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tv   Today  NBC  December 21, 2016 7:00am-9:58am EST

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good morning. massive explosion, a crowded fireworks market near mexico city erupts setting off a fiery chain reaction. at least 29 people killed, more than 70 others injured. an investigation under way. desperate manhunt. the search intensifies for whatever was behind the wheel in that deadly attack on a christmas market in berlin. the only person arrested released over a lack of evidence. terrifying attack. two-time wimbledon champion petra kvitova stabbed in the hand by a burglar who broke into her home. this morning the latest on what could be a career-impacting injury and
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'80s pop star richard marks helps take down an unruly passenger during a flight. his wife, daisy fuentes, documenting the whole incident. the couple saying the flight crew was ill prepared and should have done better. today, december 21, 2016. good morning, everyone, welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer along with hoda kotb here while savannah enjoys maternity leave. >> by the way, i just noticed the days the 21st, four days until christmas. okay, a little panic setting in. >> first day of winter also today. let us begin with that explosion, that tragic explosion that leveled a popular and packed fireworks market near mexico city. the dramatic scene
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camera. nbc's kerry sanders joins us with the latest on this. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, matt. family and friends here in mexico are devastated. three people rushed to the hospital overnight have now died bringing the death toll to an astonishing 31 people. 32 people are still unaccounted for. setting off fireworks, fire crackers during the holiday season is a tradition here and this market is one of the most popular places to go to purchase them. it also means they're all concentrated in one particular area. so whatever set off this astonishing explosion, the spectacular explosion, that now is under investigation. a thick cloud of smoke seen from miles away after an unexpected explosion set off a chain reaction of fireworks. the explosives going off in all different directions. terrified
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as one of mexico's best-known fireworks markets is engulfed in flames. from the sky, drone footage of the aftermath shows the devastation. on the ground, panic and shock. bodies too gruesome to show scorched beyond recognition. this man saying there's no life there, but there are bodies. it's a very tragic scene. the blast so strong nearby homes were damaged and cars were reduced to burned-out shells. so far the cause of the blast is unknown. located on the outskirts of mexico city, the market has seen this kind of devastation before. once in 2005 when a chain of fireworks explosions leveled hundreds of stalls and then again in 2006. this is what tultepec is known
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is the only source of work for many in the area. and that it will rise again from the ashes. this morning everyone is being told to stay at least three miles back from the market because there are still hot spots there and there well could be some unexploded fireworks that may again go off. matt, hoda. >> kerry sanders in mexico city on this story. kerry, thank you very much. and to germany now and the desperate search to identify and find the driver who rammed a truck into a crowd of holiday shoppers in berlin. this after a pakistani refugee who was arrested near the scene turned out to be the wrong man. anne thompson has the very latest. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. german media are now reporting that authorities are looking for a tunisian man in connection with the attack that killed 12 people here. nbc news cannot independently confirm that report, and german officials are not commenting as
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t this morning in berlin, the manhunt is intensifying, as the person responsible for driving a truck at 40 miles an hour through a christmas market is still at large. police warning people here to be particularly vigilant as christmas markets are cautiously reopened. it comes after an embarrassing day for german police. the 23-year-old pakistani asylum seeker detained just hours after the attack released last night when police determined there wasn't enough evidence to connect him to the crime. the media arm of isis describing the attacker as a soldier of the islamic state now claiming responsibility for the incident, but offering no proof. authorities say they won't rest until the perpetrator of the horror is found. investigators going through cctv video and searching the truck for clues. in the cab,
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identified as the employee of the polish truck company. the attack wounding the holiday heart of the city. pastor justice munster one of the first responders monday night. is there fear in the city? >> a little fear, yeah. >> is it the kind of fear that disturbs christmas? >> i don't think so. we won't let them destroy christmas. >> reporter: berlin's iconic brand enburg gate bathed in germany's festive colors. heavily armed security forces on alert for trouble. also helping berliners express their grief at what was once such a happy time of year. this morning berlin's mayor is urging people here not to be afraid at a moment of great uncertainty. hoda. >> anne thompson in berlin. anne, thanks so much. here at home, president-elect trump's transition team is pushing back hard against new questions about potential conflicts of interest surrounding his inauguration.
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story. kristen, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. president-elect donald trump will hold more meetings here at mar-a-lago today and it does come as his transition team is in a bit of damage control. they suggest any conflict of interest related to the inauguration is false. president-elect donald trump fending off new pay to play accusations after they obtain obtained -- big spenders even get a photo op and hunting or fishing trip with donald trump jr. and eric trump. this as candidate trump accused hillary clinton of pay-to-play tactics. >> hillary clinton's only aleenl a allegiance is to herself, her donors and her special interests. >> reporter: trump officials say the flap is
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they argue the details are concepts that have not been approved or pursued by the trump family, adding don jr. and eric trump are not involved in any capacity. this revised final brochure obtained by nbc news removes any references to photo ops or hunting excursions with the trumps, though don jr. and eric are still listed as honorary co-chairs. a new look at fbi director james comey's decision to revive the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails in the final weeks of the race. on tuesday the fbi's request for a search warrant related to hillary clinton's private e-mail server was unsealed, showing investigators believed there was probable cause, a laptop seetzed as a part of its investigation into anthony weiner contained classified information. that turned out not to be the case. the heavily redacted documents contain few specifics. clinton's former spokesman blasted comey tweeting the documents show his intrusion in the election was utterly unjustified. thiss
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bill clinton after the 42nd president told a local new york paper he received a phone call from trump after the election, describing trump as cordial. then saying mr. trump doesn't know much. one thing he does know is how to get angry white men to vote for him. mr. trump hitting back at the former president on twitter. wrong, he called me with a very nice congratulations. he doesn't know much. especially how to get people even with an unlimited budget out to vote in the vital swing states. now president clinton did clarify yesterday, tweeting that he was in fact the one to call president-elect trump. still, it all underscores that the bitter battle between these two families isn't simmering any time soon. as for the current commander in chief, president obama yesterday announcing a ban on offshore oil and gas drilling in parts of the arctic and the atlantic, trying to solidify his environmental legacy before donald trump takes office. matt, hoda. >> kristen, t y
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propaganda video from the taliban featuring an american woman who's being held hostage in afghanistan with her family. her two young children, born in captivity, seen on that tape for the first time. andrea mitchell is nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent. andrea, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. a pennsylvania family is praying for a christmas miracle, appealing to the president to help return their daughter and grandchildren who are being held captive by the taliban in afghanistan. this morning growing concern about a family being held hostage by the taliban. after the terror group released this propaganda video, showing american hostage caitlin coleman clearly under duress and her canadian husband, joshua boyle, and their two young boys born in captivity. >> my children have seen their mother defiled. >> reporter: a small-town girl, she was raised a devout catholic. she left home to explore the world four years
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holly otterbein saw her days before she left. >> everything seemed pretty normal. she was a little quieter than usual but other than that not that different. >> reporter: her secret, she was already pregnant with her first child. >> an american mom with two kids who have grown up under the taliban, who know nothing other than life under the taliban, if you can actually imagine how horrific that must be. >> reporter: now years later, she is transformed, gaunt. her mother has said with sad eyes. u.s. officials say coleman is reading from a script, begging president obama to bring her home. >> obama, your legacy in leaving office is probably important to you and our lives and those of our children are to us. >> reporter: if time runs out for president obama, she is also addressing his successor. >> donald trump, they want money, power, friends. you must give them these things before progress can be made. >> reporter: her parents in june appealing to her captors. >> as a ma
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grandfather, i am asking you to show mercy and release my daughter, her husband and their beautiful children. >> reporter: caitlin's friends say the taliban are demanding a prisoner swap as their terrorists as president obama did with bowe bergdahl, but that did create a political firestorm and involved a military trade so didn't create the precedent that negotiating for civilian hostages would be. as kristen welker mentioned, the obama administration announced tuesday a sweeping ban on offshore oil and gas drilling in the u.s.-owned waters in the arctic ocean in the areas of the atlantic. the move could be a major obstacle for president-elect trump and his promise to unleash the nation's untapped energy reserves. environmental groups hope the ban despite relying on executive powers will be difficult to reverse. president obama used a provision
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freeze offshore drilling in specified regions. there's a major development in a story we've been following for almost a year. some of the same legislators who passed the north carolina law, known as the bathroom bill, are returning to the capitol today to consider appealing it. governor-elect roy cooper, unseated republican governor, pat mccrory in part by campaigning against house bill 2. it required transgender people to use rest rooms corresponding to the sex on their birth certificate. it has drawn national criticism and caused some organizations to move major events out of that state. also this morning, two-time wimbledon champion is recovering from emergency surgery. her injuries suffered when she was attacked in her home by a knife-wielding intruder. nbc's lucy cavanaugh has the latest on that. lucy, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. just
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historic center court where petra todktodakvitova not once e won titles. now her career hanging in the balance after a scary attack in her home. a fighter on the court, petra kvitova recovering after a fight for her life, with a burglar attacking her with a knife. the 26-year-old tennis star alarming fans with this tweet. i was badly injured on my left hand. i am shaken, but fortunate to be ali alive. the hard-hitting left-hander managed to fight off the attacker and escape. rushed to the hospital, her playing hand lacerated in a struggle. today kvitova is recovering after surgery. >> all five fingers of the left hand were hurt as well two nerves, unfortunately. >> reporter: her publicist telling nbc considering the extent of the damage,
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surgery went very well. violent attacks have cut short the careers of tennis champions before. monica seles was the top player in the world in 1993 when she was stabbed in the back. cameras rolling. the sports world stunned. she struggled to bounce back but another never did, retiring after an armed assault, urging kvitova to stay strong, thinking to the worst is over. kvitova's powerful left-handed ground strokes won her 19 titles, including two grand slams at wimbledon and the bronze at rio. >> this medal means a lot. >> reporter: it will be three months before she'll be able to lift a tennis racket, but -- >> from a mental standpoint, a comeback is possible. instilling that sense of safety for this particular tennis player is going to be important in her recovery. >> reporter: kvitova is putting on a brave face, tweeting if you know anything about me, i'm strong andil
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now, believe it or not, the attacker is still at large. kvitova will be in a cast about eight weeks and unfortunately that means missing the australian open, the first grand slam event of the year. >> that is scary, we wish her the best. lucy, thank you very much. al is back with a look at the weather. >> did you feel that tingling at about
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good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist. wednesday morning, still waiting on sunrise on the shortest day of the year. it
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kids going out to the bus stops this morning, temperatures well below freezing here for the next couple of hours. nice recoverly later today. afternoon highs back into the mid and upper 40s. winter coat ready this morning and mittens and hat as well. daytime highs today though, near 50 in coal pepper. 47 here in washington. have a good day. sglr >> and that's your latest weather. coming up, richard marks helped subdue an unruly passenger. why he says the flight crew was not ready to handle that dangerous situation. and dealing with the last-minute holiday crush. what you need to know to make sure packages get to where they're going on time. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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just ahead, caroline kennedy filled with holiday cheer. the story behind an unusual
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this is a news 4 today news break. >> 7:26 is your time now on this wednesday, december 21, 2016. good morning. >> major news in the district this morning. he was at the center of a scandal in the d.c. election mayoral election six years ago. thompson admitted to setting up of a 660,000 trust naund aided vinson grey's election to mayor in 2010. big fire caused $600,000 in damages to a house in rockville. you're looking at pictures from montgomery county firefighters on the way. they believe the fire started be
7:27 am
that weren't properly disposed. now your traffic. >> good morning, guys. overall not so bad. this has finally cleared inbound 395 before the 14th street bridge and happy birthday to my seven-year-old. >> happy birthday, brennan. >> thanks. let's check your forecast after this.
