans. metro's new website is causing problems for riders, though. riders who use search engines to access the website report they have been getting error messages. metro said it might take several days for search engines to catch up with the changes. it recommends going directly to the website, it is a short week for the redskins, which means tough time. >> they are looking forward
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newest edition to sports team sherree burruss. >> reporter: postseason in play now in question redskins losing 20-16 to the panthers. if washington wants to make the playoffs they are going to need outside help. it was all summed up monday the start of the second half. kirk cousins, sack, fumbled, panthers recover and score two plays later. many missed chances by the skins who weren't shy about what went wrong. >> they did everything they were supposed to do. we went out there and didn't do nothing we were supposed it. opportunities but didn't cash out. >> nobody packing their bags getting ready to go to hawaii. everybody wants to win. >> a performance like this, playing performance
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get back out on the field. hopefully that will be a rely emdifficult. >> on christmas eve against a bears team that doesn't have much to play for while redskins has everything to play for. sherree burruss, news 4 sports. skibs play saturday christmas eve against chicago bears. they wrap up regular season against new york giants here at home on new year's day. go skins. >> go skins. come on. hanging onto hope here. it is one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. chuck bell tracking what to expect with the real start of winter of you know he's shaking his head as he plans for the holidays. >> get better medical care from a man or woman. what a new study is revealing about doctors and your quality of care. one little coin and one special mission, surprise red kettle
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several days after a massive blizzard trapped cars in the snow outside yellowstone national park, those cars are finally being pulled out. >> the weather was so bad a snowplow and multiple snowplows got stuck in the snow. when the storm hit saturday night it caught many drivers by surprise. rescue truckdrivers said snowdrifts were terrible, which is why so many large vehicles got trapped in that storm. >> all right. we're talking about cold weather but no snow. >> no. no snow for us. as close as we get to winter weather saturday morning. we don't have anything in the way of moisture to work with. trying to keep all those holiday pounds off exercising, outside it is cold, teens and 20s, upper 30s noontime plenty of sunshine and
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have already fallen back down into the mid-30s. travel for you the next couple of days. potential for flight delays thursday. seattle, san diego, phoenix. friday not too bad. portland, san francisco, st. louis. saturday more impactful, l.a., atlanta, worst day for traveling flight delays christmas day. a lot of unsettled weather at home. christmas eve and christmas day, partly to mostly cloudy. maybe a raindrop or two. no christmas eve or christmas day or beginning of hanukkah washouts. five-day forecast coming up. ood morning. wanted to update you on the situation on 301. the one at billingsley, we still have that crash in the right lane. the other one 301 before 5 has just gotten out of the way. metro, silver line delays to largo town center sending chopper to something on 66. take a look at that in just a minute. 270 southbound fine,
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beltway fine okay as far as travel times. 66 inbound okay and 95 north. listen to 102.5 fm. a new crash on 301, we'll hear about that coming up. thank you. check your cupboards for a popular bag of potato chips recalled. snyder, buffalo blue kettle cooked potato chips. here is a picture of them. the company says they may contain salmonella. three states including virginia. more product information on this recall on the website. penalizing for a third year in a row. government data shows university medical center has higher rates of death from surgical complications. higher than average for certain infections. as a result government will provide $2 million fewer dollars in medicaid reimbursement.
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has older numbers with safety improvement. does gender play a role in what kind of medical care you get? a study shows patients less likely to die or be readmitted. researchers say 32,000 lives could be saved a year if male doctors had the same results. >> women physicians not doing better. provided preventive care and sticking to better guidelines. 6:15, you probably heard of pregnancy brain or mommy brain. it's a real thing with a purpose. researchers scan before and after first pregnancies and found 11 places where their brain changed.
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they say the surge in hormones causes the changes. today is the last day to send first class mail. tomorrow is the deadline for priority mail. shipping companies know a few may be procrastinating. u.s. postal service extended hours, now on christmas day. we are working for you to help simplify your life. if you have a few minutes on your day off, take a look at recurring subscription fees. automatic withdrawals for net flicks are convenient but only if you're using the service. kiplinger finance says there are apps that will do the work for you. >> prosper daily, kind of like tinder, swipe left or right if you recognize or ac
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if you don't want it, can you take your own steps to canceling it. trim and true are cool they will cancel it for you. they will send an e-mail on the provider on your behalf asking them to cancel it. occasionally they will sit on the phone or send certified mail if necessary. >> it is also important to read the fine print on subscription contracts so you understand the company's cancellation policy. surprised and blessed. that is how montgomery county salvation army captain said he felt after finding a rare coin in his red kettle bucket. >> take a look. someone with a heart of gold dropped this gold 24 carat canadian leaf coin into the lukt last weekend. it has a face value of $50 but listen to this. it may be worth as much as $1200. >> we were going through daily routine of counting all the dimes and nickels. when this came out we kind of stop and everybody kind of froze.
