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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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scene as people come by to pay their respects. we have team coverage of the crash and the stepped up security here at home. matt baddeley starts our coverage. >> reporter: nbc news can confirm that police released the initial suspect in the the killing of 12 people last night at this christmas market in central berlin. in that attack, somebody drove a truck into this crowded market at 8:00 p.m. last night plowing into dozens of people killing 12 of them and injuring dozens more. 16 of them critically. police have said this 23-year-old pakistani man simply didn't have the evidence to put him in the cab of the truck that committed the crime. the forensic evidence wasn't there. the witnesses, even though there were crowds of people, they weren't able to actually identify the man as having been in the truck at the time of the killing. now there's
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large somewhere either in berlin or germany trying to flee police. so this dragnet is going to continue and police are going to be scouring this country and combing through the video cam a cameras in this busy square locking to try to place the man, the driver it, who managed to simply disappear into the crowd following this very violent au tack. back to you. that deadly attack has police in several major cities all over the western part of the world ramping up security five days before christmas. our meagan fitzgerald is in northwest d.c. with that part of our report. >> reporter: i can tell you police are out here and very visible. they are walking around. there's officers on bikes and that's addition to security guards walking around the venue, which is similar to the one that was attacked in berlin. police say this is just one location where people will likely see changes.
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>> the crisp weather is putting a lot of folks in the holiday spirit. >> looking for something that's not what you'd find at the mall. trying to find unique gifts. >> reporter: while last-minute shopping, it's almost impossible not to think of what happened just hours ago at a similar venue in berlin. a driver plowed into a crowd killing at least 12 people and injuring dozens of others. >> whenever there's something that happens anywhere in the world, a terrorist event of that type and we step up our game. >> reporter: the police chief says officers are monitoring and evaluate iing places like the outdoor holiday market in northwest. >> we anticipate that it's a potential threat here. we create an environment where that type of episode is less likely to happen. >> reporter: park police chief says his officers are also
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presence at national park areas such as the washington monument. >> reporter: but that's not something these shoppers seem to be too worried about. many folks say they refuse to live their life in fear. >> i can't say i don't think about it, but it doesn't stop me from doing what i want to do. >> reporter: police say they really are counting on the public in the sense they want them to contact them if they see something suspicious or something that doesn't feel right. they are urging the public to contact police right away. back to you. >> meagan fitzgerald, thank you. now to the assassination of russia's ambassador to turkey. his body has been returned to moscow. the ambassador was gun. ed down while opening an art exhibit. the gunman shouted statements that subje suggest he was taking revenge for russian actions in syria. he was killed in a shootout with police ans
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tur koe's riot police. but a senior turkish government official told the associated press today the gunman was not likely to have acted alone. the assassination was professional and too well planned to have been the work of a lone individual. chopper 4 just now over the scene some breaking news in virginia. we're told a driver hit three people, two of the vick u tims were children. it happened along centerville road. c-< children were walking in an intersection when the car hit them. the driver stayed on the scene. all the people are expected to be okay. police are still there trying to collect evidence to figure out what happened. a deadly encounter, today fairfax county police released this video of the confrontation that happened a few months ago.
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why the hospital released the man. police here at headquarters telling us that video justifies the deputy's actions. still unclear is why the hospital released that man. it's a question i asked them. >> this is mr. gomez. >> just released shows the 29-year-old pacing around the bus stop. notice his hand holding a a sign post some 3 feet long. >> this is when security personnel will get on the security radios and then radio for additional assistance. >> police say the video shows gomez attacking a hospital security guard. the guard's co-workers check ong his wounds and sending him to the e.r.