7:28 am
good morning, everybody. sun is up on the shortest day of the year. typically cold outside. temperatures mostly below freezing. there are a few spots above freezing now. joint base andrews and reagan national above freezing. most everybody still down in the mid-20s. so you'll need your winter coat here early this morning. later in the day though, noticeable improvement. yesterday we only made 37. today i'm
7:29 am
into the 50s for tomorrow. dry up until saturday when we have a few passing showers. >> thanks, another update in 25 minutes. >> for now back to the "today" show after this short break. have a great day.
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7:30 now on a wednesday morning. 21st day of december, 2016. winter arrived so we're warming things up with a little richard marx music, "should have known better" in honor of his heroics on a plane. people are talking about that. we'll have more on that story coming up in just a little while. and we're going to go outside and say hi to those nice people. first let's check the headlines. officials are trying to determine what caused this tragic explosion at a popular fireworks market near mexico city. the explosives caught on camera, more than 30 were killed, at least 70 others hurt. and german investigators still searching for whoever carried out that deadly attack on a christmas market in berlin. a man w
7:31 am
scene but he has been released because of a lack of evidence. isis has claimed responsibility for the gruesome attack without an offer of proof. and the evacuation of aleppo is nearing an end. this morning about 3,000 people are waiting to leave after the evacuations of more than 25,000 others over the last week. now more on that wild scene on a flight. a passenger became unruly and richard marx jumped to action to help subdue him. his wife, daisy fuentes, filming the whole thing on her phone. gadi schwartz has that story. >> reporter: both richard marx and daisy fuentes are pack in the states after posting pictures of what looked like an all-out brawl with a passenger onboard a korean airline flight. the couple saying he was fighting with attendants and passengers for over four hours. a midair melee. flight attendants trying to
7:32 am
aggressive and belligerent and getting a helping hand from none other than '80s heartthrob richard marx. the singer and songwriter behind songs like "right here waiting." ♪ in pictures posted to his wife daisy fuentes' facebook page, marx is seen holding a rope that was used to tie up the out of control passenger. other pictures show flight attendants armed with a taser and struggling to keep the violent passenger in his seat. fuentes writing a guy sitting in the next row from us got crazy and started attacking the flight attendants and passengers. when you started pushing the female staff and pulling them bite hair, richard was the first to help subdue him. marx and fuentes were flying to korea from vietnam where marx had performed some of the hits that made him famous. on board the plane no one was seriously injured, but ma
7:33 am
criticized flight attendants writing the all-female crew was clueless and not trained how to restrain this psycho. fuentes adding they didn't know how to use the taser and didn't know how to secure the rope around him. korean air releasing a statement saying in part the flight attendant did not fire the taser as the unruly passenger was moving around and there were other passengers near him. the flight attendant considered the safety of the other passengers, adding korean air sincerely appreciates mr. marx' help in restraining the unruly passenger. we are grateful for his participation and assistance. back in l.a., marx taking to twitter saying he is not a hero, adding, i just did what i hope anyone would do in the same situation. and it turns out after all that, the airport police released the passenger shortly after he was detained, but now the local police are picking up the investigation. matt, hoda, back to you. >> they released the guy who struggled with the flight crew for four hours?
7:34 am
>> yeah. i'm sure they're seeing what's going on all over the internet and those local police are getting back into that investigation. >> you can't believe what flight attendants have to deal with when you think about those situations. >> when they least expect it. >> mr. roker. >> what you got? >> turns out should have known better was our stage manager's
7:35 am
right here at home, the sun's up and partly cloudy sky here earlier this morning. will be in and out of sunshine for much of the day. temperatures below freezing in the suburbs. 30 in leesburg. a little warmer down across parts of prince george's dmnt harlg ton. temperatures will climb into the mid to upper 40s. spots in central virginia might get as warm as 50 degrees today. here's a peek at the ten day forecast. staying dry through the rest of the workweek. next chance for passing showers is on saturday. >> don't forget, get that weather any time you need it, go to the weather channel on cable. >> thanks for helping. >> any time i can. our other camera guy, bob yeager, "mama told me not to come" was his. >> ralph felder line one for you guys. >> is he still alive? coming up, a
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as al would say, what could possibly go wrong? we're going to show you. the clock is ticking. up next, the very last-minute holiday shipping deadlines you need to know about. but first
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7:41 am
deadline to ship all u.p.s. second day air packages, all post service priority mail packages and fedex two-day deliveries. it's the final stretch. just three days until hannukah, four till christmas with a record 1.8 billion packages in the system this year. so here are five last-minute shipping deadlines you might want to remember. if you're using amazon, the deadline for two-day delivery is tomorrow. at walmart and, the last day for rush delivery is also tomorrow. the postal service says today is the deadline for priority mail delivery, but the priority mail express deadline is friday. and if you're a real procrastinator, there's an app for that. courier service post mates operating in major u.s. cities will pick up your order from select retailers and deliver it the same day, but that comes at a price. >> ship dping today so it will t e
7:42 am
like the postal. stuff gets there in a day or two. >> reporter: to handle the record flow, the shipping giants are getting even bigger, u.p.s. opening 15 new hubs and adding 95,000 temporary workers. fedex bringing on 50,000 workers. both companies determined to avoid a repeat of last year's shipping delays. >> thursday the end of the day. >> reporter: beth runs a u.p.s. store in dunkirk, maryland. >> the lines can stack up all the way to the front door and the boxes stack up all the way to the back door. >> reporter: meanwhile, 'tis also the season for running up credit card debt. who carries the most? alaskans with $7500 on average followed by new mexico, georgia, texas and florida with $5600. it's not cheap, making only minimal payments, it would take the typical credit card holder there almost 13 years to pay off the debt with a whopping $3600 in interest. a word of caution, a
7:43 am
shoppers head into the final sprint. >> the last thing you want to do is ruin all those great holiday feelings by starting the new year with a holiday debt hangover that you're facing for the next few months. >> so the advice for the new year post holidays, dedicate at least 15% of the family income towards paying down credit card debt that. would bring the $3600 in interest down to $678 for the typical credit card holder in florida. guys, pray for good weather the next few days. that's going to really be the determining factor on your ship -- not your ship, on your present arriving there on time. >> otherwise your ship will sail. >> yes, it will. by the way, i tried to order an alexa yesterday for somebody and it can't get there until january 24th because they're back ordered. so if it's a hot gift, it's too late for some. just ahead, jimmy fallon's all-star christmas sing-along.