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>> wow, salvation army plans to sell it to a coin collector and use that money to serve the community hopefully in time for christmas. >> what a wonderful gift, though. so handy right now. >> 6:18 is the time. if you thought you had to bundle up yesterday. >> colder, chuck, is that right? >> very cold again this morning. temperatures in the teens and 20s here early. luckily there's not much of a wind blowing. what little breeze we do have lowered windchill in washington. 22 chill in annapolis, down to 23. windchills are really not that much different than temperatures out here across shenandoah valley because wind isn't blowing. planning today, upper teens in the suburbs. a cold start to the day, mid-20s. low- to mid-20s by 7:00. near 40 by 3:00 this afternoon. that will be our average high temperature for the day and back bought 30s this evening.
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old time you need it, especially if you're going to be traveling. nbc washington app also has interactive radar wit. sitting at some far away airport wondering what the weather is like at home you can check that. give me a follow on facebook and twitter. fun pop science quiz posted on there now. the question is do the days get longer and shorter at the equator like they do in washington. tomorrow is our shortest day of the year. a little snow day, northern parts of minnesota and pacific northwest, unsettled weather for us. yesterday's clouds across tidewater, virginia moving away from us. we'll have almost cloud-free sky during the day today. future weather. not much going on today. by later this evening maybe couple of mid and high-level clouds tonight. no chance for rain or snow. it wouldn't be cold enough. if we did we had moisture. tomorrow again mostly sunny for much of the day. maybe late day clouds coming in. no big impacts. a little chance of a drop or two might not be until late in the day sd
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40. tomorrow mid to upper 40s, even some spots in central and northern virginia up closer to 50 tomorrow. here is five-day forecast. typically cold for next 24 hours then closer to average for wednesday, thursday, and friday. a lot of clouds around on thursday. keeping the rain chance out for now. just know, melissa, might have to put precautionary raindrop for second half of thursday and precautionary drop saturday as well. but rain, no white christmas. >> making me sad. may have to do that precautionary stuff. looks like several police vehicles pulling over a car here trying to figure out what's going on. this is 66 west after dulles this morning. trying to get more information on this. overall doesn't seem to be slowing things so that is good. this water break main street at roberts road. we do have video to show you of that. right now this morning we still really have a lot of slick roads
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water on the roadway, of course, froze making for a big old mess. we do have one lane there shut down because of the situation at roberts road. we'll take a look at the beltway coming up. >> thank you, melissa. many of you wereing slipp on ice for the first time hass weekend. the material that may make the difference. >> nbc 4 giving away a trip to new york city and tickets to "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." all you have to do to win is follow nbc washington on instagram and tell
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the market.redict but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. take a look at this video, an important message about caution driving icy roads. an suv lost control in kansas, careened into the police car. the police car went flying into a tow truck and flipped over and the suv slid down a hill. an officer was inside the police car but amazing
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officers emergency vehicles room. that is the law in most places around here. just try to be safe. >> trips to er spike when ground gets slippery. buy the right winter boots. so-called winter lab in toronto, canada, has tested 98 boots on how well they do on ice. most failed but researchers found it's not the depth of the tread but the material of the sole that matters. when you rub your hand over the bottom it should feel like sandpaper. that makes sense of the i've heard doctors say those small falls on ice can lead to the biggest injuries. completely fracture your angle. >> don't feel them right away but eventually get you. maryland olympic athletes. >> four olympians that call montgomery county home were
6:26 am
they attended the ceremony at silver springs center. another honored but couldn't attend. presented olympians with proclamation. ledecky says she hopes the honor will let children know they can accomplish their goal. >> hopefully seeing three of us up there and knowing we came from the county, hopefully that inspires little kids out there to work towards their dream. >> she's having a great year at stanford with their swim team. mongds county announced starting to create a sports hall of fame. four athletes honored were recommended to be its first four inductees. well deserved honor there. we are off to chilly start. winter is about to officially arrive. >> he's rolling his eyes already. >> chuck says it's here. four things to know about the forecast. >> it could be one of the most
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the country. a new plan going up for vote and how soon it could become reality. >> missing from the neighborhood. why a local family's popular
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now at 6:30, a suspected act of terror. the devastation as the truck slams through a christmas market. who police in germany now have in custody. more paid family leave. the new push to make it a reality and controversy going up for a vote. down but not out just yet. the hurdles redskins will have to clear as the teams fight for a spot in the playoffs. >> announcer: "news 4 today" starts now. 6:30 right now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we're going to have to fight hard, but you know what, there's a chance. i'm going to hold onto to hope. >> did you see panthers last night? cam newton wearing a big hat.
