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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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we have a lot to get to tonight. but we begin with a frightening situation in the district. >> police are searching for a large group of teenagers who li
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when they roughed up and robbed a person and took off. >> news 4 is talking with police. jackie bensen joins us with the latest. >> reporter: jim, this happened very fast. obviously a very disturbing experience. this is such a busy corner right here. now, you don't have a lot of details. about 7:00 tonight, not even, when the victim told police he was approached by a group of about 10 or 15 men, possibly teenagers, who roughed him up and robbed him. it is not clear whether the victim was injured to the extent that he required medical attention. as you noted the victim was not able to provide much of a description to police because he told them that the men who attacked him and robbed him were wearing masks. possibly their shirts pulled up over their faces. again, this is the only incident that we're aware of this even
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in this area. but about 7:00 tonight here at 13th and u northwest, a man reported being assaulted and robbed by a group of as many as 10 to 15 men wearing masks. live in northwest, jackie bensen, news 4. >> jackie, thank you. right now extra police are stationing at popular tourist spots across the country after the deadly truck attack in berlin. in new york officers suited up to patrol streets around rockefeller center. there was a similar beefed up situation in chicago. and in the district law enforcement are working overtime. tonight there is no one in custody in the attack in berlin. german officials say the man they arrested shortly after, they let him go. they say they didn't have enough evidence against him. >> the media ranch of isis is claiming responsibility for the killings
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not offering any proof. >> reporter: the isis claim coming in the middle of an urgent man hunt. police looking for a suspect after that surprise move. releasing the 23-year-old pakistani migrant they originally thought was the truck driver. now high alert across the city. tonight we learned new details about the attacks that left at least 12 dead and nearly 50 wounded. just after 8:00 p.m. last night a large black truck loaded with steel beams plowed from the crowded christmas market. going about 40 miles per hour, according to a witness. authorities say the truck drove through the market, about 250 feet, crushing wooden huts selling wine and sausages. today the truck was removed from the square revealing the aftermath. witnessed by an american who recently moved to berlin. she said she barely survived and hid behind a stall to get out of the truck's path.
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and looked up and saw this semi truck, whatever, just barrelling down the street toward me. >> reporter: one of the victims found inside the truck's cab, an employee of a truck company who had been shot. the murder weapon not recovered. police say he's a victim, not a suspect. his last phone call to his wife, monday, five hours before the horror began. today the german chancellor visited the scene holding a single white rose to remember the victims. >> two possibilities, either he's a lone wolf, and then he'll go into hiding or there are co-conspirators. >> reporter: tonight a makeshift memorial is growing as they wonder if more are to come. today merkel said it would be hard to bear if the attacker turned out to be a refugee, an acknowledgment the
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could be from her policy. a revealed deep division in german society. we mentioned law enforcement agencies across our area are upping security after the attack, and it won't all be in ways you can see. the chief of the u.s. park police says he's already added patrols to popular tourist sites along the national mall. but he says the agency will also make advantage of a web of cameras around the district. >> 30 people are very well trained and i know they are on top of the situation. >> there's a lot of security in the world, and you need to be careful and cautious. >> protecting against trucks is part of the planning for security at big public events last next months inauguration. the security service already factored in attacks like the one in berlin. the death toll is rising from the massive expln
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fireworks market near mexico city. 26 people have been killed with another 72 injured. the initial blast flattened the outdoor market and scorched the ground and then explosions with a plume of smoke around the area. one witness said everything was catching fire with stones and bricks flying by. the mexican red cross dispatched 10 ambulances and 50 paramedics. a lot of people there make their living manufacturing fireworks which are a big part of christmas and new year's celebrations in mexico. the same market had an explosion before. it reopened about a year after supposedly with new safety precautions. at the live desk, i'm chris lawrence. >> we have video showing the tense and hektive moments after a driver hit a
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two children in hernden. they were crossing mcnair farms drive when a driver tried to turn onto centerville road. the mother had nonlife threatening injuries. the woman behind the wheel stayed on the scene. police say speed or alcohol don't appear to have played a role in the crash. people are braving the cold to remember the homeless men and women who died this year. we are joined by shomari stone to tell us more about the vigil. >> reporter: i've been standing here for about 10 minutes and it's cold. imagine what it must feel like if you're homeless on the street. some members of homeless community and advocates are sleeping in this tent. they have space heaters. they are