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we're all about new technology on this show. carson is in the orange room, going to show us something very cool, we think. >> perfect orange room story here, guys. mark zuckerberg's personal challenge for the year was to build a simple artificial intelligence system to run his house. on tuesday morning mark and his wife introduced jarvis, their new virtual assistant to the facebook community. have a look. >> good morning, jarvis. >> good morning, mark. it's saturday,
7:49 am
five meetings. room temperature is set to a cool 68 degrees. >> earlier this year i started building a simple a.i. to run our home. jarvis uses artificial intelligence to understand me and figure out what to do. jarvis also helps me get ready in the morning. fresh shirt. >> fire in the hole. >> jarvis knows when to make me breakfast. >> your toast is ready. >> all right. >> mark, your parents are coming in. >> thanks, jeffrey. >> it's jarvis. >> how about just play some songs that our whole family likes. ♪ >> what, i'm a dad now. this is what i listen. to if i don't want to talk, i can just text jarvis through a messenger bot that i built. >> mark, i'm trying to read in here. >> yeah, my bad. >> the video was watched almost 15 million times in just 15 hours. the voice you hear is, of course, oscar
7:50 am
freeman. zuckerberg did a call-up and asked facebook users what voice would it be and it was the overwhelming response. at the end he asks for suggestions. he did all the coding and saying, hey, we could program jarvis to do anything. what are some ideas. stuff knee writing how about having jarvis work as eyes for the blind. he can help identify things around the house for people who can't see them. another one from ben, jarvis should keep an inventory of your fridge creating grocery lists and then give you the option to go get the list or have it automatically delivered to your home. any suggestions for jarvis, matt? >> no. but al is a little skeptical of this and doesn't think jarvis is actually a system that is real. >> if he can turn mark zuckerberg into tony stark, then i might be. >> this is a system in his house, you can read about it online. he has released -- he did all the coding
7:51 am
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this is a news 4 today news break. 7:56 is your time now on this wednesday, december 21st. good morning to you. we want to get right to melissa for traffic for a look at the roads. good morning to you, melissa. >> hi, two problems here. first southbound after 197 have crashed, but the it is now on the left shoulder. you can see the delays southbound and southbound after 410. incident reported there as well. not as close to that area. eastbound missouri between new hampshire and north capital has reopened. that is good. inbound 395, have a new problem here on the left side causing a little bit of a jam in that. >> thank you, melissa. quick break now, forecast is next. stay with us.
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7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning, everybody. wednesday off to a quiet start. we have some mid and high level clouds. we're smearing out the sunshine this morning. typically cold by december standards. 19 in warrington, but 40 at national airport. big range of temperatures out there right now. afternoon highs today, mid to upper 40s across the area with a fair amount of sunshine. more clouds tomorrow, dry through saturday. next chance for hit and miss rain showers. nothing heavy, but rain chance is next on saturday. >> thank you. another local news update for you on 25 minutes. now back to the "today" show.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, massive explosion. a chain reaction blast at a mexican fireworks market turns deadly. investigators searching for clues behind the cause of the explosion. we're live in mexico city. then country christmas. ♪ jenna sits down with lady antebellum's hillary scott and talks about getting to the heart of christmas with music, faith and family. >> merry christmas, y'all! >> and star-studded sing-along. ♪ jimmy fallon teams up with paul
8:01 am
mccartney, reese witherspoon, matthew mcconaughey and more for a special rendition of a holiday classic. today, wednesday, december 21st, 2016. mother and daughter trip from aiken, south carolina. >> good morning to south carolina. >> when i grow up, i want to be hoda! >> merry christmas, y'all, from texas! >> we're on "today." we're back now, 8:00 on this wednesday morning, the 21st day of december, 2016. you know, the temperature says 32 degrees. it doesn't feel too bad out here. >> notoo
8:02 am
>> what's that song? >> a little elton john, "step into christmas." >> nice. i like that. >> that's your pick? >> that's a good one. >> 'tis the season for gatherings of family and friends. and nobody, and i can attest to this, throws a party quite like my wife. there she is, siri. she's inside. she'll show you easy entertaining ideas for your next get-together. >> what was your wedding song? >> don't know if we really -- siri -- we didn't really have one. >> "at last." >> that's a good one. >> just curious -- >> it's a long story, i'll explain it later. >> how about if we head to the morning's top stories. it's time for the news at 8:00. we begin with that massive fireworks explosion in mexico. i'm kerry sanders. the authorities say with the death of three people who were rushed to the hospital overnight, the total number of who have died in this massive horrendous explosion now stands at 31. 32 people remain missing. more than 70 peopl
8:03 am
remains unclear. there was one explosion followed by five more. the explosions at the fireworks market lasted for at least 25 minutes. getting fireworks this time of year in mexico is quite common, it's a tradition to get fireworks during the holiday season to set them off but this is really just horrific, leveling a neighborhood, killing so many people. the authorities have started investigation. this market has been the site of other explosions before. back in 2005 there were fireworks explosions that killed people and again in 2006. the authorities say they will get to the bottom of what happened here. they thought things were safe. matt. >> all right, kerry sanders, kerry, thank you very much. now to germany and an intensifying manhunt for the driver in monday's deadly christmas market attack in berlin. the media arm of isis has claimed responsibility for that attack that killed 12 people and injured nearly 50 others, but
8:04 am
according to german media, authorities are seeking a tunisian suspect, although nbc news cannot independently confirm that. on tuesday a 23-year-old pakistani man was released after police determined there wasn't nou enough evidence to connect him to the attack. with the attacker still at large, people are being urged to be vigilant. >> police in scottsdale, arizona, have released body cam video showing the arrest of wide receiver michael floyd. he was taken into custody last week after police found him asleep at the wheel at an intersection with his foot on the brake and the car was running. >> i'm going to try and wake him up. scottsdale police. put your car in park. i'm not going to ask again. step out of the car. >> why do you have to be like this? >> because you can't listen, that's the problem. >> reporter: floyd was released two days later and signed with the patriots the next
8:05 am
he is facing several charges. coming up next, wait until you see what happens when that golfer tries to tee off on a frozen lake. >> sounds like a good idea. then on popstart how music and movie stars are gearing up for the long holiday weekend. >> guess who's here, two-time oscar nominee viola davis is here. hey girlfriend, how's your cafe au lait? oh, it's actually... sfx: (short balloon squeal) it's ver... sfx: (balloon squeals) ok can we... sfx: (balloon squeals) i'm being so serious right now... i really want to know how your coffee is. it's... sfx: (balloon squeals) hahahaha, i had a 2nd balloon goodbye! oof, that milk in your coffee was messing with you, wasn't it? yeah. happens to more people than you think. try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose. mmm. good right? yeah. lactaid. it's the milk that doesn't mess with you.
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8:08 am
we're back now, 8:07. what do you say we do a little trending. >> let's play. >> we welcome back jenna bush hager. >> how are you? >> this time of year a lot of people take holiday pictures, they take holiday videos and they post them online. we found one. to be perfectly honest, we weren't sure if it was real but this was posted by the u.s. ambassador to japan. who's that? it's caroline kennedy. so she dresses up like santa to spread a little christmas cheer. we thought we'd play it and let you see what you think of it. ♪ ♪ who's got a beard that's long and white ♪ >> santa's in the house. ♪ special night,
8:09 am
>> clever editing. >> merry christmas and happy holidays! >> wow. >> i've got to get me an ambassadorship. >> that's great. >> she's got a sense of humor. >> that's funny. >> and that editing was great. >> what could have gone wrong? the ambassador up on the roof. it is the holidays and so being with family is extra important and special this time of year and that is especially true when you are on the road a lot like hockey player patrick marrone. he plays for the oilers and scored a big deal but he scored that goal in his hometown of st. louis right in front of his son, anthony, who lives there. listen to how patrick's tone changes when he's asked about that moment. >> the first period wasn't really our period. i thought the goaliean
8:10 am
forecheck and the second and third period we're a hard team to handle. i tell myself i have to get to the net. so it all felt good and especially in my hometown. >> the goal was great but i wonder what you think of this reaction by your son and family. >> it's pretty cool. pretty emotional. but pretty cool, but i don't get to see him as much and it's pretty special. >> and he thinks that of you as well. hey, patrick, thanks a lot. christmas is on the way, more time with anthony. >> absolutely. >> i just fell in love with that guy all over again. for anyone who's been away from their loved ones during the holidays and there they are, they pop up. on instagram he posted the image and he said i love the game, but he is much bigger than the game. >> i have a friend who plays for the islanders and the season started, the nhl and they're gone. they're gone a lot. they miss their kids. it's nice to see them b
8:11 am
kids to be proud of us. >> look at carson getting misty too. it's winter, right, first day? so you think about golf, right? not really. you think about golf, you think about warm, sunny places. what happens when you combine golf with a frozen pond? all right. well, let's just show you what happened when one guy tried it, okay? takes a swing. wait, wait, wait. we should play that again, okay? watch this. >> oh, oh, oh. >> right through the ice. >> that's not good. >> somebody laughing in the background shooting the video obviously, thank goodness dropped the camera quickly enough to go help this guy out from the water. >> i hate to be a downer, but that's a big danger, people out on ice that is not really frozen enough. >> and you know what, you could almost see how dark that ice was. it just didn't look like it was thick enough. >> and he wasn't wearing his sp
8:12 am