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headlines all season. >> certainly are. outside for us, a chilly start. four things you need to know about the weather. number one, it is cold and dry outside this morning. put some extra hand logs on your hands, extra face cream as well. it's extra dry. feel like winter today. temperatures struggling to get to 40 degrees. winter solstice that comes up tomorrow. i'm optimistic pretty good travel weather for anybody trying to get into or out of grandma's house this weekend. teens and 20s now. upper 30s to near 40 for the high today. a little milder, a little warming trend coming our way for tomorrow. tomorrow mid to upper 40s. some spots might be near 50 degrees. the whole ten-day forecast at 6:51. see you then. now time for melissa mollet. good morning. >> good morning. chopper 4 on the way to the top of the beltway. we have a big problem, outer loop there, crash blocki
6:32 am
we've gotten slow quickly here in the last few minutes. want to remind you about this situation, fairfax water main break, chopper 4 over that a short time ago. those roads of icy. just a mess this morning. one lane blocked. come back to my maps, also hearing about a crash on 270. we'll talk about that in a couple minutes. overall roadway looking good this morning. if we can come back and show my map here once again. there we go. northbound d.c. 295 new crash there as well as southbound 301 at chadds ford. northbound 301 billingsley crash in the right lane. again, new problem 270, talk all about that and travel times coming up. all right, melissa, thank you. 6:32, breaking news in fairfax county. >> angie goff at the live desk now with more. angie, what's going on. >> a sad
6:33 am
search for missing woman in fairfax county. police telling us they believe they have found her body. no more details about that certainly given at this point including her name. we still don't know who she is. this is what we do know. she was last seb around midnight in the 6100 block of meadow park in virginia. a striped shirt but no coat out in this cold weather. we'll continue to follow up. we have a reporter headed to the scene. aaron. >> all right, angie, thank you. developing now, the tractor-trailer was towed away and a suspect now in custody in that terrible situation in germany. police calling it an act of terror. they say a man intentionally drove a truck into a crowded christmas market in berlin yesterday. he was identified only as naved b overnight. 20 people died, dozens others hurt. today the council will take a final vote on one of the most generous family e
6:34 am
>> less than 24 hours ago there were last minute efforts to make big changes to that bill. news 4's mollette green live with details on that. >> we're talking about landmark legislation and possibly expecting some back and forth at the day's vote and possibly some revision to this legislation. and then in the end a very close vote on this. the current legislation would impose a tax of less than 1% on city business toss create a new government agency to ensure working families get this up to eight weeks of benefits. >> how effectively we get that paid leave to our employees. >> doesn't create more beaurocraci
6:35 am
community are a little bit tired of. >> reporter: now, if this happens, of course mayor bowser has to sign it. she has repeatedly argued against another tax on city businesses and another argument in this is a lot of city workers don't even live in the district. that is the latest live from outside the wilson building. back to you now. >> mollette green, thank you. to developing story in prince george's county. investigators trying to figure out how a man's body ended up at brook road park in capitol heights. they say it was badly burned and still smoldering yesterday morning. they have identified the man from landover and offering $25,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. surveillance cameras helped metro transit police track down stabbi
6:36 am
he boarded rosslyn station. they say he stabbed a man in vienna. dunn loring station. several ids on him and still trying to determine his identity. president obama pardoned people and 53 had sentences shortages. the white house said biggest clemency in a single day about i any president. for a wide range of offenses. president obama has pardoned a total of 148 people. shortened the sentences of more than 1,000 people including under 400 serving life sentences. lights out at a home in prince george's county usually glowing during christmas season. >> for the first time in 26 years, the family is breaking tradition for the holidays. lanham home owner taking a
6:37 am
cancer. the 77-year-old said he doesn't have the energy to spend 400 hours it takes to put up the display. over the years he's seen visitors as far away as france and russia. he says he misses seeing the joy it brings to people. >> people come every year and bring their kids, grandkids to see it because their parents brought them when they were kids. >> he says he plans to bring back his famous display next year. we wish him a speedy recovery. can't wait to see the display back. >> bet you see all the regulars next year. 6:37, students have a few days left until holiday break. chuck tracking the full day forecast. >> thousands have a new way to get around.