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homelessness in the district and they're also paying tribute to people who have died on the streets. they chant for affordable housing. and they hold a coffin that symbolizes the more than 40 members of the homeless community who they say died in d.c. this year. a homeless advocacy group introduced us to albert town send. he said he became homeless about ten years ago. >> i wasn't getting support at first. and then it led to my demise or made me become homeless. >> reporter: he lived on the street for about a year and then got a job for a group that focuses on ending homelessness. he now offers emotional support for others who don't have a place to live. >> it's like health care for folks who are homeless. >> reporter: the activists are asking the mayor and the
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council invest millions to end homelessness. >> we need about $8.5 million to house about 535 folks we know need that intervention this year. >> we still have people in this community experiencing homelessness despite all the resources we're putting into programs to get people good jobs and housing. and we need to keep at it. >> reporter: that was council member brian who is going to keep at it and talk to the council next january. the folks say they're going to sleep here tonight, and tomorrow they'll continue to bring attention to homelessness in the district. live here in northwest d.c., shomari stone. >> thank you, shomari. on this cold night pepco is working to restore power to colombia heights. the outage is due to an underground cable
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lights and heat on by 1:30 a.m. police are asking for your help. an attempted abduction. police tell us the man was driving a van when he tried to lure a little girl inside with candy. he told her there were dogs inside the vehicle. the girl told police he grabbed her backpack and jacket before she was able to get away. tonight we know who will lead d.c. school system, antoine wilson is officially the chancellor of d.c. public schools now. wilson was confirmed by the d.c. council earlier today. he was previously superintendent of the oakland unified school district in california. wilson replaces kia henderson who resigned earlier this year. the district's population rate hit its highest level since
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it's a total population of 681,000 people. 10,000 of those residents moved here in the past year. >> this time of year we see how generous our community really is. for money dropped into salvation army to coat drives, you stepped up, and so did the owner of the 29 diner. he reached out to a local nonprofit looking for people to sponsor holiday meals. when his customers heard, they pitched in. now instead of feeding six families, they'll serve dozens of families over the next two nights. >> we're going to take care of them like they're our family. >> it gives them that somebody cares about them, and somebody in a community, 2 community does care. and the community does care tonight. the phones lit up in the 29 diner after our story aired at 6:00 with people who want to make more donations. a very cold n
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and temperatures, i'll tell you about them. a warning about a mysterious condition the doctors say often go undiagnosed and why pregnant women should pay attention. >> a four-year-old witnesses something unthinkable. a horrific scene most adults couldn't imagine. why one red skins player was moved to make sure a little
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heart attack striking seemingly young, healthy women. it's called spontaneous coronary artery dissection. it involves a tear in a blood vessel leading to the heart. 10 to 20% of them happen to women who have just given birth, but it can affect men. stints could tear the artery further. >> we were making things worse in the past. >> doctors don't know what causes it but their advice to s to know the symptoms of a heart attack. shortness of breath, and cold sweats. tonight one of the red skins is teaming up to help a little girl overcome the trauma that changed her life. >> we're joined with more on what he's doing and why. >> he says it's christmas time and he wanted to give back.
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met the little girl in question. he just wanted to help the victims of some recent police shootings and found out what she wants for christmas. >> what's her name? >> he's the fish out of water. a 6'8", 330 pound fish. he didn't have sisters, and now has an eight month old son. >> i never played with dolls. you got to break it down for me. it's like the day in a life of a doll. >> he's learning firsthand mastering an nfl playbook is nothing compared to a little girl's christmas list. >> they come with pets too? wow. this opened my eyes to a whole new life. >> he's navigating the american girl place in tyson, building a doll for a little girl in
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the backseat of this car. six months ago she watched a minnesota police officer shooter a kill her mother's boyfriend, the aftermath of which we witnessed on facebook live. >> being that it's a traumatic event, i hope to bring joy to her and end the year on a positive note. >> so he's navigating what makes each doll special. >> five or six years ago, i never thought i'd be doing stuff like this. >> he went undrafted out of college and was playing arena football. he was signed and cut more times than he can count. now he's the red skin's starting left tackle. >> it's a blessing. god put me a great place. i can't complain. >> and he learned a valuable lesson. >> if i have a little girl, i'm going to spend a lot of money. >> yeah. the father of two girls, that's about the understatement of the year. s