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some hours earlier around 2:00. >> it was over 100 degrees that day and he was sweating heavily and had had switch twitching under his eyes which prompted officer to call for rescue personnel. >> reporter: his officers stayed with gomez for a couple hours until doctors cleared him. back to security footage, moments after hurting that security guard, look to the right of your screen. the deputy arriving. >> once he does learn that, you'll see he actually draws his handgun and places it along his leg just to maintain a position of readiness. >> within seconds, gomez appears to charge at the deputy. shots fired. gomez falls to the ground. the chief not commenting on the hospital's decision to release gomez. >> i can't speak of the training and certifications of the
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medical staff there. i trust their e evaluations. >> in an e-mail, a spokesperson for the hospital telling me that it they cannot release details of gomez's treatment or why they released him because of hardship pa laws. reporting live, david culver, news 4. a chilly day across our region. temperatures today only in the 30s. a little cooler than expected. i was expecting 42 degrees, but not even close. temperature, 37 degrees today. even with all that sunshine, 36 in gagaithersburg. we did get to 41. temperatures dropping already into the 20s tonight. that's where we'll be tomorrow morning. so chilly overnight. calm for the next few days. after last week's
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weather alert days. nothing in the forecast now. we're tracking that travel forecast. and tracking the showers christmas eve. i'm going to take you hour by hour on christmas eve. if you're driving, i'll show you when the best time is to head to grandma's house. i'll see you back here. after months of debate, the d.c. council has approved a plan to provide paid family leave for workers in the district. that happened an hour ago. tom sherwood was there at the time and outside the wilson building with more. >> it was a key sponsor of the bill u. >> it's good for our workers and it's good for our economy. it's good for
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>> reporter: we were having a problem with you hearing us. the vote was 9-4 and provides eight weeks of leave for childbirth. a business supported. 500,000 employees one more resident who supported it today was overjoyed at the vote. >> how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling so great. i'm feeling so great. i'm feeling just absolutely great. 9-4, and this is what i've been hoping pr. this is just helps my family and my loved ones. it will help a lot. >> reporter: now this is a a big, big victory for the people that have been supporting paid family leave for more than
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year. the question is what next for the mayor. she doesn't like it. she doesn't like to tax. the council will have to come back in january if she vetoes it. if that happens, no one knows what will happen next with paid family leave in the city. i'm tom sherwood, news 4. still ahead, it's one of the biggest drug busts in montgomery county and police made it by accident. coming up, we sit dwn for a one-on-one with larry hogan who discusses his health and his relationship with president-elect donald trump. coming up on news 4, why you won't be able to get a table at this diner for the
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larry hogan sat down with our tracee wilkins to talk about the year ahead for the people of maryland and for him. the conversation covered many topics from president-elect donald trump to hogan's reelection and himself. she's here with now more on their conversation. >> larry
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for one-on-one interviews. e we discussed the election of donald trump and the possibility of prince georges county executive running against him in 2018. >> smaller companies would get a tax break. >> reporter: governor hogan says it's time to adopt a statewide sick leave policy. it will be one of the focuses. >> we are hoping that a common sense sick leave proposal can make it through. >> reporter: during a rare interview with the governor, we discussed his health. >> i'm feeling great. so happy and grateful to be healthy again and cancer free. >> reporter: after announcing he had stage 3 lymphoma cancer in december 2015, he decided to fight it while in office. he announced he was cancer free in september of this year. >> i'm growing some hair. get. ing my strength back. >> reporter: our conversation
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>> we're going to have a great working relationship. i wish the new incoming presidential well. >> reporter: the presidential election of donald trump has more in the republican party licking wounds after they decided not to support him. but larry hogan doesn't feel that his position not to support trump's candidacy has put him or the state of maryland in political jeopardy u. >> many of the people he's selecting for positions are close friends. many of them didn't support trump. >> reporter: baker has not formally announced, but he's considering a run in 2018. >> he said he was going to make up his mind right after the election. i'm anxious to hear. >> reporter: the governor had had this to say about his possible run. >> the more the merrier. i have known him for a long time. he's a good guy. we would welcome him to the race. >> when he said the more the merri merrier, the more democrats you have running, the better his chances are of winning as
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republican. that's what he has to say about that. >> another big story we have been following is the search for the new fbi headquarters. did he have an opinion about that? >> there are two locations that are up for this bid. one inlandover. i asked if e he had a favorite and he does not. the county is favoring green belt. he said he just wants it here and he's going to continue to support it and fight virginia's. >> we don't know what this decision is coming. >> everybody is anxiously waiting. >> michelle obama opened up like never before. >> she did a candid interview with oprah. she said e she found the presidential election painful to watch as a citizen. she also reflected on her family's eight years in the white house. >> knowing that we have made it