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i'm melissa mollet with storm team 4. outer loop, we have some delays not nearly as bad as we thought. 270 montgomery village brand-new crash southbound lanes. metro delays to glenmont, suspicious package at brooklyn. suspicious activity. 270 southbound pretty slow because of the accident we just showed you on chopper 4. 66, northbound okay, listen to 103.5 when you hop in your car. right now listen to chuck bell. >> hope any that's not considered punishment by too many people. cold start. underground network of temperatures. 18 in potomac, leesburg, centreville 19, 28 in falls
6:42 am
it is a cold morning at the bus stop this morning. teens and low 20s will warm up fairly quickly up to 40 degrees for a high today. it is definitely a heavy coat, mittens, hat and scarf kind of day. no sunshine gets a b plus. forecast coming up in a few. thank you, chuck. redskins need help to make it to the playoffs. the big challenge that lies ahead and why their odds are a lot harder to beat. >> developing right now a dozen dead and suspected act of terrorism. what police are germany are unco
6:43 am
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a suspected act of terrorism, a dozen dead, more injured as a truck plows through a christmas market. the new arrest has investigators piece it all together. >> bright lights and bold design. this new transit hub opens this week in tacoma park. a preview coming up. my responsibility is to get these guys ready to play. we weren't as ready as i'd like to have been. >> fighting for playoffs, next big challenge as redskins battle for postseason.
6:46 am
>> right now 6:35 german chancellor angela merkel meeting with her team to talk about why a tractor-trailer drove into a crowded christmas market. twelve people were killed there and now we're learning this may have been intentional. angie goff at the live desk with the latest on this. angie, what can you tell us? >> a lot happening this morning. right now we are watching memorials to the victims grow, specifically we're working to get video of one at a church, which is in the center of the kmat market. this what is left after the heinous crash. you notice the tractor-trailer isn't there, we watched it towed away overnight. angela merkel, investigators believe this was intentional, was an act of terrorism. some video earlier we got of suspected driver of the truck, the truck that mowed over a crowd at that busy christmas
6:47 am
market. he's now in custody. he's 23. all we know is his name is naved b. we just got word in the last five minutes from germany's top security official, let me take a look at this, the man arrested over this christmas market attack, the man we saw in that video right there, now denying involvement with the killing. we'll continue to follow up on this. a lot of moving parts and developing story. >> angie goff from the live desk. thank you. u.s. embassy in turkey tweeted this saying it will be closed today along with its consulates after deadly attack on russian ambassador andrey karlov. the shooter was killed by other officers but not before he injured three other people. normalizing russia-turkey ties.
6:48 am
with turkish and iranian counter-parts today in moscow. president-elect donald trump is weighing in on those attacks. he tweeted, quote, today there were terror attacks in turkey, switzerland and germany and it's only getting worse. civilized world must change thinking. his tweet came hours after electoral college certified his win becoming 45th president of the united states. that inspired protests for voters to vote against him. instead he vowed to unite the country. a bus hub in prince george's county. >> years in the making. now riders will catch a bus near new hampshire and university boulevard in tacoma park. news 4's justin finch is live on what commuters can expect. justin, good morning. >> hey there, good morning. this is a h
6:49 am
riders play a key role in the pedestrian center. both win now that it's moved away from the street to a central and safe area. once open the hub expects to turn some 6,000 riders daily, now moved from university avenue -- rather university boulevard, new hampshire avenue here to this center. also help riders track their buses on monitors, montgomery county, university of maryland and metrobus as well. high canopies in this open air hub will protect from elements. also especially designed for americans with disabilities and also special transit points for disabled riders. preparations now being made for 10:00 a.m. opening ride will not be today. that will come on thursday. back to you. >> justin finch live in
6:50 am
park. thank you. redskins still have a chance to make it to the playoffs but a long shot. >> holding on. playing this coming saturday against bears. until then this is the video people will be talking about. kirk cousins game changing fumble. whatever difference it made skins behind two other teams for final nfc seed. players say they can only focus on themselves. >> we take credit. hopefully everybody can put it behind us and take care of what we need to take care of and win. >> important to point out redskins are still in it at this rate. it all comes down to games this weekend and regular season finale against giants on new year's day. we need everyone out. >> it can happen. >> we need the next two games to win and then punch a ticket. there you go. >> chuck, you had a little question, a quiz for us. >> right.