>> all right, carson. >> the takeaway looked pretty good. >> the takeaway is don't do that. this morning we'll talk to you about the stars and how they're getting into the holiday spirit. katy perry and orlando bloom spreading holiday cheer to those who need it the most. they visited children at the children's hospital in los angeles on tuesday. the hospital sharing these photos on their facebook page. they sang carols, handed out gifts and of course posed for photos. jimmy fallon bringing together the joy of christmas and one of the most anticipated holiday movies. it's in our sister company universal and it is out today and features of voices of stars like reese wither spoon, scarlett johansson and matthew mcconaughey. so he recruited them for a sing-along. ♪ simply having a wonderful
8:13 am
♪ simply having a wonderful christmastime ♪ ♪ simply having a wonderful christmastime ♪ >> jimmy and his friends having some help from sir paul mccartney. how are some other stars celebrating this season? there's the queen of christmas herself, mariah carey. she dressed up for the holiday in a way that only she can. chrissy teigen's daughter, luna, sat on santa's lap and by the look on her face did not enjoy that visit. there's miley cyrus. her christmas says the tree isn't the only thing getting lit this year. there's your popstart. if you get that lie on the ice and you're playing golf, just take an unplayable. it's worth one shot. now to the other reason jenna is here, her special
8:14 am
christmas. she caught up with a country star in nashville. >> yeah, hillary scott brings her powerful voice to the country group lady antebellum but this year she's thankful for a special album and invaluable memories with her family. ♪ it's a quarter after 1:00 and i'm all alone and i need you now ♪ >> hillary clinton, the lady in lady antebellum, seven-time grammy award-winner and mom to 3-year-old eisley, last year taking a break to work with her family. the result, a christian album called "love remains." >> when you look back at this year of creating this album together, how has it brought your family closer? >> we've been able to really grow even deeper in our relationship. it's the heartbeat of our family. the ups and downs of what we've been through but also that we've leaned on our faith to get through those good t
8:15 am
times. >> the project started as a way to honor her grandfather, who passed away five years ago. >> he was like my second dad. that was the deepest loss that i had ever experienced at that time. >> but while the album was coming together, hillary suffered a miscarriage. writing about her loss in her most personal song to date, the faith-filled first single "thy will." ♪ thy will be done >> this song in particular has touched people's hearts right where they needed it. >> and really, isn't that the spirit of giving and of this time of the year. >> yes. >> when you think back about how this album has given you that, has given you the opportunity to talk about loss, but also to talk about hope. >> my hope for this record was that it would bring hope. that people would listen to it in their cars on the way to work or cooking dinner at home and just -- it would meet them right where they are. >> and this album came out earlier this year but it really rings true during this season. >> well,
8:16 am
you know, the subject matter being about the lord and our faith and that is something that we celebrate at christmas, the birth of jesus, but also you can celebrate it all year round. >> music runs in hillary's blood. her mom, linda davis, her dad, lane scott, and her 16-year-old sister, riley, all joined her in the recording studio. one of hillary's earliest christmas memories, performing onstage with her parents. >> the first memory i have of mom introducing me onstage to sing, we sang "amazing grace" together. >> despite their losses, more than ever, they are grateful for each other. >> this year you're thankful for? >> i'm thankful for time with my family and time with my friends. >> i'm thankful for my little girl. >> 32 years of marriage. >> everybody's healthy. >> favorite christmas carol. >> "silent
8:17 am
♪ silent night, holy night ♪ all is calm, all is bright >> music, faith, love. cherishing the reason for the season. >> i brought y'all a little something from my family, the "today" show family. >> perfect! >> merry christmas, y'all! >> merry christmas! >> oh, merry christmas y'all! i have to say, standing at that piano, it's what everybody dreams of. i just wish i had a family of musicians. i tried to sing along. >> you have a family of politicians. >> what's more fun? what's more fun? >> all right, jenna, you're going to be back again on friday and catch up with another country music sensation, brett eldridge, right? >> yes. he's a
8:18 am
for better or worse, our white christmas chances are very close to ze
8:19 am
never say never, but it looks like rain showers around on saturday and no chance for any rain or snow coming up on christmas day. right now, mid and high level cloudiness out there. it's a chilly morning. colder in the suburbs than around town. 40 by comparison. highs today, mid to upper 40s with clouds and sunshine. more clouds tomorrow and rain drops on saturday. >> and that's your latest weather. hoda. viola davis is a force to be reckoned with on both the small and the big screen. she's already racked up golden globe and sag nominations for her latest role in the new movie, it's a terrific film called "fences." davis stars as a loving wife and mother whose husband is not content with how his life turned out. take a look. >> you're not listening to me. i'm trying to explain it to you the best way i know how. it's not easy for me to admit that i've been standing in the same place for 18 years. >> well, i've been standing with you. i've been righte
8:20 am
troy. i've had a life too. i gave 18 years of my life to stand in the same spot as you. don't you think i ever wanted other things? don't you think i had dreams and hopes? what about my life, what about me? >> viola davis, good morning. >> good morning. >> watching that scene, you want to stand up and applaud for every woman out there who stood in the background for so much of her life and wanted to stand tall. >> absolutely. >> tell us about rose, this character. she's incredible. >> well, i think rose is exactly what you said. she's every woman. she's complete in her journey. when you meet her, she's in the background, she's doing what every woman was doing in the '50s, just holding her family together, loving them, joyful at times, maybe she's frustrated with her husband but keeping it together until she's delivered this traumatic news. and she goes through her pain, she does what she has to do and in the end there's forgiveness, there's
8:21 am
she is complete in her journey. that's how i describe her. >> oh, i love that. watching you and denzel together on the screen is magic. it is simply magic. >> thank you. >> describe the connect that you have with denzel. >> well, i think there's an easiness because i just like him. i just like him. i'm a friend and a fan. and also because it's just our dedication to the work, you know. and august wilson, august wilson leaves everything on the page. there's nothing you have to massage. sometimes you get material, you have to -- >> work it. >> yeah. you have to make a filet mignon out of a fried chicken dinner, you know. although i like fried chicken, you know what i'm saying? but you know what i mean. but this is just perfectly written. >> he also -- he was on with matt, denzel was, and he said this is viola's year. he said this repeatedly in interviews, like this is -- it's sort of like your career and life is coming to sort of
8:22 am
crescendo right now. does it feel that way for you? we hear about the award nominations and things like na. >> you know what, i'm going to say it does, but it's not just because of fences and the awards, it's probably because i feel more comfortable in my skin at 51. i didn't -- i didn't expect that to happen. i was bracing for impact at 50. at 51, i was bracing for the fall, you know, those freefall rides, like tower of terror, i was bracing for the fall. and the fall hasn't happened. i've been blissfully comfortable in my own skin. >> what happened? tell us. we all want a little of this, so what happened? >> you know what, i think what's happened is probably just so many years of not feeling comfortable that maybe i just got tired. or maybe all the experiences i've had have marinated to this beautiful pot of just me. and i feel confident. i feel energized. and it's my daughter,
8:23 am
you know, that's part of it. >> how old is she? >> she's 6 going on 35. >> that must have helped you when you were developing your role playing rose. and again, this is a beautiful film. but that motherhood -- >> absolutely. >> how much did that play? >> it played all -- everything. when i was on broadway, i didn't get that final scene where she's talking to her son, cory, about growing into his self and not chasing his father's shadow. i didn't get that. six years ago i was like i don't get it. now that i'm a mother, you totally get it. >> i was watching a lot of videos of you and some of them were beautiful speeches that brought everyone to tears but there was an interview you did with oprah a little while back. there was something about that interview because you talked about your childhood and you said i know what it's like to be hungry. as a young child to be poor and hungry a
8:24 am
and for some reason that moment struck me just so deeply. how has what you've got now, how do you appreciate it more when you look back at where you've been in your life? >> i appreciate it because i've had nothing. you know, when you're poor, you're invisible. i don't care what anyone says, poor people are invisible. it's unfortunate. but what i have now is because i have to work so hard to get everything that i've gotten in life, it's like the saying the happily ever after comes after you've done the work, you know. and so, therefore, i appreciate the little things, like food, like a well stocked cabinet, like having my daughter have a nice coat, like having a husband who loves me and who's there for me or being able to reach in my pocket and give. i don't have to have alexander mcqueen dresses. i don't have to have a big house, although i
8:25 am
house. >> you're allowed. >> but it's the small things that just make me bask in the glory and just being alive and healthy, you know. >> well, "fences" is spectacular. congrats on all the accolades, the ones you've gotten and the ones ahead. and you're going to get a star on the hollywood walk of fame. this is your year. >> this is my year. >> please go see "fences." it opens in theaters on christmas day. carson. >> thank you, hoda. all right, siri is going to show us some creative ideas for entertaining not just adults. >> no, kids are invited. >> kids are invited to the party as well for the holiday season. cheers. >> cheers.
8:26 am
this is news 4 today news break. >> good morning, 8:26 now on this wednesday, december 21st. i'm aaron gilchrist. let's look at the roads now with your first 4 traffic. >> hi aaron. inner loop before the toll road, debris slowing things a little bit through a area. this morning, southbound after 197, that crash is now on the shoulder and those delays look a bit better than they did. 66 overall. 95 virginia overall. no big problems, nice light volume. northbound, southbound there at middlebrook road, aaron. >> we'll have a check on your forecast when we come back.
8:27 am
8:28 am
still in the 20s and 30s in most neighborhoods right now. it'll be a milder day than yesterday. mid and upper 40s later on this afternoon with a mix of clouds and sunshine. will be dry for today, tomorrow, and friday. next chance for light rain showers comes in here saturday during the daylight hours. should be dry by late saturday evening. christmas someday looking better all e
8:29 am
more showers come r for the middle of next week. >> all right, dhuk thank you. you can get the latest news and weather any time, open the nbc news washington app.