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in many ways i believe we have thrived, there is a weight that's lifted. >> would you ever run for office? >> no. no, look that's one thing i u -- i don't make stuff up. i'm not coy. i'm pretty direct. if i were interested in it, i would say it. i don't believe in playing games. >> mrs. obama also stressed the need for a smooth presidential transition. >> a new vietnam war exhibit is open inside the pentagon. that display honors veterans and their families. chuck hagel was on hand for the opening ceremony and?j-8x toure exhibit today. it includes a time line of history of a war. there are artifacts ask memorabilia left at the wall. that exhibit is not open to the
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here's a story we're really happy to share with you. the owner of a diner and his customers are banding together to make the holidays a little brighter for dozens of local families. mark segraves is at the 29 diner where unless you have a reservation, you won't be able to get a table. >> reporter: it is christmas dinner all wrapped up into this special diner here. most diners across the country are open 24/7. tomorrow night and thursday night, the route 29 diner in fairfax will be closed so they can serve dinner to very special families. >> getting all prepped up and all our meats. >> reporter: the owner of the 29 diner in fairfax wanted to spread some joy this christmas season. >> i hope to see all of the holiday festive feelings that you and i are going to
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joy and happiness and excitement and love and caring from family. >> john wood wanted to see a few families that needed help. he reached out to the local nonprofit that was looking for people to sponsor holiday meals. >> we know how he loves to help families in need. >> we're going to take good care of them like they are our family. >> reporter: then customers started to pitch in with small cash donations. soon there was enough to feed 36 families and provide kids with lots of presents. today a local union rep showed up with a check. >> we're here to present you with check. >> the meals and the gifts will go a long way for these families. >> all these wonderful gifts and all this it great food helps a lot to touch these limited budgets. >> reporter: for the next three days, the diner will close to create a special memory for dozens of
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>> doesn't surprise me at all. a a little loss of revenue i don't think is going to hurt john as far as what he's done. >> the families struggle day in and day out and then they have this sort of outpouring and support and it just sort of gives them somebody cares about them. >> reporter: the holiday spirit is absolutely infectious inside the diner here this evening. and to give you an idea of how infectious it is, when we aired at 5:00, before our story finished airing, the phone here at the diner started ringing with viewers who wanted to donate more toys and more money to help even more families. and it is really just the holiday spirit in full force here. that's reporting live in the 29 diner, back to you guys. >> we love seeing that. >>
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if you wouldn't mind, bring back one of those steaks. stolen history. how the fall government is stepping in to track down the lost treasure sometimes over thousands of years old. one of the biggest drug busts ever in montgomery county. and it almost came
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up and down and up and down with our holiday week weather. where are we going next? >> we're going like this. it's pretty good. there's no real ups or downs. it's kind of like status quo over the next couple days. that's okay. we'll take it. temperatures today well below average. average high this time of year 46 degrees. a high of 39 yesterday. i thought we would be warmer today. but right now, we're going down. 34 at the airport. clear skies allowing the temperatures to fall. 26 degrees right now. 28 front royal. 28 in lorton. it's boing to be another cold night tonight. not quite as cold as last night. i don't think we'll hit the mid-teens like this morning. stilin
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you wake up and walk out the door on your wednesday. no rain to talk about. no rain or snow. i don't even see any snow chances for the rest of the year. i apologize u. it would be nice. i don't think it's going to happen. wet christmas, possibly. at least christmas eve. current temperatures around the area, you notice this cold air a across the east. this isn't frigid like it was yesterday. 14 in chicago. today they got sbo the upper 20s. this is rem any sent of what's happening. cool air across the east and it's going to stick around. we have the clear skies that allows us to cool tonight. back to the west, we're tracking another front and another system bringing snow to the great lakes. there will be another one of those over the next few days. just like this one, it will track to the north. so we have the cool air ahead of it. here comes the next storm into thursday. that moves across the lakes and brings the cold air to places like chicago and cleveland. i know chris lawrence headed to detroit. it'in
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but for us, we're on the mild side on thursday. even on friday, the cooler air moves down. but there will be some snow showers well to the north and west. if you're driving, i-95 is looking great. cold, some snow, closer to the great lakes. air travel looking good across the nation. christmas eve a big storm out west is also going to give us some showers around here. wednesday morning, going to be on the chilly side. temperatures around 22 in winchester. here is the next ten days. 52 degrees on thursday. tomorrow, first full day of winter. 45 on friday. a little cool with clouds. and there's the rain chance on saturday. christmas eve and the start of hanukkah. i'm going to break it down and take you hour by hour. christmas is looking great next week. coming up, a routine traffic stop and an arrest in onef