6:51 am
tomorrow, shortest day of the year in washington, only 9 1/2 hours of daylight. in june we get almost 15 hours. so do the days get longer and shorter at the equator. >> my answer is it's the equator, they don't change. they stay the same. >> that is correct. >> i'll piggy back on his answer. >> especially since i said correct. >> exactly. you shouldn't have said correct. >> always 12 hours of daylight at the equator. go to twitter or facebook feed @chuck bell. i posted a link so you can type it in there and check out how long hours of daylight are at any given point around entire world. yes, indeed, 12 hours of daylight year-round down at the equator. meanwhile at home still waiting for sun to come up, 27 degrees, light north wind in washington. temperatures drop mid and teens out lying rural areas, frederick maryland 14, front royal
6:52 am
luray 18 degrees. when you're starting off that cold and these are the lowest sun angles of the year, weakest sunshine we get all year long. weak sunshine and cool north breeze we'll struggle today. upper 30s to low 40s. nbc washington app. my twitter handle and facebook page. look up there and see a link to help prove that answer to be correct for you. >> unsettled weather in the northwest. that may bring slight chance of shower or two, late saturday night into sunday. by and large next couple of days are going to be cry. near 40 today. tomorrow morning we will be gradually trying to come south. it will be cold, not as cold, i don't think anyone in the teens but most below freezing. tomorrow afternoon plenty of sunshine later on upper 40s to 50s for highs tomorrow. back up to 52 ur
6:53 am
thursday but just to be safe may get some late saturday, early sunday. best chance for accumulating rain next tuesday. >> i hope santa has a roof for his sleigh if that's a possibility. outer loop after georgia, still delays on the top of the beltway. 270 montgomery village avenue southbound here has delays in the 370 area because of a crash that's now on the shoulder. southbound 28 at the toll road crash there, left lane 66 and 95 overall looking good. southbound 301 at chadds ford drive new crash, billingsley crash still in the right lane. top of the beltway everything into town and lout of town looking good. fairfax, main street at roberts road, water main break still around. we have video, chopper 4 over the problem in fairfax just a short time ago. again, just one lane affected. look at that, a slick, slippery mess this morning because
6:54 am
if we can come back to my map and show you what else is going around. metro, glenmont, investigation in brooklyn and silver line days to largo town center. guys. >> thank you, melissa. breaking news right now, chopper 4 over the scene in fairfax county where a woman's body was found. >> angie goff at the live desk with details on this. angie, what do we know? >> chopper 4 arriving to the scene and one with many questions. this is what we know as we take that live look from chopper 4. flashing light, wilmington drive at winward in burk, virginia where fairfax county police set up staging area for the media. this is where we're hoping to find more about an elderly woman found dead following an overnight search that involved choppers and ground search. we're waiting to find who she is, where exactly she was fou
6:55 am
how she died. last seen 6100 block of meadow park, virginia. she was found less than a mile from that location. her last sighting was outside and she was not wearing a coat in the cold. news 4 headed to the scene on the ground. molette green will have more later today. back to you. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. get your last-minute holiday shopping done now, walmart will close 6:00 p.m., two hours earlier than last year. retailer allowing workers to get home and spend time with their families is important. cnbc morning business report i'm landon dowdy. thank you. it is 6:55 now. here are four things to know at this hour. a man in connection to a deadly bus crash in berlin, germany. investigators say he drove into a crowded christmas market on purpose. >> d.c. council will consider two paid family leave options today. both will provide up to eight weeks of paid
6:56 am
one imposes a less than 1% tax on businesses. the other would require a company to provide leave without tax. a new transit center will open thursday in tacoma park this morning. they will dedicate the new hub. adam tuss will be there and follow his utes on twitt twitter @adamtuss. redskins chance to make the playoffs is shrinking. they lost to panthers last night. up next they play bears on the road. go skins. >> it is going to be chilly outside. sunshine up near 40 today and near 50 tomorrow and a little milder weather as we finish out the week. only a slight chance through saturday. i don't think it will impact santa in any way. >> better not. impact santa and you'll get a lot of people angry. outer loop looking good, 270 southbound a little slow between montgomery village avenue because of a crash al
6:57 am
the shoulder. southbound 28 a toll road crash in the left lane. >> melissa, thank you. that is the broadcast. appreciate you waking up with us. >> "today" show next, see you in 25 minutes for weather, traffic, breaking news. until then, make it a great day. >> make it a great tuesday, everybody.
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good morning. breaking news. deadly attacks in europe. the man suspected of plowing a in europe. the man suspected of plowing a truck, a man from pakistan. at least 12 people killed, dozens injured and authorities believe it was most likely terrorism. while in turkey, investigators try to figure out what motivated a 22 police officer to as sas nate a russian ambassadassassi r ambassador. knowing that we have made it this far,


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