8:30 am
we're back now, 8:30 on this wednesday morning, december 21st, 2016. you know what's really nice? viola davis sticking around to be part of our toy drive, serving as our lovely elf this morning, collecting unwrapped toys for children all across the country who need some things brightened up for them this holiday season, so viola, thank you very much. don't forget, "fences," the movie opens up on christmas day. i've seen it, it's extraordinary. >> it is. and so is viola davis, we love her. coming up, need some last-minute gift ideas? our trusty experts are standing by. we'll ge
8:31 am
get you into the holiday season. and dressing up the family for the holidays, we'll do it without breaking the bank. you'll love these looks. how about a champagne shooter, anyone? >> sure. >> siri has brought her seasonal cheer along with very simple easy entertaining ideas for all the parties that you're going to be throwing here. >> mr. roker, how about a check of the partly cloudy skies and season my cold outside this morning. still 30 degrees in leesburg. you'll need your
8:32 am
28 good faithersburg and fredericksburg, the warm spot is 40 degrees. in and out of the sunshine. bit milder today than we've been the last couple of days. up into the mid and upper 40s. breezy at times, no chance for rain today or for tomorrow. tomorrow's highs, 50s degrees. enjoy it. >> that's your latest weather. don't forget, to get that weather any time you need it, you go to the weather channel on cable. >> mr. roker, thank you very much. are you still looking for a perfect gift for your loved ones? may we suggest a book. here with their favorites to gift this season, isaac fitzgerald, "new york times" best sellers emma straub and brad. there's a lot of pressure here because if you tell someone you recommend a book to someone, you're asking them to make a rather lengthy commitment to that book so it better go well.
8:33 am
isaac, why don't you start. what's your choice for fiction. >> "moon glow." >> why do you like that? >> this book is fantastic. there's so much for him to geek out about in this book. world war ii, python hunting, family and most of all rockets traveling into space. >> emma, what's your pick for fiction. >> my pick is a called "the wangs versus the world." it's a funny book which makes it an extra good present. it's a road trip story about a chinese immigrant family who's just lost all their money, they lost their fortune. it's funny and quick and a good read. >> brad, fiction? >> it is really hard to get better as an author and michael connelly does in every book. "wrong-sided good-bye" is fantastic. this is about a man who had an affair and
8:34 am
thinks maybe he had a child. bosc hchl is tracking a serial rapist for a down on their luck police department. >> does it have any rockets in it? >> no rockets or pythons. >> that's fine. let's move on to nonfiction. people like a little bit of something different to read during the holidays. what did you pick, isaac? >> back to rockets. we've got hidden figures. seriously wonderful nonfiction book basically about african-american mathematician women who do so much for our country in the space race even as the country is doing them wrong here at home. a wonderful read before it becomes a movie. so read it before you watch it. >> nonfiction. >> mine is "you can't touch my hair" by phoebe robinson. phoebe robinson is a comic and has a really popular podcast and it's just filled with pop culture and like really, really hilarious advice. >> you said reading it
8:35 am
wish you had her phone number. >> it's true. >> brad? >> "born to run." this is like sitting on a bar stool next to the boss having him tell you a story. it's gritty, emotional and very real. it gave me a brand new appreciation for springsteen. let's move on to coffee table books. atlas obscura. >> this is packed with fascinating places all around the world. this is the perfect gift for the person who thinks they have done it all and seen it all. this shows there's so much more in the world to explore. >> you need to find some enthusiasm. what about you for coffee table books? >> mine is "in the company of women." it's a series of interviews with really interesting women from all over. you know, there's thelma golden and others and interesting women who tell you all their secrets. >> brad. >> muhammed ali
8:36 am
together with derek jeter and his team and ali's family. never-before-seen photographs of ali, fantastic. gorgeous book. >> i have that book, it's fantastic. let's finish with cookbooks. nobody has enough cookbooks. what did you pick? >> let's go with the man, anthony bourdain. first cookbook in over ten years. he's back again, a lot of explore themes in all my books. this is him getting you set up for things that you can cook at home for your friends and family. >> not too challenging? >> i'm the worst cook and i could do it. >> that's important. emma. >> my is "small victories." this cookbook is my favorite kind of cookbook because it makes you feel resourceful and capable, which is important. and also i made the chocolate cake from this cookbook for thanksgiving and it's the only thing my 3-year-old ate, the only thing. >> brad. >> i think this is kitchen 101, "my perfect pantry." 50 ingredients to have in your house to
8:37 am
meals. a great one to have at home. >> you guys also have things of your own. knives and ink, that's a cool book. all about chefs and their tattoos. >> it's basically me and wendy, a wonderful illustrator. we teamed up to bring you the tattoos and stories behind them on chefs all over the country. >> modern lovers and foreign agents as well. now the crew will descend and start taking them home. you can find more on our website, coming up, festive, budget-friendly fashions for your whole family. first, this is "toda on nbc.y"
8:38 am
8:39 am
we are back now at 8:40 with "today's style." the holidays are time for festive dinners and gatherings and parties, so how do you keep your entire family looking sharp without going broke? lilliana vasquez is
8:40 am
hey, girl. >> hi. >> so we have different settings. >> yes. >> and we are going to get everybody decked out for their particular setting. first up, you want to look good on your sunday best. [ doorbell ] >> is that the colon family? >> it is. >> come on in. where would you like to stand? right here? just stand right here. >> let's start with these adorable tots. here on intela, she's wearing the cutest little you know corn sweater, this little skirt and a pompom headband. how cute is this little guy. this is christian in an outfit from old navy. let's talk about mom and dad. they have two little ones under 5 so they need to be comfortable and able to chase them around. so she is in comfortable pants from ann taylor and bright coat and dad is styling -- >> i-sorry, what's happening here? >> layers make him look sharp, modern and on
8:41 am
outfits? >> love them. >> thanks to the gorgeous colon family heading to church. now it's time to head to a party. wait, do i see the nagy family? >> that's them. >> hi. >> and i like their style. they have got champagne and are all ready for new year's eve. >> can i point out your glasses are upside down? but i like them. >> just leave them like that. >> tell us about the outfit. >> start with mom because she's leading the pack. it's all about mixed metallics. so pam is showing us this beautiful skirt from windsor, under $50 on that. lace shoes add that festive but really fancy touch to her look. beautiful faux fur jacket from forever 21. >> look at your clutch. stop it with your clutch. >> it's all about the touches of metallic. on dad we have a suit that goes from formal to fun because of how we styled it. this is from jack's threads. he's got a sweat or and the white kicks make it playf
8:42 am
they're in matching bomber jackets. so on braxton, our little one, we have this really fun bomber jacket from and look at bryce's sneakers. this is the shoe envy situation right here. everyone in this room wants those silver sneakers available at he begged me to put him in sweat pants so i put him in some joggers which are like a skinny sweat pant. you have to remember, they're kids. they want to be cool, fun, relaxed and casual. >> we're going to head over, if it's time to take a family portrait -- >> okay. >> and we've got -- we can hear you. we've got the rowen family. hi, guys. >> hi, guys. >> everybody is happy? yay! >> because santa is coming. >> okay. so if you need to take your kids -- he's not having a great moment? does he need to get down. >> that's okay, he can get down. >> it's okay. >> so tell us a
8:43 am
>> it's all about coordination without matching. so pick two things that are similar. so we did plaids and reds. each person in the family has some element of one of those two styles. let's start with mom who's in the plaid skirt, leather jacket but i gave her sneakers so she can chase after these twins. and then on who ran away, he looked so handsome. let's talk about our very stylish grandparents. we've got a fisherman sweater and the super cute boyfriend jean. so cute on her. >> by the way, you look adorable. >> she does, youthful. and on grandpa and our littlest one we have matching christmas sweaters, skinny chinos right here. those are from uniform and then the stars of our show are the twins. derrick and porter. but we're down to just
8:44 am
so porter, will you show us what you're wearing? give us a little spin. how cute is this? little skinny jean and check out his little plaid shoes. >> by the way, perfect christmas picture happening right now. >> you got it? >> you guys, thank you. that was beautiful. thanks, lilliana. you guys were terrific. >> thank you, guys. >> for more looks, check out and now that you know what to wear, here's the question, what are you going to eat or drink? siri is up next. she'll tell us how to entertain stress-free. first this is "today" on nbc. that's okay. that's okay.
8:45 am
8:46 am
welcome back. this morning on request today stress-free holiday" the keys to
8:47 am
parties. >> siri daly is creator of the blog seriously delicious. good morning. >> nice to see you. >> this is all matt lauer world right here. >> this is our wine and cheese party. with my parties, especially a wine and cheese party, i like to have a really simple, elegant decor. i don't do table cloths, just a nice table with not big flower arrangements, especially during the holidays. it distracts from the table so i like just simple green shrubs by evergreen, some red holly, some scent-free candles and then it's all about your cheese board. >> when you're doing a cheese board, how many different variety ofs cheese do you need to have? >> i like a hard, a semi soft and something like a triple cream or brie. we love drunken goat. i like to label all of my cheeses. >> where did you find these little things? >> aren't they cute? you can also find little chalk board cheese boards and then write on the actual board.