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history opinion. a condition undiagnosed that could increase your risk of a heart attack. we have a brand new huge bus facility in part of the region. but this isn't all about buss. there are many other features built in. s'm adam tu
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now at 6:30, a traffic it stop ends with one of the biggest drug busts in montgomery county history. >> it blew my mind. >> a new transportation it option for thousands of commuters. we'll tell you how this transit center could play a vital role in the new purple line. doctors are warning about a type of heart attack striking young, healthy women. >> international relics swiped and sent to the u.s. how our government is tracking down the stolen treasures and the people behind the crime. >> they know they were stolen and they are bringing that through the black market to be sold many in options. a road side confession that led police to a major drug bust. >> hundreds of pounds of marijuana found during a traffic stop in montgomery county. new details about where the man was headed. pat collins is at police headquarters withha
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this is a strange one. >> reporter: indeed, a traffic stop leads to a big drug bust. with the help of the suspect himself. look at all that pot. bags and bags and bags of pot. about 250 pounds of pot seized from a mini van driven by this man. it started as a routine traffic stop. they say he was doing about 66 in a 55 zone. this is the officer, the cop who made the arrest. he asked that we don't show his face. he said he made that traffic stop, smelled marijuana and after some questioning tosi admitted to hauling the
6:32 pm
>> what was his dmoern throughout all this? >> he was pretty calm. he was straight forward with us on the stop about how much he had in the car. >> did he say anything else? >> he just seemed very worried about going to jail. >> that's where he is. >> yes. >> so he's worried. >> yes. >> reporter: according to court documents, he said he was coming from pittsburgh and headed to virginia beach. he says he really doesn't have an address. that he finds different places to live for weeks at a time. take another look at all that pot. this is one of the largest drug busts in the history of montgomery county crime. and for this officer, this was the big one. >> i'm sure drug traffickers know where the police are and where they aren't. i'm not sure if they use 270 a lot or not. i just happened to be in the right place at the right time. >> reporter: there's a moral to
6:33 pm
don't be a dope and always obey the speed limit. back to you. >> pat collins, good advice, thank you. the principal of gaithersburg elementary school calls it a serious breach of trust after a school employee was arrested for sexual abuse. the name was ron greene e. he's a building service worker who is accused of assaulting a minor on school property. he's on administrative leav a letter has been sent home to parents. the superintendent of montgomery county public schools unveiled his budget and calls tr an increase in spending. he's proposing a $2.5 billion plan, that's $62 million more than the current budget. e he wants to add 95 full-time positions. the money and staff are needed to keep up with an enrollment surge. the student population is expected to
6:34 pm
next year. commuters in maryland have another transportation option. the tacoma langley cross roads transit center was dedicated today. it's located a the university boulevard and new hampshire avenue, an area starved for more transit choices, we're told. our transportation reporter adam tuss has our report. >> reporter: a dramatic transportation change for one of the most congested parts of our region this is very exciting. how about it? >> reporter: the excitement not just about bus. s, but also safety. putting all the buss that serve this area in one center should dramatically cut down on people who make a mad dash across the roads here to catch the bus. elaine has firsthand experience. >> somebody came around the side and hit her. i'm glad for the changes. >> reporter: this center is also
6:35 pm
future u of the planned purple line, a station already on the drawing board scheduled to go right here. >> the next major transportation link between montgomery and prince georges county, our purple line. >> reporter: 60 buss per rush hour scheduled to come through here. there's an inside section to buy a ticket or warm up. >> a nice pivotal spot, man. down in d.c. or deeper into maryland, i think it's a e great asset to our community. >> while it was dedicated today, the transit center opens for business on thursday. >> reporter: check it out. take a look at this brand new transit center at the cross roads here and how much is this transit center really needed. this is the largest nonrail transfer point in ourn
6:36 pm
region. >> adam tuss reporting, thank you. 100 new jobs are heading to bethesda. intozen is expanding after winning a contract from the department of homeland security. the company will spend $2 million to renovate is and expand its headquarters. 100 new jobs will be created by the end of next year. coming up, a tragic end when a woman with dementia wondered away from her home. a warning for young women. the condition often missed by cardiologists that could increase your risk of a heart attack. and i'm taking a closer look at what you can expect over the next couple days, including christmas eve. we have some rain moving in. also the start of hanukkah. more on this, i'll keep
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where a 67-year-old woman was found dead after apparently wandering away from her home. members of the family say francis robinson suffered alzheimer's and last saw her around midnight last night. she was miswhg they got up this morning. police were called and her body was found in a partially frozen pond a few blocks away. the cause of death is still being investigated, but police say they do not suspect foul play. searching for people who wander away from their homes because of dementia requires special skills and training. people who wander often travel in a straight line and often downhill, which may lead to water. the news 4 i-team has taken a look at the training that some police officers have received to find people who wander off. we invite you to open our app to watch their story.