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girl place were unvaluable in helping him get the doll she wanted and now he's going to get it overnighted to her as a christmas surprise. >> those things ain't cheap, all that goes with them. >> yes. hundreds of dollars. >> they get you. >> yeah. >> they do, but all those dolls have great stories behind them. that's kind of interesting. so what's the story on our weather as we head toward christmas eve and christmas? >> they even have lunch for those dolls there. you bring your lunch in and have lunch with your dolls. >> tea parties, yes. >> he has a daughter. -- >> why didn't we think of that? that's what you're wondering. >> it's looking pretty good the next couple of days. if you're thinking about traveling on christmas eve, you might want to think about it just a little bit. i'll get to that in a second. firstoff, 30 degrees, the current temperature. winds six miles per hour. clouds now, but we w
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look at the numbers. it's cold again. 24 already at dulles. 28 in leesburg. gaithersburg 25. temperatures will continue to fall a little bit. i don't expect them to go down that much more. the clouds are here, and the winds are out of the south. we're going to start to warm a little bit by noon up to 39. starting off chilly. make sure the kids have the coats again. 39 at noon. 47 degrees by 4:00 p.m. no rain or snow, and we'll be dry through christmas eve. that's the next chance for any rain, and it will be rain on christmas eve. unfortunately, i know, i want it to snow too. the clds trying to move in across the region. another front. there's no real cold air behind it. normally you get the fronts that come through with colder air to the west, but that's not the case. look at the air here. right on the cool side. temperatures still in the 20s back toward chicago right now. that's cold, but last night they were down to 14 degrees. t
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here's the next cold front coming through on thursday. that brings us some nice warmer air. temperatures in the 50s. and if you're traveling wednesday or thursday, looking good even through friday. the cold air just up to our north and west. and it's also going to bring snow toward the great lakes. i-95 is looking good, boston to florida. cold, some snow near the lakes. air travel looking good all week until friday or saturday on the west coast. past denver, it could get dicey. >> 21 down toward manassas, a cold start of the day. not that bad tomorrow afternoon. mixture of sun and clouds. cool but not too cold. the next ten days. 48 on friday. christmas eve, satday, 47. i think the shower activity should be out of here by around noon. there will be some showers in the morning. you ma
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1:00 or 2:00 to get to grandmothers. clearing late in the afternoon. christmas day not looking bad. a high of 53 degrees. >> okay. thanks, doug. >> coming up, finally some good news for the no matter how the markets change... news for the at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. this is the xfinity sports desk. after last night we're talking pro bowl. >> more people are going to argue about who is in and not, and then they'll watch the game. >> sure. >> the pro bowl is the all star game to the
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bowl pick while the redskins will be represented by four players and three more are alternates. who is in? trent williams, left tackle. come down to orlando, florida on january 29th. not surprising given his play, he just served a four game selection. ryan carigain, and brandon, scheref. first pro bowl. and jordan reed. tight end. reed missed three games recovering from a concussion and now shoulder injury. he is probowl bound. alternates also announced tonight. kirk cousins. he's never played in the pro bowl. second in the league in
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yards. corner back josh norman. also an alternate in his first year. he was selected with first career pro bowl last season. and jamison crowder. a lot of talent on this team n a team with an up hill battle to make the playoffs. >> we put ourselves in this position. we can't feel sorry for ourselves. we got a team in chicago who don't care about our situation. they want to get a win, and we have to get a win. >> nobody packing their bags and getting ready to go to hawaii. i think everybody is in this thing together. everybody wants to win. they do. they don't quit. >> wearing that prime time coat. he walked out. college hoops in maryland terrapins taking on charlotte.
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there. didn't like how it started. it was the john davis show. just silly, 49ers up six. later in the first half more from davis on the drive through the lane and gets it to go. game high of 28 for davis. michael cha cough ski, makes it at the buzzer terrapins down at the half. second half was a baltimore free party for maryland. a three here. top of the key. nails it. all right. they beat charlotte 88-72. that finishes out their nonconference schedule until a week from tonight. they start big 10 and they're playing
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you don't have much time to get the cards and gifts where they need to be by christmas. tomorrow is the last day to send priority mail. shipping companies know some of you may be procrastinating so the u.s. postl services extended their hours. >> there's a guy spreading christmas cheer throughout baltimore and people there are taking notice. >> yep. that's him. mr. christmas tree. he was spotted singing, cheering, and roller blading around the inner harbor earlier today. he says most people laugh and wish him a merry
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when asked why he's doing this, he simply said to make people smile, and that's a pretty good reason. >> and shriek. >> right. made us smile. >> mr. christmas tree. >> the tonight show is coming up next. >> thanks for watchi. we'll senge
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- matthew mcconaughey, janelle monae,


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