8:48 am
another big thing is to take your cheese out about a half hour to an hour before people come. >> so it softens up. >> and then you've got to combine it with yummy meats. >> yes. you want to do some fruits, honey is a really key ingredient. >> matt and i get to a party and this is here, we never leave this table. >> so you need more than 3 ounces per person if you guys are invited. >> how do you know what wines to pair with cheeses? >> with a triple cream, a chardonnay is very nice. it's subtle and lets the cheese shine. with a hard cheese, you want something a little more bold like a cabernet. these are really cute. everyone loses their wine glasses. you can find these on etsy. it's chalk board and write your name on it. >> just leave me right here. you take it away. >> what's next? >> now we're having girls night in. >> champagne
8:49 am
jackpot. >> a really fun idea for sh champagne is to put fruit on a skewer and freeze it. it's a little ice cube, a little stirrer. would you like one? i know we're not in college anymore, but these are champagne jello shots. >> how do you make that? >> you take -- this has ginger ale, champagne and a little vodka too and you sdaudissolve with some gelatin, and you put it on the stove, dissolve the gelatin and put it in little ice cube trays. >> the boys have taken our jello shots. put it in ice cube trays or a little loaf pan but these are cute. >> let's talk about the fondue portion. >> everybody likes to customize their desserts. we have a pretzel bar with
8:50 am
truffles. >> this is so delicious. >> exactly. and there's all these various toppings, like crushed candy canes, nuts, sprinkles and then you can customize your truffles or your pretzels. >> and pretty easy, this entire setup is pretty simple? >> this table is wrapped in wrapping paper. everybody has leftover wrapping paper around this time of year. so it's festive. little candy canes, mason jars and here are our toppings. this is the truffle portion. so we have -- >> you just dunk it in here? >> exactly. >> drop it in, roll it around. >> here's some pistachios, some glitter. not glitter, that would not be edible. we don't want to dip it in glitter. we have glitter over at the kids' table. al, they stuck you at the kids' table. >> that's okay, hot chocolate. >> a hot chocolate bar. this is schnapps and baileys. so we have
8:51 am
caramel sauce, chocolate chips and butterscotch chips. for the table wrap it in craft paper and throw some crayons and they can draw all over the table. these are marshmallows that you put on a little q-tip, dip it in water first and then little sprinkles and it sticks and then makes their hot chocolate festive and colorful. >> little ornament stuff? >> at any kids party i like to have crafts, colors so that they stay busy. you can make homemade little christmas tree ornaments over here, make cards for your parents. >> can i just say really nice, great, really nice, fantastic. this is great. >> also a round table is great for the holidays because you stand around -- i love eating at a round table. >> tommy hogan, one of our camera
8:52 am
stealing meat the whole time. siri, this is very nice. thank you. happy holidays to you. get those ideas at we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. here, that's for you. >> oh, okay. ♪
8:53 am
and we are back at 8:53. great crowd still hanging around with us. >> where did siri go? >> she's coming back. >> she's got a
8:54 am
>> al will take a check of birthdays. >> let's spin the smucker's jar and see who we've got. mr. paul miller of frederick, maryland, celebrating his 102nd birthday. worked for the peace corps and even owned a soda fountain shop. love that. jean romalia, 108. another entrepreneur. owned her own general store. happy wom103rd bitter day to rot springer. worked for the u.s. postal service for 35 years. we salute your service. miss alice parker from north carolina celebrating 100 years. she collects magnets. she's very atrack tif and trinkets from all around the world. william usury, a poet from nashville, tennessee. huge fan of coconut cake. who isn't? and a happy 100th birthday to henry
8:55 am
florida. he is never without that trustee fedora. that is a nice-looking hat. if you know of someone celebrating their 100th birthday head to >> this is so good. >> you should just put a little bowl of lipitor right here. this is good. really good. what do you guys have coming up? >> jenna bush hager will be joining us and we have the funniest family videos of the year and some last-minute gifts that you can order that will arrive on time, which we like. >> i was on amazon yesterday and not much will make it in time for christmas. today might be the day. >> today is the biggest shipping day. >> siri, thank you.
8:56 am
this is a news 4 today news break. 8:56 your time now on this wednesday, december 21, 2016. good morning. we to want look at the roads right now with melissa and your first 4 traffic. good morning. >> brand new problem after university crash on the left side inner loop before the toll road. we talked about that metal debris reported in the right lane causing problems there.
8:57 am
southbound parkway, 270 overall looking pretty good right now. and a live look at 66 at fairfax county parkway. >> all right. melissa, thank you. we will take a quick break, check your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
8:58 am
8:59 am
chilly outside for a late december morning. we're mostly in the 20s and 30s now. national airport which had gone from 29 to 40 degrees between the 6:00 and 8:00 is now back down to 36. afternoon highs today, with a mix of the clouds and the sunshine out there. be up near 47 today. back in the low 50s tomorrow. of a lot of clouds around on your thursday as well. next chance for rain does not show up until saturday. >> thanks chad, get the latest news and weather any time in the nbc washington app. we'll see you in 25 minutes for another local news update. have a great day.
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take" one of the most buzzed about movies of the season, "fences." we'll sit down with the stars. then laugh until it hurts with the funniest viral videos of the year. and last-minute gifts that will arrive by christmas with free shipping, right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome on this wednesday morning, december 21st, the first official day of winter. i'm jenna, along with sheinelle jones and -- >> good morning. >> we're here. we thought al was going to be with us. >> i just looked at the clock, it's time. >> he's busy? >> ho ho ho ho.
9:01 am
>> well, hello, christmas. >> well, hello. >> aloha. >> i'm a little poinsettia. >> aloha. >> aloha. >> i'm not sure what to say, but i will say that based on our earlier conversation this morning, i knew today would be a day. is this a cardinal? >> necessity, there is. >> you have things you don't even know about. >> that's right. >> there's a bird right on your breast. >> robin red breast. >> you can't put that on and not smile. merry christmas, happy holidays. >> my wife, deborah, ordered this for me. >> i would like to get one for henry. do you know where it's from? >> i don't. shynestie. i think they're the folks that did the david s. pumpkin suit. >> if you didn't know before, we're in the final countdown to christmas. >> that's right. >> it's christmas. >> so your favorite tradition would be wearing one of these suits? >> i've never worn one of these but i kind o
9:02 am
>> this could be a new start. >> it could be. >> what is your favorite christmas tradition? >> growing up, it was when you got to be old enough to go to midnight mass and then come home with the adults and you got to open a present. >> okay. >> and that was -- that was a big deal. otherwise the little kids stayed in bed, stayed home and then opened their presents the next morning. >> but the big kids. >> the big kids, the adults. >> stayed up late. >> what about you? >> my favorite, which may sound odd to some people, is our christmas eve mexican feast. we eat mexican food, we still do to this day. but henry, who is from richmond, virginia, he's like y'all eat nachos on christmas eve? and then he's like i'm totally in. who doesn't love enchiladas. a lot of texans eat tamales and enchiladas on christmas eve and we are those texans. >> a lot of us our memories are from the past. for me, my grandmother every year, she gets out her
9:03 am
nat king cole and gospel music and it fills the entire house. homemade cinnamon rolls. the decorations around the house. it's to the point i'm thinking do i need to get a record player? i want to do that for my own family. >> i have a record player. >> do you really? >> yes, you can borrow it. my mom has a great record collections. >> are they back? >> vinyl is huge. this year vinyl outsold streaming music. >> really? >> look at you, al roker. >> so anyway, i want to bring that tradition back. but the music in the house and just all of that. i feel like the last few years we've just been running all over the place. it's time to slow down and -- i don't know what this is but -- >> just do it. >> take it in. >> sort of like a meditation move. >> have you tried the coffee yet? >> no. she doesn't drink it. >> oh, that's right. but you're really missing out. >> it's a cold brew coffee. >> do you have it? >> i do have it. should i try it? >> give it a try. >> i'm not
9:04 am
>> she's going to be bouncing off the walls. >> that's not bad. i feel like a commercial where they sip it and go delicious. >> that's good. that's an endorsement. >> what is it? >> it's cold brew coffee. i started making it. >> i'm going to order the ingredients and make it on christmas morning, if i get around to it. >> how about a christmas card? >> yes, i've done a christmas card. here we go from my family to yours. that's a friend of mine. that's actually a cartoon of us, artwork of us in our neighborhood. that's henry, my husband in the dad jeans. >> how cute i this? >> and those are my little babes. >> i don't want to show mine now. and that's my best friend, a photographer. she comes over. >> that is adorable. >> yes, i know. >> the bar is so high now. gone are the days where you just sit and smile. >> well, we just went creative this year because we felt like it. we had the time. >> how about yours. >> so this is what i have on my phone quite
9:05 am
they just asked me so i don't have the actual card but this is the picture i used. so my twins are on the bottom. they just turned 4. on the top it says holiday cheer. >> they're so close to that fire, though. >> is that a real fire? >> that's that screen you pulled out and you scoot forward. it was like a one-hour place in my hometown of wichita, kansas. then my 7-year-old doesn't like this picture because he's losing all his teeth. he said, mom, why did you pick that one? but i think it's adorable when they start losing teeth. >> it's very cute. our christmas card, we did -- >> there we go. >> there we go. >> i love it. >> and lela has a sweater -- deborah ordered all the christmas. it's merry christmas, you filthy animal. >> that card screams -- your wife is this beautiful ball of energy. ball isn't the right word, but force of energy. >> she arranged the whole thing. >> i love that. >> she did the whole thing, the sweaters, the photographer. it was -- >> she has such a good, good
9:06 am
i used to take christmas card pictures with my parents, there were some tears, like in the high school age. did y'all ever have the issue where it's like, dad! orhere you're grumpy at each other. because you're in the middle and somebody else wanted to be in the middle or you don't feel like you look that cute and your dad goes what's that dress? . sometimes family photos add tension. >> have you heard about this whole car pool karaoke situation? >> this is fantastic. we love james corden. >> it's everybody's dream. well now, guess what? there is a chance that you right now sitting at home, how about in for a cool prize, you can sit in the car next to james corden and he's teaming up with the hiv charity red and he's offering fans a chance to join him to sit in that seat. here's the catch. you donate just a minimum of $10. >> i love that. >> that's not bad. >> that's great. i've dreamed about doing this with him because he's so much fun. and i've thought about what song would i choose. >> oh, that's