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women. a certain type of heart attack is hitting young healthy women. the condition involves a tear in a blood vessel leading to the heart. 10 to 20% of them happen in women who have just given birth. the average victim is just 42 years old. >> i was going to take a shower. and just felt this unusual chest pain. enough to make me stop and take notice. >> how old were you? >> i was 40. and i had a 17-day-old daughter at the time. >> "nbc nightly news" will have more on this including why doctors may have missed so many recent cases. that's tonight at 7:00 right after this broadcast. you started to think about new year's resolutions yet? if your goal is to get
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in the right direction. our nbc 4 health and fitness expo is on january 7th and 8th. it's right around the corner. this is the 24th year we're putting on this event. we'll have lots of health, medical and wellness exhibits and free screenings and good information available too. it's all free. you'll be hearing more about this over the next few weeks. all the information is available at how the federal government is helping track wn stolen do
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you might recall indiana jones told us about the hidden treasures falling into sinister hands. sometimes thousands of years old. every year looters and smugglers make millions selling cultural property. >> as aaron gilchrist shows us, the federal government has hundreds of ilts own indiana jones working to find and return those stolen relics. >> a mummy's hand from 3,000 years old ripped from the cradle of civilization. it was discovered at the los angeles airport being passed off as a sci-fi movie prop. it was one of several ancient artifacts returns by i.c.e. in a special ceremony attended by the country's foreign minister. >> each tells a story.
6:45 pm
>> homeland security agents also seized a child's from a garage in brooklyn. >> we have agents trained that actually go and walk into an art gallery and look around. >> overseas the cultural property, art and antiquities program. a team of 400 agents to investigate the theft and trafficking of these items. they locate and retrieve pieces sometimes from oblivious collectors and museums. sometimes from tomb raiders. >> there's individuals going to jail. they e know those pieces were stolen in egypt. they are bringing it through the black market to be sold. >> reporter: nearly 8,000 items like these from egypt have been returned by i.c.e. to more than 30 countries. >> it's not like it was 30 years ago where there was nobody watching at all
6:46 pm
in antiquities. today we're seconding the message around that people are watching. >> reporter: he's an archaeologist with national geographic. he spent years studying treasures around the world. even down to the fidora. they u train how to identify and handle items. he worked with customs agents at dulles airport. >> to teach them how to sort artifacts and photograph them correctly and describe them. we work together as a team for a couple hours to document about 1500 artifacts. >> it led to smugglers, money launders and buyers and two criminal convictions. >> this was stolen. >> absolutely. stolen at some point in time. >> possibly since 2001
6:47 pm
an art deal er who didn't know what he had, turned it over when i.c.e. came calling. >> knowing the counterparts, that's going to be in a museum for the public to enjoy. >> aaron gilchrist, news 4. we're following breaking news outside of mexico city where we have seen shocking video of a massive explosion at a fireworks market. >> police are telling us it happened at an open air fireworks market in mexico. that's an hour outside mexico city. the blast could be seen for miles with plumes of smoke engulfing dozens
6:48 pm
. nbc news has learned there have been several incidents at that market in the past ten years. in parts of mexico it's tradition to set off fireworks around the holidays. we're going to be updating this story all night. i'm chris lawrence. so i think you promised you were going to give more details about the week ahead. >> did i say that? then i have to do that. the week ahead and christmas eve and the start of hanukkah as well, we paired both of those together. take a look at this. they are celebrating the season by lighting up old town square. how nice the weather cooperates.