9:07 am
what song would you choose? >> i'd do "philadelphia freedom." ♪ >> here's your chance. ♪ because i love you ♪ shine the light ♪ >> there you go. wasn't that a genius idea? >> what's yours? >> so mine -- everybody knows i love beyonce and i love janet jackson, but my go-to karaoke song, "honey i'm home" shania home. >> i would never expect that from you. >> nobody would expect it. ♪ >> she's got moves and everything. i like it. sheinelle. you maybe don't want to hear this but two words, meatloaf. "i would
9:08 am
♪ i would do anything for love ♪ i would do anything for love ♪ but i won't do that >> i don't have a brush, but i have my pen. that was good. >> this is the my favorite part, the kcrescendo. >> we're going to show you the perfect entertainment for your holiday party, or maybe not. you be the judge after these messages. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:09 am
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hey there, hi. why do people have eyebrows? why do people put milk on cereal? oh, are you reading why people put milk on cereal? why does your tummy go "grumbily, grumbily, grumbily"? why is it all (mimics a stomach grumble) no more questions for you! ooph, that milk in your cereal was messing with you, wasn't it? yeah, happens to more people an you think... try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose. good, right? mmm, yeah. i got your back. lactaid. it's the milk that doesn't mess with you. all right. we're back with more of "today's take." so we were discussing this during the break and jenna said she wants to try this game, but i think you want to watch the video first. if you're looking for a way to spice up the holiday party, check out this video of folks playing a new game sweeping the nation -- >>
9:12 am
>> yes. you take a potato, you put it between your legs, your thighs. you've got to carry it across and whoever can pop the most potatoes wins. >> is this for real? >> people are eating their cereal. >> yeah, exactly. >> i'm usually game for anything. i thought it would be like hot potato. >> well, it is in in a way. and then there's another version where they use a watermelon, but that's another story. no, i'm only kidding. but i don't know that that would be the family party game to play. >> no, no. >> do you want to try it? >> no. that's the thing. i always try everything, but that one would be caught on the internet and i feel like it would have a life of its own. >> can't get away from that. >> even if the whole family does it, i'll just watch. >> no, no, no. there's no good that come from that. holiday
9:13 am
curl up on the couch. there's some movie anniversaries this week. 49 years ago, the "the graduate" came out. >> can you believe that? >> one word, son. plastics. >> i'm sitting here quiet because i've never seen it. >> oh, it's so good. >> i'm ashamed. >> and then 25 years begins one of my favorites, "father of the bride." >> one of our favorites, a guy who plays the piano in the wedding scene, steve tyrel, who's currently performing on cafe carlisle -- >> i watched this movie with my dad the night before we had our rehearsal dinner. >> did you cry? >> i cried. it was just fun. fun to watch that movie. so many people go through that same thing. >> can you believe, 25 years, it's been 25 years? and look at this one, it's been 20 years yesterday since "scream." >> the movie "scream"? >> this is a christmas claic
9:14 am
christmas classic, but they counter programmed and of course it becomes this monster hit. >> it does, but nothing says christmas like -- >> like horror? >> stabbing somebody in th back? >> i guess you could --
9:15 am
9:16 am
9:17 am
little gremlins in the system there. temperatures now in the 20s and 30s. nowhere near as cold as it has been. high was only 37 yesterday. we see a ten degree improvement. 52 tomorrow. upper 40s again on friday. clouds on saturday and some passing showers as well. no heavy rain expected. and it should be dry for christmas day and the start of hanukkah. e it when a plan comes together. up next, get ready for a good laugh or another one because we've got the funniest viral videos of the year, next. (timer beeping) she needs our help! ♪ (tea kettle whistling) (sighing) hey mom, can i help? yeah, i'd love your help. (grunting) awww... (announcer vo) the real magic of the holidays
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9:21 am
walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. kids, we know they do the darndest things so as we get ready to wrap up 2016, we thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the funniest virals that went viral and made us laugh out loud. >> here with our top picks is parenting contributor and host of mlb central on the mlb network, lauren. good morning. >> good morning. we're going to recap the year in viral videos. so often you're late to record something cute or sweet that your kids say. >> and these are courtesy of "america's funniest home videos." >> about three of them are. this first its girl wants her dad to know who the boss of the house is and the boss is not him. >> no, no, no, no. no,no
9:22 am
no, no. >> okay. >> and then he goes on and on and keeps doing it and she runs right back in. >> she's the pint-sized music police. we know toddlers, they don't want to play with the toys, but they sure as heck don't want anyone else to play with them. >> i like his theory here. i'm going to wear her down. i'm going to wear her down. >> the next one is so cute, little aiden. this is where he can't find his goggles. >> he's a simple man and wants simple things. he just wants his goggles. darn it. >> say that again. >> i need my goggles. >> what do you need? >> i need my goggles? >> where are they? >> somewhere. >> aiden, do like this. open your hand and do that.
9:23 am
>> my goggles. >> where are they? >> i don't know. >> we've done that before with sunglasses. >> i've done it when i've been on the phone. i can't find my phone. i'm looking for my phone. >> yes. or you go as far to accuse someone else. you were the last person with my phone. al, you're going to like this next one, i think. if you've ever baited your child into saying something you want them to say. of course you have. >> what's a kitty do? >> meow. >> how about the dog. >> woof. >> what's a cow do. >> moo, moo, moo. >> what's mommy do? >> no, no, no, no. >>. >> what does daddy say, al? >> daddy goes yeah, daddy like. >> be nice to mommy. >> she had the finger. >> obviously she's modeling some behavior she sees. >> that was
9:24 am
home videos as well as this next one. as parents we all hope our children use as much discretion as this little boy. take a look. >> what does that card say? >> you. >> what does the back say? i can't say that. >> as. >> i can't that big word. >> no. no, baby. that's not a -- that is not a cuss word. as. a-s. >> a-s. >> say as. >> i can't say that. >> so cute. >> that's very cute. >> some kids are like i'll say it. >> lauren, thank you so much. have a great holiday. >> you too. still ahead, no time to get to the mall? no problem. we've got gifts that you can order today that will arrive boy saturday and get shipped for free. by the way #orangeroom, is "di
9:25 am
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♪ this is a news 4 today news break. good morning, it's 9:26 on wednesday, december 21st. in the news today, jeffrey thompson will be released from federal prison in kentucky. he was at the center of a scandal in the d.c. mayoral election six years ago. thompson admitted to setting up 660,000 sludge fund that aided vinson grey's election to the mayor's office. and it is official, wilson is the next chancellor of the d.c. public school system. he will get to work full-time in february. he was confirmed by d.c. council yesterday. built a reputation as a national leader in urban education reform. we will have a look at your forecast right after this.
9:27 am
9:28 am
kind of chilly outside this morning. temperatures are still mostly until the 30s. we'll be making it into the 40s for afternoon highs today. low 50ur tomorrow. upper 40s again on friday. not too cold over christmas weekend, but off
9:29 am
saturday. better chance of today issier rain come on tuesday and thursday of next week. last week of the year will be milder than average. >> get the latest news and weather on the nbc washington app.
9:30 am
♪ >> with a big holiday weekend coming up, you're running out of time to get a last-minute gift but we're about to perform a christmas miracle. >> style expert cassie post is here with gifts that will arrive by the 24th and all of them have free shipping. >> all of them have free shipping. >> i don't believe that. >> i know. i'm doing my last-minute shopping from my couch this year and everybody else can too. >> let's get started. >> so we've got at details on everything here. first we have and they offer free shipping. if you order by tomorrow. >> oh, my gosh. >> at 11:59 p.m. so you've got some time. i love their glamorous gifts. these sequinned high-tops al. >> what size is this? >> it's probably a little
9:31 am
this would work on you. they have a fanny back that also works as a portable speaker. >> we've got some fun faux fur earmuffs and have you seen a phone charm? >> i have not. >> and these gifts start at $18. >> sheinelle needs one of these. >> sheinelle needs this. >> i'll give this to her. >> all of these gifts from bloomingdale' if you order by 12::00 noon it could be to you by christmas. this is a virtual reality phone case. so you can get your virtual reality almost anywhere. this is a solo radio. who listens to the radio at home anymore, right? >> me. >> see, you. this is perfect for you. then we've got a little stuffed animal that actually gives back. proceeds go to the child mine
9:32 am
feel it. >> isn't that fun? >> is that cashmere? >> maybe not. >> well, it feels -- you know what, it feels like it. >> and then the candles? >> kamcandles and then the grea beaded tassel. >> where do you these? >> these are also bloomingdale's. >> so next up we've got amazon. free two-day ship. >> this is adam miller's daughter, ellie. it's her tv debut and there she goes. >> ellie! yay! >> run away from television, ellie. >>s as fast as you can. >> oh, ellie, you look so gorgeous, doesn't she? >> i like this little tepee. >> this is perfect for pepper, i think, al. totally needs it. this is a retro vw van play tent. >> where is this from? >> two-day ship for prime members. >> where are the cookies? >> from mrs. field's. >> wt
9:33 am
ellie is wearing these little flush slippers. >> those are so much fun. >> let's go to ellie's slippers. see them on ellie. ellie, you're the best model. >> so cute. guess what, you can get them. they fit the only family. >> don't forget our pets. >> this is my draper james, jenna's buddy, reese witherspoon. they're offering free shipping if you offer by tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. >> she's just like adam. >> can you believe it? >> mama! >> mama. scotch and soda, how cute is that? >> and these are gifts for dog lovers and your dog. we've got cute leashes and collars and fancy play balls. >> let's move along. >> next up, we have this is something you have to order today by 2:00 p.m. e.t., you can get some of this is amazing decopage tray
9:34 am
>> mother-in-law table. >> and last but not least. >> oh, boy, pillows. >> al loves pillows. >> but there's even more. this is from they have free two-day shipping on select items. >> i'm going to get al a pillow for christmas. >> really quick. >> we don't have time. >> it's on the internet, never mind. don't pay any attention to this. if you want more ideas online for stuff that ships for free, she'll stream live on our today's take facebook page. check it out and -- >> by the way, there's some popcorn. >> it's the new movie being directed by and starring denzel washington. "fences." we'll catch up with two of the stars right after these messages. >> ellie! maybe you don't need your a-game today. you can bring your b-game instead. you're just subbing for mrs. tindall's fifth-grade class. good morning, everybody.
9:35 am
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with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella adds a smile to any morning. one jar; so many delicious possibilities. nutella - spread the happy! the new film "fences" based on the play tells the story of the maxon family. >> russell hornsby plays lions and denzel washington plays gabriel. gabriel hasn't been the same. >> hey, that's troy's boy. how you doing, uncle gabe. >> the king of the jungle. rose, hey, rose, i got a flower for you. i picked it myself. that's the same rose like you
9:39 am
>> that's great. nice of you, gabe. >> what you been doing, uncle gabe? >> oh, i've been chasing and waiting for the time to tell st. peter to open the gates. >> you chasing hell hounds, huh? well, you're doing the right thing, uncle gabe. somebody has got to chase them. >> good morning, guys. this was an incredible film. tell us a little bit about what it was like playing these characters? >> it was just an honor. it was an honor to revisit the characters, to work again on august wilson but also to bring the family back together. we worked on broadway in 2010 and it felt like coming back home. >> i was so blessed to be able to to see that on broadway. how difficult was it making the transition from a one-stage set to something that's a little more cinematic? >> well, the beauty of the difference is on stage, the audience can focus anywhere but on cinema the director and actors will focus you where you need to
9:40 am
level of responsibility to focus and pull them along the journey. >> you play one of the sons and, you know, troy, denzel, was a tough father, tough love. you're a budding musician. talk to me about that dynamic and you can jump in with your role. you had a brain injury. but you can't underestimate your character because in the end i feel like it was your character that gave me my aha at the end. i don't want to give it away. >> as you said, my character is a budding musician, but i think more importantly, he was really looking for love. he was coming by the maxon family every week to try to make a connection with his father, troy. trying to find some way to have a semblance of family in his life. >> and the gabriel character is an injured person. he has a traumatic brain injury so's not completely at himself, you don't think. you think he's unaware of what's going on around him but you find out he's the most elevated character there
9:41 am
he's actually troy's caretaker, equally as troy is his caretaker. >> this was directed by denzel. you got to work with him. what's he like as a director and fellow actor? >> denzel is amazing. you know, russell can tell you firsthand there's nobody quite like denzel. he's elevated in his humanity and his art is unsurpassed by anyone. >> working with him is seamless. it was really a lesson in truth telling and simplicity. we really felt honored to just -- he asked us to stand with him, stand by him, don't be in awe of him. he wanted to bring the best actors aboard to stand with him and tell this story. >> right. he hand picked all of us himself. >> wow. >> which is an honor, because this represents the next page, the next chapter in denzel's life, which is the giving back chapter. so he's all about that, all of his life's journey, but now this is really special to him. >> russell, speaking of journeys, this is your last season of
9:42 am
what's that like bringing that to a close? >> bittersweet. it's been a wonderful journey, six seasons on nbc. it's been a lot of fun. i have a new family. but, you know, it's one of those things where now it's time to move on and it's time to say good-bye. >> well, we don't want to say good-bye to these characters in "fences."
9:43 am
don't worry about anything until saturday. >> and that's your latest weather. to you guys, "diehard" a christmas movie or not? >> if you want it to be, yeah. >> no, no, no. >> just ahead, holiday movie tribute. which of these actors never played santa claus in a movie? think about it. we've got technology is useful. think about it. we've got i just bought a book. and while i was telling you about the book, i downloaded a song. oh, and full disclosure, when we were just chatting about that song thing, someone arranged a date.
9:44 am
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home that was it. ♪ now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. can you say thanks nicoderm cq? every great why needs a great how. some like action, some like horror. >> to get in the holiday spirit, we're going to have some fun with ho ho movie trivia. >> happy haum days, guys. >> we're so excited. >> i'm going to jump right into it. are you ready? >> what do we do? >> push the buzzer. >> what do we get if we win? >> i don't know. we'll find out. recognition. name the classic holiday movie fr
9:48 am
ready? >> "home alone." >> are you kidding? "a christmas story." >> thank you. there you go, jenna got it. here's the plot line for a christmas classic. you name the movie. two women troubled with guy problems swap homes in each other's countries where they each meet -- jenna. >> "the holiday." >> oh, my gosh. >> i'm telling you, this is my game. >> this is an audio question. >> she is very confident. >> we're going to play a short clip from a christmas classic and you name it. ready? >> put that cookie down, now! >> wow. >> it's arnold schwarzenegger and it is -- it's not? >> "jingle all the way." >> al got it. >> you're not supposed to give it away with your face. >> i didn't say anything. >> it is arnold schwarzenegger. >> yes, but that's not the name of the movie. >> it's not calledt'
9:49 am
schwarzenegger. >> we knew you had the idea. >> which of the following actors never played santa claus? tim allen, bill murray, billy bob thornton or tom hanks. >> tom hanks. >> b, bill murray. >> this woman is on fire. on fire! can the rest of you all play? >> i'm trying. >> this is not fair. >> kate is about to come in in a holiday themed sweater. >> "home alone." >> she's on fire. >> this isn't a competition. ready? name the beloved christmas flick where the five siblings that reunite our amy, thad, susannah, ben and everett. >> say that again. >> name the beloved christmas flick wherehe
9:50 am
>> "the family stone." >> no way! >> yes! >> oh, my god! >> i never saw that movie. >> i almost said "little women." >> name the holiday classic that features this song. play this song. ♪ i feel it in my fingers >> "love actually." >> no! >> this is crazy, jenna. >> jenna is on fire. al, wake up! al, wake up! roker! >> i've got nothing. >> i only know "home alone." >> this is the last question. i don't know if i should do this but i will. audio question. name the movie that gave us the following quote. >> every time a bell rings -- >> okay, finally, geez. "it's a wonderful life." something from my generation. >> jenna. >> thank you all so much. >> you're obviously the champion. >> there you
9:51 am
trophy before. >> now i'm not so sorry i lost. a.j., thank you so much. merry christmas. say hi to everybody at extra! >> is there anybody else at extra! ? >> yes. >> mario lopez. >> there's a lot of people there at extra! >> just joking. we love mario. we're back in a moment but first this is "today" on nbc.
9:52 am
9:53 am
only a few more days until christmas and that means there are only a few days left of our holiday toy drive. earlier we had viola davis collecting toys. here with us now the president and ceo of kinex toys. you guys have always been so great to us for our toy drive for a lot of years. >> almost a dozen years now. >> that's so terrific. obviously you're stepping up
9:54 am
another 5,000 or 6,000 toys to kids all over the country. it's important to do this time of year. not every kid has a present under the tree. we want to make sure we provide some. >> and the great thing about these, it's not -- you're active. and the family can do it together. >> use your imagination. there's a lot of talk about the science, technology, engineering and math. these you can use your imagination at the same time. >> you do a lot of outreach all year, not just at christmas. >> we support a variety of charities all throughout the year. we're lucky, we're in the toy business. it can't be much better than that. >> you get to play santa all day long. michael, thank you so much. merry christmas, happy holidays. you can help make this holiday season for children in need special. come down to the plaza, wring a toy for a child up to age 18 or donate online at and check out the website for all the
9:55 am
minus one thing. up next, kathie lee -- >> but before we do that. let's take a look at our orange room poll. >> what do they say? >> 44% say yes, "die hard" is a christmas movie. 56% say no. >> are you surprised? >> i'm not. because we were leading earlier. but now it seems the tide has turned. >> i disagree. but up next, kathie lee and hoda, guess who they're with? arnold schwarzenegger. >> nice. and the artist of the month after your local news. >> that's right. get to the chopper! >> have a good day, everybody!
9:56 am
9:57 am
this is a news 4 today news break. 9:567 is your time now on this wednesday, december 21, 2016. good morning to you. today, you can help honor the life of montgomery county officer noah by donating blood. he was killed by a drunk driver in december of 2015. montgomery county police department will host the blood drive from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. at the county's public safety headquarters. donors are urged so sign up ahead
9:58 am
the american red cross website. now let's check your forecast with chuck bell. how's it looking? >> so far so good, cloud cover this morning. these are not rain-making clouds. temperatures are in the upper 30s and low 40s across most of the area now. mid and upper 40s by later on this afternoon. highs tomorrow back up into the low 50s and 40s again on friday. christmas eve with a cloud drink sky with a chance of rain showers, but christmas day itself and the beginning of hanukkah starts with sunshine. and temperatures back in the 50s and week will be a lot milder than this. weal see you at 11:00.
9:59 am
agine a world where the holidays are about joy again. where days are filled with magic instead of madness. at t.j. maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've imagined the holidays this way for decades. it's why we never have crazy sales. never make you clip coupons. and always have amazing prices on popular brands and thoughtful gifts. it's time to bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. get rid of that -- get rid of that -- >> all right. hello, everybody. welcome to hump day wines day wednesday, december 21st. it is actually officially now the first day of winter. >> it's arised. you thut it was already here, but it just got here. >> blake shelton came with it. called "a guy with a girl." one of those now. huh? >> yes, he is. a terrific show today. he said he'd be back and he is. arnold schwarzenegger


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