6:49 pm
now if you want to send your pictures our way, you can send them to us. i love this time of year. it's so great. it's even better with snow on the ground. right now, let's show you what we're dealing with. no snow across most of the country. winds out of the southwest at 5 miles per hour. i do not see snow in our forecast any time soon. we are e seeing cold numbers. 28 in potomac. and centerville at 28 degrees. . at the bus stop tomorrow, 28 to start off the day. it's going to start off chilly. -- 39 by noon. next ten days there's no snow here. temperatures are on the warm side. almost everybody in the 40s and 50s. even 60s as we make our wake into next week. 45 on
6:50 pm
through. saturday, christmas eve, the start of hanukkah, 45 degrees. a lot of people on the roads. we're going to see some rain. not expecting a lot of rain, but this is what we're going to be seeing. most likely around 7:00 in the morning. 45 by noon with rain coming down. most of that should happen during the morning hours. clearing late in the afternoon and by the time santa is making his way around town, the weather is going to be okay. no problem. there's no wipers on that sled. 50 degrees on your sunday. >> coolest part of it all, after tomorrow, the days start getting longer. >> i always look forward o to that. >> we have sports coming up. chris cooley has thoughts. stay tuned. here's lester holt with what's ahead on
6:51 pm
the wrong man is held for the berlin truck attack, the man hunt for the real terrorist is on. an american mom and family held captive in afghanistan appear in a new hostage video. . we'll have their story. and what you should know about a type of heart attack (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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we're glad carol is talking about. . >> she's pretty and they were not. >> i wish i thought of that. >> sometimes against all odds, we still hope. but sometimes with the positive we'll take a night off. kind of the latter today. exactly one month ago, the winner of the green bay packers and trending all over these parts, today everyone was scratch iing their head. they showed us nothing. chris cooley on the magnitude of the monday meltdown. >> i don't know how you cool down. i'm sitting here in the press room. i'm looking at the white chairs around me. i would love to pick these chairs up and smash a a couple of thoem. hope for the playoffs. hope for your team to make a push. what a cr
6:55 pm
they got outplayed. that is so frustrating. i'm sorry to everybody that went through 25 years of hope for the team. i have never felt more crushed. as a fan or as a player, the redskins entire team did not bring everything to the table. they are gutsy and they will fight and play from behind and their never quit attitude, but there's a slow start we're going to wait and see lack of aggressiveness. lack of killer instinct to start. i want u to feel good about a big win. about a playoff push are you control your own destiny. i don't want to say kirk cousins could have played better. do we need a new defensive coordinator. everybody is watching. there's a lot of opportunity for this team to still make the playoffs. but if they played like they played
6:56 pm
matter if they make the playoffs. what they didn't wasn't good enough. they have a chance to turn it around and make a real run and play with real attitude. the season isn't dead. i have to take a breath and take a break. it's a misery tuesday. it's not even monday. >> terrible tuesday. he was going off. we had to edit that down. >> now we're really depressed. >> take away from jay gruden's presser, that long injury list got longer. dunbar, concussion protocol. kerrigan, elbow sprain. they face the bears on saturday. injury news for the wizards. expected to miss the next six weeks with the knee injury. if you haven't heard of him, he signed a four-year, $64 million free agent deal. he's played one game this season. in october he underwithin the surgery on his
6:57 pm
and sustained a bone bruise to the left. meanwhile this is 7-year-old seth parish. surprised with a jersey and joined the caps on the ice on tuesday. his father died in 2009, a month before seth was born. se it was part of the tragedy assistance program helping launch the annual courage campaign. a special day, the hardest part waiting until caps finished the drills so he could get on the ice. he participated with the team. >> i liked it very much. it was fun. and i waited and waited and i just wanted to get out there. >> what's your name? >> nice to meet you, barry. >> military families are something that it i think deserve a lot of credit and a
6:58 pm
any chance we're able to help them out or just hang out and have some conversations, it's always great. >> that boy has some
6:59 pm
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tonight, manhunt for a killer. isis sends a chilling message to the world as police in berlin reveal they arrested the wrong man. and the driver who killed and maimed so many is on the run. and here at home, on alert, stepped-up security being deployed at holiday events all across the country. concerns about big trucks getting too close to crowds. warning signs. eye-opening new information about a leading cause of heart attacks striking younger women. many who have just had a baby. tonight the symptoms doctors say you should know. high drama. the famous pop singer and his famous model wife, who jumped into action in a crisis at 30,000 feet. and brotherly surprise. the moment that brought the crowd to tears. an emotional reunion that's inspiring er


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